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  • Māori people
  • Māori (Māori: [ˈmaːɔɾi] ) are the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand (Aotearoa). Māori originated with settlers from East Polynesia,

  • Māori
  • Look up Māori, māori, Maori, or maori in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Māori or Maori can refer to: Māori people of New Zealand, or members of that

  • Māori language
  • Māori (Māori: [ˈmaːɔɾi] ), or te reo Māori ('the Māori language'), commonly shortened to te reo, is an Eastern Polynesian language spoken by the Māori

  • Māori culture
  • Māori culture (Māori: Māoritanga) is the customs, cultural practices, and beliefs of the indigenous Māori people of New Zealand. It originated from, and

  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand (Māori: Aotearoa [aɔˈtɛaɾɔa]) is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses—the North Island

  • Māori electorates
  • In New Zealand politics, Māori electorates, colloquially known as the Māori seats, are a special category of electorate that give reserved positions to

  • Pākehā Māori
  • Pākehā Māori were early European settlers (known as Pākehā in the Māori language) who lived among the Māori in New Zealand. Many Pākehā Māori were runaway

  • Māori Australians
  • Māori Australians (Māori: ngā tangata Māori i Ahitereiria) are Australians of Māori heritage. The Māori presence in Australia dates back to the 19th century

  • Haka
  • Haka (/ˈhɑːkə/; singular haka, in both Māori and English) are a variety of ceremonial dances in Māori culture. Haka are often performed by a group, with

  • Māori All Blacks
  • The Māori All Blacks, previously called the New Zealand Maori, New Zealand Maoris and New Zealand Natives, are a rugby union team from New Zealand. They

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  • The Importance of Quality Italian Translators for Your Business.
  • Organizations the world over are hoping to expand into the global business arena like never before. Regardless of where they are based, more organizations need to make their business material understood across borders and offer their products and services to the world. Translations into European languages are ordinarily a first step for UK organizations going global, and a professionalItalian translator is an essential requirement.

    Italian is spoken by more than 60 million individuals in Italy and around the world, making this language a huge piece of the. Italian, however,involves a number of semantic complexities and subtleties, which mean it's crucial for a business to utilize proficient Italian to English translation services to guarantee that all material is rendered precisely in order to effectively achieve its business objectives.

    The aptitudes and skills of English to Italian Translators could mean the difference between success and failure for your organization, so it's critical that, when hiring an Italian translation company, you know precisely what sort of company you’ll be working with. Most organizations hoping to venture into the global business sector don't have the in-house language skills needed to revise their business materials for international customers, and it’s all too easy to feel uncertain of whether a given company can provide the quality you need.

    A decent approach to assessing your Translation Agency is to check whether the company in question uses the right tools and translators. An English-Italian or Italian-English agency that you can rely on upon will ensure that its interpreters have broad experience and abilities.

    Just as in other commercial ventures, in the translation world, you get what you pay for. If you are considering translators who work for shockingly low rates, you should ask yourself how this affects the quality of the final product they can provide. Trustworthy translation agencies will guarantee that their staff has the proper qualifications and adequate experience in their field. For example, special subjects should be handled by translators experienced in those subjects, as it is not only the words that need to be translated but also the specialised way the topic uses those words in its jargon.

    So,if you require a professional Italianto English Translation Service to help your business expand globally, look for a solution that will provide tried and true quality at a reasonable cost. Concentrate on the quality first of all and be wary ofcutting corners, or you risk harming your image as opposed to extending your market share. To get the best quality Italian to English (or vice versa)translations, you need to hire the bestProfessionalItalian Translators. To start working withan excellent group of professionals, visit our website at

  • How to Reduce your Vehicle's Fuel Consumption
  • The vast bulk in emerging economies have been projected to face a near tripling of the number of cars on the planet Earth from 2010 to 2050. With such an expected increase in the number of vehicles as well as car fuel consumption, it is of great importance to bring in the different ways of improving on fuel economy. Fuel economy is important because the amount of fuel consumed by carsis a worldwide challenging phenomena.Car owners are seeking for ways of reducing the car’s fuel consumption. Up to present day, the price of car fuel continues to rise whereas many car drivers are making serious researches on how to reduce the amount of money they spend at all times in filling their gas tanks. When looking for ways of reducing your car fuel consumption, you have to base self on changing the way you drive and also controlling some mechanics in your car.

    Major tips to reduce fuel consumption

    There exist so many different techniques today which drivers can take on so as to reduce fuel consumption, improve gas mileage thereby saving money.

    • One of the tips to reduce fuel consumption has to do with you re-evaluating all the routes that you often take and choosing the one which would consume less fuel. After re-evaluating the routes, it is wise to take on a route which has less hills, fewer traffic lights as well as traffic congestion even if it is longer. This is because taking a shorter route with hills, many traffic lights as well as traffic congestion will lead to a high fuel consumption.
    • So many drivers just so often neglect to carry out regular car maintenance neither do they properly maintain it the right way. Your vehicle’s mile per gallon rating can be affected significantly when you do not conduct routine maintenance. Refer to the owner’s manual on the frequency of changing your oil filter as well. Do not only keep your tires properly inflated but well aligned so as to reduce fuel consumption.
    • In order to reduce fuel consumption it is advisable to drive manual cars because the cars with stick shift do allow the driver to have greater control over the car’s fuel efficiency.
    • To be noted is the fact that when you are pulling a trailer behind your vehicle, you actually reduce it fuel efficiency as well as when you are storing luggage on top of your vehicle.
    • In order to reduce your car fuel consumption drive below the speed limit especially when you are driving on the interstate highway.
    • Another way of reducing your car’s fuel consumption is to make a reduction in the amount of time you actually spend on the road, if possible stay away from traffics jams.
    • It is advisable for neighbours who often drive on the same road every day to see on coming together so as to start a carpool. This is one of the best ways to conserve fuel as only one vehicle will be on the road. By so doing money is saved in a considerable manner as you shall no longer spend on transportation. If you  should succeed in making arrangements with your neighbours, see on picking out a driver every day or one person drives for a whole week and then passes on to the next. This is a good way of saving fuel consumption thereby reducing the amount of money spend on fuel. Carpools can as well be set up so as to carry the kids to school as well as bring them back home every day.
    • Much car fuel is burnt when you start driving from a slowdown than when you start from a complete stop so instead of slowing down so often on the road for one or more reasons it is best to stop and do whatever you wish before taking off when you are ready. Whenever you come into contact with red lights as well as stop signs it is best to actually stop the car than slowing down to wait. The stopping would greatly help you reduce fuel consumption. And by so doing by the end of the day you have not only saved fuel but have reduced the way you do spend your money. You should not also idle too long, as this would lead to high fuel consumption.

    Tips to reduce fuel consumption continues

    In tune

    There is an improvement on gas mileage by up to 4% by simply getting a tune-up for the first time in years. Fuel economy can be improved by as much as 40% by changing the oxygen sensor should in case the check engine light is staying on.

    Take the long way home

    The shortest route may be the worst for fuel economy if it does possess hills whereas the alternative is flat. The truth is that the penalty for over climbing hills can not be compensated by the time for going downhill and as a result the flat route can be 20% better in terms of fuel economy even if it seems long. So going the shortest route and climbing hills will lead to a higher fuel consumption.

    The road less travelled by

    It is a clear fact that congestion leads to higher fuel consumption. So if there is an alternative route which can be taken even if it seems a little longer then it is preferable than having to subject the car to congestion thus burning out much fuel.

    The weight

    Whenever just 100pounds is added to your car’s weight in the trunk, fuel economy does drags by two percent. Adding weight easily affects small vehicles in a dramatical way as it leads to higher fuel consumption. Nevertheless the weight itself can be on you.

    Idle thoughts

    Up to a half gallon of fuel is being used by an hour of idling. As a result of this, if you hope sitting for more than one minute, just turn the engine off for fuel economy. Since it does not take a lot of fuel restarting the engine but takes just the amount spend for a few seconds of idling. A good way of fuel economy is avoiding idling because idling actually gets zero miles per gallon. Letting your vehicle idle just for 10seconds uses more gas than that needed to switch off the vehicle and restart it. Never start your car unless you are ready to take off just immediately after starting as this helps in fuel economy and reduce the level of fuel consumption. Remember keeping winter engine warm up to about one minute. This is because the engine easily warms up while the car is operating and even after stopping remains warm.

    The following steps will increase fuel efficiency thereby helping you get the most out of all your gas purchases. If you should just try tracking your gas mileage with each and every fill up, at the end you will be surprise seeing how much you could possibly save.

    Keep tires properly inflated

    Having to drive on four under inflated tires can eventually decrease your gas mileage by 3/10 percent for each and every one pound per square inch drop in the pressure level. In addition proper inflated tires are much safer and do last longer there by assisting to save fuel. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s recommended pressure for your car’s tires which can be found on the driver’s manual as well as on the driver’s side door.

    Use recommended grade of motor oil

    By using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil, you can eventually improve your gas mileage by 1 to 2%. And this will actually assist in reducing the fuel consumption level of the motor.

    Drive sensibly

    Aggressive driving which include phenomena like speeding, rapid acceleration and braking does wastes gas. For this can actually lower your gas mileage by 33% at high way speeds and by 5% when around town. So in order to save fuel, aggressive driving should be avoided.

    Observe the speed limits

    Each vehicle does reach its optimal fuel economy at its own specific speed, gas mileage in a general manner often decreases rapidly at speeds which are above 50mph. So in other to save fuelit is better to use a cruise control to help maintain a constant speed and gear.

    Remove excess weight and drag

    One of the ways used to save fuel is avoiding the keeping of unnecessary things inside your vehicle and on top of your vehicle. A well loaded roof rack can actually decrease your fuel economy by 5%. Always do your best to move along with little to no additional weights on your vehicle as this would help save fuel.

    Consolidate trips

    Consolidating trips is a good way to save fuel as combining errands all into just a single trip does saves you time and money. The fact is that several short trips which are taken all from a cold start can actually use twice as much in terms of fuel quantity as would a longer multiple trip which does covers the same distance while keeping the engine warm. See on making a little planning as this would prevent you spending time in retracing your road thereby by spending much fuel.

    Purchase a fuel efficient vehicle

    A fuel efficient vehicle is of great importance when it comes to fuel economy. In fact the most important decision you would make when buying a vehicle in terms of fuel economy is based on whether it is fuel efficient or not. In order to reduce the amount of money spent on fuel it is important to buy a fuel efficient vehicle.

