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  • Cyber Crime On The Rise With Online Dating Apps
  • Cyberspace has been helping millions of us to be able to perform many different things seamlessly. On the flip side, we should consider a fact that; the scammers have started to make many innumerable cyber crimes. It has become a hard thing for us to keep the system in a more secure and safe way. There have been efforts made by the security systems to keep the information confidential and not accessible in any manner.

    People have started to use the online dating apps to be able to find their potential partners. There are a few users who are using these apps just to be able to fool the people and fetch their information. These apps are accessible to everyone, but unfortunately, there are a few hundreds of profiles on the app which are fake and not real.

    They are users who are falling prey to these kinds of scammers, there are many who have lost a lot of money. The fakers on the app are well versed in having a great conversation and gain the trust of the person from the other end. Unfortunately, in one particular case, the user happened to send money for a business deal. There was a request made to really the safety deposit made, but it was not real, in fact, the person was robbed by the Cyber criminals.

    This is just one case, it is not only about the money, and there are many different cases when we consider the fact of cybercrime. At present, it has become a common thing to have the scams happening on online, on a regular basis. There are a few users, who provide false information about themselves, just to get the attention of the person.

    It is not only the online dating websites, through which the genuine users are getting betrayed. There are other means too, through which there are millions of people who are getting betrayed. It is not only in one particular country, where this is happening, there are many different countries where this is happening and they are affected by huge amounts of loss.

    With the scammers rising in numbers, unfortunately even the genuine ones are getting scrutinized. There was another person who happens to lose the money by making an online payment for a trip. But, ended up to find out that the firm which offered the trip was not a legitimate one, instead it was a scam. When we come across these kinds of situations, we have no clue on how to handle it. There is a question which gets raised, where did the whole thing go wrong?

    There are multiple factors, which will make the person vulnerable to give away their personal information. When we consider an online dating app, we share information to become friends or go a step further and get hitched. The conversation which they have seems to be so real and authentic that it is hard to have any kind of doubt in the first place.

    People have mastered the skills to fool people easily and the people who are vulnerable are the main targets for them to start with. There are another set of people who are considered to be main targets to make a huge amount of money. It is the people who shop things over the internet, they provide their credit card information and this is where the information is getting leaked to the hands which are not safe and leads to a huge loss for the individual.

    It is not only one person who is getting involved in this complete scam, there is a whole group out there who are performing this scams seamlessly. This makes the whole scenario unsafe for anyone to use the particular medium. The world is getting digitized and it is obvious that most of them are using the online websites. There are millions of transactions happening on the internet every day and it even possesses the risk of financial information getting leaked.

    A recent survey in the UK stated that there were around 4000 people who were found to be a hoax for the year 2016. These figures are the ones which we know and aware of, but there are lot more which are not aware of. On an average, the loss which a Londoner faces is around 10, 000 pounds and it apparently a huge number. On the whole, the Londoners have lost around 39 million pounds. It is important that an immediate action is taken against the cyber criminals and bring the down the cyber crime rate drastically. 

    There are many Londoners who have lost thousands and thousands of pounds because they got in a relationship with people from different countries. They ended up sending money to their potential partners to help them out in the time of crisis. But, they have got themselves involved so deep that it became really hard for them to get out of it.

    It is obvious that after losing so much money, they will not be able to get out easily; instead, they will make sure that they receive the money back which they have spent on someone who didn’t seem to be perfect enough. These scammers are so good in persuading people into something really emotional and it has become an easy game for them to get the money they want to have.

    Online dating websites have become a big boon to these scammers and fakers to coerce money. They play tricks on the users who are using it for genuine purpose and easily collect the information required. From there it is a complete mess and a roller coaster for the person who gets involved and the person deliberately keeps trying to get off.

    There are people who are in search of a partner to give their life a second chance. But, unfortunately, they end up with people who just betray them and leave them stranded with debts to recover. This is absolutely is not a good thing for anyone who has already been through a rough patch in their past. They end up losing all the trust and hope which they had and in the end dread with the consequences they had to cope up with.

    A lot of things need to be considered when we are sharing information over the internet, especially online dating websites. When going through a profile, if we find something not be right on the profile. It is better that it is reported to the site, so the account will be verified. Another factor which will keep us safe is, doing a background check on the person. Try to get the information as much as possible, genuine people who want to get into a relationship would not hesitate.

    There is a particular trick which the scammers apply, building the trust and making you emotionally comfortable. The moment they realize that we are emotionally attached to the person and would do anything for them. That is when they start to pester of helping them out of their financial crisis. This is when we need to step back and possibly get away from them as soon as possible. It will help us to keep ourselves safe and secure, before getting cheated on or betrayed by any means.

    Dating through online sources is a norm and there is nothing wrong in finding the right match. There are certain things which we need to follow when we are searching for someone to get hitched with. Check for the authentic information, proof checks the picture of the person and never give personal information no matter what. Even they were able to build a great amount trust in you, unless and until you are not sure with the fact that everything is genuine and not false. Do not go over the board and always keep in check with the information which you are sharing over the internet.


    Author Bio:

    Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.

  • Legal Intricacies Involved In The Process of Obtaining Asylum
  • Thousands of noncitizens enter or try to enter the United States each year in the hopes of applying for and being granted asylum in the country. The process of granting asylum is a complex and tedious process that involves multiple government agencies. Asylees have the potential opportunity to live in the United States permanently, receive benefits, and be reunited with their family members. If someone hails from a country where they have faced persecution or if they have a well-founded fear of being persecuted upon return to that country, they can decide to seek either refugee protection or asylum. The criteria for obtaining these protections are stricter than people generally expect. They need to be familiar with the legal requirements for asylum or refugee status and potentially have evidence and documentation showing that you meet the requirements.

    In order to establish eligibility for asylum status in the United States, It must be proven that you are either the victim of past persecution or have a justified fear of future persecution. For cases of past persecution, it has to be proven that you were persecuted in your home country and the persecution must be based on at least one of five grounds that are:

    • Race
    • Religion
    • Nationality
    • Political opinion
    • Membership of a particular social group

    It is the most difficult part of applying for an asylum where you have to prove the connection between the persecution and one of these grounds. In 2005, the REAL ID Act added a requirement that one of these grounds be the primary reason for your persecution, this added another layer of complexity to an already complex process. .In some cases a person may also be persecuted based on their gender. Cultural practices in 3rd world countries such as female genital mutilation or forced marriages are also examples of persecution. Legislators and attorneys have been campaigning for years to have domestic violence, honor killing, and human trafficking recognized as legally recognized bases for an asylum application particularly for cases that involve the local government and law enforcement supporting the perpetrator instead of the oppressed victims.

    Specific types of persecution are not listed by the law except in one section added in 1996 that states refugees and asylees are people who fear a coercive population control program such as forced abortion or sterilization. However, the large majority of people that do apply for asylum seldom fit into that category. Persecution is the infliction of harm or a serious threat to your life and freedom. This may sound similar to harassment but harassment alone isn’t enough. There have to be elements such as death threats, torture, imprisonment, surveillance, undue pressure, interference with privacy, family, home, or correspondence, or discrimination in housing, education, or passport issuance in order to qualify for the standard of persecution necessary to obtain an asylum.

    There needs to be a nationwide threat of persecution against you so that your well-founded fear of persecution is justified and it is shown that you could not have avoided the persecution simply by moving to another part of your country. Simple economic suffering in and of itself is not considered a reason for granting asylum. It is also not enough if someone has a grudge against you or has committed crimes against you for personal reasons. This does not fall into the category of persecution. If you have not been persecuted yet or in the past, you can still qualify for political asylum or refugee status if you have a well justified fear of future persecution in your home country. Let’s say that you acted as the secretary of a dissident group in your country and people have sent you death threats or perhaps have killed another member of your group, in such a situation your fear of persecution is well justified.

    The primary reason for the persecution you are facing must be either your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. However, it is not necessary that you are singled out for persecution from the members of a persecuted group. The only thing that you need to show is a pattern where groups of people similar to you are being persecuted. Secondly you must prove that you belong to the persecuted group. Some people have the misconception that only government aided or backed persecution is applicable in an asylum scenario. This could not be farther from the truth. Persecution is not only when it is fomented by government or other authorities such as police or security forces but persecution carried out by groups such as guerrillas, warring tribes or clans, paramilitary group, or organized vigilantes that are outside the realm of government control.

    However, it is mandatory that persecution have some political or social basis. It’s not like if you are being targeted by a mobster for gambling debts, such a situation is not legally recognized as persecution for the purposes of granting asylum or refugee status. In order to show that you have a well justified fear of persecution, it is necessary to demonstrate the presence of both subjective and objective reasonable fear in your situation. Subjective fear generally refers to a personal fear of returning to your native country whereas objective fear refers to your ability to demonstrate facts, based on objective evidence or persuasive, credible testimony that a reasonable person in your position would fear persecution.

    Sometimes people who have been persecuted in the past and are seeking asylum in the US for fear of continued persecution in the future are told by USCIS that their country is now considered safe and that the hazardous conditions have mellowed down so it is safe for you to return. In such a situation, you can still be successful in obtaining asylum in the United States. This is referred to as a humanitarian asylum. Humanitarian asylum is applicable only if you can demonstrate compelling reasons for being unwilling or unable to return to the country arising out of the severity of the past persecution faced or if there is a reasonable potential that you may suffer serious harm upon removal to that country.

    If you are facing persecution in your country of origin and you want to apply for asylum in the U.S. then it is imperative for you to consult with an experienced U.S. immigration attorney who can help you to deal with the intricacies and complexities involved in the legal process.

    Author Bio:

    Going through a divorce in Sullivan County, NY? Contact a Sullivan County, NY Family Law attorney or Monticello, NY Criminal Defense lawyer.

  • 12 Challenging Data Science Interview Questions
  • Data Science interviews can be a bit challenging for aspiring data scientists. I think the recruiting managers aren't trying to find the correct answers. They aim to evaluate your technical know-how, critical thinking, and professional history. Additionally, they are searching for data scientists knowledgeable on both the technical and commercial aspects.


    I have compiled the 12 trickiest data science interview questions and their responses. To cover all the basics, they are divided into three categories—situational, data analysis, and machine learning. You can also join the data science training in Bangalore, which provides interview preparation sessions for aspiring candidates.


    Questions Based on Situation


    Which data science task have you ever performed proved to be the most challenging?

    You don't need to think too much. The hiring manager is assessing your capacity to handle difficult tasks.


    The project name and a brief summary ought to appear first. Then, explain why it was challenging and how you overcame it if everything comes down to the details, tools, processes, terminology, inventiveness, and dedication.

