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  • Anis
  • Look up Anis or anis in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Anis (Arabic: أنيس) is a masculine given name. The meaning of the name Anis is "genial" or "close

  • Mir Anees
  • poetry. Anees used Persian, Urdu, Arabic, and Sanskrit words in his poetry. Anis wrote prolonged Marsias, which was a custom of his times, but nowadays only

  • Anisette
  • Anisette, or Anis, is an anise-flavored liqueur that is consumed in most Mediterranean countries. It is colorless, and because it contains sugar, is sweeter

  • Anis Mehmeti
  • Anis Mehmeti (born 9 January 2001) is a professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for English EFL Championship club Bristol City. Born

  • Anis Saltou
  • Anis Mohamed Jumaa Saltou (born 1 April 1992), known as Anis Saltou, is a Libyan professional footballer who plays as a forward. "Etoile du Sahel : Anis

  • Rais Anis Sabri
  • Rais Anis Sabri from Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh, India is one of the youngest performing Sufiana Qawwals. He is the son and disciple of Rais Sabri, who in

  • Anis Ben Slimane
  • Anis Ben Slimane (Arabic: أنيس بن سليمان; born 16 March 2001) is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Premier League club Sheffield

  • Raja Perempuan Tengku Anis
  • Raja Perempuan Tengku Anis binti Almarhum Tengku Abdul Hamid (born 6 January 1949) is the former Raja Perempuan (Queen consort) of Kelantan. She is the

  • Anis al-Dawla
  • Anis al-Dawla (died 1896) was a royal consort of shah Naser al-Din Shah Qajar of Persia (r. 1848–1896). She was the daughter of an impoverished shepherd

  • Anis Nabar
  • Yohanis Nabar (born 14 September 1992), better known as Anis Nabar, is an Indonesian professional footballer who plays as a winger for Liga 2 club PSBS

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  • Nine Insider Tips for Hiring a Concrete Driveway Contractor
  • If you're considering installing a concrete driveway, you need to hire a reputable contractor to do the job. But with so many contractors, it can be hard to know where to start. So we've compiled this list of 9 insider tips for hiring a concrete driveway contractor.

    1. Get multiple bids. This is the most crucial tip on the list. It would be best to get multiple bids from different contractors before making your final decision. That way, you can compare prices and services to find the best value for your money. 
    2. Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. This is critical. You don't want to hire a contractor who isn't properly licensed and insured because you could be on the hook financially if something goes wrong. 
    3. Ask for references. Any reputable contractor should be able to provide you with references from past clients who can attest to their quality of work. 
    4. Check out their website. A professional, well-designed website is another good sign that you're dealing with a reputable company. 
    5 . Get a written contract. Once you've selected a contractor, get everything in writing before any work begins. The contract should spell out all the job details, including a timeline for completion and payment terms. 
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  • Common Headaches and their Treatments
  • Headache is a good sign that your body is undergoing stress or lacking something; thus indicating an adjustment or change. Headaches can be activated by fatigue, stress, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, alcohol or drugs, poor posture, low blood sugar, hormones and constipation. That is, maybe you need to take some time out, drink some water or change the way you eat. You may have a nutrient or vitamin deficiency or a food sensitivity that is causing the headache. It is very important to be able to figure out the type of headache causing you pain. This is because, if you know the headache type, you can treat it properly by using the right approach. Here are some tips that will help you put a name to the different types of headache, how you can go about treating them and some of the natural headache remedies that actually works.

    The Different Types of Headaches

    Headaches can be very complicated than most individuals think. This is because the different types have their own set of symptoms which are unique for different persons and need different types of treatment. When you are aware of the type of headache that you have, then you can work with your doctor to find the right treatment that is most likely to help and even try to prevent them. Below are the some of the most common types of headaches and proposed treatments for each:
    Migraine headaches: What causes migraines is still a mystery. There are possible causes that have been identified by researchers but they don’t yet have a definite explanation for these causes. There are still some debates regarding the various classes of migraine headaches. Some professionals refer to migraine as a neurological disease, while others prefer calling it a neurological condition or disorder. Though experts believe that what causes migraines are a combination of the expansion of blood vessels and the release of certain chemicals, the exact cause of migraine is not clearly understood. The experts say it is the release of chemicals that causes inflammation and pain. The chemicals dopamine and serotonin are among chemicals which are regarded as what causes migraines. The chemicals are located normally in the brain and can cause blood vessels to act strangely if they are present in amounts that are abnormal or if the blood vessels are unusually sensitive to them.

    Attacks of migraine are classified as primary headaches due to the fact that the pain is not caused by another disorder or disease. Migraine headaches are described by serious head pain often accompanied by other migraine symptoms, which can be unfriendly. The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sounds, sensitivity to smells, sensitivity to light and changes in vision. Migraine symptoms and severity can vary greatly from one person to another. Recent research has identified certain genetic components that cause migraines in families. Migraines often go undiagnosed in young children and can affect people of all age groups. In as much as the duration of a migraine attack varies, most of the migraines attacks can last at least four hours. If you are experiencing migraine symptoms for more than three days, it is advisable to seek help from a medical doctor or visit an emergency room.

    Since scientists are yet to discover what causes migraines, the best way to avoid migraines is to stay away from what starts them in the first place. Some of the most common ways to avoid these triggers of migraine include the following. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine, avoid skipping meals and learn to watch your diet. In as much as they do not have to skip meals, they also have to avoid eating salty foods and highly processed foods, since these foods can trigger a migraine. Secondly, avoid preservatives and sweeteners. This is because some artificial sweeteners like aspartame and popular preservative monosodium glutamate (MSG) can trigger a migraine. Thirdly, avoid sensory stimulators like flashlights, bright sun, loud noises, perfume, paint and cigarette smoke. All these things are common triggers of migraines. Fourthly, avoid tress. Continual mental stress can cause migraine headaches. Life at home and work are the two most common sources of stress that can damage your mind and body if you cannot control them effectively. Also, physical stress like physical exertion, extreme exercise and even sexual activity can trigger migraine headaches. Lastly, be careful with changes in weather and fluctuations in hormone levels, since they are triggers that are difficult to avoid.
    Migraine treatment: There is currently no single migraine treatment. Migraine treatment is aimed at preventing a full-blown attack and relieving migraine symptoms if they come. Unfortunately, there is still no one size fits all method to migraine treatment due to the fact that what works for one person may not work for another. However, some lifestyle alterations like getting enough sleep, reducing stress, drinking plenty of water, avoiding certain foods and regular physical exercise might help reduce migraine frequency. If these lifestyle alterations don’t ease the migraine symptoms or frequency, then migraine treatment and prevention will focus on avoiding triggers, controlling symptoms, and taking medicines. Migraine treatments are typically classified into preventive treatments, and rescue medications. Migraine treatment for prevention begins with avoiding things that will trigger the condition. The major goals of preventive treatments are to lessen the frequency, painfulness and duration of migraine headaches, and to increase the effectiveness of other treatments. Prescription drugs for the treatment of migraines include; anticonvulsants, gabapentin, antidepressants, botulinum toxin A, vision correction, herbs and vitamins, etc. There are several types of migraine recue medication. Some common medications include pain killers, nausea treating (antiemetic) drugs, ergots and surgery. Pain killers like Aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen and acetaminophen should be taken early rather than allowing the headache to develop. For migraine symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, metoclopramide may be used to control them. Although selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and antidepressants are not approved in all countries, they are drugs prescribed to reduce migraine symptoms. Another class of migraine treatments usually effective if administered at the first sign of a migraine is called ergots. Recently, new approaches to migraine treatment have been developed. For patients who do not respond to traditional medical management, the new approach can be used on them. Botulinum toxin injection and surgical decompression of the extra cranial sensory branches of the trigeminal and cervical spinal nerves reduce or eliminate migraines in them.

