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  • Why You Should Join CEO Peer Advisory Groups
  •  If you want to make it higher in life and business, you should join CEO peer advisory groups. They can steer you in the right direction. There are many benefits associated with these programs.

    When you want to climb higher in leadership, you cannot do it alone. When you share the journey with others, you get more rewards. You also earn a lot of respect and trust. When you have a career, you should surround yourself with the best performers. These are business leaders who are trying their best to elevate their companies to a higher level. Joining CEO peer advisory groups / ceo organizations gets you into the right company.

    What are they?

    CEO peer groups act like sounding boards. This is where business leaders from different backgrounds and industries converge to share practices, troubleshoot issues, offer, and receive unbiased feedback with a mentor acting as the leader. This is more like having a team help you in the leadership journey. If you want to reach a higher elevation as a business person, there are benefits you stand to gain as a leader in a ceo development programs

    • Gaining perspective: most leaders are always looking for diverse perspectives in decisions from trusted peers. It helps when you can associate with business leaders and CEOs who have handled the same issues. These people understand the challenges and nuances in this area and offer fresh perspectives. They also have institutional knowledge, which makes them the best in such a case. When you hear the opinion of CEOs who are not necessarily in your industry or company makes it easier to share challenges and give objective, unbiased, and genuine feedback. This can be of great help. 
    • CEO development programs help you combat confirmation bias and insular thinking: the best leaders are usually very curious, and their ego is low. These are the first people to admit when they don’t know the answers to an issue. They also have great faith that a breakthrough is possible regardless of the situation. Leaders are inquisitive, and they try to welcome new ideas when they are from trusted sources, even if it challenges the way they think. Leaders are always ready to explore. Confirmation bias usually happens when you are a leader, but you make you your mind regarding a situation. You then go further to find answers that will validate that point of view. With peer CEO peer advisory groups, the leaders work to prevent that. They work together and accept to be challenged.
    • Thinking bigger: leading teams and people can be focused on pressing issues, and one can easily miss the bigger picture. By taking some time away, they can focus on some strategic issues with peers. 
    • Learn more in a shorter time: one of the best things about CEO coaching is how fast they help expand the knowledge base. You have the chance to listen to different perspectives and approaches. Experts get to work with leaders so that they can think outside the box. By making an effort to learn more from other experiences and backgrounds, CEOs expand their minds into a new way of thinking. Fresh perspectives are good. 
    • Handling issues better: CEO training can alter the way a leader thinks. You may be hit with the realization that you are not handling a challenge the way it should be handled. A good coach listens closely and will ask questions that show what the issue is. Training can give you a more positive perspective. 
    • Give and take: CEO peer advisory groups give and take. If you enroll in one in Atlanta, USA, you can listen and learn from others. By listening to others as they process issues and as you seek some input, you unlock new insight for business that may have never closed your mind. 

    CEO development programs attempt to gel CEOs to be better leaders and produce better decisions. It is only in this way that better results can be attained.

  • Enhance Your Business Performance With Search Engine Optimization
  • Planning to make more money or impact on the internet from your business or getting more people to visit your site? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could be of great help, mostly for business people who can use these search engines to advertise their products and generate sales thereby increasing yield. Search Engine Optimization can locally be seen as the easiest way to make your online business more visible to increase profitability. The higher a search engine ranks a website, the more visits it gets from customers or viewers and the higher the business turn over.

    How search engine works:

    The beginners guide describes how search engine works outlining its two basic functions which are crawling and building an index, also providing users with a ranked list of the websites they have determined to be most relevant to them and secondly, they provide answers to questions.

    -Crawling the web is when the search engine finds all the possible ways or “short cuts” crawling all the stops along the way finding a better path or a better available link. This link allows the “crawlers” or “spiders” to reach out the many billions of interconnected dataset on the web. Once the link is found, the code is interpreted which allows access into their database. The data stored in the database could be recalled afterwards when needed for a search query.

    In order for the information in a database to be accessed in a fraction of a second when a user is in search of particular information, the search engine has constructed data centers all round the world as storage facilities. These storage facilities have thousands of machines processing large quantities of information as quickly as possible. When the person in search performs their request at any of the major engines, instantaneous results are demanded and the engines work hard to provide results as fast as possible to give satisfaction to the searcher.

    -A search engine could also serve as an answer to questions machine. When a person is in search of particular information and types it on the internet, the search engine scrolls through all the billions of information in its database stored in the major engines and does two things. First it returns information or results to the person in relation to their query and secondly, it ranks the results according to the relevance and popularity of the website giving out the information. The results the person notices would be based on relevance and the popularity of the website.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    This is a set of terms which encloses all the methods you can use for the visibility of your website and its content on search engine results pages (SERPs). It can also be defined as affecting the visibility of websites or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. This unpaid result is often referred to as natural, organic or earned results. The search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline aimed at growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. This SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, move traffic and enhance awareness of search engines.

    Most often, the more frequent the site appears on the search engine list, the more traffic it will attract towards itself therefore more people would check out the website. The more visitors you get towards your website, the more customers you have and therefore more sales and more money made. The SEO often targets different types of search engines for wider range and more openings and they could target searches like video search, academic search, image search, news search, job search and industrial specific search engines which optimizes the search engine.

    Search engine optimization is based on the relevance and popularity of the information you are in search of and this depends more often on the person’s location, search history, time of the day/year. Like for instance if you want to check the best restaurant beside your house, your location is very important for this search and also the relevance and popularity of the different restaurants in your area is very essential for this search.

    Search engine marketing (SEM):

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as defined by the business dictionary, is an internet marketing method which focuses on purchasing ads that appear on the result pages of search engines such as Google or also by promoting websites to increase their visibility. Naturally, the higher the fee paid for an ad, the more you receive the ad on the page and this depends mostly on the number of competitors and the agreement made. It can also be the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines both through paid and unpaid efforts. Search engine marketing is mostly for company’s website to rank at the top of any customers search result page. This can be done effectively by combining paid advertisement, search engine optimized website design, high quality marketing copy and the involvement of your company online. Most importantly, you have to have lots and lots of keywords which ease the customer’s search and create traffic on your website to optimize search engine marketing.

    Search engine keywords:

    Search engine keywords are keywords or phrases in a web content that enables people to find your web page through search engines. Always try to find out how people look for the product you are selling or the services you offer and in so doing, you know the keyword they use and then make the maximum that these keywords are present in your web content and this would give you an upper hand over your competitors and also in the day to day running of your business online.

    Always have it at the back of your mind that developing a good list of Search Engine Keywords is the first and basic step in search engine optimization initiative. Also keywords and search engine optimization are related or work together for any good online marketing to be successful. It is therefore very important or of great necessity that the Search engine keywords is of high relevance to your targeted audience and also of high popularity for organized impact.

    The seller who is new to search engine optimization should be very careful when going in for search engine keywords and should avoid going in for words which are too popular due to the fact that they would have so many competitors and being a beginner in the online marketing field you would have to do a lot of work to meet up with your competitors. Always try by the best way you can to update your search engine keywords list and not to do it once and make it your standard. It should be an ongoing and ever growing part of you as a seller.

    A good marketer is always carrying out research on how to improve his business and out pass his competitors. As such they should always try to be creative and also diversify, do not be content with using the same keywords that your competitors are already using, get out of the box and think new appealing and captivating search engine keywords which would make you have a hand above your competitors and a greater hand in business which is what everybody is looking for when carrying out business. What makes/gives you the difference is always worth trying to enable progress and growth.

    Search engine optimization strategy:

    Many business people always try so hard that their websites should capture a lot of traffic and that they are ranked among the best. In order to achieve this goal, strategies and techniques are put in place which can go along way for search engine optimization. Most important strategy that is used to capture readers is a good content. Your information must be very clear and rich in content to get people to read it. Most people would not go in for long and boring explanations of the use of a product and the advantages but will get interested if it is clear and very enriching and search engine would then make your work relevant for people to easily access it. Remember having appetizing keywords could be very important for Search engine optimization strategy and most importantly how the SEO keywords are used in the content. Do not be dormant with no innovations on your SEO keywords and always update for better results.

    Networking is a very important technique in life whether in business, science, research etc. In search engine optimization strategy, networking is also important in that the marketer should be able to link their websites to other important sites which have more relevance and high ranking. This can be done by getting in contact with the owner of the website. Marketers can also use social Medias as a search engine optimization strategy as most customers interact with products through social media and if this method is used correctly, it may bring more people to your website.

    Search engine optimization algorithms change constantly and it is but natural that you follow the new fashion by always updating yourselves on the latest news on the search engine optimization strategies in time. Getting your website mobile ready, moving your website to HTTPS where the S stands for security and adds a bonus to your website according to Google and lastly add a  markup to your website which is by adding a code to your website (John Lincoln, CEO of ignite visibility). Search engine does not like when pages have the same content and they therefore give your page a low ranking so plagiarism should be avoided in all forms.

