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  • Teutonic Order
  • The Teutonic Order is a Catholic religious institution founded as a military society c. 1190 in Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Order of Brothers of the

  • Teutonic
  • Look up Teutonic in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Teutonic or Teuton(s) may refer to: Teutons, a Germanic tribe or Celtic tribe mentioned by Greek

  • State of the Teutonic Order
  • The State of the Teutonic Order (German: Staat des Deutschen Ordens, pronounced [ˈʃtaːt dɛs ˌdɔʏtʃn̩ ˈʔɔʁdn̩s] ; Latin: Civitas Ordinis Theutonici; Lithuanian:

  • Teutonic Mythology
  • Teutonic Mythology may refer to: Germanic paganism Jacob Grimm's Deutsche Mythologie (1835) Viktor Rydberg's Undersökningar i germanisk mythologi I (1886)

  • RMS Teutonic
  • The RMS Teutonic was an ocean liner built for the White Star Line in Belfast and was the first armed merchant cruiser. In the late 1880s competition for

  • Malbork Castle
  • The Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork (Polish: Zamek w Malborku; German: Ordensburg Marienburg) is a 13th-century Teutonic castle and fortress located

  • Livonian Order
  • The Livonian Order was an autonomous branch of the Teutonic Order, formed in 1237. From 1435 to 1561 it was a member of the Livonian Confederation. The

  • Germanic peoples
  • The Germanic peoples were historical groups of people that once occupied Northwestern and Central Europe and Scandinavia during antiquity and into the

  • Battle of Grunwald
  • of Tannenberg, was fought on 15 July 1410 during the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War. The alliance of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy

  • Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War
  • The Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War, also known as the Great War, occurred between 1409 and 1411 between the Teutonic Knights and the allied Kingdom of

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  • 5 Background Screening Mistakes Companies Make
  • As an employer, you want to make the best hiring decision by recruiting the right person for the vacant position. But, when the base of your decision is entirely dependent on the information provided by the candidate and the references provided by them, it is impossible to get the entire picture of the candidate. It is unlikely that you will get relevant information pertaining to their poor driving history, financial troubles, or a criminal record if they have not included these details (and logically speaking candidates will not include these things in the resume or application). This makes it imperative for organizations to conduct background checks on prospective candidates.

    But, while conducting the background check process, there are certain privacy laws that need to be strictly followed in order to protect the personal data of the individual. Even a well-intentioned employer can end up stumbling upon this protected information resulting in misinterpretation of information or making incorrect assumptions. This makes organizations miss out on a talented candidate, but the worst thing is they may face lawsuits for discrimination or invasion of privacy. This happens due to one of these background screening mistakes.

    1. The problem of mistaken identity

    The number mistake made during the background screening process is to mix up the identity of an individual with another person that can make you get an incorrect screening report which is based on false or inaccurate assumptions. This usually happens when the screening process is done in a hurry resulting in unexpected errors.

    You can resolve this mistake by asking for a formal application from the candidate to double check their full name, social security number and also get a copy of their state-issued identity card or a federal passport. By obtaining the correct and precise information on an application or resume, you can reduce the problem of mistaken identity that can have a negative impact on the background screening process. In case, you come across a criminal history or drug charges in the report, inform the candidate and confirm whether the information is correct before going with the finalization of the report.

    2. Not taking the prior written consent from the candidate before conducting the background check

    This is a big mistake made by employers when it comes to conducting employment background screening. Although most of the candidates are aware that a potential employer will screen them before making an offer, according to the FCRA Act it is important to let them know about it well in advance and get a prior written consent from the candidate before starting the screening process to avoid any discriminatory lawsuit in future.

    3. Intentionally ignoring the screening of temporary and contract workers

    It is important that you screen each and every employee in your organization irrespective of their role and position. This includes temporary workers and contractors who are not on the full payroll of the organization. If you intentionally ignore to screen the temporary workers and contractors, it can lead to grave risk to your organization because they are not totally committed to the business practices of the organization for the long term. It can result in theft, fraud and harm the safety and reputation of the organization. It is a smart investment to screen each and every employee working in the organization, including the temporary workers and contractors to prevent costly mistakes in the future.

    4. Wrong time of conducting the screening

    This is a huge mistake made by the employers. Conducting the screening process at the beginning of the hiring process can mean that there is a great chance of rejecting a candidate well in advance if you find any discrepancy in the report. Once you meet the candidate in person, shake their hand and look into their eyes, you get a feel for the person. This makes you feel about giving another chance to the candidate if in case anything wrong comes up in the screening report. Many employers fail to recognize this fact and try to conduct the screening process far too early making them lose out on potential talented candidate. Avoid this mistake by conducting the background screening process once you have completed at least a couple of rounds of interviews. This will give you ample of time to get relevant information about the candidate which can be used to evaluate the results in the reports.

    5. Over reliance on social media

    It has been estimated that more than 75% of employers globally look at the social media profiles of the candidate while making a hiring decision. These employers claim that they evaluate their profiles to determine the overall character of the candidate. But, the problem with social media screening is that you can get additional information like religion, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation etc. which can create an unnecessary bias in the hiring process. There is also no way to unsee things that you see on social media. This makes the experts propagate refraining from using social media as a medium to take hiring decisions.


    To avoid making these mistakes, it is important that you hire an employee background verification company that can help you find precise information pertaining to the candidate in a swift and efficient manner. It should also have requisite knowledge of the legal implications pertaining to background checks, thereby understanding the different laws to avoid assessing the information that you are not authorized to see. With so much at stake on the outcome of the screening process, it is important to ensure that the process is done correctly within the boundaries of the laws affecting it.

  • The Banks Are Failing Again And Its Going To Be Okay

    Banks are falling like dominoes again. It’s the truth. While a great front is being put on in the media to assure the public not to panic or withdraw all their money from the banks, many more are likely to go bankrupt soon.

    It will be okay. You don’t have to lose money. You just have to stay smart and know what to do with your money in the meantime.

    • A New Round Of Bank Failures Was Bound To Happen

    This fresh round of bank collapses should not be a surprise to anyone. It’s been building up over the past few years, with plenty of warning.

    In fact, it is probably safe to say that it has been well orchestrated. Banks abused their customers, and gambled depositors' money on insanely overpriced, under-secured things.

    Well ahead of these failures there seem to have been some questionable loans to close contacts, and bonuses have continued through these failures.

    We’ll see significant consolidation in the banking industry again. As well as plenty of reasons being floated for new and tighter lending regulations.

    Of course, the brand names involved may be different this time. Including Credit Suisse going down, which was one of the ones that seemed to survive the last crisis.

    • It’s All About WHO You Invest With

    A lot more capital is being directed toward real estate for safety and performance right now. It still offers concrete assets and gains that can keep up with inflation.

    However, what is glaringly obvious right now is how important who you invest with is. How transparent they are with their financials, their values and commitment, and financial discipline.

    None of that seemed very highly valued 12 months ago. Now it’s everything.

    Focus on who you are investing with and trusting your money to. Everything else will work out.

    • It Won’t Last Forever

    There are lots of silver linings here, including incredible discounts on bank assets.

    In the last crisis, investors had two big regrets afterward. One was selling assets that ended up being worth so much more a few years later. And the other was failing to get in and buy at deep discounts while they were available.

    Invest through it. You’ll be glad you did when the clouds part and the sun comes out again. 
    Investment Opportunities

    Find out more about investing in secured debt and real estate, go to NNG Capital Fund.

    If you are an Accredited investor and would like to learn more about how to become a Capital Partner with NNG Capital Fund, Click here to set up a discovery call today!

    Photo by Expect Best

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  • What Is TCS Tax-Tax Collected At Source-Section 206C(1H)
  • What Is TCS Tax or Tax Collected at Source?

    Full form of TCS Tax is Tax Collected at Source. By this time you might have already known this. The Govt. of India vide Finance Act 2020, has introduced two new provisions of Tax Collected at Source effective from 01.10.2020.

    Tax Collected at Source or TCS Tax is not a new concept. As of now, TCS Tax is applicable on certain transactions involving prescribed goods and services both under Income Tax and GST regime.

    Now, the new provision of Tax Collected at Source/TCS applicable w.e.f 01.10.2020 vide Section 206C(1H) of the Income Tax Act as passed by the Finance Act 2020 incorporating all the remaining goods under the ambit of TCS Tax.

    New Provision of Finance Act 2020 is TCS Tax Collected at Source or TCS on Sale of Goods Under Section 206C(1H) of the Income Tax Act, which is basically a form of advance income-tax not an additional tax burden.

    TCS Tax Collected at Source/TCS on Sale of Goods Under Section 206C(1H) w.e.f 01.10.2020.

    As per Section 206C(1H) of the Income Tax Act 1961 :

    Every person, being a seller, who receives any amount as consideration for the sale of any goods of the value or aggregate of such value exceeding ₹50 Lakh in any previous year, other than the goods being exported out of India,

    or goods covered in Section 206C(1F) or Section 206C(1G) shall, at the time of receipt of such amount, collect from the buyer, a sum equal to 0.1 % of the sale consideration exceeding ₹50 Lakh as income-tax.

