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  • Aibell
  • Shannon about two miles north of Killaloe. Aibell also had a lover (called Dubhlainn Ua Artigan) and a magic harp (of which it was said "[w]hoever heard its

  • All the King's Horses (play)
  • (As Seathrún Ó Góilí) William MacStay – Vincent Dowling (As Uinsionn Ó Dubhlainn) Charles Applebloom – Harry Brogan Julia Finegan – Brid Lynch (As Bríd

  • Dowling (surname)
  • female), Ó Dúnlaing (male) or [Bean] Uí Dhúnlaing (married female). 2 – Ó Dubhlainn, a minor family of County Galway, represented by Richard William Dowling

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  • Simple Steps in Learning any language
  • Learning a language may appear tough at the beginning, but if you follow certain techniques and steps, you will be able to write proficiently and speak fluently in any language. If you are just beginning the learning process of a new language, whether your second language, third language or fourth language, you have to know that there are some certain steps which pertain to the learning of any language. You should also know that humans have cognitive ability to learn any language they want to learn at any time of their lives. In just 10 simple steps, learn how to speak and write any language in no time.

    Determine your learning style. This is an important step you need to take before starting to learn a new language. Everyone learns differently, especially when it has to do with languages. All you need to do is to figure out if you learn best through listening to a native speaker, writing down words, or through repetitions. Determine if you are an auditive, visual or kinesthetic learner. To figure out where you belong, this is what you should do: get two sentences from your language and read them over and over again. If you can remember them the next day, you are likely a visual learner. If this does not work for you, you can get someone to read the sentences over and over again for you without you seeing them. If you can remember them the next day, you are likely an auditive learner. If this still does not work for you, read and write two sentences. You can even listen to them being read by someone else or you may decide to associate memories and feelings with them which may facilitate your remembrance. If you can remember these sentences the next day, then you are likely a kinesthetic learner. You can see that learning any language needs practical steps which are very simple depending on how ready you are to learn them. This is the first language learning advice needed on how to learn a language properly or on how to learn every language. This is the first step to learning a foreign language or a second language because you draw reference from your first language in order to determine your learning style which may either be kinesthetic, visual or auditive.

    Determining your learning style cannot be difficult because everyone has a first language which he or she acquired from home or people around during childhood. This is called language acquisition because the child did not learn the language in school but rather he or she acquired it from the society in which he grew up. This language gotten from the society is further learned in school where the child is taught to pronounce words correctly and taught the grammars of the language. It is from this language the learner extracts sentences or words in order to determine his or her learning style.

    If everyone has a first language which is further learned in school, it means we have learned languages a time in the past. What you need to do now is to go over what you learned then and try to figure out what worked best for you. What helped you in the learning process and what didn’t and which part of the process you found easy or hard. This is very important to know because it will be a guide to you in learning the language you desire to learn. When you have figured out all of this, you will be ready to commence your learning process.

    Set language learning goals. After you must have a knowledge of your learning style, you can move forward to setting a goal for the language you are learning. Learning a foreign language as fast as possible will warrant you to set goals you want to achieve. This will help you to narrow your focus and not get carried away with how pleasing it is to learn a new language. For instance, you can plan to learn how to use 30 English words related to sports within the week. This will help you to be able to measure how far you are going in learning that language. Your long term goal is to be fluent and proficient in the language you are learning. This is good but you to achieve more, you will have to break down this long term goal into smaller goals which will serve as an inspiration for you every day. You can plan to achieve each of these small goals each week or month. Setting of language learning goals is a very important language learning advice. With this, you can challenge yourself by giving the time you need to accomplish a set goal and making sure you do just that within the set time you gave yourself. We sometimes forget about the goals we set and get to do other things within the time frame. If this is the case with you, then what you need to do is to write it down. Write down your goals. This will help you to commit to them. Just post your goals where you can easily see them every day.

    Know your motivation. You need something that can push you to go ahead in learning any language when you get discouraged. This is called motivation. You must have a good reason for learning a new language. This is a language learning advice from experts. To go through the stages of language acquisition, you need a motivation. Do not learn a language because you want to prove that you can learn other languages too. Learning a foreign language can be for traveling purposes or professional purposes. This can be a motivation for you if you face challenges in the future. Something keeps you going.

    Study the alphabet. You have to understand how the letters of the alphabet of the language you want to learn operate. This is very necessary in the case where the alphabetical system differs from that of your first language. For instance, if you want to learn Chinese, you must study the alphabet of the language because it differs a great deal from that other languages. You have to know how it operates and functions. This is the second language learning advice you can take into consideration on how to learn every language or how to learn a language properly. You may decide to associate images with each sound and letter. This will help your brain to easily remember the sound or letter when next you come across it.

    Learn pronunciation. Languages may have the same alphabet but the pronunciation is not always the same. It will be of importance to you learn the international phonetic alphabet because most dictionaries use it. This is what you need to know on how to learn every language. Another way of learning pronunciation is to listen to native speakers of the new language speak.

    Study the grammar. This is the set of rules underlying a language. You have to pay attention to the grammar of the language you are learning. If not, you may sound incomprehensible. Pay attention to how the nouns are being used. How they are put in the plural form or singular form as well the exceptions to the rules. Nouns are very important elements in every language. In learning a foreign language or any other language, you need to know how to use the nouns correctly. It is difficult to make a complete sentence without the use of nouns. You can also learn how the verbs in the language are used or constructed. Verbs are as important as nouns are in languages. You can also look at the syntax of the language. This means how the words are arranged to form sentences or smaller units. This is what every expert would want you to know on how to learn every language. Listen to native speakers and listen to how they use the grammar of the language.

    Memorize words and common phrases or sentences in the language you are learning every day. You can do this by saying them to yourself each day or you can decide to write them down a dozen times so that you get used to use to them. You can use the words in their different forms in different sentences. Words have different forms. They may either be singular or plural or regular or irregular when it concerns words variable. This is just a simple way to practice words and it will help you remember them when next you need them. When you have completely memorized some particular words, you then move to others. It is important to spend time memorizing words and understanding the way they are used because this will help to increase your vocabulary.

    One of the best ways to learn vocabulary words is to use flashcards. They help you focus on individual words and then allow you to test yourself. When using flashcards, make sure you try to guess the meaning of a word before turning over the card. They work best when you want to test your memory, so always make a guess of the meaning of a word before flipping the cards over.

    Another way to easily memorize words is to use them in your native language. It becomes so difficult to practice words in context in the language we are learning because our vocabulary is not adequate enough for us to make complex sentences. You can deal with this limitation by using the word in your native language. For example, if you are trying to master the French word “maison”, you could say “I am going to my maison”

    You can also learn new words by visualizing and vocalizing the word you are learning. Imagine the image the word represents and say it aloud. This improves memorization.

    You can memorize new words through gestures. The brain learns easily when we use physical actions while learning. If you want to master the French word le chapeau “cap”, then say the word while you pretend to put a cap on.

    Read in the language you are learning. To be more effective, you can start with simpler writings or books, and as you progress, you can then move on to more complex ones. You can read with a dictionary in order to understand the meaning of words. Other experts think that reading without a dictionary is very important because it gives you an opportunity to puzzle out the meaning of words by yourself. Why not start off with children’s books? They are meant to teach children how to read and understand their language. They can be of help to you. You can get a dictionary of the language you are learning and write down in a notebook commonly used words and example sentences. Other experts propose that you can find books that you have enjoyed in your native language and read them in the language you are learning. They say that your knowledge of the content of the book will help you decipher the words and keep you interested in the reading material. You can read other materials like magazines or newspapers in the language you wish to learn. The topic should interest you so as to keep you reading. Magazines for example handle a lot of subjects and there, you can learn many common idioms.

    Spend time listening to the language. Learning a foreign language may warrant you to listen to the language a lot in order to know how words are pronounced. When you listen, you should try to repeat the words and then speak them yourself. You can watch TV in your new language. These days, we can easily access TV movies and series in our target language irrespective of where we live or what our new language may be. You can go for short episodes so that you can be able to watch scenes several times without being discouraged. It may be so frustrating watching a long movie in which you understand nothing. So stick to short episodes. Take notes of words or some idiomatic expressions that you have never heard before. You can decide to write them down and master them later. You can watch films without subtitles and then later on switch on the subtitle for own native language to see how well you understood some expressions and words. You can also listen to music and learn to pronounce the words well following the artist. This can really be fun.

    You may not only go for entertainment but you can decide to get audio books or audio language lessons. The good thing about using a headphone is that you can move around with it. While you commute to work or while jogging around the park, you can listen to audio recordings. You can listen to the lessons several times to grasp all that it teaches. This will help your listening skills.

    Watch others speak. Watch how a native speaker pronounces his or words and try to imitate it. The more you keep watching and imitating, the faster you get familiar with pronunciation of sounds in the language. This is how to learn every language and even how to learn a language properly. You just have to watch and imitate. Going through the stages of language acquisition, you reach a moment where you just have to learn from a native speaker’s usage of the language.