    Tension headache: The most common type of headache is tension or stress headache. The feeling of this type of headache is like a constant ache or pressure around the head which is usually found at the temples or back of the head and neck. They are not as severe as migraines since they do not usually cause nausea or vomiting, and they rarely stop daily activities. If they occur less than 15 days in a month, then they are called episodic tension headaches, but if they occur more often, then they are called chronic headaches. Chronic headaches come and go over a longer period of time and the pain can get stronger or ease up throughout the day. In as much as your head hurts, the tension headaches don’t usually keep you from your daily activities, and they do not affect vision, balance or strength. About 80 percent of adults in the U.S. get tension headache from time to time while about 3 percent have chronic headaches daily. Many people with episodic tension headaches have them not more than once or twice a month. But many people with the chronic headaches type usually have them for more than 60-90 days. There is no single cause for tension headaches since they are mostly triggered by stress, whether from work, family, school, friends, or other relationships. Episodic tension headaches are usually set off by a single stressful situation or a build-up of stress while daily strain can lead to the chronic headache types. Tension headaches do not run in the families but people get them because of tightened muscles in the back of the neck and scalp. Tension headaches can result if one does not have enough rest, bad posture, anxiety, emotional or mental stress, fatigue, hunger and low iron level.

    Mild to moderate pain or pressure in the top, front, or sides of the head is one of the tension headache symptoms. A few other common tension headache symptoms are; difficulties in sleeping, feeling tired, irritability, muscle aches, trouble focusing and mild sensitivity to light or noise.
    Tension treatment: Over-the-counter (OCT) treatments like aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen (Tylenol), are usually sufficient to treat tension headaches. However, these should only be used occasionally since using OTC medications too much may lead to overuse or rebound headaches. When OTC drugs are not enough to treat recurring tension headaches, a doctor may give you a prescription for medication like; indomethacin, naproxen, ketorolac, acetaminophen and opiates. In a situation where the pain killers are not working, the doctor might prescribe a muscle relaxant, which will help stop the muscle contractions.

    Cluster headaches: Cluster headaches are recurring headaches that occur in groups or cycles. They are mostly common in men than women. It is frequently described as a pain that occur around, behind or above the eye and along the temple in cyclic clusters. They last from 15 minutes to a maximum duration of about 3 hours and can recur up to eight times daily. Cluster headaches appear suddenly and are characterized by severe, unbearable pain on one side of the head. These headaches are often complemented by watery eyes and nasal congestion or a runny nose on the same side of the face. Some people can only experience some redness of the conjunctiva. During a cluster headache attack, individuals often feel restless and unable to get comfortable. Most patients of these attacks describe their pain as occurring around or behind the eye. Some cluster headaches symptoms are commonly identified with migraine headaches. These symptoms include sensitivity to light, sounds or odors. Alcohol can trigger cluster headaches in people. In others it can be triggered by histamines and nitroglycerin. Some people have cluster headaches caused by environmental changes or changes in stress or activity levels. Another triggering factor of cluster headache is smoking.
    Cluster treatment: The cluster treatment can be divided into two distinct categories. That is, the relief of acute headache and prevention of future headaches. The oxygen that comes out from face mask has shown to help a majority of patients within a short period of time. Injectable sumatriptan seem to be of help to most of the patients with cluster headache. The introduction of dihydroergotamine intravenously to patients suffering from cluster headache can be extremely effective in treating them. However, the disadvantage is that the drug can be difficult to administer acutely and cannot be used on a patient that has used sumatriptan in the preceding 24 hours. Intranasal lidocaine is another good option but it must be administered in a specific manner. Other treatments that can be of benefit in reducing the frequency and severity of cluster cycles are verapamil, lithium topiramate, melatonin and valproic acid.

    Sinus headaches: When a sinus becomes inflamed because of an infection or allergic reaction, it can cause much pain on the head. This is because the build-up of pressure in your sinuses causes pain that feels like a headache. Sinuses are air-filled spaces inside a person’s forehead, cheekbones and behind the bridge of the person nose. Sinus headache comes usually with a fever and can be identified by symptoms or the presence of pus viewed through a fiber-optic scope. An attacked person will fell a deep and constant pain in his or her cheekbones, forehead, or the bridge of his or her nose. When the head is moved suddenly or strain, the pain usually gets stronger. At the same moment, the individual might have other sinus symptoms like a runny nose, fever, feeling of fullness in the ears and a swelling face.
    Sinus treatments: Headaches due to sinus infection or allergic reaction can be treated with antibiotics, antihistamines or decongestants. For those who have just mild symptoms, they may be able to treat them at home by using some of the natural headaches remedies.
    Natural Headache Remedies

    You might have been looking for the best headache treatment for your head pain. Here are some natural headaches remedies that really work. These natural headaches remedies also include tips from doctors on how to deal with the pain at home. The most fascinating aspect about these natural headache remedies is that, they can make a headache go away fast. Below are some of these natural ways to fight headaches:

    Magnesium: It is one of the most successful natural headache remedies due to the fact that it is much safer than taking a pain killer. Individuals who suffer from serious or chronic headaches, like migraines, often have low levels of magnesium. It has been suggested by several studies that magnesium can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks in people with low levels. People who are prone to low counts of magnesium include those with heart disease, diabetes, alcoholism and those on diuretics for blood pressure. Magnesium helps in preventing the wave of brain signaling which produces the visual and sensory changes that are normal when experiencing a headache. The pain-transmitting chemicals in the brain can be blocked by magnesium. Taking 200 to 600 mg of magnesium per day can decrease the frequency of headache attacks that an individual might face. Both oral and intravenous magnesium which are extremely safe and inexpensive are widely available. Diarrhea is the most frequent side effect of magnesium. However, lowering your magnesium dose or taking it less often can eliminate the issue of diarrhea. To improve on your daily magnesium intake then you have to eat more fiber. Food sources of magnesium include beans, seeds, whole grains, nuts and vegetables (broccoli, squash and leafy greens). Other decent levels of magnesium can also be gotten from dairy products, meats, chocolate and coffee.
    Ginger: Advertised as a medicine for headaches, ginger is a home remedy for instant relief from headaches. This is because it helps in reducing inflammation of the blood vessels in the head, thereby easing the pain from the head. Since ginger stimulates digestion, it also helps suppress the nausea which occurs during migraine headaches. All you have to do is just to mix equal parts of ginger juice and lemon juice and drink up or better still you can steep ginger root for tea. You can drink this once or twice a day depending on how much pain you are feeling. In order to get a quicker relief, you can also apply a paste of ginger powder and 2 tablespoons water on your forehead for some few minutes.

    Gluten-free diet: People who are sensitive to gluten can have headache when they eat food containing it. Patients who have migraine headaches often see either complete resolution of migraine or a major reduction in the frequency and strength of migraine symptoms after giving up gluten. For those who are having headaches from gluten food, they just have to cut back on their daily intake of this kind of food. Start this natural headache remedy by rejecting gluten for three weeks, then introduce foods having small gluten. Pay more attention to the way you feel when introducing gluten to your diet and find your happy balance.

    Peppermint Oil: Clogged blood vessels that causes headache are opened by peppermint. This is because peppermint contains menthol which helps regulate the flow of blood in the body and generates a long-lasting cooling effect on the skin. Research has shown that peppermint oil stimulates an important increase in skin blood flow of the forehead and it relaxes the contraction of muscle. What you just have to do is to quietly breathe in the aroma in a cool, dark room. Better still, you can also mix 3 drops of peppermint oil in one tablespoon of almond oil or just add a little water and massage the back of your neck with it. On the other hand, you can just apply crushed peppermint leaves on your forehead.

    Lavender Oil: In as much as lavender has a beautiful fragrance, it is also a great remedy for relieving headaches. It is commonly used as a mood stabilizer and relaxer. Research has shown that the use of lavender oil is an effective and safe migraine treatment. Simply smelling the gentle scent of lavender essential oil helps in relieving headaches. What you need to do is just to put a few drops on a tissue and inhale it. You can also introduce 2 drops of lavender oil to two cups of boiling water and inhale the vapor. Better still, you can mix two or three drops in one tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil and massage your forehead with it.