    Don’t drive in the rush hour

    There exist few worse places to spend time than to stock in a traffic jam. Travelling in traffic is a very expensive way of travelling. At all times you do stop and restart in the traffic, your car needs first gear as well as a huge amount of fuel to start moving again. For second gear is not much better neither. The best way to handle this is not to travel during rush hours as this would obviously lead to a higher fuel consumption level through traffic jams. Nevertheless, you can try to save some little amounts of fuel by studying the traffic and travelling slowly but in a steady manner. This is better in fuel economy than accelerating and then stopping or having to brake. A hybrid car is much more suitable for you if travelling at rush hours is inevitable. This is because hybrid cars are constructed in a way as to use just little fuel in town as compared to a normal petrol or diesel car.

    Don’t push down the accelerator too far

    So many people may be surprised by this. But it does not just have to do with which gear you are in. You can actually be in a high gear but still travelling at a sensible and reasonable speed. But if you are pushing down the accelerator a long way so as just to avoid changing in to another gear then there is a higher fuel consumption.

    Turn the air conditioning off

    It is pretty good allowing the air conditioner on all round the year due to its added advantages of regulating not only the temperature in the vehicle but also stopping windows from misting up in winter. But it should be noted that it does uses quiet a little bit of fuel. Therefore, it is advisable to turn it off the air conditioning when it’s not really hot. 

  • Know How Concierge Services For Lessening the Workload
  • In today's fast-paced world, people are busier than ever. Balancing work, family, and personal responsibilities can be challenging, leaving little time for anything else. This is where concierge services Belgium come in. Concierge services are designed to alleviate some of the burden that comes with modern life. In this article, we will explore concierge services, their benefits, and how they can help lessen the workload.

    Concierge services come in many different forms. They can range from personal concierge services, which offer assistance with tasks like booking travel and making dinner reservations, to corporate concierge services, which provide companies with a range of services to help their employees be more productive. In addition, there are also concierge services that are tailored specifically to the needs of the real estate industry.

    Concierge real estate services are becoming increasingly popular in Belgium. These services provide assistance to both buyers and sellers of real estate. For buyers, concierge real estate services can help with tasks such as finding the perfect property, negotiating the price, and handling all of the paperwork involved in the buying process. For sellers, these services can help with tasks like staging the home, marketing the property, and handling all of the paperwork involved in the selling process.

    One of the biggest benefits of concierge services is that they can help lessen the workload. By taking care of tasks that would otherwise require a lot of time and effort, concierge services free up time for people to focus on other things. For example, a personal concierge service can handle tasks like grocery shopping and running errands, leaving more time for people to spend with their families or focus on work.

    Corporate concierge services can also be a great way to lessen the workload for employees. These services can handle tasks like booking travel and making hotel reservations, leaving employees with more time to focus on their work. In addition, corporate concierge services can also provide other benefits, such as access to exclusive events and discounts on products and services.

    Concierge real estate services can also help lessen the workload for buyers and sellers of real estate. Buying or selling a property can be a time-consuming and stressful process, but with the help of a concierge real estate service, much of the work can be taken care of by a professional. This can free up time for buyers and sellers to focus on other things, such as preparing for a move or finding their next home.


    Another benefit of concierge services is that they can provide a higher level of service than people might be able to achieve on their own. Concierge services often have access to exclusive deals and discounts, and they have the expertise to handle tasks quickly and efficiently. For example, a personal concierge service might be able to book a table at a popular restaurant that is fully booked for weeks in advance, or negotiate a better price on a car rental.

    Concierge real estate services can also provide a higher level of service than people might be able to achieve on their own. These services often have access to exclusive listings and can provide buyers and sellers with valuable insights and advice. In addition, concierge real estate services can handle all of the paperwork involved in the buying or selling process, ensuring that everything is done correctly and efficiently.

    Finally, concierge services can help people achieve a better work-life balance. By taking care of tasks that would otherwise require a lot of time and effort, concierge services free up time for people to focus on other things, such as spending time with their families or pursuing hobbies and interests. In addition, concierge services can help reduce stress and anxiety by taking care of tasks that might otherwise cause people to feel overwhelmed.

  • Voting Rights
  • The Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 is a product of aftermath of the Civil Rights Movements that sought to protect the rights of all citizens irrespective of their color or race. This Act was enacted primarily to rule out the states together with their political subdivisions from perpetuation iniquitous qualifications and prerequisites to voting. These prohibitions were based on color, race, and membership of a minority group in America that denied some of the United States’ citizens their right to vote. The Act was enacted as a response to the years of voting bigotry that saw a number of American citizens deprived of their rights to vote. Per se, the act proscribed poll taxes and literacy tests that were used in a bid to ascertain the eligibility of any citizen for qualifications as a voter. The enactment served as a source of freedom for a number of African American, who for over a century faced perpetual intimidation, harassment, and assault in their endeavors to access their voting rights as citizens of America. The passing of this act only mandated the availability of a citizens’ name in the electoral list of voters, which, of course, was preceded by one’s citizenship of America. As such, the law courts provided the stern measures against any form of impediment that would, in one way or another, inconvenience one from exercising his or her voting right.

    The objective of the act was to erase all unreasonable impediments of all American citizens, irrespective of their color and race, from accessing their voting rights. This act undeniably saw the eradication of these barriers allowing most of the American citizens to register and to become eligible to take part in any voting exercise, as and when available. Most southern parts of America, such as Alabama, registered quite significant number of African American voters, who had faced a long unfavorable time being locked out of their voting rights. Apparently, by 1970, over sixty percent of African American citizens in America had successfully registered as voters, and had freely participated in elections without any hindrance or discrimination. This move encouraged the introduction of other acts that advocated the rights of African Americans that saw the abolishment of various unreasonable barricades that curtailed the rights of the American citizens.

    As time went by, more and more people were registered as voters; thus, bringing to an end a century of the plight of African Americans, who suffered at the cost of their color and race. Consequently, some African Americans were vote for in order to take up certain positions and assume duties and responsibilities in public offices - a sign that proved the success of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 courtesy of Martin Luther King and his unrelenting advocacy. This came with a failure among the white racists, who had instigated numerous campaigns refuting any effort to have African Americans register as voters. Indeed, the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 acted as a wakeup call for America to embrace freedom and to preach peace, even after the Vietnam War that had left many in devastation.

    The Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 has been effective and followed without question until June, 25, 2013, when the decision involving Shelby County v. Holder over some particular provisions was made. The provisions under challenge were Section 5 and Section 4(b), as stipulated in the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965. Section 5 of the Act stated that no eligible district was allowed to exercise any alteration to their election laws and procedures before securing an official permission from either the federal District Court or from the U.S. Department of Justice. On the other hand, Section 4(b) of the Act defines eligible districts as those districts, where the voting test was in effect until November 1, 1964, and less than fifty percent of voter turnout during the 1964 presidential election.

    The Shelby County challenged the aforementioned sections as being unconstitutional and imposing unnecessary sanction on their implementation. The decision, which was backed by a majority of a total number of 5 votes against 4 votes, found these sections to be unconstitutional. Announcing the opinion passed by the majority, the Chief Justice reiterated that indeed, Sections 5 and 4(b) were rather retrogressive and had no chance in the contemporary American society whatsoever. Apparently, quite a number of people have acknowledged the decision opining that it was necessary to give all districts an equal opportunity to change their voting laws in a bid to accommodate appropriate measures for the benefit of all American citizens. Certainly, the decision is an appropriate measure that provides various states that have never had the right to alter their voting laws in their best interest, so as to serve the people and to grant them an opportunity to enjoy their voting rights.

    The justification of the Supreme Court with regards to the decision lies on the court’s assertion that the provisions under Section 5 and 4(b) of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 do not hold any significant impact on Shelby County given the existing situations, as far as the voting law is concerned. This decision will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the voting laws, as applied in the Southern States, in the sense that the blatant discrimination against some voters in these states will be put to an end, and once again, citizens will have an opportunity to enjoy their voting rights. The case carries a crucial nexus with the civil rights as presented in the discussion in chapter five of the textbook in that they both have the same theme of impartiality. This is evident in the struggle to end any form of racial discrimination for the sake of justice and prosperity in the United States of America. The advocacies revolve around the elimination of the view of race, and embrace equality in the struggle of delivering freedom for all American citizens, irrespective of their color, race, and origin.

    Race in the U.S. is a very sophisticated issue in the various contexts, as far as the fact that U.S. is a multicultural nation is concerned. Race has for decades been used to define opportunities available among the citizens of the United States of America. It is, indeed, not a new topic in most of the conversations among the American citizens, because of the fact that people come from different ethnical backgrounds with different colors defined by their race. Racism is incontrovertibly a big problem in the contemporary American society, despite the years of struggle to make the issue a past tense in most of legal endeavors.

    The racism problem in America is very evident in a lot of racial divisions in America what is evident from interview writing help. For instance, the problem of providing security and ensuring the safety of all American citizen is under question regarding the integrity of the whole issue. The case of the shooting of Oscar Grant, a black man, who was shot dead by the BART police, still remains a question without an answer over racial division and the racial problem as a whole. Officer Mehserle shot Grant from the back, on the claim that Grant was reaching for a rifle in order to shoot the officer, a claim that was refuted from a video footage that sparked a lot of reaction from the black community on the opinion that the shooting was indisputably of racial inclination. The following morning, Grant was pronounced dead, and riots that were accompanied by a loss of millions of looted and destroyed valuables in Oakland. The court found Mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to two years in a separate jail for his crime.

    In a separate incident, a case depicting racial division involves a fatal shooting of Martin, a young African American high school student. Martin was shot dead by Zimmerman, 28-years-old Caucasian, at Sanford with claims of self-defense, even though it turned out that Martin did not have any weapon on him. Surprisingly, Zimmerman was released hours after his arrest on claims that the shooting was out of self-defense. This sparked a lot of riots among the black residents living in Sanford reiterating that the Sanford police department was handling the case of Martin’s shooting with no interest, simply because Martin was black. The riots called upon the black community living in Sanford to stand against the police’s reluctance in delivering justice and ensuring that security and safety of all Americans are assured, irrespective of their color.

