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  • Most Common Chicken Diseases and Treatments
  • The practice of keeping chickens for home consumption and commercial use has become very common in different areas of the world today. It is quite easy to understand how one can successfully grow them until they are ready for eating or for egg production. For many people, apart from its food and commercial benefits, there is just an interest to have them around the compound, feeding and growing together. Whatever the reason why one may want to keep chickens, that person needs to be informed and prepared for the dangers or disadvantages of keeping them especially in very large numbers. The main issue with keeping chickens is the vulnerability of chickens to diseases and the challenges associated with the prevention of poultry diseases. There are a good number of common chicken diseases and while not all of them are life threatening a good number of these diseases could wipe out an entire poultry farm if not identified and contained timely. Knowing these diseases, their preventions and related poultry treatment or cure is very important for people who are interested in keeping chickens especially if they are going to be more than a few. You may have to start by getting a chicken medicine chart.

    Most of the diseases that plague chickens are highly contagious and poultry treatment has to be administered quickly. This makes it very difficult to contain some of them once there is a breakout amongst the chickens. As you will notice, some of these diseases are not controllable or reversible once they infect chickens. Here are some of the most common diseases that attack chickens and recommendation on how you can deal with them.


    This is one of the most common chicken diseases and though treatable, it is important to act as fast as possible when some amongst a group of them are infected. But first, you must be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of this disease in chickens. It is also interesting to note that this particular disease is one of those which can go unnoticed for a few days until you start seeing symptoms which will imply that the disease has already done too much damage. People who keep a large number of chickens have to be particularly careful about their response before and even after administering poultry treatment. You must take up the habit of inspecting the chickens from time to time in order to detect this particular disease early enough to deal with it on time.

    One of the very first signs of diarrhea in chickens is their reduction in eating due to a drop in appetite. Immediately you start noticing a drop in the feeding or drinking of water, know it is time to check your chickens for this disease and begin administering poultry treatment for diarrhea. The next sign of the infection is watery dropping which would often be discolored and mixed with blood. The feathers of their vent then becomes caked together or soiled. You will also notice depression in the chickens as those that are infected will often isolate themselves from the others even during times of feeding.

    If you have been keeping chickens for some time, you will know that one of the best times to watch them is when they are feeding. You can look at their response or activeness as well as pay attention to their physical appearance. Those that are reluctant to eat or move about should be isolated until you are sure that they are not infected or after they are cured. The propensity for chickens to isolate themselves when kept with others could be the sign of another disease so you want to look for other signs of diarrhea before coming to a conclusion or administering medication.

    When observing chickens for signs of diarrhea, you can tell whether or not some are infected by watching their growth rate. Hybrids especially grow very fast. Most often, those who keep them buy them when they are just a day old and grow them at the same pace. If they are fed with recommended food they will grow speedily. This should work to your advantage because then you are easily able to tell which of them have issues with growth, which will be a sign of diarrhea infection.

    Since prevention is better than cure (especially with chickens as they are very fragile), it is far better to know the causes of this disease and aim towards preventing it rather than trying to cure chickens when they are infected. Diarrhea could be caused by bacteria or viruses, parasites or even fungi. For bacteria causing diarrhea, there is salmonella, pasteurella or E.Coli.

    Medication for this disease include the use of antibiotic drugs that should be diluted in water and administered to the chickens for about three to five days. In order to avoid skipping doses, be sure to start and complete the medication with a chicken medicine chart. Electrolytes, minerals and vitamins can also be added to the water in which their diarrhea drugs are administered to act as a stress relief agent.

    New Castle Disease

    This is one of the most common chicken diseases and of course a serious source of worry for most poultry farm owners. The New Castle disease is amongst the most dangerous viruses to attack chickens. It is known to cause respiratory and nervous disorder in birds. Therefore they can be gotten if the chickens you are keeping have any form of direct or indirect contact with contaminated birds. If it goes unnoticed for even a few days there could be very great loses registered. It is one of those diseases that have caused great losses to local and industrial poultry farmers. There is no cure or poultry treatment for this particular disease so the best chance for people who keep chickens as far as this disease is concerned is to simply take serious measures to keep the disease away. Prevention is therefore your only chance of dealing with the disease. This disease also spreads very rapidly so the chickens that are infected have to immediately be taken out of the group and killed. One can know when this disease attacks chickens by looking for some signs of the sickness. These include nervousness, swollen eyes, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, and depression. Birds that should lay will also stop laying eggs as a symptom of this disease. Infected birds will experience paralysis in their legs and wings while their necks will be twisted.

    The disease has to be prevented by properly managing the poultry, keeping it clean and carrying out timely vaccinations and disease control methods. You will do well to consult a veterinarian for advice on proper management and disease control if you have not done that already. Aside from that, preventive methods will involve taking the following measures.

    - Vaccinate all chickens against this disease before you ever see any signs or symptoms of the disease.

    - If you live in an area where chicken keeping is a very common practice, you have to be specially careful about visiting other farms. Wash clothes and shoes after visiting neighboring farms and try to encourage your neighbors who keep chickens to vaccinate their chickens as well.

    - Develop a frequent practice of thoroughly cleaning the houses of your chickens to reduce the chances of them getting infected with the disease. Their feeders and drinkers should be cleaned as frequently as possible and also disinfected. Lastly, avoid leaving dead or sick chickens to stay in the farm for more than a few minutes.


    This is very common amongst local chicken keepers because the disease is easy for chickens to get. It is one of those common chicken diseases that are a result of a fungal infection from Candida albicans. You can know that your chicken is infected with this disease when you start noticing a white substance oozing from their crop area. Their feathers are also going to look ruffled with a crusty vent area and lethargic appearance.

    Since it is a fungal disease, the primary means through which the disease is contacted is by eating molded feed or drinking water and scratching on surfaces that have been contaminated.

    This disease has no available vaccine, so it can either be prevented or infected chickens will have to go through treatment which is the administration of anti-fungal medications. As always, medication for treatment will be more effective when farm owners use a chicken medicine chart while administering drugs recommended by a veterinarian.

    Preventing the disease is mainly a matter of properly considering what your chickens eat, drink and where they stay as these are the main factors that determine whether or not they get the disease. Sometimes, some of these diseases are difficult to prevent but if one is diligent in taking care of the chickens and their house, it will be easier to prevent such diseases.

    chicken Pox

    You can know that your chickens are infected with the chicken pox when they begin to develop white spots on their skin often accompanied by scabby sores that appear on their comb. Other symptoms include white ulcers that can be seen in the trachea and mouth. For chickens that had been producing eggs, laying may stop as a signal of the chicken pox disease. It is very possible that your birds will survive this illness but some curative measure will have to be taken. For example, you can keep them in a dry and warm area and feed them with soft food as they recover. As always, it is best to prevent this disease and this can be done by using a vaccine. So you have to see your veterinarian as soon as you notice symptoms. The disease can be transferred from one bird to another or by mosquitoes that carry the virus.


    Botulism is the disease that causes paralysis in chickens. The chickens first begin to have tremors that could aggravate until the chicken finally becomes totally paralyzed in body and finds difficulties breathing. The feathers of chickens affected with this disease are usually tender and easy to pull out. All these could happen within a few hours of a chicken getting infected with the disease. Birds normally succumb to this sickness quickly because of their susceptibility to the toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum from dead and decaying animals. This disease is also known as Limberneck and it could sporadically affect chickens that are exposed to carcass or other decaying things.

    Within twelve to about forty eight hours from the time when the toxin is ingested, you can start seeing symptoms of the disease. From this time, you will notice that affected birds are reluctant to move as the paralysis must have already set in. There is also going to be some level of weakness and drowsiness accompanying the reluctance of the birds to move about. As the paralysis overcomes them, their heads finally drop to the ground along with their wings which are by this time too weak to hold up. Their feathers too may be easily plucked before or after the chicken lapses into a coma and dies.

    It is important to note that Clostridium botulinum could live in carcasses for long and the disease could be picked up by other birds or organisms that come in contact with the carcass of dead birds. Control or preventive measures include the following;

    Feeding chickens from well designed feeders instead of letting them feed from the ground

    Making sure there is always a fresh supply of water and feed

    Keeping them from contaminated or stagnant water

    Removing dead birds daily, especially when the disease strikes

    It is possible for birds that live after 48 hours of being infected to actually recover from the disease and live. Your best chance however will be to isolate infected birds and give them vitamins and antibiotics as a supportive therapy following a chicken medicine chart.

    Upper Respiratory Disease

    It is a respiratory disease that could be caused by a number of factors as well as pathogens. The onset signs of this disease are sneezing, runny nose and foamy eyes. You can hear a somewhat faint snoring sound when they breathe and they will do this with an open mouth.

    There may also be swellings around the eyes of infected birds and if attention or medical care is not given on time, the disease will lead to massive loss of appetite and eventual death. It is important to seek help or advice from your vet when you begin noticing some of these signs. Sometimes, a disease could be dormant in birds until some factors inducing stress come up. Some of the things that could cause stress will include; extreme temperatures, transportation under stressful circumstances or introduction of new stock to the farm. There are a number of pathogens that can cause this disease but one will need to carry out a blood test to know which of these pathogens is the cause of the disease so that it can be properly treated.

    The best preventive measure to employ against this disease is avoiding anything that could stress the birds up or make them vulnerable to the disease. Maintain comfortable stocking of birds, avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures. Also take vaccination of your chickens very seriously.

    In order to treat this disease, one must understand that most of the pathogens that cause this disease are viruses which first attack the birds and then make them vulnerable to other bacteria like pasteurella and E.Coli which then cause other infections. These are the infections that can be treated with antibiotics. This implies that poultry owners should not mainly focus on treating the disease when the chickens pick it up, but on preventing it since the virus itself only becomes a problem when it makes the chicken vulnerable to common bacterial infections.

