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  • Top 9 Benefits of Outsourcing IT in 2021

    The present state of COVID-19 emergency favors Outsourcing over In-house IT developments and services. It will be challenging to hire a new team for IT services and more comfortable to Outsource your requirements by a reputable organization.

    Outsourcing IT means handing over all your technology requirements to an outside agency instead of hiring employees for the services. Are you an entrepreneur or an SME owner and worried about whether to outsource your IT requirements?

    Worry no more! By this article’s end, you will have a clear idea of how outsourcing IT is a boon for any company in need. 

    Before you learn the benefits, do you know as per the outsourcing stats, 78% of participants said they feel optimistic about the outsourcing relationship? While 59% of companies said, they prefer Outsourcing as it is cost-effective.

    For outsourcing IT, the companies have multiple options to go for. One can be sitting anywhere and hire Indian developers to fulfil their project requirements. It allows the companies to experience the best services within their budget. 


    Benefits of Outsourcing


    The benefits of outsourcing IT are numerous. While you may find a lack of control over your project but the reputable app development companies ensure to cover it up with smooth connectivity and regular meetings. The top 9 advantages of Outsourcing are as followed:


    1. Saves Cost


    IT requires a significant investment in fixed costs. It does not seem pragmatic for a retail business to invest in costly computers, software, and tools to fulfil IT requirements.


    Most of them would be lying idle in a corner once the app, software, and other requirements get fulfilled. Even reselling them does not seem much of an option for the firms.


    Hiring skilled professionals as employees mean a lot of investment. Moreover, most IT requirements need a team of experts. Often it leads to substantial financial burden over the company and burns a hole in the pocket of the investors.


    In contrast, Outsourcing requires much less cost as you get charged with standard rates of service or development. 


    2. Allows to Focus on the Core Business


    It is a myth that only non-IT companies outsource their IT requirements. The technology and IoT are expanding and upgrading so rapidly that almost every business organization, including IT, are relying on Outsourcing options.


    Outsourcing allows your business management team to focus on the key aspects and clients conveniently. De facto 57% of companies outsource their project to focus on the business objective. 


    For example, suppose an IT company named “Ample” that specializes in building websites and resolving bug issues on the website needs an app to expand its business. It can either hire app developers to outsource its project or employ an in-house team.


    Employing an in-house team means shifting the focus of the present working group from the valuable clients and putting in dedicated working hours to its project.


    It often creates chaos and delays, either the clients or personal project. In contrast, when Ample outsources, there’s no need to sacrifice dedicated working hours or shift the focus from the core business needs.


    3. Access to Experienced Professionals


    Outsourcing allows you to connect with qualified and experienced professionals online easily. The online platform allows the users to quickly investigate the agency or developers they are considering for the job.


    4. Offers Global Talent


    In-housing the project means relying on the local team. Outsourcing allows companies to access talent from all over the world via digital platforms. So, it becomes much easier to find a suitable agency at an affordable cost.


    5. Saves Time


    Imagine you need an item or service in which you are not an expert! It can be anything; in this case, let's assume Chinese food. 

    Will it be quicker to arrange all the ingredients, learn the recipe and then cook and have it? On the other hand, you place the order in your favourite restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal.

    Same goes for IT needs. You can either undergo the process as follows:


    • Hire a team. Usually takes weeks to find the best candidates.

    • Manage the infrastructure for the working team.

    • Then start the project.

    Or hire mobile app developers from india to kick start your project quickly and have an assured date of completion.

    The latter option saves time for the investor.


    6. Reduces Risks


    Chances of failure are relatively high when the managing committee lacks expertise and relevant experience in a project. Success must be gained at the right hour to make the most of it.

    When you lack knowledge in the IT field or specific technology of the IT field, it is best to connect with the experts. 

    Many IT companies offer a 100% money-back guarantee to its clients which automatically reduces the risks and anxieties involved in the project. 


    7. Enhances Quality


    The skill and relevant experience of the IT team help in clearing out the shrouds of confusion attached to the product or service.

    Hiring a reputed agency for your requirement offers insights into selecting the essential features and services meant for the final products. 

    Although it is necessary to verify claims of the agency, the ultimate product and services meet all the required features making it an enjoyable experience. 

    So, it is not surprising that 31% of companies stick to outsourcing options to complement the quality of services.


    8. Better Planning




    A good plan is all about finishing things efficiently within the window period of the fixed date. Outsourcing with an IT company means having fixed dates and schedules for all your activities. 

    It ensures better planning of various tasks related to the products and services one is outsourcing from the company.


    9. Up to date Technology


    A reputable organization will use the latest technology. It may seem trivial but enhances user experiences with the ultimate products and services.

    Utilizing the latest technology in your IT requirements enhances the quality of products and services offered.




    While Outsourcing may suffer from the issue of different time zones, the reputable app development companies in India ensure to manage time zones effectively.

    The benefits of Outsourcing are outstanding as well as numerous. They are a proven healthy option for startups as well as SMEs to invest in. Hence Outsourcing is a beneficial option for both clients and the companies.

    Saving time and costs of the investors outsourcing are employed by various companies to fulfil IT requirements of the business.

    In this article, I have tried and covered all the essential benefits linked with outsourcing IT requirements. I have also included reliable statistics to offer a better image to the readers.

    I hope the article proves helpful to the readers. For more such insightful topics, keep reading this space.






















  • Tips For Choosing Body Transformation Trainer
  • Body transformation trainer or as they commonly call them personal trainers have been in trend lately. Almost everyone must have thought of once in a while about hiring a personal trainer. Body transformation and personal training go hand in hand everywhere. Therefore, a person must also know a few things clearly before hiring a personal trainer. There are a number of things that a person must keep in mind in order to find the right kind of personal trainer. The first is the real need, do you really need one. However, if the question crossed your mind then perhaps you need one.

    If you have already decided to make a change in your physique or fitness level, it is imperative you must look for some physical training under some professional. They can always provide you with the two most basic things motivation and information about this topic. While the information segment is easy it is a bit difficult to stay motivated in absence of some good guidance. You can always get the required information from some books, internet, or blogs, but motivation is something that can only come from an intelligent and experienced counselor.  

    Whether you are trying for personal training in Limerick or London, you will have to schedule your appointments with personal trainers and start working under their guidance. The motivation component can rightly be administered by them as they know how to balance accountability with inspiration. Most people begin their regime with a lot of confidence but that self-belief is lost as they fail to register results in some time. Thus, it is necessary to have someone who can give you required push to move ahead and make some real progress. Transformation comes from a lot of things and optimism happens to be one of them.

    It is human nature to fight till the last moment to impress someone else but when it comes to proving ourselves we tend to give best excuses. A mentor or trainer can thus be the right and constant motivation for achieving the right results. A good personal trainer will always inspire you and let you know the limit till which you can extend your physical capacities. Sometimes, we don’t realize our potential unless someone comes in and helps us realize. It is for this reason; one needs a personal trainer by their side as and when they begin their training. Physical transformations can play big role in boosting one’s confidence and achieving their goals and a trainer will make sure you achieve them with flying colors.

    For More Info:- Box Fit Classes Limerick

  • Mobile app development outsourcing
  • Outsourcing has quickly gained mass popularity due to the emergence of mobile apps in recent times. There is great demand for mobile apps, as businesses try to make their products and services more accessible to consumers. The number of smartphone users across the world has increased exponentially in the past couple of years, and it is only expected to rise further. This has placed additional pressure on enterprises to develop mobile apps and even more on those without the resources to make that happen by outsourcing to a mobile app development company.

    The number of businesses that have started outsourcing their operations to others has also risen, and there are several advantages and disadvantages to this. Most companies act hastily in the race to get ahead of their competition, and the result is a haphazard app at the end. If you’re thinking about developing a mobile app for your business, but don’t have the resources, it is advised that you acquire the services of experienced professionals, as outsourcing mobile app development can allow you to compete with the big hitters in the industry.

    So, if you’re thinking about mobile app development outsourcing, and want to understand whether it is worth it, you have come to the right place. We are going to do a complete rundown of the pros and cons of outsourcing mobile app development.



    There are several reasons why companies may choose to outsource mobile app development, but the primary ones are mainly because of resources, experience, technical expertise, money, or time. You may be forced to search for an external business to build a mobile app for you, especially if they are offering you cheaper rates for development services. The state of the market for mobile apps is growing exponentially. The secret for developing a proper mobile app is to ensure that you make the effort to establish a working relationship with an agency that is technically-strong.

    That is the best way to make outsourcing work for you, as being on the same page with your partner will ensure that you’re both working together to create a proper mobile app. When you’re outsourcing mobile development to another company, there are several pros and cons that you end up gaining.