    A good SEO strategy is by hiring an influencer who people trust maybe due to his blogs and know he is good at this or that subject matter.  Allowing this influencer to talk to the people directly online is a good strategy and builds confidence with the customers. This person must not be you but someone you align with and who is best at what he does. Also, every website should have a content building strategy which is surrounded around their keywords and examples could be by blogs posts, research reports, newspapers, videos and webinars which gives people something to associate to.

    Search engine ranking:

    Search engine ranking keeps the marketer always working in order to upgrade his website to cause traffic and thereby more returns. Only when a website is ranked the best would the marketer rest and would still have to keep up with the standards of this ranking to keep his first position. Search engine ranking is done from time to time for upgrades and learning. Those websites which were ranked poorly would obviously learn from the other good websites to understand the different search engine algorithm. Search engine ranking also helps to gain insights into the factors that may help or hinder a website’s visibility in search engines.

    Search engine ranking mostly ranks information due to their content. An interesting content attracts the right audience, engages interested buyers and gains more customers. Different media could be used for search engine ranking like the social media, digital advertising, analytics and conversion optimization, influential marketing etc.

    The data science team at Moz evaluated over 150 leading marketers who provided expert opinions on over 90 ranking factors which they scaled from 1 to 10 with 1 being the non-influential and 10 being the most influential on their scale.

    Different search engines have different ways to rank their websites. Google has different rules for their ranking same as Bing and the others. To use any of these search engines try to understand the rules they have laid out in order to top their ranking list.

    Website optimization:

    There are many different factors that are good for website optimization to make your website very authoritative and effective. There are some softwares which enable you to get a free website report and there you would see where your website excels and also where you need to optimize. The most important element for website optimization is the site speed which also plays an important role on search engine ranking, stay on this until you get it improved. There are often some on page elements which you can control to boost your website like the title tags, Meta descriptions, image optimization which if properly used speaks louder than words.

    Some tools can also be used for website optimization like the heading tags by placing headers all through your content to explain to the users what the page is talking about so that they can have a better appraisal of the content. The social media is also a good tool for website optimization as it helps show how your users are shearing and interacting with your website information.



  • Medicins Sans Frontieres Hospital Hit by Rocket in Yemen
  • At least five people were killed and 10 others were injured when a "projectile" hit a hospital supported by Medecins Sans Frontieres in northern Yemen on Sunday, the group said.

    Three of the injured were members of MSF, and two are in critical condition, the group said.

    Several buildings collapsed and people may still be trapped in the rubble, according to MSF, also known as Doctors Without Borders.

    "According to our staff on the ground, at 9.20am one projectile impacted the Shiara Hospital in Razeh district, where MSF has been working since November 2015," according to the statement.

    "MSF cannot confirm the origin of the attack," the statement said.

    Yemen has become a proxy battleground for Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    Yemen's minority Houthis, who are Shiite, began rebelling last year against the Sunni-led government of President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, which is backed by Saudi Arabia.

    MSF said all warring parties, including the Saudi-led coalition, know the GPS coordinates of medical facilities in Yemen where MSF doctors practice.

    "There is no way that anyone with the capacity to carry out an airstrike or launch a rocket would not have known that the Shiara Hospital was a functioning health facility providing critical services and supported by MSF," said Raquel Ayora, MSF director of operations.

    "Bombing hospitals is a violation of international humanitarian law," she said.

    The 10 months of war and "constant bombing" have severely affected the population of the Razeh district, MSF said.

    In October, a U.S. airstrike at an MSF hospital in Afghanistan killed 30 people, including staff and patients. The U.S. apologized to MSF and said the airstrike in Kunduz was accidental, the result of military personnel inadvertently aiming at the wrong target -- the hospital compound -- instead of a nearby site from which Taliban fighters believed to be firing.

  • Understanding Mortgage Fraud
  • Mortgage loan commonly called a mortgage is used by buyers of real property to raise funds to buy a real estate or by existing property owners to raise fund for any purpose while putting a lien on the property being mortgaged. The lender will typically be a financial institution such as a bank, credit union or a building society.During a loan application for a mortgage, the applicant for personal reasons come out with illegal documentation for the transaction in order to obtain a loan or a larger loan from a lender. The borrower turns to misrepresent the material for collateral or manipulate the information on himself in the application. This is a criminal act aimed at achieving a selfish goal and which is punishable by law. For example in the United States the forms of mortgage fraud could be bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud which the person involved in the fraud can take a penalty of up to 30 years imprisonment.

    Another part of mortgage fraud that is committed by the borrower or the lender is when the customer is deceived in what is called predatory mortgage lending.

    Types of mortgage frauds

    Occupancy fraud: This is act of misrepresenting the material which is used to obtain the mortgage loan at more favorable interest rates and term. This kind of fraud usually comes up when the borrower has in mind obtaining an investment property. Knowing that lenders charge larger interest rates on properties not used by the owner, the borrower will state in the loan application that the property acquired will serve as his primary or secondary home. The lender usually turn to put a higher interest rate on investment property because they have a higher rate of delinquency.

    Income fraud

    For a borrower to qualify for a loan of larger amount which is more than that his present income status can permit him to have, he turns to overstate his income. This kind of fraud mostly occurred in “stated income” mortgage loans (also commonly called liar “loans”). In some cases it was the officer in charge of assisting the borrower to obtain a given amount of loan which likely fit in a higher amount of income than that possessed by the borrower without his knowledge. This kind of fraud is seen as traditional since modern lenders no longer use the “stated income” loan. This was possible as the borrower could change information on the Form W-2 (Wage and tax statement).

    Fraud on employment status

    In many occasions a borrower falsify information on his employment status like claiming to work in a company that does not exist or giving a wrong information on the position he occupies as an act to justify fraud in borrower’s income.

     Fraud for profit

    This is a more complex field of fraud as it involves professionals in mortgage lending and multiple parties in an act of extracting huge amounts of money from a lender. The procedure in such a scenario involves the use of the credit report of a straw borrower, in which the monetary value of a property is intentionally overstated, a dishonest action involving a settlement agent who prepares two sets of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) settlement statements in order to acquire a non-merited large loan. At the end of the day the profit generated from such acts is shared among the parties involved.

    Appraisal fraud: appraisal means to attach value to something based on estimation or judgment. In appraisal fraud the value on the appraised home could be overstated or understated. An overstated appraisal can occur in a situation where an existing debt obligation (structured asset backed security) wants to be replaced by another debt obligation, so the borrower obtains more money over present structure due to this fraudulent action.On the other hand, an appraisal fraud can be a situation where the borrower in a mortgage deliberately understate his property during the renewal of a mortgage due to modifications on the loan by the lender as a result tries to reduce the amount owed.

    Shot gunning: this is a kind of mortgage fraud in which the borrower obtains multiple loans on the same home in a continue manner. At the end of the day the total amount collected excessed by far the total amount the house is worth. At the side of the lenders, they are exposed to losses because the property is not worth up to the amount the borrower collected from them, moreover, the other mortgages are secondary to the first one that was recorded and subsequently balanced in that order. Multiple lenders are involved in the same property it becomes difficult to designate who will own it in case of a foreclosure. Cases like this are exemplified in the Mathew Cox case.

    Theft of identity: in this case a person assumes another person’s identity to obtain a mortgage without the consent or knowledge of the holder of the identity. The author of the crime subsequently disappear without making the payment of the mortgage. This kind of crime is only identified when the lender comes to reclaim his money and the person with the real identity then proves that he is not the actual person who took the loan.

    Working the gap: this happens during a very narrow time frame in which excessive lien (this is a legal claim involving a charge on a property as a result of a debt or duty) stacking is deliberately done on a specific property. Multiple Deeds of Trust, serial recording gives this narrow breach for working the gap that is the laps of tie between when the Deed of Trust is handed to the Record of Deeds and when the records actually shows on the data. Since the liens is not easily detected by a lender during the working gap, this is used by the perpetrator to deceive the lender and the perpetrator in this case is referred to as a white collar criminal.


  • How to Master Data Structures and Algorithms A Comprehensive Guide
  • Early in their careers, many programmers and developers come to appreciate the value of data structures and algorithms since a solid grasp of these concepts aids in developing smart programmers. Besides this, interviewers frequently use DSA questions to gauge candidates' suitability. This is a quick and easy approach to evaluate one's ability to think clearly and solve problems. Having a solid understanding of data structures and algorithms is crucial for professional growth as a programmer and for impressing potential employers.


    Having the right direction and a well-thought-out learning strategy is crucial if you want to grasp DSA properly. If you're just getting started with DSA, you could have questions like:


    • How can I keep my interest in algorithms and data structures alive?
    • How can I get ready for an interview in coding?
    • How can I plan for ongoing learning to prepare for coding interviews?
    • What should my primary areas of concentration be in terms of concepts and methods for tackling problems?


    If you're looking for the answers to these questions, this blog is for you. You can become an expert in data structures and algorithms and ace coding interviews by responding to these queries and developing a sound strategy.