    Also, Section 206C(1H) has set the minimum criteria for a seller to be eligible to collect TCS on sale of Goods if his turnover exceeds ₹10 Crore in the preceding financial year.

    Therefore, it is very important to understand that not every seller is liable to collect and deposit TCS as per the provisions of Section 206C(1H). Both buyer and the seller has to fulfil some conditions as envisaged in this section.

    What is TCS Tax w.e.f 01.10.2020?

    Earlier Tax Collected at Source was applicable on certain goods but after the introduction of new Section 206C(1H), the remaining goods were included under this TCS system effective from 01.10.2020.


    Therefore, TCS Tax is nothing new but the collection of Tax at source by the seller while selling goods to the buyer only if the following conditions are satisfied. So, this is an advance income-tax the Govt. is trying to collect.

    • A Seller of Goods is liable to collect TCS from the Buyer on the selling of any goods to him;
    • TCS should be collected only when the Turnover of the Seller exceeds ₹10 Crore in the preceding financial year;
    • TCS is to be collected if the aggregate value of sales consideration to be received for Goods from the buyer exceeds ₹ 50 Lakhs in a financial year;
    • TCS Tax will be applicable on the consideration receipts on or after 01.10.2020;
    • So, TCS Tax will be collected on Sales Value minus ₹ 50 Lakhs;
    • Rates of TCS: TCS Tax is collected @ 0.1% (0.075% till 31.03.2021) when PAN of the buyer is available;
    • TCS Tax will be charged @1% if PAN of the buyer is not available.

    Who is a ‘Buyer’ under the provisions of section 206C(1H)?

    As per Section 206C(1H) of the Income Tax Act on TCS on Sale of Goods, A Buyer means a person who buys any goods but does not include the following:

    • The Central Government, a State Government, an Embassy, a High Commission, Legation, Commission, Consulate and the Tade representation of a Foreign State; or
    • A Local Authority as defined in the Explanation to clause (20) of Section 10; or
    • A person importing goods into India or any other person as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify for this purpose, subject to such conditions as may be specified therein;

    Who is a ‘Seller’ under the provisions of section 206C(1H)?

    As per Section 206C(1H) of the Income Tax Act on TCS on Sale of Goods, A Seller” means a person whose total sales, gross receipts or turnover from the business carried on by him exceeds ₹10 Crore during the financial year immediately preceding the financial year in which the sale of goods is carried out,

    and not being a person as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify for this purpose, subject to such conditions as may be specified therein.

    Is the TCS on Sale of Goods to be collected on the TCS Tax Component?

    Yes, TCS Tax is to be collected on the basis of actual receipt pertaining to the sales consideration. I mean any other tax component such as GST is included and not to be deducted while calculating the value on which TCS needs to be levied.

    So, in a nutshell, TCS Tax will have to be collected on the sales value including GST. Even any discount, sales return not to be deducted from the sales value. The main component is the actual value received or to be received from the buyer.

    On what amount TCS on Sale of Goods to be collected U/S Section 206C(1H)?

    As per Section 206C(1H), as enacted for TCS on Sale of Goods, TCS will have to be collected by the Seller @0.10%(0.075% till 31st March 2021) on the receipt of sales consideration in excess of ₹ 50 Lakhs from the buyer in a financial year with effect from 1st October 2020 only.

    So, TCS Tax Collected at Source on Sale of Goods will be levied in the following manner.

    TCS= (Receipt of Sales Consideration – ₹ 50 Lakhs) X 0.10%

    Example: 1 – Sales consideration is below ₹ 50 Lakhs up to 30.09.2020

    • a. Sales made up to 30.09.2020 ₹ 45 Lakhs
    • b. Consideration received up to 30-09-2020 ₹ 40 Lakhs
    • c. Further sales made after 01.10.2020 ₹ 36 Lakhs
    • d. Consideration received after 01.10.2020 ₹ 32 Lakhs
    • e. On what amount TCS will be charged ????

    Solution: TCS on Sale of Goods is calculated on the actual amount received on or after 1st October 2020 only exceeding ₹ 50 Lakhs.

    Therefore, the following points are important here:

    Total Sales during the year 2020-21(a+c) – ₹ 81 Lakhs

    Total consideration received during the year 2020-21(b+d) – ₹ 72 Lakhs

    Consideration received after 1st October 2020(d) – ₹ 32 Lakhs

    Maximum threshold limit for the F.Y 2020-21 – ₹ 50 Lakhs

    So, TCS amount is (72 Lakhs-50 Lakhs)*0.075%= ₹ 1650.TCS is applicable only on ₹ 22 Lakhs and not on ₹ 32 Lakhs.

    TCS is not applicable on the consideration received up to 30.09.2020.

    Therefore, TCS is chargeable on ₹ 22 Lakhs only i.e. consideration received after 1st October 2020 exceeding ₹50 Lakhs and not on the entire ₹32 Lakhs.

    Whether sales consideration received prior to 01.10.2020 would be considered while calculating the TCS amount?

    CBDT has clearly mentioned in their Guidance clarification note that TCS shall be applicable on the amount received on or after 1st October 2020 only. Therefore, there is no question of collecting TCS on the amount received prior to 1st October 2020.

    But this should be kept in mind that the maximum exemption limit of ₹ 50 Lakhs is allowed in a financial year only. Once you exceed the threshold limit of ₹ 50 Lakhs, TCS is chargeable instantly on any amount received on or after 1st October. But no TCS even if you received ₹ 60 Lakhs up to 30th September.

    If the sales consideration exceeds ₹ 50 Lakhs before 1st October, it needs to be taken into consideration while calculating the threshold limit from 1st April 2020.

    Accordingly, the amount received on or after 1st October exceeding ₹ 50 Lakhs will have to be taken into consideration for TCS calculation.

    No TCS on the sales consideration received up to ₹50 Lakhs whether sales made prior to 30th September or on or after 1st October as it is the maximum threshold limit. The threshold limit is calculated from 1st April.

    Example: 2- Sales made more than ₹ 50 Lakhs up to 30.09.2020

    • a. Sales made up to 30-09-2020 ₹ 60 Lakhs
    • b. Consideration received up to 30-09-2020 ₹ 45 Lakhs
    • c. Further sales made after 01.10.2020 ₹ 20 Lakhs
    • d. Consideration received after 01.10.2020 ₹ 31 Lakhs
    • e. On what amount TCS will be charged ????

    Solution: TCS on sale of Goods is calculated on the actual amount received on or after 1st October 2020 only exceeding ₹ 50 Lakhs. TCS is not applicable on the consideration received up to 30.09.2020.

    Therefore, the following points are important here:

    Total Sales during the year 2020-21(a+c) – ₹ 80 Lakhs

    Total consideration received during the year 2020-21(b+d) – ₹ 76 Lakhs

    Consideration received after 1st October 2020 (d) – ₹ 31 Lakhs

    Maximum threshold limit for the F.Y 2020-21 – ₹ 50 Lakhs

    So, TCS amount is (76 Lakhs-50 Lakhs)*0.075%= ₹ 1950. TCS is applicable only on ₹ 26 Lakhs and not on ₹ 31 Lakhs.

    Therefore, out of the ₹ 31 Lakhs received after 01.10.2020, TCS is chargeable only on ₹ 26 Lakhs only i.e. consideration received after 1st October 2020 exceeding ₹50 Lakhs and not on the entire ₹31 Lakhs.

    Example: 3-Consideration received more than ₹ 50 Lakh up to 30.09.2020

    • a. Sales made up to 30-09-2020 ₹ 70 Lakhs
    • b. Consideration received up to 30-09-2020 ₹ 59 Lakhs
    • c. Further sales made after 01.10.2020 ₹ 24 Lakhs
    • d. Consideration received after 01.10.2020 ₹ 33 Lakhs
    • e. On what amount TCS will be charged ????

    Solution: TCS on Sale of Goods is calculated on the actual amount received on or after 1st October 2020 only exceeding ₹ 50 Lakhs.TCS is not applicable on the consideration received up to 30.09.2020.

    But in the instant case threshold limit was crossed prior to 01.10.2020. So any consideration received on or after 01.10.2020 is liable to Tax collected at source.

    Therefore, the following points are important here:

    Total Sales during the year 2020-21(a+c) – ₹ 94 Lakhs

    Total consideration received during the year 2020-21(b+d) – ₹ 92 Lakhs

    Consideration received after 1st October 2020 (d) – ₹ 33 Lakhs

    Maximum threshold limit after 1st October 2020 – ₹ NIL

    So, TCS amount is (33 Lakhs *0.075%)= ₹ 2475. TCS is applicable only on ₹ 33 Lakhs and not on ₹ 42 Lakhs(i.e. 92 L-50 L).

    Therefore, as per section 206C(1H) out of the ₹ 33 Lakhs received after 01.10.2020, TCS Tax is chargeable only on ₹ 33 Lakhs i.e. consideration received after 1st October 2020 exceeding ₹50 Lakhs and not on the entire ₹42 Lakhs.

    Are the limit of ₹10 Crores and ₹ 50 Lakhs applicable on TCS on Sale of Goods or Services?