    The first step towards successfully outsourcing mobile app development is to ensure that there is a team of managers and developers. Their main task is to ensure that everyone focuses on their activities, by delegating important tasks to professional partners, especially other outsourcing businesses that help create a professional business by adopting the duties of their clients. The main advantages of outsourcing are to ensure that you can cut down on costs and invest the extra capital for new development paths in the company.

    The primary advantage of outsourcing to another business to take advantage of significant cost savings, which will not only help clients but also reduce development costs. You can also invest in extra capital to ensure that you can easily develop new paths for the company. There is a time to talk about these advantages closely, but you should also select the right partner for outsourcing mobile application development. One of the main things is to look closely at these advantages closely, but you should keep in mind that there are a lot of different factors that come into place when you choose to hire an external business for mobile app development.

    Therefore, it is best to do your research and properly understand mobile app development outsourcing before you go ahead and acquire their services.

    mobile app development

    Here are some of the advantages you end up gaining from outsourcing mobile application development, instead of developing it in-house:

    Cost reducing

    One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is that it helps save money and time because you don’t need to hire any employees for development and the outsourcing company will complete the project within a month. There isn’t a need for clients to spend any more money based on specific taxes for equipment, workplace, and employees, etc. You won’t need to spend any money, efforts, or time on the training and recruitment process since there is no need for releasing any resources. Here are the salient points of the cost-reducing advantage you gain from outsourcing:

    • Acquire services at lower prices and higher quality
    • Reduction of extra fees and charges
    • Outsourcing is cheaper than looking for qualified staff
    • No additional taxes on employee wages
    • No additional charges for staff health, vacation, and weekends

    There isn’t any need to invest any time or resources in the organization of employees and workplaces, or the infrastructure, as the mobile app development company has already chosen to outsource it. In most cases, clients pay fixed prices, because it simplifies the aspect of financial planning.

    Quality and efficiency guaranteed

    When outsourcing mobile development, you can be certain in almost all cases that you will get a superior standard of work. This is mainly because there are a lot of businesses that specialize in mobile development in the IT industry. They have experts, who are competent enough for working in all types of conditions and quality, whereas clients can choose to return services or pre-payment services if they don’t like the result of a job done poorly.

    A lot of clients can return services or pre-payment services if they don’t like the result or if they don’t like how the job has been accomplished. A lot of customers can’t do that with their regular staff, because they can deny bonuses and fire staffers, but employees will always be paid on time. Here are the salient points of quality and efficiency you gain from outsourcing:

    • Specialized experience in app development
    • Using highly qualified staff, technologies, knowledge, and specialized equipment
    • Competition on the outsourcing market
    • Developer and client focus on the main business purposes

    The outsourcing company guarantees superior quality work and can work in any timeframe suitable to your business.

    Reduction of risks

    You get the freedom you deserve, and peace of mind, since you won’t need to continuously monitor projects or have to worry about employees not completing tasks on time. Here are some of the benefits you gain in terms of reduction of risks when you choose to outsource to companies:

    • The client pays for the result but doesn’t need to deal with any employees
    • No employee downtime and illness to worry about
    • All risks are taken by the outsourcing company
    • No need to worry about downtime during the development phase

    One of the main advantages you gain from outsourcing is not worrying about timing, since you have specialists working on the task. Even if they experience any delays or other problems, you don’t have to worry about anything. The outsourcing company will compensate you if such conditions aren’t specified clearly in the contract.

    These outsourced mobile app development companies employ specialist developers, who will deliver exceptional results since they must maintain their market competitiveness and reputation.


    Now that we have discussed all the pros of outsourcing to a mobile app development company. The next topic of discussion is to discuss the cons of outsourcing to a mobile app development company:

    Loss of confidential information

    If the priority is to protect confidential data or information, you should be selective when choosing to outsource to a mobile app development company. There are a lot of freelancers, who will offer to help develop your mobile apps without thinking about protecting confidential information. You can avoid losing confidential information to third-parties by having them sign an NDA before you hire them.

    When it comes to mobile app development outsourcing, you will learn that there comes a time when you must trust someone else with confidential information. You must, therefore, try to ensure that you are on the same page with the development company if you want to ensure that nothing of this sort happens. However, there is always a risk of confidential data being stolen or information leaking when you choose to outsource to another company.

    No control over the process

    Once you outsource mobile app development to another company, you have no control over the process, and may not get reports daily. When you’re not personally overlooking every instance of mobile app development, you will end up compromising that constant assessment at the end of the day, when it comes to the progress of your project.

    If you want to have greater control over the development process, then you should outsource your mobile app to a development company that has a dedicated project manner that will oversee every phase of your app development project.

    Communication gaps

    There will obviously be instances where you will have communication gaps, as there can be differences in time zones. This may prove to be problematic, especially when you want to get timely updates, which can be addressed if you sign up with a reputed mobile app development company that will address the language-centric issues you are dealing with. To ensure that there are no communication gaps, you must acquire the services of a company that offers you with dedicated project managers.

    Loss in flexibility

    There is also going to be less flexibility because requirements for an app change daily, and whenever you’re developing a new app, you must have an agreement in place for that. Any outsourcing project should have an upfront agreement with rules allotted for flexibility. Renegotiating contracts in the middle can prove to be impractical and expensive, so you should aim to work with a partner that is willing to accommodate all changes, and understands the development business.

    When outsourcing, you should choose to hire skilled talent that has special expertise in mobile app development, and one that can deliver supreme talent. The most successful companies always put their heads down and are always working diligently to handle all challenges. So, make sure that you’re outsourcing to a mobile app development company that is versatile and experienced enough to understand the intricate nature of the business.

    Unrealistic expectations

    When you’re outsourcing to someone that is technically competent and rolls out apps in a manner that is time-bound, there is an inherent risk of mismatched expectations. There is always a risk of the development team that executes something that is different from the expectations of the client. The worst thing is to have a development team that has enough in their locker to cover any flaws in the app design that can’t be rectified later.

    You can choose to have a robust and seamless system in place for communication that mitigates these risks, and that culture makes it impossible for successful outsourcing. Ensure that there are thorough requirements, backed up by solid documentation, requirements analysis, and a detailed description of product requirements, which is of paramount importance.


    Final word

    After weighing the pros and cons of choosing the right outsourcing agency for mobile app development, you should ensure that there are no operational or functional flaws. You can manage these flaws if you conduct an in-depth analysis of the company. This can be done by reading customer feedback published online, and considering their overall reputation in the market. There is no shortage of specialist mobile app development companies that are offering outsourcing services, and the best way to pick one is to understand the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with mobile app development.

    Once you read up on the reviews, blogs, and forms published online, you will come to know about outsourcing to companies that have a reputation in the market. You can ask the right things and do your own research but the best way to pick the right one is to ensure that you’re doing your due diligence and don’t acquire the services of a company that overpromises but never fails to deliver.


  • 7 BEST Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

    1. Digha

    Located at the northern end of Bay of Bengal, Digha is undoubtedly the most famous weekend getaway from Kolkata. The sea beach here is lined with a stretch of Casuarina trees. This seaside resort town is perfect for a quiet weekend break. Find a spot on the beach and just watch the waves come and go! Also enjoy some beautiful tranquil views of sunrise and sunset at the Digha Beach. The red and orange hues of the sunlit sky gets reflected on the sea, creating a memorable sight. Remember to carry your DSLRs with you! At the beach, tourists can find various delicacies like coconut water, fried fish, grilled chicken, roasted sweet corn, beer, and more. Digha is the best weekend destination to have a fun outing with your friends.

    2. Kalimpong

    Kalimpong is one of the best hill stations in West Bengal. Situated at a height of 1,247 meters, it lies in the foothills of Himalayas. Overlooking the delightful greenery of Teesta River valley, the hill station offers some beautiful scenic views. The hill slopes are covered in vast expanses of tea plantations with snow-capped peaks in the background. The town is also home to many old Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and some colonial-era churches. Kalimpong sees relatively less crowds than Darjeeling and Gangtok, and is thus, counted as one of the offbeat weekend getaways from Kolkata.

    3. Baranti

    Baranti is a small and quiet place, located in the Purulia district. Surrounded by the Panchkot Hill on one side and Biharinath Hill on the other, Baranti is a place for complete serenity. The Muradi Lake is adjacent to this town, and makes for a soothing view. Baranti is all about enjoying the natural scenery and lush greenery of the place. Sunset views reflected in the tranquil lake look breathtaking. For those looking for a break from the chaos of the city, Baranti makes the perfect weekend getaway to peace and calm.