    Reviewing your previous five projects is a useful practice before attending an interview.


    How will you determine whether a random dataset meets the company's demands if we offer it to you?


    You must request a business use case and further details on the baseline metric. You'll be outlining statistical methods for evaluating the veracity and reliability of data. Then, compare it to the business use case and consider how it may enhance current solutions.


    Remember that the goal of this question is to determine your ability for critical thought and how at ease you are with unstructured material. Give an explanation of your reasoning and draw a conclusion.

    How will you generate cash using your machine learning expertise?

    This is a hard problem, so be ready with the figures and examples of how machine learning has brought money to various businesses.


    If you struggle with math, don't stress. Machine learning is utilized in e-commerce recommendation systems, illness diagnosis, multilingual customer support, and stock price predictions.


    You must explain to them how your area of expertise fits with the organization's goal. You can suggest fraud detection, growth forecasting, threat detection, and policy suggestion tools if they are a fintech company.


    Data Analysis Questions


    What is the purpose of A/B testing?

    A/B testing refers to statistical hypothesis testing for randomized experiments with two variables, A and B. It is frequently employed in user experience research, which contrasts customer responses to two various product versions.


    It is used in data science to test different machine learning models while creating and analyzing data-driven solutions for a business.


    Create a SQL query showing all orders and the customers' details.

    Your interviewers will provide you with further details on database tables, such as the fact that the Orders table includes ID, CUSTOMER, and VALUE fields and the Customers table has ID and Name data fields.


    In order to show ID, Name as Customer Name, and VALUE, we will link two tables based on the ID and CUSTOMER columns.


    How do Markov chains work?

    Markov Chains are a probabilistic method of switching between states. The present condition and the amount of time that has passed determine the likelihood of changing to a future state. Search engines, speech recognition, and information theory all employ the Markov Chain.


    How should anomalous values be handled?

    Dropping outliers as they influence the overall data analysis is a straightforward method. Make sure your dataset is huge, and the values you are eliminating are invalid before you do it. The waste indicates that it was a mistaken addition.


    In addition, you can:

    • Data normalization
    • use StandardScaler or MinMaxScaler
    • Utilize methods, like random forests, that are not impacted by outliers.


    Machine Learning Interview Questions


    What is the TF-IDF?

    To assess a word's significance within a corpus or sequence of texts, the technique known as frequency-inverse document frequency of records, or TF-IDF, is utilized. Each word in a document or corpus is evaluated for value as part of the text indexing process. It is commonly employed for text vectorization, the process of converting a word or phrase into a number for use in NLP (Natural Language Processing) operations.


    What distinguishes an error from a residual?

    An error is a difference between a value's real and theoretical values. It typically refers to the hidden value that the DGP produces (Data Generating Process)


    The difference between the value seen and the value predicted by a model is known as the residual.


    Do methods that employ gradient descent consistently arrive at the same conclusions?

    No, never. At local minima or maxima locations, it can easily become stuck. The data and beginning circumstances will determine how quickly they all converge if there are several local optima. Global minima are challenging to achieve.


    What is the Time Series Forecasting Sliding Window Method?

    The lag technique, also known as the sliding window method, uses the previous time steps as inputs and the next time step as an output. The number of previous steps or the window's width impacts them. The sliding window method for univariate forecasting is widely known. A supervised learning challenge is created from a time series dataset.


    How do you keep your model from fitting too closely?

    Overfitting occurs when your model performs well on the train and validation datasets but fails on the unidentified test dataset.


    It can be avoided by:


    • Maintaining a basic model
    • Don't prepare for lengthier Epics
    • Enhancement engineering
    • Using cross-validation methods
    • Employ regularization strategies
    • Model assessment using Shap



    I hope this article will be helpful and add value to your career. To master data science tools and techniques and become a certified data scientist, visit the best data science course in Bangalore. Its premium features including domain-specialized training, 15+ real time projects, personal mentorship and job referrals will help you get hired in MAANG companies. 


  • Top Software Testing Tools For 2020
  • Software testing applications is one of the serious parts of SDLC also it's extremely important to take it out correctly for the achievement of your software. To assist you in the task of software testing hundreds of software testing tools list are currently available in the marketplace. But you can't randomly pick any.

    Shortlisting the best among them is again a tedious and very time-consuming endeavor. So helping you in picking out the ideal software testing tools for your task, we've curated a listing of top 10 software testing tools together with their key attributes.

    Functional Testing Tools

    1. Selenium

    Designed to test functional automation testing of web-based software it supports wide-ranging browsers and platforms.


    • Supports parallel test execution
    • Requires fewer tools compared to other testing tools.
    • Supports various different OS
    • Supports various programming languages such as Python, Java, Perl, C#, PHP, and JavaScript.

    2. Squish

    GUI based Test Automation tool to automate the functional regression tests it's completely a cross-platform application.

    Key Features:

    • Supports many GUI technology
    • Supports various platforms such as a desktop, mobile, net and embedded
    • Supports Test script recording
    • Supports object and image-based identification and verifications
    • Doesn't depend on visual look
    • Strong IDE (Integrated development environment)
    • Supports different scripting languages
    • Supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
    • Provide command-line tools for complete control
    • Integrates with CI-Systems and Evaluation Management

    3. HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

    Was originally known as QuickTest Professional (QTP) and aids in automatic back-end support and GUI functionality testing.

    Key Features:

    • Provides reusable test parts.
    • Powerful partner network.
    • Supports Agile development.
    • Automates manual testing resources.
    • Supports operational testing over various apparatus.
    • Assimilation with various test tools.

    4. Katalon Studio

    Mobile and web automation framework covering both Selenium and Appium,

    Key Features:

    • It is a cross-platform application.
    • Supports Agile method.
    • Simple to use even for non-programmers.
    • Service CI workflow.
    • Supports Dual scripting interface.
    • Integration with qTest and JIRA.

    5. IBM Rational Functional Tester

    Used for automating functional testing utilizing a data-driven strategy.

    Key features

    • Supports different software.
    • Enables Test Scripting
    • Supports storyboard testing.
    • Offers dependable testing tools.
    • Features incorporation with other test tools.

    6. Worksoft Certify

    Ironically of compliance, validation, discovery, measurement, and scale from the company processes across all programs.

    Key features

    • Well supported
    • Scriptless approach
    • Simple to use
    • Well-suited with custom constructed code/extensions
    • Works with a wide variety of software

    7. TestPlanteggPlant Functional

    Software an image-based strategy to perform automated functional testing.

    Key Characteristics:

    • Tests from the perspective of a user.
    • Fast Improvement.
    • Offers laboratory administration.
    • Supports all device types.
    • Supports CI integration.
    • Requires very little automation abilities.

    8. Ranorex

    With cheap pricing model, it gives easy setup and implementation of test automation scripts.

    Key features:

    • Provides strong GUI object recognition
    • Developer-friendly
    • Supports reusable code modules
    • features record/playback functionality
    • Offers script-free functionality.

    9. Tricentis Tosca Testsuite

    Model-based Functional Software Test Automation Tool.

    Key Characteristics:

    • Focuses on problem-solving vs. test case design.
    • Supports Agile method.
    • Provides end-to-end testing.
    • Includes evaluation data direction and Orchestration tools.
    • Offers recording capabilities.
    • Requires less maintenance and can be easy reuse of test lawsuit.

    10. Quick Test Professional (QTP)

    Scripting language based automated functional GUI testing tool for web or customer based computer application. QTP is apt for functional regression test automation.

    Key Features:

    • Quite simple to use even for novices.
    • Exam cases are available in a simple workflow.
    • Wholesome authentication of software using a full equilibrium of checkpoints

  • How to get more youtube subscribers
  • Most of the time, contacting a YouTube get more youtube subscribers is the best way to experience rapid growth on the platform. Make an immediate hire to raise your profile among viewers worldwide.

    Everybody is putting in a lot of effort to grow their YouTube followings in this day and age of digital media. Many of today's YouTubers struggle to get enough viewers to subscribe to their channels despite constantly working to improve their content. Sometimes, they might get so discouraged by it that they decide to stay on YouTube forever.

    On the other hand, a company that promotes videos on YouTube can always help you get the views and subscribers that your music videos or articles deserve. Therefore, approaching a YouTube video promotion company is never a bad idea.

    Utilizing the services of a YouTube video promotion company will undoubtedly provide you with the following five benefits:

    1. You can get your videos the exposure you've always wanted and expected from a wide range of companies that specialize in YouTube video promotion. By conducting proper SEO, running advertisements on Google and YouTube, writing promotional articles about your music videos, and publishing them on a number of digital magazines, a promotion company may increase your content's visibility. A reputable marketing company will always employ a variety of experts who are capable of carrying out the promotion in the most effective manner.

    2. Added changes
    The exceptional benefit of utilizing the advancement organization's administrations is that you get a great deal of individuals. The target demographics that are most likely to view your content on YouTube can be scanned by agencies, and they can also show your videos to them. They also have a few other tools at their disposal that they can use to promote your videos to people who might watch them and subscribe to your channel.

    3. Improving the substance
    At the point when you gain a few faithful watchers, they will leave remarks on your recordings with ideas for future recordings. They will contact you and make demands, even on other social media platforms. Thusly, you might raise the type of your material and extend your YouTube crowd.

    4. Genuine participation, comments, and likes The genuine support that fans show for creators is always made possible by genuine engagement. Video promotion companies can increase your international fan base by bringing targeted traffic to your channel. Your videos will be viewed, liked, and commented on by subscribers. In addition, they will promote your films on their social media platforms. Real involvement is what we mean by that. The YouTube video promotion company can help you achieve these goals.

    5. Support that is available around the clock Developers can get in touch with the agency's customer service department whenever they have questions or concerns about the services. A reputable business always cares about its clients. They provide the creators with constant encouragement and guarantee process transparency. In addition, by achieving success and steadily moving in that direction, they may be able to inspire artists.

    This is unquestionably true: content reigns supreme. Many talented content providers don't get enough attention, even though they consistently produce content of high quality. You can improve the quality of your channel in the following ways:

    Choose a market segment that you are passionate about and that is less crowded.
    Complete the information needed in the about section.
    Give your videos titles that are appealing.
    Create captivating thumbnails and share them with family and friends as well as on other social networking sites.
    Choose a promotion company if nothing else works.

  • Here Are Major Mechanical Failures That Turn Out To Be Fatal On The Road
  • People may not want to talk about this matter because they may find it frightening to think about a car accident, even in their dreams, but is there any other way to prevent such issues besides good fortune? In addition to negligent driving, mechanical failure also contributes to fatal auto accidents. When a vital component completely fails, such as when the brakes fail, the tyres blow out, or even the engine fails while driving, this is known as mechanical failure.