    As per the provisions of Section 206C(1H) on TCS on Sale of Goods, as the name itself suggests that TCS is applicable only to the sale of goods and not on the sale of services for calculating the maximum threshold limit of ₹ 50 Lakhs.

    Similarly while calculating the threshold limit of ₹ 10 Crores in the preceding financial year, Section 206C(1H) states that the total sale consideration and gross receipts from the business are to be considered. So, it will consist of both the sale of goods and services as well.

    Is TCS on Sale of Goods applicable on the export of Goods?

    No TCS on Sale of Goods is not applicable to the goods exported outside India.

    Is TCS Tax applicable on the Packing, Forwarding and Insurance amount?

    Section 206C(1H) basically deals with the TCS on sale of Goods. Therefore, if packing, forwarding and Insurance form part of the sale consideration, it will definitely be considered for TCS Tax calculation.

    Is TCS Tax applicable to the advance amount received from the buyer?

    Yes. Section 206C(1H) clearly states that TCS on Sale of Goods is to be charged on the consideration received from the buyer whether as advance amount where goods will be supplied at a later date. But the threshold limit of ₹ 50 Lakhs shall have to be taken into consideration while charging TCS Tax on the advance amount.

    Will the seller get a credit of the TCS Tax Collected at Source during the financial year?

    The CBDT vide its guidance note mentioned that TCS on Sale of goods is not an additional tax. It is nothing but a form of advance tax cum TDS. Which the seller would get a credit of the taxes so paid while filing ITR in the next financial year.

    So, TCS Tax as per Section 206C(1H) is basically an advance income tax and no additional burden on the seller which is subject to a tax credit next year. 

  • Best Pharmacy Ads Networks For Pharmacy Advertisements
  • Best Pharmacy Ads Networks For Pharmacy Advertisements


    Custom pharmacy Advertisements. Be inspired by these 15 pharmacy Advertisements - Get your own perfect pharmacy advertisement design at 7Search PPC. Health ads Network,


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    According to the Statista Research Department, Americans spend an average of 7 hours and 50 minutes a day on digital media. As of January 2022, 85% of American adults use a smartphone, 74% have a laptop or desktop, and 52% own a tablet. For this reason, there’s no doubt that digital is here to stay, which is why online advertising for your pharmacy ads is crucial. 


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    Advertisement Application Form for Medicine Advertisement Board Approval (MAB) / Amendment Form of Approved Advertisement Format.


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    7Search PPC is produced every weekday of the year, except for NSW public holidays and a short break over the Christmas/New Year period. It is circulated by email to more than 20,000 pharmacy industry personnel across Australia and the globe each day, including community pharmacies, hospitals, government agencies, peak pharmacy ads groups, wholesalers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, students and educational institutions. 


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    The publication is noted for timely, accurate reporting. Advertising produces immediate results and is seen as the most cost-effective way to promote to the Australian pharmacy industry.


    7Search PPC consists of a number of A4 pages carrying news stories, photographs and advertising, distributed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format via email. The pages are generally divided into four columns and advertisements can be one, two , three or four columns wide. Full-page advertisements are also accepted as attachments.

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  • Using Pretty Amazing Flag Kits for Your Flags
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    Most of the online stores can deliver you the quality banners and flags as for the promotional campaign and with the optimum quality features at an affordable price online. Flags kits provided by these online stores can stand against the harsh weather conditions like high energy wind, high temperature, etc. without degrading the overall quality of the flag kits for your need.


    Author Bio:-


    This article is written by David Steve. He has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by him and clears your doubts on historical American flags.

  • 21st Century Technological Advances That Have Changed Everyday Life
  • The advent of technology has completely transformed how we live our everyday lives. From the appliances that prepare food to the devices that let us travel, to the software that helps us complete our work, these 21st-century technological advances have profoundly improved our daily existence. Technology has become so widespread and so much a part of our culture that it’s often difficult to imagine how we ever lived without it. Here are a few examples of ways in which technological advances have changed everyday life for the better:

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is a form of technology that’s rapidly growing and becoming more commonplace in our everyday lives. It’s based on computer systems that have been programmed to solve problems independently. From gathering data from various sources to using complex algorithms to find answers, AI is an important tech development that helps us move faster than any human could ever dream of. We see artificial intelligence used every day, from medical diagnoses to street lights that detect cars speeding by.


    Artificial intelligence is also commonly used for smart assistants. Siri, Alexa, and other assistants are incorporated into the technology use and daily life of people all over the world. These devices can interpret a huge variety of verbal commands. While you may not realize it, this is a great example of how AI can be used.


    Smartphones have become a part of modern life and most people would agree that they have changed how we communicate with each other. Whether you're sending text messages or taking pictures and playing games, cell phones can entertain us and inform us during our downtime. 


    While you used to have to use a desktop computer to access the internet, most people now have tiny computers right in their pockets. This has vastly increased access to information for the average person. It is also convenient to be able to control your bank balance or even clock in and out of work through your mobile phone. Furthermore, GPS apps for your phone help drivers navigate in areas they've never been before without the need for a physical map.

    Smart Home Devices

    The smart device is another 21st-century tech innovation that has increased in popularity over recent years. Smart devices let you control different aspects of your home or personal life from one device. Whether you're turning on/off lights, adjusting thermostats, or programming your security system, remote access from your phone can completely change how you live your daily life. You can even program specific outlets to turn on and off thanks to WiFi-compatible surge protectors. 


    Devices like this have proved to be especially helpful for those with disabilities, allowing them to have more control and independence in their home. If you or a loved one has mobility issues or other accessibility needs, you may benefit from incorporating smart devices in your home. 

    3D Printing

    3D printing is another invocation that is changing the way every industry works. This technology allows one to easily create prototypes and products that were previously too complicated or expensive to produce. In today's world, not only can you 3D print almost anything but there are also several different materials that you can use with your printer. Additional reading shows that large companies like Apple and Disney have even started utilizing 3D printing in their supply chains to improve production.


    Whether you’re benefiting from AI like Siri or Alexa or you use your smartphone for everything, technology has undoubtedly shaped your life for the better. Keep these innovations in mind as you learn more about how tech is transforming our daily lives.


  • Intraday Trading: Your Daily Trading
  • Intraday trading, otherwise known as day trading is the buying and selling of securities within the same trading day. Intraday trading techniques are for daily traders who carry out multiple transactions in a single trade session. The securities traded here are mostly stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund) in opposition to Mutual Funds which need to be purchased from offline brokers or any other online methods.

    On further exploration into intraday trading, it is interesting to note that the term ‘Intraday’ is usually used to refer to the highs and lows of a security. For example, when a stock reaches a new high as compared to other trading prices it is known as an “Intraday high”. In most cases, the intraday high also turns out to be the closing price of a stock. Intraday traders are mostly full-time traders who look to make profits on a daily basis.

    Image result for intraday images

    They continuously monitor the prices of one or more stocks, on several screens of data in order to find the most beneficial conditions to enter or exit the trades. Latest developments do allow trading programs to do the job instead of browsing through different screens at one time.

    If you plan on getting into the daily trading market, here are a few tips to help you build your intraday trading strategies:

    1. Invest what you can afford to lose: Intraday trading is risky and can take an unexpected turn at any moment. The unexpected turn can either give you profits or losses.

    2. Trade what you understand: You need to only trade what you understand. Trading something just because you see someone else trading is not really advisable as someone else’s profit can be your loss.

    3. Focus on one set up: Concentrate on one setup at a time. Perfect the trade in your chosen set up, understand it and continue trading in the same for maximum profits before moving to the next one.

    4. Take your own calls: Concentrate on what you think is right, rather than taking someone else’s opinion into account.

    5. Do not over trade: If you are incurring a loss, you need to step back and analyse what’s going wrong instead of trading more in an attempt to overcome your losses.


    Day trading refers to purchasing and selling the stocks on the same day. Day traders aim at making profits based on the short-term price movements by leverage large sums of capital. For beginners, day trading can be a little difficult to without having well-thought out plan. Here are a few strategies that retail traders can apply for day trading:



     A day trader looks at two factors in a stock mainly which include volatility and liquidity. Volatility enables one to measure the price range. Liquidity helps a trader to enter and exit a particular stock at a safe as well as a good price.



    A thumb rule for any kind of investment is not to put in all of your capital at once. A trader must therefore plan the trading budget and not exceed it. Invest in small amounts without being impulsive. Ensure that the risk-reward ratio is well calculated.



     Trading on margins makes a trader vulnerable to price fluctuations in comparison to regular traders. The stop-loss feature in trading is designed to limit a trader’s loss. It can be a buy or a sell order which is triggered on an automatic basis after a stock reaches a particular price.



     Many trader expect returns in triple digits within a short period of time without even making the required efforts. It is important for a trader to keep track of the individual strategy more than by checking the percentage gains or losses. Therefore, personal evaluation allows one to solve problems better.


    Bottom Line

     Day trading is not a skill that can be achieved overnight. The bottom line is to not give up and continue to practice in a disciplined manner. Through consistent analysis and evaluation, there are all the possibilities of achieving the trading goals.