    Get connected with native speakers of the language you are learning. If you are able to have access to a good internet connection, then you can consider hanging out or having some language classes with native speakers online. This is good because you can go in for conversion classes, grammar and writing classes. Learning a foreign language without spending time communicating in it may be risky because one tends to forget a language one does not speak often especially when it is not a native language. So you can get connected to some native speakers via skype or you may decide looking for a native speaker around you. You can get to practice more with him\her to improve your speaking skill. This is one of the stages of language acquisition where you get to learn a language from interactions with native speakers and not in a formal environment. Interacting with native speakers is just how to learn every language or better still how to learn a language properly. This is because the native speakers know how the language is used in the society. You can learn this from them.

    Just speak. The primary reason for learning a new language is to speak that language. The written part only comes after. You need to always speak the language so as to become fluent in it. Sometimes we are afraid of making mistakes and so we do not speak it often. But you have to know that practice makes the perfect. The more you practise speaking the language, the more you become perfect. Fluency is speaking is not the ability to know every word and grammatical constructions in a language. It is however the ability to use the words and grammar you have learnt to communicate the thought in your mind. Speaking is a learnt skill and you can only practice this skill in context. Your ability to say what you have in your mind in context is fluency. Sometimes, there is an interference of our first language in our new language. This is one of the stages of language acquisition. Some researchers have posited that when interference happens, it means there is progress in language learning. For instance, in the course of speaking your new language, you discover that you are using grammatical rules from your first language in your new language. The more often you speak, the faster you will learn. Speaking is a means of producing all that which you have learnt as grammar and words in a new language. One of the language learning advice from experts on how to learn a language properly is that you should practice speaking the language as often as possible. If you have don’t have people at home with whom to speak the new language, you can speak to yourself. This is a good approach to becoming fluent in a new language. It helps you to build up your confidence for the next time you speak with someone. When you speak to yourself, you are not afraid to make mistakes and each time you do, you have the chance to correct yourself.

    Act like a child. Acting like a child would mean having a lack of self-consciousness, a desire to play in the language and the willingness to make mistakes. Children are not afraid of making mistakes. Every one learning a new language should be ready to make certain grammatical mistakes. This should not bother you if it happens. What is important is that we are able to identify our mistakes and make certain corrections. And just like a child, you should be ready to accept corrections from people who know the language more than you. Admitting that you don’t know something is the key to growth and freedom. To go through the stages of language acquisition, you need to act like a child. Children learn fast because they are open to imitations. Acting like a child will mean that you can watch others speak and imitate them.

    Just write. To be able to write proficiently means you have gotten a mastery of the grammar and vocabulary of the new language. Once you start learning to speak a foreign language, you can get into the writing part. You need to learn the syntax of the language, that is how the words in a sentence are arranged; which type of word comes first? Which follows? You have to learn how to write a phrase, a clause, a sentence and then a paragraph and then try to construct your own sentences to see if you have mastered the grammar rules of the language. To learn a new language properly, you must try to practice the language. Language learning is more practical than just theories. You can write letters to your friends in the new language. Write poems, short stories or anything you can write. Just be creative in the language and have fun with it. Doing this often helps you to get accustomed to the usage of the new language.

    From all that has been said, you can discover that learning a new language does not necessarily mean you have to learn it in a classroom. You can follow these simple steps and learn a new language all by yourself with less cost. What are you waiting for? You can start learning that language you so much desire. Just follow the steps laid out here.

  • Financial Help for First Time Home Buyers
  • Buying your first home is an interesting time and changing from leaseholder to land owner presents a not insignificant rundown of huge long haul benefits. However, there are various considerations and fears many have when thinking about purchasing their first home. 


    When starting the underlying system of possessing a permanent place to stay interestingly, the vast majority invest a decent measure of energy searching for the ideal house, in the right area and in the right area. Choosing the right property that is a solid match on all levels and guaranteeing the area will meet the entirety of your prerequisites is clearly a major piece of ensuring your present moment and long haul needs are met. 


    Nonetheless, as you move beyond the underlying phases of basically taking a gander at various properties and attempting to decide your careful necessities, you might discover purchasing a house is a bit more included than you originally figured it out. Most first-time home purchasers go through feeling somewhat overpowered toward the start and a first class real estate professional can offer critical assistance for first time home buyers


    Monetary Help for First Time Home Buyers 


    In addition 5 Important Tips 


    Ponder Today and the Future 


    At the point when you are searching for the right home to buy, contemplate what will address your issues today and later on. More often than not, accepting a house isn't just a monetary responsibility yet additionally a responsibility of time; which means, you will likely live in the home for something like quite a while. 


    In the event that you don't have any kids a little cabin on the lake may sound fun now, yet on the off chance that you choose to have children in a couple of years it might become unreasonable rapidly. Pondering your present way of life and how it may change in the coming years is a significant thought and can assist with making your home buy fruitful on a drawn out premise. 


    Pick a Realtor Carefully 


    Picking the real estate professional you work with is a vital thought, maybe the most significant. A decent realtor can assist with making the home purchasing measure a lot simpler and considerably more effective. Realtors are capable experts who realize what to search for, what to be cautious about and every one of the significant subtleties that you should deal with all through your first home buy. 


    Some land organizations offer unique projects that can give critical assistance to first time home purchasers, for example, up front installment help, tax reductions and uncommon home loan programs. There are even a chosen handful of realtors that will surrender a piece of their bonus and proposition it to home purchasers as a money back refund. On the off chance that limitations on cash back refunds exist because of rules of the moneylender, then, at that point purchasers can apply the discount towards shutting costs all things being equal. In any case it is a huge monetary reward and can give gigantic assistance to first time home purchasers. 


    Focus on the Type of Mortgage You Accept 


    Realizing the value of home you can truly bear depends on many factors, for example, your financial assessment and your relationship of debt to salary after taxes. Knowing your spending plan according to the bank's point of view is vital so you don't burn through your time taking a gander at properties that don't accommodate your financial plan and don't fit a loan specialist's models. A very much prepared real estate agent can help you with the home loan pre-capability measure so you are prepared to make a proposal on a property, yet you are really ready to get an advance and close on the property effectively. 


    In some moving housing markets the merchant won't consider a deal except if the purchaser has a pre-qualified authentication from a moneylender. Working with the right real estate professional who can assist you with getting pre-qualified and who is additionally associated with conventional loans specialists, title organizations and home assessment administrations will assist you with being ready for an effective purchasing measure. Also, it will permit you to haggle on the selling cost of a home from a place of solidarity. 


    The subtleties, terms and expenses engaged with your home loan are significant for realizing how much a home will cost you consistently and over the length of the whole term of a home loan. Knowing whether there is a free up front installment program related with the credit, the loan fee, term and shutting costs are only a couple of the contemplations you ought to be clear about prior to focusing on a home loan. One vital component of a home loan is if the financing cost is fixed or variable. 


    A decent loan fee will give you a set pace of interest for the whole term of the home loan, which will bring about an anticipated regularly scheduled installment that is that very seemingly endless amount of many months from the absolute first month until the last installment is made. A variable rate home loan will commonly offer a decent rate for a brief period like 1 year, 3 years or 5 years and afterward the rate will change depending on a set boundary, for example, the London Interbank Offered Rate, likewise alluded to as LIBOR. 


    Different Expenses In Addition to Your Mortgage Payment 


    We as a whole realize that you can manage the cost of the regularly scheduled installment for another home, however shouldn't something be said about different expenses associated with house buying? Other than your month to month contract installment, there will be different expenses associated with possessing a home that some first-time purchasers might not have pondered. Set aside some effort to make a rundown of the multitude of potential costs that will fall under ordinary upkeep for any property you are thinking about. 


    For example; will you need to keep up with your yard up to the guidelines set by the local property holders affiliation which means buying grass upkeep hardware or employing a support to do it for you. What are the expenses for your month to month water, electric and gas bills? Is there satisfactory WiFi or potentially link administration accessible and the charges related with it. 


    Keeping a home in top condition isn't just significant for keeping a quality way of life and adhering to the standards of the HOA, city statutes or even inferred rules dependent on how your neighbors care for their homes yet additionally for the resale worth of a home. 

  • Use Safety Precautions on The Internet
  • If you are planning to remain safe from the watching eyes of the big brother, you need to learn a thing or two about your computer system and the browser. Browsers are the programs which allow you to access the internet. Some of the popular browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Safari.

    Every browser maintains some cookies. These cookies maintain a record of your internet behaviour, your log in details and more. You might have seen how the browsers suggest to fill up boxes, using their older cookies. When you return to a website, the website can recognise you from these cookies as it is the websites you visit who sets up these cookies on the browser.

    There is also a factor called cache. This is where the browser maintains copies of the webpages and websites you have visited. Finally, there is history, which tells us which are the websites you have been visiting.

    Now, these are personal details and should not be shared. However, there are people who would want to know these records. A hacker, for example, would be very interested in your cookies. A government agency, like NSA, would love to know your browsing history and interrogate you for accessing sites which they think are harmful.

    What is the easiest way to keep these threats at the bay? How do you maintain a clean browser so that nobody gets any data about you from analysing the records of the browser? It is easy, it is called private browsing.

    How to turn on private browsing? It is very simple, really. Every popular browser comes with private browsing installed. You just need to activate it. Here we would teach you about Firefox and Chrome. Other browsers have similar models as well.

    Firefox: Open Your Firefox, go to the top menu, click on File and then click on New Private Window. A new Firefox should open. Close the original Firefox and work on this new Firefox window. This new window should have a purple background, by default.

