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  • Hebrew language
  • contains Hebrew text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Hebrew letters. Hebrew (Hebrew alphabet:

  • Hebrew calendar
  • The Hebrew calendar (Hebrew: הַלּוּחַ הָעִבְרִי, romanized: HaLuah HaIvri), also called the Jewish calendar, is a lunisolar calendar used today for Jewish

  • Hebrew alphabet
  • contains Hebrew text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Hebrew letters. The Hebrew alphabet

  • Hebrew Bible
  • The Hebrew Bible or Tanakh (/tɑːˈnɑːx/; Hebrew: תָּנָ״ךְ‎ Tānāḵ), also known in Hebrew as Miqra (/miːˈkrɑː/; Hebrew: מִקְרָא‎ Mīqrāʾ‍), is the canonical

  • Hebrews
  • The Hebrews (Hebrew: עִבְרִיִּים / עִבְרִים‎, Modern: ʿĪvrīm / ʿĪvrīyyīm, Tiberian: ʿĪḇrīm / ʿĪḇrīyyīm; ISO 259-3: ʕibrim / ʕibriyim) were an ancient

  • Biblical Hebrew
  • contains Hebrew text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Hebrew letters. Biblical Hebrew (עִבְרִית

  • Modern Hebrew
  • also called Israeli Hebrew or simply Hebrew, is the standard form of the Hebrew language spoken today. Developed as part of Hebrew's revival in the late

  • Black Hebrew Israelites
  • Black Hebrew Israelites (also called Hebrew Israelites, Black Hebrews, Black Israelites, and African Hebrew Israelites) are a new religious movement claiming

  • Hebrew phonology
  • Hebrew phonology may refer to: Biblical Hebrew phonology Modern Hebrew phonology Tiberian Hebrew This disambiguation page lists articles associated with

  • Suffixes in Hebrew
  • are several suffixes in Hebrew that are appended to regular words to introduce a new meaning. Suffixes are used in the Hebrew language to form plurals

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  • How to Make Choosing Easier
  • Right now, you get it. Choice is hard. There are a few choices that will never be simple. Consider Neo, the hero from The Matrix, confronted with the option to swallow a red pill and find a brutal reality, or take the blue pill and stick with acomfortable dream.

    For marketers and sales representatives, there are concrete, significant approaches to make the buying procedure simpler for their prospects. Taken from "How to Make Choosing Easier," here are Iyengar's four lessons for how to take the torment out of choice making.

    1) Cut

    Less truly is more. Confronted with choice overload, individuals are more averse to purchase. The trick is to discover the harmony between sufficiently having options to pull in buyers in the first place, yet not so many that shoppers get to be overwhelmed and leave. It's troublesome, yet in the event that an organization can find that sweet spot, they'll harvest the awards. At the point when Proctor & Gamble cut their Head & Shoulders line from 26 items to 15, the association saw a 10% increment in sales.

    2) Make things concrete

    "In order for people to understand the differences between choices, they have to be able to understand the consequences associated with each choice," Iyengar said. "The consequences need to be felt in a vivid sort of way."
    So if consumers have the capacity to with a product on an instinctive level, they will be more inclined to purchase it. Consider that purchasers burn through 15% to 30% more cash when utilizing a credit or charge card as opposed to money because of this absence of solidness - swiping a bit of plastic is a different ordeal than giving the clerk a $20 bill.

    3) Categorize

    Recollect that supermarket with its 42,686 items. Envision if the 2% milk was by cleanser, yet whole milk and heavy cream were put away alongside meat.
    It would be disorder.

    Isolating items into discrete categoriesprevents decision overload by thinning down the quantity of items buyers need to compare with one another. It's likewise beneficial to note the total number of items we have to choose from matters less than the quantity of item categories with which we're introduced.

    "If I show you 600 magazines and divided them up into 10 categories, versus 400 magazines in 20 categories, you believe that I have given you more choice, and a better choosing experience if I gave you the 400 than if I gave you the 600," Iyengar said. "The categories tell me how to tell them apart."

    4) Condition for complexity

    On the off chance that I instructed you to outline your own particular auto, where might you begin?

    A German auto organization that permits buyers to totally customize their own particular autos found that presenting choices with less options first and gradually building up to more complex choices -, for example, picking from 56 distinctive exterior car colors kept consumers more engaged.

    Here at MindStorm we have seen this all too many times. We are one of the top boutique consulting firms in NYC. We specialize in helping our clients make very important decisions daily. Decisions may be hard, however our brains are equipped for astoundingly complex calculations - analysts required 82,944 processors to mimic a solitary second of human brain activity. Building up from the straightforward decisions to more intricate ones, however, it is important to avoid drop-off amid the purchasing procedure.

    The reasons we settle on choices are not always rational and can't be detached from who we are, the place we are, or perhaps to what extent it took us to choose what outfit to wear that morning. At the same time, by being mindful of the psychological factors that influence our decisions - and recognizing how a choice we make at 8 a.m. influences one at 3 p.m. - we'll have the capacity to settle on better choices for ourselves, as well as help other people do likewise.

    For More sales strategies, speak to a MindStorm sales trainer at 1-844-MINDSTORM (1-844-646-3786)

                                          To Know More About  Sales training New York Visit us...

                                                          Source : Click Here

  • Value of Self-Improvement

  • "Self-improvement" is very preferred today, yet why is it that some people display a fantastic interest in self-improvement although other folks consider it a waste of time?

    Let's take into consideration why some people are keen on self-improvement and other people not so much. Get more info about Ivo

    There is a hidden stigma attached towards the thought of self-improvement. It may be seen as unnecessarily inward-looking, or termed "navel-gazing." The stigma also refers to mental health troubles, as in for instance, with all the need for self-improvement that there will have to be "something wrong with you."

    For these factors people will frequently hold their want for self-improvement secret, as they do not wish to become subjected to securitizing concerns.

    Other reasons why self-improvement is sometimes derided consist of the worry of what we may obtain after we start looking within as well as the must feel that we are OK as we're. This believed could go one thing like "I'm OK, why would I need to have self-improvement for God's sake!"

    Nevertheless, the benefits of self-improvement outweigh anything else.

    Several books, programs on Television and radio, and businesses which run along lines of self-improvement like yoga, meditation, many mental therapies, health supplements and foods, biofeedback, kinesiology and colour therapy demonstrate the beneficial effects of self-improvement, and even needed, inside our lives.

    All of us have a want to live properly, although good results and well-being imply a thing distinct to each and every of us.

    Self-improvement touches upon all elements of life from profession to parenting, to being a superb companion, to becoming a member of a neighborhood, living well with ourselves and carrying out the top that we can.

    * You may often discover that striving for a thing that is certainly different from the way you're at present living, or instances when you are recovering from a low-point in your life, are the occasions whenever you will begin to think about improving oneself.

    * Perhaps, you could realize that each one of us has personal weaknesses holding us back from the life style that we really feel is most effective for us.

    * Or possibly you just realize that you could do superior.

    Truth is, the world could be a giant obstacle to hurdle over, even a harsh location, and low self-esteem is the initial point that could halt your progress as you attain for the stars in your own one of a kind way.

    Even when you are within a big hurry to create a amazing life for your self, you have to like and accept oneself initially. There's no way it is possible to stay clear of this all crucial process.

    Are you feeling much less than delighted, balanced or essential in your own way? Are you devoid of a companion, without the need of a job, do your pals tell you that you're no fun to be with? Then there isn't any time to be lazy. Strengthen oneself!

    We humans happen to be around for a extended time, and we're far more alike than you consider. All of us experience similar pains or want similar pleasures that somebody else has figured out for us. There is not one problems you can not investigate and enhance upon.

    The verified final results of self-improvement incorporate improved sleep, a lot more contentment, greater intelligence, lower blood pressure, superior relationships, less anxiousness and enhanced capability to cope with pressure and the list goes on!

    Even when you will be content with where you happen to be in life, understand there is certainly normally some thing far better than just "feeling OK" and start to actually take steps toward locating out the best way to thrive rather just survive.

  • Amortization Schedule
  • Owning a real estate, a home or an expensive factory is never an easy investment. With the aid of a mortgage loan, many people have been empowered and are now proud owners of expensive real estate and family homes.

    Such mortgage loans are not an easy debt, there are always as big as your house. Thus, the best most of us can hope to do is to shorten the term by prepaying as much of the mortgage loan that we can as quickly as we’re able.


