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  • Tamil
  • Asia Sri Lankan Tamils, Tamil people native to Sri Lanka also called ilankai tamils Tamil Malaysians, Tamil people native to Malaysia Tamil language, natively

  • Tamil Nadu
  • Tamil Nadu (/ˌtæmɪl ˈnɑːduː/; Tamil: [ˈtamiɻ ˈnaːɽɯ] , abbr. TN) is the southernmost state of India. The tenth largest Indian state by area and the sixth

  • Tamil language
  • standard. Tamil (/ˈtæmɪl/; தமிழ் Tamiḻ [t̪amiɻ], pronunciation) is a Dravidian language natively spoken by the Tamil people of South Asia. Tamil is an official

  • Tamils
  • of Tamil Nadu, the union territory of Puducherry, and to Sri Lanka. People who speak Tamil and are born in Tamil clans are considered Tamils. Tamils constitute

  • Tamil cinema
  • Tamil cinema is a part of Indian cinema that produces motion pictures in the Tamil language. Based out of the Kodambakkam neighbourhood in Chennai, Tamil

  • List of highest-grossing Tamil films
  • Tamil cinema, popularly known as Kollywood, is the filmmaking industry based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The films are made primarily in Tamil language. Haridas

  • Tamil calendar
  • The Tamil calendar is a sidereal solar calendar used by the Tamil people of the Indian subcontinent. It is also used in Puducherry, and by the Tamil population

  • Sri Lankan Tamils
  • Sri Lankan Tamils (Tamil: இலங்கை தமிழர், ilankai tamiḻar or ஈழத் தமிழர், īḻat tamiḻar), also known as Ceylon Tamils or Eelam Tamils, are Tamils native to

  • Lists of Tamil-language films
  • of Tamil films of 1944 List of Tamil films of 1945 List of Tamil films of 1946 List of Tamil films of 1947 List of Tamil films of 1948 List of Tamil films

  • List of Tamil film actresses
  • previously worked or are currently working in the Tamil film industry Kollywood, based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The list is ordered by the year of

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  • Does Online Learning Lead to A Better Career?
  • The world is advancing at a very fast pace and there is always a need for more improvement and learning new skills and tricks. Acquiring the perfect knowledge and qualification is a basic necessity for everyone. Especially when it comes to the job perspective, the demand for the skillful and technical and both analytical people are getting more and more. The competition for this is increasing very much and also the demand is getting more and more.


    When it comes to the learning process there are numerous ways to learn things and change the way we used to acquire knowledge. With time the methods of getting the knowledge and the facts can change and people also need to stick to the change and adopt the new and easy ways. Now, what are the few techniques that are considered to be the best and the effective way to learn things and make your career an effective one?


    In today’s world, the best and the most effective way to learn is by self. The online education has become one of the vital roles that the internet is playing in educating people and creating self-awareness among the people. It is a huge debate that whether online learning can provide you with the perfect path for a successful career or not? Yes, there are constraints like without a teacher and a mentor the level of learning and problem solving and building the character and the learning curve for the students cannot be reached to that potential in which the tradition learning can have. But still the online learning is one of the best ways to acquire and learn anything that you want, all it needs is your dedication and the effort and commitment towards the learning subject.


    There are numerous advantages of online learning and here are some of the few that can be adopted and learn to make the career successful: 


    • Learn whatever you want


    With online learning there are no limitations set for the specific subject or topics for you, you can have a go for anything you want to learn. There are so many amazing platforms that provide online courses and online educational assistance that can help you get the maximum out of the abilities and learn new skills and abilities. Picking up the traditional way to learn what you will require you to get admission in the institute, traveling expense, the accommodation of necessary and the food etc. expenses. But with the digital world these days, everything is available to you at your fingertips. 


    • The comfort at home


    One of the relaxing and the best thing one can ask for is to learn and adopt the methods at the comfort of your home. Online learning is one the best ways to achieve this relaxation and make the most out of these resources. Suffering from the back pain in the ordinary chair in the classroom, spending hours in the lectures without breaks and anything can be so boring and irritating for many. The best advantage for the online classes and the learning is that no need for the physical presence in the classrooms and the traveling issues, do the learning at the comfort of the home.


    • Cost-effective


    The online learning is one of the reliable and reasonable ways to learn new things as the courses that are being offered in the online platforms are much cheaper as compared to the one offered in the colleges and the universities. The tuition fees in the colleges are much more depended on the few factors other than the academics, but when it comes to the online learning there is just the course fee and there is also some kind of discounts available too. 


    The online learning and the courses are worth the effort as it is more convenient and cheap as compared to the other recourses like the traditional one. From all over the world there are millions of students that have to opt the online learning mechanism due to many reasons. Today there are many institutes that are recognized all over the world and they provide the online classes and the courses and even certifications in different ranges of subjects and you can complete them at the comfort of your home and with ease, saving all you valuable money. The online learning can fill the skills set of yours much more than the traditional learning and can help you make a better career full of opportunities for the skillful person and a career demanding an effort that can be achieved with this technique!


    Author Bio:

    This article is composed by Ellie Harry. She is doing the job as a lecturer in the university. She also wrote too many articles and also wrote for the Australian Essay an academic writing company in Australia.

  • Heres How Do You Keep A Luxury Car Running Intact For An Extended Time
  • In case you have just joined the elite club of owning a luxury car like an Audi, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, etc. You should keep up with taking good care of these automotive behemoths. Though these beasts offer luxury, they too have certain demands in terms of carrying forward the same service.

    They are definitely capable of offering the smoothest rides while being dynamic. But, carelessness is something that can deter the luxury. Nonetheless, there are certain ways to upkeep your vehicle’s class while still expecting a certain level of service from it.

    Keep an ear on your car

    Usually, a car starts to make some sort of noise when there is an underlying issue. Though most luxury cars are equipped with sophisticated technology, it has become difficult to understand a problem by just hearing a sound.

    Under normal circumstances, a car often produces squealing and grinding noises, but modern cars’ sound dampening features might keep things unknown to you. Therefore, it is necessary for you to turn off the sound dampening feature that is available in the car’s computer settings. Then, try to hear any unusual sound under the hood or from the suspension.

    This might be a sign that your car needs work. As the car shifts gears, listen out for any strange noises or trembling in the steering wheel.

    Service My Car facilitates the maintenance of your luxury vehicle without any hassle. Besides, you can avail a luxury car scanning and diagnostics here to learn about any existing and potential issue.

    Be agile in maintaining your car tyres

    Often overlooked, tyres are always at the receiving end whether they are cruising through the highway or crossing a tough terrain. They have to run whether it is extreme cold or scorching heat.

    What does tyres needs to fight these tough conditions? Of course, first is proper inflation. Your car’s tyres need to be properly inflated neither too much nor too little. Therefore, you have to be agile to keep tyre pressure intact.

    Next, there is always a possibility of tyres rotation to manage uneven wear and tear. Therefore, tyre maintenance is always going to be beneficial in long term and keeping your car’s luxury intact.

    Service My Car is here for your tyre maintenance needs. You get tyre service including wheel alignment, tyre rotation, etc under one roof.

    Never run your luxury car with old engine oil

    Though every car needs proper lubrication to work properly and avoid unnecessary wear and tear, your luxury vehicle does need proper lubrication, and any ignorance would definitely result in performance deterioration.

    Engine oil degrades in terms of lubrication over time, and it gets some sort of contamination. In these circumstances, engine would definitely lack in its efficiency and even sustain damage while hurting a critical component.

    So delaying a car oil change is not a great approach. Essentially, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation properly. You can pay a visit to Service My Car for an expert’s opinion.

    Keep your car’s batteries optimal

    Battery is a way better than before, but much overloaded too.  They are not just starting your car or powering the headlights. A number of accessories, computers, and sensors are dependent on the battery power, especially when the alternator is at rest.

    As a result, a car's battery requires more consideration and care right now. Your battery's contact points need to be inspected to make sure corrosion isn't accumulating there as well as to ensure proper charging.

    Even if the car's battery is in perfect condition, there could be a charging issue. Any electrical issue, such as alternator failure or a wiring problem, could cause you problems, sometimes very costly ones.

    For a proper inspection, you should come to a Service My Car workshop. Here, you will get an expert assessment and a car battery replacement at a very reasonable price. You can search for a Audi garage near me on the web to opt for car repair and service in Manchester at a reliable service centre.

    Keep an eye on the car’s fluids

    A car has fluids almost every nook and corner. Though, they do not get depleted quite easily unless the leaks make them reduced unnecessarily.

    There is some specificity in fluids, as a number of models have distinctive fluid needs. Those with turbochargers usually need a different kind of oil because only engine oil does not work for them.

    A mix-up is not going to work for your car’s luxurious offerings. However, these technologically sophisticated cars usually require expertise to deal with such problems. That’s why you need to come to Service My Car for professional remediation of a complex issue.

    Opting for preventive management

    Usually, you expect a luxury car neat and clean at the interior along with shining exterior. It requires you and others who usually ride in the car to learn the basics of hygiene.