    Steps to master DSA

    Step 1: Staying motivated


    It's important to stay motivated while learning data structures and algorithms. Many people overlook learning it since it relates to math and problem-solving. However, it's actually fun once you learn how to use it. So developing motivation and keeping a positive mindset are essential.


    Step 2: Understanding the syllabus for the coding interview's DSA

    Making a list of essential data structures and algorithmic topics should now be our primary priority. We might also concentrate on real-world applications to understand how algorithms are used in practice.


    Programming Fundamentals:

    Data types, variables, operators, expressions, control clauses, loops, functions, pointers and references, arrays, strings, memory management, basic OOPS concepts, etc


    Algorithm Fundamentals:


    • Introduction to algorithms: characteristics and practical uses
    • Analysis of complexity: Size of the input, Growth Rate, Complexity of Time, Big-O symbols, Analysis of space complexity, worst-case scenarios, best-case scenarios, average-case scenarios, etc
    • Iteration: Iteration characteristics, loop analysis, and patterns for iteratively addressing problems, such as employing a single loop, nested loops, two pointers, sliding windows, etc., to construct partial solutions
    • Recursion: Recursion characteristics, Recursion analysis, recursive problem-solving strategies such as "decrease and conquer," "divide and conquer," etc.
    • Sorting includes the following operations: Bubble sort, Selection sort, Insertion sort, Merge sort, Quicksort, Heap sort, Counting sort, and Radix sort, among others.
    • Binary, exponential, interpolation, and other types of searches are available.
    • Direct address table hash: hash table concept, Good hash function characteristics and design of the fundamentals (Insert, Delete, and Search), uses for hash tables in problem-solving, methods for resolving collisions, such as open addressing and chaining.


    Linear Data structures

    Real-world applications, basic operations, patterns of iterative and recursive problem-solving, and properties, structure, and implementation


    • Array: String, Dynamic Array, 1D Array, 2D Array
    • List of links: Three linked lists exist: a single, a double, and a circular one.
    • Queue, Stack, and Dequeue


    Non-linear Data Structures


    • Properties and Structure of the Binary Tree, Recursive DFS Traversals, Iterative DFS Traversals, BFS Traversals, Fundamental Operations, Typical Problem-Solving Patterns Using BFS and DFS Traversals, etc
    • Binary Search Tree: Properties and Structure, BST Construction, Basic BST Operations, BST Sort, Patterns of BST Problem-Solving, Self-balancing BST, Real-World Applications, and Comparison with Hash Table.
    • heap: characteristics, structure, Heap construction, fundamental heap operations, heap sorting, problem-solving patterns, and real-world applications
    • Dictionary and Priority queue: Implementation utilizing an array, a linked list, a BST, a heap (for the Priority queue), and a hash table (for the dictionary); time complexity comparisons of fundamental operations; and real-world applications
    • Advanced-Data Structures: Properties, Structure, Basic Operations, Patterns for Solving Problems, and Real-World Applications Trie, Binary Indexed Tree, Segment Tree, K-Dimensional Tree, N-ary Tree, and Suffix Tree
    • Graph: Types, Structure, and Properties of the representation of adjacency matrices, adjacency lists, the properties of BFS and DFS traversals, DFS and BFS problem-solving techniques, topological sorting, short-path algorithms, minimum spanning trees, etc.


    With Learnbay’s data structure course, you can learn these DSA concepts under the guidance of industry tech leaders.


    Algorithm Design Techniques


    • Time-memory trade-off, optimization, and combinatorial issues in dynamic programming Creating a recursive DP problem solution, Bit-masking, a bottom-up technique, problem-solving methods, a top-down approach, Dynamic programming versus divide and conquer, etc.
    • Problem-solving patterns, greedy algorithms, and DP vs greedy algorithms are some examples of greedy algorithms.
    • Exhaustive Search, Recursive Backtracking, Iterative Backtracking String matching and problem-solving patterns using branch and bound string algorithms
    • Numerology-theoretic algorithms, bitwise algorithms, and randomized algorithms


    Step 3: Finding helpful communities and mentors

    Anyone wishing to advance their knowledge of data structures and algorithms (DSA) will find having a skilled mentor valuable. A competent mentor can advise on matters like developing a solid foundation in DSA fundamentals, learning problem-solving techniques, removing concerns or uncertainties, and being ready for coding interviews. A good mentor should be educated in DSA concepts.


    Along with working with a mentor, you can think about starting a study group with individuals who share your objectives. As you work toward your DSA goals, this can be a terrific opportunity to support and learn from one another. Last but not least, participating in online forums or communities can be an excellent method to gain knowledge from the experiences of others and obtain assistance with DSA-related issues.

    Step 4: Make a plan for ongoing education and interview preparation

    We anticipate that any professional or student is prepared to contribute at least 10 hours per week in a systematic manner. So, here is a suggested time management strategy that one may modify in accordance with unique learning requirements.




    • 1 hour to read and comprehend the material.
    • 2 hours for writing pseudocode to solve problems on paper
    • 2 hours to solve issues with well-written code



    •  4 hours for examining and resolving more challenging situations.
    • 1hour to review and synthesize the concepts you studied during the week.


    Remember that this is only a guideline, and you are free to modify the plan according to your personal learning requirements and preferences. The secret is to establish and maintain a balance that works for you. 


    Step 5: Launch ongoing education initiatives


    It's essential to learn the concepts in the right approach and in a disciplined way.


    • Learning and Reviewing concepts

    To completely understand topics, it's crucial to learn them in the proper order. Making a self-note and using visual notes to arrange your thoughts are helpful suggestions. Later revision is made simpler as a result.

    A brainstorming session with a buddy or coworker to go over each issue could also be helpful. Additionally, don't be afraid to highlight DSA ideas for later review or ask a mentor for assistance if you ever feel lost on one. Always keep learning and never give up— that's key!


    • Research on solving problems

    Finding patterns in coding problems is one of the finest ways to advance your DSA problem-solving abilities. It's critical to think about which problem-solving techniques are most crucial to master and the best strategy for resolving a particular coding issue.

    We advise going through three to four code challenges to thoroughly assess various approaches before plunging into problem-solving. This will aid in your understanding of the many methods and strategies available for resolving coding-related problems.



    Being persistent, working hard, and having a long-term vision are the keys to mastering data structures and algorithms. Keep in mind that if the mind is strong, the situation becomes a challenge; if the mind is balanced, the situation becomes a problem. However, if the mind is strong, the problem can be turned into an opportunity.


    Embrace the process and have fun—learning and coding can be incredibly pleasant! If you have the correct attitude and commitment, you may succeed in your DSA learning endeavors and take advantage of the possibilities that present themselves. Good Luck! 


    Take a look at the comprehensive data structures and algorithms course, offered by Learnbay and start attending challenging MAANG interviews .


  • How to Enhance Relationship with Customers
  • Efficient customer relationship management is key to business success. Thus, a customer service manager should be capable of building customer relationships and properly enhancing them to last forever. When customers are excited about the goods and services which are offered by a customer service manager, they will inform others to get a taste of these goods or services as well.

    A customer service manager develops tactics to get new customers while providing maximum satisfaction to already existing customers.He mollifies his existing customers by enhancing a warm relationship which is beneficial for both.

    Some people get it all wrong when they believe that a good customer relationship fully implies that the client is likely to keep doing business with them forever. A good customer relationshipalso means that the tendency of a client recommending the company and its services or goods to others is extremely high.

    There exists no powerful relation that builds up from one-time meeting at some particular networking event. Thus, one does not really need a pocketful of random business cards cluttering the desk. What you really need is a perfect plan to nourish and make grow these relationships in order to benefit in a great way. Although this process is challenging, it is not as hard as you might think forwe are going to present to you the different ways which successful customer service managers use in building customer relationships.

    How to build customer relationships

    Build your network

    Here, your network represents your sales lifeline. It also includes your professional acquaintances, business colleagues, partners, suppliers, contractors, prospecting and existing customers, friends, family, association members and those that you meet at church, school, and surrounding. Your contacts are also your potential customers that are only waiting for you to connect to their needs. A lot of customers visit businesses which are run by those they personally know and appreciate. Hence in every milieu that you find yourself as a customer service manager, it is wise to pay attention to all those around you. Discuss with them in order to build some familiarity. In building your network, you need to be active. Do not sit back waiting for the contacts you made at a networking event 1 year ago. You need to take things at hand by adding value to the relationships so that the contacts you previously made can actually pay off.

    In building your network, it is wise to create a database for customer phone number, e-mail, and mail addresses. If you are in possession of a detailed database, you’ll be able to better enhance your customer needs thereby gaining their loyalty. The database can also contain complex data concerning your customers such as their purchase history and behavior, preferences, and dislikes.

    Carryout surveys with your customers because customers often tend to move to where they are heard. Note down their worries, suggestions, and praise concerning your business.

