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  • Esperanto
  • Esperanto (/ˌɛspəˈrɑːntoʊ/, /-æntoʊ/) is the world's most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. Created by the Warsaw-based ophthalmologist

  • L. L. Zamenhof
  • as the creator of Esperanto, the most widely used constructed international auxiliary language. Zamenhof first developed the Esperanto language in 1873

  • Esperanto orthography
  • Esperanto is written in a Latin-script alphabet of twenty-eight letters, with upper and lower case. This is supplemented by punctuation marks and by various

  • Esperanto (disambiguation)
  • Esperanto or esperanto in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Esperanto is an international auxiliary language. Esperanto may also refer to: Esperanto (magazine)

  • Esperanto grammar
  • Esperanto is the most widely used constructed language intended for international communication; it was designed with highly regular grammatical rules

  • Native Esperanto speakers
  • Native Esperanto speakers (Esperanto: denaskuloj or denaskaj esperantistoj) are people who have acquired Esperanto as one of their native languages. As

  • Esperanto phonology
  • transcription delimiters. Esperanto is a constructed international auxiliary language designed to have a simple phonology. The creator of Esperanto, L. L. Zamenhof

  • List of Esperanto speakers
  • An Esperantist (Esperanto: esperantisto) is a person who speaks, reads or writes Esperanto. According to the Declaration of Boulogne, a document agreed

  • Esperanto symbols
  • Esperanto symbols, primarily the Esperanto flag, have seen much consistency over the time of the language's existence (namely in the consistent usage of

  • Esperanto Wikipedia
  • The Esperanto Wikipedia (Esperanto: Vikipedio en Esperanto, IPA [vikipeˈdio en espeˈɾanto] or Esperanta Vikipedio [espeˈɾanta vikipeˈdio]) is the Esperanto

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  • Why Silver Bulk Jewelry Is Better Than Gold
  • “Should I buy silver bulk jewelry, or gold bulk jewelry? ” May be you’re perusing online with the intention of buying bulk jewelry for your store, and this question suddenly comes into your mind. If you are confused about this, don’t worry, you will find answers in this blog.

    In fact, the debate over which precious metal is better has been troubling many jewelers and jewelry lovers. In accordance with the current buying trends, silver bulk jewelry can be your best investment.

    However, silver and gold clearly have their own pros and cons, and each precious metal has its own consumer base. So why is silver bulk jewelry so popular with jewelry wholesalers? Let’s have a look.

    Advantages of silver bulk jewelry

    • Prices

    Silver looks almost similar to platinum, but the costs is much less than the price of gold. Not every gorgeous jewelry has to be expensive. So, for many consumers, fashionable and elegant silver jewelry is the best choice for daily wear.

    • Purity

    The silver bulk jewelry in the market is relatively high in purity, such as 925 silver. However, gold bulk jewelry, is difficult to distinguish between real and fake. Because the pure gold is too soft to be designed directly into jewelry, it usually needs to be mixed with other metals to be tough. For example, there are different karats of gold bulk jewelry, such as 24k, 18k, 14k. In addition, there are a lot of gold-plated bulk jewelry, which has only a thin layer of gold on the surface.

    • Practical

    Since the hardness of silver is higher than that of gold, the styles is more diversified. Even if wearing close to the body, the deformation and fracture will not happen easily.

    Also, gold jewelry is heavier than silver jewelry. Therefore, silver is very comfortable and light for daily wear.

    • All-matched

    The color of silver can be suitable for almost any skin tone or outfit. The shimmering gray luster can add elegance to look. Moreover, silver is also more suitable to match with other jewelry materials. For example, silver and rhinestones, emeralds, zircon are very good match.

    • Healthy
    1. Blood circulation. Generally speaking, wearing silver jewelry can make blood flow more smoothly and make the blood vessels more flexible.
    2. Hypoallergenic. compared with silver, since 24k gold jewelry is hard to see, so when i mixed with highly allergic metals such as nickel and brass, skin allergic reactions can easily occur.
    3. Prevent radiation. If you use electronic devices for a long time, silver can help protect your body from radiation.

    Popular silver bulk jewelry style in vogue right now

    So, although there are many advantages of silver bulk jewelry, how to choose the right silver bulk jewelry is very important. Let’s look at the top 5 fashion silver bulk jewelry trends in popular this year:

    • Japanese style

    Japanese style jewelry usually uses silver as the main material. Because this kind of jewelry generally has a gentle and elegant look. For example, silver and pearl is one of the most common Japanese style jewelry combination.

    silver bulk jewelry

    • French style

    French style jewelry is famous for its elegance and luxury. Such jewelry style usually uses gemstones to reveal the noble temperament.

    silver bulk jewelry

    • Korean style

    Korean style jewelry is a hit in recent years. And for most Korean jewelry styles, the silver can be the main material. It is usually added with other gemstones like zircon, rhinestones to create a sweet delicate design.

    silver bulk jewelry

    • Minimalist style

    The minimalist silver bulk jewelry is widely loved by many bulk jewelry buyers. Because such jewelry style is perfect for almost all kinds of consumer groups, meanwhile, it is suitable for all kinds of outfits and occasions.

    silver bulk jewelry

    • Vintage style

    When the silver is added with some gemstones or carved designs, such jewelry can usually give people a sense of elegance and classic.

    silver bulk jewelry

    How to purchase cheap fine silver bulk jewelry?

    So, how to get those popular fashion silver bulk jewelry at low costs? Finding a reliable silver bulk jewelry supplier is definitely important, but are there other ways to achieve that?

    Here, we will recommend you a new cost-effective bulk jewelry purchasing method: buying jewelry by weight.

    I’m sure the name Jewelrykg is familiar to you. Jewelrykg has risen to the top of the list mainly because of its new sales model. Jewelrykg stands out and enjoys great popularity among jewelry wholesale suppliers because of their unique and innovative sales model: wholesale jewelry by kilogram. As a leading professional jewelry wholesale supplier, their goal is to enable global jewelry wholesalers to source quality and affordable products from China without having to go abroad. The way to achieve this is to allow consumers to obtain a cost-effective purchasing experience through purchasing wholesale jewelry by weight.

    What is jewelry wholesale by kilogram? Is it really worth trying?

    You’ve probably heard of this before, but you don’t know much about it. Then I suggest you purchase in this way, because it can bring you huge benefits.

    Buying jewelry by kilogram is a cheaper way of sourcing than regular wholesale prices. In general, one kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry. You can choose all types of the best-selling, hottest popular silver bulk jewelry, for example, from Jewelrykg, and the price will finally be calculated by the weight.

    Sounds great, isn’t it? Actually, this wholesale model breaks the traditional jewelry wholesale method and greatly improves the shopping experience. This can greatly keep your costs at the lowest level, at the same time, get all the high quality silver bulk jewelry with assurance. At Jewelrykg, for example, a kilogram of jewelry costs $23 or less, and you get a lot of discounts.

    silver bulk jewelry

    Why choose Jewelrykg?

    • No MOQ requirement, 1 piece is also wholesale price
    • Get full refunds within 15 days
    • Top quality, no rust, no oxidation
    • Diversified product styles
    • Independent packages
    • Complete after-sales system
    • Professional Customization
    • Support 24/6

    silver bulk jewelry

    Final thoughts

    Your wholesale jewelry selection should be based on your target audience. Each metal has its own characteristics, so the tips mentioned in this blog are only a guide to ensure that you buy the right metal for you.

  • Chicago Real Estate Finance
  • Chicago Real Estate Finance

    The Chicago real estate market is one of the best in the country.

    Maybe you're interested in buying your first home or maybe you're looking to refinance an investment property. No matter what your need is, Load Financial offers a number of mortgage products to suit any borrower's needs and financial situation. At the Chicago real estate finance office, our equipment assists you in obtaining a loan that best fits your individual needs.

    We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best service possible. And we want all of our clients to be happy with the services they receive. That's why, we just introduce mortgage calculators for prospective home buyers and homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage. If you would like more information about these Chicago real estate finance services, feel free to contact us over phone or by sending email.

    Leading Lender for Conventional and FHA Loans

    We offer a variety of conventional and FHA loans as well as jumbo loans to help interested buyers. With our many options, you can find the most suitable loan plan for your needs. So whether you're looking for a conventional or an FHA loan, we can help. We also have lenders specializing in VA loans if you're eligible to get this type of financing.

    If you're a first-time homebuyer, we can help you apply for a conventional or FHA loan. Or, if you have great credit and have previously owned property, we can help you apply for a jumbo loan or luxury real estate in Chicago. We also specialize in bridge loans, used to buy another home while your current one is being renovated or sold.