    You should go for the floor mats or utilise the seat covers to avoid wear and tear. Besides, there is always an option of choosing the car detailing. Service My Car offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for your luxurious asset to keep it intact for a long time.

    These are a few valuable tips to keep a luxury car intact forever. Service My Car is a credible place to make your smooth riding continue for an extended time. You can book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

  • Establishing Cassava Production and Processing Market
  • The cassava plant scientifically known as “Manihot esculenta Crantz” is an important food crop both for urban and rural consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is highly adaptable to the tropical soils and climate, and cassava plant is very popular for producing excellent harvests. It is also the most widely available source of carbohydrates and dietary energy in Africa. Africa is the largest cassava producing region in the world and about 93 percent of the produce is consumed as food. Millions of African farmers cultivate cassava mainly for home consumption and for the local markets. The competitiveness of African cassava products at the world market is low, this is because the crop is produced and processed for subsistence and not for commercial use. Processed forms of cassava, for example gari, fufu, tapioca, flour and starch, are very common in West and Central Africa. Gari has traditionally remained cheaper than other carbohydrate sources, especially rice and maize. Cassava leaves are widely consumed in most African countries as a vegetable. According to Lancaster and Brooks 1993, the nutritive value of cassava leaves can be compared to those of soybean, maize and amaranth but with higher amounts of vitamins and minerals. The nutritive deficiency of cassava is not a cause for concern when it is consumed with other supplementary foods. But, the so-called "cassava problem" as related to the disease "kwashiokor" means that persons with low incomes can consume it in excessive quantities because it supplies sufficient calories and gives a feeling of satiety in their diet.

    Cassava is used in a wider variety of products including flour, animal feed, and glue extenders. Cassava by its nature is one of the richest fermentable substances for the production of alcohol. Its fresh roots contain about 30 percent starch and 5 percent sugars, while the dried roots contain about 80 percent fermentable substances and are equivalent to rice as a source of alcohol. Technical requirements and specifications for processed cassava can increase along the spectrum of cassava processing from traditional food products to industrial grade products and to retail food products (e.g. flour). Cassava is most significantly processed through drying and there are three available options for drying which are; sun drying, flash dryers, and bin dryers. For most small-scale processors of cassava, the only feasible option is sun-drying and they are naturally restricted in potential volumes they can produce. This is due to inability of the product to dryduring many months of the year, and also the low volumes of cassava harvested during the dry season. A wide range of cassava processing techniques exists along with relevant equipment for processing the roots into various cassava products. As cassava is generally grown in rural areas and processed in small factories, it is important to promote and guide village farmers' cooperatives to process and market its products. Once we start making progress, it is important to establish a cassava board of directors composed of government officers, individual enterprise owners and representatives of farmers' cooperatives as well as representatives of merchants and related industries. This board should meet regularly to ensure a smooth continuation of the program and act in an advisory capacity to the government. This will handle problems of production and marketing of cassava products, opening of new markets and regulate prices of various products. Also, it will provide financial assistance to processors and traders, promote research, maintain quality standards and the development of new products as well. Factors which are of lesser importance have influenced the position of cassava on the market, particularly in a negative sense. Because it is mostly produced in developing regions with an unstable economic position, the product is not available with the same regularity and predictability like corn starch.

    Establishment of a cassava enterprise

    The estimated required investment and working capital for the establishment and the operation of a cassava agro processing enterprise as well as the estimated operating costs and the expected profitability of the project may vary. According to FAO if a cassava agro processing enterprise is be established in a tropical region where all basic industrial requirements such as power, water, raw materials are availableand transportation facilities, the total investment of such an enterprise can be estimated at $736 340 while the working capital can be estimated at $142 000. This is for the operation of the enterprise for a period of three months. This type of investment is expected to give annual profits of $108970, which is equivalent to 14.8 % of the estimated invested capital. The total investment for this type of project can be summarized as seen on the table below;


    U.S. dollars

    Land (5 acres; 2 ha)




    Site preparation

    5 000

    Buildings for agro processing, storage, office, laboratory, garage, repair shop

    90 000

    Corrugated steel sheet construction for fence around plant

    5 000


    100 000

    Process equipment


    Cost of equipment

    410 000

    Installation (20 percent of cost of equipment)

    84 000

    Engineering and design (10 percent of total cost)


    Start-up expenses

    15 000


    568 400

    Contingency (10 percent of total cost)


    Total plant investment

    736 340

    With this investment, and the use of suitable cassava varieties, the industrial yield of the product can exceed 24 percent. The cassava enterprise also needs to be supplied with modern equipment known to have the highest production efficiency.

    Cassava Processing Machineries

    The major disadvantage with cassava roots is that it deteriorates rapidly. The roots have a shelf-life of just 24–48 hours after harvest. The fresh roots must be processed within the next 2 to 3 days after harvest. The transformation of this cassava roots requires equipment for peeling, drying, boiling, fermenting, grating, frying, and milling. Cassava processing machineries exist which are reliable in performance, robustly constructed, have a longer functional life, and are corrosion resistant. These machineries are made from best quality raw materials that provides the long lasting service and good performance. The machines are made in different specification based on the requirement of the client. The various machineries for cassava agro  processing in the market include; Cassava Peeler, Cassava Grater, Cassava Cake Disintegrator, Cassava Driers, Cassava Chipper, Cassava Roaster, Cassava Fryer etc… These machineries exist on the market with different qualifications.

    Supply of cassava roots

    Most cassava agro processing factories buy cassava roots from growers in their neighborhood, directly or through agents. However, some cassava plantations are owned by some factories. Many cassava agro processing plants usually contract with various growers in the area to supply roots. In such situations, the cassava enterprise furnishes financial and technical assistance to the growers. An agronomist can be assigned to help producers develop better production practices and also to conduct control experiments for determining the proper varieties of cassava, the type of fertilizers, and methods of insect and disease control for the area.

    Cassava flour and starch

    Cassava flour is manufactured by separating starch granules from the cassava tuber in as pure a form as possible. The granules together with all the other constituents of the protoplasm, are locked in cells which can only be removed by a purification process in the watery phase. In the processing of cassava starch it is vital to complete the whole process within the shortest possible time, because as soon as the roots have been dug up, as well as during subsequent stages of manufacturing, enzymatic processes are developed with a deteriorating effect on the quality of the end product.The roots are usually received from the field as soon as possible and they can be stored for two days. For a proper rasping process of cassava, the woody ends of the roots are chopped off with sharp knives before the subsequent processing operations, this is to avoid the stoppage or the braking of the machine’s blade. The processing of starch and unfermented cassava flour can therefore be subdivided into the following stages:

    Cassava starch is produced primarily by the wet milling of fresh cassava roots. Starch is the main constituent of cassava and about 25% starch may be obtained from mature, good quality cassava tubers. Under optimal conditions, this cassava flour processing technique enables small-scale primary processors to produce high quality unfermented cassava flour that can meet the specifications of industrial users within one day.

    Conserved cassava products

    The cassava plant is grown annually in the tropics and consumed in all its forms at nearly all income levels. The crop originally was a main food crop only in South America but today it is grown as a substitute for rice or alternately with rice in many regions of the world. Cassava can be conserved in several forms which include the following;

    Gari: A good popular food among the low-income groups in west and central Africa. It is produced by fermenting grated cassava tubers and drying the product to a type of meal. The preparation in rural areas involves peeling the roots and grating to produce a pulp which is put into a large cloth bag and set in the sun to drain and to ferment. And when the pulp is sufficiently dry, the pulp is removed from the bag for final drying on a low fire. This low-nutrition food can be fortified with a protein additive if its production is modernized.

    Cassava rice (landang)

    This product is prepared by chopping the tubers and pressing the grated mass in a cloth to squeeze out the juice. By turning the mass in a winnowing basket, pellets are formed, and their sizes are determined by the motion speed and moisture content. The pellets produced are removed by sifting, steamed and then dried in the sun for some days. An alternative way of making the cassava rice is by soaking the cassava tuber in water in earthenware jars until after five to seven days they begin to soften. They are then macerated and the fiber is removed by hand and the mass is air dried before being made into pellets as describe above. Cassava rice is a popular food in the Philippines. The production of synthetic rice from cassava has recently been started in India.


    This method of conservation involves slicing the cassava roots and drying in the sun. Gaplek is sufficiently durable when dried and in the tropics it can take 2 to 3 days to dry. Gaplek can be applicable in some starch-using industries where the whole root can be used, such as in textile finishing and also in the manufacture of alcohol.


    Cassava pastes are made by pounding the fresh or boiled roots into a very smooth mass which can be eaten as a vegetable loaf with an oily stew. Examples of these products are the fufu of Ghana, Cameroon, the atieké of Ivory Coast, the dumbot of Liberia, the bami of other areas.

    Options of drying Cassava products

    Natural drying: This is exposing cassava mash on a polythene sheet directly to the sun. It is also referred to as “sun drying”. Sun drying has several inconveniences such as; susceptibility to damage due to inclement weather, slow drying rates, and also contamination. Because of these limitations modified sun drying and solar drying process, has been adopted for drying in rural areas.