    Indiabulls Securities, Angel Broking, Sharekhan Limited are some of the famous stock broking companies in India through which trading beginners can choose to invest. Trade the right stocks and target the best profits. These tips should help you in your Intraday trading ventures.

    Investing in the stock markets is one of the most effective ways of boosting your wealth. One such way to invest in the stock market is intraday trading. The buying and selling of shares within a single day in termed as intraday trading. It is one of the best trading strategies that helps you reap the benefit of small fluctuations in the market. Intraday trading strategies help investors to gain benefit from both rising and falling market conditions as opposed to long term trading that can only benefit from a bull run. However, for those of you who are not familiar with intraday trading, making profits might seem difficult initially. Since the markets fluctuates in a fraction of seconds, a day trader needs to be quick in order to make profits. Here are few simple intraday stock tips that will help you to achieve more profits:-

    • Trade liquid stocks: - Liquidity of a stock is the most important rule when it comes to selecting stocks for day trading. A stock with a high average trading volume can be termed as a liquid stock. Liquid stocks are apt for day trading as they can be bought and sold in ample quantities without causing much impact on the prices. With liquid shares, a day trader will not face any trouble finding buyers or sellers.
    • Avoid unpredictable or chaotic stocks: - The stock with low trading volumes or stocks where some big news is soon expected have a tendency to trade in a very unpredictable manner. Generally, when a company announces some important news such as more profits, big orders, plant shutdowns etc. the stock are traded in a very chaotic manner. While day trading, it is better to avoid such chaotic stocks.
    • Move with the trend: - For a day trader it is always advisable to move with the market. If the market is in an upward trend, try to find stocks that are expected to rise as instead of looking for stocks that may fall.
    • Research thoroughly: - Most of the day traders fail to do ample research about the stocks they trade. Identify a sector such as the BSE Sensex or the NSE Nifty that appeal to you the most. Then create a list of stocks that appeals to your interests. It is also a great idea to go through the quarterly results announces by companies, this will help you understand how the market reacts to the results. 


  • 10 Secrets of Happy Families and the Benefits of Having One
  • The family is the smallest group within every society. However, families are the foundation of society. When families face crises and break ups, we can expect to see the effects in society. Drunk dad, wayward mum, children who have gone into crime, the list could goes on and on. Every society will be far more successful in maintaining peace and prosperity if those in charge will give the institution of families the attention it deserves. We must come to terms with the truth that building and maintaining happy families is important for a prosperous society. Parents and children always want to live in a happy home. We all want happiness in family life and a happy household. But for some people, it has only been a dream. Not because they can not have and enjoy a happy family but because they just don’t know how to. While you admire some other families thinking yours is a hopeless wreck, you must understand that there are certain secrets of happy families and the difference lies in what you don’t know about them. Some times when we see people succeed in certain areas of life, we are tempted to think they just got lucky. But that is not true. Lets look at some secrets of happy families and the benefits of having a happy family.

    Set the Marriage union as a priority over kids

    Usually when couples have a child or two, they seem to loose focus on the fact that their union started before kids came along. Kids are the result of the marriage union, not the reason for it. It is simply wrong for spouses to pay so much attention on their kids that they begin to neglect giving their partners the attention, affection and love they deserve. One of the most important secrets of happy families is that the parents understand the importance of their union and how crucial it is that they stay connected to each other. Prioritizing the marriage union between couples over the relationship parents have with children is one way to ensure we have a happy household.

    When children become the center of attention, they could be the reason why the marriage breaks up. Of course parents have to love and build relationships with their children. However the success and happiness of every family demands that the parents first have an unbreakable bond that keeps them together. When that bond is not in place, there is bound to be tension in the marriage and in the home. Sometimes the mother could get so carried away with the children that the father starts craving for her attention. If she is not sensitive enough, she may think her husband is just being over possessive. Children are never to take away the attention or affection spouses share. There must be a place for your husband and a place for your children. Realizing how to love and cherish everyone is important for maintaining happiness in family life. You cannot even build a happy family family if you have your priorities misplaced.

    They have fights too

    If you have a particular family you really admire, it is sometimes tempting to think they are a perfect family. There is simply no perfect family and more so, families face tension in one way or the other. Happiness in family life is simply not about having no fights. It is about dealing with differences respectably. The difference is in how they choose to deal with the challenges that come their way. First, parents of happy families know better than to raise their voices against each other, especially in the presence of their children. It creates an atmosphere of tension and breeds hatred and resentment when taken to extremes. They learn to disagree on certain issues without arguing. Couples have different perspective on different issues every now and then. Some times the issue at hand may seem so important that neither partner is willing to let go even when they know letting go of the argument is what they need to build a happy family. Parents of happy households are those who learn to respect each other even when they don’t agree with each other on certain issues. The real issue is not that parents disagree but the manner in which they chose to go about resolving disagreements. Happy families have parents who love their children enough to keep away from arguments around them and respect their partners enough to state their opinions respectfully in the face of disagreements.

    They are not always the richest

    The idea that money makes people happy still goes around as truth these days. Those who are seeking happiness in family life should know that money is not the source of it. You should think humans have had enough experiences with money to teach them otherwise, but not so. Happy families are not always wealthy and wealthy families are hardly happy. It simply means money is not what keeps families happy and the happiest families are not the richest. We could need money to take care of things that are necessary in life but it is a great error to think those who are happy have a lot of money or that one can build a happy family on riches.

    Very poor families may not be happy but those who have enough for themselves and to help others can also be happy. We cannot assume that the more money a family has the happier they would be. Sharing love and cherishing one another is what keeps a family happy and you don’t even need money to do any of those. If your family is not happy without a lot of money, it is not necessarily going to be happy with it. Just work on the things that matter and forget about riches.

    The parents make children their priority

    Parents of happy households learn to love and pay attention to their children over their jobs and careers. Children too have feelings. They want to be loved. They don’t just want to have parents as an idea. They want to know that those parents actually do care for them. Parents of happy families pay attention to the need of their children and most important of those needs is the desire to be loved. Most parents have jobs and everyone is busy but time is something we will have to learn to manage.

    Parents of happy homes understand that it is no use working your ass off to provide more than a family needs if they don’t have your attention and love. At the end of the day, successful families feed on the attention and affection of each other to thrive and succeed. When children are ignored by their parents, they start withdrawing and disconnecting from their parents. Then everything that should have been fun doing together becomes some kind of burden because they are hurting inside and needy of the affection they crave from their parents. Families where parents do their best to provide and still make out time for bonding together are often the happiest. Happiness in family life is about children too. If they are happy, there is a greater chance that the family will be happy.

    It is also important to take note that there is a difference between quality and length of time spent with family. What builds a happy household is having quality time together. The time spent talking with each other or performing certain activities together can be considered as quality time. The time spent doing other things that do not really engage or spur up meaningful, heart warming conversations with each other are more about the length than the quality of time spent. That means if you are looking to build a happy family, you should not consider watching TV or eating together as the most important activities for the family. Those moments hardly bring about any meaningful conversation that could lead to bonding and family happiness.

    Love is the foundation

    At the bottom of every happy home is love. Love sustains and holds things in place. It is because of love that happy family families learn to make sacrifices that prove their love for each other, thus intensifying the bond they share with each other. Love is not about having some mutual feelings for each other as a family. It is more of a choice to stick together, respect, cherish and honor each other so that at the end of the day everyone is satisfied and happy. Of course family members cannot always please each other. However when they learn to love each other, everyone becomes selfless and is interested more in reaching out to the needs of the others than to their own needs.

    Respect for each other

    Respect is a big word when it comes to the happiness in families. A happy family is characterized by respect. Each individual in the family has choices, perspectives or opinions and they should, as far as it does not adversely affect any other person, be allowed to air their opinions and follow their aspirations. Respect for each other is one vital aspect of happy families. Sometimes, children for example have to make choices about their lives and stuff like that. What they want to study at college, what career they are involved in, who they fall in love with and get married to, the list goes on. Parents can of course guide their children through making the right choices in these areas especially because they are experienced and these are very important aspects of everyone’s life. At the same time, the choices of parents, or relatives should never be pushed or forced on kids. They are entitled to their choices and will be more responsible in future if they learn to make their own choices and live with the consequences.

    More so, it takes away the tension and pressure that could break the family apart. People don’t like to feel like they are not free to make their own decisions. While your children are not up to a certain age, there are some things you will have to teach them. It is not really going to be a matter of choice for them because they are hardly mature enough to make the right choices. But you have to know when the time comes for your kids to be responsible for their own choices. Knowing when they are ready to make choices and respecting their choices is a great way to maintain happiness in family life.

    Keeping family rituals

    Family rituals are powerful and they are one of the most powerful secrets of happy families. Anything that habitually brings the family together and gets everyone involved could be regarded as a family ritual. It helps to keep the bond between family members and acts as a pull factor for those who may be wondering away or disconnecting from the family bond. For families that believe in God, and in having a relationship with him through Jesus, praying together would be regarded as the most important family ritual to keep the bond of love and blessing of happiness. For non religious folk however, there are other family rituals that can help keep the bond of unity which results in happiness. Vacations, fun outings or even simply playing together as a family helps a lot. However, it will not be a very productive idea to consider activities like eating together or watching movies together as family rituals that can strengthen family bond and result in happiness. The idea is to encourage interaction between family members. There is very minimal useful interaction that strengthens the bond of love for each other during meals and when family members watch movies together. Playing a game, whether video or otherwise is a better family ritual to keep everyone happy.