    Our Financial Services At Chicago Real Estate Financing

    SBA Loan

    We offer SBA loan services to small business owners who need financial assistance to start or grow a business. We provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the loan application and approval process. So, you can get the loan you need without any hassle. The Load Financial team of experienced lenders can help you get the best possible terms. And discuss low-interest rates also. Thus, you can start growing your business faster than before.

    Student Loan

    Our student loan services are designed to make getting a student loan easier. We offer various services, including debt counseling, pre-approval, and refinancing. The Load Financial team is experienced in the student loan industry and can help you find the best option for your needs. We strive to provide our customers with quality services and advice to get the most out of their student loans. So, it may be beneficial for the students we believe.

    Car Loan

    Our Car Loan Finance can help you get the best car loan deal possible. The Load Financial team has years of experience in the car loan industry, and we know how to find the best car loan for you. We make the process easy and hassle-free so that you can get your car as soon as possible. Our services are reliable and affordable to get the best car loan for your needs. However, as a corporate person car loan must for you to levelized your prestige equally.

    Equipment Finance

    Our financing options provide customers with a quick, easy, and affordable way to get the necessary equipment. We have a wide range of products available, including commercial, industrial, and agricultural equipment. Our financing options make it easy to get the necessary equipment without having to bear the full cost upfront. So, it' for you exactly to promote your equipment business obviously we think.

    Construction Loans

    We understand that timing is key when it comes to getting the money you need for your construction project. That's why we offer our Construction Loans services - you can get the funding you need as quickly as possible. Our loans are available in various terms, and our team of experts will work with you to find the best option for your needs. With our help, you'll get the money you need to start your project - and keep moving forward on schedule.

    Short Term Loans

    Our short-term loan services give customers quick and easy access to money they need to tide them over during tough times. Load Financial offers various loans tailored to meet our customers' needs, including payday loans, personal loans, and car loans. We design our products to give our customers the flexibility they need while keeping their finances safe and secure.

    Long Term Loans

    Our long-term loan services offer a convenient and affordable way for customers to borrow money over time, and businesses get the money they need to cover short-term or longer-term commitments. Load Financial offers a variety of loan options, including fast approvals and flexible terms that make it easy to get the money you need. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help you get the best loan for your needs. That's why, it matches you.

    Our Chicago Real Estate Financing Services Benefits

    As the nation's leading lender of real estate financing to residential and commercial properties, we constantly need to update our services to offer our clients the best financing solutions. Our advanced technology has allowed us to develop innovative products that have set quality financing standards. We feel confident that when you work with us for your Chicago real estate needs, you will be given an easy path into homeownership or business ownership with competitive rates and flexible repayment options. Thus, thisreal estate financing service turns you to the benefits.

    Here's what makes our Chicago real estate financing services different from others in this market:


    The strong commitment from us to delivering quality products has allowed us to offer more secure financing options than banks. Our underwriters are properly trained to understand the unique needs of our clients. While, we're able to provide the most flexible real estate financing options available. With a seasoned staff, we've been able to develop products based on our assessment of your needs and those of your lender.


    We want to be sure that we can offer customized financing that meets the individual needs of our clients. The circumstances vary from one person to another. So, we've made it easy for you to work with an experienced agent who can make the entire process easy. The Load Financial system allows visitors to submit a simple request for information. Then it's automatically forwarded to an experienced customer service representative in a matter of minutes. So, accessibility is easier than others here undoubtedly we can say.


    Our financing options include fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, home equity line of credit, private mortgage insurance (PMI), owner financing, and more. We understand that the specifics of your situation are unique. That's why our products will be custom-tailored to fit your needs. You'll be able to select a mortgage option that works for you, as well as adjust interest charges and repayment terms as needed.


    We're a company you can depend on for your real estate financing needs. We've been able to set ourselves apart from other lending companies by offering not just quality products but also by providing exceptional customer service all the way through. Load Financial developed a customer service line that can respond to calls and inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our commitment to offering you the Chicago real estate finance options that will work for you. For this reason, we're willing to spend the time with our clients to ensure they understand the product they have chosen.

    With over 50 years of experience, our company has established itself as a real estate financing industry leader. We are here to help you find the best financing options that will work for you by matching the lender that best suits your needs with your borrower. We're constantly looking for ways to offer better services to our clients. Which is why we continually update our products to ensure that we're offering you the very best in home and business financing at an affordable rate.

    Why Choose Our Chicago Real Estate Company For Your Financing Needs?

    We work with the largest lenders and mortgage brokers in the nation. We offer a personal mortgage loan for any type of property in Chicago or Illinois. Load Financial Chicago real estate company is focused on helping you find the best financing for your needs. We understand the process is a little different than most lenders. We are here to help you find the best financing for your real estate needs.

    Chicago, Illinois is one of the most desirable cities in the United States. Yet, it's still a real challenge for many people to find a good lender willing to finance their house purchase. Many people worry about the credit history, the amount of down payment, and where they stand with their current lender. We are different from most lenders in that our full-time team of professional real estate brokers work with you to offer a solution to your financing needs.

    We focus on helping families find the best solution to their real estate needs while saving time and money. Ours have an efficient process that allows us to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Our Chicago real estate company strives to ensure you are receiving the best product for your needs. The Load Financial team has a great deal of experience in working with people who may be struggling with mortgage loans or refinancing.

    As a Lake County Illinois borrower origination lender, we specialize in helping people like you purchase houses throughout the entire Chicago area. We work with many different lenders, including national lenders such as Deutsche Bank, USAA and Wells Fargo. This means we have a great deal of experience in working with people who may be struggling with mortgage loans or refinancing. We work closely with many of the largest lenders located in Chicago. Also, in Illinois to make sure you receive the best solution.

  • Remarkably Creative Themes for Cocktail Party Decorations
  • Hosting a cocktail party may be just as enjoyable as attending one! It is not only the simplest event to organise, but it also offers a much-needed break between two crucial events. It enables you to let loose, dance to upbeat music, have some fine beverages, and spend quality time with your loved ones. 


    An amazing cocktail party encourages people to socialise without any restrictions, schedules, or formalities. These remarkably creative themes can make cocktail party decorations even more spectacular for you and your friends.


    Garden Wedding Bangalore


    Romantic Decor Theme


    If you're going to decorate for your Cocktail party with a romantic theme, you may change the atmosphere of the space with tasteful, beautiful touches. Any colour scheme and floral arrangement can be used to create a romantic vibe. The massive flower centrepieces in white, red, and gold themes seem dreamy and stunning.


    For a beautiful design style, transform your location with garden-inspired aesthetics. Garden wedding Bangalore offers romantic themes that tend to lean more toward a formal design, but you can always add more rustic and whimsical items to your decorations to make them flow more easily.


    Cocktail party decorations


    Luxe Decor Theme


    The Luxe décor theme is the ideal option for wedding resorts in Bangalore. And makes cocktail party decorations a more refined, stylish, and classy feel. All of your decorations for this theme will be more polished and elegant with intricate chandeliers, deep-coloured flowers or red roses with magnificent décor components, perfectly in harmony with the larger-than-life aura of Indian weddings.


    Bow-tied bartenders, a lot of trees and furniture and carpeting give the design a magical appearance. You may also install elegant seats and tables throughout the space. Please leave room in the centre for all the dancing and enjoyment. This cocktail party décor is inspired by the Retro era. 


    Wedding Venues in Bangalore


    Rustic Bohemian Theme 


    A rustic, bohemian theme for your cocktail party décor is ideal for you if you are the one with an upbeat and easygoing character. For an enticing appearance, combine earthy undertones with a splash of colour, fresh wildflowers, pampas grass, and cane furniture to create a boho vibe.


    Quirky Theme 


    There are so many diverse interpretations of quirky theme décor; it all depends on your perspective. You may choose to be your eccentric best with this cocktail party concept, from an entryway lined with colourful umbrellas to colourful and pop-out design components like bulbs and canopies. The world is your playground here, so you may go as contemporary and as Indian as you desire!


    Mehndi And Sangeet Décor


    Desi Theme 


    You may choose this cocktail party décor option if you have chosen to have a shudh desi wedding.  A cycle rickshaw serves as a photo backdrop, as well as lots of flowers, lights, desi decorations like clay cups and diyas, and even some movie posters. Most individuals choose glitter and shimmer for their cocktail night, you may choose something else.


    Book wedding venues in Bangalore and decorate with vivid flower arrangements, cascading installations of greenery, and sturdy structures, to create a stunning boho-inspired entry for your cocktail party decorations.