    What is an 'Amortization Schedule Mortgage?'

    An amortization schedule mortgage is an accounting record or a complete table or chart of periodic mortgage loan payments, showing the loan payment number, payment date, amount of principal, the amount of interest that comprise each payment and the balance owing after that payment has been made until the loan is paid off at the end of its term. Early in the schedule, each periodic loan payment is the same amount with the majority of each payment being the interest. Later on in the schedule, the majority of each loan payment covers the loan's principal. The last line of the schedule represents the borrower’s total principal and interest payments for the entire loan term.

    In such an amortization table, the percentage of each payment that goes toward interest reduces with each payment but the percentage that goes toward principal increases. For instance, the first few entries of an amortization table or schedule for a $200,000 with a 12% interest rate over 30-year fixed-rate mortgage amortization starting June, 2017 looks thus (using an amortization formula):






    Jun, 2017




    Jul, 2017




    Aug, 2017




    Sep, 2017




    Oct, 2017




    Nov, 2017




    Dec, 2017









    How is an Amortization Schedule Mortgage Calculated?

    There are many freely available online calculators that create amortization tables or schedules automatically. While this is good, the downside to this is that people are less informed on the mathematical calculations involved in creating the schedule. We have taken out time to provide the step-by-step calculations for a simple fixed-rate mortgage amortization.

    Assuming you purchased a new home using a mortgage loan of $380,000 and a down payment of $80,000. The bank thus provides you with a $300,000 for a period 30 years mortgage amortization at a fixed interest rate of 5%. How much money will you be paying towards interest and principal each month? What is your monthly payment? Let's go through the calculation process.


    Step 1: Calculate the total number of payments

    We are expected to make a payment per month for 30 years. This simply means you will make 12 x 30 = 360 payments over the course of the mortgage lifespan.


    Step 2: Calculate the monthly interest rate

    Since the 5% is an annual interest rate, and we are basing our calculation on a monthly payment schedule, the annual rate should be converted to a monthly rate thus;

     5% / 12 = 0.4167%

    The monthly interest rate is 0.4167%


    Step 3: Calculate the monthly payment

    To determine the monthly payment amount to account for interest requires the compilation using the amortization formula shown below.



    A = [i * P * (1 + i)n ] / [ (1 + i)n – 1]


    P = loan's initial amount

    i = monthly interest rate 

    n = the total number of payments.

    A = the monthly payment

    By using our statistics (P = 300,000, i = 0.4167% (i.e. 0.004167), n = 360), and the amortization formula yields a monthly payment of $1,610.5.


    Step 4: Calculate the total interest

    At this point, we are now able to determine the total cost of the loan.

    Making a 360 payments of $1,610.5

    The total cost = 360 * 1,610.5 = $579,780

    Subtracting away the original loan amount ($300,000) gives

    Interest = 579,780 – 300,000 = $279,780

    Thus, even though the interest rate is only 5%, you almost pay as much in interest as the original mortgage loan


    Step 5: Calculate the breakdown of each monthly payment

    Although the monthly loan payment is fixed, the total amount of money paid to interest and principal varies each month. The amount remaining after the interest has been deducted is used to pay off the loan itself. The amortization formula above ensures that after 360 payments period, the mortgage loan balance will be $0.

    For the first payment, we have already calculated and the total amount is $1,610.5. In order to calculate how much of that goes toward interest, we multiply the remaining balance ($300,000) by the monthly interest rate: 300,000 x 0.4167% = $1,250.1. The rest goes toward the mortgage amortization balance ($1,610.5 - $1,250.1 = $360.4). So after the first payment, the remaining mortgage loan amortization will be $300,000 - $360.4 = $299,639.4.

    The second and subsequent payment's breakdown is similar except the mortgage amortization balance is decreased by the interest. So the portion of the payment going toward interest is now slightly less: $299,639.4 * 0.4167% = $1,248.6.

    This process of calculating interest based on the remaining balance continues until the mortgage loan is completely paid off. Thus, after each month payment, the amount of interest declines and the amount going to paying off the loan amortization increase. After 360 payments, the mortgage loan amortization is fully paid off.

    Bear in mind that our calculations here do not take into consideration any additional costs such as property taxes, mortgage insurance, or closing costs.


    Fully Amortizing Payment

    Fully amortizing payment refers to a periodic mortgage loan payment, where the borrower makes payments according to the loan's amortization schedule, thus the loan is fully paid-off by the end of its lifespan. If the mortgage loan amortization is based on an adjustable-rate, the loan amortizing payment amount changes as the interest rate on the mortgage loan changes. But if on the other hand, the loan is based on a fixed-rate, each fully amortizing payment is an equal dollar amount.

    To understand the fully amortization payment concept better, let’s consider a scenario where borrower takes out a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with a 4.5% interest rate, and his monthly payments are $1,610.5. At the beginning of the loan's payment life, the majority of the payments are allocated to interest and just a small percentage to the loan's principal, but near the end of the loan's lifespan, the majority of each payment goes to cover the principal and only a small portion is devoted to interest. Because these payments are fully amortizing, if the borrower makes full payment each month, he eventually pays off the loan by the end of its lifespan.


    Negative Amortization

    Negative amortization is the direct result of an increase in the principal balance of a mortgage loan caused by making monthly payments that fail to cover the interest due. The principal is increased due to the addition of the remaining amount of interest owed to the loan's principal.

    For instance, consider a loan situation where the periodic interest payment on a loan is $1000. If an $800 payment is made, $200 (the interest balance) is added to the principal balance of the mortgage loan.

    Fixed-rate mortgages with negative amortization feature are known as graduated payment mortgages while adjustable-rate mortgages with a negative amortization feature are generally known as payment option ARMs.

    While these mortgage usually provides borrowers with the capability to make low monthly payments over a long period, the monthly payments usually increase substantially at some point over the lifespan of the mortgage. For a fixed-rate graduated-payment mortgage, the date or dates when payments increase on the loan are known with certainty. Whereas, with the payment option ARMs, also have some scheduled payment increases, but instead they carry triggers that can cause the mortgage to recast before a scheduled payment increase. Thus, payment option ARMs carry a great deal of risk or payment shock.

    Negative amortization cannot continue indefinitely. At some point, the loan starts to amortize over its remaining term. Generally, negatively amortizing loans have a negative amortization limit which states that when the principal balance of the loan reaches a certain contractual limit, the payments will be recalculated or have scheduled dates when the payments are recalculated. This is to allow the loan to amortize over its remaining term.


    Accelerated Amortization

    This type of amortization involves additional payments made towards paying down a mortgage principal. Here, the mortgage loan borrower is allowed to add extra payments to their mortgage bill in order to pay off a mortgage before the loan settlement lifespan. The benefit of this amortization type is a reduction in the overall interest payments.

    For instance, assume a mortgage loan originated for $200,000 for 30 years at 7% interest rate. The monthly interest and principal payments is $1330.60. Increasing the monthly payment by $100 ($1430.60) per month will result in a loan payoff lifespan of 24 years instead of the original 30 years, hence, saving the borrower six years of interest. Paying a mortgage loan in an accelerated amortization manner decreases the loan premium faster and diminishes the amount of additional interest the borrower is required to pay on the loan.


    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Amortization

    The benefit of amortization is that it offers a guaranteed way to pay off your mortgage.

    As you pay down your loan, even if you make no extra payments, due to amortization, you’ll over time own your home free and clear by the end of the loan payment period.  In addition, with each payment you make, your equity grows just a little bit. Other benefits include:


    Useful Life

    Amortization is considered part of generally accepted accounting principles, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has rules on how businesses must amortize and depreciate costs for business tax deductions. This process helps borrowers to benefit from tax reduction. For most assets, the IRS publishes tables of the useful lives of the most commonly tax deduction assets.


    Accrual Accounting

    Amortization is concepts used in accrual accounting, which allows business owners record income and expenses more closely to the time they actually occur. Any major asset a business purchases like buildings or equipment, it will be used over a period of many years to help generate sales, and revenue. Over time, these assets values depreciate and may require replacement. Accrual accounting provides entrepreneurs with a better picture of the long-term profitability.


    Straight-Line Depreciation

    There are generally two types of depreciation. The straight-line depreciation allows you to consistently reduce the asset’s value over its useful life. This makes it the simplest and most commonly used way to calculate depreciation. Using straight-line depreciation, if you purchased a $10,000 machine with a useful life of 10 years, you would consistently deduct $1,000 yearly for the machine as a business expense.