    Artificial drying: Artificial drying involves the use of a controllable source of energy; where the air used for drying is heated, either by solar means or a controlled means such as electricity or fuel.

    Rotary dryer: The dryer consists of an insulated drying chamber shaped like a drum. The dryer chamber is fired by charcoal or gas and rotated by a diesel engine. It is cost effective and user friendly.

    Flash dryer: this involves insulating the product contact surface with a stainless steel and a semi-automated feeder and it is operated with combined kerosene/spent oil. Flash dryer is user friendly and will encourage greater cassava products output.

    Finishing and Packaging

    Cassava products are generally packaged in plastic bags and bottles and also paper bags and are generally stored in dry places.

  • Is hair transplant the only solution to hair loss?
  •  When testosterone converts to DHT, it contributes to breakage and thinning of hair.
    Baldness can frequently have a substantial negative effect on your life. Several elements play a part, such as diminished self-image, diminished self-esteem, and a reduction of self-identity. In a recent survey, researchers found that 84 percent of those guys were preoccupied with their baldness. These guys complained of being stuffed with helplessness self-consciousness, and an envy of men .
    In a different study, 69% of men with a high amount of baldness spent a big part of time studying their hair in the mirror; 78 percent were self-conscious in their baldness; 56 percent were concerned that others may detect; and 51% felt less appealing due to male baldness.

    Hair Follicles and Standard Hair Loss
    A typical human body contains approximately five million hairs, using 100,000-150,000 being around your own entire scalp. Hair follicles are generated before arrival, and stay constant throughout life. Not many follicles become active, and some shed their own hair manufacturing capability. Active follicles undergo a life cycle that comprises a growth stage, accompanied by a stage, and then a resting stage. These cycles come to a conclusion once the hairs are drop and may be as long as five decades. Regrettably a number of the hairs don't grow as thick as long as did in prior cycles. Hair is lost by an estimated 40 percent of men from age 35 to some degree.
    From the great majority of instances, the reason for hair loss may be credited to our genes and our hormones, and contrary to popular belief, it isn't traced simply to the mother's side. It's the kind of hair loss, or alopecia, to directly impact both women and men.

    Other widely used names for genetic hair loss include common baldness and female or male pattern hair loss. While male pattern baldness (MPB) is frequently characterized by a receding hairline and medium to extensive loss of hair thinning on the crown, female pattern baldness (FPB) is generally characterized by a modest thinning of hair throughout the head. This hair doesn't grow so long as it did and becomes finer. Then, the hair on the top of their mind starts to thin out and the very best points of this"M" match the thin place on the crown. The hairs at the areas become nicer and develop at a pace that is lesser. By analyzing family portraits As this kind of baldness is hereditary, a person can predict the area of his hair loss.
    Roughly 50 percent of children with a balding parent of either gender will inherit the dominant hair loss gene and finally exhibit similar traits.
    FPB generally becomes evident around age 40, and baldness in women may advance quickly after menopause. Hair loss is a thinning that is generalized, rather than contained into an isolated place in addition to your head. Studies reveal approximately 20 million women have such a hair loss. Hair follicles shut down, with hormones playing with any part in the procedure.

    Reasons For Hair loss
    Baldness happens when the rate of shedding is much higher than the speed of regrowth. In pattern hair loss, the rate of shedding is raised due to an inherited predisposition of these hair follicles on top of the mind to be effected from the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Playing a significant part DHT is an activated form of the hormone testosterone along with the two hormones are occurring. The action of DHT causes the hair follicle to degrade and shortens the life cycle's development stage. In a procedure, the pores shrink as time goes on. Using a growth stage that is shortening, more hairs are shed, as the scalp becomes more observable through the hair, and balding becomes evident follicles.
    Finally, whilst pattern hair loss is far and away the leading cause of thinning hair, there are additional conditions which cause baldness in women and men. Can cause circular regions of hair loss. Hair loss on the scalp and body, characterizes types of Alopecia Areata known as Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis .

    Traction Alopecia is baldness because of constant tension of their hair and can be observed with prolonged use of hair weaving, corn pops, etc.. This may result in hair loss. On the flip side, psychological and physical stressors, occasionally cause Telogen Effluvium, a sort of hair loss that's normally temporary. Thinning hair can be regarded as a complication of and prescription medications, in addition to hormonal imbalance in women and men.


    Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that eliminates hair follicles from 1 portion of the human body, known as the'donor site', to a bald or balding region of the human body called the'recipient website'. The technique is utilized in the treatment of male pattern hair loss. Hair transplantation may be employed to fill scars brought on by surgery or accidents like hair plantation in pune and face-lifts and also to revive pubic hair, lashes, eyebrows, hair thinning hair, chest hair. Hair transplantation and skin grafting because grafts contain virtually all the skin and dermis surrounding the hair follicle differ, and lots of grafts are transplanted instead of a strip of skin. By mimicking hair orientation So a natural look can be achieved by hair transplantation. This hair transplant process is known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

    It's been known for centuries that lots of guys lose the hair around the very top of the minds and usually keep the hair on the sides and at the trunk. It's been a comparatively recent discovery which DHT receptors would be the origin of the issue in male pattern hair loss. We know that balding guys have plenty of DHT receptors but a few, if any, DHT receptors onto the follicles onto rear and both sides of the mind. These follicles may be obtained in their places and also the hair transplants may be emptied to replenish the hairs in such areas. This method of hair restoration surgery can be known as hair transplantation, also at the USA is preferred by approximately 250,000 men each year. The transplanted follicles usually continue to increase hair permanently since they keep the traits from their initial place (i.e. they're untouched by DHT even when they're transferred to the new regions ). Of moving hair from 1 place to 10, the idea isn't new. Hair transplants, since the 1950's, have existed in a variety of forms. First hair transplant involved harvesting 20-30 big 4mm"plugs" from regions from the back and sides of the head and placing them on the very top. Regrettably, these"plugs" were only that. During the upcoming few decades, these"plugs" gained smaller in proportion, but were "plugs" and were noticeable. From the late 1980s and early 1990s, grafting and micro grafting started to replace the grafting methods that were bigger. These hair recovery surgery methods produce a vastly enhanced look over the procedures. Since they are denser than the surrounding regions, these grafts continue to be evident upon close inspection. The only way to recreate the hairline in an fashion would be to transplant follicles that are individual, since they develop. Thus was follicular unit grafting, or the arrival of follicular unit hair transplant. From the 1990s, the follicular unit hair transplant process emerged to be the method of hair restoration surgery. The donor hair in the back and sides of your mind is dissected to its form- follicles. This permits individual follicles (each comprising 1-5 hairs) to be transplanted into the balding areas with a far more natural look compared to old methods of operation. Follicular unit grafting's merits are evident by evaluation of their improved results. There are still doctors who are still relying on miniature threading hair loss restoration methods and grafting.

  • Role of B cells in human immunity
  • B cells are a critical type of white blood cells (WBCs) that play a vital role in the immune system. They originate in the bone marrow and are responsible for regulating the humoral immune response, leading to the creation of antibodies that attack foreign substances in the body. B lymphocytes are identified by specific antibodies on their surface, allowing them to recognize and attach to antigens, such as proteins or sugars on the surface of pathogens like bacteria or viruses. Researchers are conducting advanced studies on B cell isolates from blood to investigate the pathophysiology of various immunological diseases and cancers. 

    Mechanism of B cell-mediated production of antibodies.

    When B cells recognize an antigen, they undergo an activation process, which triggers their division and differentiation into plasma cells. These plasma cells then release large quantities of antibodies into the bloodstream to neutralize the antigen. This process is known as the humoral immune response and is essential for protecting the body against various pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances.

    In addition to their role in the humoral immune response, B cells also play a crucial role in developing immunological memory. After encountering an antigen for the first time, B cells can differentiate into long-lived memory B cells that can quickly recognize and respond to the same antigen if it is encountered again. This allows the immune system to respond faster and more effectively to repeat infections or exposures.

    In a nutshell, the functions of B cells are critical for maintaining the health and well-being of the human body by helping to prevent infections and other immune-related diseases. To support cytology research, Central BioHub provides a vast selection of B cell samples collected from both healthy donors and patients.

    Get human B cell Specimens for high-impact research.

    Through our most straightforward digital biospecimen marketplace, Central BioHub reduces human intervention and risk while streamlining the clinical research samples acquisition process. We are a group of curious scientists who took the initiative to start the online biospecimen revolution. We connect the most reputable human biosample suppliers to biomedical researchers across disciplines, ending the conventional biosample procurement process. Central BioHub guarantees you a smooth experience when acquiring biospecimens thanks to the solid concept of serving as a middleman between suppliers and researchers.