    Describe the theme to your wedding decorators so they can create a stunning setting that you and your guests can enjoy to the fullest. The same theme can be applied to mehndi and sangeet décor


  • Key Elements of a Home that Increase Resell Value
  • When buying a house, resell value is the first thing you think of. Even if you are buying the house because you want to stay there during your retirement, it is important as well to think of the value. Now people do consider the resell value of a house before they purchase. House sellers always hope to get more money for their properties but to establish a value for these properties is a problem that most are trying to figure out. Potential buyers are always thinking of the resell potential of the house they are about purchasing. Today, being a seller much is entail of you to increase the resell value of your home. Below are some elements that can increase the reselling value of a home:


    In as much as renovating a house add value to its reselling potential, the location of the house has a vital role to play also. This is because if a house is located in a community or an area that is careless and dangerous then no matter the level of renovation, the rate of reselling the house will be very low. In this sense, the location of a house is influenced by factors such as the availability and prices of nearby businesses, availability of schools and their quality, and finally by the community in which the house is located in. Most buyers nowadays are highly concern with the community and they want to know whether the community that they are buying a house in has a strong sense of humor. Sometimes the buyers even focus more on the activities around the community and some establishments like schools, church, market etc. instead of the house they are buying. Also, they prefer a community that they can easily move around peacefully even without a car and at night without any harm coming to them. Also, if the house is located in a community that is noted for negative aspects or the house itself having some negative events in the past, its reselling value drop since this will act as a discouraging factor to most potential buyers. Today, everyone is aware of the occurrence of natural hazards, increase in crimes, with their consequences and so will not like to live in an environment like this since they wouldn’t like to be a victim. 


    A home that is clean and sparkly always attract buyers. When you cultivate the habit of always keeping your home clean, when it is time to sell the house you don’t stress that much to clean the house again. It will also be good if you can hire cleaners who are professionals to take good care of the house by removing every dirt.The shape of the house need to be good and safe for the buyers. Focusing on the cleanliness of the inner parts of the house and leaving the surrounding dirty scare away potential buyers. Therefore, to increase the resell value of a home, the surrounding of the house need to be very clean in order to create a good first impression.

    Size and design

    Gone are those days, were people use to go for big mansion since they realized that more is needed in terms of renovation of the house. Now buyers want a house that they can easily take care of. When a house is very big and with no design, it scares the buyers but a nice house with a good design often attract buyers. However, talking of a small house does not mean that the bed rooms should be very small. The values of a house also depend on the sizes and the number of bedrooms that are found in that house. You might have a house with fewer bedrooms that are big enough and this might increase the value of the house.

    Constant Renovations

    Renovating a house is one of the way that can be used to increase the resell value of the house but the issue is always the particular area where the money should be spent to increase the value. However, renovation is done base on planning which is governed by the budget you have and the physical condition of the house. In a situation where you have a limited budget, you should renovate the house consistently to avoid a damage that will require larger amount of money.

    Moreover, instead of spending much money on one room, it will be good if you can do slight renovation of all the rooms. Neglecting a room is not ideal but all the rooms should have good design and should be identical to each other. Take note of all the things that need renovation and make a list for each. After the renovation of the rooms, cross check on the list to make sure that everything in the list has been done.

    When renovating the kitchen, be careful because it is the most expensive room in the house and the resell value of the house highly depends on it. That is, the kitchen has the potential to increase or drop the resell value of the house, so every design should be chosen with care.

    In the course of renovating, stick to design that are current because what you like might not be what majority of the buyers wants. However, it is always good to plan your home renovation before you venture into it since you will not like to live a room, for example the kitchen unfinished because of lack of finance.

    To get a high purchase for your home you must always keep these elements in mind, while working with certified inspectors.

  • Here is why fiberglass products are gaining popularity in the civil industry
  • Fiberglass products are revolutionizing multiple industries. Due to their unique properties and longevity, they are increasingly preferred for constructs that require a sturdy build, a long life, and are lightweight. Glass Fibers can be molded into a plethora of forms by following a diverse range of processing techniques. Glass wool, fiberglass mesh, fiberglass screens, and hardened fiberglass plates are the most popular products that we experience on a day-to-day basis.

    In automobiles and naval industries, they are in heavy use for bodywork. In healthcare, they are in use for castings and dressings. Fiberglass is the go-to option for long-lasting insulation in the electrical and electronics industry. But the civil industry enjoys the most of it by utilizing a plethora of fiberglass products for a multitude of operations. 

    In construction

    In the construction of roofs and even walls, fiberglass boards are extensively used. These boards are resistant to corrosion and can tolerate extreme temperature and humidity dynamics. If coated with the right materials they can last for a lifetime. Even if they break or crack, the damaged parts can be treated with thermosetting epoxy resin or maybe directly replaced. That is too within the budget and without wasting a lot of time. 

    On the walls 

    On the walls, fiberglass mesh is used for ensuring strength and stability. The outer and inner surfaces are used as a base for plasters. This application ensures good plastering and ensures the plaster stays on the walls for a long time. In corners where the thermal and frame dynamic stresses are of phenomenal levels, these meshes can be used for preventing cracks. On the walls, they act like a great heat dissipator and prevent regional damage and cracks. 

    In soundproofing 

    Glass wool has excellent acoustic properties. In recording studios and sound-sensitive environments, glass wool is used for canceling extra echo and reverb. Furthermore, if applied in layers upon doors, corners, and windows can prevent any sound from invading the environment. And make sure that the unwanted acoustic pollutants stay away from the product. 


    In windows and doors

    Windows and doors are not just for preventive measures. They also allow environmental cues to enter the house that can help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But with these healthy cues, unwanted detriments can also enter premises that include insects and carriers of harmful diseases. Fiberglass screens are deployed in these scenarios, for ensuring that the necessary cues enter the house and the damaging ones stay outside for good. These screens are finely woven and allow light and sound to pass. But the weaving is so fine that Insects and macro particles cannot come through the same.  

    How is it maintained?

    Repairing fiberglass sheets or mesh are a hassle-free task. Despite being strong and possessing a high strength-to-weight ratio, these products can split or break under extreme circumstances. But Making repairs doesn't require a lot of effort or expense. If the mesh or fabric is not coated with thermal stabilizers or anti-corrosive layers it can be treated with thermosetting epoxy resin for filling in the gaps. 

    And make the torn pieces into one. Epoxy is heat stable and can last a long time. And in many cases, they demonstrate more efficiency than even fiberglass. BADGE or DGEBA is an epoxy monomer unit created by mixing BPA and epichlorohydrin.  Which is treated and hardened to become epoxy. Thus, the same is easy to manufacture with the right ingredients and even easier to apply. 

  • What Is Coffee Can Investing Strategy

    Coffee Can Investing simply means a ‘buy and forget’ strategy. In the short-term stock market is uncertain and volatile but as the time frame in the stock market increases, it becomes less volatile and easier to predict. This is the feature of the stock market which Coffee Can Investing strategy takes leverage of and invests in the stock market for the long-term.

  • The Five Most Useful Applications of Data Science in Finance


    There is a wealth of data in the evergreen area of finance. By using cutting-edge data science methods and approaches to extract meaning from financial text documents, there are countless ways to create business opportunities.


    Data science is a rapidly expanding discipline with ever-improving tools and methodologies. By not only spotting lucrative opportunities but also financial or credit risks and sharing timely insights with users to optimise information utility, the application of data science in finance can be very rewarding. Before reading the article go through a Best Data Science Course in Delhi to get the best training in the field of Data Science.


    I'll highlight five uses for data science in finance

    Expand your Circle.


    The flexibility of current business processes can be improved by using data science models. An influx of data during earnings season can overwhelm teams beyond their ability. This may result in a reduction in the financial coverage region at a time when subscribers are most in need of information. Machine learning models put in a lot of effort and can be particularly useful when things are busy.


    Using the aforementioned illustration as a guide, the teams can concentrate on handling the queue's most crucial items in the "important" and "review" buckets while the model continues to review all documents. To make the most of their limited time, the teams might have to restrict the number of documents they review without this machine learning model assistance.


    Identify Latent Potential

    Deeper analyses can be carried out when administrative tasks are automated and data inputs are neatly arranged in real time. These more thorough analyses may be able to spot previously undetected patterns in financial data, forecast risk, and find new opportunities for high-yield loans.


    Identification of the credit risk factors mentioned in those text documents became essential at Reorg when determining which SEC filings are "important". The model gathers this information historically and can be used to produce a timeline of changes in credit risk in addition to contributing value to our intelligence and highlighting credit risks. This can help create a more complete picture of a company's performance over time and enable further investigation of overall credit risk.


    Anticipate the Unforeseen.