    Accelerated Depreciation

    Another benefit is accelerated depreciation. In this case, the business owners take a larger deduction up front in the early years after the loan purchase which quickly reduce the amount taken in the later years of the asset’s useful life. With such up front deductions, the business gets the tax break early but will also have fewer deductions later.



    Amortization applies to intangible assets, which can include brand names, copyrights, software, licensing agreements, patents, research and development costs, and non-compete agreements including labor, financial and other costs, used to build, buy or acquire an asset may be amortized as a capitalized cost. Amortization like depreciation, allow businesses spread their costs for assets over time to get a more consistent accounting of expenses and income.


    The downside of amortization comes with its very slow rate.

    As you pay down the mortgage loan, the principal only go down slower and it’s disappointing to most borrowers who wish to get the total loan pay off in the shortest possible time.

    Due the fact that most of the interest is paid in the first years, and most of the principal is paid in the later years (interest is front-loaded on a mortgage), it will be generally many years into your mortgage payment before you’ll start seeing any meaningful reduction in your loan balance.

    By making prepayments (extra payments) you can accelerate the amortization process, enabling you to pay your mortgage off early.


    Payment Rigidity

    This is the mayor problem or downside with the existing mortgage is the absolute rigidity of the payment requirement. When you skip a payment, you accumulate late charges until you make it up. For example, if you skip June 2017, you are required to make it up with 2 payments in July 2017 together with one late charge. You will also record a 30-day delinquency report in your credit file. If eventually, you can’t make it up until July 2017, the price is 3 payments in August 2017 and 2 late charges plus a 60-day delinquency report in your credit file, and so on... Falling behind can be a slippery slope into foreclosure.

    Payment rigidity also prevents many borrowers from organizing their personal finances in the best way.


    How Amortization May Work Against

    From our examples above, we can conclude that, amortization work best slowly over a long period of time.

    Because of this, borrowers may at one point along the loan payment life consider refinancing. Before engaging into this, borrowers have to consider the impact refinance will have on their effort to one day own your home mortgage-free.

    The primary reasons people consider refinancing their mortgage is to lower their monthly payment.

    Getting a lower monthly payment can be achieved in two ways. Lower the interest rate or to lengthen the term of your new loan.

    For example, assuming you collected a 30 years loan and 10 years into the loan payment, you refinance back to another 30 year loan, your new monthly payment will be lower. You’ll also have to start the amortization process all over again.

    The best way to refinance your loan, if you want to keep yourself on the original payoff schedule is to set the term of the new loan to no more than the number of years you have remaining on the old loan or 20 years in our example.

    If for example you’re 15 years into a 30 year loan, a refinance should be limited to 15 years, the same number of years you have to go on your current mortgage.

    The recasting of loan terms back to 30 years was one of the biggest reasons why so many people watched their equity evaporate during the housing meltdown.

    If you keep recasting your mortgage back to 30 years, your amortization schedule mortgage will remain stuck in slow motion robbing you of the best chance to completely payoff your mortgage.  



    Amortization is a new concept, which you don’t have to shy away from it.  The loan amortization generally implies that your loan payment is set up in a way that its takes a specific amount of time to completely repay it.  As you proceed with the payment, a percentage of your payment goes to the principle and some to the interest.  How much goes to each will change over time.

    At the beginning of the mortgage amortization, the bulk of the amount you pay goes to the interest while at the end, you pay more principle.  Also, realize that the quicker you can start paying more toward your principle, the quicker you build up your equity and you pay off your loan faster too.

  • Seven Tips on How to Avoid Cavities
  • Let's start by defining a cavity. When plaque is not properly removed from your teeth, it produces an acid that eats away at their protective layer. As a result, a hole is formed, more often known as a cavity. So, how do you avoid cavities now that you know what they are? Keep on reading to find out. 

    1. Develop a healthy diet 

    The dangerous oral bacteria inside your mouth would be so thankful if you started to eat more sweets and carbs. This is because the acids and sugars in your mouth create a perfect environment in your mouth for those bacteria to thrive. Therefore, make sure that your diet is well-balanced and includes enough fruits, vegetables, and protein. Although you may want sugar and carbohydrates, having too much of a good thing might eventually lead to tooth decay and oral infections.

    2. Brush your teeth two times a day 

    One of the first things you should do in the morning and the final thing you should do before bedtime is brush your teeth. You must adhere to a strict oral hygiene routine on a daily basis. Never miss brushing your teeth, regardless of how exhausted you are at night or how in a hurry you are in the morning.

    3. Use dental floss regularly 

    While brushing accomplishes a lot, it cannot remove everything that should not be on your enamel. Plaque and tiny food debris can become lodged in your gums and between your teeth. So be sure to floss every day to get rid of that undesirable stuff and maintain the healthiest mouth possible. Food debris, especially sugar, might put you at a higher risk of developing cavities.

    4. Avoid eating too much sugar 

    You can be one of those individuals who absolutely love sweets, but going overboard negatively affects your teeth and compromises your weight and health. Sugary diets support the growth of dangerous oral bacteria. Hence, resisting your sweet tooth's urge can also help you avoid tooth decay.

    5. Get a new toothbrush 

    You should change your toothbrush on a regular basis. Most dentists recommend doing so at least once a year or if the bristles of your brush begin to flatten. An old, worn-out toothbrush will not thoroughly clean your teeth and may even harbor bacteria that will surely not aid in cavity prevention.

    6. Stay hydrated 

    Sugary beverages can significantly compromise your dental health. Water is not just better for your body, it is also better for your teeth. Your mouth gets rinsed when drinking water, which removes bacteria and sugary residue. And it's not just soda that's harmful. Excessive coffee or tea consumption is also a problem. Drinks that are high in sugar and acid can be quite harmful. Therefore, wherever possible, go for water.

    7. Visit routine checkups and cleanings 

    While taking care of your teeth at home is crucial, frequent dentist visits are also necessary to keep your teeth in the best possible condition. A specialist at a reputable dentistry center cleans your mouth thoroughly and gets to the areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush alone. Never skip a checkup because your dentist has ways to combat decay and oral infections more effectively than you can at home.

  • Benefits of Alcoholism Addiction Treatment Facilities
  • It is normal to drink occasionally but when it becomes a habit that's hard to kick, it becomes an addiction. drunkenness can put your health in danger and your relationships with your family and friends are affected too. The way society looks at you furthermore may matter especially when your family gets embarrassed by your dependence on alcohol.

    There are even cases of alcoholism that end in violence and even tragedy. When one's mind gets overpowered by alcohol, thinking straight is difficult to try and do. Thus, one can hurt himself, his family, or others. There have also been thousands of accidents caused by alcoholism that led to the loss of lives. of these will be avoided when one accepts his weakness and seeks help to fight alcoholism. Trucare trust is the best alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

    When someone starts to appreciate that he needs help, visiting the experts and admission to alcoholism addiction treatment facilities will give him the subsequent benefits:

    1. Focus and drive to urge better - When one admits himself to an alcoholism treatment facility, it implies that he's serious about getting well. He has finally accepted that he contains a problem and desires help. this can be the beginning of each treatment process - accepting that you just are sick and want to urge better. When one is in a treatment facility, he is removed from temptations. He can target getting clean. the remainder will then follow.

    2. Professional guidance and help - Alcohol treatment facilities have counsellors that advise them on what to try and do to beat their addiction. When patients are anxious, they'll easily find someone to speak to, for them to ease their burden. Some feel guilty, some regret and a few are inconsolable because they think they need to lose everything. an honest counsellor can advise them into taking the proper step to induce better.

    3. Peers one can relate to - When an alcoholic is at a receptionist, he feels alienated while he's together with his family. He might feel singled out and irrespective of how accommodating and comforting his family is, he still feels that nobody can understand him because they weren't in his shoes. this can be another advantage when one enters a residential treatment facility. He can find others who have identical problems. Thus, he will feel he belongs, and attaining treatment is finished easily.
    Finding friends may also be done within the ability. When camaraderie is fostered, patients will feel comfy with each other; with no judgments, and no staring down. they'll even share pieces of recommendation and their experiences with one another.