    By collecting blood biospecimens from healthy donors and patients with immune disorders, cancers, etc., Central bioHub supports international immunological research by offering thousands of B cell isolates. We offer top-notch t cells and b cells that are thoroughly purified to produce high diagnostic specificity and sensitivity levels. Moreover, all the human cells samples are available with de-identified information about donors, including their blood type, diagnosis, age, sex, and ethnicity. Check out our inventory B cells specimens to place orders, quotations, and reservations:

    Central BioHub helps you receive assistance from our scientific customer service team at every step of the biospecimen acquisition process. Get your cytology samples from Central BioHub immediately to make your upcoming research project exceptional.

  • Fitness tracker watch
  • Regardless of whether you're preparing for a particular race or simply appearing to be more dynamic when all is said in done, a wellness watch can help you all the more intently screen your movement and preparing. Track your heart rate, outline, and even get advanced cell cautions on some of these gadgets. Here are our best wellness watch picks.


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    Suunto Spartan Ultra

    1/8 Suunto

    Suunto Spartan Ultra

    Regardless of whether you run, climb, cycle, swim, or experience race, this watch can do it all. It can track more than 80 sorts of exercises, is waterproof up to 300 feet, and has the two GPS and a barometric height meter, so you can track the amount you climb. It likewise accompanies a heart rate chest screen so you can watch out for calories consumed and recuperation time.

    Material: stainless steel, polyamide, silicone

    Development: quartz

    Key Features: shading touch screen, course route, 26 hours of battery life, computerized compass, barometric height, 100m water

    Purchase Now

    G-Shock GG1000 Mudmaster

    G-Shock GG1000 Mudmaster

    2/8 G-Shock

    G-Shock GG1000 Mudmaster


    In case you're the mud running, deterrent course sort, this wristwatch was made for you. It's both mud and stun safe, so it can withstand any deterrent in interacts with… actually. The substantial face permits you to see the time, as well as what bearing you're going and the temperature. Furthermore, it's 200-meters water safe, as well.

    Material: urethane band, sap

    Development: quartz/sun powered

    Key Features: mud-safe, advanced compass, 200m water safe, 31 time zones, commencement clock, stun safe

    Purchase Now

    TomTom Spark 3 Cardio+ Music

    TomTom Spark 3 Cardio+ Music

    3/8 TomTom

    TomTom Spark 3 Cardio+ Music

    Love tuning in to music when you run or cycle, yet despise carrying your telephone alongside you? This watch kills that issue as it can stockpile to 500 melodies straightforwardly on the gadget. Also, it accompanies Bluetooth earphones that associate remotely. Utilize the watch to your heart rate and calories consumed while you exercise, as well, on account of the inherent heart rate screen.  best fitness watches

    Material: quartz

    Development: advanced

    Key Features: action following, GPS, worked in heart rate screen, music stockpiling, multisport mode

    Purchase Now

    Apple Watch Nike+

    Apple Watch Nike+

    4/8 Apple

    Apple Watch Nike+


    You might be acquainted with the Apple watch (and it's abilities), yet the organization combined up with Nike to make a more games particular choice. The fundamental contrast? The watch highlighted the Nike+ Run Club application, which tracks keeps running as well as gives training, updates in view of companions' movement or climate (i.e., 5 miles to get Mike, or It's 70 degrees—time to run!), and a run scheduler to help keep you dynamic.

    Material: fluoroelastomer

    Development: electronic

    Key Features: GPS, brilliant show, water resistance 50 meters, cell phone alarms, worked in heart rate, camera, music

    Purchase Now

    Polar M200

    Polar M200

    5/8 Polar

    Polar M200

    Adjust this wristwatch with Polar Flow (the organization's free application or online web benefit) to utilize the running project include, which enables you to pick whether you're preparing for a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or marathon. You'll get a tweaked preparing plan on your wrist, custom fitted to your level and objective. The watch additionally tracks day by day action, and can be combined with your telephone to get cautions for approaching calls, messages, levels, and even online networking warnings. The implicit GPS and heart rate sensor enable you to examine your measurements nearly. Additionally, it tracks rest, as well.

    Material: silicone

    Development: electronic

    Key Features: wrist-based heart rate, throughout the day following, GPS, shrewd instructing, running system, rest following, water safe,

    Purchase Now


    Garmin Forerunner 35

    Garmin Forerunner 35

    6/8 Garmin

    Garmin Forerunner 35

    Not exclusively would you be able to track fundamental information like separation and pace with this GPS-empowered watch, additionally watch out for your heart rate sans chest strap on account of the implicit sensor. When you're not utilizing the gadget on runs, it monitors your every day action also. Interface it to your telephone by means of Bluetooth to get cautions when you get telephone calls, writings, messages, and for occasion warnings. Your information is likewise consequently transferred to Garmin Connect, a free online wellness group where you can see your history, make challenges for yourself as well as other people and set individual objectives.

    Material: silicone

    Development: electronic

    Key Features: GPS, throughout the day following, worked in heart rate screen, savvy warnings, 9-day battery life

    Purchase Now

    Timex Ironman Sleek 150

    Timex Ironman Sleek 150

    7/8 Timex

    Timex Ironman Sleek 150

    In case you're preparing for a race, the interim clock on this watch will enable you to take a shot at your speed. It can put away to five exercises with 50 laps each. Set the objective time pacer to get continuous perceptible criticism, and the substantial show makes it simple to keep an eye on your lap or split circumstances. It gives hydration and sustenance cautions also.  best fitness watches

    Material: pitch

    Development: quartz


    Key Features: touch-screen empowered, 100-hour chronograph, target time pacer, caution, 150 lap memory, interim preparing clock, hydration alarms

    Purchase Now

    Fitbit Blaze

    Fitbit Blaze

    8/8 Fitbit

    Fitbit Blaze

    While Fitbit is known for its trackers, the organization put that throughout the day observing innovation into this watch. The Connected GPS include enables you to delineate while the heart rate sensor tracks exercise power and calorie consume. The watch additionally consequently knows when you begin practicing and doesn't require any catch pushing to start recording. Utilize it on runs, rides, or while broadly educating, and in case you don't know what to do, utilize the FitStar exercise alternative with guided exercise guidelines.

    Material: elastomer, stainless steel

    Development: electronic

    Key Features: throughout the day following, rest following, multi-don mode, GPS, worked in heart rate, on-screen exercises, cell phone cautions

    Purchase Now

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    Utilizing Customer Data for Marketing Using Customer Data for Marketing Aberdeen Essentials

  • Why Your University Should Prioritize Student Accommodation
  • Universities have a responsibility to offer their students quality housing and higher education institutions should make this a top priority.

    Most of the students live away from their homes for the first time while attending college in a different city or country. International students will have to go from their home country in order to settle in a less familiar environment.

    It is crucial that all students feel safe and at home, in their housing as a bad living conditions can have a significant negative impact on a student’s overall university experience.

    According to the 2019 International Student Survey, 60% of aspiring international students said that learning about housing options influenced their choice of school.

    Many students also spend the majority of their time in student housing while pursuing their degrees, whether it is for sleeping, eating, socializing, or studying.

    Universities must provide adequate housing options that satisfy the demands of the students.

    Additionally, if the housing is controlled by the institution, it must be distributed equitably and promptly because failing to do so could have a significant negative effect on the students involved.

    Students may find it difficult to focus on their schoolwork or make friends if their living situation is uncomfortable.

    Why is student housing so crucial?

    A study summarising a round table debate on the connection between on-campus housing and mental health was published in 2019. Many experts discuss how housing gives students a “sense of belonging and security,” which can motivate them to” take on the risks and challenges of higher education and to accomplish the related academic and life growth,” says the paper.

    In other words, feeling comfortable in your home can reduce stress, boost confidence, and help you succeed in other aspects of your life. While not all students find that they perform best in a library setting, it should also be emphasized that many students use student housing as a place to study. As one of the most significant aspects of the college experience, a student’s living situation can have a direct impact on their academic achievement.

    Numerous students use their housing as a place to mingle and establish new friends.

    Student mental health is much improved if they are able to engage with other students by cooking, chatting, playing, and generally living together in a respectful community, according to Alan Percey, Dean of Counseling at Oxford University.

    Ensuring adequate accommodations

    Verifying that there is sufficient housing available is the first step in assisting students in finding a place to call home. Not all colleges and universities can assure students of on-campus student accommodation Nottingham. Nonetheless, it’s critical that universities offer sufficient assistance to the remaining students who must rent from local landlords.

    Students can steer clear of unpleasant situations by being guided through the rental process and keeping up with the state of housing in the neighborhood. Australia is currently experiencing a housing crisis that is particularly detrimental to the country’s student population. For inhabitants on a low income, there is a serious dearth of affordable housing due to “population growth and trends in household formation.”

    According to Independent Australia, students face difficulties as they arrive in a country that has accepted their payment in exchange for education, and overlooked their need for adequate and inexpensive housing. Universities must use every effort to assist international students, like those from Australia, in finding adequate housing.

    Invest early in allocation

    Before the arrival of the students and with adequate time to address any potential problems, housing should be assigned. Students who are renting in the neighborhood need to be reminded on a frequent basis to make living arrangements as soon as they find a home.