    Although it would be profitable to find solutions to some issues, doing so is essentially unachievable. To access worthwhile opportunities, the issue does not have to be fully solved. A compromise that moves the discussion closer to a potential answer is important. Making an effort to create a model that forecasts something uncertain may result in other outcomes.


    One strategy for tackling a complex issue is to break it down into smaller parts and create sub-models. There could be a number of sub-models that analyse earnings sentiment, call transcripts, previously identified risk factors, and language linked to staff changes, for instance, if I'm attempting to forecast bankruptcy.


    Quit Worrying about the little things.


    Large, complicated models are not always necessary for data science to have an effect on the financial industry. The possible value that can be produced per hour is increased by locating workflow process bottlenecks and using straightforward models to assist internal stakeholders complete their tasks faster and more efficiently. For instance, financial experts regularly examine data. Finding the fundamentals and converting them into the proper currencies and units are repetitive tasks that fall under this category. By constructing information retrieval (IR) models using natural language processing (NLP) strategies, such jobs can be automated.


    Make Disorder into order


    My company's legal, finance, and editorial teams, who produce credit intelligence, are constantly searching for the newest information. The issue is the quantity and regularity of financial reporting data, which is collected in various ways and from various sources. For the benefit of our subscribers, the teams labour to synthesise, arrange, and process the data, make conclusions, and disseminate pertinent intelligence and analysis. Working with partners to create decision support systems and training data science models that can pick up recurring actions from these processes is beneficial.



    Data science has a wide range of practical financial uses. These applications can include a fully accurate finished product, a middle-level decision-making aid, or straightforward automation of clerical duties. Here is a Data Science certification course in Delhi which will enhance your data science career in a flexible and advanced training methods.


  • Outsource Mobile App Development Successfully
  • Outsourcing has quickly gained mass popularity due to the emergence of mobile apps in recent times. There is great demand for mobile apps, as businesses try to make their products and services more accessible to consumers. The number of smartphone users across the world has increased exponentially in the past couple of years, and it is only expected to rise further. This has placed additional pressure on enterprises to develop mobile apps and even more on those without the resources to make that happen by outsourcing to a mobile app development company.

    The number of businesses that have started outsourcing their operations to others has also risen, and there are several advantages and disadvantages to this. Most companies act hastily in the race to get ahead of their competition, and the result is a haphazard app at the end. If you’re thinking about developing a mobile app for your business, but don’t have the resources, it is advised that you acquire the services of experienced professionals, as outsourcing mobile app development can allow you to compete with the big hitters in the industry.

    So, if you’re thinking about mobile app development outsourcing, and want to understand whether it is worth it, you have come to the right place. We are going to do a complete rundown of the pros and cons of outsourcing mobile app development.



    There are several reasons why companies may choose to outsource mobile app development, but the primary ones are mainly because of resources, experience, technical expertise, money, or time. You may be forced to search for an external business to build a mobile app for you, especially if they are offering you cheaper rates for development services. The state of the market for mobile apps is growing exponentially. The secret for developing a proper mobile app is to ensure that you make the effort to establish a working relationship with an agency that is technically-strong.

    That is the best way to make outsourcing work for you, as being on the same page with your partner will ensure that you’re both working together to create a proper mobile app. When you’re outsourcing mobile development to another company, there are several pros and cons that you end up gaining.


    The first step towards successfully outsourcing mobile app development is to ensure that there is a team of managers and developers. Their main task is to ensure that everyone focuses on their activities, by delegating important tasks to professional partners, especially other outsourcing businesses that help create a professional business by adopting the duties of their clients. The main advantages of outsourcing are to ensure that you can cut down on costs and invest the extra capital for new development paths in the company.

    The primary advantage of outsourcing to another business to take advantage of significant cost savings, which will not only help clients but also reduce development costs. You can also invest in extra capital to ensure that you can easily develop new paths for the company. There is a time to talk about these advantages closely, but you should also select the right partner for outsourcing mobile application development. One of the main things is to look closely at these advantages closely, but you should keep in mind that there are a lot of different factors that come into place when you choose to hire an external business for mobile app development.

    Therefore, it is best to do your research and properly understand mobile app development outsourcing before you go ahead and acquire their services.

    mobile app development

    Here are some of the advantages you end up gaining from outsourcing mobile application development, instead of developing it in-house:

    Cost reducing

    One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is that it helps save money and time because you don’t need to hire any employees for development and the outsourcing company will complete the project within a month. There isn’t a need for clients to spend any more money based on specific taxes for equipment, workplace, and employees, etc. You won’t need to spend any money, efforts, or time on the training and recruitment process since there is no need for releasing any resources. Here are the salient points of the cost-reducing advantage you gain from outsourcing:

    • Acquire services at lower prices and higher quality
    • Reduction of extra fees and charges
    • Outsourcing is cheaper than looking for qualified staff
    • No additional taxes on employee wages
    • No additional charges for staff health, vacation, and weekends

    There isn’t any need to invest any time or resources in the organization of employees and workplaces, or the infrastructure, as the mobile app development company has already chosen to outsource it. In most cases, clients pay fixed prices, because it simplifies the aspect of financial planning.

    Quality and efficiency guaranteed

    When outsourcing mobile development, you can be certain in almost all cases that you will get a superior standard of work. This is mainly because there are a lot of businesses that specialize in mobile development in the IT industry. They have experts, who are competent enough for working in all types of conditions and quality, whereas clients can choose to return services or pre-payment services if they don’t like the result of a job done poorly.

    A lot of clients can return services or pre-payment services if they don’t like the result or if they don’t like how the job has been accomplished. A lot of customers can’t do that with their regular staff, because they can deny bonuses and fire staffers, but employees will always be paid on time. Here are the salient points of quality and efficiency you gain from outsourcing:

    • Specialized experience in app development
    • Using highly qualified staff, technologies, knowledge, and specialized equipment
    • Competition on the outsourcing market
    • Developer and client focus on the main business purposes

    The outsourcing company guarantees superior quality work and can work in any timeframe suitable to your business.

    Reduction of risks

    You get the freedom you deserve, and peace of mind, since you won’t need to continuously monitor projects or have to worry about employees not completing tasks on time. Here are some of the benefits you gain in terms of reduction of risks when you choose to outsource to companies:

    • The client pays for the result but doesn’t need to deal with any employees
    • No employee downtime and illness to worry about
    • All risks are taken by the outsourcing company
    • No need to worry about downtime during the development phase

    One of the main advantages you gain from outsourcing is not worrying about timing, since you have specialists working on the task. Even if they experience any delays or other problems, you don’t have to worry about anything. The outsourcing company will compensate you if such conditions aren’t specified clearly in the contract.

    These outsourced mobile app development companies employ specialist developers, who will deliver exceptional results since they must maintain their market competitiveness and reputation.


    Now that we have discussed all the pros of outsourcing to a mobile app development company. The next topic of discussion is to discuss the cons of outsourcing to a mobile app development company:

    Loss of confidential information

    If the priority is to protect confidential data or information, you should be selective when choosing to outsource to a mobile app development company. There are a lot of freelancers, who will offer to help develop your mobile apps without thinking about protecting confidential information. You can avoid losing confidential information to third-parties by having them sign an NDA before you hire them.

    When it comes to mobile app development outsourcing, you will learn that there comes a time when you must trust someone else with confidential information. You must, therefore, try to ensure that you are on the same page with the development company if you want to ensure that nothing of this sort happens. However, there is always a risk of confidential data being stolen or information leaking when you choose to outsource to another company.

    No control over the process

    Once you outsource mobile app development to another company, you have no control over the process, and may not get reports daily. When you’re not personally overlooking every instance of mobile app development, you will end up compromising that constant assessment at the end of the day, when it comes to the progress of your project.

    If you want to have greater control over the development process, then you should outsource your mobile app to a development company that has a dedicated project manner that will oversee every phase of your app development project.

    Communication gaps

    There will obviously be instances where you will have communication gaps, as there can be differences in time zones. This may prove to be problematic, especially when you want to get timely updates, which can be addressed if you sign up with a reputed mobile app development company that will address the language-centric issues you are dealing with. To ensure that there are no communication gaps, you must acquire the services of a company that offers you with dedicated project managers.

    Loss in flexibility

    There is also going to be less flexibility because requirements for an app change daily, and whenever you’re developing a new app, you must have an agreement in place for that. Any outsourcing project should have an upfront agreement with rules allotted for flexibility. Renegotiating contracts in the middle can prove to be impractical and expensive, so you should aim to work with a partner that is willing to accommodate all changes, and understands the development business.