    Chrome: You can open Chrome browser and then click on the three vertical dots at the right top corner. From that menu, select New Incognito Window. Alternatively you can press Control, Shift, N keys together to open the private browsing window as well.

    Once you use Firefox Private Window or Chrome Incognito Window, whatever you do, the websites you visit, the forms you fill up or the content you enjoy, would have no records. Every record will be securely deleted once you close the window. 

  • 5 Renovations to Finish Before Fall Is Over
  • Winter can cause a lot of dangers to your house and landscape. From collapsed roofs, to mold and mildew, to frozen pipes, there are many ways your house can suffer when the winter weather hits. To prevent this, it is important to winterize your home before the cold comes. But what do you do?

    When fall winds begin to blow colder, you know that it is time to get busy prepping your house for the winter. Seasonal maintenance is important all year long, but it is possible that you have a few projects underway that need to be completed now. The benefits of these five common home renovations all go further when you get them done before the first big frost. So make sure to finish these 5 common tasks before fall is over. Paint the exterior of your house, replace your water heater, pour a new patio or driveway, organize your closets, and upgrade your insulation. By completing these projects before winter hits, you will be better prepared for the end of the year.

    Painting the Exterior of Your House

    Paint the exterior of your home before winter hits. Updating the exterior paint on your house increases the curb appeal. Paint also serves as a protective top layer that keeps wet weather from ruining the underlying wood and other materials. Painting your house now helps the paint dry faster, and you won’t have to worry about winter weather delays. The paint will help better protect your house during winter storms.

    Replacing the Water Heater

    Try to replace your water heater if it needs renovation before fall is over. The pipes to your home must run through the cold ground to get from the main water supply to your house. In the winter, unheated water can be extremely cold, and no one likes feeling colder than they already are after being outside. A water heater installation helps you to avoid having a sudden splash of cold water when you least want it. This is also the perfect finishing touch for bathroom remodels that you started earlier in the year.

    Pouring a New Patio or Driveway

    Try to finish any concrete work like pouring a new patio or driveway before the temperature drops too much. This is another renovation that is difficult to do once it is too cold or wet outside. Concrete needs to be able to dry out as fast as possible, and you don’t want precipitation to ruin the final appearance. Getting the pouring out of the way now means that you can also avoid cracks deepening due to the upcoming temperature changes.

    Organizing the Closets

    Now is the time to organize your closets! Your family will likely be pulling out those bulky jackets and winter gear. Closet organization systems are easier to install when you are already switching out your wardrobe. You’ll be glad you finished this project when you need to find those mittens and boots.

    Upgrading the Insulation

    Newer forms of insulation are more effective at reducing unwanted temperature transfers in your home. This is also one renovation that provides a good return on your investment by increasing the energy efficiency of your house. Getting the insulation installed now means that you can begin enjoying the benefits when winter arrives.

    Fall is the ideal time to conquer those lingering projects around the house. The weather is cooler than the summer, but the harshest cold temperatures have yet to hit. Take advantage of the next few weeks to set yourself up for a cozy winter season.


    Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most of her time hiking, biking, and gardening. For more information, contact Brooke via Facebook at or Twitter @BrookeChaplan


  • Why Do Men Date Women Half Their Age?
  • Men need to date women who are half their current age, but plus seven. This is one of the oldest dating rules known to man, and whose origins can be traced back all the way to 1901. It also happens to be a rule that raises a lot of concern to men who are interested in dating or looking to date women younger than them. However, it’s important to note that dating young also comes with various benefits.
    Being older means that you have already gotten tired of the club scene and are more interested in getting into a meaningful relationship with the woman. This presents the ideal set of circumstances for both parties. In such a case, the woman is just getting into the prime of her life.
    On your end, the time has come for you to settle down and to look forward to that area of your life when the connections hold more meaning and companionship is real. It’s easier for love to thrive when you are an older guy dating a woman who is much younger than you. It gets to thrive because you both have the right level of maturity and communication between you two.
    The woman also knows that the man she’s is about to start dating has everything she needs. Having dated men her own age, she’s fully aware of the fact that men in her age group aren’t up to the task and challenges ahead. It’s the sole reason why younger women who are currently dating older men are presumed to bring about vitality, vibrancy, and youth to their relationship.

    Why Do I Find Myself Being Sexually Attracted to Older Guys?

    Many new studies are advancing the theory that the best time for one to get married is when they are between the ages of twenty-eight and thirty-two years. Those advancing this theory hold that this is the perfect time for those who want to settle down and not get separated or divorced before they have separated their fifth wedding anniversary.
    Before we can look at this line of reasoning: don’t think about shooting me if you have passed that age and are yet to settle down.
    Regardless of how you look to approach this subject, you need to know how to date women who are younger than you. At the end of the day, it is something that will normally come with numerous unique challenges.

    Younger Women Dating Older Men 101

    The reality is that every person is unique in his or her own way. In the same breath, you will find that all individuals tend to possess their own values and attitude to life. This is what makes it hard for a person to try and foresee what’s likely to occur in a relationship where the woman is younger than the man she’s dating.
    The thing to do is to try and always remember that:
    • While you may both agree that you are not ready for kids at the moment, you should ask yourselves whether you will want them at some point. The main goal is to support each other’s career choices and goals until you are both ready.
    • Age shouldn’t be used as an indicator of whether a relationship will fail or succeed. There are very many factors that must be considered.
    • Couples with a difference of one year also go through divorces and breakups
    • Dating a woman who is younger than you takes a lot of mastery and strength, more so when it comes to keeping your relationship alive.
    In their attempt to explain the notion that older men dating younger women have the upper hand in their relationship, De Leon and Collisson came to the conclusion that the labels applied by people attempting to explain and describe age-gap relationships often mean that there’s a relational inequity between the two.
    Age is never a problem in many relationships. It only becomes a problem when the parties dating decides to make it one. Courting a woman younger than you should never be approached from the age perspective. A look around at some of the men dating younger girls don’t approach their relationships from the age perspective.
    Rather, they often opt to ensure that their relationships remain relaxed, fun, and light. And the most important thing is that they do not attempt to lock the girls they are dating into commitments unless the women have expressed their desire to take things into the next level.

    Is It Possible for 15-Year-Olds to Go Out with 17-Year-Olds?

    Taking this rule into account, it implies that the only time a guy can date a woman who is in the same age group as he is when the guy is fourteen years. This is because half of fourteen is seven and when you add seven to seven you end up with fourteen once again. In short, if you are currently twenty years old, the only woman you can date when you consider this rule is a seventeen-year-old.
    It’s possible to make sure that the woman will not feel pressured in that relationship by first taking time to understand the stage she’s in, in her life. As such, be on the lookout for red flags that may show that the woman is at a point where she is not looking to focus on personal growth.
    There are younger girls who are only interested in having fun. For men looking for relationships with younger women, they will need to confirm that the woman is also looking for the same thing as them.

    What About a Four-Year Age Gap?

    What makes an age gap of four years and four months the best for any relationship? According to a new survey commissioned by, this is the ideal age-gap between parties in a relationship.
    But the woman will need to be younger than her man!
    An age-gap of up to fifteen years is big, especially for men looking to date younger women. The relationship between the two will not always feel the same when dealing with such a gap.
    But just because this difference is significant doesn’t mean that you should let it get to you. You need to be proud that the woman you are dating wants to be with you, and spend time with you.
    It’s not uncommon for people to want to frown on such relationships. But if the woman you are courting means anything to you, then it should be easy for you to deflate negative comments.

    Rules to Dating Younger Women

    Some studies suggest that older men who date young tend to live better and longer lives. But there are certain commandments to dating and attracting younger women.
    1. Treat the woman as your girlfriend, and not just a casual fling. One of the problems faced by women when it comes to dating is guys choosing to play games with them. Issues such as ghosting the woman and texting her back after three weeks are not something that will go down well with many of them.
    2. Do not make the relationship with her all about sex. While it is, in fact, awesome, you need some intellectual spark and romance for it to continue thriving.
    3. Always try to act your age. Depending on the guy’s age, you can be sure that the woman will be expecting a certain kind of maturity. This calls for you to know who you are, and be someone that the woman can learn a few things from.
    4. Let the woman live her life. Just because you are ready doesn’t mean that she is ready to live on your timeline. It’s good to let her live on her own terms.

    The Takeaway

    Younger women have always wanted to date older guys. It’s something that can be seen from the early days. Dating younger women comes with numerous benefits. But it is something that requires lots of experience and thinking for your relationship to continue thriving.
    A man past forty years will have reached a given level of emotional maturity that his younger counterparts cannot compete with. This means that a woman looking for constant drama in their lives will not be comfortable dating older men, but will prefer someone who is closer to their current age.

    For more interesting stories, visit Shemale Sex Line.

  • How to make your kitchen hip on a budget
  • A kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home or the extension of the personality. It is often the gathering space for family and friends, the stage of fun, creativity, and experimentation. However, renovating a kitchen that has become dull can be an expensive and daunting task. Fortunately, there are many simple and affordable ways to get a fresh, hip look when it’s time to fix up your outdated kitchen.  Whether you’re a homeowner or renting an apartment, you can easily update your kitchen without spending a smaller fortune on expensive materials and designs. With some creativity and effort, you can transform your kitchen into an exciting and functional space that amazes everyone with its style. In this article, we’ll explore several ways you can update your kitchen on a budget, so you can enjoy the space you’ve created for years to come. Looking for a quick and budget-friendly fix? Let’s get started!