    These cases clearly depict instances of racial discrimination presenting numerous questions even from the police department in their endeavors to conduct truthful investigations. Martin’s shooting was later on established to be a case of racial motivation, whereby Zimmerman was accused of having shot Martin from the fact that he was black. The case involving Shelby County is unlikely to damage race relation, because of the fact that given the current situations, the decision regarding the case will end up perking up the relation among many races in the U.S. and will undauntedly help to reduce racism by significant margins.


  • King sized Vape Feels with Puff XXL
  • It is safe to say that you are an enthusiast of Puff Disposable yet wish in particular if those puffs could keep going forever? All things considered, always sounds ridiculous yet yes an all-encompassing vape time can be hit with the novel unit mod planned under the Puff Disposables range. It is in all honesty Puff XXL that will bang your throats with their overwhelming fume numbers. Puffing with this vape unit will be cool to such an extent that you will be profoundly fulfilled and that sure is an eternity enduring second. :D

    The composition and style of this vaping gadget are so cracking stunning that it satisfies your heart and throat as well as is a delight to the eyes and luxuriousness to the impression of feeling. Also, why spare the taste buds when a classy nicotine richness comes enveloped by a stunning scope of tropical flavors and cold undercurrents? We should skim you through the normal inquiries further…

    What is the quantity of puffs in each Bar?

    The puff numeral is 1600

    What is the heaviness of nicotine salt in every unit?

    The nicotine level is 5% per the heaviness of the e-fluid in each framework.

    Disclaimer: Nicotine is an addictive synthetic. Minors should ward themselves off according to the standards of their state laws. Pregnant women and individuals with breathing issues should carefully avoid their utilization.

    What's more, what amount is the heaviness of the e-juice?

    Each unit contains a vape juice of 1.3ml.

    Are there some other synthetics in this vape gadget?

    Indeed, there are different mixtures to support the flavorings alongside Vegetable Glycerine and Propyl Glycol.

    What VG and PG proportion do we anticipate?

    The proportion is 70:30

    Are these different synthetics hurtful to wellbeing?

    No, they aren't! It is protected to breathe in them. Propyl Glycol has some unsafe impacts yet since the proportion is excessively small, it will not influence you by any stretch of the imagination.

    How long would i be able to keep the gadget without meeting the expiry date?

    You can keep the gadget until 2 years however we propose vaping however much closer as could be expected to its date of assembling as the e-fluid now and then stalls out at certain edges.

    What all are the flavor choices?

    • Lavish Ice
    • Pineapple Grape
    • Blended Berries Iced
    • Papaya Strawberry
    • Aleo Mango Melon
    • Watermelon Cherry
    • Cranberry Lemon Ice
    • Mango Orange Pomelo
    • Cool Mint
    • Banana Ice

    How is the bundle and what number of Bar are available in each?

    Each bundle contains a solitary unit that is of single shading dependent on its relating flavor.

    The Takeaway

    Experiencing these ergonomically planned Puff Bar XXL is to make the most of your vaping time with excessively kind sized cloud manifestations that last more as well as are kickass treats to your tongues.

    Best of all, they save you from the fight of re-energizing and topping off them. They are make a trip well disposed because of their light-weight and compact style. In the event that you are searching for the best vaping solace among the disposables, you will love having them.

  • Chicago Real Estate Finance
  • Chicago Real Estate Finance

    The Chicago real estate market is one of the best in the country.

    Maybe you're interested in buying your first home or maybe you're looking to refinance an investment property. No matter what your need is, Load Financial offers a number of mortgage products to suit any borrower's needs and financial situation. At the Chicago real estate finance office, our equipment assists you in obtaining a loan that best fits your individual needs.

    We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best service possible. And we want all of our clients to be happy with the services they receive. That's why, we just introduce mortgage calculators for prospective home buyers and homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage. If you would like more information about these Chicago real estate finance services, feel free to contact us over phone or by sending email.

    Leading Lender for Conventional and FHA Loans

    We offer a variety of conventional and FHA loans as well as jumbo loans to help interested buyers. With our many options, you can find the most suitable loan plan for your needs. So whether you're looking for a conventional or an FHA loan, we can help. We also have lenders specializing in VA loans if you're eligible to get this type of financing.

    If you're a first-time homebuyer, we can help you apply for a conventional or FHA loan. Or, if you have great credit and have previously owned property, we can help you apply for a jumbo loan or luxury real estate in Chicago. We also specialize in bridge loans, used to buy another home while your current one is being renovated or sold.

    Our Financial Services At Chicago Real Estate Financing

    SBA Loan

    We offer SBA loan services to small business owners who need financial assistance to start or grow a business. We provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the loan application and approval process. So, you can get the loan you need without any hassle. The Load Financial team of experienced lenders can help you get the best possible terms. And discuss low-interest rates also. Thus, you can start growing your business faster than before.

    Student Loan

    Our student loan services are designed to make getting a student loan easier. We offer various services, including debt counseling, pre-approval, and refinancing. The Load Financial team is experienced in the student loan industry and can help you find the best option for your needs. We strive to provide our customers with quality services and advice to get the most out of their student loans. So, it may be beneficial for the students we believe.

    Car Loan

    Our Car Loan Finance can help you get the best car loan deal possible. The Load Financial team has years of experience in the car loan industry, and we know how to find the best car loan for you. We make the process easy and hassle-free so that you can get your car as soon as possible. Our services are reliable and affordable to get the best car loan for your needs. However, as a corporate person car loan must for you to levelized your prestige equally.

    Equipment Finance

    Our financing options provide customers with a quick, easy, and affordable way to get the necessary equipment. We have a wide range of products available, including commercial, industrial, and agricultural equipment. Our financing options make it easy to get the necessary equipment without having to bear the full cost upfront. So, it' for you exactly to promote your equipment business obviously we think.

    Construction Loans

    We understand that timing is key when it comes to getting the money you need for your construction project. That's why we offer our Construction Loans services - you can get the funding you need as quickly as possible. Our loans are available in various terms, and our team of experts will work with you to find the best option for your needs. With our help, you'll get the money you need to start your project - and keep moving forward on schedule.

    Short Term Loans

    Our short-term loan services give customers quick and easy access to money they need to tide them over during tough times. Load Financial offers various loans tailored to meet our customers' needs, including payday loans, personal loans, and car loans. We design our products to give our customers the flexibility they need while keeping their finances safe and secure.

    Long Term Loans

    Our long-term loan services offer a convenient and affordable way for customers to borrow money over time, and businesses get the money they need to cover short-term or longer-term commitments. Load Financial offers a variety of loan options, including fast approvals and flexible terms that make it easy to get the money you need. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help you get the best loan for your needs. That's why, it matches you.

    Our Chicago Real Estate Financing Services Benefits

    As the nation's leading lender of real estate financing to residential and commercial properties, we constantly need to update our services to offer our clients the best financing solutions. Our advanced technology has allowed us to develop innovative products that have set quality financing standards. We feel confident that when you work with us for your Chicago real estate needs, you will be given an easy path into homeownership or business ownership with competitive rates and flexible repayment options. Thus, thisreal estate financing service turns you to the benefits.

    Here's what makes our Chicago real estate financing services different from others in this market:


    The strong commitment from us to delivering quality products has allowed us to offer more secure financing options than banks. Our underwriters are properly trained to understand the unique needs of our clients. While, we're able to provide the most flexible real estate financing options available. With a seasoned staff, we've been able to develop products based on our assessment of your needs and those of your lender.


    We want to be sure that we can offer customized financing that meets the individual needs of our clients. The circumstances vary from one person to another. So, we've made it easy for you to work with an experienced agent who can make the entire process easy. The Load Financial system allows visitors to submit a simple request for information. Then it's automatically forwarded to an experienced customer service representative in a matter of minutes. So, accessibility is easier than others here undoubtedly we can say.


    Our financing options include fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, home equity line of credit, private mortgage insurance (PMI), owner financing, and more. We understand that the specifics of your situation are unique. That's why our products will be custom-tailored to fit your needs. You'll be able to select a mortgage option that works for you, as well as adjust interest charges and repayment terms as needed.


    We're a company you can depend on for your real estate financing needs. We've been able to set ourselves apart from other lending companies by offering not just quality products but also by providing exceptional customer service all the way through. Load Financial developed a customer service line that can respond to calls and inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our commitment to offering you the Chicago real estate finance options that will work for you. For this reason, we're willing to spend the time with our clients to ensure they understand the product they have chosen.

    With over 50 years of experience, our company has established itself as a real estate financing industry leader. We are here to help you find the best financing options that will work for you by matching the lender that best suits your needs with your borrower. We're constantly looking for ways to offer better services to our clients. Which is why we continually update our products to ensure that we're offering you the very best in home and business financing at an affordable rate.

    Why Choose Our Chicago Real Estate Company For Your Financing Needs?

    We work with the largest lenders and mortgage brokers in the nation. We offer a personal mortgage loan for any type of property in Chicago or Illinois. Load Financial Chicago real estate company is focused on helping you find the best financing for your needs. We understand the process is a little different than most lenders. We are here to help you find the best financing for your real estate needs.

    Chicago, Illinois is one of the most desirable cities in the United States. Yet, it's still a real challenge for many people to find a good lender willing to finance their house purchase. Many people worry about the credit history, the amount of down payment, and where they stand with their current lender. We are different from most lenders in that our full-time team of professional real estate brokers work with you to offer a solution to your financing needs.

    We focus on helping families find the best solution to their real estate needs while saving time and money. Ours have an efficient process that allows us to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Our Chicago real estate company strives to ensure you are receiving the best product for your needs. The Load Financial team has a great deal of experience in working with people who may be struggling with mortgage loans or refinancing.

    As a Lake County Illinois borrower origination lender, we specialize in helping people like you purchase houses throughout the entire Chicago area. We work with many different lenders, including national lenders such as Deutsche Bank, USAA and Wells Fargo. This means we have a great deal of experience in working with people who may be struggling with mortgage loans or refinancing. We work closely with many of the largest lenders located in Chicago. Also, in Illinois to make sure you receive the best solution.

  • What are some common White Collar Crimes and their potential penalties?
  • White-collar crimes are nonviolent and are financially motivated. The term was defined for the first time by a sociologist named Edwin Sutherland in 1939. He defined it as "a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation". There are a number of crimes that constitute as a white-collar illegal act. A person found guilty of white-collar crimes will have to face serious penalties that may be in the form of fine or imprisonment. The intent behind the participation in a white-collar crime is not needed in some states. The evidence that another person is also involved in the same crime will result in that individual facing similar charge. These crimes are committed by government and business professionals.