    Encourage customer feedbacks

    In order to build a strong relationship between you and your customers, always encourage your customers to send feedbacks after consumption of your services or goods. Let them know you’ll be welcoming these feedbacks with a warm embrace whetherthey are positive or negative. Remember to always emphasize on honest feedbacks. They’ll help you to better advance in your business and at the same time reinforce your relationship with your customers.

    Take customer complaints serious

    Customer complaints and negative feedbacks actually give you an opportunity to hear what your customers truly think about your goods and services. Complains give you a chance to adjust. In addition, it gives you a chance of improving your goods and services thereby keeping potentially negative reviews from becoming viral on social Media. Thus, you need to know how to handle and properly manage all customer complaints in a lesser time. It is wise to approach all customer complaints with a positive mind set. If your customers are willing to share their painful experiences with you, then it’s your duty to actively give them a listening ear thereby picking the things that need to be adjusted at the moment. In rectifying any complain, it is important to offer a heartfelt apology and also thank the customer for bringing the issue to your attention.Remember to always promise only as much as you can deliver if you want your customer to take you serious.


    Relationships which are not properly handled and nourished with effective communication do not last. As a competent customer service manager, you should communicate effectively as if the entire business depended only on it alone. It is difficult for people to remember you from a business card or a one-time meeting no matter how persuasive you were. Therefore, it is always advisable to start following up your contacts immediately after you are back from a networking event. You can do this by sending a nice to meet you message or email. They’ll immediately realize that you’ve added them to your contacts. It’s also important to put emphasis on what you are doing. When such people are in need of what you offer, they’ll easily remember you because you’ve remained in their minds.

    In building customer relationships, it is wise to get to know your customers in person through an effective communication. Being able to remember a customer’s name, family members, and some other personal details can be beneficial to your business. In speaking with customers, always ask of their concerns and interest together with those things that are working for them and those not working for them with respect to your business. This will allow you to better learn about the customer’s particular experience with your goods or services. This will help you to improve on the quality of your goods and services. There exist special events which can permeate you to meet your customers face-to-face thus a good opportunity to know your customer on personal basis. This will also help you to create room for constructive criticism from your customers and suggestions to adopt in order to improve your services and goods.

    Build trust with customers

    Trust is built over a very long period of time when you are reputed for being honest, credible, and maintaining your integrity. These values can help you in difficult moments; when your customers believe in you, they’ll support you even when you are undergoing difficulties thus remaining faithful. A customer’s commitment and trust is built should be your target. Every successful long term relationship has as an essential ingredient, commitment. Once this is achieved, it pays off greatly by increasingprofits, and bringing in other customers by recommendation.Always show compassion in your actions that are affecting the relationship. If you say something, make sure that you do it on time. Always demonstrate the ability and competence to act for mutual benefit.

    Prepare a reward for loyal customers

    Do something to encourage them to remain loyal to you. A reward for them tends to be the best option and it also encourages new customers to be loyal to you as well. Stay in contact with your loyal customers and offer them something of value in exchange for their time, and attention.In order to realize this, you do not need to get something very expensive, a coupon, or news they can use is quite effective. The idea is keeping in touch with them if you do not want your competitors to take your place.

    Practice inbound marketing

    Inbound marketing as oppose to outbound marketing which has to do with going to where your customers live and work so as to market goods and services is quite efficient. It is not surprising that customers won’t appreciate being interrupted during their daily activities. And this is not even a good idea to adopt for it is wise to attract customers to you than to move towards them. Inbound marketing has to do with providing the solutions to the needs of your customers thus pulling them to you. Here, customers come to you and not you going to customers. This is possible by creating valuable content that immediately solves the problems that your customers are facing. At this point, it’s the customers to look for you since they find their solutions in your hands. You can get to your customers through mediums like videos, blog posts, whitepapers, and eBooks. By using social Medias, you can effectively share your content on the web. In addition, inbound marketingcost relatively less expensive in time and money when compared to outbound marketing.

    Online business has suddenly overpowered all forms of businesses thus it won’t make sense if we do not also talk of building customer relationships with social medias. Effective customer relations on social Mediaswill lead to a situation wherecustomerswill trust and love brands. This level of loyalty comes as a result of the fact that these brands were able to build efficient customer relations with time. The trust and confidence of customers is earned over a long period. This makes it wise to start taking steps that will permeate you achieve this. Social Media represent one of the best ways on building customer relations. Such relations are capable of preventing companies in the future from closing down due to setbacks.

    Be Human

    Being human is an essential character in building customer relationships online. There is no customer that longs to encounter a cold heartless corporation that sees him as a dollar sign. Social Media offer you the possibility to showcase your personality and humanize your brand. This is done through the tone used in tweeting, the way you engage with customers online and the images you send out. This calls for a particular approach unique to your business. Do not try to imitate others for your chances of reaching the top will be low since you’ll be seen as a replicate of someone.

    Be quick in Response

    Respond quickly to your customers online. When customer service managers take days before answering their customers, they are ruining the relationship that exists between them. There are customers ready to pay higher for quick responses online concerning their issues.

    Go beyond customer expectations

    So many businesses have succeeded to stand out for their extraordinary social customer services. Here, you can decide to create memorable experiences which will remain in the minds of your customers. Such random acts of kindness often make customers very happy.When photos of these extraordinary things get to the internet, they give you extraordinary publicity as well. Several customers purchase from companies that highly appreciate and see their importance.

    Give more than you ask

    It is significant to always strive to add value to your customers. You have to learn to serve your audience the kind of things that they are really looking rather than just what you have for them. Building efficient customer relations become very easy when you are sharing the type of content they really like. Research has shown that customer service managers that strive to give than they receive from their customers end up being the winners in a long run.

    The goal of customer relationship management

    Customer relationship management is aimed at developing strategic and efficient mutual relationships that are profitable to customers. A good number of companies without extra cost.

    Customer relationship management does amplifiers customer base of an organization through competent marketing. It has brought up new dimensions by improving marketing. It is rapidly growing thanks to the challenging business environment that is faced by organizations on daily basis. In industries that are undergoing changes in traditional channel configuration, customer relationship management is even more critical.

    Customer relationship management represents an effective way of addressing changing economic conditions, increasing competition, and promotional dependence. This is effective through the use of intimate customer knowledge. It turns to be the best option for improving business in uncertain times.

    Characteristics of customer relationship management oriented marketing

    Web Marketing

    A greater number of customers are rapidly tending to web marketing or web shopping. This later plays a major role in business as it allows both the suppliers and the customers to transact in a real time environment regardless of their locations. The web marketing has several great benefits. With it, online marketing campaigns are more promotional when compared to manual campaigns. In a lesser time, suppliers are able to reach a greater number of customers. Online marketing campaigns are easier to be traced, tracked, tested, and calculated. The cost for physically reaching the target customers for interaction is eliminated thus we can conclude that web marketing is relatively very inexpensive. Online research analysis and techniques have simplified the selection process of any brand or product.

    Email marketing

    It was noticed that email marketing is more efficient and inexpensivewhen compared to mail marketing strategies. This is more of a direct marketing strategy which is data driven and immediately leads to effective fulfillment of customer needs. The attractive features in this direct marketing strategy are newsletters, eCards, eCoupons, and provision of saving events into calendars.

    Analyzing customer’s online buying behavior

    An effective customer relationship management system provides a special platform which analyses the customers buying behavior online. This is aimed at building a long term relationship with the customer by properly figuring out customer needs.

    Forecasting future marketing strategies

    Based on the emotional behavioral change of customers, marketing strategies also keep on changing. Thus creating need for proper customer relationship management market forecasting techniques which will assist to better understand customer behavior online through statistical data analysis. Although complex, it has been proven to be one of the most efficient marketing strategies provided by effective customer relationship management.

    Build business impact models

    Every organization is required to carryout regular checks on marketing performance. By so doing, they’ll make sure that the different techniques in place are leading to greater profits. These special models of customer relationship management work to improve the performance of the business.

    Qualities of a great customer service manager

    In enhancing relationships with customers, customer service managers play are to be competent in motivating, managing, and coaching their teams for better yields. In addition, they are to be ready to get down to the field in other to interact with and satisfy all customers which their reps can’t satisfy. Being a customer service manager is being a manager and a service rep.

    Below are the qualities of a customer service manager.

    Possess a customer-centric attitude

    A competent manager has to always prioritize their customers in everything they do. He has to put the customer at the center of all that they do. If they fail to do this, they’ll end up not succeeding.

    Effective communication/language skills

    There is no skill in customer service management as powerful as communication. Effective communication skills represent the bedrock of any relationship between the customer service manager and their teams together with customers. There is a saying that when the going gets tough, the manager gets going. Thus he is supposed to be well equipped with language skills in handling the most difficult customer service situations in cases where the front line team is unable to solve.

    Ability to understand the front team

    Highly competent managers are able to empathize with the challenges that the front team is facing. They are capable of resolving these issues properly in the right way without hurting any person physically or morally. They master the art of recovering after a customer yell. They are able to withstand challenging issues when they arise.