    Herbs (Feverfew and Butterbur): With the use of tension-easing herbs, headaches can be relieved naturally. Based on research studies, consuming feverfew lessens the frequency of migraine headaches and headache symptoms such as pain, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sensitivity to noise. The results of some studies in the U.K. indicated that feverfew is effective in the prevention of migraine headaches and does not pose any major safety concerns. The supplements of feverfew are available in fresh, freeze-dried or dried. Feverfew can be bought as capsules, tablets or liquid extracts. The recommended dose for headache relief is 50 to 100 milligrams of feverfew extract. Butterbur on the other hand is also a herb that decreases the inflammatory effect of chemicals that trigger headaches. This herb is applicable especially for migraines headaches. It can also act as a beta blocker by regulating the normal blood flow to the brain. Doses of at least 75 milligrams twice per day seem to be essential for the best headache-reducing results.

    Rest: For those suffering from headaches, resting or sitting in a room that is dark can help relieve the migraine symptoms and it can act as a basic headache treatment at home. What you need to do is just to close your eyes and focus on relieving the tension in your neck, back and shoulders.
    Basic Stretches: By performing a few simple exercises to stretch your head and neck, you can help reduce the intensity of headache. That is, you can move your chin upwards and downwards, right and left and bend your neck sideways towards each shoulder. Try also by slowly rotating the neck in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions to help the shoulder and neck muscles relax.

    Headaches can be a symptom of severe health conditions and some of them require treatment beyond Over-the-counter (OCT) medications and natural headache remedies.

    Disclaimer: This write-up is for information purpose, always contact a medical adviser for any health related issue.

  • Ambazonia No Longer a Facebook Republic - Ambazonia is Real
  • It is surreal that only a few months ago we were talking about the monumental challenges those clamoring for a free Ambazonia state faced to now discussing the real prospect of Ambazonia becoming the newest nation on the bloc in Africa.


    So much blood, pain and anguish have come to define the last several months that Ambazonians are in the course of writing their own history. The undercurrents of deep emotions transforming the region routinely go unnoticed. Ambazonia when it finally happens, will be a real shocker to the many watching now, but paying little attention to the moral forces driving events in the Cameroons.


    When hundreds of thousands of Ambazonians marched in the streets of Ambazonia on October 1, 2017, declaring their independence from La Republic du Cameroun, everyone was quick to dismiss their quest as just another disgruntled expression for freedom. Then, thousands of people still advocated for decentralization with the more moderate advocates for a federal Cameroon considered pragmatists.


    Today, even the concept of a federation would cause some to instantly throw up. In the span of only 3 years, the Northern and Southern regions of Anglophone Cameroon slipped through the fingers of Mr. Biya ever so slowly into what is now Ambazonia.


    It is now impracticable to reverse the quest of a free Ambazonia state. It would require an enormous moral will and strength to reverse the freedom Ambazonians now seek. This is an impossible task for the Biya regime to muster. The regime has no political capital and no moral compass to rely on.


    Bribery, once a reliable tool to bring even political enemies to the table, is regularly shunned at. The sheer amount of bloodshed and carnage makes even the most corrupt search for their conscience.


    Forcing Ambazonians to become part of Cameroun is also unconscionable and not only that. It also goes against every democratic principle of governance. And at its basic level, that government should be of the people, by the people and for the people.


    Ambazonians have clearly rejected every form of government that they do not choose and with good reasons. Thousands of Ambazonians have died fighting for their God given inalienable right to be free and free from oppression. They unmistakably demonstrate that by giving their lives for the cause.


    A few weeks ago, the UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet visited Cameroon and said Cameroon has a clear window of opportunity to solve the crisis rooted in violence.


    She said “I believe there is a clear - if possibly short - window of opportunity to arrest the crises that have led to hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people, as well as the killings and brutal human rights violations and abuses that have affected the northern and western areas of the country”.


    That was clearly an understatement of the crisis that has gripped the Anglophone regions for 3 years and counting. There is no window of opportunity left for the government.


    A couple of weeks later, the UN Security Council after years of slow walking, held an informal session to talk about the situation in Cameroon. The Security Council after its deliberations issued a recommendation to look at the root causes and encouraged dialogue. What was even the point of the discussions if it were not to look at the root causes and create binding solutions?


    With thousands of civilians killed and hundreds of thousands as refugees, the actions of the UN Security Council are nothing short of dereliction of duty.


    The UN Security Council effectively kicked the ball back to where it has always belonged, in the field of Cameroun and Ambazonia. These are not parties that plan to sit at a table anytime soon. These gestures from the UN only go to show that freedom for Ambazonians won’t come from international organizations.


    Why has Mr. Biya Been Unable to Solve the Anglophone Crisis?


    The answer is really simple. Solving the Anglophone crisis, even offering any kind of federalism would be fatal to the regime. Addressing the crisis would mean giving up power and control. For a regime that thrives on power and control, that is just too much to ask. No doubt the regime has steadfastly pushed for decentralization as a solution even as soldiers pillage and burn down entire villages, killing anything in sight that moves.


    Dictatorships run on power and control. Losing that control would instantly bring an end to Mr. Biya and his regime. A federation would raise rival leaders and institutions that may not see the need to be answerable to an unpopular president or corrupt regime.


    That leaves the country with the inevitable outcome, Ambazonia. With or without external support, Ambazonia is real. It is no longer a Facebook Republic as many thought. It is a real phenomenon. While the government of Cameroon has often referred to Ambazonia as a Facebook revolution, the regime has now gone all out on social media as Ambazonians take their fight to the ground.


    Releasing political prisoners like Maurice Kamto or Sisiku Ayuk Tabe will only go to precipitate the fall of the regime. The regime has nowhere to go other than to wait and see what happens with the fight for Ambazonia. This is where Cameroon finds itself and it is very humbling for a regime that has often snuffed out dissent within a few days.


    Today, the government of Cameroon has effectively lost control of the Northern and Southern zones of Ambazonia. In the Ambazonian regions, the regime only controls the few square meters around military posts and barracks. Attempts to venture out of these regions must be accompanied by heavily armed military personnel. Even these continue to face an ever stronger resistance movement excited to test out their newly acquired military wares.


    With their new found strength in military hardware and the throngs of people joining their fold daily, the Ambazonia liberation movement is slowly and heavily muscling out competing factions by the strength of their message and the ability to bring that into reality.


    They bring an unrivaled tenacity and moral purpose to their struggle that few groups can hardly match.


    The federalists in Cameroon now have very little sway over the local population. The people who have suffered the severe military crackdown, those with the guns and the will to fight have no interest in a united Cameroon. Ambazonia has truly broken away from the rest of Cameroon.


    Cameroonians are now at a crossroads, actively searching for what it means to be a Cameroonian, what it means to belong. With the Anglophone regions having gone for 3 years now without school, no discussion of the Anglophone crisis in the rubber-stamp parliament, the government’s severe crackdown on Anglophone dissenters, the burning down of entire villages, the daily random military killings, the minimal show of support from the Francophone majority, the decades of marginalization of Anglophones in a country they once called home, it is no surprise Ambazonians say they belong in Ambazonia.


  • Dominobet Judi Online Terpopuler Dikalangan Pengguna Internet


    Dominobet adalah situs judi online yang sangat di rekomendasikan banyak orang pemain judi di laman internet setiap harinya. Jika anda sudah pernah bergabung atau sudah pernah bermain judi online maka anda sempurna telah tidak asing lagi dengan permainan yg akan kita bahas kali ini. Permainan taruhan bola online memang memiliki poly jenis taruhan yang bisa anda mainkan dengan begitu mudah. seluruh hanya perlu dengan anda menentukan jenis manakah yang akan anda mainkan dan mencari cara bagaimana bisa meraih kemenangan. sebab di setiap permainan taruhan bola online jua pasti memiliki cara yg tidak sama jua pada hal membuat kemenangan.