    White-collar crimes consist of a variety of illegal acts that have financial gain motivation behind them. A person committing these seeks to obtain something from a business. These involve manipulation, deceit, and threat. The crimes are committed by people experienced in fields like computer science, accounting, and tax expertise. Someone having knowledge of how money flows in a company can also commit a white-collar crime. These result in various fraud crimes, evasion of taxes, money laundering, and embezzlement in the business. The person involved in white-collar crimes commits these through schemes, planning, tricks, and scams. Such a person may be involved in pyramid scams, fraud through the security system, and Ponzi schemes.

    Some examples of white-collar crimes include bribery, fraud, Ponzi schemes, labor racketeering, cybercrime, money laundering, insider trading, identity theft, forgery, and embezzlement. There are attorneys specialized in each of these white-collar crimes.

    Common white-collar crimes are discussed below along with their potential penalties.

    The Crime of Fraud

    The crime of fraud can be committed in a number of different ways. Mostly, the crime of fraud is committed by deceiving a person to get information out of him or her. Also, it can be done by manipulating a person to get money or by breaching someone's trust. Securities fraud is another common type of white-collar fraud. This is done in order to affect the trading of stocks, bonds and other kinds of securities in a company by using the crime of fraud. The information can also be used within the company to commit different kinds of fraud. When there is evidence that a person committed the crime of fraud, he or she may be charged with criminal offenses for that illegal activity.

    The Crime of Embezzlement

    Employees of large companies that have plenty of assets are mostly found guilty of these crimes. There are many smaller companies that also suffer from damages that result because employees stealing from the revenue compiled for services and sales. A type of embezzlement also involves the usage of the bank account of an employer or a manager and transferring funds from it little by little. It can also be done by using company's software or personal applications for stealing huge amounts of money and hiding those transactions after money is stolen. An employee who steals business money owned by his or her company will have to face grave charges which will lead to imprisonment, jail time, or huge fines that may be equal or even higher than the stolen amount.

    The Crime of Tax Evasion

    A huge number of people are involved in tax evasion whether they're attached to a business or not. Tax Evasion crimes refer to acts when people try to dodge in paying taxes they owe to the government. This is done either through income or sales tax with a company or by filling incorrect information in the forms. This incorrect information in the forms can deceive the Internal Revenue Service and cause false information to displace the true data regarding the revenue for the year. People also commit the crime of tax evasion by shifting funds around, unlawfully transferring property or money offshore. If the money is collected without informing the IRS, it is also considered a tax evasion crime.

    Someone who is found guilty of tax evasion crimes is likely to suffer from a number of possible penalties and the offender may face civil as well as criminal charges for his or her actions.

    The Crime of Money Laundering

    Those who commit crimes to get money and acquire funds through illegal acts use businesses to make their money clean and unsuspicious. The business also produces clean money that does not have any link to any criminal actions. This way the law enforcement agencies cannot find a person's link with the criminal actions which saves the money launderer from severe charges. Also, if he or she succeeds in keeping away from potential suspicion for a long period of time, all of his or her money may become impossible to relate to the criminal actions. In order to achieve this, people move some of their illegal money into their company's business transactions that are legitimate. All of this process gets them clean money that is devoid of criminal blemish.

    Potential Penalties for White-collar Crimes

    The penalties for white-collar crimes vary depending on their nature and severity. These penalties occur through conviction of a court case for these white-collar crimes. The offenders of money laundering can get twenty or more years in prison or jail. They may have to pay a huge amount of fines as well. These fines can increase or decrease depending on the money that leaves a business or that is involved in the criminal actions. These fines can have $200,000 added to the money that is suspected to have been made through criminal actions. Sometimes, the amount may be lesser.

    In order to save yourself from a possible conviction, it is important that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. This may also save you from community service, large fines, probation periods, and your time in the jail or prison. Attorneys have the primary goal to conclude the case with a not guilty verdict. Moreover, their secondary goal is to alleviate any sentences with the help of a plea bargain or by implementing a defense strategy.

    Author Bio:

    Best divorce attorney Omaha have dedicated their lives to the craft and stand by your side throughout the entire case, should you have any questions or concerns about the process.

  • Does a business Analytics online course make any sense in India A deep dive
  • A business analyst, first and foremost, is a data professional and a manager with extensive experience with teamwork and decision-making. Modern-day commercial entities are facing a challenge unique enough to have no known remedies. The lesson in readiness was taught to humanity by a devastating pandemic. And after the same was over, we became more cautious than ever. Today, smooth commercial conduct involves making decisions after analysis of a gargantuan amount of data. Something that is ubiquitously produced by humanity. And we also possess the processing and storage capabilities needed for such ventures. 

    Therefore, the demand for data adept managers is on the rise in the commercial sectors. And the same is attracting a lot of brilliant minds towards an upgrade with a business analytics online course. The trends show that these roles will only become more lucrative and secure with time. And how the importance of a business analyst will only grow. 

    Advantages of taking up a business analytics online course

    An online course is designed for flexibility. With an online course, a professional can easily ensure upgrades alongside maintaining full-time employment. The same is essential for staying true to both professional and familial responsibilities. With an online course, it is possible to maintain all kinds of responsibilities. And take classes or exams at per student's convenience. So, an essential upgrade is not executed under stress. And the imbibition of knowledge is complete. 

    Taking up an online business analytics course involves learning Python and a plethora of tools that can yield excellent analytics. And all of these can be run with modest specifications, given the scale of practice data sets and techniques. However, working as a freelancer from home involves acquiring the necessary processing and storage capabilities, and the same is not modest by any means.

    Good institutes also care about the feel of an entire offering. And try to provide a big institute experience from home. 

    Data analytics and business analytics 

    Data analysts are versatile. The skills a data analyst brings to the table can be put to good use in a plethora of commercial and public sectors. They are versatile, and experience can prove them essential for commerce. Data analysts seem like an excellent alternative to deploying someone as expensive as a business analyst. However, it is wise to remember that a business analyst is a manager with extensive skills in processing huge amounts of data. And they are specifically trained to infuse their managerial skills with data insights. Something uniquely essential for commerce in 2023. Therefore, despite the flourishing of data analytics, business analysts are still as relevant as ever, and the same will only grow to a quantitatively larger extent in the coming years. 

    The environment in India 

    For business analytics education, the environment in India is nothing short of heavenly. The discipline is budding and can be considered one of the most rapidly flourishing ones. The flourishment is a direct result of the dependence of contemporary industry on academic entities. And on a steady supply of adept professionals every year. Therefore, the industry is keen on helping train its potential future employees. And due to this generous attitude, academic institutions get to send their students for early tenure internships. And after they graduate, a hungry industry inducts them into their ranks. They need to survive in India's diverse and booming markets. 

    The opportunities 

    A business analyst is essential in any commercial sector that works with data. And needs the latent power of prediction. Therefore, after completion of a business analytics online course, the opportunities are available in an abundance. 

    • In marketing, huge amounts of data are used to pinpoint the most relevant customers. And to make sure, they are engaged with well-trained and efficient automated engagement entities. 
    • In product, huge amounts of data are in use for getting in touch with a target population. And understanding their demands, as well as expectations. In addition to that, a business analyst can also help plan the upgradation operations with the help of internal manpower and resource data. 
    • In administration, a business analyst is expected to get in touch with the employees with the help of huge amounts of data. The goal is to understand their specific and unique ordeals and mitigate them with the help of data. In addition to that, they are responsible for making sure everyone involved understands the expectations of their employer and their role in the bigger picture. So, efficiency and adequate performance levels can be ensured. 

  • Difference between FTX and BingX
  • The world of cryptocurrency trading has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people looking for ways to earn extra money beyond their traditional 9-to-5 jobs. With the advent of digital technologies and mobile devices, trading cryptocurrency has become more accessible and convenient than ever before. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which platforms are trustworthy and reliable. Bitmex and BingX are both well-known cryptocurrency platforms, but they offer different services and features to their users.


    FTX is known for its high liquidity, low fees, and advanced trading features, making it an ideal choice for experienced traders looking to increase their potential profits through leverage trading. The platform supports a wide range of trading pairs, including spot, futures, and options trading, and it offers a user-friendly interface and a mobile app for trading on the go. 


    While FTX is a great choice for experienced traders, it's worth noting that it may not be the best option for beginners, as it does not have good customer service and traders should be aware of the risks associated with leverage trading. It is important to remember that cryptocurrency trading carries a high level of risk and individuals should always do their own research before investing.


    On the other hand, BingX is an international digital financial institution with branches in North America, Canada, the EU, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. BingX has also obtained regulatory approval to operate in other countries where it provides services or conducts business. BingX focuses on providing users with financial services such as lending, borrowing, and staking, as well as allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They also have a referral program, a trading competition, and a copy trading feature that enables users who do not have much time or who are new to crypto to choose their trader of choice and follow their trade(s).


    In conclusion, FTX and BingX have different features and services that cater to different user needs, preferences, and purposes. It is advisable to research both platforms thoroughly and consult with financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

  • Outstanding Benefits of Water Therapy
  • It is not strange to hear that water constitutes about seventy percent of the human body mass. This alone gives us an idea of how important water is to the human body and system. The phenomenon of water therapy is becoming more popular by the day. More studies are bringing to light interesting findings with regards to the importance and effect of water therapy. It involves drinking more water than the average person does on a daily basis If you have not been taking this powerful therapy serious, maybe because you did not really understand the benefits of drinking water, here are several reasons why you should make some reconsiderations and take it seriously.

    A wonderful weight loss therapy

    Many people who are obese or overweight are desperate for a change. There are so many methods suggested in books, magazines, articles and even from doctors and nutritionists. Everyone claims to be getting it just right but what people want is results, and unless you are doing the right thing, you will not have the results you so desire. There is something nutritionists and human biologists call “resting energy expenditure”. This is the amount of calories burned by the body even while it is at a state of rest. The interesting part of it is that this resting energy expenditure increases by about 25% when a person engages in water therapy. It is one of the wondrous benefits of drinking water. For children who are overweight or obese, morning water therapy could be even more effective in weight reduction.