    4. Dooars

    Stretching from the Teesta River in West Bengal to the Dhanshiri River in Assam, Dooars is the name given to the floodplains of north-eastern India. The region is rich in biodiversity and known for its tea plantations and dense forests. These lush green plains serve as a gateway to Northern Bengal and Bhutan. The natural surroundings of Dooars make it one of the best offbeat weekend getaways from Kolkata. Surrounded by the Himalayan foothills on one side, Dooars region comprises of plenty of tea gardens, fertile meadows, flowing rivers, and dense forests of Sal trees. It is home to many protected forests such as Gorumara National Park, Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary, and Buxa Tiger Reserve.

    5. Kurseong

    Located 32 km away from Darjeeling, Kurseong has an elevation of 1,458 meters. The town offers some of the best panoramic views. The surrounding hills are covered in tea plantations and lush green forests, with the snow-capped Himalayas completing the backdrop setting. The hill station is well-known for its numerous waterfalls, temples and some old Buddhist monasteries. Sunsets in Kurseong are captivating sights, with the sky becoming a canvas of red and orange hues. In the Lpecha language, Kurseong means ‘white orchid’.  Little white orchids can be seen dotting the hill slopes in abundance.

    6. Takdah

    With an altitude of 1,219 meters, Takdah used to be a British Cantonment area before the independence of India. This small hamlet offers some lovely scenic views. The hill station gets its name from the Lepcha word ‘Tukdah’ which means mist or fog. The meandering hills of Takdah are also perpetually covered in a layer of light mist. It is one of the most serene and charming offbeat weekend getaways from Kolkata. Situated just 28 km from Darjeeling, the town is being developed as a tourism center.

    7. Sandakphu

    A top favorite among the mountaineering community, Sandakphu is often referred to as the ‘Paradise of Trekkers’. Located on a height of 11,930 feet, it is the highest mountain peak in the Singalila Ridge. The trekking trail passes through some picturesque meadows and Rhododendron forests. The climb is moderately difficult. Once you reach the top, Sandakphu offers some magnificent views. In addition to a clear view of the entire Kanchenjunga Range, one can also enjoy a view of four of the five highest peaks in the world – Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse. Sandkaphu Trek is, no doubt, one of the best weekend trips.

  • How do you make a museum exhibition interesting and marketable?
  • Marketing for museum

    Marketing is not about creating demand or selling things to individuals that they don’t truly need. Also, it is not about changing people’s views. It’s about communicating the valuable and unique offers that you have to people who are ready to listen. It’s principally about letting your existing and prospective audience understand what great things you are doing.

    It’s very necessary to recall that, for the most part, marketing never persuades anybody of anything.

    What marketing essentially does is link a consumer who is willing to buy with a product or service that is tailored to his or her needs. That’s all. So it’s essentially about communication.

    Marketing entails communicating what you offer in a manner that your audience will understand and appreciate.

    You have products: your memberships, exhibits, public programs. Your clients have needs: to be part of something, to see an interesting exhibit, to have their children learn about something.

    Already, you have what your consumers or constituents need. They just don’t know this yet. This is the function of advertising and marketing—effectively making them understand what you are doing and doing this in the most engaging way as possible. In the case of a museum exhibition, you might want to make the audience attend some museum studies online, because your audience enjoys your offer.

    Essentials of marketing for museum

    Here are some essential items you should know in order to be a more effective museum marketer. If you can learn and live them, you will most certainly have an easier time marketing your museum and its programs, exhibits, and development offers.

    • Know your audience. Understand the audience you are dealing with, those who like and know you. Take note to differentiate this from the audience that you would like to have.
    • Once you know who your audiences are, consider everything you are saying and doing THEIR point of view. Your marketing discussion is with them. You need to ensure your message is something they are willing to listen to.
    • Ensure what you are doing as an establishment (programs, exhibits, fundraisers) is centered on what your audience values. No degree of marketing is going to make something interesting to the audience, if in reality they are not interested in it.
    • Make inquiries on how your audience obtain their information and discuss with them. Are they taking in messages from transits or billboards signs, using social media or getting blog advertisements? Do your research to the extent that you can ascertain your audience’s behaviors, meet them there rather than expecting them to meet you where you are. This helps you develop a good museum marketing and strategy
    • Spread out your cash over different media routes. Create a suitable museum marketing and strategy that will enable you identify complementary methods to getting your message across. Blog advertisement for instance, can assist you reach out to your online audience.
    • Carry out activities that get people in the community engaged. Provide them a chance to assist in your marketing endeavors. You might be surprised by what they come up with and how they assist you liaise with your natural audience.
    • Think local. Local activities nurture and enrich goodwill. Most often, this will be the greatest source of commitment and support for your institution. Never under look or snub your local community, no matter how many prospects you have elsewhere.
    • Recognize that other establishments in your community are both competitors and collaborators. Collaborate with them as far as you can since all ships do rise with the tide but also understand that you need to fill a distinct space in the hearts of your clients. Thus, you must be cautious to ensure you differentiate your offerings from theirs. This is particularly valid if there is a master player and who is not you. Don’t function like other institutions. Be unique in your offerings and map out a territory that you can conquer completely.
    • Try things you have never tried before. Ensure you never stop experimenting and learning, as new methods to get involved with people are always being created. For instance, you might want to encourage your workers to take museum studies online so as to deliver better services. Dedicate some of your money to trying some of them, keeping those that work in your marketing inventory. In the long run the surplus spending on learning and will save you cash since the most effective ways of engaging with your specific audience will excel and bring in more cash.
    • Carefully assess all of your marketing endeavors. Ascertain which worked well and with what audience. Carry out surveys and pose questions. Identify ways of tracking your marketing whenever you can. “Why did you come to this exhibition?” “How did you get to know about us?” “How did you locate this program?” This knowledge will enable you to be spotless in planning your future operations.
    • BONUS: no one buys what you sell. People buy what is valuable to them. This fundamental marketing principle should not be forgotten. Understand this, work on it and you will achieve great success.

     The importance of a marketing plan

    A marketing plan is the itinerary of the place your museum is going. It should liaise with both the Business Plan and the Strategic Plan. It entails detailed marketing strategies on all domains of the museum including education programs, public programs, social events and more general themes of the museum. Include the techniques you will utilize to reach out to your audience segments–flyers, mail outs, posters, newspaper inserts, press releases, billboards, paid adverts and website etc.


  • Google Organic Click through Rates By Ranking Position Will Be Compared
  • Owners of businesses often state, "I want to rank top" for their desired key phrases with SEO services. Despite this, they're correct in saying this since it's clear that obtaining first place in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) increases your SEO CTR like no other.

    Google's top five organic results account for 67% of all clicks, according to Zero Limit Web's 2021 study. Including sponsored advertisements! Investing in organic marketing now will pay dividends in 2021 if you haven't already.

    Organic Clickthrough Rates And Search Engine Results Page Design

    As we've all observed, changing layouts has become a natural part of our online searches. Zero-click smartphone searches are getting more and more prevalent. 

    In reality, 'position zero' snippets and panels take up significant SERP real estate, frequently at the expense of organic items underneath them. It's worth checking the SERP to see whether a featured snippet is available if you're presently defending a high-ranking organic term or if you'd want to expand your reach. Please find out how to earn SERP features for your site while you're at it.

    An All-Natural Approach To Optimizing For Keywords

    However, this does not imply that organic outcomes are no longer essential for your business. When it comes to search engine optimization, it is still true that "the more you put into long-tail, the bigger share of totally organic SERPs" still holds. SEOs who are worth their salt will tell you that the best incremental improvements are found in long-tail keyword domains, and we'll look at the data that still support this notion in 2021 further on in the article.

    As a reminder, Sixtrix has put out a nice chart comparing the SEO CTR for an entirely organic SERP (blue) to the average CTR (red) (across many different formats of SERP)

    SEO CTR Increase Based On SERP Position Averages

    It's essential to recognize that, depending on your resources, you may not compete for the top rank for all keywords. This is especially true for generic phrases, where the competition might be intense.

    You can estimate an increase in visitors with higher visibility ranks by looking at average clickthrough rates by SERP position. Search Console Insights or the query data from Google Search Console will let you run a gap analysis to see which keywords in SEO may need some work. Use this technique to prioritize a massive project and justify the time and money invested in keyword uplift.

    It's the most significant open source for this data today, and we've shared it here so you can see the various CTR analyses it provides. This data was collected in February 2021. We'll look at three instances of how searcher intent affects CTR.