    When outsourcing, you should choose to hire skilled talent that has special expertise in mobile app development, and one that can deliver supreme talent. The most successful companies always put their heads down and are always working diligently to handle all challenges. So, make sure that you’re outsourcing to a mobile app development company that is versatile and experienced enough to understand the intricate nature of the business.

    Unrealistic expectations

    When you’re outsourcing to someone that is technically competent and rolls out apps in a manner that is time-bound, there is an inherent risk of mismatched expectations. There is always a risk of the development team that executes something that is different from the expectations of the client. The worst thing is to have a development team that has enough in their locker to cover any flaws in the app design that can’t be rectified later.

    You can choose to have a robust and seamless system in place for communication that mitigates these risks, and that culture makes it impossible for successful outsourcing. Ensure that there are thorough requirements, backed up by solid documentation, requirements analysis, and a detailed description of product requirements, which is of paramount importance.


    Final word

    After weighing the pros and cons of choosing the right outsourcing agency for mobile app development, you should ensure that there are no operational or functional flaws. You can manage these flaws if you conduct an in-depth analysis of the company. This can be done by reading customer feedback published online, and considering their overall reputation in the market. There is no shortage of specialist mobile app development companies that are offering outsourcing services, and the best way to pick one is to understand the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with mobile app development.

    Once you read up on the reviews, blogs, and forms published online, you will come to know about outsourcing to companies that have a reputation in the market. You can ask the right things and do your own research but the best way to pick the right one is to ensure that you’re doing your due diligence and don’t acquire the services of a company that overpromises but never fails to deliver.


  • The Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Attorney For A Real Estate Transaction
  • The need for hiring legal counsel is obvious in cases of divorce, DUI and criminal proceedings, however few people even consider hiring a lawyer when buying or selling real estate. In an ideal situation, buying or selling a home would be a simple, straightforward process. However, we do not live in an ideal situation and far from being a simple process, due to major legal and regulatory changes in recent years, real estate has become a very complex area of the law. Not only do federal and state laws impact a real estate transaction but you have to take into account municipal and county laws as well. Various issues can potentially arise during the course of any real estate transaction therefore in order to better prepare yourself to handle such issues you should consider consulting a qualified real estate attorney before you signing any papers pertaining to that transaction.

    It is however very important to retain an attorney who is specifically experienced with real estate matters and knowledgeable about the specific geographical location of the property. This is especially necessary because each type of real estate transaction is distinct and carries with it a unique set of legal issues. Knowing the details is imperative for a smooth real estate transaction and the importance of details is enhanced if a commercial transaction is taking place. The sale or purchase of commercial property presents a highly complicated and potentially risky set of concerns and requirements than the ones faced in a residential real estate transactions. Searching for viable commercial real estate is an exhaustive task in itself and one the potential buyer has selected a property, they know that they will be foregoing all other opportunities that may arise.

    As the details pertaining to any piece of real estate are of such vital importance to businesses, there is an intense period of research and preparation that must be conducted prior to closing a deal. This is a time consuming affair and also takes up a considerable amount of money and resources. If at the end of this period, the other party decides to back out or violates any other terms of the agreement, all that time and money is wasted. An experienced and qualified real estate attorney can assist you every step of the way in working through the deal successfully and be prepared to protect your interests in case things don’t work out. If the other party dishonors a deal then a competent attorney would have made arrangements in advance to ensure that you recover your losses. In such a scenario, the other party pays damages to you. Retaining an experienced commercial real estate attorney is recommended to protect your interests and your finances in a real estate transaction.

    It is critical that you and your real estate attorney thoroughly vet a property that you are interested in purchasing prior to purchasing it because it is important to ensure that every detail of the property is in line with your needs and expectations. In order to accomplish this task it is necessary to physically inspect the property and not everybody is qualified to do that. A trained set of eyes is required on-site to detect any problems or issues that may not have been apparent in the title search or a prior survey of the property. A real estate attorney can arrange for trained professionals to conduct such an examination because they can detect the issues that a layman cannot. Another important aspect of any real estate transaction is the process of negotiating the purchase price and all the other complexities and intricacies involved in closing a commercial real estate deal.

    Issues such as delivering a title free from encroachments, types of warranties obtained to protect against hidden environmental issues, structural problems that might emerge after the closing among others are issues that almost certainly do arise in any real estate transaction. It is also important to keep in mind that the other party in a transaction most likely will have legal counsel that represents their interests. Therefore it would be foolhardy not to approach such a transaction on equal footing with competent legal representation of your own because only your real estate lawyer can negotiate procedures for what happens if and when the deal fails to close and determine the values of the penalties in the contract in order to protect your interests and minimize your risk. The benefits of hiring a real estate attorney to handle a real estate transaction are numerous. There is typically a reasonable legal fee for any legal services that the real estate attorney renders. In addition to representing your interests and advising you on the legal and practical aspects of your real estate transaction, the attorney also provides other essential services such as:

    • Reviewing the contract and other documents
    • Negotiating inspection issues
    • Monitoring critical dates (E.g. Home inspection and mortgage contingencies)
    • Review and clear title
    • Prepare conveyance documents
    • Attend closing to review and explain all documents to the client

    A lot of paperwork is involved in any real estate transaction and the majority of this paperwork including the contract itself contains dense legal terminology that not everyone recognizes. An experienced real estate lawyer can interpret that legal terminology for you and advise you on the best course of action; whether to sign the documents as they are or whether to propose revisions to create terms that are more favorable for you. Your attorney can also advise you regarding other agreements or arrangements that may be appropriate for your particular circumstances. Common examples of such scenarios may include:

    • Leases with an exclusive option to purchase the property
    • Post-Closing Possession Agreements
    • Repair Escrow Agreements, and
    • Property Tax Reprobation Agreements.

    A real estate lawyer is highly knowledgeable about legislation pertaining to real estate transactions and therefore is better equipped to deal with disputes and problems that arise during the course of a real estate transaction. It is important also to note that real estate lawyers do not work on commission. Typically a real estate attorney will charge an hourly fee for their services. Real estate transactions can be long and convoluted in many cases and hiring a competent and qualified real estate attorney instead of a realtor or an agent ensures that your real estate transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

    Author Bio:

    We focus on personal injury litigation and employment law. We represent people who have been injured due to the fault of others and employees in disputes with their employers or former employers.

  • SMS VS Instant messaging
  • As was the case last year, the smartphone is causing a stir on a global scale. Needless to say, this instant messaging will increase the number of subscribers far more than SMS, but it will also have to consider other revenue sources. SMS could benefit from the development of features such as instant messaging. There is talk of a minor change in the smartphone for the elderly. Experts, on the other hand, believe that this class will have little difficulty using the smartphone and all of its features. Along with smartphones, there has been a significant increase in the sales of phablets. Let's take a closer look at this.

    SMS and instant messaging The crowds at the stores for the purchase of new SMS packs as needed are now less evident. Almost every smartphone owner now has the programme, which gives him with free texting as well as fast video and audio messaging. In reality, this facility has established itself as a valuable resource not only for consumers but also for businesses and workers. In technical terms, it is known as Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM). All telecom data has been thrown into disarray since the introduction of MIM. Experts predict that in the coming year, the quantity of instant messages will more than quadruple that of SMS. From this, it can be deduced that the advancement of MIM will lessen the importance of SMS. Nonetheless, the SMS facility is expected to generate more than $100 billion in revenue in the following year. This is over 50 times the amount of business generated by MIM. That is, only SMS will win in terms of revenue. This tendency is projected to continue for the next 4-5 years. When it comes to MIM restrictions, one of them is the inability of MIM applications to communicate with each other in different ways. An IMessage subscriber cannot communicate with another WhatsApp user.

    However, internet access is not available everywhere. For example, in many African countries, despite owning a smartphone, the MIM application cannot be used due to a lack of internet access. You must rely solely on SMS in this situation. Some MIM applications have stated their positions unequivocally. Watts App, for example, aims to link more and more users with itself. Additionally, these customers may be provided the option of purchasing value-added services. However, the extent of MIM's utility is vast. It is anticipated that in the future, not only SMS but also e-mails and phone calls would be able to be transferred from it.

    Some MIM applications profit from adverts that appear during the chat. In some programmes, users may even make purchases while chatting (in-app purchases). Some MIM programmes charge a fee for emoticons, games, and stickers, which is added to the consumer's monthly phone bill. As a result, competition in all MIM apps is likely to increase, forcing them to find new ways to promote themselves, such as advertising on the Internet or television. Any third party can incorporate its attributes in the application using the MIM Application Programming Interface (API), which directly affects the smart phone. MIM's growing popularity is also driving demand for mobile broadband. Is the case. At the very least, the potential for significant growth in mobile broadband revenue are evident. Because the quantity of video and audio communications sent through MIS applications is growing, mobile broadband is becoming increasingly crucial. Those travelling overseas, on the other hand, prefer to utilise SMS exclusively. Purchasing a cellphone data plan while going overseas is more expensive than sending an SMS.