    In addition, drinking more water reduces appetite and craving for food. The appetite one has for food is triggered both by hunger and certain digestive hormones which make send hunger and craving signals to the brain. The effectiveness of such enzymes is reduced by water intake and this goes a long way to curb appetite, keeping unhealthy eating habits in check.

    At the end of the day, you will loose more weight by making use of water therapy than you will without it. And it is a more convenient method than most others which require either more energy, time or money than you are willing to put in.

    A majority of beverages people take have high sugar content and there are few things that sponsor wight gain than excess sugar intake. When you engage in water therapy, though, your craving for such beverages reduces considerably because your body does not need the fluids they provide. In the long run, consistently making use of water therapy will be more beneficial to you than most nutritional tips you get out there. It is also cost free and takes only determination to practice. Weight loss is simply one of the effects of water therapy. For those who have been very concerned about their weight, you can make this therapy a lifestyle along with other weight loss routines and expect maximum results.

    Great at cleansing the body

    Let’s talk about waste disposal as one of the benefits of drinking water. Sweat, urine, and other forms of excretions are the body’s ways of eliminating waste. But all these will not be possible without the presence of water in the excretory system. Every single cell in the human body uses water for excretion of waste which is transported to the various outlets for elimination from the body. This means that the less water available to the body, the less effective the excretory system will be. That is why people develope things like kidney stones. Kidney stones are the most common types of stones formed by the saturation of crystals in the urinary system. Kidney stones for example are extremely painful especially when it comes to passing them out.

    But since they formed by the accumulation and crystallization of minerals, they can be prevented by making use of water therapy. With enough water in the system, it is unlikely that crystals are going to be formed because crystallization will be stalled. It is also suspected that water can help deal with kidney stones and other types of stones, but this is not proven. It is however very likely that water is an important remedy or cure for kidney stones though this is not fully backed by scientific findings. The assertion however is that since the crystals that accumulate to form stones can be dissolved, water could effectively accomplish this.

    Morning water therapy is the most effective and should not be missed. Through out the day, you may not remember to take the water therapy in the afternoon or evening or it may simply not be convenient to. Work and other things just get in the way. It would be better to be faithful with morning water therapy so that if you cant go through with the other sessions, there would have been considerable impact made. The importance and health benefits of water are clearly seen in the role it plays as far as cleansing the body is concerned.

    A cure for constipation and other stomach disorders

    Constipation is usually the result of poor eating habits. Adding food to that which is already at a certain level of digestion in the stomach. This causes mixture of enzymes and food which are at different stages of digestion. The result is an uncomfortable situation that is characterized by farts and an uneasy feeling in one’s stomach or digestive system. Toxins accumulate in the digestive system and need to be flushed out. How else are you going to do this except by drinking water? But it is not going to work just by drinking water as you usually do.

    You need to take the therapy that demands drinking a good quantity of water early in the morning before eating anything and as fast as possible. When water is taken in excess at a fast rate, the system does not have enough time to process all of it, so most has to be sent out as waste. A good quantity will have to go out through the intestines. As it goes out, toxins will be flushed out of the intestines. Also, excrement that seemed to have been caught up in the intestines will be pushed on for excretion. Making use of water therapy is a great way to foster peristaltic movement.

    Keeps you hydrated

    So many people are not drinking a sufficient amount of water daily, and though it may not seem to be a problem, it is actually making some important processes in the body more difficult to undertake. In the long run, it is very likely that people who consistently drink less than a liter of water a day will suffer from some of the diseases that have become common around the world. Things like the already mentioned kidney stone, gastric and gastric ulcers, heart burns, constipation and the list goes on. Most of these things happen because a person is not properly hydrated.

    Makes food and nutrients processing and absorption by the digestive system more efficient

    Like we have already mentioned in the preceding lines, one of the benefits of drinking water is its importance for the transportation of nutrients or other vitals around the body. Supplies to the cells and excretions from them are made possible by the circulation of water in the system. Nutritionists hold that drinking water about an hour before meals could considerably enhance effective digestion. As far as water therapy is concerned, water is taken first thing in the morning because it serves as an important kick starter for the first meal of the day. Those who start their day with water or make a habit of taking water about an hour before meals are generally healthier than those who don’t. The effects of water therapy are better seen when it is done habitually. It feels like taking medicine most times, but I guess thats because water therapy is actually medicinal. You can be sure of maximizing the effects of water therapy when you do it consistently, whether you feel like it or not.

    Makes your skin glow and look fresher

    When toxins are eliminated from the body, the result is a brighter looking skin. It also cleanses the colon which in turn allows for more effective absorption of nutrients to the body. This makes it possible for vitamin c and other vitamins that are responsible for a bright skin to be successfully processed and transported to the skin. If you realize that your skin is an organ, then it will be easier to understand why water is necessary for a glowy looking skin. The skin is made up of cells which are for the most part made of water. This water is not just part of the cell but helps it carry out its very important functions like energy manufacturing, waste elimination and boosting of the immune system. So shortage of water supply to the skin and its cells will result in dry skin which is more prone to wrinkles and cracks.

    Its a great remedy for common simple illnesses like head aches

    This may sound unlikely but you must realize that sometimes, headaches are caused by fatigue. Fatigue on its part is usually triggered by dehydration. There are different types of headaches and some are definitely more sever than others. In any case, water therapy will play a great role in either preventing or curing headaches. Sometimes the effect of water Therapy may not be instantaneous enough to seem like you have been cured. But it will surely have an effect that makes a difference. For more sever or complicated headache types like migraines, you want to start by taking water to reduce the pain before you reach out for drugs.

    Several people have experienced a stop of headaches which use to occur periodically just by taking water therapy. At the end of the day, your basic prevention and treatment for any type of headache is water therapy. It is part of the health benefits of water, and a cost free one at that.

    Tips to help you make the most of the benefits of water therapy

    Though water therapy requires you to drink more water than you usually do, you should know that that there are certain tips you can use to make things easier, at least until you get use to the practice. When you first start out practicing water therapy, your system will react to the new routine. You will definitely feel like drinking water is taking medicine. Especially the ones you have to drink early in the morning before taking any food. Many people give up within the first three to four days and miss the impact they could have made on their health. You don’t need to do the same thing. Here are some tips to help make the exercise easier for you.

    Drink the water to lukewarm temperature so that it seems closer to tea. It is a good way to deceive your brain and make the exercise a little more tolerant. It is actually a known fact, though, that warm water therapy is less effective than cold water therapy for weight loss. The reason is simple. Before absorbing cold water, the system has to bring it to body temperature. If the water is cold, more calories will have to burn in order to make it warm enough. However, if you are not interested in loosing weight, then you have the advantage of using warm water therapy for the first few days. Specialist also believe in some cases, warm water therapy is more effective than using cold water.


    How to use water therapy; Quantity and timing for water therapy

    Understanding how water therapy should be carried out is simple. It has been a common practice for Indians for quite a while now. But with contemporary research bringing more of its advantages to light, people around the world are embracing this simple therapy which promises wonders. Whether you choose to make use of warm water therapy or cold water therapy, the process is the same.

    All you need to do is start your day with 1.5 liters of water and make sure you drink the water in as short a time as possible. Normally, the recommendation is to drink it all at once, but for first timers, this may be a little difficult to do, especially if the person in question had a habit of drinking much less water than their body requires in the past. If you are going to take a break while drinking it, make sure it is not more than a couple of minutes. The recommendation that you drink the water as fast as you can is not just to make you feel uncomfortable or to make the exercise seem difficult. There is an interesting reason why you should do it that way.

    When you drink a lot of water at a time, especially an unusual amount which is far more than the body needs or can process in a short time, much of it will be pushed out of the body. The body will absorb as much as it can at the moment and over the next few minutes, but that would only be about half of it. While the rest of it is being pushed out, it flushes away toxins and wastes that were trapped in the body because of low fluid levels.

    Now someone may want to eat something in the morning before taking the therapy hoping that this will make it a lot easier. Well, don’t. The recommendation from experts is that water therapy be done on an empty stomach. When you eat before taking morning water therapy, you are going to sabotage the intended effect of the practice. Even when you take the therapy on an empty stomach in the morning, make sure you stay for about an hour before taking breakfast. For those who take breakfast as early as 7:30am or find it difficult staying later than 8am without taking breakfast, you will definitely have to take the morning water therapy early enough to accommodate the one hour span before the exercise.

    You can also practice the same thing in the afternoon and evening. But make sure you follow the rules of doing it on an empty stomach. Then wait for an hour before taking your meal. Taking water therapy before bed is an effective practice to help get rid of simple infections. For those who are new to it and may find adding an afternoon and evening session to it unbearable, you may go on with just the morning water therapy until you are comfortable with it.

    For about the first week after you begin water therapy, you will notice an unusual frequency in urination and maybe stooling. No need to be alarmed. That is your body sending out the toxins it has been holding for a long time. Within the next two to three weeks, this is going to change since your body would have become use to the new routine. Understanding the health benefits of water will help you take it more seriously and be more committed to the process.

    Other tips for making water therapy more effective

    When you use water therapy, avoid things like coffee and other caffeine rich drinks. They are good at making you send out more water than you normally would. This means, while you can drink coffee and still go on with the water therapy, too much of it will definitely sabotage the effects of water therapy and make it more difficult for you to see a difference or change even after practicing it for a while.

    Alcohol is another thing you should stay away from as you practice water therapy. Like coffee and other things, it is a diuretic and limits the health benefits of water. This means that it makes you urinate more frequently than you have to. And it is more probable you are going to experience a hangover when you take in too much alcohol, coffee or other diuretics. Bottom line is, you will be opposing your own efforts when you make a habit of abusing alcohol or coffee while you take water therapy. Why go through all the discipline of drinking that amount of water daily when you are just going to undo everything by another habit.

    Lets reiterate that water should be taken at least an hour before your meals as it is best taken on an empty stomach. You can also take the warm water therapy but if you are looking forward to loosing weight, be sure to use cool water instead as the system burns more calories to change the water to room temperature. Using warm water therapy may have all other effects but it will be a little less effective for weight loss.

    You should also know that the types of food you choose to eat could help you stay hydrated. For those who fancy soups and fresh vegetables, there is a likely hood that they are going to have an even better effect from water therapy since they will be taking more water aside that which is consumed in the process. Such food help keep you hydrated and reduces the body’s need for water.