    Ability to set and follow priorities

    Not all activities taken are good and fruitful. A competent manager is able to discern unfruitful activities from fruitful ones. Thus he knows how to assist their team to focus their energy on achieving something fruitful. They are able to properly balance the team’s time spent delivering customer experiences with that which is also spent reacting to all customer service issues. This is a balance which several businesses struggle with over years. Competent managers are in possession of the organizational skills that are required to see that the important is not fully overpowered by the urgent.

    Being a motivator

    Competent managers are able to motivate themselves and at the same time motivate their team members in order to obtain fruitful results. Motivations boost the output of the team members. They are skilled enough to make things happen and not simply wait for them to happen. Competent managers turn to be hardworking and teach their team members by action. They know how to properly push their team members to the greatest level without exhausting them.

    Possess effective leadership skills

    A competent customer service manager is highly credited for his ability to persuade, negotiate, and influence for the benefit of the business. He needs to be able to efficiently lead while motivating co-workers, business partners, and subordinates. He is responsible for the achievement of goals over a given period of time. Being a leader, he must be able to take decisions for the interest of the business in critical situations. He does this by picking out the best solution after listening and taking in to consideration all alternatives.

    Analytic skills

    Analyzing and troubleshooting are the responsibilities of a customer service manager. After the identification of key issues, he proceeds with the development of a strategic approach to resolve all. They are also credited for producing the best solutions within a limited time frame.

    Ability to build strategic approaches

    Strategic approaches are aimed at improving on the business’s profitability through new and effective techniques developed thanks to the expertise of the customer service manager. Such persons often train their team members and and help them withstand challenges.

    After looking at the different ways on how to build and enhance firm relationships with customers, we can conclude that this challenging process is possible to achieve. In this process, the customer service manager plays a key role thus his skills need to be at the top in order to keep the business flourishing. It should also be remembered that in maintaining a firm relationship with a customer, honesty is at the center. Make sure that you are always transparent in your business dealings. Acknowledge your mistakes, fix them and move ahead for a better future and great success is awaiting you. 

  • LC-MS/MS Assay & Sample Analysis to Quantitate Small Molecule Compound
  • LC-MS/MS is one of the key processes in the drug discovery and development process which facilitates the identification of new pharmaceutical drug candidates by screening different chemical libraries for small molecules, natural products or their extracts. 

    Rapid developments made throughout the tandem liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry have resulted in the generation of broader interests in the applications of small molecular mixture analysis. MS/MS spectral analysis is preferred for obtaining rich structural information. However, different data acquisitions methods and structural diversity of the small molecules, there is an increasing focus for re-directing the analysis algorithms and workflows in accordance with the research-based questions. 

    Enabling the analysis of small molecule mixtures, the LC-MS/MS technology finds its applicability across different sectors such as metabolomics, medicine, and molecular characterization of your small molecule samples. The recent advances introduced to the field of LC-MS/MS instrumentation has been translated into falling costs of your small molecule analysis, thereby widening the scope of lc ms method

    LC-MS/MS system facilitates sample analysis that are otherwise difficult to be analyzed. This includes expanding the use of the effective analytical technique of mass spectrometry across a much more extensive range of organic compounds. Thus, LCMS assay is suitable for analyzing your large, polar, thermally unstable, ionic, and involatile compounds. 


    LC-MS Method for identification and Profiling of Drug impurity –

    Both the identification and impurity profiling are critical factors for assuring efficacy of the pharmaceutical product and patient safety information. The different regulatory authorities have established rigorous and clear guidelines for dictating the identification of several drug impurities across different levels. For the analysis of the small molecules, Liquid Chromatography is the most reliable and efficient analytical technique. This analytical technique is valid both for separation and characterization of the drug components, thereby serving as the prime workhorse for profiling drug impurities. 

    One of the main challenges here is the elucidation of the drug’s structure with the help of the LC-MS method using non-volatile buffer solutions. These are non-amendable for MS ionization and are often essential for isolating your compound of interest. Two-dimensional LC-MS assay can be used for overcoming such issues and is accompanied by an additional advantage of achieving an improved chromatographic resolution. 

    Broader applicability of LC-MS method across the pharmaceutical industry has been continuously achieved through introducing various improvements both in LC and MS sections, respectively. First and the foremost step in this direction was the introduction of the UHPLC – Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. High efficiency of the UHPLC technique facilitates significant improvements throughout the peak capacity and effective short running times. 

    However, still, there is an increasing challenge for achieving a higher resolution and accurate mass systems for providing a sufficient number of scans across different aspects of chromatographic peaks throughout the full scan mode. This is achieved without compromising either the sensitivity or the resolving power. 


    Applications of LC-MS assay for siderophore analysis – 

    In recent times, the LC-MS/MS has found broader applicability across the discovery and structural characterization of the peptide siderophores. Siderophores are usually the secondary metabolites which are produced and released by many classes of fungi and bacteria. The siderophore structural database provides information regarding the structural diversity of the siderophores. 


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  • Ten myths people hold about money and why you should avoid them
  • Forget April fools pranks, some people actually believe things that are simply not true. It happens in every area of life. When it comes to financial myths people believe, you may like to think they will wise up. After all we take few things as serious as we take our finances. Though one may be eager to get information about finances, not all the information you get is true. Then there are those who simply have some very wrong ideas about money and finances, just outrightly ridiculous money myths. It is important that you get some of these things straight. You will definitely have a happier life when some of the following misconceptions are cleared out and you get to know the truth about money.

    Sadly, the most common misconceptions about money are cherished by young people. At least, the elderly have the advantage of experience and some have learned, the hard way, that most ideas that go around concerning money are actually misconceptions. It is important to clear out some of these ideas because those who take them seriously will obviously be led astray, only to find themselves in a state of total financial confusion.

    More money will bring more happiness

    Of course money can help you get things and have better experiences in life. But the amount of money one gets is not proportionate to the amount of happiness he or she experiences. To think that when you have more money, you will definitely be happier is a great deception. People who think they can’t truly be happy until they have lots of money are indeed vain. If your happiness is tied to money, you will have to postpone being happy until you actually become rich. However, the word rich is relative to people and places. How much money or property would you say makes a man rich? People usually have different perspectives on what it means to be rich. One person may be admired and called rich by another while the former is dissatisfied and unconvinced that he or she is actually rich. That’s the foolishness of the idea that money brings happiness. It’s hard to determine what is enough money. The thought that money will bring happiness is one of the worse financial myths people believe. The truth about money is that it doesn’t bring any more happiness than any stuff will.

    If you measure happiness in monetary terms, you will hardly be happy because every day’s happiness will be dependent on getting more, and believe me, you cannot always get more of everything. What makes one truly happy is fulfilling purpose and positively affecting the lives of others. Having a great relationship with family and friends and being loved in return. Those who need money to be happy have a very shallow way of reasoning. Bottom line is, you may or may not be happy when you become rich. And you may or may not be happy without money. It all depends on your understanding of happiness.

    Money means security

    So when you get more money you can now afford guards and tighter security, and all thats just going to keep everything that threatens your well being away? Nope! First, the feeling of insecurity comes with more money, especially getting more money than you actually need. Plus, money or wealth only attracts insecurity. After all you will not be a target to anybody if you did not have something people can risk going to jail for. Its better to be the guy with just enough money who is not looking over his shoulder every minute than have lots of it and live in insecurity and discomfort every day.

    And for those who think of securing the future and their families by getting more money, you cannot always do that. But you can live healthy and properly to prevent some dangerous sicknesses and unforeseen circumstances which cannot be handled with money. More money will not make you more secure than any other person, it will only attract threats and bring fear. You can be very rich and secure, but the security should never be dependent on money. Thinking money will guarantee security is simply one of those ridiculous money myths you have to let go of. The truth about money is that it demands security, instead of giving it.

    If I earn more, I will stay out of debt

    Well, I say think again. Some financial myths people believe are simply falsehood that should be thrown into the trash. People don’t borrow because they don’t have enough money. In fact most people who are neck deep in dept actually earn more than enough to take care of themselves and their families. You get into debt by borrowing money and you can only stay out of debt by NOT borrowing money. If you have poor spending habits, no savings and investment principles or worse still addicted to gambling, it does not matter how much you earn, you will always end up in debt. Don’t try to earn more in order to get rid of or stay out of debt. It will be like trying to carry water in a basket. Opening the tap more will not get the basket full because it simply cannot keep water. What you need to do is deal with the holes in the basket. Deal with your financial loopholes and you will stay out of debt.

    You need to earn a huge sum to save

    Saving in an important principle for financial increase and prosperity. Since it is a principle, it has to be respected no matter what you think or feel about it. Some people seem to earn just enough to take care of their monthly expenses and it seems they never have enough to save. But that is not true. You don’t need to earn more in order to save. You just need to make up your mind never to use up all that you get. Cut down your monthly expenses if you have to, but save every single time you get the paycheck.