    Branded Vs. Non-Branded Keyword Intent SEO CTR

    As can be seen from the blue curve, branded or navigational keywords have more excellent clickthrough rates. If part of the domain name occurs in the search, AWR selects branded CTRs based on the search term.

    For branded and non-branded keywords, the first graph shows the difference in organic clickthrough rates (CTRs) on all devices worldwide.

    Non-branded organic clickthrough rates (CTRs) are red along a downward-sloping curve. Because sponsored adverts appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), non-branded phrases are more likely to have a lower organic CTR than their branded counterparts.

    Lengthy Vs. Generic SEO CTR

    Searches for generic items often include one or two terms. Four or more words count as a long-tail keyword. This graph shows a similar downward trend to the one shown previously, but a greater level of CTR for more terms following the top place.

    In highly sought-after positions 2 to 5, long-tail SEO outranks generic search by 3 to 6 percent. This is usually the case because of long-tail investigations later in the sales funnel. In addition, when search queries get more specific, there is less competition (organic and sponsored) as a result. As a result, SEOs in 2021 will need to evaluate the advantages of using long-tail keywords in their gap analyses as SERP layout characteristics continue to evolve.

    However, it is best to use a mixture of PPC and SEO to get the best results. It would help to own more first-page real estate to generate more money. A sponsored search strategy is used by JDM Web Technologies to ensure that your Brand is the most prominent search result. For more details, you may check out our services.

  • Kinotickets online kaufen wichtige Vorteile
  • Einen Film in einem Kinosaal anzusehen ist eine der bevorzugten Arten, mit Familie und Freunden den Urlaub oder ein Wochenende zu verbringen. Der Kauf von Kinokarten kann jedoch etwas hektisch oder schwierig sein, wenn Sie die Karten erst am Ticketschalter erstehen. Heutzutage ist die Buchung von Kinotickets online eine einfachere Möglichkeit. Hier finden Sie eine Liste mit Vorteilen, wenn Sie Kinotickets online kaufen.

    Vorteile des Online-Kaufs von Kinokarten:

    1. Sitzplatzwahl: Haben Sie schon einmal in einer Warteschlange auf Ihre Tickets gewartet? Wenn ja, haben Sie wahrscheinlich die meiste Zeit Ihre Lieblingssitzplätze verpasst. Auf der anderen Seite können Sie Ihre kinokarten online bestellen, um die Sitzplätze nach Ihren Wünschen auszuwählen. Diese Funktion des Online-Ticketkaufs ist äußerst praktisch, wenn Sie mit Ihrer Familie oder Freunden einen Film ansehen.

    2. Rabatte: Wir alle lieben es, für weniger Geld mehr zu bekommen. Nichts auf der Welt kann solche Angebote schlagen. Für Leute, die gerne ins Kino gehen, ist es ein Segen, Bargeld oder Rabatte für Eintrittskarten zu erhalten. Verschiedene Buchungsseiten im Internet bieten zahlreiche Promo- oder Gutscheincodes an, um Kinotickets zu ermäßigten Preisen online zu kaufen.

    3. Das Ticket immer dabei: Bei Papiertickets besteht immer die Möglichkeit, die Karten versehentlich zu verlieren oder diese zuhause zu vergessen. Entweder verpasst man den Film oder muss ein weiteres Ticket kaufen. Man kann Kinotickets online kaufen, um solche Probleme zu vermeiden: Sie erhalten Ihr Ticket in Form eines QR-Codes, wenn Sie Ihr Kinoticket online buchen. Keine Chance also, Ihre Kinokarten zu verlieren. Nach dem Herunterladen können Sie auf diese Tickets auch ohne Internetverbindung zugreifen.

    4. Entdecken Sie mehr Möglichkeiten: Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass Sie wahrscheinlich eine bessere Wahl treffen, wenn Sie viele Möglichkeiten haben. Weniger Optionen haben Sie, wenn Sie sich in einer Warteschlange für Ihre Kinokarten anstellen. Ganz anders jedoch, wenn Sie im Internet oder in einer Anwendung ihre Kinotickets online kaufen. Aufgrund dieser Möglichkeiten entscheiden sich immer mehr Menschen für Kinotickets online, weil sie so die bestmöglichen Optionen auswählen können.

    5. Zahlen Sie bargeldlos: Bargeldlose Zahlungen erfreuen sich weltweit großer Beliebtheit. Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen die Menschen große Mengen Bargeld im Portemonnaie mit sich herumtragen. Wenn Sie auch gerne im Internet bezahlen, sollten Sie Ihre Kinokarten besser online kaufen. Im Vergleich zu Bargeld ist es praktisch, mit der Plastikkarte Kinokarten online zu buchen.

    6. Spannende Angebote: Manchmal beinhalten Kinokarten online auch exklusive Essensangebote – es wartet ein Abend in Ihrem Lieblingsrestaurant auf Sie. Die Offline-Version beim Bestellen von Kinokarten bietet diesen Vorteil nicht.

    Darüber hinaus gibt es viele Pluspunkte bei der Online-Buchung Ihrer Tickets. Also vergessen Sie das nicht, wenn Sie beim nächsten Mal kinokarten online bestellen.

  • Worth Noticing Facts About Bed Sheets
  • The story of bed sheets happens to be a very fascinating one. The embroidered bed linens or the Egyptian cotton pillowcases or the duvet covers you see online are all by-products of bed sheets. So, the story is definitely worth knowing. Initially, these were just flat-woven textile covers that were spread over mattresses. Usually, these were rectangular in shape without any seam in center. The present day sheets have hems over their top ends as well as bottom ends. The well finished edges are especially woven over loom and are used as side seams which eliminates the need of hem over the sides. You will find the pattern in all kinds of present day sheets whether you are looking for bed sheets online in UK or linen in manual markets of UK. The bed sheets are now part of a complete set which consists of a flat top sheet, a pillow case, and a fitted bottom sheet.

    Bed sheets these days are made from a number of materials like synthetics, cotton, as well as silk or linen. Another specific cloth that is especially used for this purpose is percale which is either pure cotton or a smart blend of cotton and polyester. It is pretty smooth and soothing for skin. Another one preferred for bed sheets is muslin which is a little stronger than cotton. For colder regions or low temperatures flannel sheets are carved from nappy cotton material and are considered very special for keeping bed warm and cozy. And then there are linen sheets which are specially woven in Eastern Europe and exported all across the world. These are used by all big hotels but are unavailable in America as they are not processed there. As a collector of bed sheets one can also go for those formed from satin and silk.

    As per some sources, linen was the first fabric that was used for making bed sheets. It is carved from flax plant which is grown in Egypt since centuries. The procedure of procuring fibers from its plants is a very lengthy and tricky one and requires lots of labor support. But once finished, it is considered perfect for bedding purposes. It was Europe that brought linen to the modern world where it has been used and appreciated for more than two years. The culture of growing this plant flourished in European colonies for 2 centuries and American women were known working consistently and tirelessly in its production. Cotton processing was introduced in United States somewhere around 1830.

    For More Info:- Cotton Pillowcases UK

  • Avoiding Groupthink and Increasing Collaboration
  • Many men and women think the adage "teamwork makes the dream work." Nearly three out of four companies rate teamwork and collaboration since "very important," based on a recent survey from the Queen's University of Charlotte. In fact, building teams was important to Google that the company spent two years. But companies don't have to be giants that are international or spend years on research to crack the teamwork code. These 3 single strategies are key to building teams that are strong and can help businesses to attain greater success. 1. Encourage Debate When people work together, be wary of "groupthink," that can cause groups to get rid of sight of the bigger picture. Groupthink involves making decisions as a group. A famous case of groupthink is the Chernobyl disaster. The head scientist with conducting the atomic project involved threatened team members together with termination when they enforced conformity and flagged worries. His team then pushed their reactor too far over the brink, into disaster.

    Employers should encourage each employee to voice their view to fight groupthink. Teams should be motivated to debate with problems out. Whenever is the larger team must always question things to find out if there's a way to do something or to address a problem. At the exact same time, businesses should make it clear to workers that if they disagree with a team member, they should bring information to the table. When team members disagree and discussion, they should be receptive to the point of view of the hand and guide, yet respectful and vocal. And then make a decision together with the greatest goal in your mind. 2. Emphasize Empathy Empathy is a quality which promoted and should be appreciated within a business. Employees must be encouraged to try bring that perspective as part of how they make decisions and to find the world in the angle of others. Team members should be encouraged to try when conflict arises, and put themselves in the shoes of the coworkers.