    Update your cabinets

    The easiest way to make a change fast is to repaint your cabinets. A fresh coat of paint is a simple and inexpensive way to give your kitchen a totally new look. Consider using the new colors of the year for a bold look! An amazing palette of trendy natural grayish tones is available. A well-chosen new color can transform the whole space and create a new atmosphere. A hardware update can also be a surprisingly efficient small touch that tricks the eye into believing everything has been replaced. 

    Get a cool backsplash

    A must-have in a hip kitchen, the impact of the backsplash can’t be emphasized enough. The backsplash is a vertical surface that likes to be the center of attention. A beautiful patterned real tile or marble backsplash is a jewel in a kitchen. But those materials can be really expensive. Faux can be an option, but it just isn’t the same. Instead, more natural materials like brick, stone, or wood might do the trick. Less fancy tiles don’t cost a fortune either, and with a good color plan for the whole kitchen, they might work better than the ones made of expensive materials.

    Go for a natural look

    The use of natural materials and an overall natural look is a very popular trend in interior design for kitchens. It’s all about incorporating elements from nature into your kitchen to create a fresh and inviting space. 

    Choose to go with natural materials 

    The use of natural materials adds a calming and organic feel to the space, and they are also more durable. While some of those materials can be more expensive, like granite, there are plenty of options that are actually cheaper than most other synthetic materials on the market. The natural look has visual appeal and is versatile, being easily combined with different styles and color palettes. For example, different kinds of brick surfaces can be used as a cheap material with a natural look both for flooring and creating a nice rustic backsplash. 

    Let the natural textures live

    The beauty of this trend is that it emphasizes the basic qualities of the materials and celebrates their unique textures and patterns. By embracing the natural look in your kitchen, you can create a space that is both stylish and functional. The natural look can be explored in many ways and styles, and it’s a timeless and hip choice for any kitchen. Use the raw beauty of unlacquered wood, the texture of natural window shades, or a couple of comfortable rattan chairs as a highlight. 

    Add plants

    Plants are a great way to breathe life into your kitchen. They are also an excellent choice because of their air-purifying properties. Plants add a joyous look while improving the air quality at the same time. They are easy to get and very affordable. If you don’t want to spend on plants either, just ask around your family and friends! I’m sure there will be someone who is crazy for plants and is willing to provide a few cuttings.

    Eco-friendly updates

    A few eco-friendly updates are not only helping the environment, but they also add a hip and modern touch to any kitchen space. Sustainability is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle. But as something responsible and smart, it naturally creates a trend too. 

    Rethink the old

    There are many ideas you can come across when searching for eco-friendly updates. Some of them are more expensive, but most of them are budget solutions. The sustainable approach often includes reusing, repurposing, or restoring old and used items to create a new look that doesn’t involve a waste of resources and materials. Rethinking what you already have is always the most budget and eco-friendly of solutions.

    Change the lights

    Changing the lighting and the fixtures in the kitchen can make everything seem new. While you’re at it, you can choose to get energy-efficient appliances to reduce your energy usage and lower bills. A few beautiful lampshades can hugely impact the looks, and the best thing is that you can easily make them yourself. Using different tinted lights in different kitchen areas is a great way of creating mood and saving energy. And while standardized style is the default approach, you can play around with combining different styles of lighting and fixtures for a bold look with some real character. 

    Rearrange everything

    Finally, don’t forget that sometimes a simple rearrangement of your kitchen can make a big difference. Try moving the refrigerator, the stove, or the sink to a different wall, and voila! You immediately have a new look without spending a dime! Moving around the plants, or marking a slightly new spot for the kitchen island, can instantly create a new look and feel in the kitchen. 

    Remove all the unfunctional things to create more space for you to work in. Sometimes, even a little organizing can work like magic because clutter can create a sense of overwhelming chaos. Getting rid of everything you don’t need can be the first step of a remodeling process. Extra cabinet but no table? Transform it into a kitchen island! For hip and trendy solutions on a budget, do whatever it takes to repurpose what you already have. The result might surprise you!

    In conclusion,

    A kitchen makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. With some creativity and a smart approach, you can create a functional and stylish space that reflects your taste. A plethora of unexpected and easy-to-do ideas can transform your kitchen into a space that looks like it’s copied from the latest design magazine. There are many areas you can work on, from painting the cabinetry and installing a new countertop to adding plants and introducing natural materials to your kitchen space. And no one will believe it costs you so little! There are plenty of budget-friendly options to choose from if you want to make your home hip without spending a fortune. A set of new accessories and furnishings can do wonders for your kitchen without splurging too much. With a few very simple and affordable updates, you can enjoy a fresh and updated kitchen in a blink of an eye! 

  • Make Your Home Impressive With A Bespoke Staircases
  • There are many aspects of home improvement that are often overlooked but actually essential in adding that special finishing touch to your home. We tend to focus on the main rooms of the house, for example, the sitting room, the kitchen, the dining room, and main bedrooms, as these are the rooms in which we spend most of our time. But it is the entrance to your home which you walk into at the end of the day and which any visitors see first, so it creates an initial impression of your house.



    In most of our houses, when you step into the front hall, you immediately see the staircase. Often we overlook the stairway and tend not to draw much attention to it as a feature, but your stairway can actually be an attractive feature in any home. Fitting a handmade bespoke wooden staircase will make your home stand out and create an impression on anyone. Bespoke staircases are impressive and available in a number of styles, sizes and designs, making them perfect for all types of houses. You can choose from the simplest to the grandest styles depending on your preferences and on the size and style of your house. Traditional style wooden staircases are a popular choice as they can be fitted into both modern and old houses very effectively. If you want a wooden staircase with a more stylish updated look, then you can opt for a simplistic more modern staircase design.


    Not only are bespoke wooden staircases attractive and impressive, they are also very high quality and last a good many years. They are handmade by experienced and professional joiners and built to last. The wood used is of the best quality and finish ensuring that every staircase is perfect for your home.


    You may be having difficulties visualising how you would fit a bespoke staircase onto your home, or wondering what style to choose, but you can receive advice and guidance from staircase manufacturers as to how a wooden staircase would work in your home. They also offer repair work and renovation for period wooden staircases, and have the facilities to work with both listed and non listed buildings.


    If you are interested in finding out more about bespoke staircases and want to know what is would be on offer to you, in terms of design and price range, staircase specialists can help with all your enquiries, and help you to choose a staircase for your home. Contemporary Staircases UK

  • Alcohol Addiction Signs Symptoms and Treatments
  • Alcohol addiction could be a very real problem that plagues people from around the world. Some people are ready to venture out with friends, have some drinks and not drink in the slightest degree until the following time they're going out. Others, on the opposite hand, will have one drink and can be addicted at all times.

    In most cases, drinking has been wont to fill an empty of some kind, maybe some way to forget and in others, it's just something that they can't control.

    So starting with signs and symptoms, the foremost common sign that there is also a controversy is once you notice you're drinking more and more, maybe even hiding the habit from close family and friends. many folks who have a controversy find they feel guilty about their drinking, which is why they sneak a absorb when nobody is looking. Treatment is necessary and we have the best alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. 

    Other signs and symptoms include the sensation that you simply need to absorb to relax, you cannot relax after work without a drink of some kind. you will have some drinks and black out, basically having no memory of what happened. this can be exceptionally common for people who drink to a degree where they're completely consumed by the alcohol.

    Over time, you will start neglecting your responsibilities, both at reception and work. you will even take risks, like driving under the influence and you'll even find yourself on the incorrect side of the law from time to time. Your relationships will start to suffer and your family will start to stress about you.

    Personal hygiene gets forgotten and you discover you would like to drink more and more to urge the thrill you are accustomed get off one drink.

    The biggest sign that you just also laid low with white plague is after you haven't got a drink and your body starts browsing withdrawals which might only be rectified by having another drink. once you realize that you simply cannot stop drinking and you are feeling you've got lost control, it should be time to induce some drunkenness treatment.

    Trying to prevent it on your own very seldom works as an efficient alcoholism treatment. What many folks don't realize is that willpower simply isn't enough and when your mind and body are fighting to urge another drink, you would like professional help to induce clean and live a healthy life.

    The best solution is to remain in a very rehabilitation centre for a collection period of your time. Each centre is different and offers different white plague treatments. Their programs and methods differ, which is why you will want to require your time and punctiliously select your clinic supported by your personal preferences. We have the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

    The clinic should provide you with programs that may offer you proven leads in the long term. This usually includes medications during the withdrawal process, detoxification programs to rid the body of the toxins, therapy to search out the basis explanation for the matter, and in some cases, holistic approaches like treatments, to assist you to relax.

    Being in a very structured and controlled environment while jettisoning drinks is exceptionally beneficial to the method. you do not have any outside influences, making it easier to provide up.


    Don’t be fooled it isn't a simple process and it's an extended process, but once you come home all the alcohol is out of your system and you'll have the required tools to assist you to fight the urges when you're back in your environment.

    If you think that you have got a controversy, seek help, the earlier you get help, the earlier you'll stop drinking and begin living a healthy and clean life.