    Many mobile phone users, on the other hand, do not have access to mobile data roaming. MIM will significantly expand the number of users, far more than SMS, but it will need to come up with a new revenue model. Some capabilities, such as instant messaging, would be acceptable for SMS to develop. For example, you may effortlessly manage message groups, video calls, and voice calls. SMS application to person (A2P) is a field that can go a little further. Messages such as bank balance information or train/airplane trip delay information are sent to the person via the application. Today, there are a plethora of such messages. However, it is difficult to predict if this would be commercially beneficial for SMS in the future.

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  • Retail Manager (Sports) FRS55833 Clare
  • Store Manager - Co. Clare Store Manager required for a recognised market leader and innovator in sports retail. The Store Manager is responsible for the overall operations and sales performance of our stores and ensuring that the right people and products are in place to achieve and exceed Company…
    Clare County Clare Ireland

  • Director, Clinical Pharmacology Deerfield
  • At Horizon Therapeutics, we define success by the number of lives touched, lives changed, and lives saved. Our global biotechnology company is made up of agile, out-of-the-box thinkers with a focus on delivering breakthrough medicines to those living with rare, autoimmune, and severe inflammatory diseases. This is the heart of our global mission. Start a career that enables you to live up to your... potential and help others live up to theirs. Join us.

    The exceptional support we provide patients and communities equally extends to our employees. We offer industry-leading and award-winning benefits, compensation and rewards programs that positively impact all areas of our employees’ personal and professional lives.

    Position Summary

    The Director, Clinical pharmacology and DMPK will be responsible for overseeing internal and external activities supporting the preclinical DMPK and clinical pharmacology of multiple programs in the corporate portfolio. This person will play an active role on cross-functional program teams; this includes planning development strategies and interpreting data, as well as making hands-on contributions while managing vendors. The selected individual will be responsible for the DMPK and clinical pharmacology sections for IND/NDA (or BLA)/CTA/MAA submissions. This person will interface closely with various other functions to ensure timely cross-functional information sharing of key DMPK and clinical pharmacology aspects of the program. This position will also help with stage-appropriate diligence evaluations of external opportunities

    • Manage a team of clinical pharmacologists
    • Responsible for the design and execution of clinical pharmacology strategy for multiple programs
    • Serve as a key source of scientific expertise for the study design, analysis, reporting, and presentation of pharmacokinetic (PK), PK/pharmacodynamic (PD), and exposure-response data
    • Prepare and implement strategic and scientifically sophisticated DMPK and clinical pharmacology plans for drug development that meet regulatory requirements and program goals
    • Responsible for the study design, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of preclinical DMPK and clinical pharmacology data
    • Design and implement Model Informed Drug Development (MIDD) strategy for various programs. Drive PK and PK/PD modeling support to both preclinical and clinical project teams for key DMPK and clinical pharmacology deliverables
    • Support DMPK and clinical pharmacology components of preclinical and clinical study design, protocol development, data analysis and reporting
    • Prepare verbal and written summaries for internal discussions and author high quality regulatory documents including IND/CTA/NDA/BLA/MAA filings
    • Represent clinical pharmacology in regulatory interactions (eg, pre-IND, EOP2, pre-NDA/BLA)
    • Participate in the management of CROs and academic sites in the conduct of in vitro/in vivo DMPK studies
    • Partner with and support research, toxicology, bioanalytical sciences, clinical development, regulatory, project management and other departments
    • Participate in external business development
    • Maintains current awareness in area of expertise, prepares abstracts and manuscripts for scientific publications/presentations

    Qualifications And Skills Required
    • Ph.D. in Pharmacokinetics, pharmacometrics, pharmaceutical sciences, DMPK or related disciplines with thorough knowledge of clinical pharmacology, DMPK, and pharmacometrics
    • Minimum 6-8 years of pharmaceutical industry experience including PKPD, clinical pharmacology, and/or pharmacometrics (DMPK experience is a plus)
    • Thorough understanding of regulatory strategies and guidelines. Strong experience in regulatory filings and interactions with regulatory authorities worldwide
    • Proficiency in mathematical modeling and programming as demonstrated by hands-on experience in computational tools (e.g. Phoenix WinNonlin, R, NONMEM)
    • Leadership, project management skills, and experience with managing external vendors
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to facilitate constructive, expedient problem solving
    • Professional demeanor
    • Self-starter attitude

    Our Values
    • Transparency: We value collaboration. Trusting teach other and tackling tough challenges can make a powerful difference.
    • Accountability: We do what’s right for our patient communities through quality decisions and owning our successes and failures.
    • Growth: We fiercely innovate and evolve to better ourselves, our communities and our patients.

    These three values come to life through our five Leadership Expectations that apply to all Horizon employees
    • Enterprise Mindset: Look beyond one’s team, brand or function to see the broader company and external perspective
    • Exhibit Intellectual Curiosity: Seek to understand what you do not know; ask the right questions of the right people and sources
    • Ensure Accountability and Courage: Step up to address difficult issues and hold self and others accountable to commitments
    • Embrace Diverse Perspectives: Welcome others with a respectful attitude; integrate diverse perspectives into ways of working
    • Develop Talent: Provide feedback, coaching and mentorship to help others be more effective in their role

    Our Values
    • Transparency: We value collaboration. Trusting teach other and tackling tough challenges can make a powerful difference.
    • Accountability: We do what’s right for our patient communities through quality decisions and owning our successes and failures.
    • Growth: We fiercely innovate and evolve to better ourselves, our communities and our patients.

    These three values come to life through our five Leadership Expectations that apply to all Horizon employees
    • Enterprise Mindset: Look beyond one’s team, brand or function to see the broader company and external perspective
    • Exhibit Intellectual Curiosity: Seek to understand what you do not know; ask the right questions of the right people and sources
    • Ensure Accountability and Courage: Step up to address difficult issues and hold self and others accountable to commitments
    • Embrace Diverse Perspectives: Welcome others with a respectful attitude; integrate diverse perspectives into ways of working
    • Develop Talent: Provide feedback, coaching and mentorship to help others be more effective in their role

    Compensation and Benefits Summary:

    The salary range for this role is $202,500.00-$247,500.00 annually. The base salary offered may vary based on the final candidate's qualifications. The level of this role may also change based on the final candidate's qualifications.

    In addition to the salary, this position is eligible for the benefits listed here and for the following plans:

    Salary Plan, Annual Merit Plan, Annual Equity Grant, New Hire Equity Grant, Corporate Bonus

    At Horizon, we know that disease does not discriminate. We embrace the bold ideas of one another, foster a sense of belonging, and value inclusion. We attract and develop diverse talent because we believe that when people from different backgrounds and life experiences come together, we make lives better.

    Horizon intends that all qualified applications are given equal opportunity, and that selection decisions be based on job-related factors. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristics protected by law
    Deerfield IL USA

  • SAP Consultant (PP) Szolnok
  • Our client is a global technology company supplying systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology, enabling the next generation of mobility.

    With its comprehensive technology portfolio, the company offers integrated solutions for established vehicle manufacturers, mobility providers and start-up companies in the fields of transportation and mobility.

    SAP Consultant (PP)Feladatok Customizing in SAP systems in logistic modules like SAP PP or MM are done by yourselfProjectwork a focus on SAP production logistic IT systems in cooperation with ZF IT and Business departments worldwideImplement functional specifications, hand over to internal or externals project membersAnalyze / Development / Implement / smaller ABAP-programsExperience with Data migrationsInteraction with process experts Követelmények IT degree or comparableMinimum 3 years of experience in relevant SAP modulesExperience as project memberFamiliar with work in international project teamsExcellent... English communication and presentation skills.

    Amit kínálunk Stable company background and long-term working possibility Full of challenges and high-level professional activities at an international company Participation in international projects and commission to foreign countries Career opportunities, continuous training program and language courses Competitive salary and performance-related bonus Cafeteria with optional elements Home office work School start support
    Szolnok Hungary

  • Financial Director, Residential Real Estate, Spain
  • Position Summary:

    The Carlyle Group has been an active investor in the Spanish residential sector on behalf of discretionary investment funds that it advises. The Global Madrona company has been created to manage the residential landlord activities. We seek to hire a Financial Director within this new entity.

    This is a new role, which offers a fantastic opportunity for the professional to participate in setting-up a single-family rental platform.