    Drop in Egg Quality or Production

    Not many people who keep chickens do so for the production of eggs. But for those who deal in sales of eggs from their farms, this may be a major issue of concern. It is easy to notice when your birds begin to face this problem. You will realize an abnormality in the shape and content of some of the eggs they produce. Some eggs may not have shells when the chickens lay them. All these are signals that you have to consider poultry treatment for this particular disease. If you keep stock of egg production, you will stand a better chance noticing the problem as the number of eggs produced will drop considerably. For those who sell the eggs produced from their farm, you can know there is a problem when your customers begin to complain of the quality of eggs they buy from you.

    There are a number of organisms that cause this problem, including bacteria infections or viruses like influenza and New Castle disease, parasites and mycoplasma. As far as treatment for this disease is concerned, you may have a recommendation from veterinarian to administer antibiotics though this would only deal with the secondary bacterial infection. Consequently, it will be necessary to include some vitamins and minerals to the water or feed that the chickens take to help curb the disease.


    This is a disease caused by six different types or species of elmeria which specifically attack chickens. These species include E tenella, E acervunila, E mitis, E maxima, E necatrix and E brunetti. Knowing which specific specie causes this disease may not be important to find out because a host of them often work together to effectively infect their victim. One thing which will help anyone properly treat this disease is understanding the life cycle of its causative bacteria. The first stage of its life cycle is the formation of an egg like unsporulated oocyst which has not developed yet. They are difficult to destroy because of their ability to preserve themselves from destructive agents by forming a thick wall around them. When chickens eat a sporulated ocyst, it is broken down by chemicals in the wall of the chicken’s gut, thus releasing the infective sporocyst which is the next form taken by the bacteria. Changes take place from stage to stage as the bacteria takes the form in which it can effectively infect and destroy its host.

    Unlike other common chicken diseases there is a good side of chickens picking up this bacteria. If a chicken does not pick up or eat a good number of oocysts, it could conquer the bacteria and instead become immune to it. However, if it eats a large amount of it then the bacteria will replicate to an enormous amount and totally overcome the chicken’s system, making it sick.

    Considering all the diseases mentioned above, you will agree that it is best to consider prevention of poultry diseases than trying to cure them when they are infected. Some of these diseases are very contagious and could go unnoticed till an entire farm is contaminated. Infected chickens can also die in a matter or hours or a few days in some cases. Prevention of poultry diseases is therefore something that every farmer ought to look into and take as their primary point of concern. There are certain basic measures that should be applied for prevention of poultry diseases. They include,

    Making sure that the farm house or where the chickens stay is properly ventilated. This could effectively minimize the rate of bacteria infection.

    Keeping the farm house clean at all times. There are several ways to keep the chicken house always clean and dry. Many people use saw dust. chickens are sensitive to cold and wet places. Saw dust helps their house to remain warm and dry at all times.

    Clean their feeders and drinkers on a daily basis. If this is not done, their feeders and drinkers could become the means through which diseases spread. Remember they drink and eat together. This implies that a single infected chicken can spread the disease very fast if they live in an unclean environment or eat and drink from dirty vessels. This is an important tip for the prevention of poultry diseases.

  • 10 Ways International Students Can Save Money in Australia
  • As a student in Australia, you need at least AUD $1550 per month. That’s a massive amount and only a bare minimum. This sheds light on the need to stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach. To do that, you need to be money-savvy and employ several savings techniques, particularly, if you are an international student.

    International student enrollments in Australia

    Known for being one of the most diverse as well as welcoming countries, millions of international students enrolled in Australian educational institutes. Monash University, RMIT University and University of Sydney top the list of universities that have the highest number of students in Australia. In 2017, the number of students studying in Australia reached a record.

    “International education is now our third largest export sector generating more than $21 billion of economic activity in Australia, supporting many jobs and providing benefits to both Australian and international students,” said Simon Birmingham, Federal Education Minister.

    The graph below shows a distribution of international student enrolments in Australia based on the education they are availing:

    International student enrolments in Australia



    Do students in Australia save?

    As per a survey, 89% of the students studying in the country are satisfied with their experience. However, this doesn’t mean that living in Australia is easy. Australia is a costly country such that a product which you can purchase for $7 in the US, is priced at $22 in Australia.

    This begs the question; do students in Australia save? And if they do, do they do so regularly? The graph below shows that most students in Australia do save on either a weekly or a monthly basis. Though, the amount of money they manage to save varies.

    Student saving behavior in Australia

    Are you a student in Australia struggling with saving bucks? Worry not, we’ve got your back. Let’s walk you through a list of ways you can save money as a student in Australia:

    Student save money in Australia

    Ways you can save money as a student in Australia:

    1 - Don’t purchase new books

    Don't purchase a new book




    Spending a huge amount of money on textbooks doesn’t make any sense since the books are going to be of little use once the semester is over. A better idea is to explore options that provide secondhand books. The Student Union or a book exchange program may be able to help you here. You can purchase secondhand books for way fewer prices. You can rent books from any seniors you’re friends with as well. If none of these options works for you, try e-books or cheap online stores.

    2 - Activate your student card

    Student card




    In most parts of the world, student cards can be very useful when it comes to availing different products at reduced prices. This applies to Australia as well. Through your student card you can save quite a few bucks on movies, retail shopping, etc. You can combine your student card discounts with any sales that allow for it and enjoy further cut down prices. Though in the beginning it may seem that you’re saving only a few dollars with your student card but know that a little can go a long way.

    3 - Use public transport

    Student in public transport




    Don’t hop into an uber or taxi for roaming around the city. Save money by choosing public transportation. This way, you will be able to learn how to navigate your way through the city as well. Buses, light rail, trains, and ferries provide public transport. Sometimes students are offered concessions as well by using the local transportation card. For instance, if you are studying in Perth be sure to register your TransPerth card as a full-time student.

    4 - Make use of coupons and discount codes

    Use coupons




    To purchase anything from tickets for a movie to clothing, you can make the most of coupons and discount codes. Start by searching for coupons on couponing sites. Hunt for coupons on brands’ social media profiles and websites. You can also find coupons in newsletters so be sure to subscribe to your favorite brands. Enroll in rewards or loyalty programs. You can search for coupons on blogs, vlogs, and other influencer channels too.

    5 - Bring your lunch from home

    Student eat lunch




    Eating out or at the campus, canteen can be heavy on your pocket. It would be cheaper for you to cook and pack your own lunch at home for school. You can either assemble a sandwich for yourself every morning or you can take the previous night’s leftovers for school lunch. Similarly, rather than spending a herculean amount on buying coffee or tea daily, prepare your drink at home and take it along in a travel mug.

    6 - Consider eating out on weekdays





    In the mood of dining out? Move all your hangout plans with pals from the weekend to any weekday. On weekdays, you’ll be able to find several deals and discounts for students at a number of bars and restaurants. You can get the same deal which you could fetch on a weekend for half the price on a weekday. So, if you’re in the mood for cheap food, make the most of weekly specials.

    7 - Don’t join the gym





    Are you a fitness freak who thinks his life is incomplete without exercise? Don’t waste your precious bills on the gym. Study commitments will probably make you miss many days anyway. A better idea is to go running in a park or at a beach. Several beaches and parks in Australia have free fitness stations. So, you can exercise at home or run on tracks that don’t charge at all. Another alternative? Any free yoga or fitness classes being offered by your university.

    8 - Avail university-run health services

    Medical services




    Medical bills can pile up fast if you are not careful. Rather than going to a clinic or visiting a doctor somewhere in the city, turn to your university. Some health facilities such as counseling, dental checkups, etc. are likely to be offered for a substantially low cost by your university. Several times, such services are also offered to the university’s students for free.

    9 - Visit local markets and food stands

    Purchase groceries




    Australia, as mentioned above, is pretty expensive when it comes to eating out. It’s challenging to find places that offer cheap food. Which is why it is better to purchase groceries and cook at home. So, where you should buy fresh produce from? Check out farmers markets which have food stands which sell food for cheap. Looking for cheap entertainment? You can enjoy live music along with food and drinks in these markets. Moreover, clothing can also be bought from here.

    10 - Get a part-time job

    Doing job




    Whether you are a local Aussie student or a student who’s studying abroad, a part-time job can help you make and save money. On your student visa, you are allowed to commit to 40 hours of work in a fortnight. You can search for job openings on job boards or get in touch with your Resident Director who can assist you with finding a suitable job in the area. If you have skills such as copywriting, graphic designing, etc. you can find work online as well in marketplaces such as Upwork.

    To sum up, life as a student in Australia can be costly. Some ways you can save money include using coupons, shopping from local markets, using public transport and making the most of any university facilities or student perks available. 

  • What is Selenium Introduction to Selenium Automation Testing
  • Selenium is an open-source test automation tool that is widely used for testing web applications. It provides a set of APIs that allow testers to automate the testing of web applications across multiple browsers and platforms. Selenium can simulate user interactions with web pages, including clicks, inputs, and navigation, allowing testers to create automated test cases that mimic real user behavior.

    Selenium has several components, including:

    Selenium IDE: This is a record-and-playback tool that allows testers to create test cases by recording their interactions with a web application.

    Selenium WebDriver: This is the most popular component of Selenium, and it provides a set of APIs that allow testers to interact with web pages programmatically.

    Selenium Grid: This component allows testers to run tests in parallel across multiple browsers and platforms, making it easier to scale up testing efforts.

    Selenium supports multiple programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, Ruby, and JavaScript, making it a versatile tool that can be used by testers with different programming backgrounds. It also supports different browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari, allowing testers to test web applications across different platforms.

    Selenium is widely used for automation testing, which involves using software tools to run tests automatically, rather than manually. Automation testing can help testers save time and increase their efficiency, as well as improve the accuracy and reliability of test results. It can also reduce the risk of human error and ensure consistent testing, even as the application evolves and changes over time.
    Selenium is used by testers and developers to test web applications at different stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC), including:

    Unit testing: Selenium can be used to test individual units of code in a web application, helping developers catch and fix errors early in the development process.

    Integration testing: Selenium can be used to test the integration between different modules of a web application, ensuring that they work together correctly.

    Functional testing: Selenium can be used to test the functionality of a web application, ensuring that it meets the requirements and specifications.