    As there are many facilities to help and deal with such alcohol and drug-related issues in India, there are many top rehab centre in India where top-notch accommodation facilities are thus provided. Having the basic amenities of air-conditioned rooms and dormitories with the supply of hot water, veg and non-veg food menu, satellite TV, and the availability of indoor games, the rehab centre also have a 24/7 medical and support staff, with a panel of medical and psychiatric staff and also an experienced counselling team with top reputed therapists. One will also have the 24/7 availability of ambulances with clean and modern living areas which would indeed provide positive health being. 


    Address: Trucare Trust – Mumbai, Survey No.7, Ashram Road, Yeoor Hills, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400610, India.

    Contact Number: +91-9167006990




  • 7 Weighty Reasons to Buy a Subaru
  • You are looking for a new car, so you begin your research. If you're like most Americans, you want an inexpensive, reliable, durable, and come standard with an AWD vehicle. Many companies claim they meet all of these requirements, but Subaru is the only one who actually meets them. 

    This car has a lot of fans in the United States and around the world. There is no doubt that the majority of Subaru owners will never trade their cars for any other. And such love for their cars has a weighty background. 

    Below are 7 facts that convince you to buy Subaru. 

    1. Universal chassis

    This is a great car that is suitable for any weather and terrain. Regardless of coverage on the road and the weather this car just goes and goes where it needs to be. Sometimes you are even wondering why everyone around you starts so slowly or cannot really turn. Then you get outside the car and you understand that it is really icy on the street. 

    Subaru is often associated with rally cars and races, but in fact, they make excellent comfortable crossovers for every day and every season. Subaru just combines a good steering wheel, comfort on the highway, and crossover qualities.

    2. Economically affordable

    The prices for the Subarus begin in the mid $20,000 range. Depending on your credit score and finance plan, your monthly payments are extremely affordable and don’t require noticeable expenses. The Subaru lease deals are even more affordable. Subarus are truly the car that is passed down from generation to generation.

    3. Reliability

    You may rarely find a Subaru that has been towed due to a mechanical problem. Maybe if it was involved in an accident. This is the Subaru main advantage over other cars. Another reason why Subaru considered a reliable car is rare servicing. It can be done four times a year if you fill your car with mineral oil. This includes two minor and two major servicing.

    If you fill your Subaru with synthetic oil, you will need only two services a year. That is one minor and one major service. Compared to other brands that need more than four services in a year, a Subaru will definitely save you some servicing expenses. 

    4. Durability

    A well-maintained Subaru can comfortably give you 300,000 miles. It is easy to achieve this if you always make sure that the pistons, rings, crankshafts, and bearings are oiled. Another key to ensure a long life of your Subaru is to ensure that your car is getting regular maintenance. The frequency of maintenance depends on the severity of the driving conditions.

    5. Easy upgrade

    Another benefit that comes with owning a Subaru is the ability to upgrade or downgrade the car from a naturally assimilated engine to a turbocharged engine and vice versa. The mechanism of upgrading is simple because all Subaru cars use a Boxer engine. With a Boxer engine, it is easy to add or remove a turbocharger which basically increases the amount of fuel being burned in the engine and giving the car more power.

    6. Surprising fuel efficiency

    Almost all new Subaru models have incorporated advanced fuel-saving technologies that give surprising fuel efficiency across the board. Those vehicles that have full-time AWD are among the most fuel-efficient in their respective classes. A newer Subaru also has the next-generation CVT and high-output turbocharged engines.

    7. All-wheel drive

    All-wheel drive(AWD) is not a new idea, but symmetrical AWD is something unique. Unlike most systems that are adapted from a 2-wheel drive, Subaru's symmetrical AWD is a real all-wheel drive. Power for the symmetrical AWD system comes directly from Subaru's Boxer engine, which continuously gives sufficient power to each wheel to prevent slippage in any road condition. The symmetrical AWD ensures linear power flow to all wheels, provides better balance/control and prevents torque steer.

  • Things Guys Do that Turn Ladies Off
  •  As guys, it is not that we often want to turn ladies off with the things we do or fail to do. Most times, it is just a matter of our personality and changing somethings about oneself is not always as easy as it sounds. If you have noticed that girls are almost always avoiding you, then I am pretty sure you don’t feel too good about yourself, unless of course you are gay. The worse part of it all is the fact that it is not always easy to tell what exactly turns ladies off. It is not enough to know the things girls love. You have to also be aware of the reasons why sometimes they just don’t seem to like some guys. There are actually a good number of reasons why women pull away. Knowing exactly what those reasons are could help you solve the problem and make more female friends or even get into a relationship.

    Talking too much

    I know being outspoken is a sign of manliness and maturity. However you should not mistake being outspoken with being a talkative. Those are two very different things. Being a talkative is one the things girls hate. Ladies just don’t want a guy who talks too much. And by too much I mean always wanting to say something even when you don’t have to. You should talk when you have something to say but never talk just because you have to say something. The average lady will consider such an attitude rude. A guy should be able to pull a discussions and get along with people well but that should not mean you have to be lousy. You are just going to be an annoying boyfriend if you don’t learn to talk only when necessary.

    Being flirty

    If you are looking to have a relationship with a lady, you must ensure that she does not even suspect you to be the flirty type. Some ladies will ignore it, and even those who can are very few. The majority of them will simply ignore a guy if they realize that he has the tendency to flirt around with any lady that seems attractive to him. One of the things girls love is to know that a guy has eyes that find no other woman attractive except her. She will consider any guy who shows the slightest interest in another woman as an annoying boyfriend.

    The main issue about being a flirt is the fact that it gives ladies the impression that you cannot be faithful. It is a sign that a guy has issues with self control and that is one thing most girls cannot negotiate with. Unfortunately enough for most guys, ladies are very very observant and they will notice things about you that even you did not notice about yourself. A wondering eye, careless touch and the desire to talk with just any lady you see are signs that you are too flirty to keep any lady attracted to you. It threatens any lady’s security and she can tell from the onset that you are the type who will break her heart pretty soon. A lady may be initially attracted to you but when she realizes that you just cant resist the temptation to flirt, she will immediately begin to pull away.

    Being Shy and withdrawn

    Just like ladies don’t like guys who talk a lot, those who almost never talk also turn them off. One of the things girls hate is to hang out with a guy who just finds it difficult coming out of his shell. Ladies are very sociable and they are usually looking out for a man who can be mature enough to speak up when he has to and be quiet when he has nothing to say. Some men cannot even tall the difference between when talking is necessary and when it is not. If you find yourself on either extremes, you have to change. Being shy and withdrawn has certain messages is passes across to ladies about you.

    Ladies consider that those who are shy are not strong enough to defend them if there is ever a need to. A guy who cannot speak up for himself will definitely not be able to speak up for a lady if he ever has to, much less defend her against assaults. Ladies know that sometimes, situations are going to come up in which you will have to defend them. And boy, it does not really matter whether she is wrong or right. You should be able to defend her no matter what. However, if you are always withdrawn and shy, she will not even want to get to the place where you have to defend her. You may have relatives and friends who want to treat her like trash. Worse of all you will have to stand up for yourself on many occasions. Just imagine your girl being the one who has to encourage you to speak up and speak out. Not cool at all.

    Being outspoken and confident is one of the things girls love about guys they are attracted to. They love guys who are bold and intelligent enough to speak up wherever they find themselves. It gives a sense of confidence and is a great way to make ladies trust you.


    As far as ladies are concerned, there are so many things that could be considered unromantic and you better know what those things are and avoid them. These will include a good number of Dos and Dont’s. Don’t ignore her when she has something to tell you, even if it makes no sense. Be romantic enough to listen. Don’t go for a whole day without calling or texting her, what are you thinking about all day if she is not in your thoughts? Initiate a touch or hug every once in a while to show affection. Be gentle and learn to happily do all those things modernity is trying to wipe out from the list of things guys have to do for girls like cooking, giving a foot rub, opening the door of the car for her and letting her sit her before you do. The list goes on and on. Some things on the list may seem very silly and useless but you must understand that those things are very important to ladies and no matter how you feel, you have to do them. Understand that one of the things girls hate is to have a guy who is unromantic or finds it hard to show affection. No girls wants to be treated like she is just another boyfriend of yours. If you can’t treat ladies specially, it is going to be very difficult to win their hearts. It does not matter how much money, influence, charm or charisma you have, just be a guy who understands that ladies are special and learn to treat her like a jewel that she is.

    Too proud of their personality

    Talk about being too full of oneself. Ladies cannot stand it. You will simply be another annoying boyfriend she has to drop along the way if you are too full of yourself. A guy sees a lady somewhere, likes her but would rather play games than walk up to her and let her know how he feels. Some times, the matter is worse. He is clearly riding a high horse. When ever he talks with a lady, she cant miss the fact that he is too full of himself. Always talking about his achievements, personality and fame. Girls are looking for guys who can be humble no matter what status they have. Believe me, there are still a good number of girls out there who know their worth and you better not do anything to make them feel like you are Mr Superior and they are just some item you can use at will. There are guys who expect ladies stand in awe and amazement at their personality or wealth. But that is just the very thing that makes them think such a guy is a jerk. Ladies prefer to hang around guys of average class and be respected than fall in love with a guy who has a lot of status, class and money but cannot show even the least sense of value for a woman.

