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  • African
  • Look up African in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. African or Africans may refer to: Anything from or pertaining to the continent of Africa: People who

  • African Union
  • The African Union (AU) is a continental union consisting of 55 member states located on the continent of Africa. The AU was announced in the Sirte Declaration

  • African Americans
  • West and Central African, Western European, and Native American ancestry. African American history began in the 16th century, with Africans from West and

  • Africa
  • geologically part of the African continent. Algeria is Africa's largest country by area, and Nigeria is its largest by population. African nations cooperate

  • South Africa
  • In 2008, South Africa placed fifth out of 48 sub-Saharan African countries on the Ibrahim Index of African Governance. South Africa scored well in the

  • Chairperson of the African Union Commission
  • The Chairperson of the African Union Commission is the head of the African Union Commission. On 30 January 2017, after seven rounds of voting, Chad's

  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Sahara. These include Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa. Geopolitically, in addition to the African countries and territories

  • African diaspora
  • recent emigration from Africa. The African Union (AU) defines the African diaspora as consisting: "of people of native or partial African origin living outside

  • Central African Republic
  • 2023[update], the Central African Republic is the scene of a civil war, which is ongoing since 2012. Most of the Central African Republic consists of Sudano-Guinean

  • North Africa
  • North Africa, or Northern Africa, is a region encompassing the northern portion of the African continent. There is no singularly accepted scope for the

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  • About Public Limited Company
  • Introduction

    In the realm of business entities, the public limited company (PLC) has gained prominence as a popular and effective structure for organizations worldwide. Offering distinct advantages and opportunities, a PLC provides a platform for growth, capital acquisition, and public market participation. In this article, we provide an in-depth overview of the public limited company, exploring its definition, formation, legal requirements, and key characteristics.


    Defining a Public Limited Company


    A public limited company is a legally recognized business entity that allows companies to offer shares to the general public or institutional investors. PLCs operate with a separate legal identity from their shareholders and are subject to specific regulations and corporate governance frameworks. By issuing shares to the public, PLCs can access a larger pool of capital and offer investors an opportunity to own a portion of the company's equity.


    Formation of a Public Limited Company


    The formation process of a public limited company involves several crucial steps:


    Incorporation: A PLC must be formally incorporated as a legal entity, following the regulations of the country or jurisdiction in which it operates. This typically involves registering the company with the relevant government agency, such as the Companies House in the United Kingdom or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States.


    Share Capital: A PLC is required to have a minimum share capital, which is divided into shares of fixed nominal value. The company can raise capital by issuing shares to the public or institutional investors through an initial public offering (IPO), private placement, or rights issue. The shares represent ownership in the company and entitle shareholders to certain rights, such as voting in general meetings and receiving dividends.


    Listing on Stock Exchange: While not mandatory, many PLCs choose to list their shares on a stock exchange to provide liquidity to shareholders and facilitate trading. Listing on a stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or London Stock Exchange (LSE), requires compliance with additional regulatory and disclosure requirements.


    Legal Requirements and Governance


    Public limited companies operate within a framework of legal requirements and corporate governance regulations to ensure transparency, accountability, and protection for shareholders. Some key legal requirements include:


    Disclosure and Reporting: PLCs are obliged to disclose financial information, corporate activities, and significant events to shareholders, regulatory bodies, and the public. Regular financial reports, annual accounts, and other disclosures are essential to maintain transparency.


    Board of Directors: PLCs are required to have a board of directors responsible for overseeing the company's affairs and representing the interests of shareholders. The board's role includes setting strategic direction, appointing executives, and ensuring compliance with regulations and corporate governance practices.


    Shareholder Rights: Shareholders in a PLC have certain rights, including the right to vote on important matters, elect directors, and receive dividends. Shareholders' rights and protections are safeguarded by corporate law, and they play a crucial role in the governance and decision-making processes of the company.


    Key Characteristics of a Public Limited Company


    Several key characteristics distinguish public limited companies:


    Limited Liability: Shareholders of a PLC have limited liability, meaning their personal assets are protected in the event of the company's insolvency or bankruptcy. Shareholders are only liable for the amount they have invested in the company.


    Shareholders and Share Capital: PLCs can have an unlimited number of shareholders, allowing for a broad base of ownership and potential access to substantial capital. Shares are freely transferable, facilitating liquidity for shareholders and the ability to attract new investors.


    Separate Legal Entity: A public limited company has its own legal identity, distinct from its shareholders. It can enter into contracts, sue or be sued, and engage in various legal transactions in its own name.


    Brand and Market Presence: Being a public limited company can enhance a company's brand reputation and market presence. The public listing and associated regulatory compliance requirements instill trust and confidence among stakeholders, customers, and business partners.




    Public limited companies have emerged as a favored business structure due to their ability to access capital, offer liquidity to shareholders, and operate with transparency and accountability. The formation process, legal requirements, and governance framework make PLCs an attractive option for companies seeking growth, public market participation, and enhanced credibility. However, it's important for companies considering this structure to carefully navigate the regulatory landscape and fulfill their obligations to shareholders and the public to reap the benefits of being a public limited company.

  • Medical Error : The Third Leading Cause Of Death In The US
  • According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US after heart disease and cancer. Findings of the study were based on data collected from four different studies that assessed the rate of medical deaths between the years 2000-2008.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) compiled a list of some of the most common causes of death in the United States. The study was based on the death certificate forms filled out by physicians, medical examiners, coroners, and funeral directors. Researchers at Johns Hopkins university also carried out a study that estimated that medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States. The most common causes of death recorded include heart disease, followed, by cancer, medical error, respiratory disease, accidents, stroke, Alzhimer's diabetes, flu/pneumonia, kidney disease, and suicide.

    Many times, medical error is not included on death certificates or in rankings of cause of death. Proper reporting will contribute to better availability of statistics and reports. Improved reporting will help identify the scale of the problem which will then prove useful in creating strategies to help reduce the rate of medical error.

    According to authors Martin Makary, MD, MPH, professor of surgery, and research fellow Michael Daniel, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, medical error should be a top priority for research and resources. Inaccurate information is one piece of the puzzle, whereas the other piece is the fact that much of the information collected in these studies is considered self-reported. Hospitals are given the option of not to report, and errors on death certificates are falsified on a daily basis. Many times, these issues in reporting occur due to blatant disregard of the truth instead of actual errors.

    It is not surprising that National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association has received many calls and complaints about medical records and death certificates being falsified, mainly to protect hospitals or physicians who call in a favor.

    What is Medical Error?

    Medical error refers to the unintended act, either omission or commission, that someone does, resulting in an unfavorable outcome other than the desired one. Any of the following acts may be classified as medical error:

    • Failure of a planned action to be completed as intended, also called error of execution
    • Using a wrong plan to achieve an aim, also called error of planning
    • Deviating from the process of care that may cause harm to the patient

    Medical errors can happen due to the negligence of a single individual, such as a doctor, nurse, or other health care provider, or it could occur at the system level. If you or a loved one has suffered losses or has died as a result of medical error or negligence, get in touch with a wrongful death attorney or personal injury lawyer who will evaluate the case at no cost of obligation.

    Know Your Legal Rights In Workers' Compensation Cases

    Employers and HR managers need to be aware of important information concerning workers' compensation. This will help protect their legal rights in case a workplace injury case arises. First of all, employers need to be aware that they are required to purchase insurance that provides benefits to employees who suffer any illnesses or injuries that are work-related. Usually, employees get all the benefits regardless of who was at fault. But by understanding how workers' compensation works, employers can get protection from lawsuits that may be filed by injured employees who seek monetary damages for any pain, suffering, or mental anguish sustained on the job. Read on to get important information related to Workers' Compensation.

    What does Workers' Compensation Cover?

    Although workers' comp law mostly covers work-related injuries or illnesses, the injury or illness may not have necessarily occurred in the workplace. It will be covered as long as it is job-related. Employees who sustain an injury while traveling on a business trip, or while they are running a work-related errand outside of office, or if they are attending a social function which is business-related and they sustain an injury, it will all be covered under Workers' Comp.

    What is Not Covered by Workers' Compensation?

    If the employee sustains an injury intentionally at the workplace by using an intoxicating drug, or by self-inflicting harm on themselves, that will not be covered by workers' comp. Similarly, injuries sustained in a fight started by the employee, or injuries resulting due to violation of company policy will also not be covered by workers' comp. Felony-related injuries, injuries that an employee suffers while off the job, injuries claimed after an employee is terminated from their job, and injuries sustained to an independent contractor who is working on a project for another company will not be covered by workers comp.

    Employers Responsibilities for Workers' Comp

    Employers have certain obligations when it comes to workers' compensation. If these requirements are not met, they will be fined. Moreover, injured employees may be able to sue them in court. When businesses do not provide workers' comp coverage as required by law, the employees may be able to file a lawsuit against their employer in civil court.

    To avoid such episodes from occurring, employers are required to provide injured employees with a workers' comp form within 24 hours of receiving report of an injury at work. Employers are also required to inform their employees about their rights under the workers' compensation system, usually in the form of a pamphlet or flyer.

    Anyone injured at the workplace can contact a personal injury lawyer who knows how to handle workers' comp cases to file a claim. Workers' compensation will help pay for your medical care, rehabilitation, and some wage replacement in case you have to miss work due to the injury. In order to get workers' comp benefits, a claim must be filed following your state's procedures carefully.

    Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Oklahoma City, OK has dedicated their lives to the craft and stand by your side throughout the entire case, should you have any questions or concerns about the process.

  • Unleashing the Power of Positive Publicity and Word-of-Mouth for Cabin or Container Houses
  • One of Malaysia's most well-known suppliers of movable cabins, mobile homes is Smarttiny. Cottages, heavy-duty cabins, light-duty cabins, portable lavatory cabins, storage containers, homestays and cottages are all possible living arrangements for construction workers. Additionally, they provide accommodations that have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate their visitors' needs. The most popular brand of portable cabins in Malaysia is Smarttiny. Get pricing on cabins in Malaysia by contacting Smarttiny.

    Positive press and word-of-mouth are vital resources for luring customers and establishing a strong brand presence in the travel and hospitality industries. With their distinctive and ecological appeal, cabin and container homes have become popular travel destinations that may draw in a lot of media attention, enthral social media influencers, and even draw in celebrities. In this essay, we examine how these unique lodgings use the influence of good press and word-of-mouth to highlight their advantages, enticing a worldwide audience and altering how people see travel and living situations.


    The appeal of unconventional living is as follows:

    Providing a fusion of rustic appeal and environmentally responsible architecture that captures the imagination, cabin and container homes are the epitome of atypical living situations. Their unusual architecture, surrounded by beautiful scenery, immediately captures the eye and piques interest.

    Media sources find cabin and container homes to be an interesting subject matter since they are constantly looking for new and unique topics. Articles and stories on these distinctive lodgings frequently highlight their environmental awareness, creative design, and the chance they offer for a significant getaway from the grind.


    Social Media and the Development of Influencers:

    Influencers have enormous potential to affect trends and consumer preferences in the social media era. With their gorgeous settings and appealing looks, cabin and container homes are an ideal choice for influencers looking to promote their adventurous and eco-friendly lifestyles.