    There may be so many things you are buying which you do not really need. Figure them out and eliminate them from your expenditures. If you always buy just what you need, consider reducing the quality you buy. What I am saying is, save by all means.

    I need to carry cash around

    Carrying cash around is a good idea, if there is a reason for doing so and if the reason is right. If there is no reason why you are carrying cash around, especially when its more than a few hundred dollars, just don’t do it. Some people may not have a problem with abrupt or unplanned spending but a good number of people, especially ladies do. You don’t need to carry cash in your wallet or pocket whenever you go out if you don’t plan to buy anything or spend it in anyway. There are a few reasons why you should do away with the issue of carrying cash around. First, it is likely you are going to buy something you did not plan to buy and secondly you may just loose the money. Either ways, the money is wasted. Whenever you carry cash around, let it be money you plan to use or may have to use.

    Money is meant to spend anyway

    NO, money should not always be spent. There are other things far more noble to do with money. especially if you are not spending on something reasonable. You can save, invest or even give money to help others. Those who only have a spending mindset seem to think money is always at their beck and call. But its not and you need to get out of the fantasy of spending money without any plan. Even if you have lots of it, there are other things you can do with your money. Things which will be more rewarding and more fulfilling.

    Its too early to save

    You should start a retirement savings account or save for any other reason. Its important you do. More importantly, take note that the earlier you start savings, the better off you will be in the future. It is never too early to start saving, especially if you have an income. No matter how much you get or how young you are, now is the time to start saving. The truth about money is, if you don’t learn to respect the principle of saving when you have little, you won't save when you have more than enough. If you start early, you will be glad you did when you look back at your finances few years from now.

    Its better to buy a home than rent

    Like most other financial myths people believe, this one needs to be carefully considered. Buying a home is only more profitable when you consider certain factors against your options. For example those who plan to buy a house without having the finances necessary to make full payment will make a wiser decision if they decide to rent. Buying a home may not have any advantage over renting if the home you are buying is way out of your budget or the house you are renting is going at a price good enough to maintain financial balance. For young people who do not yet understand the complications of home expenses, it is better to rent and take out time to prepare to build or buy your own house. Don’t let general ideas that mean little or nothing put you on the wrong track financially.

    You can boost your credit score by having a credit card balance

    Its just totally unreasonable to think that you can have a good score by keeping a credit card balance. Just learn to stay out of credit card debts and you will have and maintain a good credit score.

    Rich people buy the most expensive things.

    Its quite understandable why this should fall amongst financial myths people believe. Talk about cars, designers clothing and other such expensive stuff and people think they are owned by millionaires. Well, not exactly. The authors of the book titled The Millionaire Next Door carried out some research which proved that the average American millionaire seldom buys those expensive things we see advertised on TV. Of course there are people who buy them, but most of them are not millionaires. How can the people who buy those unreasonably luxurious stuff be millionaires when their finances are constantly being drained by the desire to show off? If you want to be rich, really rich, you must make a firm decision between looking rich and actually being rich. Some times, you just cant have both. It will take time and experience to manage being rich and looking rich. For most people, before that time comes, they must have given up.

    Banking is the best way to save your money

    Not necessarily true. If you can get a safe and keep it safe, it may be better than trusting your money in the hands of a bank. Banks get robbed and there are sometimes cases of fraud and even sudden closure. So don’t be deceived to think that when your money is in the bank, it is in the safest or best place. Secondly, before saving with any bank, you must understand the banking policy as well as the terms and conditions surrounding the creation of the particular account you are opening. Some banks frequently make changes to their terms and policies. This may cost you a few hundred dollars monthly. At the end of the day, you may come to the conclusion that keeping your money in a personal safe is a better way of preserving it.

    Its OK to borrow, as long as you can pay back

    NO! it is never Ok to borrow. Amongst financial myths people believe, this one just proves that some people do not really understand financial principles. We all face financial challenges at one point or the other, but borrowing is not always a way out of it. Sometimes you need to just use what you have and be disciplined enough to stay out of debt. It is worse when people borrow carelessly on the assumption that it wouldn’t hut since there is a means to pay back. You should not get indebted simply because you have the collateral or means to pay back. First taking loans you don’t absolutely need could become a habit. Apart from that it is a terrible thing to borrow for trivial things. There are people who borrow to buy clothes and shoes or other material things which are neither an emergency or a necessity. You could take a loan when you are under some form of financial pressure or the other. But make it a principle to never borrow if you don’t have to.

    I don’t need a budget or financial plan because I don’t have a lot of money

    Now this one is just a dump thing to say. Whether you are earning just a few hundred dollars or hundreds of thousands, you need a financial plan. Not only will it help you keep your finances, it will help you make the right choices along the way. But you get to make choices that are necessary for financial growth and establishment.

    Paying in cash is better than paying with a debit card

    It depends on what you are buying and the considerations you are making. Paying with a debit card may sometimes have the advantage of bonuses that come from credit companies. The reason people usually have or present for not wanting to pay in cash is fear of overdraft. If you pay in cash you cannot be tempted to buy for more than you have the money to pay right? Well, its just about financial discipline. You can own and use a debit card and never spend more than you actually have on that card if you make up your mind not to. And you will also have the above mentioned advantage.

    I will have more fun with more money

    I say balderdash! You don’t need money to have fun. It is one of the worse financial myths people believe. Lets take children for example, and remember when you were a child and had no money. I am quite certain you had more fun then than you are having now that you earn a few thousands. The thing is, people who think they need money to have fun are vain and are themselves hardly fun to be with. What it takes to have fun is simply having a sense of humor and having great friends or relationships. Money can indeed spice up our experiences, but make no mistakes, if you need money to have fun, it means you are not fun to be with and sincerely even if you have all the money in the world, you will still be no fun to be with. The truth about money is that it could only help you have fun in certain areas or with certain things but having fun should not be tied to places or things.

    Money will help me meet interesting people

    Some myths people have about money are just insane right? The truth is, in the club of rich people, few are interesting. Money does not add value to one’s real personality. You can meet interesting people almost anywhere in life. Most times, those who have little or nothing are the people who have actually had experiences in life. They have a better understanding of the world and find it easy relating with people.

    On the other hand, money could get you in the midst of people who are vain and myopic in their reasoning. One reason is, rich people, especially those who never had to go through anything to be rich, are scoffers. Most of them are self centered judgmental men and women who are also sometimes very insecure. Summarily, getting rich is no guarantee that you are going to meet interesting fun-to-be-with people. As a matter of fact, joining the rich men’s club could actually reduce your chances of meeting interesting people.

    With more money, I will have more friends

    A thousand times no. I can assure you of one thing; money will bring a lot of people around you but about 98% of them will be people you cannot call friends. Money attracts people but not friends. Friends are there because of their attachment to your personality. So it is most likely you will get real ones before you are rich. Most rich people have no real friends. Those who do have friends got them before they became rich.

    More so, being rich has a tendency to put you on the defensive when it comes to people and friends. If you are rich and naive, you will often feel like those who come around you are coming for your money, making it difficult to open up to real relationships.

    Again there is a chance you may loose your real friends when you have money if care is not taken. Real friends feed on your attention and communication with them for the relationship to grow. If you become rich and distracted by the wealth, they would see no reason to still be friends. Worse still, if you are stupid and deluded enough to just assume that they will stay by you because of the money, you would have completely messed everything up.

     I can get anyone to Love me if I have money

    Of course not! It is common sense to know that women who are only going to love you when you get rich are really not after you but after the money. This particular money myth is common amongst men who have low self esteem and have failed a few times at building successful relationships with women. As a man or woman, you can only trust those who love you when you have no money to throw around or those who have proven their love even while the money is there. You have a better chance finding true love if money is not a factor. Also, it shows some level of naivety for a person to imagine that money can buy love. Time and experiences of other people have proven otherwise. Love comes because one person is enchanted by the personality of another, not their wealth.

    There are more than enough money myths to keep people on the wrong lane until they ultimately get into a financial wreck. Now you know some of the things you may have held on to as far as the subject of money is concerned and the truth about money. You should simply avoid them.

  • Path to Becoming a Healthcare Data Scientist
  • Data science is frequently described as a multidisciplinary subject. It differs from data analytics in that it also calls for domain knowledge, strong coding abilities, and an analytical mindset. Data scientists must have knowledge of the specific field they are working in because data science has become crucial to the success of almost every industry. For instance, a data expert in the financial sector needs to be knowledgeable about current events and be familiar with the jargon used in the industry.


    The use of data science in healthcare, the kinds of data you might come across, and the qualifications needed to become a great data scientist in the healthcare industry are all covered in this article.  Before moving forward, do register for an online Data Science course in Delhi, to become a certified data scientist. 

    Overview of the Healthcare Industry

    Preventing, diagnosing, and treating various bodily and mental illnesses entails managing and improving the healthcare system. In essence, it is a broad word covering various ideas and branches. Patients receive healthcare from medical experts such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others. A typical health system involves individuals, organizations, and policies working together to sustain the population's health.