    On the other hand, people who like eating dry things like bread and other pastries have to take water therapy even more seriously. This is because more water is required for digestion of these foods since they have little or no water content in themselves. Thus more water gotten from the therapy will be use for effective digestion of these food types and little or nothing will be left over for effectively flushing out waste from the body.

    While you undertake and enjoy the health benefits of water therapy, try to reduce your sugar intake, especially if you are someone with a high craving for sugary foods and beverages. If your diet does not change to accommodate and maximize the effects of water therapy, you will be deceived into thinking it does not work.


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  • Internship: Product & Test Engineering (f/m/div) Graz
  • Internship : Product & Test Engineering (f / m / div)At a glanceWith this internship we offer you the chance to apply theoretical knowledge from the studies with practical experience.

    Lay the foundation for your career in Product & Test Engineering. If you are a self-motivated person with a proactive working style, you should apply now for this internship in Graz and support our team!Quick infoLocationGrazEntry level0-1 yearJob IDHRC0396746StartOct 01, 2023TypePart timeContractTemporaryJob descriptionIn your new role you will : * Familiarize with testing semiconductorsand contribute to our in-house Backend Test Solution* Perform measurements on contact-based & contactless modules including Verification and Production Test (Test Data Analysis, Correlation Analysis and Test-Results Reporting)* Support production of existing module test solution (Measurement & System Analysis, Test methodology development, Debugging)* Drive and support development of innovative production test solutions... for Digital Security & Identity (Potential for project work, bachelor and / or master thesis)* Hands-on Product- & Test-EngineeringFurther InformationType of employment : Temporary / Part-time (flexible working hours from Monday to Friday between 6 a.

    m. and 7 p.m.)Duration : min.1 yearProfileYou successfully meet the requirements, if you are a motivated and committed student (f / m / div)* from the field of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telematics, Physics or similar.

    You are best equipped for this task if you additionally have : * Ability to interpret, analyze, understand and develop code in Python, LabView, C (Experience with TestStand is beneficial)* Interest in semiconductor branch and / or interest in contactless technologies and security* Interest in Software- & Hardware development* Analytical thinking with a strong drive to problem solving* Hands-on mentality for laboratory measurements and debugging* Solid written and verbal communication skills in English* Self-organized, structured & flexible way of workingAbout UsDriving decarbonization and digitalization.

    Together.Infineon designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of semiconductors and semiconductor-based solutions, focusing on key markets in the automotive, industrial, and consumer sectors.

    Its products range from standard components to special components for digital, analog, and mixed-signal applications to customer-specific solutions together with the appropriate software.

    Connected Secure Systems (CSS) delivers security for the connected world -The Connected Secure Systems (CSS) segment offers comprehensive systems for a secure, networked world with a portfolio built around reliable, trendsetting microcontrollers as well as wireless connectivity and security solutions.

    Over the past decades, CSS has developed microcontroller, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and combined connectivity solutions (known as connectivity combos) and hardware-based security technologies.

    The products are used in a broad range of applications : from consumer electronics, IoT and home appliances to IT equipment, cloud security and networked cars all the way to credit and debit cards, electronic passports and IDs.

    With its leading technologies in the areas of computing, connectivity and security, CSS makes a decisive contribution to protecting today's and tomorrow's networked systems.

    We are on a journey to create the best Infineon for everyone.This means we embrace diversity and inclusion and welcome everyone for who they are.

    At Infineon, we offer a working environment characterized by trust, openness, respect and tolerance and are committed to give all applicants and employees equal opportunities.

    We base our recruiting decisions on the applicants experience and skills.We look forward to receiving your resume, even if you do not entirely meet all the requirements of the job posting.

    Please let your recruiter know if they need to pay special attention to something in order to enable your participation in the interview process.

    More about diversity & inclusion at Infineon at https : / / / cms / en / careers / diversity-and-inclusion / Infineon Hub - Connect.

    Create. Challenge.The iHub at TU Wien represents an inspiring tech platform, networking area and event location, connecting Infineon Austria with tech experts, science specialists and young professionals.

    Check out our upcoming events : Infineon iHubContact UsLisa DerhaschnigStudent Attraction ManagerApply now
    Graz Austria

  • Digital Marketing Specialist Ethiopia
  • Skills and Qualifications

    • Degree in marketing management, or creative art or Journalism

    .Two years or more experience in digital marketing or digital communications strategies tactics and analytics including website digital advertising and all digital marketing elements.

    •Track record of creative, successful events

    •Existing vendor relationships

    •Experience managing budgets and expense tracking

    •Advanced knowledge of Word, PowerPoint and Excel

    •Proficiency in Amharic, English Languages

    Job Summary

    Under general supervision of the Marketing Director, the Digital Marketing Specialist develops various online promotions and email campaigns to support outreach efforts as well as manages and supports SEO and SEM strategies to support inbound digital efforts. The Digital Marketing Specialist is a key point of contact for disseminating communications materials and information through enhanced digital activities. Creates compelling web mobile and digital marketing communications... experiences for clients that support overall marketing communications strategies.

    Objectives of this Role

    · Plans develops and executes digital programs and campaigns including online advertising e-mail marketing website integration mobile and other digital deliverables.

    ·Interfaces with marketing communications team as well as Social Media Web/Digital Content and Public Relations. Leads ongoing management of digital touch points.

    ·Evaluates and successfully implements e-mail marketing technologies including integration with other digital touch points for the company.

    ·Participates in ongoing professional activities and affiliations to maintain current knowledge of developments in the field of digital marketing.


    •Gain a complete understanding of the requirements for each event

    •Research vendors and make selections based on creativity, quality, and cost.

    •Book venues and schedule guests, which includes contract drafting and confirmation and day-of logistics

    •Develop content for event materials and work with graphic designer to produce.

    •Hire personnel as needed across all functions of an event (registration, set up, catering, audio/visual, etc.)

    •Day-to-day administration of events and programs including placing orders, monitoring vendors, travel planning, Hotel reservations, facilitating company attendees, monitoring registration, tracking , answering questions and resolving event related issues.

    •Delivering against marketing plans for new and existing university partners to hit key conversion and engagement goals.

    •Maintaining the company-wide outreach calendar used to communicate all key marketing activities.

    •Supporting Digital Marketing Managers in delivering against major projects.

    •Assisting with monitoring and reporting, keeping an eye on important metrics and trends to understand campaign success on a day-to-day basis.

    •Setting up and reporting out on multivariate tests to improve our results

  • Senior Test Automation Engineer Liberec
  • Python (nice to have) Jenkins (nice to have) Amazon AWS (nice to have) Protractor (nice to have) WebdriverIO (regular) Cucumber (regular) TypeScript (regular) Git (regular) Automated Testing (advanced) Test Automation (advanced) We’re building a highly innovative AutoML solution that automates the Machine Learning pipeline.

    Thanks to our product, everyone can work as a Data Scientist, even without any relevant experience. Our system was recognized as a Leader in the Forrester New Wave Report.

    It is used by customers in the US and Japan. You’ll be working for a Silicon Valley startup that grows fast and never lets you get bored.

    We have a wide range of frameworks for testing functional and non-functional aspects of our system. We’re looking for an experienced Test Automation Engineer that will help us to take testing quality of our system to the next level and ensure that all components can handle voluminous data.

    Things you will do : Maintain product test suiteIdentify and... implement supplemental test cases but also continuously improve our testing frameworksSupport other developers in writing tests by sharing know-how and good practicesChallenge developers by looking at their deliverables from the product perspective Requirements : Technical : CS degree, similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experienceExperience in test automation using WebdriverIO / Protractor (TypeScript, Cucumber)Strong focus on the product and code qualityWorking knowledge of git, Jenkins, GitHub, JIRA, etc.

    Nice to have : Experience in testing data-intensive applications and coming up with datasets that are specific to business casesExposure to data analytics and machine learningExposure to SQL and relational databasesExposure to REST Non-technical : Fluent in PolishGood knowledge of English (both spoken and written)Innovative and logical thinkingOpen to new challengesA team playerGreat communication skillsAbility to work independently What we’re offering : Direct impact on the productPossibility to improve your skills in a very experienced and highly technical teamPowerful hardware, 2-3 monitorsFriendly atmosphere, no stress, no dress-codeFlexible working hours : we understand if you have to leave at 3pm or prefer to work in the evenings Job Details (*) : 1-2 weeks onboarding in Warsawthen monthly visits for 2-4 days in Warsawafter 6 months of cooperation, it will be possible to work 100% remotely*not applicable for people from Warsaw
    Liberec Czechia

  • Assistant Engineer – Electrical Hong Kong
  • Assistant Engineer – Electrical / HVAC / Fire / Mechanical (Welcome overseas candidate) (


    Hong Kong

    ResponsibilitiesAssist Project Manager in tender preparation, tender analysis, price negotiation and budget controlCo-ordinate with clients, consultants, main-contractors and sub-contractors for project implementationResolve ad hoc site matters and site coordinationRequirements:

    Holder of Higher Diploma in Mechanical / Electrical / Building Services Engineering or equivalentPossess 1 years' relevant working experience in participation of E&M / Environmental Projects / Building Services ContractsGood command of both written and spoken English and ChineseGood communication and interpersonal skillsSelf motivated, Independent and able to work under pressureProficiency in AutoCAD and Microsoft ProjectFresh graduated is also considered

    Application Procedure:
    We offer a good environment to grow your career.

    If our requirements meet your career inspiration, please... apply with full resume stating relevant job reference, present and expected salary and availability to:

    The Human Resources Department, 13/F, Island Place Tower, No.