    On websites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, influencers who live in cabins and shipping containers post intriguing photos and videos. They emphasise the stunning views, the comfort of the lodgings, and the special opportunity to coexist with nature.

    Influencers' sharing of real experiences and appealing imagery connects with their followers, motivating them to put these lodgings on their wish lists for future travel. These postings and tales have a domino effect that broadens the audience for cabin and container homes worldwide.


    The Influence of Celebrity Endorsement:


    A celebrity's impact may be enormous when they recommend a service or activity. Celebrities are interested in cabin and container homes because of its combination of luxury, seclusion, and sustainability.

    Away from the prying eyes of the press, celebrities frequently choose cabin and container homes as their holiday destination. Through social media postings or interviews, they recommend these lodgings, which produces a lot of exposure because fans and the media are interested in finding out more about the getaway locations of their favourite celebrities.

    Additionally, because to its eco-friendly construction and design, cabin and container homes are especially popular among celebrities who support sustainable living and environmental concerns. Their support not only advertises the lodgings but also creates a greater understanding of the value of responsible and ethical tourism.


    Hosts of TV programmes and documentaries include:

    Television producers and documentary filmmakers have also been drawn to the appeal of cabin and shipping container homes. These lodgings are frequently highlighted as premier instances of eco-friendly and adventurous vacations in TV programmes and films about sustainable living, minimalist lifestyles, and uncommon travel experiences.

    These television appearances act as potent testimonies, showing an interested and varied audience the advantages of cabin and container homes. The experiences of actual guests at these lodgings inspire viewers, creating a desire to go out on their own journeys and adopt sustainable living.


    Sustainable Travel & Tourism Awards:

    In the fields of ecotourism and sustainable tourism, cabin and container homes have won honours and acclaim. These lodgings' efforts to responsible tourism and environmental conservation are recognised by industry awards and certifications.

    By winning or being nominated for such renowned prizes, cabin and container homes can gain great attention and demonstrate their dedication to environmental sustainability. Award-winning lodgings are attracted by eco-conscious travellers, which boosts demand for and interest in these distinctive living situations.


    Partnerships & Collaborations:

    Cabin and container houses frequently work with companies and groups that share their beliefs and goals. These collaborations may entail campaigns to promote sustainable living, eco-friendly product development, or cooperative efforts to assist regional nonprofits and environmental projects.

    Through these partnerships, cabin and container homes are made more widely known and are exposed to new audiences with like-minded interests and values. These lodgings are known for being moral and progressive places thanks to their beneficial associations with like-minded businesses and organisations.


    Transforming how people view travel:

    Cabin and container house-related media coverage, social media buzz, and celebrity endorsements have significantly changed how people see travel and lodging options. A new narrative about travel as a conscious and ethical exploration of the globe challenges the perception of travel as a luxury-driven, wasteful pastime.

    Cabin and container homes became emblems of environmentally friendly and authentic travel thanks to favourable press and word-of-mouth. Travellers look for similar activities that prioritise connection with nature and little environmental effect after being inspired by the tales and experiences of others.


    A Worldwide Community of Advocacy:

    The popularity of cabin and container homes fosters a sense of community among tourists who are passionate about eco-friendly travel and sustainable living. A global network of supporters who share a passion for these distinctive lodgings is created through internet forums and word-of-mouth referrals.

    This worldwide network of supporters goes beyond the online space. Following their stays, visitors to cabin and container homes become ardent proponents, telling others about their memorable occasions. Their unique perspectives and sincere recommendations serve as potent magnets for luring new customers and building a devoted following.



    Cabin and container homes have attracted media outlets, social media influencers, and celebrities alike, acting as catalysts for good press and word-of-mouth. These lodgings draw interest from a global audience looking for distinctive and meaningful travel experiences thanks to their unorthodox appeal, ecological ethos, and breathtaking locations. A new age of conscientious and ethical tourism has been made possible by the transformative power of good publicity and word-of-mouth. As more tourists take advantage of cabin and container homes' advantages, they join a rising movement for a more sustainable and thoughtful exploration of the globe.














  • Addressing Puberty Manifestations in Teenagers
  • It is not surprising that what your children become or the way of life that they adopt depends much on your efforts. Parents/guardians can eventually lead their children to success as well as they can also contribute to their failure in life. Yes of course, parents can lead to the failure and misfortune of their children if they fail to properly address and assist them all through their puberty manifestations in their teenage ages.

    It is not sufficient for parents to bring forth children on Earth, they are responsible in nurturing them in all areas of life; building a solid foundation. It is this base that determines the success or failure of these children. And one of the most challenging tasks faced by all parents in offering their kids a solid foundation is to guide them through their puberty age. Although challenging, it is not impossible. Herein is a complete guide that will show you how to prepare and review your ways of child upbringing.

    Puberty represents that particular time in life when young people become sexually mature. This age raises a lot of anxiety in children and in some cases it leads to severe anxiety disorders. This is a must pass stage in life for all humans. Thus knowing how to help a child with anxiety is very important whether a parent or not. Educational institutions around the world as well as parents often give an attempt to address the difficulties youths encounter at these ages.

    Worth nothing is that your children are opened to several different doctrines when they are with friends, school mates, and neighbors. You might be working hard to put your child on the right track but your efforts are being compromised by the different ideas and advice given to them out of home. This makes the process even more challenging than what you initially thought.

    This stage in life often leads to anxiety in children and in some extreme cases, it leads to severe anxiety disorders which needs to be addressed properly. Puberty is a process that goes for several years. In some rare cases, it begins in female children from the ages of 6 and 7 but it normally starts at 11 years in females. In male children, it often begins around the ages of 12 although it can begin around the early ages of 9 in rare cases. Whereas female children are physically matured at the age of 14, male are at the age of 16.

    Before addressing how to help a child with anxiety or severe anxiety disorders, it is necessary know the signs in female and male children when they begin to experience puberty.

    Signs of Puberty

    In female children, the first indication is the increase in size and development of their breast. It is followed by the growth of hair in their pubic area and the armpits. Menstruation usually comes last to all the above mentioned points.

    In male children, the testicles and the penis significantly increase in size at the beginning. This is later followed by the growth of hair in the pubic area and the armpits. After, the breast tissue gains a little thickness in size. It is at this point that the voice changes, and later followed by facial hair growth as the last stage.

    As a parent upon gaining familiarity with all the different stages, you need to monitor your children closely and change your approach as they grow with time. Otherwise the results could be catastrophic as they shall be vulnerable to severe anxiety disorders. Worth noting is that these sequences of female and male reactions to puberty might not be respected in order of appearance as they were previously listed. However such cases are rare.

    Some other stages that youths go through during puberty are change in hormones which result in a change in the way they think and feel. At such points, teenagers often develop feelings and thoughts that do not make any sense at all.

    Puberty does not only bring strange ways of thinking to the kids, it also causes them to feel uncomfortable after realizing a series of changes that have been made on to their bodies. This can likely lead to anxiety in children.

    Children during the ages of 13 to 18 often experience their most difficult moments in life as they face a lot of changes within themselves, and difficulties in school. Thus parents should assist their children go through this strenuous moments of life successfully.

    Your child’s energy level variations and mood changes are just normal in their advancement through a successful puberty age range.

    Your child will be anxious to establish his/her own personal identity. They will like to build new friendships and have a record of their personal experiences. Several children at this age range often encounter a lot of difficulties in managing their current friendship relationships.

    Still during this puberty age range, teenagers might likely begin to explore their sexuality as well as take on dates and enhancement of love relationships. They pay proper attention on their look and are much more conscious of their dressing before living the house something that they neglected throughout the previous years. With this in mind the parent will be able to rightfully direct them.

    It is still during this time that children look for more responsibilities like picking out leadership positions wherever they find themselves. Below is our ultimate guide on the different strategies to address puberty manifestations in teenagers.

    Strategies to Address Puberty Manifestation in Teenagers

    Build an open/friendly relationship and simple communication line with your children

    Have you ever thought for once how the world will look like if there was no communication among humans? What a horrible thing. Luckily enough that is not the case. Communication is the key to success in all that human beings do. Without communication we won’t be where we are today. If parents had installed proper communication lines between them and their kids, the number of deaths of both mother and child or child due to teenage abortions would have greatly reduced.

    That was just to bring out the importance of communication in properly addressing puberty manifestations in teenagers. In the same sense, when thinking of how to help a child with anxiety, proper communication with the child is absolutely important. It is not just a question of communicating with your children, the communication must be effective. That is, its purpose must be fruitful, it has to be well passed and rightly interpreted. In conditions of doubt, the child should be free to openly ask for clarifications.

    Communication is two sided meaning that, the parent speaks while the child carefully listeners and later the parent also gets the child’s own point of view. For this type of intimate discussion to be possible between a parent and the child, there must be an already existing friendly relationship between them.

    Gone are the old traditions, although still practiced in some areas where parents make their children to grow up in fear. In such conditions children are always afraid and quiet when seated with their parents. However, we can openly perceive the results of such negligence and unthinkable beliefs in these countries, so many youths get pregnant before marriage, some on trying to abort the pregnancy end up dying. Whereas if their parents had opened up to them and guided them through their puberty age, all these won’t be happening.

    Up to date, so many parents still find it out of place to make friendship with their children. It should not be the case. As a parent it is an obligation you bring up your child properly. Your child will only open up to you when he feels that you two are close enough to discuss his intimacy. And it is at this point that you advice the child on what to do and not to do as well as correct him of previous mistakes.

    This friendly relationship with your children is not something that you can wait for them to reach puberty before you start trying to build. The process of building a solid friendship relationship with your children begins from birth. Being friendly to your kids however does not mean you won’t discipline them in order to put them on the right track.

    Yes we are in a very busy world, but you must always find as much time as you can to spend with your family every week. You can take your kids on week-end vacations or to some other recreational places and outings. Dinning as a family is very important in building parent/kid relationships. Taking on physical activities as well is beneficial in reinforcing the relationship. Even if it means 10 minutes of physical exercises every morning, it’s still ok. Playing with your kids is of added importance as they won’t look at you with fear. All these you do while monitoring the changes taking place in their lives.

    Learn much about the adolescent world

    Only the right clues can lead one to the right solutions. It is true that every parent has crossed the adolescent age and knows a few things surrounding the period. Nevertheless, as days go by, youths are actively involving themselves in to new activities that can compromise their future especially when they are crossing their puberty ages. Today’s youths are much more exposed to foreign traditions, behaviors, and beliefs that they observe on TV as well as those that they read from books which are constantly being written. Today’s youths have actively involved in drug business. Parents should have an up to date knowledge of the adolescent world.

    It is only by knowing the adolescent world, that a parent can better direct and address puberty manifestations in teenagers.

    Parents should inform themselves of the behaviors of their neighbors, their ways of life and moral ethics. Parents should also do their best to inform themselves of the different situations that their children are subjected to in schools, and roads. Parents should know the type of people that their children move around with. Having all this information at hand, a parent will easily know how to help a child with anxiety.

    Prepare your children for their puberty age

    Knowing the child’s age, parents can attest with 95% confidence that by next year or in the next two years, their child will start experiencing puberty. This estimated period can be made easily with respect to the previous given years that female and male children start experiencing puberty. Immediately you feel your child will soon enter the period, it is important to start talking things out so that this won’t turn into a horrible experience for them. Make them know that you are there for them and you are ready to assist them to go through this stage. By so doing, they won’t feel rejected when the time comes but rely on you.