    Regression testing: Selenium can be used to test a web application after changes or updates have been made, ensuring that existing functionality has not been affected.

    Acceptance testing: Selenium can be used to test a web application against the acceptance criteria set by the stakeholders, ensuring that it meets the expected standards and quality.

    Selenium can also be integrated with other tools and frameworks, such as TestNG, JUnit, and Cucumber, making it easier to manage and execute test cases.

    Selenium Training in Chennai is a leading provider of AWS training. They offer up-to-date and practical training programs so that you can get certified. If you are looking for a job, or if you want to move up the ranks, then this course will be perfect for you.

    Overall, Selenium is a powerful tool for automation testing of web applications. Its flexibility, versatility, and ease of use have made it a popular choice among testers and developers, helping them to increase their efficiency, reduce errors, and improve the quality of their applications.

  • Why are ML courses gradually gaining popularity among tech professionals in India
  • India is the most diverse and lucrative market for a plethora of business genres. The markets are extremely diverse and the circumstances make them ripe for new investments. New ventures are sprouting all across the map, and the trend of growth is least likely to seize anytime soon. After the pandemic, and due to the ongoing wars, even rapidly growing markets like India are suffering from unwanted devastations. The demands of the population are drastically changing at pace with the changing times. Failing to accept these changes can be a detrimental commercial failure. Thus, the engineers and tech professionals in our times must keep on upgrading their skill sets for matching the demands better and secure a sustainable career. 

    ML courses seem to be an ideal upgradation choice in 2022! Automation is mainstream these days. And the promise of efficiency is perhaps the only hope for getting through these precarious times. Machine learning entities if trained properly can help in outsourcing the mundane and important tasks that attract a lot of fatigue and prospects of accumulating errors. These crucial tasks, if neglected, can result in unmitigable disasters. Thus, adept Machine learning professionals in 2022 can command great value in the contemporary industry. And the skillset acquired today are least likely to become irrelevant in the recent future. 

    Online ML courses 

    An online course is all about flexibility. And ease of learning. An online course allows a student to learn at their own pace and take up as much knowledge as possible without harming their routine and responsibilities. For professionals in their mid-career, it is essential to maintain their jobs. Alongside all the familial responsibilities. Thus, an online course is often the most viable solution for professionals willing to embark on the most essential upgrade of their lives with an online course.

    Why in India?

    India is among the fastest-growing economies. And the scope of business is ever-increasing in the country. But the infrastructure and amenities in India need much work and automation support. And the commercial sectors are trying desperately to cope with the extremely dynamic circumstances. Machine learning professionals in India are thus, considered to be prized possessions both in the public and commercial sectors. 

    However, the responsibilities that are bestowed upon them are of absolute importance any incompetence in performing them can lead to the extinction of entire ventures. Thus, employers are reluctant to make risky hires and introduce freshers into their ranks. Hands-on, at-work training is thus essential for ML professionals vying for security and sustenance. And in India, due to the abundance of new and budding ventures, the opportunities for hands-on skill development are abundant. And the innovative environment allows a professional to choose from a variety of options by their strengths and interests. 

    What are the opportunities?


    • In the healthcare sector 

    We might not see mechanized doctors and nurses in a hospital anytime soon. But automation in healthcare is an inseparable phenomenon. We enjoyed an era of prosperity in genetics and proteomics. And this prosperity has led us into the era of personalized medicine. The healthcare sectors of India are rich with diverse medico historical data. And the same must be fully utilized for ensuring the emergence of personalized medicine in India. Machine learning tools are making this huge undertaking a possibility. 

    Furthermore, remote diagnosis is thriving in full swing. Patients living with the risk of a rapid onset disorder are being benefited greatly from the possibility of remote alarm. And machine learning tools are making this seeming dream come true! 

    • In traffic management 

    Traffic is perhaps the most important sector that is being benefited greatly by machine learning entities. The management of traffic in busy city streets has always been an expensive process. A great amount of human and financial resources is being devoted to these causes. And all that expense often fails to yield a desirable result. 

    Today the ordeals are being mitigated by adept deployment of cutting-edge tools and equipment like high throughput cameras, motion, and thermal sensors. And with machine learning tools at the helm of this massive tech deployment, the situation is brightening by the day. Today a rogue vehicle and even the driver can be spotted from almost a mile away. And prosecuted with a lightning-fast pace. 

    • In marketing 

    Marketing in 2022 is an extremely data-dependent process. Huge chunks of purchase, preference, temporal and investment data of entire populations are being used. For pinpointing the most ideal customers at the most opportune of times. When they need a product and are willing to invest in the same. Machine learning analytics and engagement tools are being heavily used for these operations. Chatbots, ad suggestion bots, and even customer support/after-sales assistance bots are being used in the sector with a high degree of success. 

    • In security

    Remote security is enabling security teams to protect large operational areas with fewer boots on the ground. In addition to that, the response time in case of the presence of a remote security system is naturally better and perhaps remarkable. 

    These systems work with both silent and deterring alarms. And can provide the details of a breach with utmost precision. Thus, stopping the same in its tracks is easier with machine learning tools that are at the helm of operating these technologies. Given the precariousness of times; Indian security services are expected to follow a path of rapid upgradation. And thus, taking up ML courses followed by the necessary training can ensure a sustainable and fulfilling career. 


    The flourishing of ML courses in India is not a sporadic or spontaneous event. The need for more efficiency and finesse is fueling the propagation of this amazing discipline. As a result, getting industry-aligned education and getting placed is not a challenge, but rather a fulfilling experience. The aforementioned sectors are just the most prominent ones and discussing them is like scratching the surface. The opportunities are abundant beyond telling, and the ones ready for the grab are certain to taste success shortly.  


  • Unleashing the Power of Positive Publicity and Word-of-Mouth for Cabin or Container Houses
  • One of Malaysia's most well-known suppliers of movable cabins, mobile homes is Smarttiny. Cottages, heavy-duty cabins, light-duty cabins, portable lavatory cabins, storage containers, homestays and cottages are all possible living arrangements for construction workers. Additionally, they provide accommodations that have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate their visitors' needs. The most popular brand of portable cabins in Malaysia is Smarttiny. Get pricing on cabins in Malaysia by contacting Smarttiny.

    Positive press and word-of-mouth are vital resources for luring customers and establishing a strong brand presence in the travel and hospitality industries. With their distinctive and ecological appeal, cabin and container homes have become popular travel destinations that may draw in a lot of media attention, enthral social media influencers, and even draw in celebrities. In this essay, we examine how these unique lodgings use the influence of good press and word-of-mouth to highlight their advantages, enticing a worldwide audience and altering how people see travel and living situations.


    The appeal of unconventional living is as follows:

    Providing a fusion of rustic appeal and environmentally responsible architecture that captures the imagination, cabin and container homes are the epitome of atypical living situations. Their unusual architecture, surrounded by beautiful scenery, immediately captures the eye and piques interest.

    Media sources find cabin and container homes to be an interesting subject matter since they are constantly looking for new and unique topics. Articles and stories on these distinctive lodgings frequently highlight their environmental awareness, creative design, and the chance they offer for a significant getaway from the grind.


    Social Media and the Development of Influencers:

    Influencers have enormous potential to affect trends and consumer preferences in the social media era. With their gorgeous settings and appealing looks, cabin and container homes are an ideal choice for influencers looking to promote their adventurous and eco-friendly lifestyles.

    On websites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, influencers who live in cabins and shipping containers post intriguing photos and videos. They emphasise the stunning views, the comfort of the lodgings, and the special opportunity to coexist with nature.

    Influencers' sharing of real experiences and appealing imagery connects with their followers, motivating them to put these lodgings on their wish lists for future travel. These postings and tales have a domino effect that broadens the audience for cabin and container homes worldwide.


    The Influence of Celebrity Endorsement:


    A celebrity's impact may be enormous when they recommend a service or activity. Celebrities are interested in cabin and container homes because of its combination of luxury, seclusion, and sustainability.

    Away from the prying eyes of the press, celebrities frequently choose cabin and container homes as their holiday destination. Through social media postings or interviews, they recommend these lodgings, which produces a lot of exposure because fans and the media are interested in finding out more about the getaway locations of their favourite celebrities.

    Additionally, because to its eco-friendly construction and design, cabin and container homes are especially popular among celebrities who support sustainable living and environmental concerns. Their support not only advertises the lodgings but also creates a greater understanding of the value of responsible and ethical tourism.


    Hosts of TV programmes and documentaries include:

    Television producers and documentary filmmakers have also been drawn to the appeal of cabin and shipping container homes. These lodgings are frequently highlighted as premier instances of eco-friendly and adventurous vacations in TV programmes and films about sustainable living, minimalist lifestyles, and uncommon travel experiences.

    These television appearances act as potent testimonies, showing an interested and varied audience the advantages of cabin and container homes. The experiences of actual guests at these lodgings inspire viewers, creating a desire to go out on their own journeys and adopt sustainable living.


    Sustainable Travel & Tourism Awards:

    In the fields of ecotourism and sustainable tourism, cabin and container homes have won honours and acclaim. These lodgings' efforts to responsible tourism and environmental conservation are recognised by industry awards and certifications.

    By winning or being nominated for such renowned prizes, cabin and container homes can gain great attention and demonstrate their dedication to environmental sustainability. Award-winning lodgings are attracted by eco-conscious travellers, which boosts demand for and interest in these distinctive living situations.


    Partnerships & Collaborations:

    Cabin and container houses frequently work with companies and groups that share their beliefs and goals. These collaborations may entail campaigns to promote sustainable living, eco-friendly product development, or cooperative efforts to assist regional nonprofits and environmental projects.

    Through these partnerships, cabin and container homes are made more widely known and are exposed to new audiences with like-minded interests and values. These lodgings are known for being moral and progressive places thanks to their beneficial associations with like-minded businesses and organisations.


    Transforming how people view travel:

    Cabin and container house-related media coverage, social media buzz, and celebrity endorsements have significantly changed how people see travel and lodging options. A new narrative about travel as a conscious and ethical exploration of the globe challenges the perception of travel as a luxury-driven, wasteful pastime.