    Creating a culture can actually have an impact on the bottom line of a business. Harvard Business School established the "Empathy Index," by looking for the companies that retained the best people and created environments where diverse groups flourish. HBS discovered that the top 10 empathetic companiescreated earnings to 50 percent and -- that included Alphabet Airlines and Whole Foods -- increased as the lowest 10. 3. Encourage Laughter Achieving great things in the office if that is achieved at the cost of happiness, for a team is meaningless. Stupendous expansion , great work and happiness can co-exist if companies encourage teams to stay positive, and laugh. There are various activities companies can plan to promote teamwork and laughter. One fun group activity would be to have company teams reproduce a specific painting (like the Mona Lisa). A facilitator should split the painting and assign each member of a team, who will have to go reproduce it them. Last, the job is delivered together like a mosaic, so everybody is able to see the enlarged version.

    Much laughter provokes. Another exercise which can get groups is hosting a comedy improve event. A business can appoint someone to be the facilitator--this person will write down random words onto a few pieces of paper ask a team leader select 1 piece of paper and to come ahead. Their team will have to work out a story built around that sentence within ten minutes. Will have to do the same, however, they will need to be certain their story is a continuation of the prior one. These tales are usually ridiculous and can prompt a lot of laughter. Another idea is to play a fun group game like Castlesquares that will encourage group activity.

  • Unveiling the Hidden Wealth of Investing in High-Quality Mining Safety Equipment
  • In the fast-paced and high-risk realm of mining, safety should always be the top priority. But did you know that investing in high-quality mining safety equipment can also bring forth a hidden wealth of benefits? In this article, we delve deep into the crucial importance of mining safety equipment and how it can prove to be a game-changer for both the workforce and the bottom line. Mining operations often present inherent hazards, making it imperative to have reliable safeguards in place. By investing in top-notch mining safety equipment, companies can ensure a safer working environment for their employees. 


    From cutting-edge respiratory protection systems to state-of-the-art monitoring devices, these tools provide the indispensable shield against potential risks. However, the advantages of such investments extend far beyond safety alone. Enhanced productivity, reduced downtime, and minimised insurance costs are just some of the tangible benefits that come hand in hand with prioritising the well-being of workers through the utilisation of high-quality mining safety equipment. Get ready to unveil the hidden wealth that lies beneath the surface as we explore the captivating world of mining safety equipment.


    The Vital Importance of Mining Safety Equipment


    In the world of mining, where rugged landscapes and complex machinery intertwine, the importance of investing in high-quality mining safety equipment cannot be overstated. Understanding the risks inherent in mining operations is the first step towards creating a safe working environment. From hazardous gases and dust to the potential for cave-ins and explosions, it is crucial to identify and mitigate these dangers effectively. The deployment of top-notch safety equipment becomes paramount in safeguarding the lives of miners and preserving their well-being.


    Mining operations bear a significant human cost, with the potential for severe injuries and even fatalities. The well-being of the workforce should be at the forefront of every mining company's priorities. By implementing robust safety protocols and providing reliable safety equipment, companies can demonstrate their commitment to protecting their employees. Whether it is providing adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), installing comprehensive monitoring systems, or training workers on emergency protocols, investing in mining safety equipment reduces the chances of accidents and minimises the toll on human lives.


    Compliance with safety standards and regulations is not only a moral obligation but a legal requirement in the mining industry. Understanding and adhering to these regulations is crucial for any mining operation. Failure to meet these standards can result in penalties, fines, and even the suspension of operations. Investing in high-quality safety equipment is one of the most effective ways to ensure compliance. By adopting cutting-edge technology and equipment that meets or exceeds industry standards, mining companies can stay on the right side of the law while building trust with regulatory bodies and the community at large.


    The dynamic nature of mining operations demands that safety precautions be continuously evaluated and improved. Regular risk assessments, safety training sessions, and equipment upgrades are vital components in maintaining a safe mining environment. Mining safety equipment, such as advanced respiratory protection systems, state-of-the-art monitoring devices, and effective communication tools, play a pivotal role in detecting and mitigating potential risks. These tools not only safeguard the lives of miners but also contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of the mining operation.


    Investing in high-quality mining safety equipment goes beyond merely meeting compliance obligations and protecting lives. It also brings tangible benefits to the bottom line. By minimising the occurrence of accidents and injuries, companies can reduce the potential for costly downtime, equipment repairs, and insurance claims. A safe working environment fosters a sense of security and well-being among the workforce, leading to improved productivity, increased employee morale, and decreased absenteeism. Furthermore, proactive investment in safety equipment helps establish a positive reputation within the industry, attracting skilled workers, investors, and clients who value a commitment to responsible and safe mining practices.

    The Benefits of High-Quality Mining Safety Equipment


    Investing in high-quality mining safety equipment goes beyond fulfilling regulatory requirements – it unlocks a wealth of benefits that can positively impact both workers and the overall mining operation. Advanced respiratory protection systems are one of the essential components in ensuring miners' health and well-being. These state-of-the-art systems are designed to filter out harmful particles and gases, providing a clean and safe breathing environment, even in the most challenging conditions. By safeguarding miners against respiratory illnesses, companies can enhance productivity and reduce long-term health risks.


    Cutting-edge monitoring systems play a pivotal role in early detection and prevention of potential risks. With the ability to analyse data in real-time, these systems can detect changes in air quality, temperature, and other parameters critical to safety. By providing timely alerts and warnings, mining safety equipment equipped with such monitoring systems allows proactive measures to be taken before hazards pose threats to workers' lives and equipment integrity. By identifying and addressing risks promptly, companies can mitigate potential accidents, minimise downtime, and protect valuable assets.


    Efficient communication is vital in mining operations, especially during emergencies. Investing in mining safety equipment that enhances communication channels is therefore paramount. Whether through the use of two-way radios, secure mobile apps, or signalling devices, effective communication ensures seamless coordination among team members, emergency responders, and management. Quick dissemination of information improves response time, enables rapid evacuation protocols, and fosters a culture of safety. By investing in such communication tools, mining companies can enhance their emergency preparedness and ultimately save lives.


    Ergonomic gear and tools, designed with the comfort and safety of miners in mind, are crucial in reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. Heavy machinery, repetitive tasks, and long hours take a toll on the human body, leading to exhaustion and decreased efficiency. Investing in ergonomically-designed gear, such as supportive footwear, adjustable workstations, and vibration-reducing tools, reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, enhances comfort, and promotes productivity. Improved ergonomics mean workers can focus on their tasks without constant discomfort, contributing to enhanced overall operational efficiency.


    The Hidden Wealth of Investing in Mining Safety Equipment


    Investing in high-quality mining safety equipment not only prioritises the well-being of workers but also unlocks a hidden wealth of benefits that go beyond safety alone. One of the significant advantages is the boost in productivity that arises from providing workers with a safe and secure environment. When employees have access to advanced safety equipment and protocols, they can focus on their tasks with peace of mind, knowing that their safety is a top priority. This enhanced focus and concentration lead to increased efficiency, improved quality of work, and ultimately higher productivity levels.


    Accidents and equipment breakdowns can result in significant downtime for mining operations. By investing in mining safety equipment, companies can minimise the occurrence of these incidents. Early detection systems, comprehensive monitoring devices, and reliable safety protocols help avert accidents and potential equipment failures. Proactive measures not only prevent disruptions in production but also save valuable time and resources. The reduction in downtime translates to cost savings and ensures the smooth operation of the mining site.


    Investing in mining safety equipment also plays a crucial role in mitigating insurance costs. Companies with a solid safety record and a proactive approach to workplace safety are viewed favourably by insurers. By adopting high-quality safety equipment, implementing rigorous safety protocols, and consistently maintaining a safe working environment, mining companies can attract more favourable insurance premiums. These cost savings contribute to the bottom line and provide financial stability, allowing companies to allocate resources to other critical areas of the business.


    Furthermore, investing in mining safety equipment showcases a company's commitment to worker well-being and responsible mining practices. By prioritising the safety of the workforce and implementing advanced safety measures, mining companies enhance their reputation within the industry. This reputation for prioritising worker welfare not only attracts skilled workers who value their safety but also builds trust and credibility among potential clients, investors, and stakeholders. A positive reputation as a responsible and safety-conscious company can open doors to new opportunities and strengthen relationships within the mining community.

    The Future of Mining Safety


    The future of mining safety is being shaped by cutting-edge technological advancements that have the potential to revolutionise the industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are playing pivotal roles in enhancing mining safety. AI-powered systems can analyse vast amounts of data in real-time, identifying patterns and anomalies to predict and prevent accidents. Automation reduces the need for human intervention in hazardous tasks, minimising the risk of injuries. IoT devices enable real-time monitoring of equipment, environmental conditions, and worker safety, providing crucial insights for proactive safety measures. These technological advancements have the capability to transform safety outcomes and make mining operations more efficient and secure.