    When your child is about a year to the estimated period, talk with them of possible changes they would soon start experiencing. Make them to tell you what they experience as change. They will not be surprised by the changes. In fact, they will be observing themselves daily for the changes. Assure them that you love them the way they are and that you deeply care for them. If you happen to fail in this duty as a parent, some other person can likely prepare your child in the wrong way.

    Guiding your children through their ages of puberty

    As a parent, during the puberty duration period, children often feel that they are big enough and can take their own decisions. Thus, this is the most critical point in their life which if attention is not paid, they will go astray. Puberty is characterized in youths by the increase and change of hormones on daily basis. These new hormones greatly affect the way they perceive the world and their behaviors. As previously mentioned, you as a parent should be the first to talk to your child about puberty before someone else does in the wrong way.

    Always remember that your child is often surrounded with several people with different doctrines ready to teach. This is the age range that a parent is supposed to keep a close eye on the child, spend more time with the child than ever. Discuss with the child about their feelings and emotions. Teach and show them the right way to take. Constantly have a close and intimate discussion with the child. Make the child feel absolutely free to discuss with you on the different worries they are experiencing.

    It is from this age that you need to teach your children how to confront life as a whole. Teach the children how to make better decisions after judging them over and over. Teach them the importance of hard work in life when a person is looking forth to succeed. From this period hence forth, take decisions with your child. Assure them that you are always there for them and that if they face any difficulties or come across any worries they are free to discuss it over with you.

    Assisting your daughter in waiting for her first period is highly significant and very important. Carefully and openly explain in details to your daughter how to use sanitary items. You can as well discreetly pack some in her school bag. Carefully explain the process to your daughter, and alert her of the pains that can follow it. In this way, she will not only be prepared but she will also feel accepted and loved by you. Let her know that it is very natural and she has nothing to worry about.

    You can as well assist your son by discussing with him and explaining to him that it is just normal that both testes gain size while one grows more than the other. You can as well reassure your son of the normality in changes of voice sound and growth of breast tissue. You should also reassure your son that penis size does not impact sexual drive or functioning.

    Better understanding and addressing anxiety issues in teenagers

    A lot of teenagers often experience simple/normal anxiety disorders whereas others often experience severe anxiety disorders. Minor anxiety in children can be dealt with but in cases of severe anxiety disorders, a professional should be sent for. This is because such issues can influence the way teenagers think, behave, and feel. Anxiety in children is something to be taken normal when it last for very short periods. They should be seen as something good in children.

    Normal anxiety in children that should not be worried about is often experienced for a short period of time. Some can simply last for one to few hours as well as a day. Such anxiety disorders do not need the assistance of a professional.

    However, severe anxiety disorder issues which require professional medical assistance can be observed when a teenager’s anxious feelings are long lasting, going for months and weeks thus compromising his ability to do everyday things. These could be the ability to learn, and socialize with other youths.

    There exist several anxiety symptoms in teens which should be taken serious only when they turn to last for up to a period of two weeks and above. Monitor your child to see if he/she has any of the following anxiety symptoms in teens;

    • The powerful feel and desire to do a particular thing;
    • Your child is always running away from social activities;
    • Your child is very shy;
    • Your child feels constantly restless, highly tense and very agitated.
    • Your child is completely unable to relax;
    • Your child can’t control his feelings;
    • Your child is highly sensible to criticisms; and
    • Is always expecting the worst to happen even when things are going well.

    The above anxiety symptoms in teens should be properly addressed if possible with the help of a professional medical doctor in order to avoid long term or future mental disorders.

    The following physical symptoms of anxiety in children will to guide on how to help a child with anxiety:

    • Your child goes to the toilet more than usual;
    • Your child has sore or tense muscles;
    • Sweats much;
    • Severe head ache;
    • Nausea; and
    • Difficulties in sleeping, and often wakes up very early in the morning.

    Some other vital anxiety symptoms in teens worth noting are forgetfulness and trouble concentrating day-to-day activities.

    It is true that you may likely feel discouraged and disturbed in discussing the mental issues of anxiety with your child. These severe anxiety disorders won’t go on their own unless someone confronts them with a professional approach. If you notice that your kid is suffering from anxiety in children, the best remedy is to seek professional assistance at his young age. This if not done might likely lead to some other severe anxiety disorders and mental disturbances as the child grows to old age.

    Assisting your child at home is one of the best ways on how to help a child with normal anxiety. You can do this by not directly attacking the child of being shy. Do not intervene to help the child unless it is urgent. Always appreciate your child after they have done something they like to do. Encourage them to carry out the activities they like. Always acknowledge your child’s fear but reassure them that you are there for them and ready to protect, guide and lead them.

    Another outstanding way on how to help a child with anxiety is calling up on the attention of the school counselors. You can as well make a call to any of the parenting hotlines.

    For the past years, severe anxiety disorders have shown to easily respond to treatment, when noticed and dealt with at young ages. The best approach has been the physiological treatment whereby professionals assist children in surpassing their anxieties. However drugs can likely be administered in rare cases.

    However trying to stop anxiety in children is very difficult since the hormones that are being produced in them during this age range will not only change their character, but will make them to perceive that there is nothing wrong with their character. Parents should sacrifice their precious time to assist their kids in realizing their mistakes in this age range.

  • Wholesale jewelry
  • Jewelry development in history has changed a lot !

    From the exquisite Victorian period, to the extremely luxurious Edward VII period, and then to the exaggerated neo-classical period, jewelry has undergone a change, jewelry styles are becoming more and more colorful, distinctive personality, we see the modern jewelry or simple and generous, or dazzling, but are evolved from the former design style, today we will take you to understand the development of jewelry. 



    Antique jewelry: the imprint of the times

    Speaking of "antique jewelry" style type, can be divided into five stages: Victorian style (1836 - 1901), Art Nouveau style (1890 - 1919), Edward VII style (1901 - 1920), Art Deco style (1920 - 1935), neo-classical style (1935 - 1950).

    Victorian period: Jewelry was mostly based on the theme of love and romance, with flowers, hearts, birds and bows and arrows being skillfully designed by artisans on jewelry.


    Art Nouveau period: Jewelry was designed to welcome the "New Age". Butterflies, dragonflies, snakes, poppies, orchids, water lilies and other natural plants were widely used in jewelry designs.


    Edward VII period: the use of diamonds and platinum and other precious metals, the ultimate luxury and fine production.


    Art Deco period: jewelry design is distinctive and contrasting with the past, with handsome and sharp thick lines to express industrialized society and women's self-reliance, and geometric craft cutting to make jewelry have perfect symmetry.


    Neoclassical period: jewelry right in the middle of the Great Depression. The jewelry of this period is characterized by short, fat shapes and exaggerated sizes of colored stones. The extensive use of rose gold, green gold and yellow gold makes the jewelry of this period colorful and glamorous.


    From the change of era on, we appreciate the magical charm that comes with jewelry, which is the reason why it has been sought after throughout the years. The jewelry output of modern society has reached a rather sufficient degree, jewelry is no longer the exclusive of the noble class, more and more common people can pick their favorite jewelry at a lower price through wholesale jewelry. jewelrykg is such a jewelry jewelry company, the company wants to use low prices to get the recognition of consumers.


    If you need to buy jewelry , please choose  wholesale jewelry , discount code kbj2kzvy will bring you more discounts

  • A Rewarding Home Improvement Project
  • Many people are choosing window replacement as a home improvement project, and for good reason. When done accurately and beautifully, windows can transform the look of your home from the interior and from the exterior. You can let the natural light flood your home while also showing off your distinctive structural style of choice. Let window replacement in Downers Grove IL be the creative and rewarding home improvement project that you’ve been looking for.

    Picking What’s Right For You

    Windows can be installed in practically as many options as you can imagine. The first step in window replacement is choosing which style would suit you best. Are you looking to add a luxurious decorative window to your front door? Have you wanted to simply replace all windows in your home with those made from a superior technology? The best way to begin the important process of window replacement in Downers Grove IL is to visit a showroom. Doing so can give you creative inspiration as well as a great idea of what services are available to you.

    Installing Your New Windows

    The next important step is understanding the installation process. Many people feel uneasy about installation processes that seem to take over their entire homes for weeks or even months. Moreover, they are worried that they could be charged for services they didn’t need or want in the first place. Fortunately, you can rest assured that the process of window replacement in Downers Grove IL will be utterly professional. You can expect the service team to arrive early in order to cover your home in protective removable cloth so that nothing is compromised. They will strive for diligence and efficiency, and depending on your chosen project, could have everything completed in as little as one day. Lastly, you can expect follow through after the job has been done to ensure that you have truly gotten your money’s worth. Prepare to enjoy the incredible benefits of your new windows.

  • Causes and types of cancers in human
  • Oncology is the medical discipline that deals with diagnosing, treating, and studying cancers. In this modern era, the incidence of cancer has increased tremendously due to various external and intrinsic factors. But what exactly is Cancer? According to the definition, Cancer is a condition where body cells grow and multiply uncontrollably, resulting in spreading to other body parts through the blood and lymph system. It can start anywhere in the body. According to epidemiological studies, cancer is the second leading cause of death and disability in the world.

    Causes of Cancer: 

    Several factors are known to cause cancer diseases. However, the exact reason for cancer is the mutation of DNA within cells. Genetic mutation results in the following mechanism to cause cancer:

    • Stimulate abnormal growth and proliferation of abnormal cells
    • Failure to stop uncontrolled cell growth due to mis regulated tumor suppressor genes.
    • Make mistakes while repairing DNA errors.

    Types of Cancer:  

    Cancers can be classified according to the location where they start growing and the type of cancer cells. According to the location of origin, it is divided into lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, etc. At the same time, based on the cell type, it is divided into Five types as follows:

    • Carcinoma: This type of cancer starts in the skin or tissues that line or cover internal organs. Adenocarcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and transitional cell carcinoma are some of the subtypes.
    • Leukaemia: This is called white blood cell cancer. It begins in the bone marrow tissues that produce blood cells.
    • Lymphoma and myeloma: These types of cancers affect the cells of the immune system
    • Sarcoma: This cancer starts to grow in connective or supportive tissues like bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, or blood vessels. It is called soft tissue sarcoma.
    • Brain and spinal cord cancers: These are referred to as central nervous system cancers.


    Central BioHub offers a vast array of human biospecimens for cancer research.

    Get ready for a groundbreaking discovery to treat and cure cancer - the most feared human disease on the planet. The demand for high-quality cancer samples is increasing as the incidence of various types of cancer rises. Global research is driving the development of novel onco-therapeutic and diagnostic systems to improve the recovery of cancer patients. Central BioHub offers 10,000+ human serum and plasma biosamples, 6,000+ FFPE blocks and 100+ frozen cancer tissue samples, which have been thoroughly screened for cancer tissue biomarkers and antigens.


    It provides well-tested, richly annotated, and well-preserved oncology biospecimens in order to achieve the best research results. Click here to learn more about the oncology biospecimen inventory and the most recent updates:

    Let's begin with Central BioHub, the most intelligent online marketplace for human biospecimens.