    Due to the difficulties, they experienced, students who accepted a place via clearing may find it particularly difficult to locate housing in the UK. Colleges should offer assistance to students who might not have obtained housing as quickly as their counterparts.

    For instance, the University of Sheffield promises to offer a house for all students, but only if they “choose to enter the university through insurance, clearing, or adjustment” or “made your definitive choice through UCAS.”

    Divide resources based on needs

    It should go without saying that dorms for students should be tidy and furnished with everything they might possibly need, including electricity, hot water, a bed, a fire alarm, and other requirements. This comprises a housing that is owned by the university and housing that has been rented through landlords.

    In addition to the fundamentals, each student’s unique demands should be taken into account. For instance, the requirements for students with impairments will be different from those for those without. A University of Maryland student’s investigation into the campus’ accessibility in 2019 turned up some severe flaws. Despite their claims, many dorm rooms lacked wheelchair access and campus elevator maintenance was generally subpar. Higher education institutions are required to arrange for suitable housing for their students in order to support their strong academic achievement and good mental health.


  • How Rheumatoid Arthritis Impacts Kidney Health
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) most commonly affects the joints of the small bones of the hands, as well as the lining of joints throughout the body. Affected joints will become painful, red, and swollen, and ongoing inflammation may cause joint deformation and damage over time.

    Because RA is a systemic and progressive disease, it can cause inflammation in major organs, including the kidneys. The effects of RA on your kidneys can be far-reaching and sometimes fatal. Here's what you need to know about the effects of RA on your kidneys, as well as what you can do to lower your risk of kidney problems.


    The precise relationship between chronic inflammation and CKD in people with RA is not always clear, but researchers believe certain inflammatory proteins play a role. This means that the more severe your RA the more likely you are to develop kidney problems.

    Uncontrolled inflammation can harm the kidney linings and lead to atherosclerosis, a condition in which plaque accumulates on the inside of the renal arteries (the arteries of the kidneys).

    Plaque buildup causes hardening and narrowing of the arteries and blood vessels over time, reducing blood flow to the kidneys and eventually causing the affected kidneys to fail.

    A 2016 study published in the journal PLoS One looked at the relationship between C-reactive protein inflammatory markers and the prevalence of CKD in people with RA.  In this study, researchers discovered that high CRP levels were a significant risk factor for CKD and that persistent inflammation increased the risk of CKD in people with RA.

    Another study, published in The Journal of Rheumatology in 2011, investigated the effects of cystatin C, an important biomarker of renal function. Researchers discovered cystatin C to be elevated in people with RA, particularly those with high levels of inflammation.

    High cystatin concentrations are thought to be indicators of undiagnosed kidney dysfunction. They are also linked to an increased risk of atherosclerosis in people with RA, both renal and cardiovascular. 

    Amyloidosis is another potential kidney concern for people with RA, particularly those with long-standing and poorly controlled RA.  Amyloidosis is characterized by abnormal accumulation of the protein amyloid in organs. The disease causes amyloid to build up in the kidneys of people with RA.

    Heart problems can also contribute to the development of kidney disease in RA patients. This is because people with RA are more likely to have high blood pressure and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease (heart disease).

    This increased risk is linked to inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and renal toxicity from RA medications. If you have RA, it’s also essential to visit a kidney doctor on a regular basis. 

    RA Medications

    The majority of the RA medications prescribed by your doctor have no direct effect on your kidneys. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), corticosteroids, methotrexate, and cyclosporine, on the other hand, can increase the risk of decreased kidney function.


    Kidney damage from NSAID use is uncommon in most healthy people. 9 Taking higher doses of NSAIDs to manage pain and inflammation, on the other hand, may result in NSAID nephrotoxicity—the rapid deterioration of the kidneys caused by the toxic effects of NSAIDs.

    Frequent use of NSAIDs, as well as other acetaminophen-containing pain relievers, can also result in nephropathy. This condition indicates that the small blood vessels in the kidneys that clean the blood have been damaged.

    If you are concerned about the number of NSAIDs you are taking to manage pain and inflammation, consult your doctor. They can assist you in locating alternative pain relief options.


    While corticosteroids do not cause direct kidney damage, they can cause fluid retention, which raises blood pressure. Continued use of corticosteroids, can aggravate existing kidney issues or lead to kidney problems.


    Methotrexate is the most effective RA treatment available, and it is frequently the first drug that doctors prescribe. It can alleviate symptoms such as joint pain, fatigue, stiffness, and swelling, as well as reduce inflammation and prevent joint damage.

    Methotrexate is excreted by the kidneys. High doses of methotrexate may cause a buildup of the drug in the bloodstream, potentially leading to an overdose. According to research, at least 1.8% of methotrexate users have kidney dysfunction.


    Cyclosporine is a strong immunosuppressant that can impair kidney function. Most people who develop kidney dysfunction while taking cyclosporine have been taking it for a long time and at high doses.

    Fortunately, most cyclosporine-related kidney problems are minor and can be resolved by adjusting the dosage or discontinuing the medication.

  • Wholesale jewelry
  • 2022 the most beautiful jewelry in wholesale

    The main objective is to increase the size of the jewelry market's consumer base. On the jewelrykg website, members of both the high social class and the student body can discover their preferred style of jewelry. 


    In today's society, jewelry has evolved into a method for people to express their own style, and many people enjoy accessorizing themselves with these items to appeal to strangers who have similar interests, which is a popular way to meet new people. Jewelry from jewelrykg is sold directly to customers; there is no middleman to get a commission, hence prices are higher. In order to sell more items at a lesser price and acquire the trust of customers, we keep the profit on each individual piece of jewelry to an absolute minimum. We truly believe in making jewelry culture more approachable in an effort to increase the number of friends who can afford to purchase their favorite jewelry.


    Why are consumers drawn to wholesale jewelry? 

    1. Low wholesale costs make consumers more receptive to low-cost goods. Additionally, since the jewelry's quality is ensured, buyers would undoubtedly prefer wholesale jewelry. 

    2. Online shopping is becoming more popular, which increases the appeal of wholesale jewelry. Some customers have already taken notice of the jewelry web form that was originally created. 

    3. Customers may confidently purchase wholesale jewelry online thanks to the top-notch after-sales warranty service for items. Consumers can get their preferred jewelry at wholesale costs online without ever leaving their homes thanks to global rapid delivery.


    It's worth attempting to sell by the kilo! 

    Why are merchandising concepts now increasingly moving toward wholesale? Set your sights on the jewelry selling industry now that thin margin sales strategies have proven successful in a number of sectors. The market for jewelry is restricted if profit is your only goal for one particular item. Wholesale jewelry can expand the market for jewelry, and as a result, more and more jewelry enthusiasts will be eager to add it to their shopping lists. Consequently, it is advised to consider selling jewelry at wholesale prices.


    If you need to buy jewelry , please choose  wholesale jewelry , discount code kbj2kzvy will bring you more discounts



  • Sharvari Wagh Biography Age Height Parents
  • Sharvari Wagh is a rising star in the Indian film industry, set to make her debut in Bollywood with the highly-anticipated film "Bunty Aur Babli 2." Born on June 14, 1996 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Sharvari grew up in the city and received her early education from The Dadar Parsee Youth Assembly High School (DPYA). Sharvari Wagh

    Despite being a newcomer to the industry, Sharvari has already made a name for herself with her undeniable talent and striking beauty. With a combination of poise and raw talent, she is poised to take the Bollywood world by storm.

    Sharvari Wagh's Career in Film Industry

    Before her acting career, Sharvari was a model and participated in several beauty pageants. She was crowned Miss Maharashtra in 2016 and also represented India at Miss United Continents pageant. She is a trained classical dancer and has performed in various competitions and events. Sharvari Wagh Instagram

    With her stunning looks and acting skills, she was able to catch the attention of many filmmakers and producers in the industry. She got her first break as a lead actress in the upcoming film "Bunty Aur Babli 2" directed by Varun Sharma. The film is a sequel to the 2005 blockbuster hit "Bunty Aur Babli" starring Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukerji in the lead roles. The sequel stars Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji reprising their roles from the original film and also stars Sharvari Wagh in a lead role. 

    The film tells the story of two con artists, Bunty and Babli, who are forced to come out of retirement for one last con job to clear their name. With an all-star cast, including Sharvari, the film is expected to be a blockbuster hit.

    "Bunty Aur Babli 2" is not only a big break for Sharvari but also an opportunity for her to showcase her acting skills to a wider audience. With her on-screen chemistry with her co-stars, she is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

    It is not just her acting skills that make Sharvari stand out, but also her dedication and hard work. She has worked hard to hone her craft and prepare for her role in the film. With her natural talent and dedication, she is sure to make a name for herself in the industry. 

    Sharvari Wagh's As A Leading Actress

    In addition to her acting, Sharvari is also known for her style and fashion sense. She is often seen on the red carpet and at events looking stunning in designer outfits. She is considered a fashion icon and is followed by many for her style inspiration. Sharvari Wagh Age

    With her undeniable talent, striking beauty, and fashion sense, Sharvari is sure to become one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry. She is definitely one to watch in the coming years. 