    • Data on claims

    This includes transaction records and customer insurance data, typically gathered by a company's delivery system.


    • Data from clinical studies

    This kind of data is extremely useful, particularly for researchers. It is gathered during clinical trials and research studies and has the potential to advance the field greatly.


    • Medical studies

    As the name suggests, this information comes from health surveys primarily carried out by healthcare organizations for research reasons to monitor a specific disease or investigate a particular phenomenon.


    • Digital health data

    This sort of healthcare data is presumably the most prevalent. It includes the patient's details, including their demographics, medical history, prior diagnoses, lab results, and list of medications currently being taken.


    • Registries of diseases

    Medical workers frequently use disease registries to manage and keep track of various illnesses, particularly chronic ones.

    How Can I Become a Data Scientist in Healthcare?

    Both technical and medical knowledge is necessary to succeed as a data analyst in the healthcare sector. Avoid the pitfall of attempting to acquire everything at once. By focusing on your busiest periods of the day, take baby steps and make a steady effort. 


    Let's go over the information you need to thrive in the field.


    1. Statistics

    Nearly every field benefits from knowing statistics, and data science, mainly uses statistics as a fundamental building component. You don't have to be an expert in arithmetic, but you should at least be aware of the key ideas and procedures used to transform, examine, and harness the power of data.


    1. Programming language(s)

    Python or R are two options. While R is frequently used in bioinformatics and drug research, Python is still regarded as one of the top coding languages worldwide.


    1. Medical expertise


    • Simple epidemiology is the study and evaluation of various illnesses in populations.
    • The study of pathology investigates the origins and consequences of the disease.
    • The jargon used in medicine. Like any area, there are specific terms that everyone uses.


    1. Machine Learning

    Although machine learning is a broad and complex subject, many industries are moving towards hiring people with these abilities to make the most of data and produce meaningful business results.


    1. Other skills

    In addition to data visualization, storytelling, SQL, and Microsoft Office, specifically Microsoft Excel, you can.

    What Roles Does a Healthcare Data Scientist Perform?

    You'll be asked to carry out various duties as a data scientist in a crucial and delicate industry like healthcare to guarantee the highest possible standard of care for each patient. The following tasks will be required of you:


    • Working with various healthcare data types, from data gathering through cleaning and analysis to presentation in a suitable format to gain insights.
    • Having the ability to securely retrieve and store various data types to be always accessible.
    • Use the data that is currently accessible to train and create various machine learning models that can forecast changes in medical conditions.


    So this was all about healthcare data scientists and how to become one. If you are looking for an online resource to learn, join the Data Science certification course in Delhi and learn directly from tech experts. 


  • Comprehensive View of Forex Robots How They Work
  • Following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies and businesses switched to working from home over online networks. With zoom meetings and calls, working from a distance was made possible. This also gave us an insight into the fact that if we harness the potential of technology correctly, we can do wonders!

    The same has been true for trading in the forex markets. Online trading had been making its presence known in recent years, but it became extremely effective during this pandemic. Whether you were a manual trader or a proficient online trader, trading using bots became the only viable way to trade in the market while staying safe.

    But for a long time, traders have been skeptical about using forex robots and this sudden need of using it left most of the manual traders bewildered. We understand that to successfully extract the potential of these, a substantial amount of research needs to be done. 

    In this article, we are giving you a comprehensive view of forex robots and how they work. In addition to this, we will be listing some pros and cons along with the effects it will have on trading. So, let’s start, shall we?

    The Basics of Forex Robots:

    Just like any computer program, these mechanical traders are also a type of computer program but a little more advanced than your average word. While manual trading completely remove the need for those factors while trading. 

    These programs are meant to help you take decisions to buy or sell currency pairs at a certain point in time with a set of trading signals.

    Most of the articles that you read will make you believe that you can completely rely on the robots, but such is not the case. To ensure that you gain maximum profits, you need to constantly supervise them and make changes. So, a huge shout out to the manual traders, your expertise will still be needed for efficient trading!

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  • HR Administrator (Training - Development) Singapore
  • o Sourcing of training venue and vendors to support employee training needs

  • Performance Marketing Manager Gerakas
  • We are Netsteps! We are forward-thinkers, hard-working, research-oriented, next-steppers thriving in the ecommerce industry in Greece and also across Europe. We are a Leading Digital Marketing Agency, with great clients and a Best place to work awarded environment!

    We are looking for a passionate and goal-driven Performance Marketing Manager to join our Digital Marketing team in our Athens Offices in Gerakas and move forward alongside Netsteps expanding our Expertise, and Business.

    You will be part of a very competent digital marketing team and you will be able to contribute in all phases of the process.

    You will be engaged in understanding every process phase of ecommerce. We develop projects and strategies for high-profit ecommerce brands covering every ecommerce category from fashion to retail from bookstore to digital downloadable products.

    • Build strong and long-term relationships with clients.
    • Interpret and prioritize the clients’ business needs into... clear digital briefs.
    • Working directly with clients to create growth strategies, plan, forecast and implement online campaigns.
    • Identifying the clients’ need for other services and up- or cross-selling relevant services and channels.
    • Managing day-to-day communications with the client by email and phone.
    • Create, manage and supervise Google Ads & Social Media campaigns across all channels.
    • Create, manage and supervise the Media Plan & budgeting.
    • Provide oversight on projects and strategic recommendations on timing, resources and client communications
    • Monitor & analyze competition.
    • Regular top-level weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting and presenting of campaign and activity performance across multiple channels (e.g. Social Media, Google Ads, Email Marketing etc.)
    • Work closely with the Account team to achieve targeted results.
    • Work closely with other departments within the organization including creative & development departments.
    • Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends.

    • Strong analytical & numerical skills
    • Experience with Google Analytics & Google ads editor
    • Experience with Google Data Studio
    • Passion for performance marketing
    • Working experience of 2-3 years in similar position in a digital agency
    • Experience implementing and optimizing Google Ads & Social Media Campaigns
    • Excellent presentation and communication skills
    • Excellent organizational and time management skills with strong attention to detail
    • Verbal & written communication skills
    • Client-centric mindset and in depth understanding of all aspects of commercial challenges of Ecommerce businesses
    • Highly motivated and passionate about digital


    Participation in seminars on Digital Marketing

    Best Work Environment🎉

    Competitive Salary

    Private Health & Medical Insurance

    Continuous training for professional and personal development

    Work from home flexibility

    Gym, Sports, Excursion weekends & Special events

    Come as you are! We love when people feel they can be themselves at work
    Gerakas Greece

  • Restaurant Manager Mumbai
  • KA is the first hospitality group to have bought Michelin Starred Restaurants Hakkasan, Yauatcha, Nara Thai and Cin-Cin in free standing format to India. KA has redefined the Indian food Industry by setting enviable trends and expanding its horizons with growth making progress.

    We are presently hiring for the below position for our Restaurant - NARA THAI COLABA:


    Job Description: Financially astute and confident with all budgets, payroll, cash procedure, cost of sales and so on.

    - Strong organizational skills and problem-solving abilities. Excellent communication skills, time management, service standards and attention to detail.

    - Able to remain calm under pressure

    - Excellent command of the English language, both spoken and written, with the ability to communicate confidently.

    - Good IT skills

    A good understanding of operational and financial needs as well as experienced in guest profiling and recognition

    Job Type... Full-time

    Salary: ₹589,327.81 - ₹634,685.44 per year

    • Fixed shift

    Speak with the employer
    +91 8657926281
    Mumbai Maharashtra India

  • Assistant Safety Officer Hong Kong
  • Qualification & Requirements:

    Certificate for Construction Safety Supervisors, Holder of valid green card,
    ISO Auditor Certificate is preferable.

    Require to work out of office to factory and construction site


    Safety work & Manage QMS-Quality & EHS

    Provide safety training, carry out inspection, prepare accident investigation & analysis.

    Support internal and external system audits and ISO certification.

    Interested candidate, pls click "APPLY NOW" for application or call HR-Joyce (2241 9949) for enquiry
    All applications applied through our system will be delivered directly to the advertiser and privacy of personal data of the applicant will be ensured with security.

    Quon Hing Concrete Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of concrete products in Hong Kong. It was founded in 1975 as a subsidiary plant of Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd. and registered in Hong Kong in 1985.

    ​ In recent years, the Company has been playing a key role in providing ready-mixed... concrete to various landmarks in Hong Kong, with an accumulated supply over ten million cubic metres.

    ## More Job Information

    Building / Construction / Architecture

    Cheung Sha Wan

    Hong Kong

  • Personal Assistant Jobs in Wincanton
  • We’re looking for Personal Assistants in Wincanton looking to pick-up private care and Personal Assistant jobs.

    We need Personal Assistants, looking to work with their own Private Clients in a Personal Assistant role.

    Earn more in your own time, working for the clients you choose. We have clients with Personal Assistant jobs available is a variety areas, from looking for elderly Personal Assistants, mental health Personal Assistants and youth Personal Assistants.