  • Knee Sleeves
  • Torn cartilage in a variety of athletes has brought down the career of so many and stopped that of others in the sports field. Knee braces are most often used by these athletes to reduce the occurrence of severe injuries. The knee sleeves just as most pieces of supportive equipment need for their use comes with a time. Knee sleeves come with lots of options. Most athletes reach for knee sleeves for warmth, knee protection and stability in their activities. This piece of writing presents the best knee sleeves for powerlifting, weightlifting, knee warmth, squats and cross fit-style workouts.

    Knee sleeves which provide great support to the knee are designed to prevent future injury or risk of damage of the knee. This protection is primordial for knees which are put under great daily pressure be it running, weightlifting or jumping. Reviews of knee sleeves reveal that they add a valuable compression element which greatly increases blood flow while reducing pain. This pain is not only reduced during the exercise but even after the performance. A formula highly considered by those exercising great daily pressure on their knees is ‘’compression plus blood flow leads to a better recovery from great pressures subjected to the knee’’.The knee sleeves adds warmth, limits patella movements and offers the capacity to feel the position of a particular join in space. It also improves proprioception.

    When to use a Knee Sleeve

    Carrying lifting force activities involves a decent amount of mass. And as time passes by, this mass is increased in weight. This is an activity which literally grains the knee cap onto itself. As a result of this, progressive tendonitis comes in place. If care is not taken for the knee during pressure submissions on the body, so many athletes finish up with artificial knees. This makes knee sleeves very essential in most of this knee destruction exercises as they have the possibility of reducing or eliminating the damages.

    Why Knee Sleeves

    There are lots of reasons why an athlete can utilize a knee sleeve. Below are the main reasons why the different strength athletes will reach for a knee sleeve.

    • A power lifter will obviously need a knee sleeve to support their knee’s stability in leg training. Such athletes will generally go for a stiffer and rigid knee sleeve due to the fact they frequently train with heavier loads. Such sleeves provide added compression and build confidence in the heavy movements of these athletes. There exist just a few number of sleeves which are approved for competitions. They generally offer stability and warmth to the knee over all rest periods.
    • Weightlifters often go for sleeves in search of light joint support and warmth. Such athletes need a knee sleeve which is mobile, one which follows the joint movements without inhibition. Due to the fact these athletes often catch weight in the bottom of a squat, thicker and more rigid knee sleeve options are not ideal as they can limit movement. In addition these athletes often take longer periods of rest, this makes a lighter sleeve very useful as it remains comfortable and maintains their joints completely warmth in between sets.
    • Recreational, crossFit and Functional athletes all need sleeves which fits their specific needs best. Throughout one workout, these athletes perform a variety of movements, this makes a versatile sleeve the best for them.

    What to look for in a knee sleeve

    There are some great aspects to be looked upon, for they are what make a great sleeve. The first thing to check for is the knee sleeve’s stability and fabrication material. The second to look for is the rigidness or mobility of the sleeve during a great number of movements in different directions. The third is accessing the capacity of the sleeve to keep and maintain kneel warm throughout a complete workout. The last but not the least to access from a great sleeve is its durability, design and how it will function for different athletes.

    Knee Sleeve stability and material

    • How stable a sleeve is under a bar is greatly influenced by its material. This material is composed of a family of synthetic rubbers. This is a material which has gained popularity in so many domains of application but remains outstanding in lifting due to its great ability to remain stable and flexible over time.
    • The sleeve’s stability is also greatly increased by the thickness of the neoprene. The most common thickness used by strength athletes are 5mm and 7mm. But common neoprene thickness range from 3mm to 7mm. In addition to neoprene, other materials are also used in making these sleeves such as nylon, spandex and cotton blends. The soft flexible nature of sleeves come as a result of the mixture of this materials with neoprene.
    • fittness to the joint, sleeves made from spandex and nylon turn to be the best thanks to their lightweight. These are materials which stretch very well allowing the sleeve to hug the knee and give them their comfort soft texture on the skin. Cotton remains one of the common materials you will find on sleeves giving them a soft texture.

    Mobility and Rigidity

    • This is an assessment which shadows the point above and at most times comes down to the sleeve’s thickness. Mobility is often limited by a thicker sleeve which instead provides more support throughout the movements. For all mobility focused athletes like functional fitness athletes and Olympic filters, thinner sleeves will work best for them. The knee sleeve design and material play a great role in this assessment.
    • In order to carry out this assessment we analyse all possibilities on how the sleeve follows the joint in different movements. It should be noted that a more mobile knee sleeve won’t hinder performance related to mobility issues. When analysing a sleeve’s rigidity, it is important to do so by looking for support in bottom lifting positions.

    Joint Warmth

    • Sleeves were initially used solely for joint warmth before ever becoming popular for recreational lifting purposes. But today, so many athletes use sleeves without even realising that one of their main purpose is keeping kneel warm. Strength sport, material and fit will greatly influence this factor. The level of compression offered by the sleeve will also influence the joint’s warmth.
    • Accessing the ability of the sleeve to keep the knee warm can be done by taking into consideration what type of material was used for its fabric and how fit it is on to you.

    Construction and Durability

    There are so many athletes who have not yet realised how many knee sleeve designs exist. This piece of writing will be presenting them. Examples of different sleeve designs include; cylinder, tapered and four panel. Other factors which will cater a sleeve’s perfect fit for you is greatly influenced by these different forms. The standard and most common sleeve design is the tapered design. This is a versatile sleeve which will work for many athletes in a variety of sports. An excellent example of such a knee sleeve is the Rehband 7mm knee sleeve. The cylinder-esque design is often used commonly in more rigid sleeves like SBD. The least common of the three being the four-panel design has multiple pieces of materials which are sewn into one sleeve. This design is highly utilized by Bear Complex Sleeves.

    It should be noted that different sleeve constructions come with different rates of durability and comfort. There exist some sleeves with a reinforced stitching ranging from hooked stitching to quadruple stitching. For durability, the placing of stitching also matters much. For stitching to be durable, it should not be in a place of constant contact with knurling.

    Looking at its edges is another way to predict a sleeves durability. Most sleeves come with hemmed edges which are aimed at preventing them from ripping prematurely. In addition, the tighter a sleeve’s edges are, the less chance you have stretching over time.

    Most importantly, the biggest factor for a sleeve’s durability is the material used in its fabric. The best knee sleeves utilize a high grade neoprene, nylon, spandex or blend mixture which does not easily stretch out under constant load.

    Below are reviews of knee sleeves;

    The Bear Complex 7mm Knee Sleeve

    The Bear Complex 7mm Knee Sleeve

    The Bear Complex 7mm Knee sleeve is one of the best knee sleeves for any functional fitness workouts. There are some characteristics which are offered by this sleeve making it perfect for Cross Fit-Style workouts. Reviews of knee sleeves reveal that this particular one has a little bit of every feature you would want in a versatile knee sleeve. In addition it is fitting for all functional workouts. These knee sleeves are composed of premium and rigid 7mm neoprene. They do not limit mobility too much. This makes them able to provide a little pop out of a squat. They are designed to limit Olympic lifting performance. It comes in a four-panel design which is highly appreciated and rated high. The bear complex is the best option for anyone in search of a more versatile kneel sleeve that is on a little thicker slide. Bear complex knee sleeves are ideal for squatting, running, snatches, power cleans and box jumps. So many people who have already used this knee sleeve together with those who are using it highly rate it thanks to the support it provides for front squats. This knee sleeve is designed in a particular way that allows it to increase blood flow and reduce pain thanks to its snug fit. The manufacturer of this product offers you the choice between 5mm and 7mm thickness. The thicker option of this knee sleeve is reserved for those who are lifting or performing squats. If you are a basketball player or one who takes on races, then the 5mm thickness is better for you. The Bear complex knee sleeve comes in a variety of colours and patterns offering you a field of choices to make depending on your individual preferences.

    The ExoSleeve 7mm Knee Sleeve

    The ExoSleeve Knee Sleeve

    This is one of the best weight lifting knee sleeves. The options of equipment and gear grow up alongside with the growth of sports. As far as colours and comfort are desired, Exosleeve offers the best in terms of knee sleeves. Knee sleeves reviews reveal they are the least expensive but come as high quality sport equipment. Looking from a performance standpoint, the Exosleeves do all what is intended to do. They give your knees a good supporting base. In addition they also keep your knees warm all through the session. This sleeves come with a minimal slippage. This is an ideal sleeve for those in search of one which won’t ride down. Looking at them from the comfort standpoint, they are just so excellent since they do not cut up your blood circulation. They are easy to wash, and even after a series of washes they do not fade out. These are sleeves made of 7mm premium neoprene. This gives them a pretty nice feature which allows mobility while keeping the knee warm. With these sleeves, even as workouts progress they do not slid down. It remains one of the best knee sleeves for CrossFit style workouts.

    The Iron Bull strength 7mm knee sleeve

     The Iron Bull strength 7mm knee sleeve

    This is a good knee sleeve for functional workouts due to its great features. For those in search of extra support of their knees, this knee sleeve turns to be the best for them as it offers a little bit of rigidity. These sleeves cover a variety of knee sleeve tasks and are at an affordable price. These sleeves come in 7mm thickness and are all available in Iron Bull’s distinctive Red. It comes in an ergonomic 3-D design which assures an anatomical fit to best provide an ideal level of guidance to your working joint. A feature making it one of the best knee compression sleeves. They are suitable as weight lifting knee sleeves and are slightly longer than others in the market. The reason for this is to provide an additional level of warmth and compression to the patellar area thereby increases blood flow in the knee vessels. Durability and high performance has been guaranteed throughout the sleeve by double stitching it. A high level of compression at the knee joint is provided by the Iron Bull knee sleeve, this leads to less movement of the patellar as you take on squatting action. They are designed in a way that will help you maintain proper technique during weight lifting. It reduces lower back problems and knee strain. Its features make it quite suitable as one of the best knee sleeves for weight lifting knee. This sleeve comes at an affordable price and allows you take on and complete your job easily. This sleeve has the following pros and cons;


    • Double stitching
    • Longer sleeve
    • Ergonomic 3-D design


    • Tight during first wear

    The Mava Sports Elastic Knee Support

      The Mava Sports Elastic Knee Support

    This is the very best elastic support knee sleeve you would find in the market. Its elasticity makes it a suitable knee support for training. They are designed with lots of diligence with the aim of keeping you not only healthy but comfortable. They help bring improvements in all physical activities you take on. This knee sleeve different from the others already reviewed. It is not made from neoprene but from nylon and spandex. This is the best knee support for training you will find in the market. For other cardio movements this sleeve can also do a great job.

    The Eleiko 7mm Knee Sleeve


    The Eleiko 7mm Knee Sleeve

    Reviews of knee sleeves show that the Eleiko 7mm knee sleeve is one of the best weight lifting knee sleeves of all times. This is simply because it is in possession of all the characteristics which are looked at for a good weightlifting sleeve. Its 7mm neoprene hugs the knee very tight and also provides ultimate stability without limiting mobility even in the least way. This stands out as the most important factor for most weightlifters as they often find themselves in odd positions catching weight overhead. They are knee sleeves which never slide due to their contour edges. In addition it is wallet friendly.