    In the pursuit of responsible mining practices, the future of mining safety is closely tied to sustainable solutions. Eco-friendly safety equipment is emerging as an essential requirement for mining operations aiming to minimise their environmental impact. From energy-efficient lighting systems to low-emission vehicles for transportation within mining sites, sustainable safety equipment goes hand in hand with responsible mining practices. By employing these eco-friendly solutions, mining companies can not only reduce their carbon footprint but also promote a positive public image, attract environmentally-conscious investors, and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.


    Training and education also play a vital role in the future of mining safety. Empowering miners with the necessary knowledge and skills to use safety equipment effectively can significantly enhance safety outcomes. Regular safety training sessions ensure that workers are familiar with the proper usage of safety equipment and are aware of potential risks. Furthermore, providing opportunities for ongoing education and upskilling in relation to safety protocols and technology enables miners to maximise the potential of safety equipment. Investing in comprehensive training programs not only improves the overall safety culture within the mining industry but also enhances the effectiveness of safety equipment, leading to safer and more efficient mining operations.


    The future of mining safety is being shaped by technological advancements, sustainability, and continuous training and education. AI, automation, and IoT are revolutionising safety practices in the mining industry, making operations more efficient and secure. Sustainable solutions, such as eco-friendly safety equipment, align with responsible mining practices and help reduce environmental impact. Training and education empower miners with the knowledge and skills to optimise safety equipment and protocols, resulting in safer working conditions. By embracing these trends and innovations, the mining industry can pave the way for a safer, more sustainable, and prosperous future.



    In the depths of the mining industry, where fortunes are forged and risks abound, investing in high-quality mining safety equipment reveals a hidden wealth of benefits that extend far beyond safety alone. Advanced respiratory protection, cutting-edge monitoring systems, efficient communication channels, and ergonomic gear are just a few of the essential tools that safeguard workers and propel productivity. By prioritising the well-being of employees, mining companies not only create a safer environment, but they also unlock the potential for enhanced efficiency, reduced downtime, and a bolstered reputation. To ensure that your mining operation thrives in the face of challenges, contact Locksafe – your trusted partner for high-quality mining safety equipment. Together, let's unveil the hidden wealth that lies in prioritising safety, responsibility, and the well-being of all those involved in the mining industry.

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  • Account Executive - Salary + Uncapped Commission La Crosse
  • Are you in search of a workplace that thrives on community connections through advertising? If so, we’d love to have you join our sales team! We need someone who understands the connection between marketing and sales and genuinely gets excited with each and every sale - big or small. Our Lamar office in LaCrosse, Wisconsin is now hiring a new Account Executive (salary + commission) to help us... bring innovative outdoor advertising campaigns to life for brands in LaCrosse, WI and the surrounding areas.

    The purpose of the Sales Account Executive is to meet and exceed sales objectives in their assigned territory by promoting and selling outdoor advertising to qualified advertisers. An Account Executive (AE) is expected to use professional sales techniques and develop long-term advertising relationships that grow Lamar advertising sales.

    Want to hear more about Lamar? Check out these videos:
    • About Us
    • Our Relationships
    • Giving Back Program

    What’s in it for you?
    • A flexible work environment that celebrates differences and fosters the feeling of family
    • A Monday-Friday schedule with paid holidays
    • First-year earning potential of $45,000 - $80,000 / year, dependent on experience and selling ability
    • No commissions cap, so earning potential is unlimited as you grow your book of business!
    • Monthly auto and cell allowances for work-related expenses

    What can you expect from us?
    • Comprehensive training program with opportunities to participate in our corporate-hosted Lamar Sales School
    • Multiple medical plan options
    • Dental and vision insurance
    • 120 hours of paid time off (PTO) that increases with tenure
    • 12 paid company holidays including Presidents Day and Juneteenth
    • Paid parental leave
    • 401(k) plan with company contributions for participation
    • Wellness program incentives such as medical plan premium holidays and HSA contributions
    • Ongoing professional development and internal leadership programs to maximize your career potential
    • Advancement opportunities, as our goal is to promote all Sales Managers from within!

    What we’re looking for in YOU:
    • Comfort making cold calls over the phone and in-person
    • Ability to make oral presentations and clearly articulate policies and procedures
    • Align with our values of inclusivity and effectively communicate with people of various social, cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds
    • Motivation to learn new technology and systems
    • Ability to exhibit effective time management and self-organization
    • Willingness to immerse yourself in the outdoor advertising industry with the intent of selling its benefits to businesses and customers
    • Ability to communicate professionally both verbally and in writing
    • Ability to perform effectively under fluctuating workloads
    • A knack for making connections and gaining the trust of others
    • Ability to meet a sales quota and utilize general sales techniques
    • Intrinsic self-motivation to overcome challenges and meet goals
    • Resilience in response to rejection

    Education and experience:
    • Current and Valid Driver’s License required
    • College Degree preferred
    • Previous Outdoor Advertising sales experience preferred
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
    • CRM experience preferred
    Please note: Upon submitting your application, you will be asked to complete an 8-15 minute personality assessment. This assessment compares your professional soft skills to the skills required for success in this role. Please answer honestly; this is not a test! Not completing this assessment could result in disqualification from consideration for this position.

    Candidates with a disability in need of an accommodation to fulfill our application requirements should email

    [email protected]

    A day in the life:

    On a regular basis, you will:
    • Meet and exceed sales targets and monitor personal sales data and reports
    • Target businesses in the assigned area and visit each established Lamar client as well as competitor's clients in a specified time frame
    • Exhibit working knowledge of local and national competition
    • Cluster accounts to work them efficiently
    • Identify potential growth areas and open new accounts
    • Use Lamar computer tools to locate prospects & follow up on leads, as well as prepare proposals, written presentations, and research
    • Develop their presentation skills by utilizing computer tools, and present to clients on a regular basis
    • Develop new product knowledge and selling skills
    • Actively participate in sales meetings, regional meetings, seminars, and trade shows
    • Perform administrative duties, such as:
    • Maintaining daily, weekly, and monthly sales plans a month in advance
    • Follow up on all client production orders and problem-solve any issues that may arise
    • Maintaining organized and up-to-date records of clients and sales activity

    Physical demands and work environment:
    • The work environment is a combination of an office environment and work in the field making sales calls and servicing existing accounts.
    • The physical demands for this position include light lifting, seeing (with a focus on reading, color distinction, acuity, depth perception, and peripheral vision), sitting less than 50% of the time, standing, talking, turning, and walking.
    • Nights spent away from home traveling are less than 10%.

    Who we are:

    Founded in 1902, Lamar Advertising Company is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the world. With over 351,000 displays across the United States and Canada, Lamar is dedicated to helping both local businesses and national brands reach broad audiences every day.

    We provide ad space through:
    • Billboards
    • Interstate logos
    • Handpainted murals
    • Transportation and airports
    • The largest network of digital billboards in the United States

    We live by the Golden Rule, and we operate with honesty and integrity in every aspect of our business. We are open with our employees, transparent with our customers, and loyal to the communities in which we serve. While Lamar is a large company, each office has its own culture and family atmosphere, making employees feel connected both locally and nationally.

    We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices and use a number of innovative strategies to reduce our environmental impact. We are actively working to reduce our annual greenhouse gas emissions and are projecting a 70% decrease by 2026 as a result of our efforts.

    Lamar is an EOE/AA: Minorities/Females/Disabled/Protected Veterans or any other State or Federally protected characteristic

    Disability Self-Identification: When applying for a job with Lamar, you will be asked to voluntarily self-identify whether you have a disability. Please take a moment to watch this video for clarification on why we're asking for this information!

    California Residents - Lamar collects personal information in the ordinary course of considering job applicants. This information may include, for example, name, address, phone number and other contact information, employment history and reference contact information, and any other information provided by an applicant to Lamar. By submitting an application, you consent to the use or sharing of this personal information solely for the purpose of consideration for employment by Lamar. Lamar will not sell this information.

    #Reg55ID #EarlyTalent

    Equal Opportunity Employer/Protected Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities

    The contractor will not discharge or in any other manner discriminate against employees or applicants because they have inquired about, discussed, or disclosed their own pay or the pay of another employee or applicant. However, employees who have access to the compensation information of other employees or applicants as a part of their essential job functions cannot disclose the pay of other employees or applicants to individuals who do not otherwise have access to compensation information, unless the disclosure is (a) in response to a formal complaint or charge, (b) in furtherance of an investigation, proceeding, hearing, or action, including an investigation conducted by the employer, or (c) consistent with the contractor’s legal duty to furnish information. 41 CFR 60-1.35(c)

    About the Company:
    Lamar Advertising Company
    La Crosse WI USA

  • Test Automation Engineer United Kingdom
  • Position Description :

    Break our best to make it better and put yourself at the centre of a digital revolution. At CGI, our Test Automation Engineers are trusted to work closely with a wide range of clients on exciting projects with real-world purpose and impact.