    Cabin and container homes became emblems of environmentally friendly and authentic travel thanks to favourable press and word-of-mouth. Travellers look for similar activities that prioritise connection with nature and little environmental effect after being inspired by the tales and experiences of others.


    A Worldwide Community of Advocacy:

    The popularity of cabin and container homes fosters a sense of community among tourists who are passionate about eco-friendly travel and sustainable living. A global network of supporters who share a passion for these distinctive lodgings is created through internet forums and word-of-mouth referrals.

    This worldwide network of supporters goes beyond the online space. Following their stays, visitors to cabin and container homes become ardent proponents, telling others about their memorable occasions. Their unique perspectives and sincere recommendations serve as potent magnets for luring new customers and building a devoted following.



    Cabin and container homes have attracted media outlets, social media influencers, and celebrities alike, acting as catalysts for good press and word-of-mouth. These lodgings draw interest from a global audience looking for distinctive and meaningful travel experiences thanks to their unorthodox appeal, ecological ethos, and breathtaking locations. A new age of conscientious and ethical tourism has been made possible by the transformative power of good publicity and word-of-mouth. As more tourists take advantage of cabin and container homes' advantages, they join a rising movement for a more sustainable and thoughtful exploration of the globe.














  • Guide to help you Identify the Best Insurance Policies for Your Small Business
  • When it comes to Insurance, many people still feel they are giving out money that is more of a waste. But is insuring one’s property, life, business… really wastage of money?

    Let’s start by looking at what insurance is all about.

    Insurance coverage is a form of risk mitigation or risk management whereby an entity undertakes to safeguard against future financial losses. It is a proactive measure to redirect lost to an entirely different entity usually an insurance company. Any risk that can be measure or quantify in financial terms can be insured and business insurance is an example. The cost and amount of coverage policies vary depending on both the quantity of risk and the insurers (insurance company). Therefore, you should discuss your specific business risks and the types of insurance available with your insurance agent or broker before buying any insurance policy. Your agency can advise you on the exact types of insurance you should consider purchasing.

    When starting a new business, entrepreneurs are usually too busy with business planning and executing their vision that they often forget to plan to handle risks that may arise. Unfortunately, bad things you don’t expect happen to the most conscientious business owners. While it’s a nice thought, things like positive thinking and good luck will probably not protect your business from losses. Luckily enough there are small business insurance that can protect you from every direction.

    What Is Business Insurance?

    When we talk of business or small business insurance, we are referring to all the different types of coverage available to protect business owners from losses. By this we mean you can cover your business vehicles and properties, provide health insurance for your employees, protect against legal claims against your business like workers’ compensation and medical bills.


    Why Do I Need Business Insurance?

    They are many reasons why your business, no matter its size needs some level of risk coverage. These include;

    Risk and potential threats to success: every business faces some degree of risk and threats to its success and continuation. Knowing what types of polices for your business can help protect you and your business as much as possible. Remember that you, your employee, and customers need to be protected. To better safeguard your business, identify the right small business insurance for your business before buying any policy.

    Employee protection: Every business that hire different individuals either on permanently or part time basis need to protect them. An employee can have an accident or a health condition that could be related to their work or working environment that may be entitled to financial support for medical bills and lost earnings if you are found to be negligent. Employee’ liability is a legal obligation even if your employees are on a part-time or casual basis.

    To protect the public and your customers: These are the ones most likely to sue you when something goes wrong. For example if your product or services cause harm or injury to a member of the public, or your customer, your business could face compensation claims of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your business can benefit from product liability insurance which ensures payments are made for you.

    Damage to assets: Is it possible to run your business when your assets are damage or destroy? Of course no! You will surely want small business insurance that offer protection to your business assets. Theft or damage to your equipment, vehicle or premises can happen at any time and could handicraft your business. A failure of a key supplier or customer could mean financial losses or difficulties. Thus whatever the risks you face, the right small business insurance can provide protection tailored to protect you from them.

    Home Business: One reason small business owners forgo insurance is due to confusion arisen from what may already be covered by their homeowner’s and renter’s policy. Surprisingly, most rental real estate owners have little or no coverage from their homeowner’s policy. Thus, if you file a homeowner’s (or renter’s) claim for losses sustained by a previously undisclosed home-based business, your insurance company may refuse covering it or may even cancel your policy. Thus whether you are doing business at your home, or out of an office you’ll be smart to have an insurance policy. The amount of your sales doesn’t count but rather the amount of loss you could face should something go wrong.


    There is no need to let your doubts land you into huge loses. Seek advice even if you think your business don’t have enough assets to be sued, you still need business insurance. This is because absolutely anyone can be sued and judgments can be collected through wage garnishments and bank account seizures. Indeed, the smaller your business, the more likely you can be held personally liable for debts through your personal assets. This is one thing you don’t want to risk, thus buying and insurance policy to mitigate that risk is the only option left.


    Types of Business Insurance

    1. General Liability Insurance

    Entrepreneurs or business owners buy general liability insurance policy to mitigate loses that may arise from accident, injuries and negligence. This policy mitigates payments arisen from property damage, medical expenses, injury, slander, libel, the cost of defending lawsuits in court, and settlement bonds or judgments required during an appeal procedure.


    2. Product Liability Insurance

    Businesses that manufacture, sell in bulk (wholesale), distribute, and retail a product may be liable for its safety. Product liability insurance policy covered against financial loss as a result of a defect product that causes injury or bodily harm. The amount of insurance you purchase usually depends on the products you sell or manufacture. A chemical store or manufacture has far more risk and therefore high amount than a fashion store.


    3. Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional liability insurance (also known as error and omission insurance) is generally for business owners providing services. This type of liability coverage policy protects businesses against error, malpractice, and negligence in provision of services to your customers. In relation to your profession, you may be oblige or required by your state government to buy a professional liability policy. For example, medical practitioners are required to purchase malpractice insurance as a pre-condition of practicing in certain states.


    4. Commercial Property Insurance

    Property insurance policy covers everything in relation to the loss and damage of company properties (buildings, equipment…) that can arise from a wide variety of events such as smoke, fire, wind and hail storms, vandalism and civil disobedience. The definition of "property" is broad, but genrally includes buildings, lost income, business interruption, computers, company papers and money.

    There are two types of property insurance policy;

    (1) all-risk policies covering a wide range of incidents and perils except those noted in the policy. They are usually purchased to cover risks faced by an average small business.

    (2) peril-specific policies that cover losses from only those perils listed in the policy. Examples include fire, flood, and crime. They are usually purchased when there is high risk of peril in a certain area.


    5. Home-Based Business Insurance

    A home-based business insurance policy does not generally provide coverage to all losses or risks associated with a home-based business. In relation to risks to your business, you may need to purchase a homeowners' insurance policy to cover normal business risks such as property damage. Unfortunately, homeowners' policies only go so far in protecting home-based businesses and you may need to purchase additional policies to protect you from other loses, such as professional liability.


    6. Directors and other Staff Insurance

    This type of insurance policy covers the directors and staff of a company against their actions that affect the profitability or operations of the company. If a director of your company, in the event of carrying out or accomplishing their tasks, finds themselves in a legal situation, this insurance policy will cover costs or damages as a result of a lawsuit.


    7. Commercial Auto Insurance

    Commercial auto insurance policy provides protection against company’s vehicles. By this you can cover vehicles that transport your employee, products or equipment from collisions and damage. On the other hand, if you do not have company vehicles you should purchase a non-owned auto liability insurance policy, if employees drive their own cars on company business to protect the company in case the employee does not have insurance nor has inadequate coverage. Often times the non-owned auto liability policy will be added to your BOP policy.


    8. Data Breach Liability Insurance

    You need a data breach liability insurance policy if your business stores sensitive or non-public information about your clients or employees on your computers’ servers or in paper files; you are responsible for protecting that information. In a situation where there is a breach, either electronically or from a paper file, your data breach insurance policy will provide protection against the loss.


    9. Renter’s Liability Insurance

    This is a sub policy of homeowner’s insurance policy which applies only to those whose who rent their home. The renter’s liability insurance policy protects against damage to the contents of the property, personal injury within the home and the physical property.


    10. Life Liability Insurance

    Life liability insurance (or life insurance) policy protects an individual against death. If you purchase a life insurance policy, the insurance company pays a certain amount of money to your beneficiary upon your death. Normally, you are required to pay a premium in exchange for the payment of benefits to the beneficiary. This is one of the most important insurance policies because it allows for peace of mind. Buying a life insurance is a means to provide for financial security or stability to your love ones upon your death.


    11. Personal Automobile Insurance

    This is another very important type of insurance policy. Automobile insurance policy covers all road vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc.). This insurance has a dual function, that is, it offer protecting against both bodily injury and physical damage resulting from a crash, and also other liabilities that might arise from the collision.


    12. Personal Umbrella Insurance

    This is generally an additional coverage on top of the insurance policies you already purchased. Personal umbrella insurance covers beyond the regular policies. This insurance can cover different kinds of liabilities, such as auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance. Generally, it is sold in increments of $1 million and is used only when liability on other policies has been exhausted.


    13. Business Owner’s Insurance:

    A business owner policy (BOP) is a package of all required coverage a business owner may need (such as life insurance, liability insurance, property insurance, umbrella insurance, auto insurance and home-based insurance). Based on your company’s specific needs, you can alter what is included in your BOP. A business owner will save money by choosing a BOP because the bundle of services often costs less than the total cost of all the individual coverage’s.


    Insurance Leads

    When it comes to obtaining customers and raising revenue, sales leads are the champion and very vital to any business success.

    An insurance lead is a person who has indicated interest in one or more insurance policy in an insurance company.Insurance leads are very important to every insurance business especially to brokers as it provide vital information to follow up and close deals.

    There are many insurance leads generation strategies you can implement to attract, and convert strangers and prospects. These strategies include active social media (Facebook and Twitter) campaigns, direct email marketing, referrals, networking and inbound advertising.