    Addiction is often a good foe that fighting alone isn't easily done and won't be enough. you would like help. The stated benefits are what you'll get once you plan to get into treatment with a residential facility. You can reach out to us through our website, we have the best rehabilitation centre in India.
    As there are many facilities to help and deal with such alcohol and drug-related issues in India, there are many top rehab centers in India where top-notch accommodation facilities are thus provided. Having the basic amenities of air-conditioned rooms and dormitories with the supply of hot water, veg and non-veg food menu, satellite TV, and the availability of indoor games, the rehab centers also have a 24/7 medical and support staff, with a panel of medical and psychiatric staff and also an experienced counseling team with top reputed therapists. One will also have the 24/7 availability of ambulances with clean and modern living areas which would indeed provide positive health being.
    Address: Trucare Trust – Mumbai, Survey No.7, Ashram Road, Yeoor Hills, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400610, India.
    Contact Number: +91-9167006990

  • Heartfelt Birthday Wishes in Assamese for best Friend
  • Is Articles mein aapko best friends ko kaise wish kare iske baare mein jankari batayenge aur is par aapko kuch behatrin hindi shayri aur Assamese shayari best friends ko wish karne ke liye hum share karenge. Isko share karke aap apne best friend ko birthday wish kar sakte hain kai log internet par khojte rahte hain ki best friends ko birthday wish kaise karein best friends ko wish karne ka tarika kya hai. Birthday wishes in Assamese for best friends ke is lekh mein hum aap ko both language mein matlab Assamese aur hindi mein best friends ko wish karne ke shayri batane ja rahe hain. Umeed karta hu ki aap ko humara ye articles bahut hi pasand aya hoga, yadi aap aise hi bahot sare wishes ka collection khoj rahe hain to humare official sites ko zaroor explore karein.

    To iske liye hum best friends ko birthday ki badhai dene ke liye kuch best friends shayari, Birthday wishes in assamese for best friend, Birthday wishes for friend in assamese, Best friend birthday wishes assamese, Happy birthday wishes for best friend in assamese, Happy birthday wishes in hindi for friend, Happy birthday wishes for best friend in hindi, Happy birthday wishes in hindi shayari for best friend, Happy birthday wishes for friend in hindi english, Happy birthday wishes for best friend girl in hindi, Happy birthday wishes for friend funny in hindi, Funny happy birthday wishes for friend in hindi share kar rahe hain aap in shayari ya status ko yahan se copy karke apne doston ko social media ke madhyam se badhai de sakte hain.

    Top 5 Birthday Wishes in Assamese for best Friend

    Ugta hua suraj dua de aap ko, Khilta hua phool khusboo de aap ko !
    Mai to kuch de nahi sakta, dene wala lambi umra de aap ko !!
    Wishing you a very happy birthday.

    উদীয়মান সূৰ্য্যই আপোনাক আশীৰ্বাদ কৰক, ফুলি উঠা ফুলে আপোনাক তাৰ সুগন্ধি দিয়ক!
    মই একো দিব নোৱাৰো, দাতাই হয়তো তোমাক দীৰ্ঘজীৱন দিব!!
    জন্মদিনৰ আন্তৰিক শুভেচ্ছা জ্ঞাপন কৰি।

    Phoolo ne amrit ka jaam bheja hai, suraj ne gagan mein salaam bheja hai !
    Mubarak ho aap ko naya janam din, Tahe dil se humne paigaam bheja hai !!

    ফুলে অমৃতৰ অমৃত পঠিয়াইছে, সূৰ্য্যই আকাশলৈ প্ৰণাম পঠিয়াইছে!
    নতুন জন্মদিনৰ শুভেচ্ছা থাকিল, আমি অন্তৰৰ পৰা বাৰ্তাটো প্ৰেৰণ কৰিছো!!

    Baar baar ye din aaye, baar baar dil ye gaye, tu jiye hazaro saal !
    Yeh hai meri arzoo, Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday to you !!

    এই দিনবোৰ বাৰে বাৰে আহে, হৃদয়ে এই কথা বাৰে বাৰে গায়, হাজাৰ বছৰ জীয়াই থাকক!
    এইটোৱেই মোৰ ইচ্ছা

    Na aasmaan se giraye gaye ho, Na upar se giraye gaye ho !
    Aaj kal kha milte main aap jaise log, App to order dekar banwaye gaye ho !!
    Happy Birthday to you !!!

    না আকাশৰ পৰা নমাই দিয়া হৈছে, ওপৰৰ পৰাও নমাই দিয়া হোৱা নাই!
    ক'ত পাম তোমাৰ দৰে মানুহ আজিকালি, তোমাক অৰ্ডাৰ দি বনোৱা হৈছে!!
    আপোনালৈ জন্মদিনৰ শুভ কামনা থাকিল

    Janamdin ke subh avsar par, bhet karu kya uphaar tumhe !
    Lakho lakho pyar tumhe, Janamdin ki bahut bahut badhai tumhe !!

    আপোনাৰ জন্মদিনৰ শুভ উপলক্ষে কি উপহাৰ দিম?
    লাখ লাখ লাখ মৰম আপোনাৰ প্ৰতি, দিনটোৰ বহু বহু সুখৰ উভতি অহা আপোনাৰ প্ৰতি!!

  • Everything You Need To Know About Scoliosis Surgery
  • Scoliosis is an abnormal twisting and sideways curvature of the spine. It is usually noticed initially by a change in the appearance of the back. Though it is a complicated three-dimensional condition, on an X-ray, viewed from the rear, the spine of an individual with scoliosis can bear a resemblance to an "S" or a "C," rather than a straight line.  Scoliosis is two times more observed in girls than boys. It can be visible at any age, but it is mostly common in those over about 10 years old.

    Causes of Scoliosis Surgery

    1. Idiopathic Scoliosis: No exact cause is found in around 8 out of every 10 cases. Anyhow, researchers have concluded that there is a family history of this condition in some idiopathic cases, which advises a possible genetic link. It is further sub-classified as infantile, juvenile, and adolescent.

    2. Congenital Scoliosis: It is caused by the bones in the spine growing abnormally inside the womb.

    3. Degenerative Scoliosis: Some parts of the spine have become narrow and weak (osteoporosis) with time.

    4. Secondary Scoliosis: Other medical conditions cause a small number of cases, including:

    • Cerebral Palsy – a condition linked with brain injury.
    • Muscular Dystrophy – a genetic condition that leads to muscle weakness.
    • Marfan Syndrome – a disorder of some connective tissues.
    • Neurofibromatosis – a genetic condition that gives rise to benign tumors to grow along with your nerves.
    • Rett Syndrome – a genetic disorder, usually influencing females, which causes serious physical and mental disability.

    Diagnosis for Scoliosis Surgery

    Scoliosis can usually be detected after a physical examination of the spine, ribs, hips, and shoulders. The orthopedic experts will take an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis of scoliosis.  The x-ray images will also assist in determining the shape, direction, location, and angle of the curve. The medical name for the corner of spine curves is known as the Cobb angle. In some cases, like a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan or a computerized tomography (CT) scan may also be suggested.

    Treatment for Scoliosis Surgery

    Treating Scoliosis in Children: If a child has scoliosis, scoliosis surgery will rely on their age and how serious it is. The primary treatment options are:

    1. Observation: Treatment is not always mandatory for very young children because their condition corrects itself as they grow.  Anyhow, if the curve does not make it right itself, it can lower the space for the internal organs to grow in, so careful monitoring by a specialist is necessary. Your specialist will usually suggest having regular x-rays to monitor the curvature to see if it improves, remain the same, or gets worse.

    2. Casting: In some cases, influencing young children, the spine may require being guided during growth in an attempt to correct the curve. In a child aged under two years old, this can, at times, be achieved by using a cast. A cast is an outward brace to the trunk made out of a weightless combination of modern and plaster casting materials. The cast is constantly worn and cannot be separated, but is changed regularly to permit for growth and remodeling. The cast will be modified under anesthetic every two to three months with the goal of gradually straightening the spine.

    3. Bracings: If the curve of your child's spine is becoming worse, your specialist may suggest they wear a back brace while they are developing. A brace cannot cure scoliosis or correct the curve, but it may avert the curve from getting worse. Anyhow, it is not recommended by all scoliosis specialists.  Braces are made of rigid plastic, though adjustable braces are sometimes available.  In general, new back braces are outlined, so they are hard to see under loose-fitting clothing.  It is usually suggested that the brace is worn for 23 hours a day, and is only separated for baths and showers. The brace is separated during contact sports and swimming. Regular exercise is vital for children wearing a brace. It helps in improving muscle tone and body strength and will contribute to making wearing the brace more comfortable.