    Putting family before friends

    Family members have friends and sometimes, it is tempting to seek attention from friends or give them attention to the detriment of family. Once in a while it may be noticed that certain members of the family do not really interact with the family as they use to do because they are getting too involved with friends. Happy families too are made up of people who have friends but they come to understand that there is a place for family and a place for friends. More importantly, they know that family is more important than friends and never let their friends be the reason why their relationship with family is strained. Those who have happy homes do not make their friends a priority over their homes.

    They understand that there is time for everything and respect it

    Time is the most important resource we all have. Everyone has the same number of hours a day and what we choose to do with our time tells others what our priorities are. There is also time for everything. Happy families are made up of people who understand the value of time and are interested in showing their value for the family by dedicating adequate time to being with them. Parents who habitually bring work from the office and spend their time at home working like it’s an office clearly do not understand the value of time. Members of happy family know that there are few things they can dedicate to their families as important as spending quality time with each other.

    Use conflicting commitments to show family unity

    Like has already been mentioned, there are always going to be things that call on our attention away from family and loved ones. Theres are going to be friends, there is going to be our jobs, school, and many other commitments. Rather than let these distractions take away attention from family and starve it of the love it demands, members of happy families learn to use conflicting interests to show their commitment and loyalty to family. For example, dad may have a date with friends only to later find out that the kids really want him home or there is some important family activity at that same time. He could use that moment as an opportunity to show his love and devotion to the family by giving up meeting with friends to be with family. Such acts speak volumes to his wife and the children. It is one of the strongest ways to keep a family happy.

    Use words wisely (No I’s and YOU’s, use WE)

    Words are far more powerful than men understand and proper use of words is one of the secrets of happy families. It takes words to either shatter the joy and happiness in a family or build one filled with love and joy. Happy families know how important words are and they take advantage of it. That means members of happy families know the right words to use at every time. Also, t’s not just about what we say to each other but how we say it.

    However, some words are so hurtful and should never be used in a family. Remember once something has been said, it is impossible to take it back. You can determine what type of atmosphere dominates the home by choosing words wisely. Speak loving words and you will definitely build a happy family. Speak words of hate and resentment and it is going to create an atmosphere of hate and bitterness. It is hard to keep a family happy when people are always expressing themselves with the wrong words.

    That said, there are three very powerful phrases that should characterize every home or family that seeks to be happy. “I love you”, “thank You” and “i am sorry”. If these three phrases are constantly mentioned in any family, they will create a conducive atmosphere which will in turn lead to happiness.

    Encourage love and bonding between children

    The relationship between children is an important determinant of family happiness. When siblings love each other and share an intimate bond, they can even bring their parents together if they try to deviate from the course of family happiness. Happy families have children who love each other intimately and this helps them make sacrifices and right choices that nurture family happiness.


    Communication is one of the most important keys to intimacy in every family. Happy families are those that have learned the secret of effective communication. Effective communication means that feelings and expectations are properly made known and understood. One of the most powerful keys of effective communication is listening. Those who do not know how to listen know little or nothing about effective communication. Making it a habit to listen to each other is more important than trying to air out our personal views as far as family happiness is concerned.

    Making vital decisions together

    Involving everyone in the process of making vital decisions is an important aspect of happy families. Issues like getting a new house, making transfers or choosing vacation locations should be made by every member of the family, no matter what their contributions or suggestions may be. The idea is not just to get everyone’s opinion but to make every member of the family feel involved and important.

    God has got to be at the center of it

    At the end of the day, we will have to come to terms with our need for God even in our families. Some people like to ignore God and the subject of a supreme being until some form of problem stares them straight in the face. Then they realize the subject they have been ignoring all along has to be revisited. Well, God cares about family happiness, much more than anyone else you know about. However, he won’t act or help out in your family without your cooperation. Of course, if He does, we will call that interfering with privacy. At every point in time, learn to put God at the center of the family union. If He is at the center you can expect things to always work out just fine even in the midst of challenges. If however the center does not hold, things will definitely fall apart. Some times, even family counselors do not know enough to help.

  • Why you are not making financial progress and how to fix things
  •  Although, as is often said, money is not everything, it does hold the power to make life better and more comfortable for us. That is why many have gone off the edge and are in full pursuit of money every single day of their lives. You must have the right perspective about money and finances because unless you do, it is going to seem like you could never get to the level of financial achievement you have always hoped for.

    You may have been working for a while, with a great pay package but still find it very difficult to make financial progress. Here are some probable reasons why financial progress is hindered for you and how you can make amends.

    You have not made or followed any plan so far

    If you have made plans to study, get married, have kids and raise a family, surely you must understand that the same principle of personal financial planning is required when it comes to making financial progress. There are spending, savings as well as investment plans that have to be made. Failing to plan is indeed planning to fail. Things may not have turned out the way you expected with regards to your finances because you only ended at expectations. You never really took any practical steps to make sure your expectations became a reality. So here is one thing you need to do today so that you can begin making financial progress.

    Make a plan. Then add sub plans to it. Get the help of a personal financial advisor if you have to. From savings to expenses, everything that has to do with finances have to be planned. It all has to be included in your personal financial planning. Set a budget for each week based on your income. Then make plans on how you are going to make purchases, pay bills and take care of other needs that may arise within the family. If there is anything for example which has to be bought for the house, plan to buy it. Don’t buy anything that demands a large amount of money without planning for it. If you did not include it in your personal financial planning, it should not be part of your priorities. Also remember to include some good investment plans. So the issue of planning cuts across every financial aspect and should be taken very seriously if you must begin to make financial progress.

     You have some misunderstandings about money

    Here is another reason why you may be stock in making financial progress. Your thinking and attitude towards money is not right. Your mindset about the importance or value of money cannot be wrong and you make financial progress at the same time. It matters little how accurate your personal financial planning is. So long as your mindset and attitude is wrong, you will find it hard making progress financially. So lets look at some common misconceptions about money that could hinder your financial progress and investment plans.

     Many people have the idea that money makes people rich. Well, it doesn’t, and has never. As a matter of fact, if you were put in the same financial situation as any millionaire today, you will definitely find that money is not what you thought it was. And you might want to know that those millionaires who have made so much progress financially do not consider money and its acquisition their main aim or target.

    Another misconception is that money will make you happy and feel accomplished. Again money never makes anybody happy. What makes happiness is a personal development of value for oneself and commitment to impacting the lives of others.

    If you hold any of these wrong ideas about money, you will never make any financial progress because your efforts will be against financial principles. You may want to talk further with a personal financial advisor to help you figure out what attitude you should really have towards money. You have to settle in your mind that money is only necessary to make life easier and to assist in the accomplishment of higher purposes.

     You are Spending more than you earn (living beyond your means)

    This is the area where many people fall short of making commendable financial progress. You find yourself always trying to get things you cannot comfortably afford. If there is anything that you need to buy, it has to be bought without placing any stress on your finances or worse still pushing you to borrow. That is why I recommend that your expenses always, as far as you can control, be guided by your personal financial planning. Generally, for a person to live beyond their means is a demonstration of immaturity when it comes to financial matters. Talking with a personal financial advisor could help you understand how to go about spending so that you don’t make mistakes which could hinder your progress. People assume that the one who makes money knows best how to spend it and that is not true.

    If you spend more than you earn you will never be able to save or make any investment plans because at all times, whatever you have will never be enough, talk less of having something left over for more important purposes.

    Now the question is what do you do when you have been caught up in a situation or habit of spending more than you are earning?

    Start by planning for every purchase you make and we have already discussed that above. The next thing, is make sure you buy wisely to avoid double expenses. For example, you know that your family travels a lot, you may want to buy a larger car that can take everyone in the family rather than getting two cars to accommodate everyone. Even when it comes to your dressing and other small expenses, you have to be wise in order to meet your financial objectives and make progress financially. Instead of trying to buy a pair of shoes for every dress you have when the finances available to you cannot even support it, you can buy general colors like black and brown that will go with almost every dress you put on. Life does not always have to be as expensive as some people usually think.

     There is little or no investment made in your name

    In order of importance, investments some times come after savings. And that is only because one needs to save to make any reasonable investments. If you are still not where you anticipated to be financially, or not where you need to be, it could be because you are not making any investment plans or taking any actions. Remember in the matter of financial progress, even planning in itself is making progress. Though you will still have to go through the process, if you began with planning, you will definitely not be where you are right now.

     Having just one source of income

    Here is one surprising thing about money which even a personal financial advisor may not point out to you. If you are not careful how you deal with your income and investments, it will seem like getting more money posses more challenges than make you comfortable. When money increases, usually, our expenses or wants tend to exceed what is available almost immediately. Remember there was a time when you earned less than you do now. At that time, you must have thought to yourself, oh if I get a pay raise, I will definitely be under much less financial stress. How is that coming along for you now that you had your wish?