    The secret of insurance leads conversion is relationships. Keep closer relationship with buyers at all levels down the insurance policy buying process. A stable relationship gives your customers confidence and trust in your offer. All leads need to be nurture somehow to increase their chances to convert. Nurtured insurance leads make 49% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

    Insuring your business shouldn’t be considered a waste but rather an avenue for meaningful investment. Just like any other aspect of your business success, you should devote time to plan your insurance policy and identify those that fit your business best. Your small business insurance is really a long term investment and should be tackled with an equal importance as you do your goals.

  • Don’t Let Your Bathtub Hold You Back
  • Sometimes as you age, navigating the tub becomes harder than you’d like it to be. Between lowering yourself in and out and the possibility for slips on the rim, a once relaxing spot can quickly turn hazardous. The solution to this might be simpler than you think. A tub to shower conversion in Williamsport can eliminate these problems so that your nightly bath is once again the relaxing experience it’s intended to be.

    You’ll find that many companies keep you in mind when they do tub to shower conversions. For instance, your shower can come with a seat and a sliding door, as well safety grab bars so that you don’t have to worry about getting unsteady on your feet. You may also customize your shower to fit in with your current décor. Some companies provide shower bases in numerous styles and colors.

    A tub to shower conversion in Williamsport may also keep you from scrubbing your tub. Some companies install showers that are grout-free and resistant to mildew and mold. Cleaning will usually be a cinch because you might be able to use just soap and water. Several companies offer conversions that include shower bases which don’t crack or peel so your shower will last forever!

    In order to see what your new shower might look like, a visit to the showroom is usually a good idea. Some showrooms have interactive design centers so that you can stand and sit in most of the showers you’re considering. If you want to see a grab bar in a different location, a representative can usually bring one over to show you what the difference would be. By the time you leave, you’ll know exactly what your new shower will be like because you’ll have spent a good deal of time sitting in it.

    When you realize your tub isn’t working for you anymore, consider a tub to shower conversion in Williamsport. This could allow you to maintain your freedom and keep enjoying the experience of a nightly bath.

  • Should You Make the Switch to Energy-Efficient Windows?
  • In today’s more environmentally-conscious society, the rising popularity of energy efficient windows in Cranberry, PA is palpable. These highly sought-after windows are infamous for their ability to reduce energy costs on both an individual and societal level. But with their higher cost than traditional windows, many homeowners often wonder whether or not to make the switch. Here are some of the most obvious benefits of energy-efficient windows.


    One of the direct benefits of energy efficient windows is better heating and cooling. During the winter months, thin, single pane windows are notorious for allowing heat to escape from your home. Similarly, during the summer months, heat enters with greater ease and cool air escapes. Homeowners who do not have energy efficient windows in Cranberry, PA experience higher energy costs at these peak times. Installing energy-efficient windows can help alleviate this issue and significantly reduce your yearly energy costs.


    Energy efficient windows also improve interior comfort levels. In hot weather, radiant heat can find itself trapped in the glass, with the same thing happening with cold air during winter. This increased or decreased window pane temperature can greatly influence the internal temperature of your home. Energy efficient windows can even assist with reducing drafts during the winter and solar radiation during the summer.


    Older windows are also more prone to frost and condensation than energy efficient windows in Cranberry, PA. This is usually the result of interior humidity levels, which can give the impression that a room is hotter or colder than it actually is. As with other issues, most homeowners turn to their heating system to solve this problem. More energy-friendly windows utilize a unique glazing system that prevents the formation of interior and exterior condensation.


    In general, homeowners who install energy-efficient windows tend to see a variety of benefits. With the improved heating and cooling provided by these impressive windows, many people see a 15-40% reduction in their energy costs. Many homeowners may also be eligible for varying tax breaks after installing energy efficient windows in Cranberry, PA. With the extraordinary savings and environmentally-friendly designs, installing these new-age windows can significantly improve the quality of your life.

  • How to Live a Debt Free Life
  • A lot of people are just so drowned in debts that they believe that there is no way out for them. If you happen to be among these persons, start by noting that there is a way out from this mess. You can make it out of debts even when completely drowned. You can decide to take the first step today out of debts which will change the whole of your life and permeate you to live a joyous debt free life.

    So many people are highly tensed and stressed up on this issue of debts. Some have developed illnesses because of this. Thereby not being able to enjoy life the way they should. I have discussed with a man who told me that his single biggest rerate in his adult life was to finance his life choices after college with debts. The debts caused him a lot of pain and stress. He said he used part of the debt to purchase a vehicle which he no longer had, used part to purchase lots of electronics which he no longer owned, used part to purchase lots of expensive restaurant meals which he couldn’t even remember. What was impressive was that he realized his mistake, which was going into debt just to live a luxurious life for a short period because he believed that living a modern life demanded that he gets into debts.

    This friend of mine failed in several ways as he squandered the money he obtained through debts on unnecessary things, those that were not important at the moment. Before he could realize, he had no more money at hand yet he was to pay off all the debts he owed. However, he was able to come out of debts and is presently living a debt free life; one that he enjoys very much and recommends others to do same as he did.

    It is worth noting that coming out of debts is only half of the main battle to win. The next part to complete it has to do with staying out of future debts and still living a normal modern life. The later can be quite challenging but not impossible. That’s why we are writing to you in order to assist you go through this challenging task with noting to regret. In addition, we shall also be presenting to you the different ways on how to live mortgage free.

    Before moving forth, it is worth noting that this process of freeing yourself from debts won’t truly be an easy one yet very possible. This is because it entails you live on a tight budget for months. At times it can take you years to completely free yourself from debts. It is highly tempting to feel that the pressure is over whenever you reach zero. At such points, the tendency that you return back to debts is very high if you aren’t careful enough. You may start thinking about vacations, how to move to a nicer house, organizing parties etc. And before you realize yourself, you are already back into debts. That is why we are not only going to assist you out of debts but are also going to assist you in remaining debt free while living a modern life.


    Determination is the key to total debt freedom. Reaching the point where you no longer owe any debts requires lots of sacrifice and determination. You need to make up your mind and decide to move towards life when you are asked to choose between life or debt. If you successfully make up your determination, you’ll end up overcoming all the obstacles found on your way. A strong mind set is necessary to overcome challenges and difficulties. These challenges are bound to come your way when you are seeking how to live mortgage free and also how to free yourself from consumer debts.

    Refuse new sources of credit

    Refusing new sources of credit is important in freeing yourself from debts be it consumer debts or some other form. If you have unpaid credit cards, the first thing to do when you are moving towards total debt freedom is to say no to new credit cards. The tendency for so many people to pick up new credit cards or take up new loans on others is very high but also very bad. This way of living should be abolished by someone seeking freedom from debts. Take a firm decision of yours which has to do with refusing new sources of credit cards. In this way, you will better concentrate on paying off the present debt. It is no great deal if you continue to take new credit cards to pay off the old ones. It makes no change as there is instead a greater possibility that your debts move up to a higher level which is undesired and will only cause you more harm than good. Even if you are undergoing hard times to pay off the debts, which is normal, take things simple and don’t rush to get a new credit card. Be patient and persistent to the end. Accept all the challenges and sacrifices that you are undergoing in order to choose life or debt. These challenges and difficulties should be seen as the price that you are paying in order to free yourself from consumer debt as well as other forms of debts. If you are lucky enough to have successfully reached the level of total debt freedom, you are called to even be more cautious for ‘’old habits die hard’’.

    Stop using your saving account until your debt is fully paid off

    Experts often advice that a professional worker or business man should have about 3 to 6 times the equivalence of his salary in saving form. Yeah, it’s interesting but we find that this should apply only when you are already in total debt freedom. It is not advisable to save money while you are in debts. Above all, peace of mind should stand ahead. First clear your conscience and have peace by paying off all your debt. When you must have struggled until wiped your debt records, secure your future and prevent the collection of further loans and credit cards. Make it a habit that at least 25% of your salary every month is kept aside in your saving account. Without doubt, this will certainly be of great help to you in the future. 

    Track all your expenditure

    Whenever you decide to live a debt free life, if it happens that you are still owing any money, start by paying it off. You can schedule a plan on how to pay off all your debts and live a debt free life. Make sure that in this plan, you include the process of tracking all that you spend in order to sit back latter and analyse the expenses. If you find that you are still making unnecessary spending, put out a strategy to bring an end to this. If you are presently free from debts and want to have total debt freedom for life, it is worth tracking all your spending down to the least. It should be noted that even people without debts have limits to their finances. If you fail doing this then your chances of getting back to credit is very high. No matter the way you take to track your spending, the key point here is to start feeling the spending that you are making. Most people spend without even being conscious of what they are doing might be because they are simply using cards or spending in little amounts. But at the end when this amount is calculated they look alarming than never as if they were not the ones who used the money. Tracking will guide and help you to realize if you are overspending or you are not. With a perfect knowledge of how your money is used, you notice abnormalities and take precautions to stay away from debt.

    Carefully plan your finance

    In everything we do in life, a plan is very important. A plan represents the first step in any successful activity being carried out. Failing to plan for success is planning to fail. That goes same for finances. Here, we can see why people even get into debts. It is simply because they failed to better plan their finances ahead. A good example can be observed in cases where a person fails to better plan his finances ahead and at the point his vehicle fails, the first thing or option that comes at hand is to get a loan in order to purchase a new one. This is because this vehicle is highly important for them in order to move to their job sites. And in most cases, it is observed that these debts end up lasting even more than the vehicles themselves. This is not the case with a person who predicts and saves for the purchase of a new car should in case that he is using fails him. There are also several feasts all in a year such as the new year festival and Christmas periods. During these periods, several people end up getting in debts because they had not fully planned how to unfold their preparations for the different events they decide to celebrate. In order to prevent these situations that present challenges in making a better choice from life or debts, the only solution is to plan ahead of time. You may decide to pick up a part time job to fund such occasions or reduce expenditure on other things. By so doing, you will free yourself from all sudden consumer debts that can likely arise.