    4. Surgery: If your child stops growing and the scoliosis is critical, or other treatments have been ineffective, corrective surgery may be suggested. The type of surgery will rely on your child’s age. Growing rods are injected to allow for continued controlled development of the spine while partially correcting scoliosis. Every 4 to 6 months the rods lengthen to keep up with the child's growth.  Magnets are used to elongate the rods. When your child has stopped growing, the adjustable rods can be separated, and a spinal fusion will be carried out.  Lumbar spinal fusion is a surgery that causes the vertebrae in the lower back to develop together. The aim of lumbar fusion is to have the two vertebrae fuse so that there is no longer any mobility between them.  In spinal fusion, the spine is made straight using metal rods joined with screws, hooks, and wires, and bone implants are used to fuse the spine in place.

    Scoliosis Surgery in India

    The goal of scoliosis surgery in India or scoliosis treatment in India is threefold:

    • Safely elongate the spine as much as possible.
    • Balance the torso and pelvic parts.
    • Maintain the correction for the long

    Scoliosis surgery in India is a huge attraction for medical tourist because of excellent facilities and low-cost services. Scoliosis Spine surgery in India is a good solution for scoliosis patients due to high-quality medical care, qualified, skilled and competent spine surgeons, cost-effective and better communication due to no language barrier. Scoliosis Spine surgery cost is available at a reasonable value only in India when compared to different developed countries like the US, the UK, Canada, etc.

  • Motor Lubrication: A Fundamental Safeguard To Drive Your Machinery Parts!
  • Today, lubricants are playing a role as a lifeline of machineries in the field of motor industries, automotive, aviation and marine etc. When it comes to machinery what is the most important part of your engine? Yes, it is motor oil and to maintain the engine in race, proper lubrication is acquired. If you really know, what a lubrication process actually involves, why it is important to do, and why there is a need to take care of your machinery through lubrication? It actually maximizes the life and efficiency of your machinery in a long run.

    In this particular post we are going to reveal what are the different perspectives of lubricating a motor machine – what keeps it going and what happens if lubrication is not meant to be done, how it works. So let's get started!

    Types of Lubrication

    There are four basic types of lubrication depending upon the nature of motion between moving surfaces. They are:

    • Extreme pressure lubrication
    • Boundary lubrication or thin film lubrication
    • Hydrostatic lubrication
    • Hydrodynamic lubrication or thick film lubrication

    The purpose of lubrication is to avoid the accumulation of rolling elements on the surface of motor or engine. The lubricant is necessary to be composed of proper additives with proper viscosity. The speed and load carried by the bearings determine by the lubrication process. Grease and oil are the most common lubricants. Choose the proper lubricant for your application.

    How lubrication helps to increase the life of motor?

    - It transfers heat with liquid versions, which involves the movement of liquid from a cooler part normally then engine allows it to transfer heat to cooler and keep it away from excessive heat to perform an efficient operation.

    - It keep moving the parts separately as it provides a barrier between separate moving parts.

    - It prevent corrosion with the use of additives, additives form a chemical bond with the surface of moving parts to avoid rust and corrosion.

    - It reduces friction which also reduces heat generated.

    - It acts as seal for gases.

    - It transmits power to increase the performance.

    The whole lubrication process has become mandatory for smooth and running operations of different types of machine equipments that are part of our daily lives. Motor Lubrication is definitely a beneficial aspect in a trouble-free functioning of machinery and increase the life, power and efficiency of the motor. The engine manufacturers and engineers have worked and still working to keep lubricants continually improving to raise motor's performance and hoping for advancement in this stream to keep all moving parts in motion!

  • Kindle Is Not Turning On
  • Every individual from a different age group likes kindle due to its impeccable performance. When they experience errors such as why my kindle is not turning on they get into a very tough situation. A kindle owner has experienced a technical error while making use of the device. Yet, the correct methods will help in fixing why my kindle is not turning on the issue.

    After following every technique mention ahead will allow you to solve why my kindle is not turning on error.
    Going for Kindle Reset

    Mostly, when kindle not turns on, this does not mean kindle is broken it can get stuck. When this issue happens the device gets locked and not operates correctly. 

    If you reset your kindle many errors get fix. You need to press and hold the power key for at least twenty seconds. Afterward, you need to choose power key and switch on device again for making your kindle work fine.

    In case this error still occur then try to hold power key for thirty seconds. However, in many situations this will fix the problem.

    Try to Factory Reset

    If kindle does not work well after going for a soft reset then rebooting it to factory settings and removing data and apps will help. For doing this, you need to click on quick settings option and choose more device and afterward select reset to factory defaults. After doing this, everything present on your device will get remove. At last you can download the purchased stuff again from amazon cloud.

    Changing or charging battery again

    The other regular sign behind why my kindle is not turning on it is because kindle battery is running out. For turning on kindle you must begin charging its battery. This can get done by connecting kindle with laptop or PC for at least thirty minutes. Once charging is done then try to turn it On again. If it does not work then reset it again. If kindle does not turn then this may happen due to charger is damage or battery is broken or requires replacement. So, go for charging battery.

    Here are few methods that will assist in removing kindle is not turning on error.

    1. Power Key Technique


    • Every electronic device begins to start when you hit the power key for a longer duration. The same method has to get done by pressing power key for long time.

    • Try turning On kindle device. If kindle is not turning On then try press and hold power key for at least forty seconds.

    • Afterward, allow power key to release and hold for few minutes.

    • Now, hit and hold power key again until kindle not turns On.


    • The device will turn On on its own once holding power key for second time.


    • Prior to follow this technique, you need to ensure that kindle is completely charged.


    2. Try charging device.

    The battery discharge is the main sign that many people fail to consider. If device battery is released then all the accessible answers does not help.

    This is why it is recommended to completely charge kindle device with correct charge and try turning On device again for fixing kindle is not turning On issue.


    By following the above mention techniques you will be able to remove kindle will not turn on issue quickly.


  • But Sambrani Cup Online In India
  • Sambrani cups, also known as dhoop cups, are an ancient form of natural incense that has been used in India for centuries. They are made using a mixture of natural resins, herbs, and essential oils that produce a soothing aroma when burnt. Sambrani cups are commonly used in religious ceremonies, meditation, and aromatherapy

    • Ingredients: Outer shell made with rose and marigold flowers. Filled with Loban, Jatamasi, Guggal, Kapoor kachri, Ghee & other healing herbs.
    • Contains: 15 cups with a holder
    • Burning Time: 15 minutes

    Tips for Buying Sambrani Cup

    If you're looking to buy Sambrani cups online in India, here's what you need to know:

    • Choose a reliable online store: When buying Sambrani cups online, it's essential to choose a reliable online store that offers high-quality products. Look for online stores that have good reviews and ratings from previous customers. You can also check if they have certifications such as ISO or GMP, which ensure that the products are safe and of good quality.
    • Check the ingredients: Before buying Sambrani cups online, it's essential to check the ingredients. Look for Sambrani cups that are made using natural ingredients such as frankincense, myrrh, and benzoin. Avoid Sambrani cups that contain synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals.
    • Choose a fragrance: Sambrani cups are available in various fragrances such as rose, lavender, sandalwood, and more. Choose a fragrance that appeals to your senses and suits your purpose. For example, if you're looking to use Sambrani cups for meditation, choose a fragrance that has a calming and soothing effect.
    • Price and Quantity: Sambrani cups are available in different quantities, and the price varies accordingly. It's essential to check the price and quantity before making a purchase. Look for online stores that offer discounts or deals on bulk purchases.
    • Brand Reputation: When buying Sambrani cups online, it's important to choose a brand that has a good reputation in the industry. Look for brands that are known for their quality products and have been in the industry for a long time. This ensures that you get high-quality Sambrani cups that meet your expectations.


    Sambrani cups are an excellent choice for individuals looking for natural incense products. They are made using natural ingredients, have a soothing aroma, and offer therapeutic benefits. When buying Sambrani cups online in India, it's essential to choose a reliable online store, check the ingredients, choose a fragrance, consider the price and quantity, and choose a brand with a good reputation. With these factors in mind, you can buy high-quality Sambrani cups online and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

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  • Pharmacist - Walgreens Woodbridge
  • Job Objectives
    Provides pharmacy consulting services to customers regarding the effective usage of medications, awareness with drug interactions and offering preventive healthcare services such as immunizations. Responsible for ensuring the proper compounding, dispensation, review and verification of prescribed medications within regulatory guidelines, company policies and procedures.
    Supports... the efficient workflow of the pharmacy and assists the pharmacy manager in identifying ways to optimize pharmacy financials, inventory management and enhance customer experience.