    The professional will be based in Madrid and work closely with the Asset management and Property management teams to provide strategic oversight over the financial affairs of the company.

    The successful candidate will have experience in working in a senior financial role for a real estate backed operating business, preferably in the residential sector.

    Primary Responsibilities:
    • Working closely with the Asset management and Property Management partners, take responsibility for the financial performance of the residential portfolio
    •... Oversee the Asset management and Property Management accounting teams to ensure deliverables are accurate and on time
    • Establish internal control procedures for contract procurement, project status reporting, recording of project costs and forecasting
    • Oversee the preparation of quarterly management accounts for the propcos and the company
    • Manage the delivery of annual accounts
    • Manage annual audit
    • Oversee the preparation of the annual budgets, reforecasting and the business plan for each propco and the company
    • Review actual costs spent to date vs. budget; variance reporting
    • Ensure compliance with all terms of the existing debt financing
    • Develop and run lender covenant calculation spreadsheets and produce certificates
    • Cash management& reconciliation
    • Manage external valuations
    • Complete various financial, accounting, narrative, administrative and other reports and analysis and duties as assigned or necessary for the successful execution of the business plans
    • Oversee the production of monthly, quarterly and annual reporting
    • Prepare company board materials in advance of meetings
    • Control and supervision of the companies' administration & property management teams to ensure full compliance with the relevant filing rules and tax codes
    • Liaising with tax partners
    • Serve on the board of various entities as Director
    • Update, maintain and enforce accounting policies and procedures

    Desired Skills and Experience:
    • Fully qualified accountant
    • Experience in a similar job position for a property company (BTR experience a plus)
    • Detailed knowledge of the entire accounting process in a property company
    • Hands-on, proactive and energetic
    • Good level of IT skills, (Microsoft Office) with Excel essential
    • Fluent in Spanish and English
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
    • Strong numeracy and analytical skills and ability to work with large amount of data
    • Great attention to details
    • Enthusiastic team player with a positive, friendly and approachable attitude

    Company Profile:

    The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) is a global investment firm with $376 billion of assets under management and more than half of the AUM managed by women, across 520 investment vehicles as of June 30, 2022. Founded in 1987 in Washington, DC, Carlyle has grown into one of the world's largest and most successful investment firms, with nearly 1,900 professionals operating in 26 offices in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Carlyle places an emphasis on development, retention and inclusion as supported by our internal processes and seven Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Carlyle's purpose is to invest wisely and create value on behalf of its investors, which range from public and private pension funds to wealthy individuals and families to sovereign wealth funds, unions and corporations. Carlyle invests across three segments - Global Private Equity, Global Credit and Investment Solutions - and has expertise in various industries, including: aerospace, defense & government services, consumer & retail, energy, financial services, healthcare, industrial, real estate, technology & business services, telecommunications & media and transportation.

    At Carlyle, we know that diverse teams perform better, so we seek to create a community where we continually exchange insights, embrace different perspectives and leverage diversity as a competitive advantage. That is why we are committed to growing and cultivating teams that include people with a variety of perspectives, people who provide unique lenses through which to view potential deals, support and run our business.

    Due to the high volume of candidates, please be advised that only candidates selected to interview will be contacted by The Carlyle Group

  • Senior Manufacturing Team Lead Limerick
  • Senior Manufacturing Team Lead - 2306129313W


    Position: Senior Manufacturing Team Lead

    Reporting to: Business Unit Manager

    Location: Limerick (onsite)

    Contract: Full Time/Permanent

    A Career with J&J Vision Ireland:

    Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of contact lenses. In our pioneering Limerick facility, we manufacture the Acuvue range of contact lenses, with a workforce of approx. 1,600 people. Due to continued and sustained growth of our business, we are now recruiting to support this growth!

    About J&J:

    For more than 130 years, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) have been part of our cultural fabric at Johnson & Johnson and woven into how we do business every day. Our commitment to respect the dignity and diversity of all is embedded in our Credo.

    We know that the success of our business depends on having the best talent in a workforce that reflects the diverse markets we serve... around the world and an inclusive culture that values different perspectives and life experiences.

    That is why we in Ireland are working to create an inclusive environment where diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences are valued and each and every one of our people feels that they belong and can reach their potential. No matter who they are.

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Johnson & Johnson means “You Belong”

    This exciting and impactful role reports to the Business Unit Manager/ Manufacturing Manager and supports the Manufacturing Manager/Business Unit Manager in the production of contact lenses in the Value Stream. Working closely with Engineering, Quality and Line management the role will also have direct responsibility for managing key areas of the Value Stream to lead the production of a range of Medical Devices to fulfill global planning schedules, within determined quality and safety standards.

    The responsibilities & the impact YOU will have:
    • Lead the Production Unit in close cooperation with Quality and Engineering, to manufacture Medical Devices according to global planning requirements.
    • -Ensure all Safety and Quality Standards are upheld top the highest possible standard.
    • Lead year on year efficiency improvement and activity reduction
    • Build and maintain an environment of innovative continuous improvement, focusing on quality, cost reduction, process development and supply.
    • Lead & mentor supervisory and operations personnel and developing people at all levels to grow within and beyond their current role
    • Lead specific projects for the Production Unit and across the full Operations function where relevant.
    • Report on achievement of key performance metrics.
    • Support all functions in the effective transfer of new products and processes into manufacturing processes.
    • Ensure that housekeeping standards are maintained at all times across the Value Stream always looking for opportunities to improve the standard.


    We would love to hear from YOU, if you have the following requirements:

    • Third level Degree Level Education or equivalent.
    • Experience in a Regulated environment or equivalent
    • Relevant Supply Chain Experience

    • Previous experience within the Healthcare/Medical Devices sector.

    This is what awaits YOU at J&J:

    This is an opportunity to work with a groundbreaking medical device operation and to be a member of a Johnson & Johnson company, with an excellent record in employee continuous professional development and business improvement.

    We are passionate about our work; we play vital roles across a range of professional disciplines and care deeply about our customers and communities. At Johnson & Johnson our culture enables dynamic and impactful careers.

    Whether you’re one of the 1000 people who work here, or you’re considering joining the team, we offer:
    • An opportunity to be part of a global market leader.
    • A dynamic and inspiring working environment.
    • Opportunities to work on challenging projects and assignments.
    • Possibilities for further personal and professional development/education
    • Excellent Benefits




    Primary Location Europe/Middle East/Africa-Ireland-Limerick-Limerick

    Organization Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Ireland) Limited (8182)

    Job Function Production

    Req ID: 2306129313W
    Limerick Ireland

  • Systems Administrator/Operations Support Specialist Toronto
  • Title: Systems Administrator/Operations Support Specialist

    Open positions: 1

    Location: Hybrid - Toronto area - 2 days per week at the office.

    Duration: 12 months, renewable.

    Start date: as soon as possible.

    • Provide ongoing support for critical business and operational activities for the Case and Contact I&IT (CCM) Solution to meet the diverse immunization data and business needs of public health professionals across the province.
    • Perform Tier 1 business help desk and service support.
    • Log calls received via e-mail or phone into an automated incident management system and provide resolution in a timely and efficient manner.
    • Escalate to the next tier of support for complex issues or problems.
    • Track reported problem, issue, or system failure using the automated incident management system and provide report daily.
    • Prepare process and technical documentation for the product to be used.
    • Run routine reports in production and non-production environments... either directly and/or through other partners.
    • Create ad-hoc reports as needed and deliver the same to management.
    • Co-ordinate communication, collection and storage of active reports for analysis.
    Skills and Experience:

    Core Skills And Experience

    5-9 years of experience in:
    • Tier 1 business help desk and service/incident management support experience.
    • Co-ordinating communication, collection and storage of active reports for analysis.
    • Tracking reported problem, issue, or system failure using automatic incident management system and providing report daily.
    • Creating ad-hoc reports and running routine reports in production and non-production environments - directly and through other partners.
    • Preparing technical documentation for product end users.
    • Automated incident management systems, logging calls, and provide resolution in a timely and efficient manner.
    • Support for complex problems or issues and escalating as appropriate or following escalation process.
    • Experience with information retrieval packages, one or more communications protocols, one or more operation systems and hardware platforms.
    • Experience with middleware and gateways.
    Public Sector/Healthcare Experience - Nice to Have
    • 5+ years of experience working with federal/provincial/broader public-sector healthcare providers.
    • Knowledge of Public Sector Enterprise Architecture artifacts (or similar), processes and practices an asset.
    • Ability to produce technical documentation that comply with industry standard practices.
    • In-depth knowledge of industry standard such as Project Management Institute (PMI).
    • Knowledge of Public Sector I&IT project management methodologies an asset.
    • Knowledge and experience with Public Sector Health related projects an asset.
    • Knowledge and understanding of Ministry policy and IT project approval processes and requirements an asset.
    • Experience with large complex IT Health-related projects
    Toronto ON

  • Cabin Assistant Singapore
  • As a Cabin Assistant, you will work with your Operations Assistant to ensure that interior cleaning of the aircraft is performed in a timely manner and as per airlines' requirements.