    The Emerge Fitness 5mm and 7mm Knee sleeve

     The Emerge Fitness 5mm and 7mm Knee sleeve

    Being one of the weightlifting knee sleeves it offers a 7mm neoprene which completely hugs the knee well without interfering or limiting mobility. This is the premium choice when it comes to knee support for training and running. It is also ideal for CrossFit and Plyometric exercises. Ultimate protection of your patellar joint is guaranteed by this knee sleeve. This knee sleeve also boost the fast flow of blood for the extraction of nutrients to the synovial area. This best knee sleeves will allow for a free range of movements such as lunging without interruption and jumping. One of the most impressive features is its price. It comes at a wallet friendly price. They are very durable leg sleeves. The sleeve stays in place after fitting snugly. This sleeve will not sleeve down even if you are doing multiple reps. It offers you with a close fit making sure that the heat is retained in the joints and surrounding. By so doing the risk of injury is greatly reduced together with post exercise soreness. It also acts as one of the best knee compression sleeves. If you are having pre-existing knee problems, then you will be in need of all the compression and protection you can get. In order to increase circulation and blood flow, it delivers maximum heat compression. This is also an ideal option if you are looking to do heavy squats so often.


    This 7mm sleeve thickness is one for most power, strength and fitness sports. With this said, it can act efficiently as a knee support for running. It is produced with aim of providing support for daily use during snatches, squats and heavy cleans. They come with the flexibility needed for light-load high intensity WODs. They are also provided in 5mm for those who prefer taking it as a knee support for running. This sleeves provide greater stability to their users.

    Comfort and fit

    This knee sleeves made of neoprene come in thicknesses of 5 and 7mm both in a black colour. So you can take on that which best fit you and the purpose for taking it. They are designed to offer great comfort to all those using them.


    Purchasing this knee sleeve is more of an investment as it is a long lasting one. It is stitched in a way that it will last long. In addition, premium neoprene is used in its fabric, this assures its long life.


    • Provides an average support
    • Fair price
    • Good flexibility
    • With reinforced cross stitching it is extremely durable
    • Possesses a double inlay cross stitching
    • Your squat poundage is greatly improved with its elasticity
    • It is cost effective


    Shorter Sleeve length

    The Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeve

    The Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeve 

    In the Knee sleeve market, the Rehband name is the most respected. This is due to the fact they have built a strong reputation on custom fit, durable and ergonomically molded sleeves that stand the test of time. The comfort 7mm Rehband knee sleeve in its one and only distinctive blue remains their flagship model living up to the reputation. This knee compression sleeves does a great job by compressing the patellar and retaining all the warmth which is needed to lubricate the joint in its movements. In order to provide a smooth and comfortable fit without any snagging the Rehband 7mm Knee sleeve has an extremely smooth inner surface. After purchasing this knee sleeve, you will never have to worry about it slipping when you take on it as a knee support for training. Reviews of knee sleeves reveal the following pros and cons for the Rehband knee sleeve.


    • It comes with an anatomical form fitting design
    • It is in possession of a very durable construction
    • It is tit fit and very comfortable to use


    • It is expensive

    The Workt 7mm Knee Sleeve

    The Workt 7mm Knee Sleeve 

    Knee sleeves reviews reveal the workt 7mm as one of the best knee sleeves which is outstanding due to its unique fabric design. Different from other knee compression sleeves which are made from neoprene, the workt 7mm knee sleeve is made from a patented compound called Ecoprene. The primary difference between neoprene and ecoprene is the fact that Ecoprene’s cell structure is far more uniform and compact. This translates ecoprene to a more elastic, stronger and firmer fitting training knee sleeve. To be noted is the fact that ecoprene is easier to slip on and off when compared to neoprene. In addition Ecoprene is waterproof, great breathability and sweat resistant. One of the most important features to be noted is the fact that the Workt Knee sleeve provides just the right mix of patellar compression and looseness. It permeates the joint to track through a range of exercise movements. With its proper compressibility, it also retains warmth to the joint ensuring that it is well lubricated to take on its normal functions. Knee sleeves reviews send out the following pros and cons about this knee sleeve;


    • It is waterproof
    • It is Eco-friendly
    • has an excellent insulation
    • strong yet lightweight


    • It comes with no sweat removal system

    The Tommy Kono Knee Band

     The Tommy Kono Knee Band

    This is the original band which was produced by the iconic weight lifter back in the 1960’s. With this said, it can be concluded that this is one of the best knee sleeves for weight lifting which was brought about by an experienced weight lifter. Unlike most knee sleeves, the Tommy kono knee band is made from premium rubber. This makes them not only fitting but extremely durable. The tommy kono Knee sleeve will give you the best form fit of any knee sleeve in the market. Amongst the knee sleeves in the market, this one will give you the best heat retention. These are the go to and the best knee sleeves in the market for people with pre-existing knee complaints and are in search of maximum heat generation while lifting. Unlike most other knee sleeves, this one is longer and provides you with complete coverage moving from your lower thigh all the way up to your upper calf. This knee compression sleeve aids in patellar stability giving you the best proprioceptive response. While you are under a heavy iron, this knee sleeve helps you have a greater and better awareness of your body. It has the following pros and cons;


    • It is constructed from rubber
    • Possesses a superior level of warmth when compared to the others
    • It is tight fit providing excellent compression


    • It is hard to get on and off

    The McDavid Hex Leg Sleeve

     The McDavid Hex Leg Sleeve

    With a hexagonal cushioning the McDavid Hex Leg sleeve provides an extra patellar padding. This is a sleeve which is a lot longer than most others both below and above the patella. This is one of the best knee support for training. It also acts best as a sleeve for CrossFit movements rather than acting as one of the weight lifting knee sleeves. Its long length provides free form movements and great compression. It comes with a very effective built-in moisture evaporating system. Sweat is easily wicked away by this sleeve. This sleeve comes with a minimum of discomfort during training. During your training sessions it does not slip around. The sleeve fits just more snugly to the skin. It has the following pros and cons;


    • It is a compact fit knee compression sleeve
    • It comes with superior sweat and moisture removal features
    • Its full length is 16 inch
    • It comes with an extra hex knee padding


    • It is a little too tight in the thigh area

    The Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves


    The Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves

    These are premium quality knee compression sleeves which are designed for high performance and ultimate protection. With a double reinforced stitching they are constructed from a 7mm neoprene material. This makes them relatively thicker than the other bands. This is one of the best weight lifting knee sleeves which is ergonomically designed for a better form fit. They are best suited for weightlifting than running due to their thickness. It is very comfortable to wear and allows for all natural knee bends. It does not only give you a snug fit and comfort feeling but also very easy to get on and off. Being a good Knee compression sleeve it will offer you the unrestricted compression you desire to keep your knee warm. If you have any pre-existing knee pain, this sleeve will be ideal for you as it will provide a lot of assistance. Its bends are always sold as a pair. The sleeve has the following pros and cons;


    • It comes at a wallet friendly price
    • It is form fitting
    • It possesses a strong construction resistance to destruction


    • It possesses a strong odour

    The Delta Strength Knee Sleeves


    The Delta Strength Knee Sleeves

    This is one of the best Knee sleeves which comes with an ergonomic design which conforms to the shape of your knee. The design delivers great support and compression. This knee sleeve comes double stitched as a way of reinforcing it and guaranteeing its durability. This is a knee sleeve which is in possession of maximum strength. It is made with a thick neoprene material which delivers an extra level of stability and warmth to the patella area. The neoprene material also provides you with a great and significant stretching ability. You are able to move from squat to plyometric effortlessly thanks to the great flexibility of the Delta Knee sleeves. This sleeves offer the ability of warming up safely the patellar area, supporting and stabilising the knee. Thanks to these sleeves you are granted the ability of enhancing blood flow for improved endurance and reduced fatigue. With them you easily improve your post-exercise muscle recovery. This sleeve comes with the following pros and cons;


    • It is made from thick neoprene material
    • They are easily stretchable
    •  Conform to the knee


    • It needs an extra-large size

    The ExousBodygear Compression Support EX277

    The ExousBodygear Compression Support EX277 

    This is one of the weight lifting knee sleeves which is designed and fabricated to have a 7mm thickness of neoprene to provide ultimate support. This sleeve comes with a length which is longer than the average on the market. It is aimed at providing a superior and leading level of guidance, warmth and protection. Its extra 2cm length provides you with greater surface area of protection all through your activities. This sleeve comes with a relative improvement on its density, quality and thickness. For maximum strength and durability it is triple stitched. Exous knowing fully well the durability and strength of its sleeve, offers a full 12 months warranty aimed at protecting her consumers. This sleeve has the following pros and cons:


    • It is triple stitched to ensure its long lasting and mighty strength in performance
    • It is fabricated with premium neoprene material
    • It is relatively longer when compared to other knee sleeves


    • May loosen after a long period of use

    The Athlos Knee Sleeves review

    The Athlos Knee Sleeves  

    This remains the best knee sleeve for people who often partake in lunges, CrossFit and Squats. These people love the Athlos knee sleeve due to its compatibility to the requirements in each of their disciplines. One of the added benefits which come with this product is the fact they are usually purchased in pairs. There exist some brands who only sell sleeves separately. These sleeves have been designed to enhance comfort for the back of the knee and also enhance the mobility of the knees of all who require mobility in their sports. Since this brand possesses added mobility as feature, it is suitable for all those playing basketball.

    The Rocktape Knee Caps Review


    The Rocktape Knee Caps

    These are wonderful knee sleeves which are capable of providing an added height for additional support. They are also capable of providing extra stability for squats, deadlifts and pistols. These are knee sleeves which also offer the benefits of wearing compression clothing. Its seals help much in providing additional heat which is necessary to increase blood flow together with better contouring. These knee sleeves are available in a wide range of colours and patterns offering you the ability to make a choice.

    The Knee Sleeves Support and Compression

    These are weight lifting knee sleeves crafted by a premium weightlifting company referred to as Nordic lifting. They design and built up high quality knee sleeves which deliver comfortable support for both sexes. This knee sleeves are designed to take the sportsmanship to a heightened level. This sleeve comes with a proven compression which ensures the recovery of muscular parts. Even during impulsive impacts, consumers of this sleeve are free from injuries thanks to its protective nature and capability. This is ideally suitable for powerlifting, weightlifting, cross Fit training and lots of other strength workouts. The knee sleeves not only come in pair but also come with a 1 year warranty which is aimed at protecting consumers. This has been and will always remain a perfect sports companion.

    The Evolutionize 7mm Knee Sleeves

    The highest degree of performance is being provided by these knee sleeves. This is a material which not only stands the test of time but can boast for high quality premium material and highly skilled craftsmanship. This knee sleeves deliver an unmatchable level of support to their consumers. It has been tested several times and proven to function well in any extreme condition thereby outclassing any other knee sleeve present in the market. Enhanced support and warmth is being provided by the 7mm thick neoprene which is used for a special design to assist the athletes best. This knee sleeve is not only a guaranteed performer but it is a trusted athlete’s companion for excellent outcomes.

    The Ultra Flex Athletics Knee compression sleeve support

    Coming from Ultra Flex, this knee sleeve is ideally suitable for a variety of sports like the mixed martial arts, volleyball, soccer, basketball, skiing, hiking and tennis. Its main function here is to prevent any future injury on the athlete’s behalf. It is known and highly reputed for lessening any sort of swelling inflammation while promoting blood flow in the muscles correctly. This knee sleeve leads to a better heating effect which is essential for keeping the knee well lubricated. While protecting you, this tool enhances your capability.