    510 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong


    2911 4208E-mail: Personal data collected will be treated in strict confidence and used for recruitment related purposes only.
    Applicants not invited for interview within 8 weeks of applying may consider their applications unsuccessful. Unsuccessful applications will be destroyed after 6 months
    Hong Kong

  • Civil / Geotechnical Engineer Al Jubail Saudi Arabia
  • Civil / Geotechnical Engineer Jobs in Jubail, Saudi Arabia by Saudi Networkers Services (SNS Group) | ArabJobs.comCivil / Geotechnical Engineer Saudi Networkers Services (SNS Group) - Jubail, Saudi Arabia Posted In 18/2/2014 Apply For Job Applicants 58Views 5718Job Description As geotechnical engineer, you will be responsible for analyzing incoming quotations requests. Through a proper understanding of the application in which the geotextile is used, you will than advice the sales team and/or consultants, EPC contractors, etc. about the most suitable geotextile selection in order to achieve a win-win situation through which Client can become the preferred partner of choice. Client profiles itself as a solution provider. The geotechnical engineer is therefore to be seen by our customers as a knowledgeable and trustworthy conversation partner and not the typical salesman which usually does not have a civil engineering background.Because of this professional background, the civil... engineer ensures he understands the application and tries to convince the consultant or contractor about the advantages of the Client product.Where necessary, he has the ability to convince decision makers to deviate or ignore certain original tender specifications where irrelevant to the application to either save money for the contractor or qualify Client as supplier. While the geotechnical engineer is mostly working form the office, he will join the sales team for meetings and seminars or presentations for key decision makers or accounts such as Aramco, Ma’Aden, municipalities, ministries, consultants, EPC contractors, etc. so that a professional an credible reply can be formulated when addressing questions from construction professionals. He is also the one that will communicate with consultants or other parties where professional advice is needed. Besides providing technical advice, the geotechnical engineer analyses ongoing projects though the available business intelligence tools as well as market intelligence and advises the business unit director, business development manager and sales director about key projects in which geotextile products are required so that resources can be focused and consultants or key dec Job Category Engineering Job Requirements Experience AnyCareer Level SeniorJob Type Full TimeVacancies 4 Open PositionsSalary NegotiableGender AnyDegree Level AnyFaculty / Institute AnyMajor AnyAge AnyNationality AnyResidence Location AnyLanguages AnyOwn a Car AnyHave Driving License AnyJob Skills Key Responsibilities:1. Effectively advice the Client management and sales team as well as clients and key decision makers in order to achieve the business goals, excellent company image and stakeholders’ satisfaction.2. Assist in the development and deployment of marketing strategies and policies to satisfy business requirements and corporate plans, including continuous promotion of the company image in terms of product and services as also described under the job purpose.3. Research and study product potentiality and market prospects in assigned regions / accounts.4. Provide a monthly overview of key projects which require attention by the sales and/or business development team5. Liaise and represent the company to customers for continuous positive marketing and continuous customer satisfaction.6. Perform tasks in accordance with Client defined policies, procedures and management system7. Support the continuous implementation of the entity’s vision and mission, policies, values and other company programs, including its continuous implementation8. Execute the responsibilities according to lawful and ethical standards.9. Uphold, safeguard and promote the organization's values and philosophy.10. Ensure activities meet with and integrate with organizational requirements for quality management system, health and safety, legal stipulations, environmental policies and general duty of care, including promoting safe behaviors, confront any unsafe act, and eliminating any unsafe condition About The Company Saudi Networkers Services Founded in late 2001, SNS was initially established as a joint venture between Networkers International (Networkers MSB) a UK based company and Saudi Networkers Services a Saudi based company.- SNS has more than 1,600 employees across the MENA region.- SNS is an ISO 9001 certified company.- SNS reaches 380 Contractors till the moment in KSA Only.- Extensive database 70,000+ Active professional candidates.- Experienced in our field with more than 8 years of doing such abusiness.Company Industry Engineering Services Apply For Job Or share with friendsShare this job to: Similar Jobs
    Al Jubail Saudi Arabia

  • Graphics Designer Kathmandu
  • We are currently looking for a highly creative and experienced Graphic Designer to join our team. This role is an exceptional opportunity for a motivated and innovative individual to help shape our brand identity and elevate our marketing efforts. As our Graphic Designer, your main responsibility will be designing logos, feature images, thumbnails, product images, and creating compelling layouts for our marketing materials.

    Key Responsibilities:
    • Conceptualize, design and produce high-quality, unique logos, illustrations and other designs for various company initiatives, both using design software and by hand.
    • Create effective logos, illustrations, and other designs using software or by hand
    • Develop engaging feature images, thumbnails, and product images for use across various digital platforms.
    • Design dynamic layouts for marketing materials in line with brand guidelines.
    • Collaborate with the marketing and product teams to ensure designs align with the overall brand and... campaign objectives.
    • Continually stay ahead of design trends, bringing fresh and creative ideas to the team.
    • Perform other job-related duties as assigned
    Kathmandu Nepal

  • System Administrator Waycross
  • Description


    Do you have the career opportunities as a System Administrator you want with your current employer? We have an exciting opportunity for you to join Trident Medical Center which is part of the nation's leading provider of healthcare services, HCA Healthcare.


    Trident Medical Center, offers a total rewards package that supports the health, life, career and retirement of our colleagues. The available plans and programs include:
    • Comprehensive medical coverage that covers many common services at no cost or for a low copay. Plans include prescription drug and behavioral health coverage as well as free telemedicine services and free AirMed medical transportation.
    • Additional options for dental and vision benefits, life and disability coverage, flexible spending accounts, supplemental health protection plans (accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity), auto and home insurance, identity theft protection, legal counseling, long-term care coverage, moving assistance, pet insurance and more.
    • Free counseling services and resources for emotional, physical and financial wellbeing
    • 401(k) Plan with a 100% match on 3% to 9% of pay (based on years of service)
    • Employee Stock Purchase Plan with 10% off HCA Healthcare stock
    • Family support through fertility and family building benefits with Progyny and adoption assistance.
    • Referral services for child, elder and pet care, home and auto repair, event planning and more
    • Consumer discounts through Abenity and Consumer Discounts
    • Retirement readiness, rollover assistance services and preferred banking partnerships
    • Education assistance (tuition, student loan, certification support, dependent scholarships)
    • Colleague recognition program
    • Time Away From Work Program (paid time off, paid family leave, long- and short-term disability coverage and leaves of absence)
    • Employee Health Assistance Fund that offers free employee-only coverage to full-time and part-time colleagues based on income.

    Learn More About Employee Benefits

    Note: Eligibility for benefits may vary by location.

    Our teams are a committed, caring group of colleagues. Do you want to work as a System Administrator where your passion for creating positive patient interactions are valued? If you are dedicated to caring for the well-being of others, this could be your next opportunity. We want your knowledge and expertise!

    Job Summary And Qualifications

    This position may be based at any HCA facility in South Atlantic Division.

    The System Administrator provides technical and managerial leadership in the design, planning, operation, maintenance, and advanced troubleshooting of server administration. This position ensures continuity and alignment of the division’s server administration direction and plans with HCA’s corporate IT&S strategies, division IT&S strategic plans, and facility needs, and participates in architecting the division’s server infrastructure and in the development of guidelines, procedures, and standards.

    The System Administrator requires subject matter knowledge across server-based technologies, services, and components. This position must stay abreast of latest technology developments to ensure service levels proactively meet or exceed corporate and division requirements and service level agreements with key stakeholders and vendors.

    Duties Include But Are Not Limited To
    • Responsible for technical and managerial leadership in establishing goals and priorities, design, planning, dayto-day operation, maintenance, and advanced troubleshooting.
    • Meets with corporate, division, and facility-level leadership teams, as needed, to align strategy, services, and coordinate any required implementation activities.
    • Trains, supervises, manages, and develops staff.
    • Responsible for personnel management, conducts performance reviews, competency development, and coaches staff.
    • Builds and maintains relationships with business operations, IT&S leaders, and vendors.
    • Participates in resource planning and allocates resources to meet goals of the functional area, IT&S goals and business priorities.
    • Organizes, plans, assigns, and monitors completion of work.
    • Ensures all systems adhere to established HCA policies, procedures, and standards.
    • Establishes and manages internal service level agreements and ensures external service level agreements with vendors are met.
    • Assists the director in the development of the budget and develops project cost estimates for division and/or facilities.
    • Creates an environment that encourages information sharing, team-based resolutions, cross-training, and process improvement within the area and across organizational boundaries.
    • Interfaces with outside organizations and special interest groups.
    • Implements, monitors, and supports servers and storage environments for all centralized division equipment.
    • Provides operational applications support.
    • Ensures that service resources are assigned for the timely resolution of software/hardware problems (infrastructure, desktop, storage environments, etc.).
    • Supports the ongoing maintenance of servers and storage devices by ensuring (1) up-to-date software releases, (2) maintenance of back-ups, (3) maintenance of DR plan and testing.
    • Maintains and supports division and facility level desktop server and storage environments.
    • Provides 24x7 on-call support in troubleshooting, coordinating, escalating to ensure the recovery of failed components or equipment.
    • Develops and maintains procedures for equipment installation and configuration support.
    • Provides innovative ideas and approaches that improve availability of HCA systems.
    • Coordinates the sharing of best practice models, and policies & procedures related to server administration.
    • Participates in activities to improve departmental and organizational performance.
    • Works closely with RDC staff to support division systems or equipment physically located at the RDC.
    • Establishes and maintains relationships with outside vendors of IT&S products, professional organizations, contract employees, co-ops, external auditors, and consultants.
    • Participates in the development of corporate and division-level standards, policies, and procedures; ensures support of standards, policies, and procedures at the division level.
    • Maintains and protects confidentiality with regard to all aspects of patient care.
    • Adheres to Code of Conduct and Mission & Value Statement.
    • Performs other duties as assigned.

    Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
    • Requires a strong knowledge of supported server, applications, network, security systems, virus protection, and hardware configuration.
    • Strength in statistical or analytical tools for systems monitoring.
    • Knowledge of technology, networks, and data architecture.
    • Demonstrated ability to proactively identify needs, manage resources, and multi-task.
    • Require advanced reasoning, math, and language skills.
    • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
    • Demonstrated customer orientation.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and others as required.

    • Bachelor’s degree required, but significant related work experience will be considered.
    • Advanced reasoning, math, and language competencies.
    • Continuing education in area of specialization; appropriate certifications based on area of specialization.

    • 5-7 years of experience in area of specialization, with at least 3 years experience as a systems or network administrator in an IT environment.
    • A thorough knowledge and understanding of current and emerging technologies
    • The ability to manage and oversee large projects based on project management experience and competencies
    • Experience in large, complex organization or corporate structured environment
    • Demonstrated strength in team leadership and direct supervision
    • Strong leadership and management skills
    • Demonstrated experience creating and leading communications with direct reports, senior leaders, business partners, vendors to ensure collaboration, efficiency, and service excellence
    • Ability to work in stressful situations
    • Competency in basic PC use and required tools

    • Advanced training and/or MS certifications are a plus
    • Occasional/ Intermittent Travel Required
    • 2 years experience Required Years of Experience

    NOTE: This role requires you to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 based on local, state and /or federal law or regulations (unless a medical or religious exemption is approved).