    Our successful Digital Solutions Centre is continuing to expand and we're looking for more talented individuals in to help us meet growing demand from our clients.

    We have clients across multiple industries in both the private and public sectors and our work varies from rapid prototyping to multi-year digital transformation projects.

    CGI was voted a Best Workplace' by Great Place To Work and offers a competitive salary, excellent pension, private healthcare, plus a share scheme (3.

    5% + 3.5% matching) which makes you a member not just an employee. We are committed to inclusivity, building a genuinely diverse community of tech talent and inspiring more women to pursue careers in our sector.

    We won Best Tech Employer' at... the Women in Tech Employer Awards.

    All applicants must hold or be prepared to undergo National Security Vetting (NSV) Security Check (SC) level.

    Your future duties and responsibilities :

    This role sits in our Digital Solutions Centre and gives you the opportunity to work on projects across all sectors of our business with clients in both the Public and Private Sector.

    You'll be working on interesting projects which have a direct positive impact on UK citizens' lives.

    We're offering the best of both worlds an agile-by-default, technology-focused working environment combined with the opportunities and benefits of being part of a large organisation.
    • Day to day you'll;
    • Contribute to the test design and execution of various test phases.
    • Be part of the overall contribution of the test team; reporting and attending defect triage meetings, quality gate reviews and producing Test Completion Reports.
    • Provide support to junior members of the team offering guidance where required.
    • Be adaptable to engage in development / coding as well as test automation as part of Agile Squads.
    • Ensure a suitable succession plan is in place when moving to any new role / project.
    • In terms of progression we'd expect you to be looking to progress to a Technical Test Lead Test role and we will support your career development towards this.

    Required qualifications to be successful in this role :

    What are we looking for from you? You will be someone who already makes a difference, and we will give you the freedom and responsibility to continue doing so.

    You'll be using a range of technologies and you'll be able to take ownership of your work. You will become part of a fast-growing, pioneering working environment as we continue to grow our business over the coming months and years.

    You must have demonstrable experience and a good understanding of at least one coding language (such as Java, Python) and be able to adapt and learn new automation tooling.
    • You should also be able to demonstrate experience in a range of the following;
    • Test automation tools (BDD tools sets) and experience in using them within a Java development / test environment
    • Experience of testing RESTful APIs
    • Testing experience within cloud environments (desirable)
    • Have a development coding background (desirable)
    • Integration testing
    • Performance testing
    • Usage of tools such as Git, JMeter, Postman, Newman, RestAssured, ReadyAPI, Postman etc
    • Demonstrable experience, knowledge and understanding of Automation Testing within modern software / applications development (especially with respect to Agile Development methodology and Automation testing).
    • ISTQB Software Testing Foundation
    • ISTQB Advanced Certification in Technical Test Management
    • ITIL Foundation
    • Experience of automation or significant non-functional testing or infrastructure testing

    Skills : Cucumber






    7 days ago
    United Kingdom

  • Digital Illustrator Mississauga
  • BeBee Professionals is looking for a Digital Illustrator to join our team in Mississauga.

    The successful candidate will be responsible for creating digital illustrations for a variety of projects, including web and print media.

    The Digital Illustrator will work closely with the creative team to ensure that all illustrations meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

    The ideal candidate should have a degree in graphic design or a related field, as well as a minimum of two years of experience in digital illustration.
    The candidate should also have a strong understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

    We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, including health and dental insurance, vacation time, and a 401(k) plan.

    If you are interested in this position, please apply on beBee today.
    Mississauga ON

  • Medical Representative Khan Tuol Kork
  • • Promoting and Selling assigned product portfolio
    • Meeting the business and scientific needs of healthcare
    Khan Tuol Kork Phnom Penh Cambodia

  • Credit Risk Analyst Belgium
  • À propos de nous

    "Arval a été fondée en 1989 et fait partie du groupe BNP Paribas. Depuis 30 ans, nous offrons aux clients et conducteurs les meilleures solutions pour répondre aux défis d'aujourd'hui et de demain. Chaque jour, plus de 7.500 collaborateurs répartis dans 30 pays s'engagent à rendre les trajets et les voyages de nos clients aussi fluides et durables que possible, indépendamment du segment dans lequel ils opèrent – des multinationales aux indépendants et aux particuliers, quelle que soit la solution de mobilité dont ils ont besoin et quelle que soit la phase de leur vie. Nous surveillons également de près les évolutions de la société en matière de mobilité: nouvelles technologies, électrification des parcs automobiles, réglementation plus stricte, rôle de la voiture dans les villes, évolution de la propriété à l'utilisation, émergence d'une économie circulaire, besoin de protection de l'environnement, etc."

    Notre monde et notre environnement évoluent à toute vitesse... Et il en va de même pour Arval. Nous offrons à nos clients des solutions de mobilité simples, rapides et complètes qui répondent parfaitement à leurs besoins, car notre rôle va bien au-delà du simple leasing opérationnel. Et ces solutions, nos produits et services, n'existeraient pas sans le facteur le plus important: nos collaborateurs.

    Nous nous tournons encore davantage vers le monde de demain et nous nous engageons pour l'avenir. L'important n'est pas la destination finale, mais le voyage. Et le temps que vous passerez chez Arval sera sans aucun doute l'un de vos plus beaux voyages. Travailler chez Arval, c'est être constamment en mouvement. Cela signifie mettre en œuvre vos talents de manière optimale et continuer à vous développer. Savez-vous déjà ce que vous voulez accomplir? Nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous aider.

    Afin de renforcer notre équipe Credit Risk, nous sommes à la recherche d'un analyste de risque de crédit. Voulez-vous évoluer et devenir un véritable business partner? Trouvez-vous intéressant de connaître l'histoire derrière les chiffres des prospects ainsi que d'analyser des client de notre portefeuille? Accordez-vous une grande importance à la prévention des pertes financières et à l'évaluation des risques ? Voici votre prochain défi.

    Que faites-vous ?

    Grâce à une formation interne et externe ainsi qu'à un apprentissage approfondi 'sur le terrain', vous acquerrez une solide connaissance des produits, des processus et de l'organisation d'Arval.

    Puis vous serez responsable de:
    • l'évaluation de la solvabilité des prospects et des clients et la préparation de la fixation des limites et des 'accords client' ;
    • la révision des limites de crédit ;
    • la préparation des divers rapports relatifs à l'exposition aux risques.

    Vous travaillerez en étroite collaboration avec vos collègues du département crédit du Belux, le département commercial et le département collection. Vous rapporterez à votre collègue, le team manager credit risk.

    Qui êtes-vous ?
    • Disposez-vous au moins d'un Bachelor en économie, finances ou comptabilité?
    • De préférence, vous avez au minimum 2 années d' expérience dans le domaine credit/risk ou une expérience pareille analytique.
    • Avez-vous de bonnes capacités analytiques et un esprit critique?
    • Etes-vous communicatif et savez-vous défendre vos arguments?
    • Etes-vous capable d'interpréter des comptes annuels et, sur base de ceux-ci, de préparer des analyses de crédit?
    • Avez-vous en plus une bonne connaissance du néerlandais, français et anglais? Alors vous avez tout pour travailler chez Arval. Devenez notre nouveau collègue.

    Notre offre
    • Un travail varié assorti de différentes perspectives dans une entreprise dynamique et en pleine croissance, aux côtés d'une équipe motivée.
    • L'opportunité de poursuivre votre carrière au sein de la société de leasing numéro 1 de Belgique.
    • Un salaire fixe attrayant, assorti d'un large éventail d'avantages extralégaux (32 jours de vacances, écochèques et chèques-repas, assurance groupe et hospitalisation, assurance soins ambulatoires et couverture soins dentaires, possibilité de leasing d'une voiture et/ou d'un vélo, indemnité vélo, bonus collectif, etc.).
    • Un vaste choix de possibilités de formation.
    • Horaires flexibles et possibilité de travailler 2 jours à domicile

  • Warehouse Clerk Norman
  • Job Description


    1st Shift
    • 7am - 4pm
    • Monday - Friday



    Norman, OK


    1st Shift

    People want to work at Capstone because of our high-performance culture. We build strong relationships, challenge the status quo, work hard to deliver results, and pay it forward in our communities. Through transparency and open lines of communication, we do the right thing and deliver on our promises. Think you have what it takes?