    The CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace

    These are super customer friendly Knee sleeves with a guaranteed performance. This means in case of any faulty material you are refunded all your bucks back. This knee sleeves come with an anti-slippery system which is operated by the double silicone preventing even the least slip. This knee sleeve has been carefully designed to protect you from any injury or even the least inflammation. It comes with several relaxing features which are aimed at ensuring your comfort ability. This Knee sleeve helps much in arthritis and other discomforts. These sleeves are carefully crafted by experts from top material copper infused nylon. They are all completely odour free.

    The iDofit Knee Sleeve Support and compression

    Being amongst the best knee sleeves, they boast the heavy duty 5mm CR neoprene to deliver ultimate compression and support. This sleeves are highly rated over the net by lots of athletes in so many domains of sport. This is one of the best weight lifting knee sleeves which offers not only comfort ability to the knee, it also prevents it from any risk of present or future injury. This knee sleeve comes with an exclusive 3-D stitching which guarantees its ultimate strength and durability even when subjected under a variety of strain exercises. This knee sleeve offers great stability to the athletes in each movement taken. 

  • Six Ways Small Businesses Can Promote Their Brand Offline
  • Most small business owners aim for the sky and are willing to go to lengths to ensure their organization’s success. Unfortunately, these entrepreneurs have limited resources (both financial and talent) and this prevents them from racing past established competitors. In order to excel in the highly competitive business world, it’s important that you look at ways to establish credibility for your brand, boost awareness about your services, and generate significant sales.

    These tasks are not straightforward and require a lot of planning and execution. It’s important that you put your marketing budget to the right use so that you can gain quality ROI through the years.

    In this post, we will look at some simple yet effective ways small businesses can promote their brand name effectively:

    1. Design an exciting logo that captures your target audience’s attention

    A logo is the visual representation of your brand, and can transform the way people perceive about you. Hire experienced designers to create a logo that smartly conveys your brand story. 
    The logo should be relevant, memorable and timeless, helping your target audience distinguish your business from competitors. A well-designed logo can also 

    2. Print plenty of business cards

    For decades, business cards have played a major role in spreading brand awareness. A well-crafted business card can represent your brand in style, grabbing potential leads in quick time. It does a good job of introducing your company or yourself. 
    Don’t over-populate the business card. Ensure that you add only important information such as your organization’s logo, your name, contact details and website address. Carry a few business cards wherever you go and pass them on to potential customers. 

    3. Invest in personalized apparel

    The world of promotional apparels offers a lot of marketing opportunities for businesses. You can choose a personalized T-shirt, sweatshirt, cap or jacket with your logo on it. Shop around and pick a supplier who offers products at budget-friendly rates. Opt for quality designs that can leave a positive mark in your marketing campaign.

    4. Attend trade shows

    Trade shows offer great opportunities to showcase your products and brand. Ensure that your stall is having a unique theme that cleverly represents your business. Think about how you can encourage participants to step in and experience the products showcased in your stall. It’s a good idea to have cleverly-presented employees highlighting your brand.

    5. Give away Promotional Products

    We mentioned personalized apparel above but the world of promotional merchandise also has a lot more in store for you. Choose from drinkware, mugs, trade show items, writing instruments and lots more to make your branding efforts memorable. Choose a supplier and scan through their website to pick the right products for your brand.

    6. Join networking events

    It’s important that you keep track of networking events taking place in your area. Attending one event itself will introduce to a whole new set of people from your industry. Such events are the perfect way to build a relationship with people in your industry. 
    These networking events can help to build a good reputation for your brand. After you attend a few events, you can try to register yourself as a speaker. This will help boost your brand’s reputation in the business community.

    We hope the pointers above help to drive your business in the right direction. Small businesses should be prepared to embrace the cost-efficient methods mentioned in this article. An organization such as Promo Direct can help you achieve your business goals through effective promotional merchandise and quality marketing tips. With careful planning, you can achieve strategic goals that year after year while winning the long-term trust of your target audience. 

  • Search Website for Executive Suites and Other Serviced Office Solutions
  • Business is always about utilising the best out of the available resources and keep on moving ahead. This is for each business, whether it is a large organisation, midsized company or a start-up which has recently ventured out and trying to establish their base in the business world.

    We all would agree to a basic fact that in today’s world survival of the fittest is so true, but more than that one needs to even keep moving for better in their domain. With so much of competition and change of economic trends, engaging in business is not longer a cake walk and one need to keep his/her basics right as well as base strong.

    Feeling the heat of strong competition and much more now, organisations are smartly opting for cutting down on fixed costs as well as unnecessary expenses and maximising profits. This is something which is essential not only for survival in the business world, but also for moving ahead and booking profits. Slowly and steadily the business world has moved in the direction of sharing costs and from free services to fee-based services and this has been the mantra now to touch new heights of success. This smart move will not only pay in the short run but would definitely be the trend for coming many years with declining resources.

    The most happening and trendy ways in business these days is the concept of shared office space NYC and this is so common that even larger organisations are supporting as well as opting for this concept where they think they do not need to set up a large or a heavy base for their business dealings.

    This concept is an instant hit especially for smaller businesses and startups who cannot afford to invest in an office initially as their major contribution or revenue goes into managing and expanding their business. No one would wish to initially spend a heavy amount into setting up an office and this is the reason serviced office New York concept is getting more and more popular.

    This shared office space concept allows a business to simply come plug and play and start performing from day one which otherwise is not a possibility if they start thinking of setting up an office from scratch. There are many popular websites which offer all the details of a variety of shared office spaces in New York and all one needs is to check and explore which one would suit them the best.

    Each shareable office space is listed on this website with all the details of the facilities which are available as well as the monthly rent which needs to be paid. So, it is easy for everyone to check out all the relevant details as well as even check the place virtually online and click a deal and start a business from day one. Sharing and adding value is the new way of doing business rather than owning larger spaces not contributing anything.

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  • Senior Home Ownership Housing Officer Andover
  • Are you an experienced housing team leader who enjoys a challenge?

    What You’ll Be Doing

    You will be leading a team of Home Ownership Housing Officers, who between them cover Dorset and Hampshire as their region. Using a strong supportive leadership style, you’ll coach the team to provide a consistent, quality service.

    There’s lots to do. This will require you to be at the top of your game, supporting leaseholders to understand their position, whilst providing sound advice on Aster’s behalf and making sure your team are happy and confident.

    You will be seen as a specialist for other parts of the business when it comes to leasehold management, so you’ll often work collaboratively to ensure great outcomes.

    The role is based across Dorset and Hampshire and you’ll need to be based in or very close to these counties to ensure you can fully support your team. And whilst we don’t see you being out and about in the community on a regular basis, you’ll be looking to have regular in office... days with the team and their may be a need to support your team with home visits or trips to court.

    About You

    You’ll definitely have a housing background, with a strong awareness of leasehold management. You will be preparing court documents and may attend court so experience in this area would be beneficial.

    You’ll appreciate the need of running tight processes that support both our customers and your team to do the best job.

    You’ll be confident representing the Home Ownership team both internally and at public meetings, so talking to people and gaining their trust will be a skill you use well.

    You’re going to be covering an area as we mentioned so you’ll need a full, UK driving licence and access to a vehicle for work purposes.

    What’s In It For Me

    We invest in our colleagues because we know if they have a better day at work, the service our customers receive will be better. The Aster Offer is our offer to our colleagues to ensure they have a great day at work and includes things like:
    • Flexible working - whilst some roles need to be carried out in a specific place at a specific time, where possible we encourage our colleagues to work to their own schedule at a location that suits them, their team and our business’ needs
    • A focus on colleague wellbeing - workshops, an employee assistance programme offering counselling and support, mental health training and a health cash plan
    • We invest in colleagues’ careers and development through our leader and colleague development frameworks
    • Defined Contribution Pension and attached life assurance
    • Volunteering hours available to all colleagues to enable them to give back
    • Savings at cinemas, gyms, holidays, days out, various shops and eateries and lots more
    • Enhanced leave
    • We celebrate colleagues who go above and beyond with a range of personalised recognition initiatives, and monthly and annual awards.

    Ready to apply?

    To apply, please use information provided in the advert and role profile to let us know why you’d be good for the job. Please submit a copy of your up-to-date CV along with a supporting statement.

    We create an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity and believe that creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work is the right thing to do.

    At present all interviews are being held using Microsoft Teams.

    Aster is not a sponsorship organisation and all candidates will be required to verify their right to work in the UK prior to commencement of employment with the Aster Group & it’s subsidiary brands
    Andover UK

  • CREDIT ANALYST Indonesia
  • Deskripsi Kerja
    • Memeriksa dan menganalisa dokumen persyaratan kredit beserta hasil input data dari bb marketing
    • Melakukan verifikasi dan analisa kredit terhadap kelengkapan dokumen persyaratan kredit
    • Melakukan resurvey atas aplikasi-aplikasi yang telah disetujui
    • Membuat keputusan persetujuan kredit bersama branch head

    • Usia maksimal 35 tahun
    • Pendidikan minimal S1
    • Memilii kemampuan dalam menganalisa suatu dokumen pengajuan
    • Sehat jasmani dan rohani
    • Teliti dan cermat dalam pengambilan keputusan
    • Memiliki pengalaman minimal 2 tahun dibidang yang sama

  • Assistant Account Manager, Commercial LInes Acapulco
  • Primary Responsibilities and Duties
    • Building and maintaining constructive and effective relationships with internal and external customers by meeting and exceeding expectations
    • Leveraging commercial P&C insurance knowledge and expertise to actively service existing accounts and develop new business opportunities
    • Nurturing professional relationships through the facilitation of personal client meetings and consistent client contact
    • Participating in the retention of renewal business. Interacting with producers to prepare specifications, applications, underwriting data and related information in the marketing of insurance products
    • Ensuring the client has continuous and proper coverage and advising the client of any recommendations within a mutually established timeline
    • Reviewing current policies and providing recommendations regarding placement options. Utilizing coverage checklists and a network of industry contacts to determine appropriate coverage and premiums

    Requirements... and Qualifications:
    • 1 - 3 years' experience of Commercial Lines client management experience preferred
    • Valid P&C brokers' license, or ability to obtain within 90 days of hire preferred
    • Ability to clearly articulate these products/plans to clients and underwriters, including compliance and legislative information

    Risk Strategies is the 9th largest privately held US brokerage firm offering comprehensive risk management advice, insurance and reinsurance placement for property & casualty, employee benefits, private client services, as well as consulting services and financial & wealth solutions. With more than 30 specialty practices, the firm serves commercial companies, nonprofits, public entities, and individuals, and has access to all major insurance markets. Risk Strategies has over 100 offices and nearly 5,000 employees across the US and Canada.

    Industry recognition includes being named a Best Places to Work in Insurance for five consecutive years (2018-2022) and to the Inc. 5000 list as one of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies. Risk Strategies is committed to being good stewards for our company, culture, and communities by having a strong focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance issues.

    Risk Strategies Company does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other reason prohibited by law in provision of employment opportunities and benefits.