    Job Responsibilities/Tasks
    • Customer Experience
    • Engages customers and patients by greeting them and offering assistance with products and services. Resolves customer issues in a timely manner and answers questions to ensure a positive customer experience.
    • Models and shares customer service best practices with all team members to deliver a distinctive and delightful customer experience, including interpersonal habits (e.g., greeting, eye contact, courtesy, etc.) and Walgreens service traits (e.g., offering help proactively, identifying needs, servicing until satisfied, etc.).
    • Develops strong relationships with most valuable customers by anticipating customer needs and proactively offering services. Supports efforts on enhancing customer experience by increasing focus on healthcare services (e.g. patient consultation, medication management, drug therapy reviews, and perform retail, clinical, or wellness services such as immunizations, flu shots, and diabetes awareness) thereby promoting the shift of the pharmacy role from transactional to interpersonal.
    • Participates and assists in community events as requested by Store Manager, Healthcare Supervisor, District Manager or Pharmacy Manager.
    • Operations
    • Counsels patients and answers their questions regarding usage of medicine, side effects, interactions, contraindications, patient information privacy, generics, less expensive medicines, over-the-counter products, and refers to medical provider as needed to ensure medication is taken correctly, health needs addressed, and satisfaction with service.
    • Performs pharmacist tasks including compounding, drug therapy reviews, verification, and medication management. Reviews, interprets and accurately dispenses prescribed medications when necessitated by workload.
    • Ensures the pharmacy operates in accordance to regulations, company policies and standards. Assists pharmacy manager with establishing procedures that promotes the efficient workflow of the pharmacy including assigning roles, coordinating activities and soliciting employee suggestions. Responsible for the opening and closing of the pharmacy and shift change duties.
    • Ensures the use of all elements of the Good Faith Dispensing policy in conjunction with state and federal controlled substance laws when filling prescriptions. The Product Review/Retail Fill Process Pharmacist has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the elements of Good Faith are present.
    • Maintains current knowledge of information technology associated with pharmacy systems such as Intercom Plus, registers, automation, StoreNET to provide support to customers as well as pharmacy staff. Proposes and implements enhancements to pharmacy systems to further promote productivity.
    • Ensures the accurate processing of insurance claims to resolve customer issues and prevent payment rejections. Follows-up with insurance companies as well as medical providers and participates in 3rd party audit.
    • Follows-up with medical providers’ offices to clarify prescribed medications, dosages, refills, interactions and allergies to suggest alternative medications, and answer medical provider questions.
    • Performs retail, clinical, and wellness services such as immunizations, flu shots, diabetes awareness and other preventive healthcare services.
    • Assists and supports the pharmacy manager in analyzing performance data including pharmacy financial, customer service, and implementation of procedures for pharmacy asset protection and inventory management. Reviews KPI’s with Pharmacy Manager, Store Manager, and Healthcare Supervisor.
    • Develops and maintains good relationships with local medical community including physicians, nurses, and other health care providers. Participates in community outreach activities to promote the pharmacy business and further enhance growth opportunities.
    • Partners with Central Pharmacy Operations for customer registration, 3rd party reviews, and assists with resolving customer issues to support the Well Experience locations. In virtual environments, conducts virtual product review by following specific company procedures and guidelines (e.g. using specific photographs taken by the technicians sent electronically during the F4 process and reduce transactional tasks).
    • People & Performance Management
    • Assists the Pharmacy Manager with staff hiring and training. Reinforces the direction of Pharmacy Manager in staff performance by coaching, and providing constructive feedback, monitoring customer service, and fostering employee development.
    • Promotes teamwork and motivates team members by establishing expectations, monitors and recognizes progress, and fosters a shared vision.
    • Training & Personal Development
    • Maintains current knowledge and skills related to pharmacy and healthcare by reading pharmacy related journals, company publications, and communications. Maintains awareness of developments in retail and management and pursues best practices that would enhance performance.
    • Obtains necessary certifications, education credits and training such as People Plus Learning modules as required by the Company.
    • Seeks professional development by monitoring one’s performance, solicits for constructive feedback, and leverages pharmacy manager and store manager as mentor and coach.
    • Communications
    • Supports the Pharmacy Manager and Store Manager by communicating relevant corporate health and wellness services or strategy information to pharmacy staff.
    Walgreens, one of the nation's largest drugstore chains, is included in the Retail Pharmacy USA Division of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc., the first global pharmacy-led, health and wellbeing enterprise. More than 10 million customers interact with Walgreens each day in communities across America, using the most convenient, multichannel access to consumer goods and services and trusted, cost-effective pharmacy, health and wellness services and advice. Walgreens operates 8,175 drugstores with a presence in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Walgreens omnichannel business includes Approximately 400 Walgreens stores offer Healthcare Clinic or other provider retail clinic services.
    As the neighborhood drugstore and retailer, our goal is to make health and happiness simpler, easier and within reach. And we remain a trusted wellness provider offering convenient access to important health services, such as immunizations and an array of pharmacy services that can help patients improve their health. To our team members, Walgreens represents a unique opportunity to excel in their careers in a welcoming and inclusive environment. We offer the chance to work in a truly supportive environment, and be a part of a progressive organization dedicated to the well-being of our customers, team members and the communities we all call home.

    Basic Qualifications
    • BS in Pharmacy or Pharmacist Degree from an accredited educational institution.
    • Current pharmacist licensure in the states within the district.
    • Experience performing prescription dispensing activities that demonstrate a strong working knowledge of applicable state and federal controlled substance laws.
    • Certified Immunizer or willing to become an immunizer within 90 days of hire.
    Preferred Qualifications
    • At least 1 year experience as a pharmacist in a retail setting including prescription filling and verification, records and legal compliance, pharmacy operations, pharmacy software and technology systems and insurance.
    An Equal Opportunity Employer, including disability/veterans.
    To see the salary range for this position please click here: Pay Transparency Pharmacist (Full or Part Time) .If you are applying on a job board or unable to click on the link, please copy and paste this URL into your browser
    Woodbridge CT USA

  • Sr. Software Technical Writer Acapulco
  • Detalles del cliente

    Medical device Company.

    Descripción de la vacante
    • Plan, coordinate, collaborate, and execute with inputs from all company stakeholders on the production release of all new products' software technical documentation for the Software Engineering department.
    • Organize and drive timely reviews and iterations with all subject matter experts and stakeholders (both internal and external) of all software documents being developed.
    • Create templates for each document type with standardized formatting for images and tables
    • Understand software cadences and terminology.
    • Work closely and collaboratively with developers to create standardized software documentation.
    • Maintain, in a detailed and organized manner, the electronic libraries of all materials used in the development of software documentation through all development phases.
    • Compile necessary research and inputs and write software technical documents to support the end use of the Company mobile... applications and products.
    • Ensure efficient release and quality hand-off of outputs (documents and materials) to Document Control for sustained design control and production.
    • Actively participate on improvements to SOP's and on general advancements of processes for operational efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Ensures design, review, production, and maintenance methods and processes are consistent and follow/support the Quality Policy as well as all ISO Quality System procedures and guidelines.
    • Originate Document Change Requests (DCOs) and coordinate technical documentation change efforts to ensure timely completion of change packages through approval.
    • Reports on all tasks and progress on execution following organizational practices and standards established by Program Management and project leadership.
    • Perform other duties as required.

    Perfil del candidato
    • BA or BS in a technical discipline, or 5-8 years related experience writing technical documents for a medical device manufacturer and/or equivalent combination of education or experience.
    • Minimum of two (5) years' experience within the medical device industry writing/editing scientific/medical material.
    • Healthcare/life sciences experience required.
    • Diabetes experience preferred.
    • Mobile Application technical writing preferred.
    • Experience in a content management system preferred.
    • Must have ability to understand medical/clinical and technical aspects of diabetes management/care and drug delivery products.
    • Have and understanding of software cadences and terminology.