    One needs to keep up with ifs and buts of the mechanical failure cause because it is a very sensitive topic. Here we have tried to discuss the major breakdowns that have the potential to wreak havoc.

    Tyre blowouts always turn fatal

    Tyres are a major point of contact with the surface. However, it plays a major role in driving along with other parts like steering, suspension, etc. But what happens when a tyre blows out all of a sudden, especially at very high speed? Naturally, the driver may lose balance, and there might be a fatal consequence.

    However, what happens when a tyre blows out unexpectedly, especially when travelling at high speed? Naturally, a driver could become unbalanced and suffer a fatal outcome.

    Tyre blowouts can happen for a number of different reasons, including worn-out, underinflated, or overinflated tyres that suddenly burst under pressure, tyres that have been struck by road debris, or perhaps abrupt and intense temperature changes. Accidents result when a tyre blowout drastically impairs your ability to control the entire vehicle.

    Tyres that are worn out are another serious source of worry because they are more likely to slip. Such tyres are unable to maintain a firm grip on the ground, a condition known as hydroplaning. Additionally, when hydroplaning occurs, the risk of the driver losing control and having an accident increases.

    The Department for Transport claims that among mechanical failure issues, tyre issues pose the biggest threat in UK.

    However, driving with worn-out tyres is a risk you are taking, and similarly, over- and under inflation too has its detrimental effects. Meanwhile, you should take care of your car’s wheel alignment too. Therefore, just visit Service My Car for a proper investigation of your car’s tyre conditions.

    In case you own a Rolls Royce car, and you are looking for a Rolls Royce wheel alignment then we would like to recommend Service My Car to get the best wheel alignment for your Rolls Royce car in town. Service My Car not only provides Rolls Royce wheel alignment but also provides rolls royce repair, service, engine repair, battery replacement, and maintenance services.

    Brake may default on performing their job

    A car cannot run without acceleration, so it cannot stop without brakes. Brakes have their own significance. The acceleration issue cannot be as painful as the brake problems. Poor brakes contribute a lot to collisions, especially those that happen from the rear. In either condition, if brakes are not up to hundred percent or are not working at all, the vehicle may hit the next vehicle without any warning.

    Defects in the ABS (Antilock Brake System), worn brake lines, damaged brake pads, and damaged brake discs are among the factors that contribute to severe brake issues. These issues make stopping your car challenging, resulting in longer stopping distances and elevated accident risks.

    Regular brake system maintenance and inspection are necessary to solve the brake issues. However, a professional can easily let you know about potential problems in the brakes, whether they need repair or an entire car clutch replacement. Visit Service My Car for a proper inspection and to avoid any issues in the future.

    A steering problem may cause a lack of control

    Despite not occurring in bulk, the steering problem is still quite dangerous. In addition to steering-related problems, other factors contribute to serious traffic accidents.

    Tyre and brake wear are obvious, but steering problems are more difficult to spot. At the worst possible times, steering problems can result in a person losing control of their vehicle. If you attempt to merge into traffic and things do not go well, a steering problem could be quite dangerous because there is a good chance that you will collide with another car.

    However, if you take measures on time, there would be less possibility of any unfortunate events.

    Engine and transmission problems

    An engine simulates the heart in a human body. It shows symptoms before going completely out of the equation. However, engine failure does not happen too often. Under normal circumstances, if it happens, the check engine light always makes you aware of an engine issue in advance.

    An engine failure or transmission defect on the road might turn into a fatal accident. There might be a huge list of engine problems that might contribute to the cause.

    When there is an engine problem, you suddenly lose momentum, which could be dangerous for you and those who are following you.

    However, running an engine diagnosis is the best way to make sure there are no hidden problems. You can go to Service My Car for a thorough examination and, if necessary, professional car engine repair.

    Though mechanical failure is a risk on the road, especially with vehicles that have been running for a while, but, preventive car maintenance is a perfect solution to deal with such problems. Service My Car helps you make every ride safe and secure. However, you have to just book a car service or order a car repair quote online.

  • Plan it smartly for Holidays coach Travel UK
  • A coach holiday with your better half or alone is defined as to spend night away from your home with to and fro facility of coach transport. Some coach operators provides accommodation facilities too that is sold as a package. Well, how can you plan it?

    You can easily think and plan it smartly forHolidays coach Travel UK. That is, it would eliminate the unnecessary need for too many movements and save your time. It will also allow you explore a few countries in depth rather than trying to fit all UK in few days.  You can get a ticket with awesome deals and offers. Do not pay hefty amount for a guide. Most capitals have great companies where guides and students will show you the best spots for free. During your trip, you can go for the option of “talk to locals” as they know the coolest stuff, and they can take you to many offbeat cool spots.  Finally, just don't worry and plan in advance, talk to people, research well. There are hundreds of travel hacks for travelling and actually a low to budget amount can have an unforgettable experience of holiday in UK. 

    Well, Folks!! Put Your Hands down, by far, Disneyland is absolutely the best theme park in the world. You must have planned or may be on the phase to visit Disneyland Paris Tours by Air, each and every single Disney theme park on the globe, and will probably visit in the opening months. It is something that you will spend one of the best moments of your life, and we can tell you that most people who have visited any variety of theme parks and have also visited Disneyland Paris will tell you with little to no hesitation that it is one of the best park in the world. 

     Disneyland Paris has a whopping 31 total rides across both parks,  In addition to that, the rides that are shared across the globe,  will have notable differences in terms of outside aesthetics and the ride itself. Additionally, it has 7 official Disneyland hotels. For all who come to this happy place, it is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past. It is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created Paris. A lot of fans who are considering a Disneyland trip as an once-in-a-lifetime can plan their trip with Disneyland Holidays by coach. A fervent Disneyland fan, who considers the trip tantamount to treason, is because of the number of quality of attraction points in Disneyland whether it is the cheap hotels or resort.

    A planned or unplanned Disneyland Paris Short breaks with your family provides the access to the key of Joy, happiness and satisfaction and after visiting resorts of Disneyland, the Adventure rides, we bet and can say with some authority that, you will fall in love with it. Today we’re visiting Disneyland Paris, Yes, little park that is finally getting a little attention. It encompasses rides for younger, family ones to rides for your little ones; well it's worth it because simply it is breath-taking.

  • The Most Efficient Way to Rent a Self Drive Car in Ahmedabad
  • Gone are days when travellers spend money on expensive taxis. Self-driving cars in Ahmedabad allow individuals to travel across western India without worrying about expensive taxi fares. They have to pay per kilometre, time, car, etc. 

    RenTrip is one such company that offers cheap self-drive car rental in Ahmedabad. These cars can be rented on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rental plans. Here are some tips to make everything go smoothly with a private car rental in Ahmedabad.

    The first thing when you plan your trip, check the cars available on the web. You can get a self-driving vehicle for around Rs 1500 per day, although an SUV can be hired for around Rs 2500 per day. An online portal for car availability research also avoids the hassle of calling various car rental dealers and having the pleasure of arranging a price.

    It is essential that you take information about the security deposit, pick up time slot, and documentation requirements when you look to hire a car. It is also necessary to test drive the car and check for any damages to the vehicle before the pick-up time, and the same must be checked when you return the vehicle. 

    With an online car rental service, you can use your credit card to pay the rent and security deposit. If you get the car full tank, you shall need to pay the price for the fuel or return the car with a full tank of fuel.

     Whenever you have chosen your ideal car, it is the right time to book it and receive the booking confirmation in your email. For reservations, you can either make a full deposit in advance or a partial guarantee and rest in the rental car, where you pay the balance when you Enjoy the driving test of the vehicle. You should know the car rental conditions to avoid surprises.

     Most self-driving car rental companies expect customers to keep their unique ID and a copy of their driver's license. It's a good idea to keep your ID handy, so you can remember them when you travel to Ahmedabad. 

    Likewise, you need to make sure you have the proper endorsement on your DL to drive the type of vehicle you are using. Again, review that you have received the booking confirmation in your email. 4. Check the car thoroughly 

    It is designed to allow you to check the actual condition of the vehicle you are using. Consider it for each car offer if you find any gouges, scratches, dings or damage. 

    Taking pictures/records and attaching them to your rental agreement is an excellent practice in such a situation. This training will save you from paying unwanted damages or participating in arguments.

  • The Importance of Living a Stress Free Life

    At times you may wish you were dead or at some point you find fault in every action people take around you. If you find yourself in such a situation, then something is wrong somewhere. Exposure to stressful situations is one of the most common phenomenons in human life. Most people around the world no longer find life interesting because of the stress they have to go through on daily bases. Stress could be mental, physical or emotional. The daily demands of human beings have triggered nervousness.


    Worries related to paying bills, family demands, marital and social problems, fear of losing a love one, and the likes are increasingly distracting people from stress free living. This phenomenon is not peculiar only to the poor as some of us may be tempted to think. The rich too experience stress. It is also peculiar to all the age groups. Living a stress free life may look somewhat difficult in a world full of uncertainties, endless demands, pressure, and constraints. Stress may however be challenging when there is too much or too little.


    Stress can be defined as the bodys reaction to any change that necessitates an adjustment or a response. It can also be seen as a state of emotional strain coming from adverse or demanding circumstances. Stress causes a surge of hormones in your body. The body reacts to these changes in different ways. The response could be physical mental or emotional. This implies that you can experience stress from your thoughts, from your environment or your body. It may sound funny that even positive live changes such as financial breakthroughs, promotion or child birth can still cause stress.


    Stress can either be positive or negative. Positive stress can be described as our perception of a situation that could be stressful, but we are optimistic about it. We choose to believe that such a situation is an opportunity that will provide a good outcome. The characteristics of positive stress may include, feeling of excitement or motivation, which may come because of child birth marriage or getting a new job.


    Negative stress or distress on the other side comes because of our perception of events that cause feeling of uneasiness and anxiety. This way, we perceive the situation to have a negative outcome. Examples of events that may cause negative stress include the death of a loved one, illnesses or losing a job. Being stress free is difficult. Each day you will at one point in time find yourself on one side of the stress coin.


    When people feel stressed by any event unfolding around them their bodies discharge chemicals into the blood. These chemicals give individuals energy and strength which can be advantageous if their stress is caused by physical danger.


    Stress is subjective experience. This is because a bulk of stress we experience is based on our individual perception of the situation. This implies that the sources of stress can vary greatly, from one person to another. What I may perceive as stressful may not be a source of stress for some other person. Two people can experience the same pressure and react differently.