    It's All About You

    Risk Strategies offers an amazing suite of benefits and programs to keep you healthy, help plan for your future and protect your family. Our programs are designed to enhance the well-being of employees and enable them to aspire to be the best they can be both personally and professionally. We have big ambitions, and it is our employees' talent and creativity that make our vision possible. That's why we are committed to delivering benefits and programs of the highest quality and value.

    Healthcare benefits and programs to help you get and stay well:
    • Health coverage including Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
    • Health Savings Account (HSA) with a company contribution
    • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) Healthcare FSADependent Care FSALimited Purpose FSA
    • A thriving physical, emotional and financial wellness program consisting of resources, tools, online classes and webinars

    Programs to help you prepare for retirement and enable financial stability and protection:
    • Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
    • 401(k) Plan with a company match

    Lifestyle benefit programs to support your personal life:
    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Identity Theft Protection
    • Qualified Transportation Benefit
    • Parental Leave
    • Bereavement Leave
    • Group Hospital, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance
    • Legal Services
    • Pet Insurance
    • Paid Time Off
    • Ways of Working: The opportunity for employees to choose to work either remotely or in the office, in order to balance their hectic professional and personal lives

    Real time support when, where and how you need it.

    That is Risk Strategies
    Acapulco Guerrero Mexico

  • 1. Maintain electrical equipment in petroleum production facilities to ensure optimal functionality. 2. Service power electrical installation works such as power cables, control circuits, power transformers and relays and ensure reliability of equipment. 3. Utilize work procedures including all necessary safety precautions such as lockouts and tag out procedures to ensure safety at all times. 4. Assist Electrical Lead to compile clear and concise reports / documents when communicating with onshore engineers and vendors. 5. Assume role as designated by OIS, for example: Fire Team Member, Investigation Member, Capsule Commander or Coxswain in the event of a station emergency in order to manage the emergency. 6. Utilize warehouse stock inventories prepare materials requisitions to provide all necessary information for the timely procurement of the required equipment and materials. • Minimum Education This position requires a minimum post-secondary educational background of two years... studies on technical electrical subjects for industrial applications. • Minimum Experience Minimum of five years relevant hands-on experience in the Petrochemical Industry
    Al Khor Qatar


    The IRAS staff team will be responsible for supporting the launch of a new province-wide independent rights advice service for involuntary patients under the Mental Health Act. The service will be designed and delivered using a partnership model that brings together multiple organizations and stakeholders. The role will be a part of the core IRAS Infrastructure and Leadership Team at CMHA BC and develop and implement a responsive complaint and quality improvement processes.

    This role will be central to the vision for the IRAS service – bringing together local, community knowledge through a regional service delivery model while also providing consistent and high-quality service. Success in the role will require an appreciation of the importance of high-quality legal rights advice, recognition of multiple forms of expertise and knowledge, comfort with ongoing learning, and the ability to problem solve in a relational and effective way.


    Identifying opportunities for ongoing quality improvement
    • Act as primary point of contact for Rights Advisors who have questions, problems, barriers in the delivery of the IRAS service.
    • Work collaboratively with the IRAS Leadership and Infrastructure staff, governance committee, service partners and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for ongoing quality improvement of the IRAS service.
    • Maintain records of Rights Advisor training and education participation and completion.
    • Support the collaborative development of a Rights Advisor training curricula and continuing education opportunities.
    • Develop and produce timely reports, updates, and briefing notes as requested.

    Rights Advisors Community of Practice
    • Develop and maintain an online community of practice for full-time and casual Rights Advisors around the province.
    • Facilitate Rights Advisor engagement in the community practice and support ongoing communication and collaboration amongst Rights Advisors.
    • Support informal resource sharing and ongoing learning by monitoring discussions, sourcing information, and co-developing priorities for Rights Advisor education and training with IRAS education staff.
    • Communicate with Rights Advisors as needed to support issue identification and solutions, using learnings to inform ongoing Advisor education as appropriate.

    Provincial complaint and response process
    • Work with the IRAS governance committee, service partners, service users, and other stakeholders to develop and maintain an accessible and effective IRAS complaints process.
    • Develop response plans for IRAS service complaints that focus on ongoing learning, relationality, transparency, and accountability.
    • Ensure the IRAS governance committee and IRAS partners are informed about serious complaints, complaints that highlight service-wide issues, or opportunities for education and training for all Rights Advisors.
    • Collaborate with IRAS education staff to incorporate any learnings from complaints into IRAS education and training.
    • Maintain a record of all complaints, as well as actions taken and resolution to complaints, to produce reports as needed.


    Education & Experience
    • A post-secondary degree (BA, BSW, BSc) in a related field, or equivalent related experience (5+ years).
    • Education or demonstrated experience analyzing and applying legislation and policy.
    • Demonstrated experience addressing or resolving complaints, conflicts, or service delivery problems using creativity and flexibility.
    • Demonstrated experience designing or delivering education or training in support of high-quality services.
    • Demonstrated experience in relation to large or complex service delivery.
    • Demonstrated experience with engagement and partnership-based projects.
    • Demonstrated experience co-developing services with people with lived and living experience relevant to the service.
    • Personal experience with mental health issues, services, or involuntary treatment is an asset in this role.
    • Demonstrated experience working to provide services in a trauma-informed and culturally safe way.
    • Experience supporting coworkers and others using collaboration and relationship-based approaches.
    • Successful completion of background screening checks including a criminal record check and education verification.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
    • The ability to work collaboratively and effectively with multiple communities and stakeholders.
    • Ability to work with humility and create a culture of ongoing learning.
    • Strategic and conceptual thinking, including the ability to adapt quickly and respond to problems as they arise.
    • Knowledge of the Mental Health Act and the involuntary treatment system in BC.
    • Knowledge of human rights and their benefits as a determinant of health.
    • Knowledge of reconciliation, decolonization, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
    • Knowledge of systemic inequities related to gender, sex, race, Indigeneity, (dis)ability, substance use, and other aspects of a person’s identity.
    • Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.
    • Knowledge of and comfort with the importance of confidentiality.
    • Ability and confidence to work in a self-directed manner and lead a large-scale provincial initiative.
    • Resourcefulness, judgment, and innovation to solve problems.
    • Knowledge and agility to select and use Office 365 tools and cloud-based management software tools.

    Our key values and principles

    The Quality Assurance Coordinator, IRAS, consistently conducts themselves in alignment with CMHA BC’s Core Values of:
    • Inclusive
    • Proactive
    • Compassionate
    • Steadfast
    • Collaborative

    • The position is 37.5 hours per week, primarily during regular office business hours.
    • The position can be based out of the Vancouver or Victoria office and offers the potential for a flexible working arrangement.
    • The position is unionized through the Health Sciences Association of B.C with the Health Science Professionals bargaining unit and the job evaluation is currently underway.


    Please submit your resume along with a cover letter, clearly documenting how you satisfy the requirements outlined in this job posting to [email protected] by 5pm on June 23, 2023. The subject line should mention " Quality Assurance Coordinator, IRAS". We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview.

    For more information about CMHA, BC Division, visit our website at

    We are an equity-based employer and different identities, and backgrounds make us stronger. We encourage applications from people of diverse abilities, ages, gender identities and sexual orientations, as well as people who are racialized or Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people). Personal experience with mental illness and or addiction, either through self or a loved one, is an asset.


    Founded in 1918, The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a national charity that helps maintain and improve mental health for all Canadians. As the nation-wide leader and champion for mental health and addiction, CMHA helps people access the community resources they need to build resilience and support recovery from mental illness and/or addiction.

    We respectfully acknowledge xmθky m (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), slilwta (Tsleil-Waututh), Lkwungen (Songhees) and Wyomilth (Esquimalt) peoples on whose traditional, unceded lands the CMHA BC offices are located
    Vancouver BC

  • Account manager Freiburg im Breisgau
  • Developing your skills as an Account manager StudentJob DACH in Hoofddorp without experience? Bring your sales mind and we will teach you the rest.

    What are you going to do :

    StudentJob International is a part of YoungCapital group and active in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, UK, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland as an online jobboard for students and graduates.

    In the past few years we have been growing extensively and established client-relations with many international companies.

    For more information you can visit our website : .

    Due to our rapid growth we are looking to welcome an Account manager for the DACH market in our StudentJob International team in Hoofddorp (a city nearby Amsterdam).

    This is primarily a commercial role in a high growth environment. Focus is on sales and new business development.

    Your most important tasks and responsibilities as an Account manager DACH :
    • Sales and new business; proactively generate new business with... corporates, high volume companies or agencies through acquisition.
    • Key account management; develop an intensive relationship with your top 10 accounts, according an account planning. This involves forecasting and contact moments by phone.
    • Develop new products / services for your top clients, initiate pilots and tailor made offerings.
    • Build and manage a strong relationship with online marketing for operating the website.

    What we offer :
    • A good salary, an uncapped bonus and a relocation fee if you need to move to The Netherlands.
    • A job where you work amongst fun colleagues in an international environment with the best atmosphere!
    • A strong foundation for your commercial career including trainings.
    • 25 holidays + additional 6,5 (ADV days), and your birthday off.
    • The option to work hybrid (50% at the office is the minimum).
    • A lot of fun, table tennis competitions and friday afternoon drinks.

    What we ask :
    • At least finished bachelor degree
    • You are a native German speaker and you speak English fluently.
    • Sales experience is a plus.
    • You take your own initiative and want to be responsible for your career growth.

    Extra information Status Offen Education Level Hochschule / Universität Location Bundesweit Working hours per week 40 Type of Contract Vollzeitstelle (mit Erfahrung), Vollzeitstelle Responsible for Generating new business in the DACH region for StudentJob Published at 12-05-2023 Profession type Sales / Vertrieb Full UK / EU driving license preferred No Car Preferred No Cover Letter Required No Languages Englisch, Deutsch Apply

    Do you fit the profile as (junior) Accountmanager DACH and are you ready to be our new colleague? Then press the 'apply directly' button and we will contact you as soon as we can!

    Last updated : 2023-05-14
    Freiburg im Breisgau Germany

  • Marketing Officer Kwun Tong
  • Marketing Officer

    Job Description

    It is a position to support the Direct Dialogues Manager in recruiting monthly givers through organising marketing activities in shopping malls, kiosks, fairs etc.

    Principal Roles and Responsibilities:
    • Identify suitable venues to facilitate monthly givers' recruitment
    • Work with the venue providers for venue booking and co-ordinate related logistic arrangements
    • Apply licenses for conducting direct dialogue recruitment activities in different venues
    • Work with the production house to produce appealing onsite display materials and devise interactive activities to attract people to visit our booth on the street, at the shopping arcades, kiosks, etc.
    • Work with the production house to design and produce appealing promotional materials to support the fundraisers to recruit monthly donors
    • Identify suitable job fairs to facilitate fundraisers’ recruitment and work with the organiser for booth set up and other logistic arrangements
    • Conduct... evaluations to measure the recruitment efficiency of different venues and identify areas of improvement
    • Provide general administrative support
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor

    Level of education:

    Degree holder in marketing, event planning and management, public relations or other related disciplines

    Skill Required:
    • 2 years of relevant work experience
    • Proficient in written and spoken English and Chinese
    • Proficient in MS Applications, Chinese word processing, and knowledge in using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are preferable
    • Outdoor and weekend work is required

    Personal Qualities:
    • Pro-active, creative, self-directed
    • Enjoy interacting with people with good communication and interpersonal skills
    • Independent, multi-tasking, flexible, well-organised and details oriented
    • Have a passion for charitable work and fundraising


    Personal & Application Information

    Please provide the availability, current and expected salary information in your application to HR Department.