    Increase your income

    So many will appreciate to have their incomes increased but they do not really know how to go about this process. Here, you need to start by understanding that income comes as a function of your input. For this reason, start by increasing your competence by taking additional classes and being the best in all that you do. Increase the outcome of your company with your new skills. Move up to the director with confidence and discuss things out with him. Tell him about your desire to have your salary increased, and make sure to back your request with concrete points as basis for salary increase. Apart from your main job, there exist several other activities besides it that you can adopt in order to earn extra cash. Looking in to your talents, aren’t you having something else that you can offer for money. Once you are able to make surplus money at the end of the month then your chances of living total debt freedom is highly elevated.

    Always keep an emergency fund beside

    Life is full of unpredictable situations which we have absolutely no control over. However, we can only expect that things that we had not planned for end up occurring against our wish. A person who has planned for an unpredictable situation is always ready to face it. So there is just no way for such a person to end up in debts. Keeping aside an emergency fund is one of the unavoidable things to do for someone who wants to live total debt free. A few persons who succeeded to reach debt freedom returned to debt. Such money that is kept aside by a wise person can be accessed at any moment during an emergency situation. Just imagine that you wake up one morning and you are about to leave for your job just to realize that you vehicle needs proper maintenance, it’s something you need in order to move to your job site to make money. If you are not having ready money reserved for emergency situations, you’ll end up getting back to loans. Thus you compromise your total debt freedom.

    Start a business of your own

    At the beginning, it’s just normal to work for somebody else because of lack of finances or experience to get on your feet. It’s very normal and I even find that it’s the best step to take as you’ll end up being better placed to manage your own business than he who went directly and started their own business without previous working experience earned under someone. Just be very attentive to all what is going on in the business, kindly observe how the business is being managed, how it unfolds, its weaknesses and strength. While doing all these things, it is wise to keep aside money with which you plan to start your own business. The time might seem long but being focus and determined will push you to full success. Once you have acquired the necessary knowledge needed to manage your own business and also the necessary amount of money needed to start something of yours, then it’s time to stand on your feet and take control. At the beginning, you do not really need to start big, start with what you have at hand and with time and proper management, you’ll end up reaching were you want.

    Simplify your life

    When asked to choose either life or debt, it is wise to choose life and live it very simple with peace of mind than to choose debt and live a short moment of luxury followed with several years of crying and grinding of teeth. Always brainstorm for ways on how to reduce your expenses. Take care of all that you have and avoid trying to get what it’s not at your reach.

    Be contented with what is at hand

    As long as we are not contented with what we have, our chances of getting back to consumer debts and other forms of debts remain extremely high thereby compromising our total debt freedom plan. We are to learn that it is not all that we see that we must get. We should learn to deny ourselves and our children certain things which can compromise our total debt freedom. So many people go in to debts just to live luxurious lives which ruin them in a lesser time than they believed it will. At the end of the day they are left with nothing to remember of the pleasure they once had apart from the call of debts to be paid off in a nearby future. It is no doubt that when choosing from life or debt, life is what matters most and should greatly be valued. However, it should be noted that life can be compromised by debts. Any debtor will agree with me that he is disturbed physically and physiologically. And this is even worst in case he does not know how to get the money and pay off the debts. Thus everyone is called upon to show great satisfaction to what they already have and cherish it with their hearts. This will prevent them from picking loans and new credit cards in order to try a life which is not theirs. Always find joy in your family and all those surrounding you. No matter how poor you might think you are, you are more than somebody and in a better position to assist someone else. When you look at what you have with esteem, there are very low chances that you get back to loans and compromise your total debt freedom. Researches have been conducted and found that when we start appreciating what we already have, we think less of upgrading or adding. This is very important for anyone who has to choose between life or debt. Leaving a life full of debts at times seems not to be life at all. It should be noted that happiness is not equal to spending and that if we start by valuing what we have, we’ll obviously spend less than we plan.

    It has been noticed that as days go by, worries over the cost of mortgage keeps on rising. This makes it very vital for any person with additional cash to take smart decisions of reducing their debt burden. We only need to be a little more persistent, cunny, and resistant in order to pay off our mortgages early. This brings us to the different ways on how to live mortgage free.

    Consider making regular overpayments

    In order to make overpayments, people do not really need to be in possession of flexible mortgages to be able to carry out this task. It is worth noting that there exist several lenders who are willing and will actually permeate you to overpay. In most cases, it is usually up to 10% of your mortgage a year. Although there exist several lenders who are only willing to permeate you to make regular lump sums at particular periods of the year, it is wise to be able to make regular monthly overpayments.

    Carry out lump sum overpayments

    One of the ways on how to live mortgage free is to gather your money and deliver a clear lump sum overpayment. In a long run, this will turn unto your advantage. Several people who have done this have attest of its effectiveness. As we all know in life, you can have much money today but tomorrow it is not the case. The whole story changes around. So if you are financially stable today, why not finalize your mortgage in this way.

    Use an offset mortgage

    This is another special way on how to live mortgage free. With this method, you simple set up a saving or current account with your lender in order to secure a live mortgage. The money that is deposited in this account is that which is then set against your mortgage debt in order to provide a day-to-day interest rate calculation.

    Using offsets alongside their bonuses

    Depending on your desire you can go as far as living a mortgage-free within 10 years as was the case with Lesley. Here you use your offsets together with bonuses to secure your mortgage for a length of time. Thus you won’t have to worry over a particular period of time about how to pay your mortgage and this will also prevent you from getting into debts.

    We can all conclude at this point that it is possible for a person in debt to fully pay of his depth and maintain total debt freedom all through their life by simply following the few steps discussed above. Good luck in living your debt free life. 

  • Best Nature Spots to Visit In Sarasota
  • Most people think of a vacation as a way to de-stress from their everyday lives. Some people go to the museum, others check where the most delicious flavors are, and some just want to reconnect with nature. And sometimes, reconnect with nature is not necessarily the easiest thing to do - most of the natural park after all, far from the hustle and bustle of the city so you may have to travel far to get there. Fortunately travel and tourism we are today, the various modes of transport are always available at the touch of a finger - even something like Sarasota Birthday Party Bus , if you can believe it.
    So even if it's your birthday or not, and you just want to get away for a bit and relax, there is always something to do.

    Siesta Key Beach
    Hailed by many magazines and newspapers as one of the best beaches in the world, Siesta Key Beach has beautiful, white, fine sand. Unlike most other beaches with coral sand, Siesta Key is composed of 99% quartz, crushed into powder, white powder. This not only makes smooth to the touch, but also large disperse heat from the sun, so no matter what time of day you visit, the sand will always be cool to walk on.

    shallow beach area also extends quite far from the beach, so if you bring the kids, this also makes it relatively safer for them. There is also a playground and picnic tables if you want some time to relax with family ties. If you are more active, check for volleyball and tennis!

    Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
    What would this list if we do not mention the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens? If you're looking for a place to relax in Sarasota, then this might just be the place for you.
    Fronting Sarasota Bay, you will find a variety of orchids, bromeliads, ferns, cycads, bamboo, trees, and other types of plant life here. There is also a wooden boardwalk through a mangrove forest, and as an extra treat, you will see an excellent view of the bay.
    A butterfly garden, a garden rain forest, hanging bridges, koi ponds, Amazon village, adventure trail, and waterfalls just some beautiful scenery you'll get to experience here.
    Of course, you then can end your visit with a souvenir from the gift shop on the premises. Of course.

    Myakka River State Park
    The Myakka River flows through about 58 square miles, so you will have plenty of beautiful river views - and a myriad of wildlife - to see and enjoy.
    But beyond this amazing river, there are also two beautiful lakes in this area, and if you're tired of hiking along the way, you can also go kayaking, canoeing, and even fishing! But if you would just prefer to totally relax and not move, there are tours you can take that will take you around on a tram or amphibians!

    Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary
    This list would not be complete if we did not tell you about a place where wildlife is the main event! That's the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary, where you will not only see, of course, the big cats, but also sheep, goats, donkeys, camels, bears, monkeys, apes, and all sorts of birds. But going back to the real big cat quickly, they also have a liger - ie, half tiger, half lion beast!
    So whether you just want a day or adventurous scenery on the beach, river, or lake, or go relax with beautiful animals, Sarasota certainly has all that and more in store for you!

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  • Team Leader II Windhoek
  • Responsibilities

    • Contribute to cost efficiencies through responsible utilisation of work related resources

    • Deliver customer service through adherence to quality service standards

    • Build and maintain stakeholder relationships

    • Comply with relevant statutory, legislative, policy and governance requirements and adhere to processes and procedures related to area of specialisation

    • Ensure operational excellence through the delivery of work processes according to defined quality standards

    • Provision of an efficient administration service through careful and timeous planning, reporting, and updating of all related information

    • Collate, manage, and report on daily, weekly, monthly operational progress as aligned to strategic objectives

    • Manage team delivery against goals in the area of responsibility

    • Participate in Talent Management practices and processes in line with HR policies and procedures • Manage performance of employees by clearly defining goals and objectives... and providing direction, coaching and regular feedback

    • Ensure skills are transferred in specific functions

    • Ensure conflict resolution and respond to any complaints or concerns

    • Set relevant stretch goals for team and motivate achievement

    • Proactive supervision of people to avoid customer breakdown by managing and resolving all customer queries efficiently, and within agreed timelines

    • Track, control, and influence activities with the specific aim to increase and improve operational efficiencies

    Additional Requirements

    • In accordance with National Credit Act (NCA) candidates applying for this role will require a credit record check

    • No Referral plan is assigned to this job Qualifications and Experience

    • Minimum Qualification - 3 year industry related Diploma with NQF 6 certification

    • Experience - Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar

    Please submit your application before 08 August 2023.

    For Inquiries, please contact Ferdrika Sedi at [email protected]
    Windhoek Namibia

  • Deputy Editor, Top Ten Reviews United Kingdom
  • Top Ten Reviews has been writing about the best consumer products and services for over 16 years. Our goal is to help you live better, smarter, and healthier in your day-to-day lives. We cover a broad range of topics - from gas grills to mortgage refinance companies - but everything we put onto our site has been written and edited by experts in their fields.