    Sharvari Wagh's peak of career

    In conclusion, Sharvari Wagh is a rising star in the Indian film industry with a combination of poise, raw talent, and beauty. She is set to make her debut in Bollywood with the highly-anticipated film "Bunty Aur Babli 2." She is a trained classical dancer, a former beauty pageant winner and a fashion icon. Her dedication and hard work make her stand out from the rest, and with her on-screen chemistry with her co-stars, she is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences. With her undeniable talent, she is definitely one to watch in the coming years.



AI search for Acronyms & meanings containing tamil


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  • Administrative Cashier/Scale Operator Victoria
  • Scale Operator Position in Victoria, BC

    Important Information:
    • Position: Scale Operator
    • Schedule: 08:00AM-4:30PM Monday-Friday
    • Pay: $26 per hour
    • Clerical experience

    Job Details


    The Truck Scale Operator (TSO) reports to the Facilities & Operations Supervisor, or the Terminal Operations Manager. The TSO is responsible for weighing and grading incoming scrap loads, operating in-bound and out-bound scales, directing customers to the appropriate areas for unloading, facilitating payment for in-bound material while ensuring that all of his/her efforts are compliant with the company Health, Safety, and Environmental standards. The TSO may also communicate the pricing of materials with production crews and customers. The TSO should possess knowledge of metals identification and grading according to ISRI specifications, as well as the delivery of exceptional customer service.

    This position operates within well defined parameters. The primary goal of this position is to... achieve excellence in all facets of the position. Providing the highest quality product safely, effectively and efficiently decreases accidents and errors and increase profits.

    Essential Functions:

    Environmental and Health & Safety (H&S)
    • Strictly adheres to all Metals Recycling Business Health, Safety, and Environmental standards.
    • Provides a safe environment for all employees, customers and visitors.

    Operational Performance & Best Business Practices
    • Assist current and potential customers with questions regarding the pricing of materials and types of material accepted, and maintain account contacts to promote customer service on a regular basis.
    • Coordinate with office personnel to ensure accurate and timely documentation of all purchasing transactions.
    • Conduct scale operations and evaluate incoming products: identify contents of each load, operate the incoming scale to determine weight, and direct customers to appropriate areas for unloading.
    • Operate outgoing scale: identify commodity codes, and compute ticket totals for payment.
    • Complete all appropriate DMV forms for all cars that enter yard within required time frame.
    • Communicate scrap quality and acceptance procedures to customers, and ensure strict compliance with current regulations and policies.

    Equipment Maintenance
    • Test in and out-bound scales for accuracy, and report all equipment malfunctions to the appropriate supervisor.

    Internal Control Responsibilities:

    Supports the Company’s Internal Control process which includes understanding, communicating and complying with defined internal controls as well as suggesting and making modifications to the policies, procedures and controls to better relate to the business.

    Communicates upward problems in operations, noncompliance with the code of conduct, or other policy violations or illegal actions.

    Supervisory Responsibility:

    This position does not encompass any supervisory responsibilities.

    Interpersonal Contacts:

    Direct contact with Facilities & Operations Supervisor, or the Terminal Operations Manager, Commercial department, customers, and operations production employees. Face-to-face, electronic, and radio communication required daily.

    Job Conditions:

    This position is regularly exposed to all weather conditions. Physical hazards such as noise, fumes, and dirt are present due to the equipment, machinery, and scrap as would be found throughout the scrap yard. Safety shoes, hearing protection, respirators, face shields, and additional personal protective equipment as needed, must be worn to eliminate the risks associated with these hazards. Travel is not required for this position.

    Handling multiple issues regarding safety and maintenance increases pressure. Work load may be unpredictable and pressure can be substantial during peak times. Critical deadlines require considerable adaptability. Disturbances of work flow and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on an intermittent basis. Extra hours may be required, sometimes on weekends, weekdays, and holidays.

    Physical Activities Required to Perform Essential Functions:

    Ability to: lift and carry up to 50 pounds occasionally; crouch or bend at the knees occasionally to increase visibility; climb vertical steps occasionally; stoop or bend at the waist occasionally to increase visibility; reach at arms length frequently or overhead occasionally; twist and turn at the neck and trunk; walk frequently on uneven ground; sit or stand continually; communicate by speech and hearing continually. Visual acuity needed for close detail work. Mental dexterity needed as TSO will work independently while demonstrating attention to detail and continuous awareness.

    • High School diploma or GED Certification preferred. Minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in a similar role or scrap industry preferred.
    • Ability to develop and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with customers and other employees required.
    • Mathematical and problem solving skills, basic negotiation skills, attention to detail, and basic typing skills required.

    PLEASE NOTE: The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required.

    All U.S. applicants must be 18 years of age or older and all Canada applicants must be 16 years of age or older.

    Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. participates in e-verify for all U.S. new hires.

    An offer of U.S. employment by Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries is contingent on the satisfactory completion of a post-offer drug screen and background check.

    All new hires must review and sign an Arbitration Agreement. This applies to all U.S. non-union employees.

    As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, marital status, disability status, national origin or ancestry, veteran status, age, prior industrial injury, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other protected status under local, state or federal law.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Pay: $26.00 per hour

    Day range:
    • Holidays
    • Monday to Friday
    • Weekend availability

    • 8 hour shift

    • Scale Operator: 1 year (preferred)

    Work Location: In person
    Victoria BC

  • Customer Support Analyst Melbourne VIC
  • About Us

    Global Health is a leading Australian provider of software applications for the healthcare industry.

    Connectivity and integration are key to Global Health’s mission of connecting clinicians to consumers. We work with the healthcare industry, its providers, communities and consumers to enhance connectivity through software systems that support their clinical, business and operational needs.

    About The Role

    Provide exemplary customer service direct and via help desk support ensuring problem resolution and facilitating optimal use of application features by clients. Assist clients in the implementation and database configuration needed in order to integrate the software into the client’s systems and conducting the necessary implementation, training and ongoing client support to ensure that the software works smoothly.

    Key Responsibilities
    • Maintain a knowledge of company products, health industry trends and requirements,
    • Previous acute and primary care experience
    •... Maintain detailed knowledge of assigned product
    • Maintain detailed understanding of how the assigned product has been designed
    • Provide implementation and product deployment for new client projects
    • Provide support to the product deployment teams
    • Work with customers and Global Health Product and Development teams to diagnose and identify issues
    • Work with Global Health Product and Development teams in testing enhancements and fixes
    • Assist other levels of support and other Global Health teams to resolve issues and enquiries on assigned product
    • Provide 2nd and 3rd level support for assigned product
    • Provide support across all levels of support if required
    • Provide helpful and fast (within SLA) phone and email support to customers to ensure they are having success using the software
    • Conduct the necessary remote or onsite customer support to investigate and resolve problems and client enquiries effectively and speedily
    • Provide exceptional customer service
    • Provide training and support on existing and new features, the Customer Support Team and other Global Health teams
    • Provide onboarding support for new customers
    • Gather the necessary information to assist in the implementation and integration of the software into the client’s systems
    • Conducting the necessary customer service trouble shooting, either over the phone or over the web, to be able to solve client enquiries or problems
    • Investigate operating system level issues
    • Conducting new user training on site to be able to have new users understand the functionality of the system and the relevant integration
    • To work according to the standards and procedures defined by the Company’s Quality Management System
    • Keep fully informed of the contents of the Information Security Management System and apply it to daily work.
    • Assist with departmental clerical duties, as required
    • Availability to travel when required
    • Other duties as required
    Melbourne VIC Australia

  • Maintenance Technician Austell
  • Maintenance Technician

    Industrial Maintenance Technician...

    Crown Health Care Laundry Services, a well-established and growing linen services company with plants in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina, has an immediate opening for a Maintenance Technician.

    Crown Health Care Laundry provides great career opportunities and the chance to utilize your technical skills in an ever-changing environment. Our engineers and maintenance technicians are a critical part of our team to help us accomplish our goal of providing exceptional service to our customers.

    Successful candidate will have a strong troubleshooting ability in the electrical control field to include PLCs, inverter drives, pneumatics, hydraulics, pumps, bearing, chains and belting, conveying systems, valves, basic blueprint reading, and mechanical troubleshooting.

    Duties Include
    • Performing preventive maintenance on assigned equipment
    • Record taking of daily meter readings, boiler chemistry, and sanitation
    • Responding to maintenance calls during production hours
    • Repairing machinery in a fast-paced environment with a sense of urgency
    • Assist in training new employees on correct machinery operation

    • Two years electrical experience
    • Strong communication skills
    • Flexible schedule which includes weekends, and holidays
    • Have keen acumen relating to safety and quality
    • Must be able to access and navigate all areas of the facilities.
    • Must be able to access all parts of the company equipment.

    This position requires a proven history of being a positive, self-driven team player who can work at a fast pace in a team-based environment. Salary based upon experience within the engineering field.