    Dominobet merupakan judi online yang menyediakan hadiah hadiah menarik yang di undi setiap bulannya. Semakin anda bermain dengan terus mungkin kemenangan akan mudah untuk terjadi tapi Jika salah  saja pada bermain akan sangat sulit. Pastikan lebih dulu hal yang perlu anda lakukan saat akan memainkan permainan taruhan bola correct score. kini   memang permainan taruhan bola online amat asik buat anda mainkan pada zaman kini  . Mungkin dulu anda hanya dapat menonton pertandingan bola tapi tak mampu buat melakukan taruhan. Jadi sekarang sudah terlalu praktis buat anda mainkan dimana saja ketika memainkan taruhan bola.

    Crown Poker - Crown Melbourne

    Pengertian Serta Penjelasan Ihwal Judi Correct Score Online


    Agar buat dapat bermain menggunakan benar serta selalu sempurna bisa anda mainkan menggunakan penuh keyakinan. seluruh jenis permainan yang ada dalam taruhan dewabet link alternatif online jua pasti harus mampu anda mainkan menggunakan benar. karena tidak mungkin anda telah bermain dengan dari saja bisa mengalami kemenangan dalam bermain taruhan online. Kemenangan akan tiba Bila anda bermain menggunakan memang sudah siap dan selalu ingin mengerti cara buat bermain dengan benar. Maka memang sebelum anda akan memainkan permainan taruhan online usahakan bermainlah dengan pengetahuan yg sudah poly tentang permainan taruhan online.


    Bila anda ingin bermain permainan apa berarti anda harus menguasai seluruh cara hukum pada permainan taruhan online tersebut. Pastikan lebih dulu apa yg bisa diperbuat dalam akan bermain taruhan domino88 uang asli online bola yang kini   telah sangat seru buat dimainkan. sebab semua pemain taruhan bola online pasti sangat ingin mencicipi kemenangan yang terus terjadi di ketika memainkan taruhan ini. Maka teruslah berusaha saat akan bermain taruhan.


    Permainan Judi Correct Score


    Namun semua hal itu sangat perlu yg di butuhkan yg nama nya perjuangan agar bisa mendapatkan nya. Permainan taruhan bola akan ditambah keseruan karena dapat menonton secara langsung pertandingannya. Jadi anda mampu melihat secara eksklusif pertandingan bola yang terdapat pasang taruhannya pada permainan. Maka permainan dominobet asia taruhan bola online sebagai sangat akan seru untuk dimainkan di ketika kini   ini. Apalagi bagi anda yg suka  dengan global olahraga bola jangan sampai terlewatkan dengan terdapat nya hal ini.


    karena tidak ada salahnya mencoba memainkan taruhan bola di tim kesukaan anda pada global olahraga bola. Jadi anda bisa mendukung tim kesukaan anda dan  bisa secara eksklusif menerima keuntungan pada setiap kemenangan. Maka asal itu berbagai orang yang telah bermain di jenis taruhan bola online pada saat sekarang ini. tetapi permainan taruhan bola online memiliki poly jenis permainan yg tidak selaras macam yg dapat anda mainkan. Disini kami akan menyampaikan penerangan perihal jenis taruhan bola online correct score.


    dalam memulai suatu permainan jua sangat pada butuhkan konsentrasi mau itu jenis judi apapun . semua itu butuh menggunakan apa yg anda perlukan selama ketika memainkan jenis permainan taruhan bola online. Selalu ada kesempatan dimana anda memang telah berusaha sebisa mungkin agar kemenangan poker88 asia login itu mampu diraih. tidak perlu takut pada akan memainkan permainan taruhan bola online jenis apa saja. seluruh pada akan mampu diraih dengan baik dengan cara anda sendiri buat membentuk kemenangan itu tercipta.


    Disini anda cuma hanya perlu menebak score yg akan dimainkan sang tim didalam pertandingan. Menebak score mirip biasa yg anda lakukan akan tetapi ini anda bermain dengan memasang taruhan. Jadi memang jenis yang terdapat pada taruhan bola online jenis ini sangatlah mudah untuk dimainkan pada waktu anda ingin bermain. Bermain menggunakan menonton pertandingan secara langsung akan sangat menambah keseruan dalam memainkan permainan taruhan bola online ini. buat anda yg masih bertanya-tanya di jenis judi yg satu ini, maka anda bisa pribadi coba buat memainkan-nya.

  • Find Robust Event Planning Companies in Singapore to Make Your Event Shine Bright
  • Are you in Singapore and looking for an event management company there? Take a deep breath and read this article, you will come across some useful tips.

    As you must be aware of already, there are a dozens of aspects that have to be taken care of while finding a good event management company in Singapore. Once you hire these agencies, you do not have to worry about the responsibilities of organization anymore. There has to be absolute transparency between the client and the service provider so that the desired goals could be met. Both the parties must sit together and perform the necessary tasks to make the event memorable altogether.

    Whether it is a private party or a business meeting, event companies in Singapore are equipped with the right kinds of tools and attitude to make any major planning possible.

    It is not easy to pull off or plan for any event with amateurs. It is a very delicate process. Especially in today’s world, the expectations of public have risen so high, that it is almost impossible to take it casually. Even the most skilled professionals are now sweating to think of new and unique ideas to make parties, meetings or seminars more meaningful.

    Some very practical tips for managing or organizing your events have been shared here:

    -    Determine the objectives of your meeting or party. Have a crystal clear idea about the goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve? Who are your target audience?

    -    Find a competent agency with a reliable team. Depending on your budget and requirement find out an experienced team of people who would be able to help you with the arrangement. Identify whether the team is perfect for your job or not.

    -    Make a check list of all important things that need to be done. Starting from managing the venue to finding speakers and arranging for entertainment, make columns in your notebook. Find out how much publicity do you want and if the hired team is doing it or not.

    -    Do not work in a hurry. Be patient, calm and take time to arrange everything properly. Give your team enough time’s notice to make the event successful.

    -    Brainstorm names about your event and try to make it a brand itself. Storm the social media, internet and public spots with the right taglines and publicity.

    Do not sell yourself short; you could also organize a very memorable and shining event. You just need to find the right people.

  • The Interesting History Of DC Comic Books
  • You must have heard a lot of people talking about their mint conditioned Batman comic book collection or their DC comic action figures and wondering what compelled them to have one such hobby? The answer to this lies in the interesting history of DC comic books which begins from 1930s and 1940s. The world passing through the Great Depression along with the wrath of the 2 World Wars. People were looking for something more than just political satires and cartoons, they needed someone who could give them hope like a hero. It was during this period, DC Comics started coming around. Initially, it witnessed very little success as no one wanted to invest in a comic books store with some lesser known artists and characters. But the introduction of “Superman” in year 1938 and some “Action Figures” launch a little later paved way for a completely new era of graphic novels. People were too mesmerized by the aura and superpowers of Superheroes.


    For the next two decades, more and more people kept getting fascinated by the new adventures of superheroes. It was somewhere in the mid 50s when Silver Age comics was introduced. It focused on revamping old characters which were way more human but fought their way across different universes and battles royal. America’s Justice League brought forward a lieu of new characters including the Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Batman, and Wonder Woman. It was the same era that inspired the present day legend Stan Lee to bring-up more such characters under the brand name of Marvel comics. We saw the emergence of Fantastic Four Series and several other new superheroes during that time.


    Then came the “Dark Age” which saw darker and more off-beat themes that focused on vices like drug abuse, anti-hero characters, and inner conflicts. These categories not only targeted the kids but they were now attracting a very serious thinking part of society. The 1980s then witnessed the modern age of comic books which is continuing even today. The foundation of Modern Age was kept on Bronze age however it dwelled with several new characters that came forth under the shadow of DC Comics. It now included a completely new race of heroes that included X-Men, Dark Knight Series, and their wars against the humans and with humans. There were a few others that spoke of apocalypse and end of the world.