    Unable to listen

    It is hard to please a woman if you do not know how to listen. One reason why women pull away is the fact that men can sometimes be too insensitive to their feelings that even listening becomes a problem. Women like to talk and whatever they deem necessary is what they will talk about. All they require of you is to give your full attention and listen. Is that too much to ask. Don’t be the guy who always is looking at the televisions and nodding to what he is not paying attention to. Women want to know that a guy really loves them and to them, one way to do that is by watching whether or not the man can give his undivided attention. Sometimes, guys listen, sometimes they don’t, other times they are only half attentive and yet they would only listen when she is talking about certain things (which may not matter much to her).

    Guys don’t always want to listen as much as they should. Seriously, sometimes, what the lady is saying is very boring and especially when it is something you have no interest in. For example, she may want to tell you about some of the petty talks she had wit her friends or the things she noticed at the supermarket earlier that day. But the you are thinking about the football match that is going on on tv and engrossed in chatting about it with your friends on social media. Now you are answering her questions or nodding to the statements she is making but she can clearly see that you don’t have any interest in what she is saying. So she thinks it could be great if she just tries again, but yet that too fails. She is frustrated and angry about the situation but you don’t even notice it because you are still not paying attention to her. Very few things are more frustrating to a lady. They sincerely wish guys to could understand how they feel about this but they hardly do, so most ladies either get to use to it or shut out their hearts to the guys who find it hard to listen.

    Unkempt hair

    Guys, seriously, having a shave after every few days is not as expensive as some people make it seem. One of those things girls hate is a guy who is not even responsible enough to take care of himself. Ladies lite guys with beards and body hair. It is a sign maturity and masculinity but at the same time, you have to realize that keeping an unkempt bear or hair on your heard is simply disgusting. The truth is every guy looks more handsome when his beard is trimmed and his hair is shaved. When you look at yourself in the mirror, a shabby look bear may seem to make you looks tough and manly but to ladies, it is a sign that you are irresponsible and untidy. Even if you don’t want to visit the barber’s shop very often, get a shaving bic and a pair of scissors to keep your hair in shape.

    Dressing poorly

    Ladies love and are always attracted to guys who dress well. Guys who have a good sense of style can usually get the ladies they like. For some reason, some guys just have no idea what dressing well is all about. It is either he buys a good pair of trousers and matches it with the wrong pair of shoes or simply has a problem with color combination. Every guy loves to see a lady who is well dressed. And dressing well means different things to different people but if we bring everything down to basics, it is about looking responsible and attractive. That should be you aim when you dress. Check up what is appropriate for every occasion and wear just that. Don’t get in the habit of putting on dresses just because you like the way they look on you in the mirror. Make sure they are appropriate and attractive.

    Lack of motivation or focus

    It is important that every guy who want to avoid turning ladies off understands the importance of being motivated and having a focus or bearing in life. You are only going to be an annoying boyfriend without these two qualities. If your life is not about something, you will always seem to be overdependent and needy. Always wanting affection and attention. Ladies will also consider that you are to childish or immature for them. You may have a few ladies who will not mind but that is only because they too are not mature enough to judge right and determine what really matter and what doesn’t. One of the things girls love is a guy who can be focused and motivated towards a particular goal. Men who lack these qualities will keep wondering why women pull away.

    Motivation is one of those qualities that makes a guy consistent in the way he relates with a lady. It also shows in other areas of his life. Ladies love men who are passionate and motivated about something. They don’t always need to be pushed into making decisions about serious issues. Some guys actually know what to do but because there is little or not motivation, you find that they are always waiting for someone to encourage or motivate them into taking action. For some guys, the real issue is indecision. When a lady realizes that you have issues with making a decision, she begins to feel insecure around you because she is conscious of the fact that even your decision to love and be loyal to her could change at any time.

    Focus is a sign of maturity. Guys who find it difficult to be focused will always turn ladies off. Your level of focus on the “little things” in life will tell her how focused you are going to be in a relationship and in other things that really matter in life.

    Having a “user” mentality

    Some guys can lead a lady on for months, say all the nice things there are to say, take her to the best places and have wonderful experiences together only to leave her in pain once he has gotten into her pants. But being the kind of guy who like to use ladies is not limited to sex. This is one of the worse things girls hate about guys. It is also one of the major reasons why women pull away. There are several ways guys use girls and make them feel stupid at the end of it all. A guy may sweep a lady off her feet with his wonderful looks and charming style. But sometimes, underneath what seems like a cool personality is a viper waiting to stink when the opportunity presents itself. Ladies are usually able to discern the character and intentions of these kind of people. But for some reasons, they are so vulnerable that it seems difficult for them to stay away from such people they suspect them very much. However there are some ladies who will immediately avoid you if they know that you are simply trying to use them and once you have whatever it is that you want, you will simply take off and be gone. It could be money you want, companionship, friendship in a time of pain or worse still just sex. Whatever it is, you need to get your motives right before getting into a relationship with any lady.


    Most ladies would go to unbelievable extents to support a guy but an annoying boyfriend will hardly do the same. All that is necessary is for them to actually love you genuinely. When ladies love, they usually do so very passionately. You don’t need to push any buttons. They are also looking for that same type of commitment from guys who claim to love them. Be supportive financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally. When a guy is unsupportive, ladies just draw away from him. It means they would have to carry the entire burden of the relationship alone most of the time and that is a terrible thing. One of the things girls love is for a guy to show that he can stand by them in very though times by making a commitment to be supportive when things are not that bad.

    Too touchy

    Guys who are touchy are too childish for serious ladies. You are going to get offended over one thing or the other she does or does not do. But when being angry at a lady becomes something that happens over every little issue that comes, there is a problem and such an attitude will turn off even the nicest ladies. Ladies are even more tender hearted than their bodies are. They must be pampered and treated with respect. That means having the maturity to overlook the little things that they may do wrong. Any guy who wants ladies to easily be attracted to him must be able to overlook certain things.

    Acts different with a lady in public

    if you call someone your girlfriend, it is simply not fair to treat her differently in public from the way you treat her privately. If you are not proud of her in public, there is no way you can claim to love her. Sometimes a guy could treat his girl friend like a sister in public either because he is not proud of her or he is simply interested in another and is hoping to cheat. However this is one the things girls hate about guys who are not mature enough to either be proud of them or get someone they can be proud of.

    Giving mixed signals

    An annoying boyfriend will always give mixed signals about his feelings and commitment to the relationship you share together. Guys sometimes act like they are not sure of what they want and it is one reason why women pull away sometimes. You cannot expect a lady to pour out her heart into a relationship when all the while you are simply acting like you don’t really know what you want.

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  • Farm Manager Ireland
  • Are you passionate about agriculture and ready to take the reins of a thriving fresh produce farm? We're seeking a skilled and dedicated Farm Manager to join our team and lead the day-to-day operations of our bustling farm. If you have a deep understanding of crop management, team leadership, and sustainable farming practices, we want to hear from you!

    Key Responsibilities:
    • Crop Management: Oversee all aspects of crop production, from planting to harvesting, ensuring optimal yield and quality. Implement effective agronomy measures.
    • Team Leadership: Lead and motivate a team of farm workers in various tasks including planting, cultivating, irrigating, and harvesting. Foster a collaborative and positive work environment.
    • Planning and Strategy: Develop and implement seasonal planting plans, crop rotation strategies, and irrigation schedules. Continuously assess and improve farm practices for efficiency and sustainability.
    • Resource Management: Manage farm resources including... equipment, tools, and supplies. Maintain equipment in good working condition and ensure their proper usage.
    • Quality Assurance: Ensure that all harvested produce meets high-quality standards, is properly sorted and packed, and is ready for distribution.
    • Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records of planting dates, crop yields, and other relevant data. Use data to inform decision-making and drive improvements.

    • Experience: Proven experience of working on a commercial fresh produce farm.
    • Knowledge: Strong understanding of farming practices, crop rotation, pest management, and irrigation techniques. Ideally, you will be FACTS & BASIS qualified.
    • Problem-Solving: Adept at identifying issues, finding innovative solutions, and adapting to changing conditions.
    • Passion: Genuine enthusiasm for agriculture and a commitment to producing high-quality produce.

    Perks and Benefits:
    • Competitive salary commensurate with experience.
    • On-site housing option available.
    • Opportunities for professional growth and development.
    • Work on-site in a picturesque rural setting with a dedicated and passionate team.

    If you're ready to make a significant impact on the world of fresh produce while leading a dedicated team, we encourage you to apply. Send your CV to [email protected]

  • Pricing Manager 80-100% (f/m/d) Vaduz
  • • Website

    LGT Fund Management Company Ltd.
    Die LGT ist die weltweit grösste Private Banking und Asset Management Gruppe im Besitz einer Unternehmerfamilie. Als Family Office des Fürstenhauses von Liechtenstein überzeugen wir Sie mit langjähriger Erfahrung in der Verwaltung grosser Vermögen.

    Die LGT Fund Management Company, als Teil der LGT Gruppe, strukturiert, gründet und verwaltet massgeschneiderte EU-kompatible Investmentfonds unter dem Dach der LGT. Das Team der LGT Fund ManCo entwickelt passende Fondslösungen entsprechend den individuellen Bedürfnissen der Fondspromoter und der jeweiligen Anlagestrategie, der gewünschten Anlagerestriktionen sowie den Charakteristika des Anlegerkreises.. Die Fondsadministration, die Verwahrung sowie das Risikomanagement werden unter dem Dach der LGT aus einer Hand angeboten. UCITS oder AIF, Umbrella oder Einzelfonds, Single- oder Multi-Manager-Struktur, Balanced oder Private Equity Portfolio – die Möglichkeiten sind vielfältig.MehrDie LGT ist... die weltweit grösste Private Banking und Asset Management Gruppe im Besitz einer Unternehmerfamilie. Als Family Office des Fürstenhauses von Liechtenstein überzeugen wir Sie mit langjähriger Erfahrung in der Verwaltung grosser Vermögen.