    What you may have missed along the line is the fact that an increase in income or earnings without a change of spending habits will keep you always wanting more to be comfortable.

    A guy has a bike now and with the cost of using the bike, he thinks it is going to be better if he could only get more money. But how right is he? Well, just 50% right. If the same guy got a pay raise by several thousand dollars and decides to buy a car, he will soon be telling himself the same thing a few months later. So what should he be doing instead?

    Making investments. Or at least saving and only buying things that will help him spend less than he is already doing now. When your expenses increase with your earning, you must expect to always remain at the same spot financially, no matter how much increase you get. If you must spend therefore, do it wisely. Instead, make investments that will reduce the stress placed on your present channel of income. Save some money and invest in a business or something else to ensure that if your spending increases, you will not have to borrow to keep up. If you are not very sure what to invest in, it will be better you meet a personal financial advisor and get some quality advice.

    You do not have any financial priorities

    Having financial priorities is an important thing for people who hope to make financial progress. Progress is hindered when one has their priorities misplaced with regards to using finances. Basically, there are four things you can do with money. You either, spend it, save it, invest or give it away. These four are not equally important. You should have them in a definite order of importance in order to make financial progress. Now lets look at these four ways of using money according to their order of importance.

    1. Investing. So long as you receive an income, investing part of it is the most important thing you can do with whatever money you get. Here is the reason why. All other uses of money (apart from saving) are just channels through which money leaves you to others. However, investments make it possible for money to flow in rather than out. It increases your chances of having more rather than loosing more. So when you do receive an income, however frequently you do, ensure that you are actually making serious plans to invest a greater part of that money.

    2. Savings

    With every income you get, once you have set aside a part for investments, you can then save a part of it that should be about the same amount you set aside for savings. What most people do is, they just save and when an investment opportunity comes up, they make the investment from their savings. Doing that would post no problem if you earn a reasonable amount that could let you save enough for investment and other unexpected expenses in one bulk. If that is not the case, save differently and set aside some money for investments.

    You are making the mistake of living in debt

    No matter how much you earn, borrowing shows that you are not making any financial progress. People don’t borrow for the fun of it, they do it because what they have is not enough to get what they want or does not permit them live at the standard they would like to.

    Generally, some hold the impression that those who borrow are poor or do not have enough. On the contrary, many people who are neck deep in debt today actually make more than enough money to live a comfortable or even luxurious life. The problem is that many such people spend their money the wrong way, and maybe because they never seek the help of a personal financial advisor or any other person for that matter. They have their financial priorities in total disorder.

    It is quite simple to understand. If you make about $500 thousand a month, that is too much money to live a comfortable life with. At the same time, if you have a bad attitude with money or do not know how to handle finances, you will always live on the edge. Always in debt. Always needing more though you earn more than enough.

    So lets look at some things you should consider closely in order solve the problems above and begin making tangible financial progress.

    Understand that those who make tremendous financial progress value that progress more than showing it off. For the average person, people must always know how well off you are by the kind of things you wear, house you have or even car you drive. But those are the things that distract people who actually want to make financial progress. Looking good is important but when one becomes obsessive about looking rich, they become blind to the fact that looking rich does not always mean being rich. You have to make a choice on which you want. To be rich or to look rich. You can have both, though, but one has to be held in much greater esteem than the other or else you are never going to make any financial progress. This should constantly be your mindset. To be more focused on building wealth than looking like a wealthy person.

    By the time you come to the latter years of your life, when you cannot stay on any job and no income is forthcoming, your investments will be your legacy and what keeps you going. So stop wasting your years on a formal job without creating something for yourself that others can even rely on.

    Reconsider your spending patterns. Of course you always have to spend a part of your income. But the way you spend it goes a long way to determine how much progress you are going to make financially. You will be surprised how much what I call wise spending could help you save from your current monthly expenses. Even your spending could prevent further expenses in the future and cut down your cost of living by more than a quarter. Lets look at some examples of how you can make this work.

    How much are you spending on mortgage? How much longer are you willing to stay in some other person’s house and pay rents? Making a choice between owning your own house and renting one shouldn’t be a hard choice to make, especially when you have the finances to. So many people should have been far beyond where they are financially if they just made the decision some time ago to buy a house for themselves instead of paying rents. It may seem like a lot of money to spend at a time, but if you do have the money, spending it in this way will prove to be a wise investment in the future.

    In the long run, those who buy their own houses are far better off financially than those who do not. Remember while you live in some other person’s house, you are spending on rents and still paying bills. Consider how it could feel knowing that for the salary you get every month, you don’t have to pay rents. Just your bills and some household need that have to be purchased. You will have a lot more to save and to invest.

    There are a few efficient alternatives to electrical power these days, some of which are quite convenient and much cheaper than the conventional electricity supply for which one has to make monthly payments. One of the most effective with regards to this is making use of solar energy. Solar technology has become much less expensive to acquire now than was the case when it first became popular. Apart from its initial installation cost using solar energy as an alternative for electricity will certainly save you a lot of money. An there are really other advantages it holds over normal electricity supply.

    What kind of car are you driving and is it costing more than it is helping you achieve? Cars come at a great cost to individuals. Though cars are a means of easy transportation, there are alternatives you may want to take advantage of rather than bear the expenses of using a car. If you simply go to work and return everyday, you may not need a car as badly as you think after all. You can catch the bus instead. This is even more important to consider if you are not a travel friendly person.

    Even your shopping habits which may seem very trivial actually hold the potential of helping you make financial progress if you will make some little changes. Be wise with regards to what you buy and you will not have to spend as much as you are already doing on the things you buy. A simple tip is make sure you are not buying more perishables than you need in a few days. If you do, chances are most of it will just end up in the trash and that will be money wasted which should have been invested, saved or spent on something more appropriate.

    In the end, making financial progress from where you are now to where you may want to be is going to take some conscious effort. That is what many people are not willing to put in and it is the reason why we have so many people lagging behind financially. It is not going to happen by wishing. Neither are you going to make such progress by working harder or earning more. As we have examined, there are principles and spending tips which are more important than making more money because getting more does not always mean you are going to be better off financially than you are now.

  • Starting a Business a with No Capitial
  • To build and sustain your own business is just not only a path to wealth. It is also a way to realize and fulfill the dream you once had in life. It is worth noted by many people that as an entrepreneur, to start a successful business, it requires several points such as: coming up with a great idea, creating a wonderful business plan with respect to the idea and then raising money to bolster the business idea.

    At this final stage, many entrepreneurs turn to fail on their dream – either as a result of the fact that they may not be able to make up for the required cash or being too passionate to  get the money overnight and hence doubting their life’s dream.

    I wish you get to know the most common tricks to fulfilling your life’s dream with little or no capital through this guide.

    1.     You need to keep your current job.Keeping your current job is really too important because you prevent yourself from the woes of how you will need to pay your apartment or even putting yourself in debts. However, you will still have to work harder until your business begins to rise or pick up steam, then you can go make for yourself a part time worker or a consultant at your full time job in order to save more time for your dream job. Some people however drop out from their primary source of income when they soon realize how their dream job is toping. This could later be regretful – don’t jeopardize your reputation as well as your family’s future in case you are taking care of a family by giving away your primary source of income to pursue a personal dream.In case you don’t own a job and you have  got a dream to own a business, don’t hesitate to hustle and get one of the numerous jobs for yourself before planning for a dream job as we all know that even the smallest job will require a little bit of capital. For example you cannot start a car wash business without purchasing dusters, brushes, rags even though your source of water maybe from a stream or river.

    2.     You will have to do all the work yourself. It is really tough and exhausting to do all the work by yourself but that is the only way to get every cent back into your business and hence building a cash reserve for your business as you get started with no money. In other cases, if you have got friends, family members who can volunteer with you for the sake of wanting to learn something, then fine.

    In other senses, the truth is told – ASK FOR HELP. I don’t mean hire workers, I mean ask for help (When it comes to help, everything is free). No one can so easily succeed alone especially if you are starting a business with no money. Doing so can help you in several ways:

    • You could get to know a cofounder
    • Your own family members and some friends could teach you skills you don’t know
    • You could somehow get in touch with some people on your network who may be entrepreneurs who could counsel you better.

    3. Build your business around what you know. Let me go with an illustration. You are a graduate from the Texas A and M Institute of Technology with a bachelor of Engineering in Petroleum Engineering. Do you think you can start your business as a lawyer? Absolutely NO. You have not got that expertise and you can’t even counsel or guide someone when it comes to law.

    So having that knowledge and expertise is something you use to eliminate or eradicate consultants and a lot more outside assistance and hence plunging into Entrepreneurship.

    4.  Design your business plan. We all know that the purpose of every profit institution is to make money and so if you can’t answer the question “how will I make money?” don’t start your own business. If you have a good and detailed plan for your business then you can start your own business venture but you will have to answer the following questions.