    Oferta de empleo
    • Remote position.
    • Competitive compensation package
    Acapulco Guerrero Mexico

  • Quality Control Senior Manager Cork

    POSITION: Quality Control Senior Manager

    DEPARTMENT: Quality

    REPORTING TO: Senior Director of Quality

    LEVEL: M3

    LOCATION: Cork



    The post holder will provide leadership and technical guidance in the Quality Control function and be responsible for managing QC activities including laboratory testing to ensure McKesson private label products are tested, accepted or released in compliance with internal procedures, FDA and Health Canada regulations. The post holder will lead a team managing QC activities in related disciplines to ensure compliance, manage risk and minimise supply interruptions across McKesson private label.

    • Management of a team of specialists evaluating technical data, setting direction, deploying resources to support distribution decisions for McKesson private label products
    • Development of risk and mitigation strategies on the storage and transport of finished drug products
    • Supplier... relationship management: building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers to turn regular business interactions into long-standing partnerships
    • Collaborate with key stakeholders in mitigating supply interruptions through timely evaluation and resolution of quality related incidents Release of SKY Unit Dose re-packaged private label products for US distribution
    • Approval of batch manufacturing records for SKY re-packaged products, providing assurance of compliance with CGMPs and US FDA regulations
    • Approval of release testing as performed via contract service providers for re-packaged private label products
    • Responsible for a stability programme supporting shelf life of re-packaged private label product
    • Management of Annual Product Quality Review reports for re-packaged private label products
    • Oversight of multiple service provider contracts performing QC and re-packaging activities
    • Provide batch screening and new product launch support to McKesson Canada (Sivem) private label, specifically for NorthStar sourced products
    • Support New Product Launch processes for McKesson US Private Labels
    • Oversight of a laboratory function ensuring efficient sampling, shipment, and testing programmes
    • Collaborate with the US QA and Operations Manager contributing to the release for distribution process within the NSDC, Northstar Distribution Centre
    • Fiscal responsibility for capital and resource requirements within the Quality Control Laboratory to assist in budget preparation and ongoing cost management.
    • Operate within the Quality Management System across all QC related activities
    • Support McKesson Enterprise Quality initiatives
    • Recognise team strengths, development needs and professional goals
    • Coach team members to succeed in accordance with I2CARE and ILEAD principles
    • Foster a culture of learning and engagement, empowering technical judgement and decision making
    • Assist direct reports in establishing Individual Development Plans to expand their knowledge and skill set
    • A source of technical guidance and support to individuals, teams and senior leadership

    (The above statements describe the general nature and level of work being performed in this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties)



    Educated to degree level or higher in Chemistry, Microbiology or other scientific discipline.


    9+ years regulated experience in pharmaceutical Quality Control, preferably in a progressive multinational organisation. This experience should include a minimum of +4 years laboratory experience. 1+ years people leadership experience

    Knowledge and Skills:
    • Proven track record of sound judgement and decision-making capabilities in a QC/QA environment
    • Competent influencing skills with a demonstrated ability to achieve results through others
    • Demonstrated strategic thinking and planning skills
    • Solid understanding of cGMP as applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing
    • Comprehensive understanding of Drug Product testing requirements in multiple dosage forms
    • Competent background in analytical method development and decision making
    • Extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical stability testing
    • Detailed knowledge of Good Laboratory Practice
    • Awareness of Data Integrity, ISO-17025 and Computerised System Validation requirements
    • Confident in data management systems
    • Experienced in operating under a Quality Management System
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    • Effective team building ability
    • A continuous improvement mindset


    MS Office; Knowledge of Lab CDS and statistical packages is desirable, MasterControlTM, BADU (Internal)

    Work Environment/Physical Demands:

    Hybrid working model with the ability to work from home and in the general office environment. International travel may be required occasionally to meet business ne

    At McKesson, we care about the well-being of the patients and communities we serve, and that starts with caring for our people. That’s why we have a Total Rewards package that includes comprehensive benefits to support physical, mental, and financial well-being. Our Total Rewards offerings serve the different needs of our diverse employee population and ensure they are the healthiest versions of themselves.

    As part of Total Rewards, we are proud to offer a competitive compensation package at McKesson. This is determined by several factors, including performance, experience and skills, equity, regular job market evaluations, and geographical markets. In addition to base pay, other compensation, such as an annual bonus or long-term incentive opportunities may be offered.

    Our Base Pay Range for this position

    €66,800 - €111,300
    Cork County Cork Ireland

  • Senior National Account Manager - Textiles Manchester
  • Do you have experience managing the UK Grocery retailers and have experience working with private label products?

    Are you experienced in National Account Manager looking for the next step up?

    If so this could be the right role for you…

    With a heritage dating back over 200 years, my client is a globally recognised leader in textile distribution. The business has some leading product brands within their portfolio, and they are renowned for delivering world class customer service. The business has gone through a number of changes over the last few years, and they are now looking to appoint a Senior National Account Manager into the team to manage a variation of their accounts as well as drive new business.

    The Role

    As the Senior National Account Manager, you will report directly into the Group Retail Director and will be predominantly office based in the Northwest. This role will act as a 'second in command' and have the ability to negotiate a senior level. The role will manage all... aspects of the customer relationships to support the businesses ambitions. They aspire to be the preferred supplier and distributor of luxury, performance, and specialist textiles globally.

    Key Responsibilities
    • Be personally involved with your accounts for reasons of growth, sensitivity, complexity or strategic importance to the Sales effort and the business
    • Develop and maintain excellent relationships with the accounts in the organisation; prepare and assist in delivering vertical strategies to enhance growth.
    • Identify, analyse and develop new business opportunities from targeted accounts.
    • To obtain full customer project briefs and provide appropriate and innovate solutions that meet the criteria.
    • To develop and negotiate new contracts and order opportunities within agreed scope
    • Budget annually and forecast monthly
    • Participate in development of marketing strategy for the sector
    • Use of CRM system to monitor develop pipeline opportunities and liaise with the wider teams to share and coordinate our approach to key customers
    • Contribute to build up of market intelligence
    • Keep abreast of key account sustainability requirements, competitor activity and the impact on pricing policy and other business matters.
    • To manage customer expectations in an effective and considered manner.
    • To provide technical and commercial feedback in any area of the business, working closely with technical teams.
    • To assist / manage internal meetings and communication to ensure key personnel are aware of what is required to meet the customers KPI's.
    • To co-ordinate the account management, maintaining an overview and awareness of all projects, processes, innovation and NPD.
    • To monitor quality, commercial and OTIF performance, liaising with the relevant departments to achieve the targeted performance.
    • Co-ordinate with operational teams and ensure all work according to customer requirements at all sites.

    The Candidate

    Ideally the successful candidate will have experience within the consumer goods sector and have good relationships with key retailers such as John Lewis. You will have an entrepreneurial attitude to business with a 'hunter' mentality as well as be able to manage key relationships. It would be beneficial for the successful candidate to have a strong background in home furnishings, however other areas will be considered. This is an office based role however there will be a requirement to travel to customer meetings.

    • Outstanding skills; organisational, communication, verbal and written, negotiation and strong decision-making abilities
    • Ability to work under pressure to tight timescales
    • Conscientious, accurate and thorough in all aspects of work responsibilities and has a first-rate professional approach to work
    • Pragmatic and objective whilst having the ability to understand commercial and financial realities of decisions made
    • Cultural empathy and ability to adapt
    • The ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team to achieve objectives, driving personal accountability
    • Energy, confidence and self-motivation are paramount to succeed in this demanding role

    If this role is of interest, please click to apply
    Manchester UK

  • Portuguese Interpreters Rio de Janeiro
  • **We are hiring Portuguese\
    English OPI/VRI Interpreters**

    If you are passionate about different languages and interpretation, we need you

    We are looking for professional remote interpreters who want to join an international company and be a great help to the community.

    An Over-the-Phone Interpreters (OPI) /Video Remote Interpreters (VRI) in Future Group Translation and Localization Services provide accurate communication between non-English and English speakers during the calls.
    They carry out exclusive service in different fields and industries and assure transparency during the conversation.

    Interpreters in Future Group Translation and Localization Services are linguistic experts, fast workers when it comes to the information mentioned during the call, and renowned for their high level of tolerance, accuracy, and expertise.
    - _
    - _



    Your responsibilities:
    • Answer calls in a professional manner, acting according to the Interpreter's code of conduct.
    • Be... always prepared to take notes during a call.
    • Be aware of the specific vocabulary of the industry the interpreter works with (healthcare and medical one, specifically).
    • Rendering all messages accurately and completely, without adding, omitting, or substituting.
    • Provide the highest level of customer service during interpreting
    • Go into internal professional training.
    • Be eager to get new professional certifications.
    • Communicate and report to your team leader.
    • Comply with dress code requirements for video remote interpreting.