    The duties for the role include:
    • Collects and ensure sufficient items and equipment are prepared to service the aircraft;
    • Check the serviceability of the vacuum cleaners before leaving the AIC Control Centre;
    • Clean and dress up the aircraft in accordance to the Airline's requirement;
    • Handover any passenger's belongings found on-board to the Security personnel or Operations Assistant or Airline representative;
    • Report any accident/incident to the Operations Assistant;
    • Return any surplus amenities to the store; and
    • Perform any other related duty for which he is qualified and detailed to do so by his/her superior

    • Able to work in a team and independently in a fast paced environment

  • Total Video Planner (m/w/d) Frankfurt
  • Job-Zusammenfassung

    Hast Du Lust, Teil eines der erfolgreichsten Medianetzwerke der Welt zu werden? Du arbeitest gerne eigenständig und bringst eine große Portion Motivation mit? Dann aufgepasst!
    • Als Recruiting-Partner von Magna Global Germany suchen wir Dich als Total Video Planner (m/w/d) zur Verstärkung des Teams in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Nürnberg oder remote aus Deutschland. Dabei ist es ganz egal, ob Du erste Erfahrungen hast oder bereits Profi in der Planung von Mediakampagnen bist - Magna freut sich auf Dich! In dieser Position wirst Du mit vielen spannenden nationalen und internationalen Kunden arbeiten, darunter einer der größten Werbepartner aus dem E-Commerce. Magna bietet Dir außerdem viel Raum, um Dich und Deine eigenen Ideen einzubringen. Neben flexiblen Arbeitszeiten (keine Kernarbeitszeit) und einem Überstundenausgleichskonto, kannst Du auch von individuellen Entwicklungs- und Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten profitieren.

    Haben wir Dein Interesse geweckt? Dann... buche jetzt Dein Erstgespräch mit uns!

    Was Du tun wirst
    • Du erstellst die TV & Video Werbeplatzierungspläne für die Kunden und schaltest ihre fertigen Videos und Spots zielgruppengerecht in den entsprechenden Kanälen (TV, Online und Mobile)
    • Außerdem bist Du Sparringspartner:in für die Kundenberater:innen und unterstützt diese bei der Betreuung der Kunden rund um die Themen TV & Video
    • Du koordinierst die einzelnen TV & Video Bereiche innerhalb der Agentur – vom Briefing über die datenbasierte Kontrolle und Optimierung der Kampagnen bis hin zu Einkauf und Abrechnung unterstützt Du den gesamten Prozess im Bereich TV & Video
    • Des Weiteren entwickelst Du TV & Video Planungsempfehlungen für entsprechende Platzierungen in den Medien und bereitest diese in Präsentationen für die Jahresstrategie auf

    Was Dich für den Job auszeichnet
    • Du hast Berufserfahrung im Bereich Mediaplanung, speziell der Total Video-Planung gesammelt und hast ein gutes Gespür für die passende Platzierung der Werbung Deiner Kunden im richtigen Umfeld
    • Hohe Zahlenaffinität, Eigenmotivation und selbstständiges Arbeiten zeichnen Dich aus
    • Du hast ein sicheres, sympathisches sowie aufgeschlossenes Auftreten und arbeitest gerne im Team
    • Gute Kenntnisse im Umgang mit den MS Office Programmen runden Dein Profil ab
    • Deutsch: B2 – Selbständige Sprachverwendung
    • Englisch: B2 – Selbständige Sprachverwendung

    Nice to Have
    • Du hast idealerweise bereits mit Tools wie VideoScope, DAP MediaLine oder MediaWizzard gearbeitet
    • Studium im Bereich BWL, Marketing oder Kommunikationswissenschaften oder eine kaufmännische Ausbildung mit Schwerpunkt Kommunikation/Marketing/Media

    • Berichterstattung an: Director Total Video Planning
    • Kolleg*innen: 6-10
    • Teamsprache: Deutsch und Englisch

    • Arbeit von zu Hause aus (WFH) möglich
    • Flexible Arbeitszeiten
    • Überstundenausgleichs-
    • Betriebsarzt
    • Ausstattung: Laptop, Monitor
    • Teamevents
    • Betreuungszuschuss bei nicht schulpflichtigen Kindern
    • weitere monetäre Benefits
    Frankfurt Germany

  • Senior Human Resources Manager at Jhpiego Nairobi
  • Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University is implementing The Challenge Initiative (TCI), a project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) through The Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health (GI), Department of Population, Family & Reproductive Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

    General Human Resources:

    Determine and prioritize the country’s HR needs and establish specific HR objectives for country office to ensure that HR policy/procedures and standards are met
    Develop and revise HR policies as required to support the business
    Lead resolution of compliance issues as it relates to HR best practice and organizational policies
    Ensure country level management team members are well versed on country-related HR policies and that policies are implemented consistently
    Advise Country Director on all HR related issues
    Lead, in coordination with the Steering Committee, the development of a career... progression path for all job categories in Kenya office.
    Facilitate the staff separation/exit processes
    Liaise with Global Human Resources and Chief Administrative Officer as required
    Review all HR service contracts, i.e. Medical Insurance, training, pension scheme, GPA/GL/WIBA, etc. for guidance and due diligence
    Manage the performance management processes including appraisals after probation period, performance improvement plan (PIP) and annual appraisals

    Compensation And Benefits

    Review salary and benefits policies for local nationals to ensure that organization is able to attract and retain highly skilled staff
    In collaboration with the HQ HRBP, conduct salary survey to ensure competitiveness of salaries against the market and make recommendations on the necessary changes
    Evaluate jobs and individuals’ pay for internal equity and make recommendations in liaison with HROs and EMT
    Provide oversight to performance and annual merit increments

    Talent Acquisition/Recruitment

    Partner with Hiring managers and HR Officer(s) to evaluate staffing/business needs and determine specific position responsibilities and requirements to ensure accurate candidate sourcing
    Draft, review and/or approve job descriptions
    Oversee placement of job adverts via appropriate channels in Kenya
    Oversee the screening, testing, interviews and selection of candidates, reference checks and analysis and guide the hiring managers as appropriate.

    Orientation And Onboarding/ Learning And Development

    Oversee the on-boarding process and ensure the that the process is vibrant and comprehensive to ensure enjoyable and all-round orientation of new staff
    Ensure systems are in place for new staff undertake the on-line orientation programs
    Provide guidance and oversight to HROs in collecting, recording and sharing information for learning purposes and investing in people centred knowledge management activities.
    Use HR data for decision making and for operational efficiency
    Liaise with HROs on training needs analysis
    Train new supervisors/managers on supervisor and management skills

    Employee Relations

    Work closely with Supervisors to address issues affecting new staff
    Develop and maintain a healthy employee relations environment providing staff a venue to discuss their work-related problems and concerns.
    Advise and assist staff with disciplinary and grievance issues
    Mediate in staff conflict situations
    Regular visit to field project office


    Provide coaching, guidance and mentorship to direct report(s) where needed
    Set targets and objectives for assigned area and delivers results
    Grow team expertise to align with program and organizational direction while continually looking for ways to provide / enhance the value delivered
    Lead a high-performing team and provides ongoing feedback and performance reviews
    Track, monitor and effectively addresses and / or rewards performance of team members

    Required Qualifications

    Master’s degree in Human Resources or Business-related field
    Professional Certification in Human Resources Management
    HR professional membership with an active practicing certificate by IHRM.
    Minimum 8 years of progressive experience in Human Resources Management
    At least 3 years in senior management advisory
    HR practices Knowledge - In depth knowledge of country labour Laws and trends
    Knowledge of USAID policies and procedures
    Nairobi Kenya

  • Looking for Kitesurf School Administrator/Instructor in Colombia Cabo de La Vela
  • We are looking for someone who can administer our little school for 6-7 weeks. We (Nelson and Tamara) will be traveling during this period to Europe.It would be great if you were a couple and one of you and instructor as well. The school is relatively small (approx 20-30 teaching hours & 4-5 people renting per week) & the location remote.Its a must to have administered a school before & to speak Spanish. We will pay on commission basis. Everything else is negotiable- looking forward to hearing from you!Tamara and Nelson
    Cabo de La Vela Uribia La Guajira

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