    We’re looking for a Deputy Editor to join the Top Ten Reviews team, where you’ll manage the commissioning, creation, editing and publishing of all content, as well as day to day site management. You’ll manage a team of digital-first content writers, directing them to create world class content. You’ll also work closely with the Editor on reviews and ecommerce strategy.

    What you’ll be doing

    As Deputy Editor at Top Ten Reviews, you’ll spearhead reviews and ecommerce content and strategy, deliver the digital content strategy for the website, liaising with key stakeholders to plan and build out content pyramids.

    You’ll ensure... TTR’s content is in-depth, high quality and SEO-driven, act as a mentor, nurturing talent and leading on best practice. Ensure all content delivered is to the required standards of quality and depth, and adheres to best SEO practices

    As well as this, you’ll regularly update existing pieces on a cycle, commission freelance writers, edit and publish their work and deputise for the Editor on all digital matters as and when required, including liaising with the commercial team.

    Experience that will put you ahead of the curve…
    • Experience of creating content for websites and be able to point to the experience, learning and skills you’ll be bringing into the role
    • First-rate SEO expertise and a keen interest in and understanding of analytical tools, which you’ll use to form your content crafting.
    • Expertise in identifying keywords and building content pyramids
    • Exceptional writing and editing skills - from the ability to write snappy headlines to tight grammar control, through to the ability to choose just the right image to draw people in

    What's in it for you…

    We have a number of awesome perks available to our staff. We offer huge opportunities to learn and develop, whether through professional qualifications, exposure to incredible business projects or informal lunch & learns, hosted by your colleagues. We have a fantastic culture where we really do care about our people and want everyone to succeed. Varied roles mean you’re not pigeonholed in to one finite area but get the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and experience

    And to top it all off, not only do we offer unlimited holiday because we trust you to manage your workload and time but we also offer a share in our success whereby every member of staff receives a profit pool bonus at the end of our financial year
    • Internal job family level E4.

    Who are we…

    We’re Future. We’re 3000+ colleagues over 250+ brands speaking to 400 million people every month across the globe through websites, events and magazines. We’ve got ambitious plans that build on our growth momentum and unlock new opportunities and we’re looking for talented people who want to be a part of it.

    Want to know more…

    Our Future, Our Responsibility - Inclusion and Diversity at Future

    We have a voice and we’re going to use it. We promote diversity and inclusion not just in our recruitment processes, but everything we do. We’re an equal opportunity employer and we will continue to ensure our recruitment process is free of bias and our workplaces are inclusive, positive, free of discrimination and respecting of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our culture is underpinned by our values and employees - current and future - are treated with respect and fairness. Find out more about Our Future, Our Responsibility on our website.

    United Kingdom

  • Deputy IT Manager | Durban | Remote
  • We are looking for a focused, hardworking IT manager who needs to be both technically sound & have strong leadership qualities. Candidate with an exceptional technical background and knowledge of networks, Win & Mac user support and team management.

    What’s In It For You -

    Salary: R25 000 – R40 000 per month depending on experience

    40 days paid holiday annually - (28 days + bank holidays + extended festive period shutdown)

    Untaken annual leave will automatically roll over to the following year

    Mandatory Skills – 5+ years’ experience in:

    5 years’ experience in an IT role, of which at least 2 should be as an IT Manager

    Commercial experience within a similar role

    Ability to manage teams

    Best business practice/such as working in line with ITIL frameworks

    Windows 10 Administration and configuration

    Active directory (Administration, group policies, maintenance and problem solving)

    Advanced networking skills (TCP/IP, DNS, V-LAN, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, AP’s)

    Office 365... (Administration, 2FA, policies, Office 365, MS Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive maintenance and problem solving)

    Advanced Azure knowledge and skills (Administration, Active Directory, group policies, Vnet, WVD, Back-ups, InTune, maintenance, problem solving)

    Ticketing systems such as Freshdesk

    Anti-virus software

    Good Customer service

    GDPR and Cyber essentials practical (prerequisite)

    Duties include but are not limited to -

    Responsible team player who will work on their own initiative and make a fresh and positive contribution to the Service Desk Team

    Working independently – Proactive approach

    Technical management, information analysis and computer hardware/software systems management

    Networks, Win & Mac user support

    VOIP management

    Workflow to be documented for Team use
    Durban South Africa

  • Consultant - Professional Services (f/m/d) Amsterdam
  • Leanix is looking for a Consultant with expertise in ERP / SAP transformation to be part of an expanding team in a fast-growing company and play a key role in projects to consult our customers in the best way possible. You will engage in projects for our strategic accounts in EMEA providing Professional Services that reach from discovery workshops via architecture assessments to the sustainable establishment of matured Enterprise Architecture (EA) practices with LeanIX.

    Together with your project team, you will not only be expected to meet and exceed project deliverables, but also contribute to LeanIX’s growth by augmenting customer value through the use of our solutions. This role will work in close alignment with colleagues from Customer Success, product and Sales in our EMEA offices as well as in the Americas.

    Our vision is to rapidly unlock the future value of our integrated business model for our customers through frictionless digital platforms.

    Consultant – Professional... Services (f/m/d)
    Connected remote based in Germany, Netherlands, France, UK or Slovenia

    • Lead exciting projects, be the trusted advisor in an IT management and cloud environment for enterprise customers, and advise management on the introduction or improvement of EA practices, architectural changes, and their impact on IT governance and processes
    • Work with a leading SaaS Solution for Enterprise Architecture Management, Business Transformation Management, and Value Stream Management to enable and establish EA use cases for our customers
    • Conduct customer onboardings on LeanIX, execute application rationalization and optimization initiatives, workspace reviews and tool trainings
    • Take topic ownership, contribute to the continuous development of our Professional Services offering and develop & expand existing accounts
    • Translate customer feedback into product requirements

    • 2+ years of experience in Enterprise Architecture, IT management, IT transformation, or with cloud technologies ideally in an internationally operating consulting company
    • Experience in architecture assessment approaches, EA processes, governance structures and an understanding of large enterprises IT organizations and processes
    • Knowledge and enthusiasm about modern technologies and architectures (e.g., Cloud, Microservices, Platforms)
    • You are a highly motivated team player with a strong result and customer and customer-driven mindset and dare to do things differently and adapt to change to deal with ambiguity and complexity
    • Very good English language skills, especially technical vocabulary
    • Nice-to-have: Knows some programming language or is willing to learn (Python, Java, C++, JSON)

    LeanIX, The Continuous Transformation Platform® that efficiently organizes, plans and manages IT landscapes, supporting 950+ customers with our 3 solutions Enterprise Architecture Management, SaaS Management Platform and Value Stream Management.

    LeanIX is not just a product, in fact it‘s a great place to work. Colleagues (500+) from dozens of countries jointly make our vision reality. We believe in transparent communication, personal development, diverse workforce, innovation by creating ideas that prove useful and that our world-class team deserves the best software stack money can buy.

    At LeanIX we have a Connected Remote Work Mode which means you work remotely from your home office and from one of our offices. LeanIX teams and team members decide together on the work mode which suits them best. Next to that we have great benefits for you, CHECK OUT HERE WHAT IS IN FOR YOU! (

    LeanIX is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. Diversity is vital to driving the growth and success of our company. If you need an equitable interview process alternative, please let our team know at [email protected]. You will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

    All applicants will receive consideration for employment based on experience, qualifications, and competencies. LeanIX will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, belief, political affiliation, union membership, age, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, genetic information, creed, citizenship, disability, protected veteran or marital status, or any other status protected by applicable laws or regulations
    Amsterdam Netherlands

  • Web Developer Orlando
  • Apex Systems, the nation’s 2nd largest Information Technology staffing firm, has an opportunity for a Senior Frontend Web Developer for a client in Orlando, Florida. Applicants must have 5+ years of web development experience with expertise in JavaScript and React.js. Position requires someone eligible to work in the United States and candidate must be available to work as a direct W2 employee. Role Details Position: Senior Frontend Web Developer Location: Orlando, FL 32822 - Fully onsite Duration: Direct Hire Job Description Day to Day Responsibilities/typical day look like: Will be primarily focused on UI development side but any design exposure is a big plus What are the top 3 MUST HAVE technologies or Required experience of the position? Senior Level Web Development Experience JavaScript React.js Due to the number of applications received please note that only well qualified candidates will be contacted further
    Orlando FL USA

  • Hotel Deputy General Manager Western Cape
  • One of the oldest farms in the Cape Winelands is looking to employ a Hotel Deputy General Manager to manage all aspects of a hotel and must be a driven individual.
    Western Cape South Africa

  • [HCM] Senior Web3 Frontend Game Developer Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Overview:

    We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Web3 Frontend Game Developer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in game development, a solid understanding of web3 concepts, and experience with crypto and blockchain technology. Previous participation in a web3 game project is highly preferred.

    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and develop engaging web3 games.
    • Take ownership of front-end game development tasks, ensuring high-quality code and smooth user experiences.
    • Implement game mechanics, user interfaces, and interactive elements using Unity, Cocos, or Unreal Engine, depending on project requirements.
    • Integrate blockchain technology, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies into game systems.
    • Understand and implement Web3 concepts such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized storage.
    • Optimise game performance and responsiveness for various devices and platforms.
    •... Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in web3, crypto, and blockchain gaming.

    • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Game Development, or a related field.
    • Extensive experience (4+ years) in game development, preferably with a focus on frontend development and languages C# and/or TypeScript.
    • Proficiency in web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/TypeScript, and popular frameworks like React or Vue.js.
    • Strong understanding of Web3 concepts, crypto wallets, decentralized applications (dApps), and blockchain technology.
    • Previous experience working on a web3 game project is highly desired.
    • Experience developing games using Unity, Cocos, or Unreal Engine is a strong bonus.
    • Familiarity with Ethereum and Solidity for smart contract integration is a plus.
    • Knowledge of game design principles, UI/UX best practices, and responsive design.
    • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to optimize performance and address technical challenges.
    • Strong communication in English and collaboration skills to work effectively within a multidisciplinary team.