    • How much will you spend to provide your products or services to the customer?
    • What will you charge for your product or service to your customers?
    • At what rate will you increase the price of your products or services?
    • How will you surpass your competitors by providing a better deal to you customers?
    • Who could you hire (if necessary), what are his/her qualifications?

    5.  You will have to carry out a competitive analysis. Nowadays, it is too hard to build a business without one or two competitors. You will need to research thoroughly; 

    • Who are your competitors?
    • What do they charge for the product or service you are offering?
    • Can you provide the product or service at a lower cost or at a better quality?
    • Which are some of the other business that hasn’t yet found success in this market?

    As soon as you answer these questions, then you are up to the right path.

    6.  You will have to test your ideas. You will need to look for opportunities to perform test runs because any business venture requires vital preparation and planning. For example if you maybe planning to open a restaurant, why not try cooking for a college or a hotel to see if you can handle the hectic and busy atmosphere as such judging you whether you food is well received. You may also carryout test survey among potential customers to judge if they could frequent your business.

    7.  Make something out of your existing assets. If you are starting a business from nothing (no money), it is advisable to make use of your existing resources. For example, you can turn your personal car into company car, your garage or store into a workshop. This may help you save the money you have used to rent an office and hence enabling you to write off tax by registering your business as home business.

    8.  You need to make everyone to know about your business. Tell your family members, friends, colleagues as well as past colleagues to help you spread the information about your new business to their friends, colleagues on social media, through calls. By so doing this can help introduce your company to a much larger audience.



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  • Odoo implementational consultant Cairo
  • Job Description :Centione odoo Gold Partner in Egypt and Nominated Best odoo Mena Partner 2023 is looking for an experienced Odoo Functional Consultant, Business / System Analyst with excellent analytical and interpersonal skills to join our Odoo implementation team in Egypt , Candidate will be working between Centione offices in Egypt and Saudi Arabia to participate in different Odoo ERP projects. Our ideal candidate would be someone who works proactively to determine the requirements of a project, serve as the bridge between end-users and the engineers who Implement Odoo ERP and developers, creates User Stories, elicits requirements, writes narratives, and assists with release planning. Responsibilities• Gathering, reviewing, and analyzing business/system requirements with project/product stakeholders and subject matter experts• Create a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities, and solutions for a business• Evaluate, analyze, and maintain systems requirements•... Write User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, and BRDs and manage the solution features backlog• Perform detailed functional and non-functional solution requirements specifications.• Instructs and trains users on the use of ERP solutions.• Good understanding of business and operational processes including Sales/purchase, human resources, payroll, Accounting, and point of sale.• Responsible for creating project plans and schedules that list each task in the implementation project.• Responsible for distributing the project plan to the entire team, soliciting feedback, and confirming the project milestone dates.• Troubleshoot and respond to system requests by providing detailed resolutions to the customer within the predetermined time frames and service level agreement.• Follow through with customers with issues and Identify solutions.• Complete, and maintain all company paperwork in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner according to the company guidelines. • Bachelor's degree in Accounting , business administration, Computer Science or IT related specialty• Good knowledge of business processes & accounting• Good understanding of business and operational processes including Accounting, Warehouse, Purchase, sales & CRM, and Manufacturing.• Experienced in project management and agile methodology• Great experience in ERP (Odoo - OpenERP) implementation• Quick and autonomous learner• Excellent communication skills• Experienced in functional consulting services given to clients.• Between 2 and 5 years of experience• Excellent planning and communication skills• Ability to learn fast and execute accordingly• Fluent in English• Understand the customization level required during the ERP implementation
    Cairo Egypt

  • Sales Manager EV Charging Station - UK Milton Keynes
  • Your mission

    Hey there and welcome to your new Opportunity with us.

    Being a Sales Manager is an exciting task, since you are the superhero our clients need. You know what setup of our solutions will satisfy their needs, therefore, these here are your most important tasks:
    • Responsibility for sales and customer development of the key accounts
    • Acquisition of new customer projects and preparation of (project) offers
    • Develop country specific strategies in order to achieve sales targets and to increase profitability
    • Establish professional relationships, understand customer needs, negotiate commercial conditions
    • Project leadership: develop and update the project plan and the business case; run the project, coordinate the actions within the project team and with the rest of the Sungrow organization
    • Develop the competencies and network internally and externally to build a compelling products and services
    • Coordinate within Sungrow globally to ensure internal alignment with other... functions and businesses offering to the EV charging stations

    Your profile

    All right, all right, so I hope you are now aware of what is up for you, what background should you have in order to feel comfortable with this role? Keep in mind its all about electrical equipment, thats why it is essential for you to have:
    • University degree, ideally in a technical field
    • Minimum 5 years’ experience from a Sales or a Business Development role (ideally in an electric appliances company, electricity provider or a global oil company)
    • Good understanding of the financials, especially product pricing and cash flow
    • Excellent project management & networking skills
    • Good communication and presentation skills
    • Strategical thinking and goal-oriented
    • High analytical & problem-solving capability
    • Fluent English, alternatively Dutch, German, French as C1
    • Willingness to travel

    Why us?

    This decade might be overshadowed by Covid19, but sooner or later we will beat and overcome that son of a germ, am I right?

    But the true topic for this decade lies in energy!

    We are more than happy to state that not only We are leading this discourse, we also offer the fitting solutions for it. We have the strongest PV-Inverter R&D there and became the world`s biggest Inverter Manufacturer, which we are extremely proud of! And now, for this decade, we are increasing our game, and You, You might become part of it! Besides that, many things await You:

    Opportunities for Career advancement

    Bonus payment based on pre-agreed and signed KPI agreements

    A multinational team awaits You with lots of European and International exchange!

    Possibility for technical and commercial knowledge increasement in regard to string inverters, central inverters, inverter stations including transformer and switch gear and storage solutions

    Technical and commercial training in our headquarter in Germany and even visits to the big R&D facility in China
    Milton Keynes UK

  • Sr. Sales Manager Seoul
  • Summary
    Responsible for the management of sales team (10 FTE <<) and development of industry microbiology
    market such as Food, Pharma, Cell & Gene Therapy, Blood Bank, Cosmetic and related public sites .
    The aim is to achieve targeted sales and profit objectives from a defined business territory/key customer s group, in accordance with the Country Business Plan.

    Essential Responsibilities
    ✓ Develop and implement a sales plan for assigned channel/distributor, aimed at achieving and exceeding sales targets, within the most cost effective route and time frame
    ✓ Target new business accounts and opportunities as well as existing customers
    ✓ Actively manage the relationship with assigned distributors to ensure alignment with company objectives
    ✓ Maintain a high level of technical and commercial competency on relevant products, techniques and applications
    ✓ Accurately forecast s ales and growth opportunities within designated territory, using sales tools (Sales and applications
    ✓ Prepare... and participate in business reviews/forecasts /budgeting , to ensure a constant flow of information between Channel/Distributor and the Company
    ✓ Maintain an awareness of competitor activities and developments and ensure this information is collected and made available to leadership
    ✓ Drive direct business especially for Global Strategy Ke y Accounts and Local Key Accounts to improve sales process and efficiency via managing sales team and collaboration with shared functions
    ✓ Coaching and Train sales team to be capable for business growth with sustainability
    ✓ Cultivate and maintain KOL relationships

    ✓ Minimum 15 years relevant industry experience including minimum 5 years sales experience (account management, segment management or Business development)
    ✓ Bachelor’s degree or above in Biology, Molecular biology, Cell biology, Bioengineering, Biochemistry, Food engineering, Diagnostic, Pharmacy, Veterinary or related majors. MS /MBA preferred.
    ✓ A proven track record of achieving and exceeding sales targets, and a desire to grow new business
    ✓ Experience understanding customer needs and business drivers and using this knowledge to develop account plans and strategies (knowledge of the existing account areas/channels would be advantageous)
    ✓ Excellent interpersonal skills, includi ng teamwork and communication skills
    ✓ Persistence in developing prospects and customers, and ability to close business
    ✓ Strong presentation, analytical and customer service skills
    ✓ Self starter, able to manage time and organize and prioritize workload
    ✓ Strong leadership, lea r ning agility, resilience needed
    ✓ Experience for people management are required
    Seoul South Korea

  • Logistics Coordinator Doha
  • We are hiring a Logistics Coordinator for one of our clients in Doha.Candidates who have the required qualification and good experience may apply.
    Doha Qatar

  • Ssr Software Engineer Buenos Aires
  • In one sentence

    Responsible for design, development, modification, debug, maintenance and operation of software systems

    What will your job look like?

     You will design, develop, modify, debug and maintain software code according to functional, non-functional and technical design specifications.

     You will investigate issues by reviewing/debugging code, provide fixes and workarounds, and review changes for operability to maintain existing software solutions.

     You will carry out tasks of monitoring and operating the system.

     You will work within a team, collaborate and add value through participation in peer code reviews, provide comments and suggestions, and work with cross functional teams to achieve goals.

     You will assume technical accountability for your specific work products within an application and provide technical support during solution design for new requirements.

     You will be encouraged to actively look for innovation, continuous improvement, and efficiency in... all assigned tasks.


    All you need is...