    The question that may fill our minds after reading the abstract above will possibly be, what may be the possible ways to live a stress free life? Is living a stress free life possible? or perhaps are there stress free people in the world? Before answering the above questions, it is important to outline the types of stress.




    Understanding the types of stress is a step toward being stress free or better still gives you an insight of handling stress if you find yourself in one. So at the end of this section, you will either identify yourself with any of the types of stress or ascertain that you are amongst the few lucky stress free people that exist.


    Acute Stress: Of all stress types, acute stress is the most commonly experienced since it comes from everyday demands and pressures we pass through. Just imagine crossing a road and a car almost knocks you down, you receive news that your darling husband or wife is dead, what would be your immediate action? Acute stress is the most common type of stress. It is the bodys immediate reaction to a new challenge, event or demand. It prompts your flight or fight response. In this situation your body turns to its own biological response.


    It should be noted that acute stress is not always negative. For this reason, it could also be the feelings you derive when you are having fun at the beach. It is not always the case that acute stress comes along with health effects. Sometimes it might be healthy for you as these stressful situations prepares your body and brain in developing the best response to forthcoming stress. Sometimes victim of life threatening situations, such as, being caught up in a car accident can lead to mental health problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or acute stress disorder.


    Acute stress can take the dimension of emotional distress, such as anxiety, anger, irritability, and acute periods of depression or physical problems such as headache, pain stomach upset, shortness of breath or bowel disorder.


    Episodic acute stress: Lets suppose that you live in a war-ravaged country like Syria for example and you hear gun shots on daily bases. You are always almost a victim of these frequent gun shots. What may accompany these daily experiences is episodic stress. Episodic stress occurs when acute stress becomes frequent. As earlier mentioned this type of stress is peculiar to those who are in crisis. These sets of people tend to display characteristics such as anxiousness, irritableness, or are always short tempered. Also, episodic stress is usual with people with negative health effects. They think of stress as part of their life.


    Chronic stress: You just lost your job and as a result your wife as well as children no longer respect you because you are broke. Your life is characterized by poverty, you are not even able to afford daily needs and your home is a theater of insult and constant fight. In this case stress free living is a luxury to these class of people. These stressful situations seem to be unending and the accumulated stress results from them can be life-threatening and can lead a person to resort to violence, suicide and serious ailment such as heart attack or psychological problems such as post traumatic disorder.


    All these happenings give a person chronic stress. If acute stress isnt solved at its elementary level it develops to chronic stress. Physical signs and symptoms that are common with chronic stress include, dry mouth, difficulty in breathing, stomach ache, frequent urination, pounding heart and the list continues. On the other hand, chronic mental signs and symptoms of chronic stress include; difficulty in sleeping, frequent feelings of fatigue or tension.


    Having discussed the types of stress, am pretty sure you have determined whether you are living a stress free life or not. From the above you can devise ways to live a stress free life, even though it is arguably difficult to find completely stress free people.


    At this point, you should be asking yourself the ways to live a stress free life or better still the importance or benefits of living a stress free life. Lets look at the benefits stress free people get as a result of their living a stress less life.


    One outstanding importance of being stress free is that it lowers blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the most phenomenal killer diseases in the 21st century world. Imagine you could avoid this killer disease if you practice stress-free living. Wont you sacrifice anything to know ways to live a stress free life? The aim and end of life, I believe is living a happy life and this happy life cannot be achieved if you have an ailment such as high blood pressure.


    Also stress-free living slows down aging. If you ask old people what they want in life, they would probably tell you one of their greatest wishes after good health is getting younger again. Studies have revealed that the chances of stress free people to get old quickly is slimmer as compared to people whose lives are characterized by stress.


    We are living in a century where people sacrifice thousands of dollars in cosmetics and even go as far as doing a plastic surgery to look younger. Those who go the extra mile to get younger always pay a price at the end. I will not term that ignorance but there is a better and shorter way of slowing the aging process without applying cosmetics or doing plastic surgery. It is by practicing stress free living.


    Being stress free increases your chances of good social cohesion. Mankind by nature is a social being. Every day we interact with people in our residential areas or job sites. In the case of chronic stress, sometimes a victim resorts to violence, this may not be his/her fault because he is acting from the dictates of a stressful life he is living. I do acknowledge that stress is not the sole cause of violence in the world, there are many causes of violence. Getting rid of one of causes of violence is a step toward ending violence in the world.


    Being stress free increases the performance of your immune system. The immune system is a complex group of cells and organs that defend the body against diseases and infections. Stress causes these cells and organs that make up the immune system to release hormones that prompts the production of white blood cells to fight stress and other diseases. They also help in the priming the immune system to respond quickly to injuries and short-term illnesses. That notwithstanding, this activity is not beneficial to health if it becomes phenomenal. Continuous stimulation of the immune system because of stress causes the immune system to become suppressed and hence becomes less effective at fighting against diseases and infections. Stress free people are therefore liable to have a better performing immune system.


    Added to the above stress-free living equally spares you from having sleepless nights. I bet you, you think about everything in this world when you have a sleepless night. This thinking adds to the stress you accommodate in your body. So being stress free is the most assured way of having good sleep.


    Equally stress-free living improves the digestive system. We eat food on a daily bases and if our system cannot digest the food well, then, we are liable to contract Crohns disease. Many people experience stomach-ache or diarrhoea when they are stressed. Crohns disease comes because of excess release of hormones. Also hormones which are released as a result of stress causes physical changes which increase peoples appetite. This increase in appetite causes weight gain and what accompanies this is obesity. Obesity exposes individuals to the risk of developing other health malaise like diabetes, heart diseases or stroke. In line with chronic stress, people turn to lose appetite and eventually weight. To avoid these health complication, as listed above, one has to device ways to live a stress free life. Also living a life free from stress decreases the odds of contracting cardiovascular diseases. This is because continuous activation of stress hormones raises your heart rate, causing chest pain and heart palpitation.


    Stress free living equally increases your performance at your job site. Imagine you are not able to attend to people at your job site because you are stressed up. That I guess, is the fastest way of attracting a sack latter from your boss. Your job is what feeds you and your family on daily bases. Imagine losing your job because you are not able to cope with stress. Being stress free increases your performance as far as your job is concerned.


    The benefits of stress free living abound. What would obviously linger around in our mind is ,how can somebody live stress-free? What are the ways to live a stress free life or possibly how can stress be managed . Well, it is very simple if you follow the tips below.


    One of the ways to live a stress free life is by scheduling time for yourself. Time management is one of the most difficult tasks one can ever think of. Schedule only a few important things each day and remember to put space between them. Simply put a schedule that gives you time to relax your brain and muscles. If you live such a life, be rest assured that you are treading on the safest path to the house of stress. Always ask yourself whether in your daily schedule there is time for relaxation. Relaxation may take many forms, you may choose to relax by watching a movie, by reading a book, or by taking a drink in a relaxed environment. Dont ever mislead yourself by thinking working every single day of the month is being hard working. No you are rather stressing yourself. You may have a tight schedule and work that is unbearable, but you can always find a way of relaxing.


    As John de Paola puts it, slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. Learn to say no to extra burden in your professional life. Streamline your schedule by reducing the number of commitments in your life just to the vital ones. As Wayne Dyer puts it, it is not the load that breaks you down but the way you carry it.


    Another way of living a stress free life is by regularly exercising. Exercise is the most important things you can do to fight against stress. Regular exercises do not only help you cut down your body weight and get rid of some diseases that are related to obesity but equally helps you relieve stress. Some times you just need to jump around your room or remove some excess sweat from your body. By doing so you are equally relieving yourself of stress.


    Some people may not see physical exercise as a way of getting rid of stress. They think it only adds to the unbearable stress they are experiencing. Putting physical stress on your body through exercise can relief mental stress. The benefits are enormous if you exercise on a regular bases. Your chances of experiencing anxiety are slimmer as compared to those who do not do exercise at all. Regular exercise helps you get rid of stress hormones. Stress hormones such as Cortisol is lowered in the long run when you engage yourself in regular exercise. Regularly exercise, it can improve your sleep quality which can be adversely affected by stress. Also, when you do regular exercise you develop a sense of competence and confidence which in turn improves your mental wellbeing.


    A tress free life is achievable if you avoid procrastinating. Procrastinating is a short cut to having a life void of stress. Do not push things you can do today to another day. Do not accumulate tasks, because at one point in time you wont be able to do them without putting yourself into unnecessary stress. This means that you are running up and down to catch up with things that you would have done with relative ease had it been you did not procrastinate. Putting yourself to unnecessary pressure is like inviting stress. Set up your priorities and make up your mind to accomplish these priorities. Give yourself realistic deadlines and work toward respecting them.


    Imagine you are a student and you are given an assignment to submit the next day, first thing in the morning. You come back home, and your friend invites you for his birth day party. You thought of doing the assignment but rather convinced yourself that you will do it after the birth day party. The birthday party extends late into the night and you decide to spend the night in your friends house. The next day you remember that you were to submit the assignment in the morning. You start doing the assignment under pressure. The time limit for submission has already elapsed. Your mind is filled with thoughts like; what if my lecturer refuses to collect my own copy and if he happens to refuses how will that affect your general performance. All these thoughts lead to mental stress. So avoid procrastination as much as you can.


    Equally another way of getting rid of stress is by letting go of past grudges and anger. Sometimes you find it difficult to forget your past. Sometimes you cant let go of the sad thoughts about people who have hurt you in one way or the other. But you must convince yourself and let go of such thoughts. You might be tempted to say that holding such grudges is makes the other person suffer. You may be expecting an apology from someone who had hurt you, but it never comes. People may not see your own point of view. Go ahead and apologize even if you were right and get rid of stress.


    Get rid of stress by meditating. Sometimes you need to seat quietly in a calm environment and reflect. Meditating does not mean thinking about those things that stress you up. You should think about those things that can help you get rid of thoughts that stress you. This method helps in cleansing your mind. Whenever you feel burdened or better still when you feel weary or offended by something or someone, just take a deep breath and relax. Focus on your breathing while you exhale and inhale. Take note of how your body act when you breathe. If you want to conquer the anxiety of life live in the moment, live in the breath.


    A meditation that last for say 20 minutes is enough to refresh and relax your mind and equally help to reduce anxiety. To achieve this, you need to avoid distractions. Things like cell phones laptops or television are a great distraction. So, you must get rid of them when you want to meditate. Find a relaxation technique that works for you and implement it on a daily bases is very important to relieving yourself of stress.