    If you are a passionate game developer with a deep interest in web3, crypto, and blockchain technology, and have the skills and experience required, we would love to hear from you. Join our team and be part of an exciting journey in revolutionizing the gaming industry with web3 innovations.

    Please submit your resume, portfolio showcasing relevant projects, and any additional information demonstrating your expertise in web3 game development. Include details of your experience with Unity, Cocos, and Unreal Engine, if applicable
    Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

  • Independent Insurance Claims Adjuster in Saint Simons Island, Georgia St Simons Island


    Independent Insurance Claims Adjusters Needed Now!

    This is a HUGE opportunity for you, since there is currently a HIGH DEMAND for

    • Are you actively working as a Licensed Claims Adjuster?
    • Do you have 100 claims or more under your Belt?
    • Let us help you on your career path as a Licensed Claims Adjuster.
    • You’re welcome to sign up on our jobs roster if you meet our guidelines.

    Here is how we can help.
    • At MileHigh Adjusters Houston, our focus is assisting you on your journey to become a Successful Licensed Claims Adjuster!
    • Our LICENSED PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS will assist in preparing you for an exciting Adjusting Career!
    • Our expert instructors will also help prepare you for Storm Readiness,

    including Catastrophic Events.
    • We will show you how to go from completing one claim per day to several claims per day with ease.
    • Our Texas All-Lines Adjuster Licensing Class, and our Deployment Boot Camp will help put you on the path towards a successful adjusting career.
    • Come and experience our technical expertise in our Adjuster Deployment Boot Camp.
    • Many of our Newly Trained Adjusters have attained great success while attending their first Catastrophe Event, compared to new adjusters who learned online or in a hotel (a lot of these adjusters were sent home for their lack of preparedness).
    • As an adjuster there are multiple fields of adjusting you could pursue:
    • * Property Adjusting
    • Commercial Adjusting
    • Farm Adjusting
    • Desk Adjusting

    These different fields of adjusting are attributed to many different types of weather such as:
    • *
    • Hurricanes
    • Hailstorms
    • Tornadoes
    • Winter Storms
    • Floods
    • Fire

    For more information, please contact us:
    • Our website:
    • While on our website check out our new company video!
    • Email us at:
    • Call our office at 281-741-8505
    • Our Facebook:
    • o Our Landing Page: https://
    • Check out our 200+ Five-Star Google Reviews!!!!

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    The MileHigh Adjusters Houston Team

    Please see our new MileHigh Adjusters Houston video at:

    Powered by JazzHR

    St Simons Island GA USA

  • Field Sales Representative Asheville
  • $3,000 Sign on Bonus (Internal Employees Not Eligible)

    Our Field Sales Representatives earn between $40,300–$46,800 + up to $20,000 in commissions yearly if all sales goals are met. Not to mention all the other amazing rewards that working at AT&T offers. Individual starting salary within this range may depend on geography, experience, expertise, and education/training...

    Join an elite group of sellers bringing customized, white glove experiences directly to the customer’s door. Field Sales Representatives at AT&T are driven to connect –every interaction is an opportunity to introduce the latest technology and services, thriving on the challenge to make your sales goals happen. With uncapped commission potential, your career and the rewards that come with it are within reach.

    You’ll be the face and voice of AT&T to your customers –and with that comes the autonomy to organize your day to meet customers at the time and place that enhances the personalized sales interactions you create. You’ll close the deal by offering hands-on demos, WiFi assessments, tech delivery and issue resolutions -keeping customers connected to what matters most to them.

    How you get the job done:
    • We’ll kick things off with paid training –setting you up for success to work independently in the field. Coaching, mentoring and ongoing learning opportunities will keep you on track and tech-savvy
    • Generate leads –you are ready to take a cold call all the way to the sale while managing and achieving sales targets
    • You’ll use strong negotiation and communications skills –you know how to make a smooth pivot, and are highly motivated to get it right and make the sale

    Key expectations to succeed:
    • Some prior sales experience - preferably in an environment with set targets
    • Maintain a valid driver’s license - a big perk of this job is the company car we provide, make sure you’re ready to drive
    • Work a varied schedule designed to meet customers on their timeline –this may include evenings, weekends and holidays
    • Utilize required PPE and adhere to all safety measures, including basic sanitizing procedures

    When you join our team, you’ll get some amazing perks, benefits and pay:
    • A company paid device and service plan, giving you first-hand expertise with our latest technology
    • Discounts on accessories and additional AT&T products and services
    • Medical/Dental/Vision coverage
    • 401(k) plan
    • Tuition reimbursement programs
    • Paid time off

    If you are considering jobs like Direct Sales Representative, Residential Sales Representative, Territory Sales Representative or Field Sales Executive – Home Solutions, this career move would be a great fit!

    Ready to take your career on a new route? Apply today.

    Asheville NC USA

  • 2024 Graduate Environmental Scientist / Engineer - Contaminated Land Largs North SA
  • Company Description

    At AECOM, we're delivering a better world.

    We believe infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone. Whether it's improving your commute, keeping the lights on, providing access to clean water or transforming skylines, our work helps people and communities thrive.

    Our clients trust us to bring together the best people, ideas, technical expertise and digital solutions to our work in transportation, buildings, water, the environment and new energy. We're one global team - 47,000 strong - driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world.

    Here, you will have freedom to grow in a world of opportunity.

    We will give you the flexibility you need to do your best work with hybrid work options. Whether you're working from an AECOM office, remote location or at a client site, you will be working in a dynamic environment where your integrity, entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering mindset are championed.

    You will help us foster a culture of equity, diversity and... inclusion - a safe and respectful workplace, where we invite everyone to bring their whole selves to work using their unique talents, backgrounds and expertise to create transformational outcomes for our clients.

    We will encourage you to grow and develop your career with us through our technical and professional development programs and diverse career opportunities. We believe in leadership at all levels. No matter where you sit in the organization you can make a lasting impact on the projects you work on, the teams and committees you join and our business.

    We offer competitive pay and benefits, well-being programs to support you and your family, and the development resources you need to advance your career.

    When you join us, you will connect and collaborate with a global network of experts - planners, designers, engineers, scientists, consultants, program and construction managers - leading the change toward a more sustainable and equitable future. Join us and let's get started.

    We have a unique opportunity for a Graduate Environmental Scientist / Engineer to join our Environmental Team based in Adelaide. You will primarily assist with fieldwork, reporting and project management aspects of multiple concurrent contamination investigations and remediation projects of varying size and complexity.

    This position will provide experience and a greater level of responsibility working on a diverse array of projects across private and public (State and Federal) sector clients including Department of Defence, oil and gas, transport, mining, water and energy. You will work amongst a team of peers and alongside our clients and subcontractors, while learning first-hand from our in-house senior advisors and technical leaders both in Adelaide and across the world.

    You will be required to multi-task, contribute to and prepare reports independently, plan and supervise and undertake fieldwork including liaising with subcontractors. The typical works expected to be undertaken in this position may include:
    • Data collection in the field including site supervision and contractor management
    • Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigations
    • Groundwater monitoring events
    • Data management, interpretation and validation
    • Environmental reporting

    AECOM provides a great place to work where we place a high priority on an engaging work environment offering career and technical development, as well as social and wellbeing opportunities.

    We aim to deliver excellence by making sure that our staff are "Set up for Success" and that the projects and works we do are balanced between the skills and support of staff members, the opportunity for staff to grow their skills and experience, and the needs of our clients are met to the high professional and technical standards.

    • Bachelor's degree in an appropriate discipline such as environmental science, engineering, geology, or earth science.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a team.
    • Commitment to safety and safe management of works.

    Additional Information

    Our Graduate Program
    • Our Growing Professional Skills (GPS) graduate program is designed to help you bridge the gap between formal education and the workplace. The program is spread across two years, drawing on a range of personal development activities, exposure to other graduates and business leaders, and a range of topics designed to grow your business and professional skills.
    • Along with local site visits, technical seminars, mentoring, and internal and external training, AECOM connects you with leading local and global networks that help you learn, grow, and develop.
    • As an added incentive, if you decide to do additional studies, we will help you examine your options and identify areas of specialisation to support you in your career.

    Benefits at AECOM

    AECOM is a place where you can maximize your innovative thinking and collaborate with a diverse range of highly intelligent and talented people. It's a place where you can apply your skills to some of the world's most challenging, transformational, and iconic projects.

    We're an Equal Opportunity Employer and we've committed to creating a culture that embraces flexibility for all team members. We provide a diverse and inclusive work environment and offer many benefits to ensure your professional development & wellbeing.
    • Flexible start and finish times, working from home options
    • Working from Home Tool Kits + Mobile Phone
    • State of the art, modern, offices
    • Paid Parental and Partner Leave
    • Purchased additional annual leave + salary packaging
    • Corporate Employee discounts from up to 400 retailers
    • Wellbeing benefits e.g., vaccinations, health insurance discounts
    • Employee stock purchase plans
    • Professional memberships
    • Professional and technical development opportunities.

    AECOM acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we, our clients and our communities live and work around Australia. We pay our respects to their cultures and to their Elders - past, present, and emerging. We are committed to connecting to Country in our work through meaningful engagement with First Nations peoples and businesses. Find out more about our Australian Reconciliation Action Plan here:

    With infrastructure investment accelerating worldwide, our services are in great demand, and there's never been a better time to be at AECOM! Join us, and you'll get all the benefits of being a part of a global, publicly traded firm - access to industry-leading technology and thinking and transformational work with big impact and work flexibility.

    AECOM provides a wide array of compensation and benefits programs to meet the diverse needs of our employees and their families. We also provide a robust global well-being program. We're the world's trusted global infrastructure firm, and we're in this together - your growth and success are ours too.

    As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we believe in each person's potential, and we'll help you reach yours.

    Join us and let's get started.

    ReqID: J10086420

    Business Line: Environment

    Business Group: DCS

    Strategic Business Unit: ANZ

    Career Area: Science

    Work Location Model: On-Site
    Largs North SA Australia

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