    Die LGT Fund Management Company, als Teil der LGT Gruppe, strukturiert, gründet und verwaltet massgeschneiderte EU-kompatible Investmentfonds unter dem Dach der LGT. Das Team der LGT Fund ManCo entwickelt passende Fondslösungen entsprechend den individuellen Bedürfnissen der Fondspromoter und der jeweiligen Anlagestrategie, der gewünschten Anlagerestriktionen sowie den Charakteristika des Anlegerkreises.. Die Fondsadministration, die Verwahrung sowie das Risikomanagement werden unter dem Dach der LGT aus einer Hand angeboten. UCITS oder AIF, Umbrella oder Einzelfonds, Single- oder Multi-Manager-Struktur, Balanced oder Private Equity Portfolio – die Möglichkeiten sind vielfältig
    Vaduz Liechtenstein

  • [6/09/2023] Senior Mechanical Engineer Colombia
  • My client is an MEP Engineering Firm who is looking to add a Senior Mechanical Engineer to their team! They work on some of the largest projects and all sizes and across most sectors. If you are interested in the position, please apply below with a resume.

    Company Details:

    - Long history of success in the MEP industry
    - Family-like culture; they treat their employees like gold!
    - PartnershipTrack for the right individual
    - Amazing benefits including insurance, retirement plans, PTO, and more!
    - Potential for bonuses
    - 7-15 years of experience
    - Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
    - PE Certification
    - Experience with HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical engineering
    - Project types include healthcare, schools/educational, civic, commercial, residential, and more!
    - Experience leading a team
    - Ability to collaborate with other professionals
    - Experience consulting with clients and doing field visits/inspections


    - $90k $150K per year depending on experience
    ... Partnership opportunity

    To be considered, please apply with a resume. If you have any other questions or wish to discuss any other engineering positions, reach out to Todd Peterswith gpac at

    All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, age, color, sex (including pregnancy), religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, military status, genetic information, or any other status protected by applicable laws or regulations.

    GPAC (Growing People and Companies) is an award-winning search firm specializing in placing quality professionals within multiple industries across the United States since 1990. We are extremely competitive, client-focused and realize that our value is in our ability to deliver the right solutions at the right time.

    This salary was provided in the Job Posting

  • Electrical Project Manager Vancouver
  • Hays Electrical Contracting team in Vancouver is recruiting for a Project Manager/Estimator to work for our client Spectrum Electric in Surrey, BC on Commercial or Industrial Projects.

    Your new Role:

    As the Electrical Project Manager/Estimator you will be focusing on Commercial or Industrial Projects. Your day-to-day responsibilities will include but are not limited to; maintaining a good relationship with suppliers, consultants, general contractors, and end users, reviewing contracts, purchasing materials, and equipment, working with the foreman, superintendents, and project coordinators as a team to review the project documents and discuss labour requirements and staffing, developing project schedules, managing the project and being present on sites when required, reviewing reports, creating project manuals and reviewing each project during close-out to determine areas of improvement and strength, Support existing/create new business development opportunities. Experience with... Estimating using Accubid is desired.

    What you’ll need to Succeed:

    To succeed as the Electrical Project Manager/Estimator you will have an educational background in one of the follows: Electrical trade certificate, Electrical Engineering degree, or Electrical Technologist diploma/certificate. You will hold 5+years’ of experience in Electrical Project Management and/or Estimating. Previous experience with Estimating programs, specifically Accubid (Accubid Pro and Change Order) is an asset. Knowledge of managing projects in Commercial or Industrial is desired up to half a million value.

    What you’ll get in Return:

    As the Electrical Project Manager/Estimator you will be joining a company that offers an exciting, enjoyable work environment, competitive benefits package as well as a competitive salary ($100,000-$115,000).

    What you need to do Now:

    If the opportunity of Electrical Project Manager/Estimator sounds like it could be the right next step within your career, apply now – Sarah Robinson, your Hays consultant is looking forward to connecting with those who meet the above qualifications to discuss the next steps
    Vancouver BC

  • Assistant/Associate Professor of Architecture Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • div Assistant Associate Professor of Architecture The School of Architecture Art and Design at the American University in Dubai invites qualified applicants for the position of Assistant Associate Professor of Architecture to begin teaching in Fall 2023 The successful candidate will have A Master s Degree or Ph D in architecture from a Western accredited institution at the time of appointment Ability to work within a diverse student and faculty population Previous college level teaching experience and or professional experience in Architecture Ability to teach both studio and lecture courses within a broad architecture curriculum Digital literacy in the most common software for architecture One or more of the following areas of expertise are required Digital design applying one or more of the following Certified instructors are preferred - Digital Fabrication - Parametric Design - BIM - Virtual Reality - A I in Architecture Integrative design with an expertise in some of the following... - Building assemblies and Building envelope systems - Structural systems - MEP Materials and Methods of Construction - Sustainability and Environmental System Professional practice legal responsibilities and entrepreneurship - Professional Practice Entrepreneurship amp Ethics - Life Safety amp Codes - Construction Management and Building Economics Candidates will have evidence of successful teaching experience or must demonstrate significant potential and promise of teaching effectiveness and excellence at the undergraduate level Additionally candidates are expected to meet standards for personal professional scholarship and assist in student advising curriculum development and other service to the department school and community The compensation package for this position is competitive and is based on the expatriate model Besides tax-exempt basic salary it includes housing annual two-way airfare health life insurance professional memberships conference attendance expenses assistance with children s tuition and other components The American University in Dubai is a private non-sectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1995 It serves UAE nationals and international students who seek world-class career-oriented education AUD as an international institution of higher education encourages global understanding by providing an atmosphere of cultural diversity and opportunities for an international education div div Applications will be accepted and evaluated until this position is filled Interested applicants must submit the following requirements Letter of Intent Curriculum Vitae CV Teaching Statement and Teaching Experience 1 page Research Statement 1 page Students Work Visual Portfolio or and Personal Projects Visual Portfolio Contact Information of Three 3 Academic Professional References div
    Dubai - United Arab Emirates

  • Product Manager Equity Compensation Plans Bristol
  • Job Description

    Location - Hybrid

    We give you a world of potential

    We have a fantastic opportunity for a Product Manager with a background in equity compensation to join our growing Product team.

    This is a hybrid position primarily based in any of our above listed office locations. We’re committed to your flexibility and wellbeing and our hybrid strategy currently requires two days a week in the office, giving you the option to work remotely for some of your working week. Find out more about our culture of flexible working .

    The Product Management function consists of a dynamic team of leaders solely focused on growing and optimizing our product, service, and channel offerings in the equity compensation industry.

    What make this role stand out?
    • You will be working in a global market, where our teams are committed to being the best
    • We give you continuous training and career development opportunities
    • You will be working as part of a global team who support a wide range of... products, giving you the opportunity to hone your existing skills, whilst continuing to build on your knowledge

    A role you will love

    We are looking for an experienced Product Manager – Equity Compensation Plans, to join our Global Plans’ Product team. As a Product Manager with Agile Product Owner responsibilities, you will be responsible for our Plans offerings.

    As one of our talented Product Managers, you will be instrumental in developing your product in line with our strategy, translating our Plans vision into tangible product enhancements and rolling-out of new offerings to the market. You will be expected to manage new ideas from concept to launch, working closely with colleagues across the business.

    You will lead the delivery of clear product communication and documentation, including marketing briefs, product development updates and feature descriptions.

    Other roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to;
    • Act as Product Owner of an Agile scrum team to execute your product strategy
    • Work closely with the Head of Plans Reporting and Plan Products to understand the product vision and strategy, working together to define the product roadmap
    • Understand your internal and external stakeholders’ needs so you prioritize work and develop your product effectively
    • Be the product expert

    What will you bring to the role?

    You have a passion for product ownership. You will be a collaborative individual with the ability to build great, long-lasting business relationships at a global scale.

    You will have a keen eye for detail, with the ability to drive a strategy forward, whilst focusing on user and client needs.

    Other Key Skills Required For The Role Include
    • Substantial work experience as a Product Manager or an Agile Product Owner, ideally in a global environment
    • Experience providing strategic ownership for one or more complex products and services.
    • Excellent interpersonal communication skills providing the ability to present and explain information in a way that establishes rapport, persuades others and promotes understanding and consensus.
    • Previous experience in the equity compensation field
    • Demonstrable analytical skills and comfortable with complex topics
    • Product or project experience that shows your ability to deliver against a strategy or plan

    This is a fantastic opportunity to join an ambitious company with a global presence, offering excellent progression routes, variety, and plenty of opportunities to upskill yourself. If you’re a result driven, seasoned professional, then this role could be a great fit.

    A Company To Be Proud Of

    Computershare (ASX:CPU) is a world leader in financial administration with over 14,000 employees across 21 different countries delivering expertise to over 25,000+ clients. At Computershare, it’s more than just a job, our open and inclusive culture means that we will help you to grow, to move forward and make the most of the world of opportunities we have available. With infinite possibilities, we could take you anywhere.