    The Opportunity
    • Provide administrative and clerical support to Capstone site management and corporate office
    • Perform data entry of daily information into Capstone systems
    • Prepare shipments to corporate office and receive and distribute return communications
    • Other duties as assigned

    What Success Looks Like
    • High-energy individual with a strong work ethic
    • Self-motivated with ability to work with limited supervision
    • Independent decision maker as needed to accomplish tasks
    • Flexible work schedule due to changing operational needs
    • Must have a high level of computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook
    • Ability to provide accurate entry of data and ability to handle administrative tasks as assigned
    • Willingness to provide moderate housekeeping of office area
    • Ability to work with a variety of people without regard to race, color, age, sex, national origin, religion, creed, or disability
    • Strong organization and prioritizing skills
    • High school diploma
    • Previous office/clerical experience a plus
    • Sit or stand for periods in office as well as warehouse environment (concrete flooring and changing temperatures)
    • Walking throughout warehouse during shift

    Why You Should Work With Us
    • Get paid weekly
    • Benefits -- after 60 days of employment
    • Career growth-our company looks to promote from within first
    • Join our travel team, see the country, learn how all our sites operate
    • Paid Training, Safety Incentives
    • Our team fully embraces a high-performance culture, that inspires us to build strong relationships, challenge the status quo, work hard to deliver results, and pay it forward in our communities.

    About The Company

    Capstone is a North American supply chain solutions partner with more than 650 operating locations, 19,000 associates, and 60,000 carriers. We have capabilities in freight management, warehouse and distribution center support, last-mile delivery, supply chain analytics, and optimization, and more. Our integrated, end-to-end logistics solutions uniquely position us to help partners reduce warehousing and transportation costs.


    Capstone Logistics, LLC is part of The Transportation and Logistics industry which has been designated a "Critical Infrastructure Segment". As a "critical infrastructure industry" worker in the Transportation and Logistics industry, associates are considered exempt from local restrictions such as curfews, shelter-in-place orders, and other mobility restrictions when reporting to, returning from, or performing his or her work functions.

    JOB ID:CAP10520
    Norman OK USA

  • Writer I, Technical Costa Rica
  • Writer I, Technical:
    • Remote Eligible: Hybrid Onsite Location(s): Cartago, CR
    Additional Locations: N/A
    • Remote Eligible: Hybrid Onsite Location(s): Cartago, CR
    Additional Locations: N/A

    At Boston Scientific, we recognize that nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace helps us be more innovative and it is important in our work of advancing science for life and improving patient health.
    That is why we stand for inclusion, equality, and opportunity for all. Boston Scientific is proud to be an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and has been recognized with the Catalyst Award in 2022, a prestigious recognition of diversity, equity and inclusion excellence

    About the Role:

    Create and plan the layout and content of documents and templates. Enforce the Boston Scientific Quality System standards. Interpret and advocate industry technical writing standards and adapt them to BSC's needs. Initiate, coordinate, and lead cross-functional writing projects to meet business... requirements

    Your Responsibilities Include:
    • Translate into Spanish the Process Engineering and Quality documents that are in English.
    • Create and review SOPs, templates, labelling, reports and quality system procedures according to the Quality Management System and other established bestpractice templates
    • Work closely with engineers to develop work instructions and associated documents that are easy to use and understandable for production team members.
    • Responsible for timeous editing of technical content in support of product and/or process development projects including document updates, incorporating reviewer inputs, rewriting of existing material and updating of new documentation
    • Correct technical documents in order to make them clearer and more concise.
    • Create draft or framework documents for the engineer or team to use as their working document.
    • Conduct all documentation activities in compliance with the company's standard practices and procedures (EtQ, LODs, DocuSign, Change Requests)
    • Review and peeredit the work of other writers to ensure highquality standards within the technical writers' group.
    Participate in project meetings

    What We're Looking For:

    - (Bachelor's degree or higher) in English, English Teaching, Translation or applicable field
    • English Level required: C1 (90%)
    • Excellent writing skills in English and Spanish
    • Software skills (desirable)

    Requisition ID:555632

    Benefits - Life-Work Integration - Community - Career Growth

    At Boston Scientific, you will find a collaborative culture driven by a passion for innovation that keeps us connected on the most essential level.

    With determination, imagination and a deep caring for human life, we're solving some of the most important healthcare industry challenges.
    Together, we're one global team committed to making a difference in people's lives around the world. This is a place where you can find a career with meaningful purpose—improving lives through your life's work.

    Job Segment:
    Technical Writer, Process Engineer, Recruiting, Engineer, Equity, Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance
    Costa Rica

  • Líder de Merchandising - Porto Alegre/RS Cachoeirinha
  • A General Mills está comprometida em ser uma força do bem por meio de uma estratégia global de inclusão para levar diversidade às nossas pessoas e cultura, possibilitando maiores níveis de envolvimento com nossos colaboradores para crescermos junto com nossos clientes e consumidores.
    Para nós, criar um ambiente inclusivo e fomentar a diversidade impulsiona o crescimento da companhia, além de dar suporte para o crescimento de nossos colaboradores.

    Principais Desafios:
    • Responsável pela gestão e acompanhamento da equipe de promotores, garantindo a assiduidade e engajamento e produtividade dentro das atividades
    • Gestão de rotas de visitas dos promotores
    • Distribuição dos MPDVs e orientação para aplicação e melhor uso
    • Gerir as demandas relacionadas a assuntos de RH e afins, direcionando para resolução
    • Implementar as estratégias de Trade/Marketing mensurados pelos KPIs estabelecidos pelas áreas
    • Contribuir com a divisão com conhecimento adquirido em novos processos entre seus... pares, fortalecendo a área
    • Reconhecer seus subordinados evidenciando suas boas práticas
    • Ser guardião das rotinas do time de promotores e execução no ponto de venda

    Pré Requisitos:
    • Curso Superior completo ou cursando
    • Prévia experiência como Gestor de Merchandising/Vendas no setor de alimentos, bebidas ou bens de consumo será considerado um diferencial
    • Residir preferencialmente em Porto Alegre ou nas proximidades
    • Habilitação categoria B válida
    • Pacote Office básico
    • Disponibilidade para viagens

    Descrição da Empresa

    A General Mills é uma empresa líder global em alimentos e trabalha para fazer os alimentos que o mundo ama! Nossas marcas globais incluem Cheerios, Annie's, Yoplait, Nature Valley, Häagen-Dazs, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Old El Paso, Wanchai Ferry, Yoki, Blue e muitas outras. Com sede em Minneapolis, Minnesota, EUA, a companhia chegou ao Brasil em 1997, quando iniciou as vendas do sorvete premium Häagen-Dazs. Em 2012, adquiriu o Grupo Yoki Alimentos, conquistando um novo modelo de negócios e tornando-se proprietária das marcas Yoki, Kitano e Mais Vita, reconhecidas pelos brasileiros há décadas. Somos hoje um time apaixonado de 35 mil colaboradores em mais de 100 países e em todos os continentes
    Cachoeirinha RS Brazil

  • Stagiaire assistant d'agence H/F Arras

    Temps plein

    62000 Arras

    0 € Horaire (Brut)
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    Arras Albania

  • Technical Sales Engineer Porto
  • O Technical Sales Engineer vai colaborar com as equipas de vendas e apoiar a implementação de projetos no cliente, avaliando as necessidades técnicas de uma oportunidade, estruturando e detalhando a informação necessária sobre a solução a apresentar.

    • Apoiar no desenho e dimensionamento de soluções para cliente;
    • Apoiar na elaboração de propostas comerciais;
    • Dar suporte ao processo de venda numa ótica de desenho e apresentação da solução técnica;
    • Apoiar a Gestão de Produto na definição de soluções técnicas;
    • Apoiar a implementação de projetos no cliente;
    • Estabelecer e manter relações de confiança com os clientes;
    • Analisar informação interna e externa no âmbito de desenvolvimento de soluções e propor cenários de resolução;
    • Participar ativamente no suporte técnico, no diagnóstico e procura de soluções para os problemas técnicos de instalações e produtos;
    • Garantir e acompanhar a criação e atualização dos esquemas, projetos e demais documentação técnica... dos sistemas, serviços e equipamentos, incluindo manuais de produção, instalação, atualização e utilização;
    • Colaborar na gestão e execução da manutenção preventiva e corretiva;
    • Apoiar no desenho e desenvolvimento de soluções
    Porto Portugal

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