    ITG transforms healthcare and gives people healthier tomorrows. We deliver information technology strategy, support, and solutions. ITG improve and enhance patient care and business operations. We deliver services at administrative locations, data centers, and hospitals. The facilities we support are located in 20+ states and the United Kingdom. Our team works to move healthcare forward. We do this by seeking, embracing, developing, and delivering technology for patient care.

    HCA Healthcare has been recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® by the Ethisphere Institute more than ten times. . In recent years, HCA Healthcare spent an estimated $3.7 billion in cost for the delivery of charitable care, uninsured discounts, and other uncompensated expenses.

    "Bricks and mortar do not make a hospital. People do."- Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr.

    HCA Healthcare Co-Founder

    If you are looking for an opportunity that provides satisfaction and personal growth, we encourage you to apply for our System Administrator opening. We promptly review all applications. Highly qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews. Unlock the possibilities and apply today!

    We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status
    Waycross GA USA

  • Principal Consultant Learning & Development Bucharest
  • Wipro is an exciting organization to work for. In our first year entering, we ranked as a “Top Employer” as part of the Top Employer Institute annual listings, and we were assessed on several key HR practices including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Wellbeing and Diversity and Inclusion. This is accompanied by exciting business growth as well where Wipro has posted continued growth year on year.Wipro Digital Consulting has emerged as top quadrant digital consulting leader in Europe in the industries and domains we operate.

    We are the HR Transformation practice within Wipro Digital Consulting with a vision to enable the HR function and leaders to deliver the Future Now! HR Transformation team works with our ecosystem of platform partners, alliance teams and enabler tools to build and design the worldclass solution for our clients to create and capture value as they navigate the post pandemic transition to build compelling people... practices and hybrid work models. We design & deliver the HR Transformation to augment HR to -Enable Business growth, Accelerate Digital, Empower Employees & Impact People and Planet sustainably.We enable this by : 1.Sharing our Insights on’ Future of HR’ - with CHRO, CIO, HRIT, HR Operations, COE leaders 2.Enabling Value driven HR Transformation 3.Enabling Immersive Experiences 4.Enabling Adaptive & Intelligent Talent Ecosystem 5.Enabling Smarter Insights & Data Driven HR 6.Building Digital First HR. We bring POV, Capabilities, Insights, Accelerators/Toolsets and expert squad team to help our customers transform and build Future ready HR function –fully data driven, fully automated with augmented HR professionals –transforming the experiences of people and planet.

    We are looking for HR Transformation consultant with significant HR Consulting experience in designing and leading complex multi-year HR Transformation programs for global fortune 500 companies enabling them to achieve digital first operating model, digitise HR operation and build AI driven intelligent COEs and redesign human centred hire to retire processes. If you are passionate about creating the future of HR, innovating at the edge and helping HR leapfrog its transformation, we are looking for you. We are looking for experienced consultants who want to build and scale a Global practice with purpose.

    Role overview
    • The Senior Principal Consultant- HR Transformation L&D role at Wipro is expected to sell and manage delivery of complex consulting propositions, creating measurable value for clients in multiple areas across L&D – Learning & development Strategy and reinvention, Talent development needs, Career Plans, Digital & E-Learning courses, Learning Analytics and Employee Experience
    • The Senior consultant is responsible for consulting execution of large and complex L&D programs and projects- building client relationships, designing solutions, delivering outcomes in timely and flexible manner, managing diverse teams, and ensuring customer satisfaction and NPS through outcome and experience throughout the engagement.
    • The consulting execution will primarily include design and delivery of L&D processes using knowledge of current trends, key strategic themes, broad regulatory requirements, industry specific variations, latest digital tools and technologies, disruptive innovations like AI, RPA, Meta etc. The primary objective is to deliver employee centered process design value and re-engineering for HR - Learning & Development, L&D Operations, Career development & Transformation, Data Realization and reporting, individual and organizational development needs etc., E-Learning implementation and training programs as well as large scale development plans for learning opportunities and L&D Automation.
    • The business development responsibility of the Senior Consultant is to build an effective network of ecosystem partners, client partners and HR leaders both within the account as well as across the Wipro accounts in the region to proactively seek opportunities for developing sales pipeline, revenue, and new projects.
    • Sr consultant is expected to build thought leadership for the practice by building and publishing case studies, point of view and strategic transformation theme for L&D as a centre of excellence within HR.
    • Sr consultant is responsible for Practice development activities as well, creating tools, assets, playbook, and accelerators that can help Wipro deliver the transformation in more scalable and impactful manner. In this highly visible fast-growing practice within Wipro, it is a continual ask to be able to contribute towards this pillar.
    • Sr Consultant should be savvy in using various tools to enable collaborative consulting design and execution. Capture As-Is and Design To-Be business processes in tools like ARIS, Signavio, Casewise and/or Visio.
    • Familiarity with HR Technology landscape and tools to be able to consult on state or art digital transformation for the given process.Experience with Workday, Celonis, Service Now is a big plus.
    • Support business development including supporting RFPs and client workshops on HR Process Improvement & Enterprise Asset Management
    • Actively participate in developing consulting capabilities within the team

    Candidate profile

    The ideal candidate profile would be comprised of the following attributes -

    12-15 years’ experience, including at least 10 years HR transformation consulting experience across process, organisation, and technology. Delivery experience and proven track record in:
    • Candidate may hold a master’s degree, preferably in HR Specialization. IT acumen is also preferred. CIPD certification with graduation degree will also work.
    • Experience in Leading & Delivering multiple complex end-to-endLearning & Development Program for UK & European MNCs across – Current knowledge of effective learning and development methods, familiarity with e-learning platforms and practices, experience in project management and budgeting and proficient in MS Office and Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • Certification and experience in leading Workday digital HR Transformation across L&D modules of HCM for global organisations in 80+ countries.
    • Expertise and experience in in Functional aspects of other HR tools delivery (e.g. Service Now HRSD & EX part, Microsoft Dynamics, Avature, Cornerstone etc).
    • Experience in leading teams in process design, solutioning and development of deliverables with excellent communication skills to manage internal and external stake holders.
    • Experience in Leading L&D projects in the context of a Shared Services/GBS environment
    • Cross domain issues (including Facilities Management, Property Management, Telecom, Energy, Natural Resources, Utilities, Manufacturing, and other Asset-Intensive industries).
    • Knowledge to implement Lean or Six sigma, worked on Lean and Six Sigma projects or championed Lean and Six Sigma projects at a larger scale
    • Consulting skills including probing, information gathering, analysis, creating options, managing stakeholders, presenting and workshop facilitation on business process redesign, value analysis etc
    • Client management and relationship building skills
    • Practice development skills (supporting and developing other team members)

    Bucharest Romania

  • Lecturer in Education, Language and Media Department Anse Royale
  • Main Responsibilities

    The Lecturer’s role includes developing course material and curricula, inspiring meaningful discussions, attending conferences, consulting with other academics and professionals, supervising graduate students, grading assignments, and being an active member of the university.

    The post holder will also conduct research and fieldwork, engage with students, assist with processing applications, and also attend interviews, conferences, and meetings.
    Job Requirements

    Qualifications and Experience
    • Master’s degree plus 5 years post qualifying relevant experience. A Ph.D. in the relevant discipline would be desirable and/or with academically reputable presses in the respective field;
    • Evidence of previous University teaching, successful application for external funding and project management;
    • Work in a dynamic environment, and collaboratively contribute to institutional, degree and research development.

    Interested candidates are requested to visit...
    Anse Royale Seychelles

  • Product Specialist Advanced Surgery (Bohemia) Prague
  • This is where you save and sustain lives

    At Baxter, we are deeply connected by our mission. No matter your role at Baxter, your work makes a positive impact on people around the world. You'll feel a sense of purpose throughout the organization, as we know our work improves outcomes for millions of patients.

    Baxter's products and therapies are found in almost every hospital worldwide, in clinics and in the home. For over 85 years, we have pioneered significant medical innovations that transform healthcare.

    Together, we create a place where we are happy, successful and inspire each other. This is where you can do your best work.

    Join us at the intersection of saving and sustaining lives—where your purpose accelerates our mission.

    We are searching for a new colleague to our team of Advanced Surgery, who will be responsible for the business result and building relationships with key decision makers in Hospital Surgery Units.

    • Develop and... implement a sales business plan and business results and key customer satisfaction goals for the assigned accounts in Bohemia.
    • Maintain, develop, and consolidate relationships with all essential functions within the National Healthcare System at sales area level and at Hospital level.
    • Closely work with the manager while monitoring regional / local key policies that may affect Hospital business.
    • Make field visits, product presentation, seminars, customer training and establish strong relationships with key decision makers and committees within the sales area and buying organizations for Hospital.
    • CRM system management – updating, planning, and reporting of field activities.
    • Negotiate and prepare price offers and bids for tenders for Hospital.
    • Conduct business overviews with each assigned buying organization, covering sales volumes, compliance & competitive conditions.
    • Closely monitor and report competitive activities at sales area level.

    • Master’s degree preferred (Science, Commercial, Medical, …)
    • Significant experience in Medical Devices or Hospital businesses, both in Sales, National Accounts and Bids procedures and requirements.
    • English on very good level.

    • Job in international well-known company with large portfolio of medical products and therapies.
    • Independent exciting job with possibility to build relationship with customers.
    • Possibility to be an expert on the products which can sustain the lives.
    • Possibility to work in international team.
    • Laptop, mobile phone (iPhone).
    • Life insurance, contribution to pension insurance, 5 weeks of vacation, 3 sick days, cafeteria.
    • Nice offices in Prague 5.

    Reasonable Accommodations

    Baxter is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. If, because of a medical condition or disability, you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application or interview process, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and let us know the nature of your request along with your contact information.

    Recruitment Fraud Notice

    Baxter has discovered incidents of employment scams, where fraudulent parties pose as Baxter employees, recruiters, or other agents, and engage with online job seekers in an attempt to steal personal and/or financial information. To learn how you can protect yourself, review our Recruitment Fraud Notice.
    Prague Czechia

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