    Rewards designed for you

    Employee Share Plan. Set aside salary to purchase shares in our company and you’ll increase your investment when you receive a generous company contribution towards additional shares.

    Health and Wellbeing. Our health and wellbeing rewards can be tailored to support you and your family.

    Save for Your Future. We will support you along your retirement savings journey.

    Paid time away from work. Our employees enjoy a competitive paid time off package, including a day each year to volunteer time for a good cause that is important to you.

    Employee Discounts. We’ve partnered with other organisations to offer you extra savings. Enjoy discounts with banks, car manufacturers, on flights, accommodation and days out as well as with many big brand shops.

    Extra Rewards. From tuition reimbursement to cash bonus recruitment referral programs, our comprehensive benefits package offers a multitude of options.

    A diverse and inclusive place to work

    Computershare celebrates the diversity of our people, and we welcome applications from everyone.

    We believe that having a culture of inclusion is essential in delivering good results. Attracting, retaining, and developing a diverse workforce where employees feel valued, respected, and empowered allows people to reach their full potential. As a business this diversity helps us to better reflect and understand our customers’ needs to allow us to drive better outcomes.

    We are happy to accommodate individual needs during your application journey. If you require disability accommodations or adjustments, please email us at [email protected] detailing your requirements and contact information.

    Computershare is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, protected veteran status, or other characteristics protected by applicable law
    Bristol UK

  • Front End Developer Southampton
  • Job spec / duties
    • Developing bespoke Wordpress sites to perfectly match Figma designs
    • Animating content and loading sequences
    • Optimising loading speed
    • Testing across mobile, tablet and desktop
    • Liaising with our designer on each project to ensure quality
    • Keeping customers updated with your progress
    • Managing your own workload

    Must Have Experience
    • HTML / PHP
    • CSS / SASS
    • WordPress
    • Good organisation and communication

    Nice To Haves
    • Headless CMS experience
    • JS Framework experience (React, Angular, Node, Vue)
    • Shopify Liquid / Hydrogen
    • WP Advanced Custom Fields

    Company background

    We're the highest-rated web design agency in Hampshire. We are based in Totton, just outside of Southampton. A small, tight knit team, trusted by over 450 businesses since 2011, looking after luxury superyacht brands to the local solicitor, there is no end to the types of business you'll helping!

    We run a fun but efficient studio. There's always music on, and a friendly but focused... atmosphere, with walks at lunch when the sun's shining around the local lakes, fresh Pizza from our Roccbox, and as much freshly ground coffee as you fancy (or there's a Starbucks over the road) as well as the latest tech gear you'll need. M2 Macbook pro, Studio display or dual 4k's, it's your call.

    Hours & Pay
    • Monday - Friday, 9-5
    • Hybrid working from home or office available
    • 28 days holiday including bank holidays
    • Pension scheme
    • Healthcare cash plan
    • £30-35k, dependent on experience
    Southampton UK

  • SR Process Design Engineer - Hiring Immediately Doha
  • We are looking to hire a hardworking SR Process Design Engineer to join our amazing team at Continental Holdings in Doha.
    Growing your career as a Full Time SR Process Design Engineer is an awesome opportunity to develop useful skills.
    If you are strong in project management, decision-making and have the right mindset for the job, then apply for the position of SR Process Design Engineer at Continental Holdings today!

    SR Process Design Engineer for Qatar Oil & Gas Project
    Salary 14000 QAR to 18000 QAR
    Degree in Engineering with minimum 10 year experience requires in Oil & Gas projects from engineering consultant background
    Company Industry
    • Hotels
    • Hospitality
    Department / Functional Area
    • SR Process Design Engineer

    Disclaimer: is only a platform to bring jobseekers & employers together. Applicants are advised to research the bonafides of the prospective employer independently. We do NOT endorse any requests for money payments and strictly... advice against sharing personal or bank related information. We also recommend you visit Security Advice for more information. If you suspect any fraud or malpractice, email us at View email address on
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    Benefits of working as a SR Process Design Engineer in Doha:

    ● Excellent benefits
    ● Advancement opportunities
    ● Advantageous package
    Doha Qatar

  • Assistant Manager Internal Audit (IT Audit) Kuwait
  • Job Description :
    • Responsible for performing IT audits at ground level and involved in evaluating and testing ITGCs, conducting business and IT process reviews, IT Application Controls tests, across platforms such as Microsoft Navision, warehouse Management, Order fulfillment systems, Logistics Management system, service now, CRMs etc.
    • Technical Knowledge of IT Audit Tools with excellent knowledge of IT Audit process and methodology Prior IT Audit experience in areas of ITGC, SOX 404, SOC-1 and SOC-2 Audits and Application Controls (ITAC) Exposure to Risk Management and Governance Frameworks/ Systems will be an added advantage Exposure to Microsoft Navision systems will be added advantage
    • Responsible for evaluating and documenting the design and operating effectiveness of technology controls (GITCs and ITACs) pertaining to Company Internal Controls over Financial Reporting.
    • Support in Automation opportunities from IT perspective & always provide viewpoint
    • Responsible for... managing audit engagements with a focus on IT risks
    • Supports leadership in developing a strong risk control framework by providing technical guidance during audit engagements, ensuring completion of work within tight deadlines, and delivering high-quality audit results consistent with the organization's expectations.
    • Skill set for IT Audit- IT Audit with knowledge of IT governance practices Good to have knowledge of other IT regulations, standards, and benchmarks used by the IT industry
    • Engages with the Senior Management & Head of Internal Audit & respective department in articulating IT audit findings and can convince them of his point of view
    • Is seen as a subject matter expert for technology platforms Microsoft Navision {Any knowledge for other platforms such as warehouse Management, Microsoft Navision, Order fulfillment systems, Logistics Management system, service now, CRMs etc.) or industry (E-Commerce etc.)
    • Engages with the organization's internal stakeholders on how the findings relating to IT audits have a bearing on financial reporting and internal controls.
    • Is viewed as a trusted advisor by the team and the Management
    • Actively establish & strengthen within-organization relationships.
    • Assists leaders in developing new methodologies and internal initiatives.
    • Should be a team player with a proactive and result-oriented approach.
    • Ability to prioritize, work on multiple assignments, and manage ambiguity.
    • Should have excellent presentation & communication skills.
    • High on personal integrity and work ethics and can be trusted without micro-level supervision from leaders

    Skill Set
    • Experience in testing Automated Controls [ITACs] and configurations preferred.
    • CISA certified
    • Knowledge of industry standards and frameworks such as COBIT, COSO, etc. preferred.
    • Value-added advantage if experience in testing General IT Controls across the following domains preferred: Access to Programs and Data, Program Development & Changes and Computer Operations across various platforms (OS, Network, DB, Application).
    • 3 Years of minimum experience post qualification is required – {1 Year of any e-commerce experience would be a value advantage

  • Software Business Analyst (Fintech) Cairo
  • Job Description

    We're recruiting a
    Business Systems Analyst
    for a pioneer fintech company in the MENA region specialized in crowdfunding investment,

    The ideal candidate will be one of the long term in-house team
    , and to work directly with the business team, investment team, tech team and clients in order to examine the existing platform for improvement, report common issues and recommend new system procedures, therefore he should be experienced professional with in-depth knowledge of business processes and business system analysis techniques.

    • Gathering/Analyzing/Evaluating requirements from business partners, including managers, end-users, integrators, and providers.
    • Creating system/integration specification documents/diagrams/use cases, as to define requirements for Research & Development team.
    • Lead meetings with various partners in the business and use business analyst techniques and methodologies to gather business and technical requirements for a... project
    • Involved with project development queue and communicate with the business to ensure needs are being met based on project criteria
    • Coordinate with stakeholders within the business, third parties, and vendors to develop and implement technical changes or updates
    • Understand and be able to translate and clearly document business and technical requirements to SW development team and business executives
    • Perform data extraction and analysis from external business applications
    • Manage internal change management processes for changes to assigned business systems
    • Work with internal stakeholders to complete high priority system technical issues
    • Work with the Quality Assurance team to ensure that system releases and updates are free from errors and satisfy end-user requirements
    • Provide project-level analysis – producing required project analysis documentation (business requirements, scope matrix, use cases, sequence diagrams, future state proposals, UAT plan)
    • Maintain a foundational understanding of application’s databases and record structure; advise executives on reporting and analytical capabilities


    Minimum Qualifications
    • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience
    • +4 years experience as Business Analyst role
    • +1 years experience working with a banking or financial systems
    • Experience with business and technical requirements management and analysis
    • Strong understanding of Business Process Management and relevant tools (e.g.. Visio)
    • Solid understanding of SDLC, well Acknowledged with SQL and Relational Databases
    • Strong research and analytical skills
    • Strong organizational and prioritization skills
    • Strong interpersonal and communication Skills
    • Proven problem-solving skills
    • Highly proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
    • Project Management Experience
    • Good understanding of 3rd party system integrations' requirements analysis.

    • Competitive Basic Salary (negotiable based on experience)
    • Dynamic work environment and flexible working hours
    • Work-life balance (Friday & Saturday are off)
    • Medical, Social, Life Insurance
    Cairo Egypt

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