    We make working privately easy, by covering all the admin, contracting and insurance so you needn’t worry.

    The process is simple:
    • Apply and register by going to (30s)
    • Add your info (1-2mins)
    • Take a phone interview (30mins)
    • Create your profile (10mins)
    • Start earning more - Timeless
    You do need to have at least a year of care experience and have an enhanced DBS that is on the update service or less than 12 months old to apply.
    Wincanton UK

  • Technology Counsel - 5+ PQE Hong Kong
  • Our client, a leading conglomerate, is hiring a Legal Counsel to support their technology matters. Based in Hong Kong and reporting to the head of legal, you will:
    • Draft, negotiate and advise on contracts and other legal documents
    • Advise business units on legal issues and provide support to them regarding marketing and business initiatives
    • Advise business units on legal and regulatory matters affecting the conglomerate and in identifying and mitigating the risks
    • Provide legal support and assistance in formulating and updating policies, rules and regulations, code of conduct and guidelines
    • Manage the advice sought from external legal counsel

    To qualify, you should:
    • Be a qualified solicitor admitted in Hong Kong or other common law jurisdiction with at 5-10 years’ PQE
    • Possess legal advisory experience in handling general corporate commercial or IT matters either at an international law firm or in house
    • Possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Fluency in... English and Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin) with the ability to draft and communicate in both languages is necessary
    • Able to work independently and communicate with people at all levels
    Hong Kong

  • Junior Credit Risk Controller Riga
  • Group Risk Riga is an integrated part of the SEB Group Risk organization, currently consisting of 30 people. Our department is responsible for a wide scope of risk related processes and tasks for different entities within the SEB Group. We work in close cooperation with our colleagues in Riga, Sweden and other countries. Our working language is English.

    We are currently looking for a Junior Credit Risk Controller to join our Credit Risk Reporting and Control team.

    Your responsibilities will include:
    • Daily and monthly counterparty and credit risk reporting for SEB Group;
    • Analyzing and communicating counterparty and credit risk exposure changes and trends to a wide range of professionals throughout SEB Group;
    • Data driven and technical investigations in close cooperation with Technology department;
    • Maintenance of risk reporting infrastructure;
    • Ad-hoc reporting for risk analysis or other purposes

    Your profile:
    • University degree or last year student in Finance, Mathematics... Statistics or similar;
    • Interest in risk management and financial instruments;
    • Analytical, curios and self-driven person who is ready to take on a challenge;
    • Strong analytical and communication skills;
    • Able to work with large amounts of numerical data;
    • Fluent in English;
    • Knowledge of financial instruments would be considered an advantage;
    • Experience working with databases, SQL or any programming language would be considered an advantage.

    What we offer:
    • Opportunity to learn about the bank’s products from within, develop in-depth competence about counterparty and credit risk framework;
    • Gain technical skills working with data management and risk infrastructure;
    • Work in a friendly and international team environment;
    • Work environment that encourages critical thinking and new ideas;
    • Competitive remuneration package including health insurance, profit sharing program and other benefits;
    • Mentorship, support and training from experienced colleagues, chance to work together and learn from highly skilled professionals in the risk area;
    • Career growth opportunities within the Group Risk Riga organization and internationally

    Monthly salary range for this position: 1200 - 1800 EUR before tax deduction. The offer for final candidate* will depend on experience and competences of the candidate for the required job.

    Welcome with your application

    We are looking forward to your application by July 31, 2023.
    • Candidate must meet the requirements of Article 34.5 of the Credit Institution Law

    At SEB, we have always believed that the future depends on turning great ideas into reality. Ever since we welcomed our first customer in 1856, we have been a catalyst for positive change by providing responsible advice and capital to people with ideas for the future. Grounded in our long history and strong heritage, we want to create long-term value for all our stakeholders by being curious about what the future holds. We have a strong ambition to accelerate the pace towards a sustainable future for people, businesses, and society. Our skilled and dedicated employees stand by our customers in good times and bad and offer financial products and services that meet their ever-changing needs – both in our home markets in northern Europe and through our international network around the world.

    Read more:
    Riga Latvia

  • UI/UX Designer with Figma Experience Geneva
  • This a Full Remote job, the offer is available from: Switzerland

    This offer from "Pixel Plus AG" has been enriched by Jobgether and got a 77% flex score.

    Pixel Plus is looking for a skilled UI/UX Designer with strong experience in Figma to join our team. As a UI/UX Designer at Pixel Plus, you will be responsible for designing and implementing visually appealing and user-friendly digital platforms and services for our clients. You will work closely with our team of developers and project managers to ensure that all designs meet the client's specific needs and goals.

    • Design visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces using Figma
    • Create wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs
    • Conduct user research and testing to gather feedback and insights
    • Ensure that all designs meet the client's specific needs and goals
    • Collaborate with the team to develop and implement design strategies
    • Stay up-to-date with industry best practices and new design... trends

    • Strong experience with Figma, including wireframing, prototyping, and high-fidelity design
    • Strong understanding of UI/UX design principles and best practices
    • Strong attention to detail and ability to deliver high-quality, user-friendly solutions
    • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
    • Strong communication and teamwork skills
    • Experience with Tailwind is a nice to have
    • Experience with user research and testing is a plus

    • Competitive salary package
    • Professional development opportunities and training
    • Remote work options
    • Fun and collaborative working environment
    • Opportunities for career advancement

    Pixel Plus is an equal opportunity employer, and we value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status
    Geneva Switzerland (+2 others)

  • Client Project Manager Poland
  • This is Worldline

    We are the innovators at the heart of the payments technology industry, shaping how the world pays and gets paid. The solutions our people build today power the growth of millions of businesses tomorrow. From your local coffee shop to unicorns and international banks. From San Francisco to Auckland. We are in every corner of the world, in every part of commerce. And just as we help our customers accelerate their business, we are committed to helping our people accelerate their careers. Together, we shape the evolution.

    The Opportunity

    The Client Project Manager (CPM) is end-to-end responsible for managing multiple client integration projects (e-commerce merchants) and their subsequent changes. Within the scope of a project, the CPM manages the scope assessment, requirements gathering, end-to-end supplier boarding and coordinates the deliveries of a dedicated team of experts in the areas of Credit and Risk, Technical Integration, Legal, Pricing and Compliance. Once... a deal is confirmed, the CPM becomes the first point of contact for the client and for the Sales Manager.

    The CPM provides support to clients in completing required KYC documentation required by Worldline and its payment providers and performs operational tasks related to their project/change portfolio. The focus of the CPM is to ensure maximum client satisfaction and the shortest possible onboarding duration.

    The CPM role requires remote and face to face merchant interaction and implies strong communication and organizational skills (travel might be involved). The ideal candidate is able to manage complex projects simultaneously, can persuade internal stakeholders without formal authority and is passionate about delivering excellent client services.

    Day-to-Day Responsibilities​

    The work environment is dynamic and very competitive. Payment products, compliance requirements and technology are rapidly evolving; the CPMs must keep up with industry trends.
    • Manages multiple projects/upsells, from deal confirmed to transaction processing stage
    • Defines the scope of each integration based on client requirements/business model
    • Forms a project team for each client onboarding/ coordinates the deliveries of the team
    • Initiates/ leads progress report sessions with clients/sales/internal stakeholders
    • Manages the internal/external communication related to projects under management
    • Provides support to clients in compiling the KYC documentation
    • Manages the client expectations during the onboarding process
    • Manages the end-to-end supplier boarding for the merchants
    • Effectively communicates/ reports on the status of projects to clients/ other stakeholders
    • Defines and safeguards the integration timelines for each client
    • Manages and build strong internal and external client relationships
    • Challenges the “status quo” / drive improvement in the client on boarding areas

    Who Are We Looking For

    We look for big thinkers. People who can drive positive change, step up and show what’s next – people with passion, can-do attitude and a hunger to learn and grow. In practice this means:
    • Client focused, result oriented, quality and efficiency driven
    • Commercial mind set, able to relate project delivery to revenue targets
    • Internal/external stakeholder management capabilities: the power of persuasion
    • Able to effectively cope with change
    • Experience in managing customer relations (internal/external)
    • Planning & Organizational skills: project management expertise is strongly desired
    • Excellent communication and analytical skills
    • Excellent command of English (written and spoken)
    • Affinity with e-commerce /online payment industry is preferred
    • Bachelor's degree in a related field: e.g. business economics, technology, etc

  • Web Designers Chennai
  • Job Description

    We are looking for a Web Designer/UI Designer, who will work with a design team to design good layout interfaces with the latest technology and functions.

    Key Responsibilities:

    . Creating new designs
    • Developing concepts
    • To design websites that ensures they are visually effective and easy to access
    • Utilize design skills and creativity to come up with new, and innovative designs for websites, landing pages, micro sites, banner ads, etc.
    • Outstanding ability to manage multiple projects within deadline parameters while capable of detail-oriented design work
    Chennai Tamil Nadu India

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