    DC Comics survived through all these changes and new modification because its writers have a tendency to adapt to new outlooks and include them in their stories. The kept upgrading their costumes, graphics which kept their heroes updated with the present world changes and kept the concept of hope alive in them.

  • Legal Intricacies Involved In The Process of Obtaining Asylum
  • Thousands of noncitizens enter or try to enter the United States each year in the hopes of applying for and being granted asylum in the country. The process of granting asylum is a complex and tedious process that involves multiple government agencies. Asylees have the potential opportunity to live in the United States permanently, receive benefits, and be reunited with their family members. If someone hails from a country where they have faced persecution or if they have a well-founded fear of being persecuted upon return to that country, they can decide to seek either refugee protection or asylum. The criteria for obtaining these protections are stricter than people generally expect. They need to be familiar with the legal requirements for asylum or refugee status and potentially have evidence and documentation showing that you meet the requirements.

    In order to establish eligibility for asylum status in the United States, It must be proven that you are either the victim of past persecution or have a justified fear of future persecution. For cases of past persecution, it has to be proven that you were persecuted in your home country and the persecution must be based on at least one of five grounds that are:

    • Race
    • Religion
    • Nationality
    • Political opinion
    • Membership of a particular social group

    It is the most difficult part of applying for an asylum where you have to prove the connection between the persecution and one of these grounds. In 2005, the REAL ID Act added a requirement that one of these grounds be the primary reason for your persecution, this added another layer of complexity to an already complex process. .In some cases a person may also be persecuted based on their gender. Cultural practices in 3rd world countries such as female genital mutilation or forced marriages are also examples of persecution. Legislators and attorneys have been campaigning for years to have domestic violence, honor killing, and human trafficking recognized as legally recognized bases for an asylum application particularly for cases that involve the local government and law enforcement supporting the perpetrator instead of the oppressed victims.

    Specific types of persecution are not listed by the law except in one section added in 1996 that states refugees and asylees are people who fear a coercive population control program such as forced abortion or sterilization. However, the large majority of people that do apply for asylum seldom fit into that category. Persecution is the infliction of harm or a serious threat to your life and freedom. This may sound similar to harassment but harassment alone isn’t enough. There have to be elements such as death threats, torture, imprisonment, surveillance, undue pressure, interference with privacy, family, home, or correspondence, or discrimination in housing, education, or passport issuance in order to qualify for the standard of persecution necessary to obtain an asylum.

    There needs to be a nationwide threat of persecution against you so that your well-founded fear of persecution is justified and it is shown that you could not have avoided the persecution simply by moving to another part of your country. Simple economic suffering in and of itself is not considered a reason for granting asylum. It is also not enough if someone has a grudge against you or has committed crimes against you for personal reasons. This does not fall into the category of persecution. If you have not been persecuted yet or in the past, you can still qualify for political asylum or refugee status if you have a well justified fear of future persecution in your home country. Let’s say that you acted as the secretary of a dissident group in your country and people have sent you death threats or perhaps have killed another member of your group, in such a situation your fear of persecution is well justified.

    The primary reason for the persecution you are facing must be either your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. However, it is not necessary that you are singled out for persecution from the members of a persecuted group. The only thing that you need to show is a pattern where groups of people similar to you are being persecuted. Secondly you must prove that you belong to the persecuted group. Some people have the misconception that only government aided or backed persecution is applicable in an asylum scenario. This could not be farther from the truth. Persecution is not only when it is fomented by government or other authorities such as police or security forces but persecution carried out by groups such as guerrillas, warring tribes or clans, paramilitary group, or organized vigilantes that are outside the realm of government control.

    However, it is mandatory that persecution have some political or social basis. It’s not like if you are being targeted by a mobster for gambling debts, such a situation is not legally recognized as persecution for the purposes of granting asylum or refugee status. In order to show that you have a well justified fear of persecution, it is necessary to demonstrate the presence of both subjective and objective reasonable fear in your situation. Subjective fear generally refers to a personal fear of returning to your native country whereas objective fear refers to your ability to demonstrate facts, based on objective evidence or persuasive, credible testimony that a reasonable person in your position would fear persecution.

    Sometimes people who have been persecuted in the past and are seeking asylum in the US for fear of continued persecution in the future are told by USCIS that their country is now considered safe and that the hazardous conditions have mellowed down so it is safe for you to return. In such a situation, you can still be successful in obtaining asylum in the United States. This is referred to as a humanitarian asylum. Humanitarian asylum is applicable only if you can demonstrate compelling reasons for being unwilling or unable to return to the country arising out of the severity of the past persecution faced or if there is a reasonable potential that you may suffer serious harm upon removal to that country.

    If you are facing persecution in your country of origin and you want to apply for asylum in the U.S. then it is imperative for you to consult with an experienced U.S. immigration attorney who can help you to deal with the intricacies and complexities involved in the legal process.

    Author Bio:

    Going through a divorce in Sullivan County, NY? Contact a Sullivan County, NY Family Law attorney or Monticello, NY Criminal Defense lawyer.

  • IP Camera Buying Guide
  • When it comes to purchasing a security camera for your home. There is a probability that your first option will be a network camera as they are convenient to use and easier to install without having to pay a professional to do the installation for you. A main advantage of using network security camera system over a closed circuit security system over is that IP cameras are capable of storing and transmitting data over a digital signal. This enables you as the user to monitor your house or property through a computer network. You can even communicate through the device. It is good that before you make a purchase you research and understand all the available options of network cameras so as to make the right decision.

    The Advantages of an IP Camera

    There are many benefits of a network camera security system. Network cameras allow you as the homeowner or business owner to effectively monitor your business or home with a real time video feed. There is no need for closed circuit TV analog systems, no need to install expensive and extensive wiring, and you will not have to buy tapes.

    Network security cameras also allow the user to schedule the recording times thus avoid long hours of unneeded footage and thus saving on operational costs. The motion detection feature in IP cameras records and picks up any movement detected within the monitored area when the cameras are enabled.

    Accessibility Features

    You can be able to access your IP camera through a smartphone, computer, or any other media device that is connected to the internet. The camera signal is transmitted through a computer network and the data is stored in a computer hard drive. In the case where the computer is not available, you can be able to access the network camera through your smartphone, tablet or any other media device connected to the internet. This feature will allows you to view the monitored areas from virtually anywhere in the world as long as you have access to an internet connection.


    Low Lighting Feature

    Some network cameras come equipped with an infrared low lighting feature. The low light feature allows the camera to illuminate an area that is with infrared lighting that is invisible to the human eye thus the intruder will not notice. This feature is good for areas that have low light or no light.

    Audio Features.

    Modern network cameras offer a two way audio feature. This feature will allow you as the user to listen to any audio within the camera's recording area. You can buy powered speakers that will enable you to communicate with others on the camera end.

    Comparing IP Cameras to Analog CCTV

    There are several types of home and business surveillance systems in the market today. Comparing them is very important before making a purchase. The table below looks at how well a network security camera system compares to an analog CCTV system.

    To Know More Ip Camera Systems Visit Us..

    Source:Click Here

  • Effective Ways to Improve Your Physical and Mental Health
  • Looking after body and soul is one of life’s greatest missions. We come up against obstacles constantly and there are times when it can all appear to be a fruitless up-hill challenge. However, sometimes it’s worth thinking outside of the box and challenging yourself to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. By doing this you will keep your mind stimulated, your body healthy and you will feel motivated and inspired. Interested to hear more? The following are some great ways to improve your physical and mental health.

    Go to School

    Ever thought about completely changing your career path? It sounds like a drastic option, but one of the biggest causes of unhappiness in people’s lives is an unfulfilling career. Going to school to get a graduate medical degree will give you the opportunity to enter one of the most respected careers, while also giving your own self-worth a boost. If you feel stuck now, think how you might feel in 10 or 20 years down the line? Don’t like the image you’re seeing? Then do something about it. If you are unsure about how you could finance a graduate medical degree you could consider taking out medical school loans from a private lender. You’ll never regret investing in your education.

    Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Everyone has that one friend who doesn’t seem to care what people think and they throw themselves headfirst into whatever adventure is available at the time. You respect their fearlessness but feel as though you wouldn’t be able to do it yourself. Now is the time to take inspiration from them and start getting out of your comfort zone. Get out and meet new people, take up hobbies you wouldn’t normally consider or start learning a new language. Whatever it is, you have to go for it if you don’t want to spend your life feeling stuck. It will eventually catch up with you and affect your mental health.

    Be Creative

    We all have a creative side. Many people will tell you they don’t, but secretly they might love to draw or write or whatever it is that scratches that itch. Creativity is one of the best ways to keep your mind in good shape, giving you time to relax and also take your thoughts away from any worries you may have. Sit down with a pencil and start drawing. You don’t have to be Picasso or Van Gogh, the exercise is for yourself so it doesn’t matter about quality. You might even find you have a natural talent.


    Travel takes time and money but it’s time and money well spent. It gives you the opportunity to escape your immediate surroundings and relax. You also get to see parts of the world or your own country you haven’t seen before which will help to keep your mind stimulated and you happy. Traveling will also keep you fit as you partake in activities you wouldn’t be doing at home, and you will probably start eating a healthier diet. You will also learn, which is another great way to keep your mind stimulated and you feeling healthy and fulfilled. There are several sustainable wellness and travel trends that have come out recently as well so that you can keep your health in the forefront and consider planning vacations you may not have previously thought about.

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AI searches, Indeed job searches and job offers containing anis

  • Sr. R&D Chemist Providence
  • Want to learn more about this role and Jobot? Click our Jobot logo and follow our LinkedIn page!

    Job details...

    Sr. R&D Chemist - Top Global Supplier of Electrochemicals!

    This Jobot Job is hosted by Sam Sanchez

    Are you a fit? Easy Apply now by clicking the "Apply" button and sending us your resume.

    Salary $130,000 - $160,000 per year

    A Bit About Us

    Based in Rhode Island, we are a top global supplier of electrochemicals and equipment! Our core values are centered around our people and our clients. We believe that putting your employees first is not only the right thing to do, but it also gives us the competitive edge to ensure our clients have an excellent experience! Over the years our reputation for providing our people with the very best has caught the eye of some reputable clients who have chosen to use us as primary partners. This includes, Raytheon, Airbus, GE, Sikorsky and many more!

    If you are an experienced Sr. R&D Chemist then please apply!

    Why join us?

    Do you want to work with some of the nation’s best Clients AND enjoy time at home w/ family? We do too!
    • Direct Hire Opportunity!
    • Meaningful Work!
    • Best in Class Company!
    • Competitive Compensation Package!
    • Complete Benefits Package!
    • Accelerated Career Growth!
    • Fun Company Activities!
    • Many More!

    Job Details

    Is your background a fit? Apply if you meet this criteria
    • Bachelors Degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or similar discipline
    • A minimum 10 years experience in progressive chemical product formulation experience
    • Experience in electrochemistry and/or electroplating systems
    • Background electronic / Electromechanical hardware production

    We can offer you the opportunity to work with State-of-the-Art Clients making a meaningful impact on today's society and the next generation! Help us revolutionize the way companies treat their employees! Join us and enjoy accelerated career growth with exciting life balance at a premium best in class organization!

    Interested in hearing more? Easy Apply now by clicking the "Apply" button.

    Want to learn more about this role and Jobot?

    Click our Jobot logo and follow our LinkedIn page
    Providence RI USA

  • For Development Engineer-Reputed Statistics Industry Bengaluru
  • SALARY: 5 to 6 lakhs LOCATION : Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India VACANCIES: 1 QUALIFICATION: Any graduate MALE/FEMALE: Male EXPERIENCE: 3 to 6 years JOB DETAILS 1. At least 3 years of experience with cloud architecture and all aspects of it: microservices, APIs, MQ, OAuth, NoSQL, distributed services, performance, REST, JSON, 2. Able to coach others in technical areas 3. An interest and working experience with Java Spring, Identity Management, Device Management 4. Set of strong technical skills in Java, JavaScript. Knowledge in other relevant programming JVM languages (Groovy, Kotlin, Scala ) is advantage 5. Test Driven Development is your way of developing high quality software. 6. knowledge of software development patterns 7. experience with relational databases and data modelling 8. experience deploying to a cloud-based hosting environment (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) 9. experience with enterprise integration patterns 10. experience in developing Continuous... Integration/Continuous Deployment Pipeline solutions FUNCTIONAL AREA Development Engineer, Development Engineer jobs, Development Engineer jobs in Bangalore, Development Engineer jobs in Bengaluru, Java, Javascript, Azure, Computer Science, Aws, NoSQL, Coding, Jobs For Development Engineer, Devops, Jobs For Development Engineer in Bangalore, statistics Industry Jobs, statistics Industry Jobs in Bangalore, statistics Industry Jobs in Bengaluru, Statistics Recruitment Agency in Bangalore, Statistics Placement consultant in Bangalore, Statistics Recruitment Agency in Bengaluru, Statistics Placement consultant in Bengaluru, Statistics Recruitment Agency in Karnataka, Statistics Placement consultant in Karnataka, Statistics Recruitment Agency in India, Statistics Placement consultant in India, recruitment consultancy in Bangalore, Best Recruitment consultancy in Bangalore, top recruitment consultancy in Bangalore, recruitment consultancy in India, Best Recruitment consultancy in India, top recruitment consultancy in India. Apply Now
    Bengaluru Karnataka India

  • Sales Representative - Insurance Cobourg
  • SK Agencies is looking for a sales representative to join our team in our Ontario office. This person will actively seek out and engage prospective customers to sell our product and/or services.

    We are a rapidly growing company that has more clients than we can see. We understand that it is a good problem to have, but we need to bring on at least 2 qualified people that will help us keep up with our growth. What we desire in a candidate is: self-motivation, proven leadership abilities, a customer service attitude, integrity, experience in sales, a desire for professional development, a willingness to learn, and exceptional people skills.

    What we provide is a genuine career opportunity: benefits, company generated high-quality leads, no cold calling or prospecting, complete training and mentorship, growth opportunities, financial success, and Health, Life, Retirement benefits. Requirements for consideration: - Reliable wifi and smart phone - Able to pass state required background... check - Currently live in Ontario Canada

    First year average between $50-60K + Bonuses and Renewals. Leadership positions - $75K + Bonuses and Renewals

    Apply now for interview consideration.

    Powered by JazzHR

    Cobourg ON

  • 3 Midwife (ART Clinic) at Ministry of Health Yumbe
  • Vacancy title: Midwife (ART Clinic)

    Jobs at: Ministry of Health

    Deadline of this Job: 21 July 2023

    Duty Station: Hoima ,Yumbe

    Job Purpose:

    Providing quality nursing care.

    Duties Responsibilities

    • Providing quality nursing care and services. Providing HIV counselling services.

    • Preparing and submitting reports.

    • Coaching and mentorship peers.

    • Participating in research activities for evidence-based practice.

    • Implementing nursing protocols.

    • Accounting for supplies and drugs.

    • Conducting primary health care and health education.

    • Adhering to code of conduct and Ethics.

    Key Outputs:

    • Quality nursing services provided.

    • Nursing protocols implemented

    • HIV counselling services provided.

    • Coaching and mentoring undertaken.

    • Accountability of available equipment, supplies and drugs provided

    • Participating in community outreaches.

    Qualification Training

    • Must have a Diploma in Nursing or Comprehensive Nursing.

    • Candidates possessing additional... qualifications in health care management will have an added advantage.

    • Must be registered with Uganda Nurses and midwives’ Council and valid practicing license

    • Must have trainings in HIV counselling and patient management.

    • Two years (2) working experience in a similar position with a reputable organization/Institution.