    This is for 2nd SHIFT!!!!!

    About the Company:
    Crown Health Care Laundry Services

    Other/Not Classified
    Austell GA USA

  • Sr. Talent Success Consultant Nashville
  • If you are an internal associate, please login to Workday and apply through Jobs Hub.

    Job Purpose...

    The Senior Talent Success Consultant will play a key role in developing and delivering human capital strategies and solutions to meet business objectives. The focus is on building sustainable learning and development within Jackson at all levels in the organization. The priority will be to develop, design and facilitate programs to grow Jackson's internal talent, developing and preparing the talent pipeline through learning opportunities, career planning and coaching.

    Essential Responsibilities
    • Works with management to develop and maintain a talent development strategy, to include assessing and evolving the learning and development portfolio to support career growth, aligning performance management with business strategy, and developing a coaching and mentoring culture.
    • Designs, develops, implements and assesses talent management strategies, processes, and required governance to increase focus on development, performance, career management, and retention of talent.
    • Develops and implements select talent programs to support our internal talent pipeline work.
    • Develops and executes approaches to build organizational capability through development planning that could include development activities such as targeted assignments, experiential learning, coaching, mentoring, 360 feedback, formal education, and leadership programs.
    • Stays abreast of latest developments in talent management, learning, and organizational development, to serve as a subject matter expert and consultant for critical talent issues.
    • Applies a structured talent management and human performance methodology to the design, development, implementation and measurement of programs and processes, aligned with meeting the Company’s objectives.
    • Works with leaders and associates at all levels, as appropriate, with the goal of driving appropriate human capital development solutions.
    • Leads and facilitates meetings, focus groups, and other working sessions to help solve difficult problems, align disparate viewpoints, gather data and build capabilities.
    • Manages the maintenance and execution of talent development and performance management processes.
    • Participates in planning and road mapping activities to identify impact on other cross-functional programs.
    • Researches and recommends the use of vendor-based solutions for organizational, talent development and performance improvement programs and initiatives.
    • Provides regular reporting on development evaluations, effectiveness, and impact on business goals and objectives.
    • Partners with assigned business groups by assisting with development plans, performance improvement plans, and succession plans.
    • Serves as talent liaison and partners with assigned business groups to provide guidance on effectively developing, driving and executing talent programs and processes.
    • Provides effective talent advisory services and employee engagement support to assigned business groups (e.g. Talent Mapping, Succession Planning and Performance Management).
    • Provides coaching and consultation with high potential leaders, focused on effective development planning and execution.
    • Provides team effectiveness improvement solutions.
    • Assists employees of the organization in career-pathing initiatives by identifying individuals' strengths and opportunities, and recommends training or development opportunities to assist employees in meeting career objectives.
    • Consults with business stakeholders to provide feedback and perspective on individual training and development opportunities based on organizational needs.
    • Supports talent development and talent acquisition on initiatives that are focused on driving the talent strategy.
    • Assists with the execution of the annual performance management process.
    • Assists in change management initiatives.
    • Measures effectiveness of talent strategies and programs through dashboard reporting and analysis.
    • Manages sensitive and/or confidential data appropriately.

    Other Duties
    • May lead or assist in the following areas: - Skills platform development - Instructor-led training - Managing talent strategy related projects
    • Performs other duties and/or projects as assigned.

    Knowledge, Skills And Abilities
    • Proven ability to conduct development needs analysis, ensuring that solutions address the correct root cause, and that the impact to the business is measurable.
    • Strong knowledge and understanding of talent and performance management, culture, organizational development, and HR practices.
    • Proven ability to work with leaders at all levels, as a consultant, resource, coach and mentor.
    • Strong understanding of succession management, and a demonstrated ability to develop and deliver programs for individuals at all levels of the organization.
    • Strong coaching and facilitation skills, ability to leverage facilitator skill and experience, participant knowledge, and participation to maximize impact.
    • Ability to manage multiple projects and processes, organize deliverables and resources, and prioritize details to meet deadlines.
    • Ability to operate independently with limited oversight.
    • Ability to travel 10-20%.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Exceptional interpersonal and influence skills.

    • Bachelor's Degree with emphasis in HR, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Business Administration, or related field required.
    • Master's Degree preferred.
    • 5+ years of related talent or leadership development experience, with experience in the assessment, development, delivery and measurement of succession and development programs required.
    • 8+ years of human resources experience preferred.

    We don't just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community. Jackson is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. The Company subscribes to and endorses federal and state laws and regulations relating to equal employment opportunity for all persons without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, legally-recognized disability, marital status, legally-protected medical condition, citizenship, ancestry, height, weight, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other factor not related to the needs of the job. The Company is committed to a policy of equal opportunity. Company facilities and campuses are tobacco-free environments
    Nashville TN USA

  • Senior QA Automation Engineer Kyiv
  • Test Automation (regular) REST API (regular) Java (regular) Testing (advanced) We are open to hire people from Ukraine We're inviting you to work together on a tool that will help customers from all over the world manage their money with zero effort. Join the ZEN team now and change the world of finance for the better. At ZEN you'll get to work with a lot of exciting new technology. We're looking for a Senior QA Automation Engineer to join us in Cracow, Rzeszow, Warsaw offices or Remotely. If you're seeking for a challenging projects in a start-up environment with high autonomy and ownership this offer is for you! Requirements:5 years of work experience in software testingSolid experience in test automationGood knowledge of JavaKnowledge about test automation tools, especially RestAssured, MockserverGood knowledge about test automation of REST APIAttention to detail, problem-solvingStrong analytical skillsQuality and client-focus attitudeTechnologies you will working with: Java 11... Maven, RestAssured, Mockserver, Docker, SqlServer, MongoDB, Kafka, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Jenkins, Atlassian stack, GitNice to have: experience in the financial technologies area Responsibilities:Designing and implementing automated test cases Develop and execute automation tests – JavaTest data preparationDirect cooperating with product owners and developers to specify and agree on the scope of testingProviding test status reportsOngoing monitoring of the application's operationExecute test cases as per defined criteria and maintain test results What we offer:Future career opportunities with international exposureA supportive and diverse environment that allows our employees to thrive and learn.Flexible workingPrivate medical healthcareMotivizer cardLife insuranceInternal and external trainings
    Kyiv Ukraine

  • Journalist​/in, Kommunikations­wissenschaftler​/in o. ä... Bonn
  • Position: Journalist/in, Kommunikationswissenschaftler/in o. ä. (w/m/d) Europäische und internationale Zusammenarbeit
    Mit rund 10.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern ist das DLR nationales Forschungszentrum Deutschlands auf den Gebieten Luft- und Raumfahrt, Energie, Verkehr, Sicherheit und Digitalisierung sowie Heimat für Projektträger und das Raumfahrtmanagement. Wir, der DLR Projektträger, zählen mit über 1.000 hochqualifizierten Expertinnen und Experten zu den größten und erfahrensten Managementorganisationen in Forschung, Innovation und Bildung in Europa. Als kompetenter Dienstleister an der Nahtstelle von Politik, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft tragen wir maßgeblich zur Zukunftsgestaltung bei.

    Dazu brauchen wir auf allen Ebenen exzellente Köpfe, die ihre Potenziale in einem professionellen Umfeld voll entfalten. Unsere vielen weiblichen Mitarbeitenden sind Beleg unserer attraktiven Arbeitsbedingungen. Starten Sie Ihre Mission bei uns, dem DLR Projektträger.

    Für den... DLR Projektträger in Bonn oder Berlin suchen wir eine/nJournalist/in, Kommunikationswissenschaftler/in o. ä. (w/m/d)
    Europäische und internationale

    Bonn Germany

  • Chartered Building Surveyor United Kingdom
  • RICS or Assoc RiCS Building Surveyor.

    Knowledgeable in general practice but enjoys doing Home Buyer Surveys as well.
    United Kingdom

  • Enrolled Nurse Short Stay Surgical Unit Sydney Children's Hospital Sydney NSW
  • Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
    Position Classification: Enrolled Nurse
    Remuneration: 60704.55 - 65958.93 full time equivalent base salary range (excludes super, leave loading and salary packaging)
    Hours Per Week: 38
    Requisition ID: REQ394598 Sydney Children's Hospitals Network is the largest paediatric health care entity in Australia. We care for thousands of children each year in our hospitals and in their homes — with one purpose in mind — to help young people live their healthiest lives.