     Bachelor degree in Science/IT/Computer Science or equivalent

     English intermediate level

     Required technical knowledge: Unix/Linux, SQL, Shell script, Python, Java

     Experience with the Spring framework components - Spring Boot, MVC, Integration, Security, etc.

     Good communication skills.

     Problem solving ability.

     Desirable experience working with billing systems

     Availability to work weekends when required.

    Why you will love this job:

     You will be challenged to design and develop new software applications.

     You will have the opportunity to work in a growing organization, with ever growing opportunities for personal growth
    Buenos Aires Argentina

  • Product Designer Timișoara
  • Design Systems (advanced) Figma (advanced) UX Design (master) Join a small but growing team of experienced Product Designers, making design decisions
    Timișoara Romania

  • Beauty Consultant - Chanel Cairo
  • To keep the innovation journey going, the Group has set up The Greenhouse , which is not just an innovation hub, but also an incubator space and accelerator for start-ups and small businesses in the region and internationally. This is just one of the several initiatives taken by the Group to reinvent itself, catalysed by forward thinking and future-proofing. The Group has also been embedding sustainability at the core of its business strategy with a clear commitment towards people, partners and the planet, and by being a member of the United Nations Global Compact Community and signatory of the Women's Empowerment Principles.What you'll be doing Our Beauty Consultant is responsible for delivering outstanding customer service to all customers and to use appropriate sales techniques and product knowledge to reach sales targets. Our Beauty Consultant is accountable for counter cleanliness, stock replenishment, handling new launches, promotion of products and merchandising. Our Consultant... is also required to maintain high levels of standards in terms of grooming.• Build and maintain guest experience standards in order to build strong loyalty• Address customers' queries about products, prices, availability, product uses, and services• Communicate with customers to assess their needs, provide assistance in satisfying those needs an meeting or surpassing customers expectations• Advise customers on product ranges best suited to their needs• Demonstrate usage and benefits of various brands and products• Generate sales, while achieving line and sales targets, using make up knowledge• Sell-out target tracking at store level• Generate daily sales reports• Participate in achieving incentives• Track post-launch sales at store level• Ensure merchandising levels in the store are met as per the brand guidelines• Ensure in store stock replenishment in the appropriate shelves/counters, at appropriate times• Report stock shortages using the stock order form• Ensure stock receipt as per set proceduresWhat you'll need to succeed • Minimum 2 years experience in the beauty industryWhat we can offer you With us, you will turn your aspirations into reality. We will help shape your journey through enriching experiences, learning and development opportunities and exposure to different assignments within your role or through internal mobility. Our Group offers diverse career paths for those who are extraordinary, every day. We recognise the value that you bring, and we strive to provide a competitive benefits package which includes health care, child education contribution, remote and flexible working policies as well as exclusive employee discounts. To view all our perks and benefits, click here.We Invite All Applicants to Apply
    Cairo Egypt

  • International Product Operations Manager Berlin
  • The role

    Do you want to change the world? Be a member of an award winning business? Work with motivated and inspiring people all over the world? Great, so do we!

    We're HelloFresh, the leading global company in the expanding online recipe kit delivery market. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable and challenging experience at a rapidly growing startup. Responsibility is given from day one to use your initiative and creativity to help us grow our business. More than a company; we are a group of fiercely passionate foodies, on a mission to shake up the global cooking scene. In short, we're on a mission to change the way people eat and cook, forever.

    Based in our HQ Berlin office working in the International Product Operations team, we are looking for someone to work across our international markets, both remotely and in person, to harmonize and improve a range of physical product operations processes. That’s why we’re looking for a business savvy, analytically minded Product... Operations Manager to join our International Scalability team.

    Above all, we are looking for people who will make HelloFresh better. We believe there are many different ways of developing skills and we love diverse experiences! So even if you don’t “tick all the boxes” but think you’d thrive in this role, we would really like to learn more about you.

    What you’ll do

    This role is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Project Manager or Operational Excellence Manager with a passion for driving product improvement and process harmonization across multiple markets. You will be responsible for:
    • Reducing complexity: you will be working on mapping and optimizing our processes to enable scalable growth while keeping the level of complexity stable. Managing permanent improvements of methods and systems, you will analyze the ingredient portfolios across markets, and define the levers that will help optimize and rationalize them.
    • International network-building: collaborating and building strong relationships between international and local teams incl. Culinary, Menu Planning, Editorial, as well as Procurement and Production teams. Both remotely and physically connecting with the key people in our markets, to enable best practices sharing and leverage centralization for an international process alignment
    • Project management: overseeing and leading identified project improvements from start to finish, including research, assessment of business opportunity, implementation, and impact analysis
    • Analytical decision making: working with local product departments, to ensure that complexity workstreams have access to detailed analyses and business cases to inform key decisions on how we should optimize the existing ingredient portfolios to ensure scalable growth of product offering
    • KPIs tracking and development: identifying opportunities to improve tracking of existing KPIs through data collection and representation (eg. in the dashboards), as well as defining other local product operations processes (e.g business processes, systems and technology, new tooling features and workflows) that should become a part of the KPI landscape

    What you’ll bring
    • A Master’s degree (or equivalent) from a top-tier university and a proven record of exceptional academic performance
    • 3-5 years solid operations, project management, operational excellence or consulting experience
    • Team player with excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills with both technical and non-technical stakeholders
    • Strong ability to manage different stakeholders and prioritize ruthlessly, meeting time-sensitive deadlines
    • Strong analytical skills, ability to translate and present quantitative results into digestive insights, in both written and verbal form
    • Comfortable with SQL, dashboards (Tableau) and spreadsheets
    • English is our working language

    What we offer
    • The chance to have an impact on one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe in an exciting growth phase
    • Great international exposure and team atmosphere
    • A very steep learning curve and plenty of room for personal growth
    • International career opportunities, across the globe
    • Competitive salary and benefits - including team lunches and development opportunities
    • A significant discount on your weekly HelloFresh box
    • Annual learning and development budget to attend conferences or purchase educational resources plus access to the HelloFresh Academy
    • Mental health support, including Headspace subscription and access to qualified therapists through Spill
    • Budget for home office supplies
    • Monthly transportation budget through Rydes app
    • Working parents support
    • Additional perks include: Annual German language budget, discounts for John Reed gyms & Urban Sports Club, regular company events, fresh fruit & free drinks in the office, in-house yoga classes, weekly discount on the Convini vending machine in the office
    • Hybrid working model (option to work from home for up to 50% if preferred)
    • Sabbatical leave option after 18 months of being with HelloFresh
    • HelloFresh Pension Scheme that is subsidized with 20% on top
    • A diverse and vibrant international environment of 90+ different nationalities

    Are you up for the challenge?

    Please submit your complete application below including your salary expectations and earliest starting date.

    After submitting an application our team will review this and get back to you within 5 business days
    Berlin Germany

  • Data Analyst Liberia
  • We are Quadcode, a company that develops a SaaS trading platform for clients around the world.

    We are currently looking for an top-tier Data Analyst for an exciting new fintech venture.

    Our perfect candidate is proactive, overflowing with innovative ideas for product development, and adept at articulating the business impact of these ideas. This role will become an opportunity to be a crucial member of our product team, influencing pivotal decisions and driving product improvements. You will work closely with the business owner, with the potential to establish the product as a global sensation. Your primary focus will be on marketing and the analytical facets of our product.

    This position can be based in any of the following countries: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, or Serbia.

    Tasks in the role
    • Analyzing data, identifying areas for growth, and drawing conclusions;
    • Creating scenarios... and predicting future outcomes;
    • Monitoring metrics in third-party services;
    • Formulating and testing hypotheses, conducting A/B tests;
    • Creating technical tasks and managing tasks with other departments in order to enrich our database with data from third-party services or internal microservices;
    • Utilizing business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Superset to create and present data-driven marketing and product analysis reports;
    • Setup behaviour and marketing analytics tracking in our web/app

  • Sales and Marketing Executive (Full-time/ hybrid) Vietnam
  • Join our fast growing team at Humbl. Foods.

    This role requires great creative capabilities, adaptability and eagerness to grow, develop and communicate the story of a young, healthy food brand!


    • Create content for social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram)

    • Run and monitor ads on social media (boosting FB/Insta posts)

    • Post regular stories

    • Regularly take photos and videos of products, new dishes, environment (customers etc)

    • Design brand and promotional material as required for events/campaigns (posters/banners etc.)

    • Plan, develop and implement digital marketing schedule and strategies

    • Connect and maintain relationship with key partners for distribution and community building

    • Customer care for B2C and B2B customers

    • Seek and attend events in the community


    • Minimum 3 years experience in digital marketing and/or sales

    • Fluent in Vietnamese

    • High level of English (professional)

    • Experience in F&B/FMCG industry

    •... Experience managing or editing social media fan page

    • Basic photography and editing skills and design skills (AI/PS Or Canva)


    • Salary base: 7 million VND/month

    • Bonus: Fixed % of total company revenue

    • 50% discount on all Humbl. products


    • Full time: Flexible working schedule

    • Based in Ho Chi Minh City (Thao Dien, District 2), working remotely and on site (when needed)

    • 2 month probation

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