    Job application procedure

    Application procedure:

    Handwritten applications should be Delivered to the Reception Desk, Ground Floor, Wing A-AIDS Control Program Offices, Lourdel Towers, Plot 1, Lourdel Road Kampala, MOH HeadquartersKampala between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday addressed to:

    The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health Plot 6, Lourdel Road, Wandegeya Tel. +256414-697366/0414-697367/0414-664469

    Please include your telephone number and email contacts on the application. Applicants should attach the following: a) Recent passport-size photograph.

    b) Copy of the National Identity Card.

    c) Detailed curriculum Vitae.

    d) Certified copies of the academic certificates and transcripts.

    e) Two recommendation letters from two of the most recent supervisors/employers.

    f) A photocopy of your appointment letter for your most recent position.

    Deadline for receiving applications is: Friday July 21, 2023; 5:00Pm Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The list of shortlisted candidates will be displayed on the MOH Noticeboard

    Salary and Benefits The position has attractive salary and benefits commensurate with qualifications and experience.

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    First name or full name


    More Information
    • Salary Offer

    300000 - 5000000


    300000 - 5000000
    • Address

    Yumbe, Yumbe, Uganda
    Yumbe Uganda

  • accountant Singapore
  • Accountant reports to the Managing Director of the organisation. He/She is involved in most, if not all aspects of accounting and oversees the day-to-day activities of the companies. He/She ensures that the organisation's finance function is well organised as well as producing timely and accurate financial statements and management accounts, thus achieving compliance with corporate policies and statutory requirements. He/She analyses data and understands the financial performance and position of the organisation in order to develop suitable accounting policies to meet reporting requirements and to produce any special reports required by the management team.

    The Accountant's role often works closely with the internal and external auditors, bankers, and regulators. He/She must keep current with changing statutory requirements and tax laws and determine the implications of such changes to financial reporting. He/She may also work with the FM or the leadership team to help define the... organisation's overall finance strategy.

    ~ Prepare accurate and timely financial statements.

    ~ Calculate taxable income and the income tax liabilities of the organisation.

    ~ Calculate the cost of different types of capital financial instruments and the overall costs of capital for the organisation.

    ~ Compile accurate tax-related information for the organisation.

    ~ Compute the valuation of business and financial assets using different models.

    ~ Ensure the respective privileges and rights are in place within the accounting information system for users with different job roles and functions.

    ~ Extract data and provide analysis for management using relevant accounting information systems or software.

    ~ Implement policies and procedures with emphasis on internal controls to prevent possible fraud and errors.

    ~ Maintain accurate journal entries and allocations.

    ~ Manage accounts payable and receivables to help the organisation determine working capital needs and funding strategies.

    ~ Operate accounting information systems efficiently and effectively.

    ~ Participate in budgeting and forecasting activities.

    ~ Plan and coordinate the annual financial audit process.

    ~ Prepare asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analysing account information.

    ~ Prepare financial statements and disclosure notes.

    ~ Provide accurate and timely tax and financial reports to the relevant authorities.

    ~ Provide data in relation to assets, capital rationing and cost of capital.

    ~ Reconcile accounts and provide analysis for the organisations financial transactions.

    ~ Resolve issues and deficiencies arising from audit findings.

    ~ Respond to internal and external auditors on audit data, variances and audit findin

  • Senior Internal Auditor Wotton-under-Edge
  • Renishaw plc is looking for a Senior Internal Auditor to join our evolving Internal Audit function, working closely with the Group Internal Audit Manager to develop the team as well as planning and delivering audits of our overseas subsidiaries and UK functions. Internal Audit has a vital role in our market-leading FTSE 250 business, and so we’re looking for an experienced and innovative auditor to help drive us forwards. You’ll also be a great communicator as you’ll be working closely with senior stakeholders, including board members, as well as with our international finance teams.

    • Plan and deliver financial audits of our group companies, with c15% international travel as most of our subsidiaries are overseas
    • Discuss and agree findings and recommendations with management
    • Prepare audit reports for each audit undertaken, and follow-up on the status of recommendations with local management and other relevant stakeholders such as Group Finance, Group Legal... Services etc
    • Assist in the development of the annual internal audit plan, identifying key and emerging risks and ensuring that the work programmes are updated to reflect these
    • Assist in the preparation of reports for the Audit Committee
    • Identify and implement improvements in the Internal Audit function
    • Support the team’s increasing use of data analytics
    • Participate in ad-hoc projects and working groups with other Corporate Services teams

    Key requirements
    • Accounting or audit qualification (ACA / ACCA / CIA / CCAB) is preferred, but applications from QBE candidates with strong technical skills are also encouraged
    • Strong interpersonal skills, as you’ll be working with stakeholders at all levels in a variety of functions and cultures
    • Strong report writing skills
    • Pragmatic, commercial and robust
    • Willing and able to travel within the UK (occasionally) and overseas (approximately 20%)
    • Good awareness of best practice approaches to risk management and internal controls
    • Strong Excel skills and proficient in the use of MS Office
    • Data analytics experience would be beneficial including use of Power BI

    Desirable requirements
    • Experience of auditing large international groups
    • Experience of auditing manufacturing businesses
    • Experience of operational and non-financial audits, as we continue to expand the scope and scale of Internal Audit work

    Person specification
    • Experience of auditing large international groups
    • Experience of auditing manufacturing businesses
    • Experience of operational and non-financial audits, as we continue to expand the scope and scale of Internal Audit work


    When you join Renishaw, we're committing to your future career. That's because we believe in developing our people's skills and promoting them internally. We also offer a benefits package that's highly desirable; including a 9% non-contributory pension, discretionary annual bonus, *subsidised onsite restaurants and *coffee shops, free parking, *car sharing scheme and *24 hour fitness centres. (*not available at our Castle Donington, Exeter, York & Edinburgh sites)

    We also want to promote a healthy work-life balance as much as possible, so we have introduced a Homeworking policy which allows for a combination of home and office based working depending on the nature of your role. We also offer a variable working programme, 25 days holiday plus bank holidays, Life Assurance Policy of 4 times annual salary, Cycle to Work scheme, enhanced maternity pay subject to qualifying criteria, the option to join BUPA Renishaw health trust and an Employee Assistance Programme for employees and family
    Wotton-under-Edge UK

  • Box Office Manager Israel
  • POSITION: Box Office Manager

    DEPARTMENT: Box Office

    REPORTS TO: Director of Finance/General Manager

    FLSA STATUS: Salaried, Exempt


    Oversees ticket sales and all aspects of box office operation by performing the following duties personally or through subordinates:

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    • Directs and oversees the internal control of daily operations as outlined in the ASM Global Box Office Manual.
    • Coordinates all event information between the promoter, facility personnel and the ticket company in a timely manner.
    • Works with event promoter and appropriate personnel to establish ticket pricing and seating configuration.
    • Builds and modifies all computer ticket events and issues computer access codes to facility management.
    • Coordinates the house scale for all ticket events.
    • Maintains communication with ticket company representatives for updates and/or revisions in computer operations.
    • Monitors daily ticket sales for all upcoming events and... communicates information to the Director and promoter representative.
    • Prepares cash bank and daily accurate inventory of all tickets distributed and available for sale.
    • Prepares and presents the final box office statement for settlement of each event.
    • Responds to customer complaints and service requests to maintain a positive rapport with the ticket buying public.
    • Establishes files on each event that consist of seats on-hold for the building and promoter, complimentary ticket vouchers, event audits and ticket inventory schedules.
    • Supervises, instructs, and trains ticket sellers as to the proper selling procedures.
    • Assists or sells tickets as needed.
    • Opens and or closes ticket window as required.
    • Accurately dispenses tickets as requested by patrons; accepts payment and makes change accurately.
    • Maintains accurate count when selling hard tickets or accesses computer for count of computer printed tickets.
    • Maintains accurate record of daily balance of cash received, tickets sold and change bank/vault.
    • Fills reservations for seats by telephone or mail, handles Will-Call window according to procedures, or other related duties as assigned by supervisor.
    • Demonstrates excellent customer service skills, responds promptly to customer needs, responds to requests for service and assistance, able to work independently and handle most box office questions without assistance.
    • Efficiently and courteously answers questions concerning prices, seating and events. Gives information concerning coming attractions.
    • Prepares and submits daily report of business transactions.
    • Makes bank deposits.
    • Maintains accurate count of tickets sold, money received from ticket sellers and change banks

    Supervisory Responsibilities
    • Manages the Ticket Sellers or other Box Office staff. Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of these units.
    • Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with ASM Global’s policies and applicable laws.
    • Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding; disciplining employees in conjunction with Human Resources; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

    • Ability to work with minimal supervision
    • Ability to work flexible hours based on events, including daytime, evening, weekends and holidays, as needed.
    • Must be able to speak, read, and write English.
    • Must have professional attitude and appearance.