    Click here to learn more about our Network

    Take this great opportunity to join the dynamic SSSU team at Sydney Children's Hospital. The Short Stay Surgical Unit is a fast paced supportive environment. Our staff are motivated, caring professionals who provide quality care to our pre and post operative patients. Although our specialty is surgical patients we also care for many other specialties providing variety and multiple learning opportunities to our staff. If you are looking for a... challenge, something new or maybe you want to share your valued skills join Sydney Children's Hospital. Enjoy the benefits of continuous educational support and career development opportunities. The hospital is located on the Light Rail line amongst many fabulous cafes, restaurants, and a short stroll from some of the Eastern Suburbs best beaches. We also offer discounted gym membership through the Fitness Passport Program

    What you'll be doing
    The Enrolled Nurse provides safe, compassionate, person-centred care to patients and their families of Sydney Children's Hospital Network.
    The Enrolled Nurse acts as a role model by demonstrating behaviours and interacting with patients, their families and employees in a ways that promotes a culture and standards that reflect the NSW Health CORE values of Collaboration, Openness , Respect and Empowerment
    • Current Authority to Practice as an Enrolled Nurse - Medication Endorsed with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).
    • Demonstrated excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills.
    • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team.
    • Recent clinical experience in a hospital setting.
    • Computer literacy.
    • Capacity to work a seven (7) day rotating roster including public holidays and reasonable overtime

    SCHN is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity - we acknowledge the vibrancy that a diverse workforce brings to enhance both our workplace culture and our service delivery to children, young people and their families and carers. We encourage all suitably qualified applicants to apply. If you identify as an Indigenous Australian or as a person with a disability, please contact us if you would like some more information about our recruitment process.

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to apply. We recognise the value of Aboriginal staff providing health care to Aboriginal children and families that access the services we provide at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. Aboriginal job applicants are encouraged to visit the NSW Health Aboriginal Recruitment tool, Stepping Up to assist in preparing your application.

    Please refer to the Application Guide and NSW Policy Directive PD2022_030 Occupational Assessment Screening and Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Diseases for vaccination requirements.

    All NSW Health workers are required to have completed a primary course (2 doses) of a COVID-19 vaccine which has been approved or recognised by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA). Additionally, as this is a Category A position, workers are required to receive a booster dose three months after completing the primary course of COVID-19 vaccinations. New applicants must have completed the vaccination course prior to commencement with NSW Health, or provide an approved medical contraindication certificate (IM011 immunisation medical exemption form) certifying the worker cannot have any approved COVID-19 vaccines available in NSW.

    Acceptable proof of vaccination is the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation History Statement or AIR COVID-19 Digital Certificate. Booster doses are highly recommended for all health care workers who have completed the primary course of COVID-19 vaccinations.

    This position requires a Working with Children Check (WWCC) issued by the Office of the Children’s Guardian. For more information on how to apply for the clearance, please visit the Office of the Children’s Guardian Website

    Applicants holding visas with working rights may be considered for temporary appointment (up to the expiry date of their visa) where no suitable applicant for permanent appointment is identified.

    Need more information?

    1) Click here for the Position Description
    2) Find out more about applying for this position

    For role related queries or questions contact Freya Hickey on [email protected]

    If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander wishing to apply for this role and want to speak with an Aboriginal person/representative from the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network please contact Wayne Dargan on 0486012545.

    For technical support please contact the customer services team on 1300 679 367 and select option 3.

    Applications Close: 15/05/2023
    Sydney NSW Australia

  • Trader de Apostas Desportivas Paris
  • • Trader de Apostas Desportivas - Portugal (H/M)
    • * Paris
    • Full-Time

    Is HiringTrader de Apostas Desportivas - Portugal (H/M)


    Winamax propose une plateforme de jeux en ligne qui permet à plus de 6 millions de membres en France, Espagne et en Allemagne de s’adonner à leur passion du poker et des paris sportifs.

    Opérateur parmi les plus innovants du marché, les succès de Winamax résultent d’un travail de fond tant sur le plan marketing/communication, que sur un plan technique et technologique.

    La différence de Winamax ? Un ton humoristique décalé et de meilleures cotes. Le succès de Winamax est dû à la fois à sa culture du jeu mais surtout à l’excellence de son équipe. Faire partie du Staff Winamax, c’est vivre une expérience humaine au sein d’une équipe conviviale et d’un environnement de travail unique et agréable

    Job Description

    A Winamax opera uma plataforma de jogos online que permite a mais de 6 milhões de membros em França, Espanha e Alemanha de satisfazerem... a sua paixão pelo poker e apostas desportivas.

    Um dos operadores mais inovadores do mercado, o sucesso da Winamax é o resultado do trabalho árduo tanto em termos de marketing/comunicação bem como a nível técnico e tecnológico.

    O que diferencia a Winamax? Um tom humorístico fora do comum e as melhores cotas do mercado.O sucesso da Winamax deve-se à sua cultura do jogo, mas ainda mais importante: à excelência da sua equipa.Fazer parte do Staff Winamax é viver uma experiência humanano seio de uma equipa amigávelnum ambiente de trabalho único de agradável

    Descrição da oferta

    Como parte do nosso projeto de desenvolvimento e expansão, estamos a recrutar um(a) Trader de Apostas Desportivas Portugal.

    Como parte da equipa de Apostas Desportivas, com horários rotativos para um serviço 24/7, irá garantir o bom funcionamento e a otimização da oferta de apostas desportivas da Winamax para o mercado lusófono. Será responsável por:

    - Publicação das apostas no website (verificação das partidas, cotas e das intituladas)

    - Supervisão e ajuste das cotas pré-evento e ao vivo

    - Validação das apostas realizadas mais importantes

    - Verificação dos resultados e fecho de apostas

    Em colaboração com as equipas de marketing, e de acordo das necessidades, poderá também participar ativamente na adaptação da nossa oferta de apostas aos clientes lusófonos.

    • Independentemente da sua experiência e formação profissional, é de língua materna portuguesa, e fez os seus estudos em Portugal.
    • Apaixonado pelo desporto, utiliza regularmente os sites de apostas desportivas e conhece o funcionamento das cotas. Idealmente já possui uma experiencia profissional num site de apostas desportivas. Sente-se à vontade com números. Rigoroso e atento aos detalhes, é capaz de trabalhar sob pressão.
    • Fala francês sem ser necessariamente bilingue ou possui um bom nível de inglês e adorava fazer da sua paixão pelas apostas desportivas o seu emprego em frança. A sua situação pessoal permite-lhe posicionar-se de forma permanente na nossa equipa de Sports Betting Trading, organizada em horário rotativo, incluinda noites e fins de semana.

    • Contrato sem termounicamente a tempo inteiro, a iniciar com a maior brevidade possível em Paris- França
    • Remuneração atrativa
    • Plano individual único de 12 semanas: 4 semanas durante as manhãs/ 2 semanas durante o dia/ 4 durante a tarde/ 2 durante a noite
    • Apenas serão consideradas as candidaturas com CV e Carta de motivação em francês/inglês
    • Autorização de trabalho em frança necessária (sem sponsoring do título de residência)
    • Modalidades de trabalho excluídas: emprego estudante, emprego a meio-tempo, emprego alternado, teletrabalho, freelance

    • Entrevista em vídeo,
    • Teste escrito e entrevista presencial nos nossos escritórios em paris (reembolso dos bilhetes de avião sujeito a condições)

    Durante o processo de recrutamento, a Winamax irá reembolsar o seu trajeto de ida-volta, mediante a apresentação de justificativos

    Mais informações sobre a vaga?

    We work hard, and we play hard too

    Juntar-se à Winamax significa envolver-se numa experiência humana com:

    - Apoio extensivo para que encontres alojamento em Paris

    - Um emprego desafiante num ambiente internacional

    - Uma atmosfera de trabalho única com múltiplos benefícios em pleno centro de Paris (bebidas e snacks gratuitos, acesso ao restaurante da empresa,…)

    - Bónus de distribuição de lucros e incentivos

    - Excelente seguro de saúde

    - Seis semanas de férias

    E muita DIVERSÃO Eventos pós-trabalho regulares (torneios de poker, jogos, barbecue,…) e atividades de lazer (ginásio, equipa de futebol,…)

    Additional Information

    Contract Type:


    Sounds like something made for you
    Paris France

  • General Practitioner Dublin
  • General Practitioners - Anywhere in Ireland.

    We are always looking to work with talented Doctors, health professionals, specialists and clinics. If you are any of the above why not contact us.

    What is the role?

    We are looking to expand our medical team and are currently recruiting to fulfil multiple GP positions. We favour Doctors who have worked for significant periods in Primary Care Clinics or ideally are on the IMC Specialist Register for General Practice.

    We offer the flexibility of working from your home, your clinic or our offices, with Webdoctor, geography is history!

    Hours that suit you
    • We have flexible sessions and run a 7 day service
    • You can work around children's school schedules and other commitments to find a better work-life balance.

    Market leading rates
    • We pay market leading rates for the right people.

    Complete clinical independence
    • Doctor remuneration is completely independent of treatment outcome - there is no pressure to prescribe - doctors will... always have complete and independent clinical control.

    Who we are

    Webdoctor is an online doctor service that enables patients to access world-class, affordable healthcare online from a smartphone, tablet or computer, anytime, anywhere.

    Our service has the same confidentiality as a traditional consultation and it allows us to safely, securely and conveniently offer Irish patients an online consultation for a wide range of ailments.

    This role will involve the processing of personal health information. We are committed to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all physical and electronic information and information-related assets
    Dublin Ireland

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