    It sounds funny when people resort in taking alcohol or smoking when they are stressed. This is the most dangerous way of getting rid of stress. Resorting to drinking and getting drunk for example will not only jeopardize your health but will also add to your money problems which may in turn add to the stress you consider unbearable. Some people go as far as becoming aggressive as a way of relieving stress. If you resort to this, I bet you, you will accumulate stress that will be unbearable for you. So it is very important to avoid things that may relieve your stress momentarily and go for those that may provide a long lasting solution. As Hans Selye puts it, it is not the stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. It is difficult to live a perfect stress-free life but there is always a way to get rid of it. Tell that person in the mirror that you will never be stressed again. You can live a stress free life!








  • Nikon Waterproof Camera
  • Simply known worldwide as Nikon is the Nikon Corporation which is a Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. The company is mainly specialised in imaging and optic products. The different types of products offered by Nikon are; cameras, camera lenses, microscopes, binoculars, measurement instruments, ophthalmic instruments, rifle scopes, spotting scopes and steppers which are used in the photolithography of semiconductor fabrication. The Nikon operation had its start on 25 July 1917 when a comprehensive and full integrated optical company known as Nippon Kogaku came about thanks to the merge of three optical leading manufacturers. This growing company finally became a leading one in the manufacturing of optical lenses and also equipment which were used in cameras, microscopes, binoculars together with inspection equipment for the next 60 years. During World War 2, this company was of great help to the Japanese military as they manufactured bomb sights, periscopes, lenses and binoculars for military use. When the war was over, Nippon Kogaku returned to the production of products for its civilians.

    It was in 1948 that the first new brand Nikon camera was ever released. The American photo journalist David Douglas Duncan did highly contribute in popularising the Nikon lenses in America. From then, the company progressed with growing technology to the production of what we have today as Nikon cameras which are highly appreciated by many.

    The Nikon COOLPIX AW130


     Nikon COOlPIX AW 130


    The COOLPIX AW130 has been well designed and built to be ready for any kind of adventure you wish to take be it on the Earth surface or under water. This camera is waterproof, shockproof and freeze proof, so it can be taken around for different adventures. This camera comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and a Near Field Communication technology which permits you to immediately transfer your photos to a compatible smart phone or tablet. Your shots are being mapped and your coordinates are being recorded thanks to the built-in GPS it does come with.

    Built for any kind of adventure

    Being waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof, this is the Nikon tough camera. This Nikon waterproof camera can be taken for snorkelling, fishing or rafting without fear of bringing any damage to the camera. The Nikon tough camera is waterproof down to 100 feet. It is a camera which can be taken for snowboarding since it is freezeproof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. There is just no problem taking this camera for biking and climbing as it can withstand shocks of up to 7 feet high without showing any signs of damage.  

    In a snap share your photos

    This Nikon waterproof camera offers you the ability to quickly and easily send photos wirelessly from your Wi-Fi and NFC enabled COOLPIX AW130 to any compatible tablet or smartphone by using the wireless mobile utility app which makes part of modern camera technology. On the go you can share your great photos, even in remote locations you are offered the possibility of using your smartphone or tablet to control your camera.

    See all the places you’ve been to

    For creating amazing photo journals, it comes with mapping features, Built-in GPS, points of interest and an electronic compass. With this camera you are offered the possibility of relieving all the excitement of your travels in a new way. For the COOLPIX AW130 records the exact location of each shot you take thereby offering you the possibility of following the path of your adventure as you can share your journeys at Google Maps. With this camera you are able to navigate even unfamiliar paths thanks to the built-in mapping and electronic compass. The points of interest have been programmed to show you all nearby historic landmarks and scenic lookouts. This particular Nikon waterproof camera is the ultimate travel companion of travellers.

    Ability to capture stunning views

    The COOLPIX AW130 comes with a 5x optical zoom NIKKOR ED wide-angle glass lens for capturing any kind of stunning view. If it happens that you are underwater, you need not worry as this feature makes it an ideal Nikon underwater camera. Even if you happen to find yourself on a mountain, there is still nothing to worry about as this camera’s wide angle, 5x optical zoom NIKKOR glass lens has been designed in a way as to give you a clear and wide field of view which is ideal for such moments. A reason why so many people consider this as the best underwater Nikon camera. This camera comes with an anti-vibration feature aimed at reducing almost all camera shakes and hence makes your videos steadier and your photos sharper. This feature makes this Nikon waterproof camera crucial for an action camera.

    Freeze action in its tracks

    This Nikon underwater camera offers the possibility of holding down the shutter button and firing up to 5 shots per second so as to allow you create amazing and beautiful action sequences with just a touch of a single button. With this Nikon tough camera, you will probably get views of fast moving objects, you simply hold down the shutter button and fire up to 5 shots per second.

    Mind blowing videos

    Out of your choice, by simply pressing a button, the COOLPIX AW130 becomes a high performance video camera which you might have never seen before. This Nikon tough camera comes with a 5-axis Hybrid Vibration Reduction which was designed and programed to help you shoot stable and smooth videos without a tripod. This camera comes with a built-in stereo mic which captures filtered sounds and eliminates wind action in the video sounds. This Nikon tough camera is one which shoots in Full HD.

    Keep it steady                    

    There is just nothing worse than a shaky handheld video. This Nikon waterproof digital camera is one which comes with Hybrid Vibration Reduction which activates itself immediately you start recording a video so as to combat camera shakes thus produce steadier movies.

    Enjoy the view

    This Nikon tough camera comes with a wide viewing angle OLED display which makes it very easy to compose all your shots or even monitor your video recording for a better outcome. With this camera, reviewing and sharing your creation is a pleasure as each shot looks fantastic on the display.

    Intelligent autofocus

    It is highly frustrating when a smart phone camera does focuses on the wrong thing, but such is not the case with the COOLPIX AW130, for it features the target finding AF which determines your intended subject in just less than no time. After it is done, it simply focuses on the subject itself to offer you an amazing photo of the subject.

    Creative control even in gloves

    This Nikon tough camera provides great creativity at your fingertips. You simply need not worry even if your fingertips are enclosed in ski gloves for the COOLPIX AW130’s handy action makes it very easy to adjust specific camera settings of your choice. This Nikon tough camera is one which automatically changes its settings to suit subject targeting for an amazing photo shot, so even if you do not have the time to adjust settings, there is no problem. This camera offers you the possibility of adding creativity if you desire to, you can select-in camera effects like black and white or some other better selective colours. This underwater Nikon camera comes with an underwater mode which works in keeping all images colourful and properly exposed; a reason why so many people consider it the best Nikon underwater camera.


    Although labelled on the camera 100 feet, this Nikon underwater camera can handle with ease underwater depths of 98 feet for up to 60 minutes without showing the least signs of weakness. That is at least 50 feet deeper than most underwater cameras. In addition, this camera can handle a lot more than just a day at the beach. The camera’s depth of drop without damage being 7 feet is the highest depth compared to all other cameras.

    The Nikon COOLPIX AW10


    The Nikon COOLPIX AW100

    Being waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof this Nikon tough camera is ready for all kinds of extreme adventures. The AW100 has been designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions, without being damaged. You can take it and dive to depths of 33 feet without any damage. Out of your wish you can take this camera for snowboarding since it has been designed and constructed to withstand temperatures of 14F. There is no need to fear when climbing or riding with this camera for it can withstand shocks of up to 5 feet without showing any signs of failure. This Nikon waterproof digital camera offers you the possibility of making Full HD movies of your choice for better entertainment and high quality images. This Nikon waterproof camera helps you see where you are going and mark the places you have been to. It comes with a built-in GPS, mapping and electronic compass. Just think for a second, you and a friend are all white-water rafting down an unfamiliar route. At such a point, this Nikon waterproof camera can take the pounding action while you take on recording movies and photos of this incredible adventure. With the Nikon View NX2 Software you can completely track progress. You are then offered the ability to view your path thanks to the built-in map.

    The electronic compass comes as an additional safety measure which is aimed at helping you ascertain which branch to take should in case there is fork in the stream. This Nikon waterproof camera comes with a 16.0 MP CMOS sensor which offers possibility of shooting even in very low light. In most of the cases, adventures do not always happen in most of the perfect photo taking conditions, a reason why this camera was designed and built to overcome this limitation which holds back so many different cameras. This camera has been designed to capture sharp and amazing photos at depths of up to 33 feet even when there is not sufficient light. With this Nikon waterproof camera, you can shoot up to 3 shots in just about a second by simply using one touch control to obtain Full HD movies there by ensuring that not even the least part of your action is missing.

    It comes alongside well designed and programmed features to filter air action and produce suitable and amazing sounds of high quality for your HD videos. This underwater Nikon camera comes with highly focusing power, it identifies the subject accurately more than the other types of cameras. Once after it has identified the subject, it focuses completely on the subject so as to provide you with high quality and clear photos even in areas with little light.

    The Nikon 1 AW1

     The Nikon 1 AW1


    Being a Nikon waterproof digital camera which is highly rated for its efficiency it has the following pros;

    • So many people appreciate it for being waterproof, dustproof, freezeproof and shockproof.
    • A good number of people appreciate it for always coming in neutral colours.
    • It is a camera which fills a unique product niche.

    It has the following cons;

    • The handgrip of this underwater Nikon camera is less than ideal.
    • It shows a poorly placed action mode control.

    The Nikon 1 AW1 possesses the full underwater capability of a rugged camera so it is efficient even at great depths below water. This amazing camera being unique in its domain is a great one for the adventure enthusiast. So many consumers around the world have greatly shown that they truly appreciate compact digital cameras that all combine the ease of a point and shoot together with the feature set of a DSLR. This camera provides an enhanced performance, the ability to swap lenses and better image quality. Even though it does not look like a compact P&S digicam nor does it look much like a DSLR, it is quite attractive. It somehow looks a little like a range finder camera coming from a different era and build in the old-school standard style. Even though this underwater Nikon camera comes with a metal-alloy stainless steel frame it does not feel heavy at all. This Nikon camera is not really pocketable but it always comes with a neck strap which will keep it close and secure at all times. This camera is waterproof up to depths of 49 feet making it an ideal camera for underwater adventurers. This Nikon tough camera was designed and constructed to withstand shocks coming from heights of 6.6 feet without showing the least signs of weakness.