    Prospective candidates must undergo a Sexual Conviction Record Check and reference check.

    Plan International is an Equal Opportunities Employer. Personal data provided by job applicants will be used strictly in accordance with our personal data policy and for recruitment purposes only. Candidates not notified within eight weeks may consider their application unsuccessful.

    Plan International was founded over 80 years ago and is one of the world’s leading child-focused organisations. We strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. Headquartered in the U.K., we are working in 57 developing countries to improve the quality of life in health, education, environment and livelihood with the funding from 21 fundraising offices. Plan International is independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations.

    Plan International has a deep connection with Hong Kong as it operated a field office from 1959 to 1973, helping nearly 12,000 local children and their families. The Hong Kong office is re-opened in 2009, giving the Hong Kong community a chance to give back by supporting child development programmes and emergency relief work in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Plan International Hong Kong has extended its work to the local community in recent years with a focus on safeguarding children’s best interests so children can grow up equally, are being valued and cared for, and be free from discrimination, fear or violence.

    Plan International HK is an equal-opportunity employer. We welcome applicants who meet the respective requirements of the job vacancy. All appointments are based on the candidates’ past working experience, competencies and qualifications regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or family status.

    Further information about Plan International Hong Kong may be obtained by visiting our website or our Facebook page.


    ## More Job Information

    • Charity / NGO / Social Services

    • 2 years - 4 years

    • Degree
    Kwun Tong Hong Kong

  • Regulatory Pharmacist Davao del Sur
  • The Regulatory Pharmacist/Document Controller is responsible for the compliance of regulatory, statutory, and quality standards by ensuring that business transactions, such as order processing, picking, quality checking, material deliveries, and transfers, including pull-out of Regulated Drugs, are aligned to the government legal requirements and quality standards of the company.

    • Handles legal license renewal and ensures validity as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).
    • Ensures compliance with FDA, PDEA, and other government authorities' regulatory and statutory requirements.
    • Notifies the branch manager and the company’s regulatory affairs manager in case of FDA and/or PDEA inspections/audits.
    • Gives update to the management on the results of the FDA or PDEA inspection/audit and discuss a resolution to issues/findings if needed.
    • Informs the management and staff on the new... government rulings or regulations to keep them updated and ensure compliance.
    • Checks, updates, and maintains files of customers’ LTO to ensure that the branch transacts only to customers with valid licenses.
    • Ensures that Dangerous Drugs are invoiced only to customers with valid S-License.
    • Maintains an updated file of customers' S-licenses.
    • Ensures that controlled copies of laws, including but not limited to, Republic Acts, Administrative Orders, and related pharmaceutical books governing the business are available in the site/branch.
    • Prepares PDEA order form for Dangerous Drugs transfer requisition of the branch.
    • Facilitates approval of customer’s PDEA permit by sending to the ZP head office regulatory pharmacist.
    • Handles Dangerous Drugs transactions from order processing to dispatch and ensures adherence to PDEA regulations
    • Receives, conducts quality inspection, and put-away of inbound dangerous drugs from source warehouse.
    • Checks orders of dangerous drugs prior to order entry by the order processor.
    • Maintains/encodes the PDEA permit number to the system prior to ordering entry of dangerous drugs.
    • Picks dangerous drugs listed in the picking slip in cross-reference to PDEA permit (if required).
    • Oversees checking and dispatch of dangerous drugs by submitting the stocks with the necessary documents (pack note, delivery tracking monitor, and PDEA permit if required) to Warehouseman Checker for one and one checking with the Forwarder.
    • Handles trade returns of dangerous drugs from pull out up to turn over to destruction warehouse and ensure these are covered with valid PDEA permit.
    • Records all transactions of dangerous drugs in the dangerous drugs record book and prepares semi-annual report as required by law.
    • Ensures 100% inventory of dangerous drugs by conducting regular LAP (Location Accuracy Project).

    2. Quality and Compliance
    • Acts as Quality designate in the branch. Shall serve as backup for verification and QA release on quality-related checks performed by Operations group, particularly in handling:

    a.) RUD (Returned Upon Delivery)

    b.) Product Recall

    c.) Quarantined Stocks

    d.) Products with Quality Issues
    • Ensures that all activities in the office and warehouse are in compliance with established ISO standards, CGMP, GSDP and other company standards.
    • Ensures that the following activities are implemented in all the quality processes of the branch.

    a) Physical checking of the quality of stocks.

    b) Ensures that the stocks are pest free. Checks the labels to ensure that these are not for "physician's sample"

    d) Checks the actual labels to tally with the description on appropriate records.

    e) Checks the temperature of cold chain stocks upon receipt, storage, and dispatch.

    f) Ensures that the storage temperature of stocks is met.
    • Conducts internal audit inspections for GSDP/ISO compliance in preparation for clients and other.
    • Act as an auditor in the conduct of the Internal Quality Audit.

    3. Document Control
    • Acts as local document controller of the branch and in close coordination with the Head Office Document Controller and local QA personnel.
    • Ensures that all procedures and support documentation related to the branch IQMS are properly reviewed and approved by the authorized signatories and proper training is provided before these are issued for implementation by the section concerned.
    • Oversees the creation, processing, review and approval, issuance and distribution, recall/retrieval, retention/archiving and disposal of controlled documents in accordance with the established documentation requirements of the Integrated Quality Management System.
    • Recommends/Initiates revisions of documented procedures.

    4. Other Duties
    • Creates positive relationships with customers by promptly and courteously answering inquiries to ensure the retention of valued customers.
    • Performs other functions that may be assigned by the immediate Superior or as the need arises to ensure continuity of operation.
    • Adheres to company rules and regulations and safety guidelines at all times.



    Graduate of BS Pharmacy and have passed the Pharmacy Board examination

    • Proficient in oral and written communication
    • Knowledge on SAP-ECC
    • Excellent awareness of GSDP, ISO 9001:2008, and other quality standards
    • Knowledgeable in basic computer applications
    • Proficient in business presentation
    Davao del Sur Philippines

  • System Analyst Jakarta
  • • Gather business requirements from the client.
    • Formulate business flow according to the requirements.
    • Formulate application process based on business flow using common application development best practices.
    • Translate highly technical specifications into clear non-technical requirements.
    • Create a needed diagram, i.e. use case, sequence, and domain model as documentation basis used by both Business User and Development team.
    • Bridging communication between Business User and Development Team on development requirements.
    • Create discussion with Development Team and Project Managers to get development effort and timeline.
    • Work together with the development team to ensure the created product is in line with business requirements.
    • Manage product knowledge and integrate existing production processes with new business requirements.
    • Conducting regular reviews of systems and generating reports on efficiencies and improvement areas.
    • Provide insights on data and application... flow best practices to allow scalability, supportability, ease of maintenance, and system performance.
    • Running training sessions and workshops on system processes.

    Job Requirements:
    • Bachelor's degree in an information system or computer science.
    • Minimum 2 year of experience working as a system analyst or handling the same responsibilities.
    • Strong analytical skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Good teamwork and communication skill (written or verbally)
    • Knowledge of data modelling and data visualisation tools
    • Good adaptability and or flexibility in a software development context
    • Show good initiative to drive discussion
    • Working knowledge of software engineering process
    • Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
    Jakarta Indonesia

  • Strategic Project Manager - Continuous Improvement Stoneleigh
  • Strategic Project Manager - Continuous Improvement

    Date: Jun 12, 2023


    Stoneleigh, ENG, GB

    Making a difference. That’s what a career at AGCO is all about. At AGCO you have a voice and the opportunity to impact our long-term success, as well as your own

    AGCO (NYSE: AGCO) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural solutions. Our portfolio of international brands, including Fendt®, GSI®, Massey Ferguson® and Valtra®, provides smart and effective agricultural solutions to farmers around the world – including a full line of tractors, combine harvesters, hay and forage equipment, seeding and tillage implements, grain handling, seed processing and animal protein production systems. With global sales of approximately USD 12.7 billion in 2022, AGCO’s international team of over 24,000 employees work together to deliver high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world. Join us as we bring agriculture into the future.

    Strategic Project Manager –... Continuous Improvement

    Hybrid Working – Stoneleigh, Warwickshire

    Are you a highly skilled and motivated professional with a passion for driving strategic change? We are seeking a dynamic Strategic Project Manager – Continuous Improvement to join our Aftersales Parts Sales and Marketing Team based in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. As a leading global organization in the agricultural industry, we pride ourselves on developing smart technology solutions, and delivering exceptional parts and services support, for our customers. Reporting to the Director, Parts Commercial, EME and Global Parts Brand Lead Fendt, you will play a pivotal role in leading and delivering key strategic projects across the EME Region.

    Your key responsibilities will involve:
    • Lead and manage major cross-team strategic change management Projects within the Aftersales Parts Sales and Marketing organization, with a pan European scope.
    • Identify value-generating projects, develop associated business cases, and lead the planning and implementation of prioritized projects.
    • Act as the EME Aftersales Parts Sales and Marketing Project Lead in wider cross-functional or Global Strategic Projects that impact or involve the EME Parts Commercial team.
    • Take ownership of the EME Parts Commercial Performance Reporting Dashboard, covering external market/internal performance KPIs, financial/non-financial KPIs, and leading/lagging KPIs.
    • Manage and develop 'Voice of Customer' insights, tools, and initiatives, ensuring our dealer and farmer perspectives are heard and incorporated into our strategies.

    The successful candidate should possess the following:
    • A degree in a Business-related discipline, with a master's degree preferred.
    • Proven experience in Project management within an IT, Commercial or Digital environment.
    • Strong personal drive, professional gravitas, and collaborative team player, capable of engaging and driving action across multi-functional/multi-cultural groups.
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills in English (additional language skills are valuable although not a prerequisite due to the pan European scope of the role).
    • Demonstrated ability to work independently and make informed decisions.

    Joining our team offers an exciting opportunity to work in a high-profile role within a globally recognized organization. You will have the chance to drive impactful change, develop new initiatives, and shape the future of our Aftersales Parts Sales and Marketing operations.

    If you are a results-oriented, self-driven professional looking for a challenging role where you can make a difference, we would love to hear from you.

    We offer the following benefits:
    • Basic salary: Competitive
    • A company performance / Individual performance related bonus (10%)
    • Defined Contribution Pension Scheme (The company contributes up to 10% for a 5% employee contributions)
    • Bupa Healthcare
    • Life assurance and critical illness cover for Pension members
    • 26 days holidays + statutory holidays
    • Holiday trading
    • Retail discount portal
    • Confidential Employee Assistance Programme for employees and their immediate family
    • On-site parking
    • On-site restaurant

    Employee development and growth is part of our company culture. If you are looking for an opportunity to work in an inspiring multinational environment for a leading global player of agricultural solutions, we look forward to receiving your application!

    Job Segment: Project Manager, Agricultural, Marketing Manager, Change Management, Manager, Technology, Agriculture, Marketing, Management
    Stoneleigh UK

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