    Education and/or Experience
    • Bachelor's Degree preferred
    • 3 years related experience required
    • Or equivalent combination of education and experience
    • Experience in accounting and customer service essential
    • Box office experience in a similar environment strongly preferred
    • Supervisory experience preferred

    Skills and Abilities
    • Excellent communication, problem solving and organizational skills required
    • Demonstrated knowledge of accounting and financial procedures, including record keeping and reconciliation
    • Ability to analyze data and figures
    • Knowledge of supervisory principles and practices
    • Ability to coordinate and schedule staff
    • Excellent good customer service and public relations skills
    • Demonstrated knowledge of ticket selling/box office operations
    • Ability to count money, make change accurately

    Physical Demands
    • The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
    • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to use hands to handle and count coins and currency. The person must be able to climb stairs and walk long distances to access all seating. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision.

    NOTE: The essential responsibilities of this position are described under the headings above. They may be subject to change at any time due to reasonable accommodation or other reasons. Also, this document in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position.

    ASM Global is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, and encourages Women, Minorities, Individuals with Disabilities, and protected Veterans to apply. VEVRAA Federal Contractor

  • Computer Science Teacher United Kingdom
  • Are you an enthusiastic, highly skilled Computer Science Teacher looking for a new opportunity in September? If so, apply now!

    Computer Science Teacher
    • KS3/KS4 Computer Science
    • Hackney Location
    • Suitable for an Early Career Teacher or Experienced Teacher
    • September 2023

    Career Teachers is working with a 'good' secondary school in to recruit for a Computer Science Teacher for a long term teaching role to start in September.

    The School - Hackney

    The school is a successful and oversubscribed school, located in Hackney. This role will be teaching in the Secondary phase. Teaching Computer Science KS3 and KS4.

    The school can offer;
    • A happy, welcoming environment where students enjoy coming to school to learn
    • Friendly, supportive and enthusiastic staff
    • Excellent opportunities to further develop your skills

    A full and comprehensive induction programme is followed for all new staff, including those new to the profession.

    Person Specification
    • The ideal candidate would be a... graduate in a relevant subject and possess Qualified Teacher Status. You would have successful teaching experience at secondary level (can be teaching practice) and have a good level of understanding of theory and practice of effective teaching and learning.
    • You would have knowledge of National curriculum requirements at KS3 and KS4. Moreover, the ideal candidate would understand the importance of having high expectations for all students, both of behaviour and academic achievement.
    • You should have knowledge of inclusive provision and practices which offer equality of access to the curriculum for all students, including special educational needs, English as an additional language and high achievers.
    • You would have knowledge and experience of writing lesson plans, developing resources and assessing students work.
    • Ideally you would possess the ability to work as part of a team and to develop and maintain professional relationships with other teachers and education staff.
    • The successful candidate would be able to create a motivating and safe learning environment for all students while also having the ability to lead and manage your own work effectively and take

    If you are a Computer Science teacher looking for your next opportunity, then apply for this role today with your CV application and supporting statement to Lois Grady at Career Teachers.


    At Career Teachers we are fully compliant with Agency Worker Regulations, ensuring you receive equal treatment for pay and conditions after a 12 week qualifying period. Please ask for further details.

    All quoted rates are inclusive of 12.07% holiday pay.

    Important Notice: In order for you to be successful in applying for the above position you should be eligible to work in the UK, or hold a relevant work visa. Safeguarding, quality and integrity are at the heart of what we do. During the application process you are required to:
    • Attend an interview in person;
    • Give details for us to complete Reference checks;
    • Provide an Enhanced DBS disclosure

    We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people within education. We have a policy, as a matter of courtesy, to respond to all applications within three working days. However, because of the volume of applications, we are sometimes unable to reply to individual enquiries. If we have not contacted you within this specified time your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion, we encourage you to please apply for any other position that you may see in the future. Thank you. Career Teachers is a Recruitment Business and is advertising this vacancy on behalf of one of its Clients
    United Kingdom

  • Junior Project Manager Uruguay
  • Advice is hiring for Performance Millwork & Finishes located in Nassau, Bahamas a Construction Junior Project Manager.

    This position will be based in the Bahamas.


    We seek architects or engineering professionals, with fluent English and 2 + years of on-site construction experience, working in a millwork & drywall construction company, to be based in Nassau, Bahamas.

    Fluent level of English, oral and written (mandatory).

    Willing to learn, self-driven, responsible, and open-minded.}

    Ability to work on multiple projects at a time.

    Strong organizational, creative, and presentation skills

    Proficient in AutoCAD, Excel, and Project.

    It's a plus to have:

    Knowledge of millwork (carpentry) as a supervisor on installations and/or designing/building cabinets (kitchens, vanities, etc.).

    Drywall construction experience.

    Key Objectives of the role:

    Will be responsible for the construction site supervision managing workers and organizing weekly tasks.

    Must prepare reports and... presentations for client meetings.

    Monitor the progress of the project compared with the budget.

    Will be in charge of the take-offs on projects.

    Will be responsible for elaborating construction budgets (on Excel) and preparing quotes for clients.

    Take care of materials orders (get quotes, compare prices, and order from abroad).

    Drawings (shop drawing for millwork furniture)

    Schedules of works

    Will be in charge of coordinating works on site.

    Must be willing to assist with administrative work.

    This job is covered by Law 19,691 on job promotion for people with disabilities

  • Basic Grade Psychologist - Urgent Dublin
  • We are searching for a brilliant Basic Grade Psychologist to join our exceptional team at FRS Recruitment in Dublin.
    Growing your career as a Full Time Basic Grade Psychologist is an incredible opportunity to develop productive skills.
    If you are strong in project management, persuasion and have the right initiative for the job, then apply for the position of Basic Grade Psychologist at FRS Recruitment today!

    Staff Grade Psychologist


    Do you have a passion for assisting people with mental health challenges?

    Are you a qualified, motivated, and experienced Clinical/Educational/Counselling Psychologist looking for your next opportunity?

    If you think this is for you then do not let the opportunity pass you by.

    An opportunity to help cater to people's needs while working with an A-class team of well-seasoned professionals is here. This will be a great opportunity to work as a Staff Grade Psychologist with a private organization that has a proud history of providing a nurturing... and caring environment.

    This vacancy is a Full Time, Permanent position. The successful candidate will provide quality, evidence-based, psychological service to adults with complex mental health needs.
    • Full Time, Permanent Position
    • Location: North Dublin
    • Salary: €53,021k - €90,771k DOE

    Essential Requirements:
    • Have a university degree or diploma (QQ1 level 8 equivalent) obtained with 1st or 2nd class honours in which Psychology was taken as a major subject and honours obtained in that subject

    • Have an Irish post-graduate professional psychology qualification accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland in Clinical, Counselling, or Educational Psychology.

    • An equivalent qualification from another jurisdiction validated by the Department of Health. Application for this post must be inclusive of letter of validation.

    • Possess the requisite knowledge and ability, including a high standard of suitability and ability, for the proper discharge of the role.
    • Must be fully proficient in ICT skills.

    For more enquiries contact: Contact me via email or call View phone number on

    Company Benefits:
    ● Learning opportunities
    ● Company offers career progression opportunities
    ● Advantageous package
    Dublin Ireland

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