    This Nikon tough camera has been designed to be shockproof. This camera is another one which is ideal if you enjoy snowboarding, for it has been constructed with a freezeproof of 14 degrees Fahrenheit. This Nikon waterproof camera is quite easy to use even in the hands of non-professionals. A reason why so many appreciate it much. The Nikon tough camera does provides a 14 megapixel resolution and allows without any inconvenience both JPEG and RAW image capture formats. This camera is in possession of a 3.1 inch 921k TFT LCD Monitor. In addition it records HD videos at 1920 x 1080p with stereo audio just as you would appreciate a tough camera to. This underwater Nikon camera is available in white, black, and silver versions. At an extra cost, Nikon offers protective skin for the camera. Depending on the seller, the Nikon 1 AW1 can be purchased between 800 dollars to 1000 dollars. A price worth its high quality features and efficiency with respect to most other cameras.

    The Nikon-KeyMission 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera

     The Nikon KeyMission 360 degree Waterproof Action Camera


    This is a Nikon tough camera which you can take pictures and make high quality videos just as it pleases you and in a way that you will expect a high quality and efficient Nikon camera of present times to. In order to offer you images shot in Ultra HD it possesses dual lenses. With this camera at hand, you need not fear of the quality of your photos or videos being affected by moisture.This Nikon tough camera are shockproof and its durability is amazing. This is an ideal Nikon underwater camera since it is waterproof up to great depths 100 feet, thereby permitting underwater adventurers to go far deep as it would please them and still get amazing photos. This camera can be purchased for 499.99 dollars, a price worth its great features and durability. This Nikon underwater camera comes with an AA-14A Lens Protector and an AA-15A underwater lens protector aimed at offering you efficient photos even at great depths were lightning is very low. This Nikon waterproof digital camera also comes with an AA-17 Head-Mounted Display. In addition it comes with a CF-AA1 Silicone Jacket. This under water Nikon camera also comes with a warranty card and an owner’s manual aimed at assisting you master easily the use of the camera in an efficient way so you can benefit from all its great features.

    The Nikon-KeyMission 170 HD Waterproof Action Camera with Remote

     The Nikon KeyMission 170 HD Waterproof Action camera


    This Nikon KeyMission Action Camera offers you the possibility of documenting your thrilling life story in Ultra HD. The waterproof digital camera captures with ease the vast outdoors with its 170-degree ultra wide-angle view. With this camera you can be sure of obtaining clear photos and videos from even subjects which are not in full light. This Nikon tough camera is waterproof, dustproof, frost-proof and shockproof making it an ideal camera for an adventurer since it can withstand lots of disasters coming from Nature. This Nikon camera can be obtained at a price of 399.9 dollars. Below is a list of features included with this Nikon waterproof digital camera;



     Nikon ML L6 Remote control




    • Nikon ML-L6 Remote Control feature permits you: to tag highlights from your videos, to start and stop capture pictures and recording videos remotely. The buttons size on the remote are made such that it can be manipulated comfortably even with your gloves in the winter.  
    • Accessories:

    Nikon KeyMission accessory pack includes an extension arm, KeyMission tripod, a back up rechargeable EN-EL 12 lithium-ion battery (the same battery that comes with the camera) and the KeyMission System case. The standard socket connection for all the above listed accessories is also included with the camera. Additional accessories available separately such as helmet, suction mounts, wrist strap and chest harness. This will permit you to mount your camera any type of adventure gear you’re using.

    • An AA-14B Lens protector and an AA-15B underwater Lens Protector. The Nikon lens can bend up to a maximum angle of 170 degree producing high quality videos, and still photos that are truly amazing to look at. The alternate capture modes such as time lapse and slow motion keeps your content and final video cuts look almost like an expert job. Furthermore, the rear LCD is large enough and bright, allowing you to update your videos and pictures accurately and easily operate in different modes and settings.
    • An EH-73P Charging AC Adapter and a UC-E21 USB Cable
    • It also comes with a warranty card and a User manual which is aimed at guiding its owner to profit fully from all the features offered by the Nikon waterproof digital camera.

    The Nikon-KeyMission 80 HD Waterproof Action Camera

     The Nikon KeyMission 80 HD Waterproof Action Camera


    This Nikon waterproof digital camera was designed and built to allow you record your most daring adventures in high quality. This camera comes alongside anti-vibration features which are aimed at reducing to almost zero the vibrations taking place when you wear this camera to record your most daring adventures. You can efficiently capture well positioned selfies thanks to a convenient second camera which is in possession of an LCD monitor. This Nikon waterproof camera can be purchased for 279.99 dollars. It comes included with the following;

    • An AA-4 camera holder
    • UC-E21 USB Cable
    • A lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery
    • A warranty card and an owner’s manual.

    The Nikon COOLPIX S33

     The Nikon COOLPIX S33


    This is an ideal camera designed to withstand all what your family throws at it and at the end show no signs of damage or weakness. This Nikon tough camera is waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof thus ideal for snowboarding, beach, skiing amusement parks together with some other bumpy adventures you can take your family to. Not just being very easy to use it also comes with oversized buttons meaning each and every one can have their own turn taking photos and ultimate HD videos. Right in the camera, you have the possibility of creating fun slideshows with sounds. This Nikon waterproof digital camera stands for non-stop family joy, fun and happiness. This is an ideal underwater Nikon camera as it can go down to depths of 33 feet underwater without showing any signs of weakness or even getting damage. This makes it suitable for underwater adventurers. So many underwater adventurers have highly rated this camera as the best choice for them, since it offers great focus even at great depths thereby providing them with clear and amazing photos. With this tough camera at hand, you need not fear or worry climbing or be disturbed if the camera unintentionally slides and fall for it is shockproof to depths of up to 5 feet. This camera was designed in such a way that you can play with it in the snow or simply accompany the children play in the snow while taking their photos and making videos without fear of it being damaged. This is because it can resist temperatures as cold as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. This camera is in complete safety to be taken to any place where the family can go be it in the beach, playground, pool with which you can be completely sure of getting great shots.

    With just a single touch of a button coming from you, this Nikon tough camera becomes a versatile HD video camera. You are offered the possibility to add fun effects to your images like miniature as you eventually make an entire scene look just as a toy model. Once that has been done, you can simply connect to an HDTV with the optional HDMI cable so as to enjoy those amazing videos and photos with the whole family. COOLPIX S33 does creates truly exceptional photos together with ultimate full HD 1080p videos. This Nikon waterproof digital camera comes with a very high performance NIKKOR glass lens which is paired with a 13.3 megapixel CMOS. This is a low light image sensor aimed at yielding superior image quality, low light-performance and versatility. Shots from this camera will impress you very much. This Nikon underwater camera offers you the possibility of flattering your friends and family as it allows you create beautiful photos of the people you care about. It comes with a smart portrait system which does activate several features ideal for portraits like skin softening, face priority, and smile timer. This underwater Nikon camera comes with a new underwater face framing feature which is out to ease photo shots of people underwater. Due to the fact that this Nikon waterproof camera is very easy to use, just any one can shoot great and amazing photos with it and also make great HD videos without some particular expertise in the domain. For the best shot possible at any subject, you simply need to select Easy Auto Mode and the camera will adjust the settings required automatically so as to produce the best. With this camera, just each and every one can have a turn using the camera due to its simplicity.

    With this camera, you do not really need to make any major settings to obtain great shots as this is done automatically for you. The oversized buttons of this camera are friendly without exception. With this camera, you simply need to point, shoot and allow the camera do the rest for you, a feature which is not found in all cameras. This is so because this camera was designed with the whole family in mind from children to parents without any exceptions. This Nikon waterproof camera is one which turns the ordinary into extraordinary without posing any major issues. With this camera you can easily and simply apply creative image effects and fun like miniature, selective colour, and skin softening from the camera so as to obtain the best out of your photos and HD videos. This is done if desired at the spot and just immediately after the photo has been shot, thus with this camera, there is just no need for a photo editing software at all. One problem which has been faced over time in shooting photos has to do with shots of moving objects. But this Nikon waterproof digital camera comes with great features aimed at resolving this problem and providing you with sharper photos of moving subjects. Once you have point the camera at a subject ready for shooting, if it happens that the subject is fast moving the camera automatically detects and immediately kicks in as it chooses a faster shutter speed. It also automatically takes on a higher light sensitivity feature so as to provide you with clearer and sharper photos which you will obviously not get from most of the cameras out there.

    The Nikon CoolPix S30 Waterproof Camera Review

     The Nikon CoolPix S30 Waterproof Cameera


    This Nikon waterproof digital camera is marketed more as a family camera. It is generally referred to as a family camera due to its simple design which makes it very easy to use and operate by kids without facing any difficulties. This camera comes as waterproof to up depths of 8.9 feet. In addition this camera is also shockproof to heights up to 2.6 feet meaning if it happens to slide off your hands unintentional you can still pick it up intact without any damage. This camera comes alongside a respectable 10.1 MP resolution which always bring forth acceptable and amazing images which are similar to those taken with a camera phone. Hue, brightness and vividness can be adjusted thanks to the sliders which come included from Nikon. The S30 is not recommended for anything apart from picture taking in bright light or outdoor light. This is because the camera does not perform well in low light conditions and if used in low light conditions it can provide low quality pictures. The quality of the videos produced by this Nikon waterproof digital camera is excellent if you are only looking out to share and watch these videos amongst family and friends. This camera comes with a 3x optical zoom, it permits you record videos in HD 720p. This camera operates with an AA batteries. It uses an SD memory card for the storage of all your pictures and videos. This Nikon Coolpix S30 digital camera is one which is less expensive when compared to the others. This camera stands out as a family oriented waterproof digital camera which is designed to be best used outdoors in good lightning conditions. It produces efficient results for slow moving and stationary subjects. With the S30 you are offered the possibility of creating photos and movies underwater down to 9.8 feet, and the pictures and videos at this depth remain amazing ones. The S30 can withstand all drops moving up to 2.6 feet. This Nikon camera allows just for one touch button recording. The videos and images obtained thanks to this camera can be uploaded to the web where you can share with family and friends for fun and pleasure. This Nikon waterproof digital camera has been designed in such a way that it automatically takes a shot. With the easy slide show mode you can instantly review all your pictures and movies if you desire to. If you wish you can simply select playback effects so as to choose music to accompany slideshow. To ensure that you obtain sharper and clearer images, the electronic VR image stabilization minimises all effects of camera shakes during the shooting process.

    The Nikon waterproof digital camera features a unique symmetrical design with buttons sized and placed for complete maximum ease of use. The S30 features a large monitor which offers a clear and perfect view of the interface. With just a press of one of the dedicated buttons the camera powers up for movie shooting or image shooting. This camera is truly a waterproof compacted which is designed for kids. Already having this in mind, it will be unfair comparing this Coolpix S30 to other Coolpix models. This Nikon waterproof camera has a basic and colourful interface aimed at attracting kids or getting their attention. All icons of this camera are very easy to make a meaning out of and so can be easily used by kids and adolescents without encountering any major problem. The user off this Nikon waterproof digital camera is less likely to accidentally place his finger in front of the lens as it is located at the centre of the camera. The centre was chosen so as to avoid unnecessary accidents where the user obtains a photo not good because a finger was placed on the lens which is the case with so many cameras. In addition the lens is further of great quality than those generally found on the cameras designed uniquely for kids which could be compared with webcam cameras which have the possibility of taking still images and videos. This is the best model for parents looking to teach their children on how to use digital cameras to take pictures and also have good times at the pool or during vacations. This is the best choice because, simply looking at it from the outside you will notice that it does not look like a kid’s camera at all even though it has been designed for kids to handle and manipulate it in great comfort. Videos and pictures from this camera are excellent, but the only thing you need to better appreciate its output is a good light source; for the camera is not designed to capture efficiently in low light environments. Children as young as 4 years can start manipulating this camera with help of an adult. Even though the Coolpix S30 is a camera which is geared towards kids, there exist so many adults who greatly appreciate and like it very much since they can share it together with the younger members of the family. So many adults also appreciate it for its image qualities they get especially in well illuminated areas. So many also accept its quality underwater images. Without any complicated features, the interface is very easy to use, a reason why so many adults decide taking on it instead. Most of its shooting options were stripped down by Nikon so as to make the camera very simple and easy to be used by the whole family. This Nikon waterproof digital camera is powered by an AA batteries. This camera was designed in a way as to survive up to 60 minutes underwater to depths of up to 9.8 feet without showing any signs of weakness or failure in any of its functions. The Coolpix S30 will be an ideal model to consider for anyone looking for a simple and easy to use camera which can be shared with the kids at anytime and anywhere without fear of damage. In addition this camera is pocket friendly and so it is one of the economical Nikon waterproof digital camera to be considered. This camera has the following pros;

    • The camera comes with great fun options which are designed to appeal the kids.
    • This camera is very simple and easy to use, it takes amazing pictures and it remains a great camera for the price.
    • It comes with a centred flash which highly decreases the chances of having it covered accidentally by the finger.
    • This camera comes with kid friendly features such as the placement of the shutter.


    This camera has the following cons;

    • The camera cannot be used in doors or in lowlight conditions, for in such conditions, it will only offer poor images and videos.
    • No HDMI OUT.
    • The sound produced by this camera is muffled.
    • The sharpness level in video recording is ok but not great. 

AI search for Acronyms & meanings containing lauri chafi oamuelsiud

lauri chafi oamuelsiud

AI searches, Indeed job searches and job offers containing lauri chafi oamuelsiud

  • Structural Engineer M/F Paris
  • Request ID:8300Workplace:Nice, FR, 6200Company presentationTractebel is an international Belgian group with more than 5000 imaginative experts designing a carbon neutral future.Through our breakthrough solutions for complex energy, urban, nuclear and water projects, we help our clients create positive impact towards a sustainable world, where people, planet and profit collectively thrive.Tractebel France offers its services to public administrations, private developers and international entrepreneurs, thanks to the use of its 600 employees.The company is also a stakeholder in energy transition in areas such as electricity, gas or smart and sustainable infrastructure.Working environmentYou will be attached to theInfrastructuresdepartment , within the URBAN South unit as a Structural Engineer (M/F).You join a caring team with a flexible organization (flex-office and telecommuting).You will work on projects such as the restructuring of the Park Hotel complex and many others.TasksAs part... of your duties, you will:
    Carry out the design of complex building works
    Carry out modeling and structural calculations in particular: Seismic calculation of structures
    Structural calculation Reinforced concrete, steel framework, prestressed concrete and wood

    Carry out DET and visa missions and also execution studies
    Produce methodological notes and descriptive notes in the context of responses to calls for tenders
    Participate in the costing and development of planning in the context of responses to calls for tenders
    Lead the project in such a way as to achieve its objectives,
    Ensure permanent compliance with the triple constraint: technical quality, budget and deadlines,
    Assist Clients and stakeholders in developing realistic and balanced expectations,
    Control the changes and developments of the project,
    Lead and coordinate the project team, monitor subcontractors,
    Monitor the performance of the project team and each of its members,
    Anticipate and monitor risks,
    Communicate and control relationships, internally and externally.
    ProfileYou have a Civil Engineering training, you have at least 3 years of experience.Main skills:
    Linear structure calculation: reinforced concrete, foundation, support
    Project management: needs analysis, project risk, budget and planning management, quality approach
    Civil engineering methods, standards (in particular Eurocodes 2 and 7 and Eurocode 8)
    Team animation
    Mastery of software:
    Imperative Mastering management software (planning management, estimates, etc.)
    Master office software (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.)
    Master calculation software (SCIA, RIDO,)

    Recommended Calculation software oriented 3D modeling Civil Engineering

    Industry experience:Building design or execution studiesLanguage / Level:English B1What we offer you
    Exciting projects;
    Professional challenges;
    Flexibility: Teleworking, flex-office;
    A fixed remuneration adapted to your experience and your responsibilities;
    Variable compensation based on your performance;
    Various bonuses over the year.
    Join the Tractebel adventure!Handi-friendly company
    Paris France

  • Mechanical Engineer Oman
  • Ventilation Engineer
    • Mining
    • Oman
    • UAE
    • Bachelor's degree in Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or related field
    • 3+ years experience in managing underground mining ventilation systems
    • Knowledge of ventilation design principles, regulations, and best practices

    Additional Requirements
    • Valid passport
    • Vaccination certificate

    This is a permanent position that requires relocation.

    Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

    Desired Skills
    • Mining
    • Underground
    • Ventilation

    Desired Qualification Level
    • Degree

    About The Employer

    Oman's economy has been developing rapidly which in turn creates many job opportunities.

    Oman is a beautiful country with a pristine coastline. Oman has great relations with the other Arab States, and countries like Canada, Australia, UK and South Africa. The countries' wealth is invested in the infrastructure which is impeccable, and they have the most modern Hospitals, Schools, Road, Harbours and Airports. It is a safe country and... there is virtually no crime. Great country for ex-pat families.

    It is a diverse environment, with a developed cultural sensibility. They are tolerant of diversity and the expectation is courteous observation towards the countries religion, culture and societal rules.

    Oman is a warm country of sunshine and it hardly rains. March to September is summer with temperatures of 40-50 °C and winters are comfortable at 18-25 °C.

    Employer & Job Benefits
    • Travel
    • Medical Aid
    • Insurance
    • Accommodation

  • Audit & Assurance Assistant Manager (all genders), Audit Quality ... Basel
  • Job description

    Promote a Culture of Sound Quality & Risk Management

    Deloitte’s Audit & Assurance practice helps our national and international clients achieve their corporate goals, manage their risks and improve their business performance. Likewise, Deloitte must manage the risks in its own business and thereby preserve our reputation for high Audit & Assurance quality service. Audit Quality is the highest priority of our A&A strategy to serve in the public interest and to sustain the trust in Audit & Assurance. As part of the Audit Quality & Risk Management (“AQRM”) team, an internal function, you will help to promote a culture of sound quality and risk management by acting as a Subject Matter Expert for the Audit & Assurance practitioners. You will advise and support the business on the mitigation of all areas of risk, to protect the firm’s reputation and find solutions that enable the business to meet its objectives.

    Are you looking to return to the workplace after an extended... career break?

    From Assistant Manager level and above we can offer coaching and support for this position, especially designed for returners to refresh your knowledge and skills, and help your transition back into the workplace after a longer career break. If this is relevant for you, just let your recruiter know when you make your application.

    How you can make an impact
    You will be involved in providing AQRM support to our Audit & Assurance practitioners from all offices in Switzerland and therefore acting in different industries (Financial Services and Corporate Industries). You will be involved in accounting discussions under international (USGAAP, IFRS) and Swiss requirements (Swiss GAAP FER, Swiss Code of Obligation). You will be working on audit methodology questions and consultations in respect of internal (Deloitte Audit Methodology) and external requirements as the Generally Accepted Audit Standards (eg. U.S.GAAS, International Standards of Auditing (ISA), Swiss Standards on Auditing). In close collaboration with your AQRM colleagues and our Audit & Assurance professionals, you will conduct Monitoring & Measurement activities (eg. internal inspections, diagnostics, health checks and others). You will therefore be able to work independently while benefiting from the expert advice of our experienced staff. You will contribute and actively participate in the development of our AQRM services (eg. assurance, ESG, Data privacy, etc.) and you will be involved in Audit & Assurance compliance activities in relation to independence, learning and other policies and procedures. Beside your role in our AQRM department you are also welcomed to be involved in selected Audit & Assurance engagements in order you see the best practices and development areas, which could be strengthened and supported by AQRM to further enhance our commitment to Audit Quality and increase the trust in our services on the financial market.

    Who we are looking for
    You hold a degree in financial accounting or auditing, and you are interested in compliance. You are analytical, with a strong eye for detail, you are organized and efficient at managing multiple tasks concurrently. You have strong interpersonal skills, and excellent communication skills which allow you to build good relationships with practitioners at all levels up to partner, while providing suitable challenge when needed. You have a minimum of 4 years’ work experience in professional services, ideally with some experience in financial accounting, auditing, Swiss Law or international accounting and international audit standards. You are fluent in English. German, French or Italian would be advantageous.

    Your team

    Become part of a diverse, multinational, and highly motivated team. We will help you grow both personally and professionally: through our trainings, mentoring programmes and on-the-job learning, but also by connecting with your colleagues across all business lines. Reporting directly to the Audit Risk Leader or its deputy, there is broad scope for you to take on increased responsibility as your knowledge grows and to make a significant impact on the Audit & Assurance business. You will be part of the wider AQRM community in both Switzerland and across North South Europe (NSE
    Basel Switzerland

  • Senior Specialist (m/w/d) Corporate Treasury Vienna
  • Qualifikationen Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes finanz- oder wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium mit den Schwerpunkten Finanzen / Treasury oder vergleichbarIdealerweise 2-5-jährige Berufserfahrung im Bereich Treasury im internationalen UmfeldIdealerweise Erfahrung mit Treasury Management SystemenSehr gute MS-Office Kenntnisse, insbesondere MS ExcelAnalytische Fähigkeiten und DatenaffinitätTeamplayer mit ausgeprägter KommunikationsstärkeVerhandlungssichere Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift Zusätzliche Informationen Interessiert?

    Dann freuen wir uns auf Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen (Anschreiben, Lebenslauf sowie Ausbildungs- und Arbeitszeugnisse).

    Für Rückfragen steht Ihnen Laura Knoll unter Tel. : +49 89 9230-9655 gerne zur Verfügung.
    Vienna Austria

  • Linux/unix Build San José Province
  • We are growing fast as a team so that's why we are currently looking for a

    English fluently.

    Required Skills/Experience:
    • At least 5 years experience with Linux (commands, package management, startup scripts, filesystem, networking etc)
    • High Proficiency in shell scripting required. Medium or higher proficiency in Python scripting.
    • Experience with Ubuntu and RedHat Must know general concepts around build systems (package management, Python PIP etc).
    • Experience with Ubuntu and RedHat Must know general concepts around build systems (package management, Python PIP etc).
    • Experience with Docker (building containers, docker commands etc) preferred
    • Experience with installing/upgrading Elasticsearch, Redis, Postgresql, RabbitMQ preferred
    • Good communication skills

    Laboral Benefits:

    Work from Home, Insurance policy, Trainings, English classes, Great work environment, Career Path, Multicultural work, Flexible schedules, Wellness programs, Birthday day off, Christmas eve and... more.

    About us:
    We are a global company that provides innovation services and software engineering solutions. Being Nearshore, our services are ideal for all types of companies, from established companies to start-ups.

    We are based in Silicon Valley for more than 27 years in the market, with more than 7 development centers in Latin America.
    - _At Encora Inc. we hire professionals based solely on their skills and do not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or nationality
    San José Province San José Costa Rica

  • Telesales Officer Dhaka
  • I am seeking a team of passionate individuals who are excited to take on challenges and advance their careers.

    Job Responsibilities:
    • Making a minimum of 30 outbound calls.
    • Generating new sales.
    • Answering merchants' questions.
    • Building and maintaining strong relationships with the clients and addressing any concerns or complaints they may have.
    • Documenting all sales activity
    • Adhering to QA guidelines and following them strictly.
    • CQC (Call closure Note) Maintenance
    • Meeting individual and team sales targets.
    • Continuously improving sales skills through training, coaching, and feedback from managers.
    • Adhering to company policies and procedures, including compliance with regulations and ethical standards. - Discipline, Time Management, Attendance, and avoiding Bad sales.
    • Gather all product knowledge for effective communication with merchants

    • Bachelor's degree in sales, marketing, or a related field from any reputed university (Experienced undergrads... may be taken into consideration)
    • Active listening skills: must be able to actively listen to merchants to understand their needs and provide solutions that meet their requirements.
    • Attention to detail: must be detail-oriented, with the ability to accurately document all sales activity and follow-up with merchants as needed.
    • Adaptability: must be able to adapt to different merchants' needs and sales scenarios, and adjust their approach as needed to close the sale.
    • Excellent communication skills: Must have excellent communication skills to sell products and services over the phone effectively.
    • Sales skills: Must have a strong sales aptitude, with the ability to persuade and influence clients on their decision.
    • Customer service skills: Fathom clients' needs and design solutions as per their requirements


    Work-from-home module: 10,000 BDT (Basic Salary: 5,000 BDT, Variables: 5,000 BDT & Incentives)

    On-site module: 12,000 BDT (Basic Salary: 7,000 BDT, Variables: 5,000 BDT & Incentives)

    Location: Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka
    Dhaka Bangladesh

  • Interpreter Translator Required In Wakefield (WF)
  • Are you looking for an interpreter job in Wakefield?

    Do you want flexible hours with competitive rates?

    We are urgently recruiting for freelance interpreters to work within various settings such as the NHS, Local Authorities, Police, Probation and other public and private organisations.

    Established in 2001, Language Empire provides professional interpreting and translation services to the public and private sectors across the UK. We have been offering our services in the UK for over 20 years, covering hundreds of basic languages and dialects across the UK. If you can speak one or more foreign languages and would like a crucial role involving politics, business, health care and public service, this could be the role for you!

    We are currently recruiting for:
    • Face-to-Face Interpreters
    • Telephone Interpreters
    • Video Interpreters
    • Translators

    Please note this is a self-employed position

    The Job

    Interpreting involves listening to, understanding and memorizing content in the... original ‘source’ language, then reproducing the speech into the ‘target’ language with 100% accuracy.

    You will:
    • Interpret for people using legal, health and local government services
    • Check the non-English speakers understanding after each sentence
    • Conference, consecutive and public service interpreting
    • Dealing with highly confidential information
    • Liaise between the service user and service provider

    • Fluent in English and another language
    • All applicants must have the right to work in the UK
    • You must be aged 21 or over
    • Formal qualifications such as:
    • Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI)
    • Community Interpreting
    • NRPSI, CIOL, ITI registered is advantageous
    • Degree in Translation/Interpreting/Languages
    • Any other interpreting related qualification

    • Flexible working to fit around your schedule
    • Work from the comfort of your own home
    • Be your own boss
    • Ongoing help and support from our dedicated in-house team
    • Continuous professional development and support

    Once your registration has been approved, you will be contacted for any job opportunities in and around your locality
    Wakefield UK

  • Junior Event Marketing Associate [Travel Opportunities] Singapore
  • Responsibilities:
    • Developing and executing creative marketing campaigns that engage and delight our target audience
    • Building and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers through effective sales strategies
    • Conducting market research to identify new opportunities for growth and development
    • Collaborating with our team to develop new and services that meet the needs of our customers

    Job Benefits:
    • 1 to 1 Mentorships and endless learning opportunities
    • Structured and ongoing workshops
    • Boundless earning potential
    • A fun & supportive team environment
    • Travelling Opportunities
    • Career Progression

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $2,500.00 - $4,500.00 per month

    • Gym membership
    • Professional development

    • Day shift
    • Monday to Friday

    Supplemental pay types:
    • Performance bonus
    • Signing bonus

    Work Location: In person

  • Recruiter Chennai
  • Overview / Responsibilities

    Wood is currently recruiting for Recruiter with extensive experience in the oil and gas petrochemical industry.
    • Interact with line managers to understand departmental recruitment requirements
    • Develop recruitment briefs to circulate to various sources
    • Screen CVs and forward to departments concerned
    • Follow up with Line Managers for feedback on CVs and update sources
    • Schedule and co-ordinate interviews
    • Verify offer details including salary and issue offer to candidates
    • Carry out requisite follow-up for all offers including joining documents
    • Create and maintain the offers database
    • Rejection details of candidates after interview as notified by the department / discipline managers are conveyed to the recruitment firms/agencies/candidates by automated electronic mail
    • Issue the confirmation letter to the agency for personnel deputation
    • Prepare regular recruitment status reports and circulate to line managers as appropriate
    • Identify and... empanel new agencies into the recruitment process
    • Management of job portals
    • Identify new methods of recruitment
    • Manage CVs received through staff referral and forward for line review
    • Ensure referral questionnaire is duly filled and submitted by the referring employee
    • Validate authenticity of the referral questionnaire with the candidate
    • Prepare the staff referral list on a monthly basis
    • Responsible for supporting the objectives of the Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Policy and Information Security Management Policy by adhering to applicable Procedures and Work Practices while fulfilling of duties

    Skills / Qualifications
    • Graduate / Post Graduation in Human Reources MBA / MA/ MSW (HR)

    Company Overview

    Wood is a global leader in consulting and engineering, helping to unlock solutions to critical challenges in energy and materials markets. We provide consulting, projects and operations solutions in 60 countries, employing around 35,000 people.

    Diversity Statement

    We are an equal opportunity employer that recognises the value of a diverse workforce. All suitably qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment on the basis of objective criteria and without regard to the following (which is a non-exhaustive list): race, colour, age, religion, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran status, or other characteristics in accordance with the relevant governing laws
    Chennai Tamil Nadu India

  • Business Partnerships Consultant Cairo
  • Job Description:Business Partnership Support ConsultantSecondment 6 monthsCairo, EgyptFull time hours Hybrid working availableRota between 7am and 7pm with occasional weekend and Public Holiday workingBupa Global is the international health insurance division of Bupa. We provide customers who want premium international coverage with products and services to access the healthcare they need anytime, around the world, whether at home or when studying, living, travelling or working abroad.Bupa Global has offices around the world including London and Brighton (UK), Dublin (Europe), Miami (USA), Dubai (UAE, in partnership with OIC), Egypt and Hong Kong (China) as well as regional offices in mainland China, Singapore, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Panama, Guatemala and Ecuador.Role OverviewAs a Business Partnerships Support Consultant, you will deliver an exceptional customer experience for our Corporate customers, responding to contacts from Group Secretaries and Intermediaries and... deliver the highest level of customer care by creating extraordinary relationships resulting in good business retention and expansion.What you will do• Respond to all incoming queries from Group Secretaries/Intermediaries by email including proactive outbound emails.• Take end to end ownership of the investigation and resolution of escalations and issues. You will be required to liaise, negotiate and co-ordinate with other teams to ensure a customer focused resolution identifying issues and trends, recommending solutions within agreed authority limits• Work closely with internal teams such as Corporate Sales, New Business, Finance and Claims to ensure a smooth customer journey.• Complete all related customer administration such as maintaining and updating customer records, onboarding members for key groups and carrying out membership changes mid-term or at point of renewal• Demonstrate flexibility by supporting the wider Business Partnerships operation at busy times.• Develop effective working relationships with the Service Account Managers.• Support and train new joiners in the team depending on experience and knowledge• Pro-actively encourage and promote self service options available.• Participate in and contribute to regular 121s and team meetings with your Manager and take ownership of your personal development.• Be a role model for the team demonstrating outstanding values and performance• Be an advocate for change. Contribute to the continuous improvement process by putting forward ideas for improvement and making a contribution to focus groups• Proactively report any trends from brokers/groups to support the account managers in managing their portfolios of global Intermediary network and corporate schemes; retaining, maintaining and expanding business in line with agreed targets.What you will bring• Background in the global health insurance market, or relevant transferable skills and knowledge from other financial services industries such as Life Insurance, Retail, Commercial or Investment Banking and Wealth Management.• Previous experience in a medical field• Highly customer focussed• Excellent interpersonal, communication and influencing skills are required with emphasis on achieving results and successful outcomes• A good understanding of Bupa Global processes and systems• Good understanding of complaint handling processes• Experience of working in another Bupa Global Operational department is preferable• Able to manage own workloads and build effective relationships• Good organisational, planning and time management skills• Good written communication, a high level of assertiveness and an excellent telephone manner• Good problem solving and analysis and using your network to assist in fixing issues.• Experience of managing your own portfolio and face to face contact with your customers• An ability to speak a second language would be an advantageTime Type:Full time
    Cairo Egypt

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