    Your background and experience:
    • Fluent in source language (English) and Native in target language "Portuguese".
    • 1+ years of over the telephone interpretation experience in a wellknown interpretation company.
    • Good knowledge of medical terminology.
    • Awareness in legal terminology is a plus.
    • International certifications in the healthcare industry are a plus (PICSI, ALTA, HIPAA, etc.).
    • High school diploma in your native language.
    • High emotional intelligence and tolerance to different cultures.
    • High level of communication, listening, notetaking, and memory retention skills.

    Technical requirements:
    • As this position is fully remote, you should comply with several technical requirements for your computer. We need to be sure, that your home office will work effectively. _
    • Internet
    • Dedicated highspeed, private, and secured internet connection
    • Minimum download speed 10 Mbps (megabits per second)
    • Minimum upload speed 3 Mbps (megabits per second)
    • Wired Internet, Ethernet Port
    (Wi-Fi is not allowed):
    • Systems
    • Minimum Windows 10 operating system
    • Computers with dual core, 2 GHZ processor, like an Intel Core i3 or superior
    • 8 GB RAM memory minimum
    • Equipment
    • Single device (computer or laptop) which can run required systems (see #2). (No external devices, such as cell phones or tablets, are permitted)
    • External monitors and connectors (if applicable).
    • Computers must operate in "High Performance" mode, not "balanced" or "power saver".
    • Power adapter plugged in and not operating on battery.
    • Chromebook is
    not allowed

    - ❖ Headphones Use a noise cancelling, wired headset with a built-in microphone (no wireless/Bluetooth headphones). The microphone should stay in place once adjusted. No 3.5mm adapter. Bluetooth and other wireless headsets are
    not allowed.

    What we offer you:
    • Fully remote position with a clear schedule.
    • Fulltime or parttime position (business and weekend hours).
    • Immediate availability to start working after onboarding.
    • Internal Certified training.
    • Monthly fee payments.
    • Contract type of employment.
    If you choose to work with Future Group Translation and Localization Services you will get into a friendly team, that supports each other, actively communicates, has its own corporate culture, and achieves the goals together

    About us:

    Founded in 1994, Future Group has grown into one of the world's most trusted translation and localization expert houses

    across the globe.

    We have successfully established a global reputation for meeting our clients' requirements in the most beneficial and

    cost-effective way.

    With a high-tech translation memory software technology, ISO certification and access to translators for any language
    • We will be happy to welcome you to our team_

    Job Type:

    Rio de Janeiro State of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  • Quality Engineer – Aircraft Maintenance Jobs in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  • Quality Engineer – Aircraft Maintenance Jobs in Abu Dhabi
    1- Quality Engineer – Aircraft Maintenance
    Job: Full Time
    Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
    The Quality Engineer – Technical reports to Technical Quality Manager (TQM) or Manager Quality Assurance and Compliance (MQAC) and ensures compliance to regulatory and company requirements.
    Job Responsibilities:

    Prepare and undertake quality auditing and surveillance of internal, external and contracted maintenance functions to uphold regulatory and internal standards and prepare quality assurance reports resulting from audits, surveillance & investigations.
    Review and approve quality assurance and maintenance procedures to ensure regulatory compliance and continuous improvement.
    Review and approve training material submitted by the training department for in-house use or recommend/submit to GCAA for approval.
    Responsible review and recommend minor maintenance checklists, forms, etc. to TQM and to review the projects on major... modifications related to STCs and certification requirements from a QA perspective and obtain GCAA approval.

    Job Requirements:

    Relevant Engineering Degree, Electrical, Mechanical, aerospace and/or Maintenance Engineer License with Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering
    A minimum of 10 years’ experience in the maintenance of large commercial transport aircraft with at least 3 years’ experience in Quality Assurance Technical.
    Formal knowledge in aircraft maintenance and engineering with emphasis to CAR 66/CAR 145/CAR 147/ CAR M Regulations.
    Formal auditor Training
    Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

  • Social Media Executive Lucknow
  • Job Title: Social Media Marketing Executive & Prospect Conversion Specialist

    Job Summary:

    We are seeking a highly motivated and dynamic Social Media Marketing Executive with exceptional communication and sales skills to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing effective social media marketing strategies to drive brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation. Additionally, this role requires the ability to engage with prospects, understand their needs, and effectively convert them into valuable customers. This position plays a crucial role in driving growth and revenue for the company.

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Social Media Marketing:
    - Develop and execute creative and data-driven social media marketing strategies to increase brand visibility, engagement, and lead generation.
    - Manage and optimize social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) to ensure consistent branding and messaging across all platforms.
    ... Create and curate compelling content, including graphics, videos, and written posts, that resonate with the target audience.
    - Monitor and analyze social media performance using relevant analytics tools, and use insights to refine and improve marketing strategies.

    2. Prospect Engagement & Conversion:
    - Engage with prospects across various communication channels, including phone, email, live chat, and social media, to build relationships and understand their needs.
    - Effectively communicate the value proposition of our products/services to prospects, addressing their pain points and offering tailored solutions.
    - Nurture leads throughout the sales funnel, providing timely follow-ups, answering queries, and maintaining ongoing communication to convert prospects into customers.
    - Collaborate with the sales team to hand over qualified leads and ensure a seamless transition in the conversion process.

    3. Relationship Building:
    - Build and maintain strong relationships with prospects and existing customers, fostering trust and loyalty to encourage repeat business and referrals.
    - Respond to customer inquiries, comments, and reviews on social media platforms promptly and professionally.
    - Monitor industry trends and competitor activities to identify opportunities for growth and stay ahead of market developments.

    4. Reporting & Analysis:
    - Track and report on the performance of social media marketing campaigns, prospect engagement efforts, and conversion rates.
    - Provide insights and recommendations to optimize marketing strategies and improve prospect conversion rates.
    - Collaborate with the marketing team to integrate social media efforts with other marketing initiatives.

    Qualifications and Skills:

    - Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, Communications, or related field.
    - Proven experience in social media marketing and prospect conversion, preferably in a B2B or B2C sales environment.
    - Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and relationship-building skills.
    - Strong understanding of social media platforms, content marketing, and audience targeting.
    - Proficiency in using social media management and analytics tools.
    - Sales-driven mindset with a passion for delivering results.
    - Ability to work independently, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.
    - Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.
    - Knowledge of the industry and market trends.
    - Previous experience in a customer-facing role is a plus.

    As a Social Media Marketing Executive & Prospect Conversion Specialist, you will play a vital role in driving the company's growth and success by leveraging social media marketing strategies and your excellent communication skills to convert prospects into valuable customers. Your contribution will be essential in establishing our brand as a leader in the industry while fostering lasting relationships with our valued customers
    Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India

  • Pharmacist - Chatsworth
  • Dis-Chem Pharmacies require the services of a reputable Pharmacist for their Chatsworth store.

    Your portfolio will cover the provision of pharmaceutical care by taking responsibility for patients' medicine-related needs, and being accountable for meeting these needs.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Grade 12 / Matric
    • BPharm / equivalent qualification
    • Registered with the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC)
    • Registered tutor
    • Unisolv experience
    • Experience in supervising staff
    • Computer literate MS Office
    • Computer literate MS Office
    • Sound numerical skills
    • Strong command of the English language and a second language

    • Relevant retail/ FMCG experience
    • Third additional language
    • SAP experience
    • Escripting experience

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Acts & services especially pertaining to a Pharmacist:
    • Provision of pharmaceutical care by taking responsibility for patients' medicine-related needs, and being accountable for meeting those needs, which... shall include, but not be limited to the following functions:
    • Evaluation of a patient's medicinerelated needs by determining the indication, safety and effectiveness of the therapy
    • Accurately interpret scripts and act in a professional and responsible manner, and within the legal requirements in accordance with the SAPC
    • Correct errors on scripts rejected by medical aid
    • Dispensing of any medicine or scheduled substance on the prescription of a person authorised to prescribe medicine
    • Furnishing of information and advice to any person with regard to the use medicine
    • Determining patient compliance with the therapy, and followup to ensure that the patient's medicinerelated needs are being met
    • The provision of pharmacistinitiated therapy
    • The compounding, manipulation, preparation or packaging of any medicine or scheduled substance, or the supervision thereof
    • The manufacturing of any medicine or scheduled substance, or supervision thereof
    • The purchasing, acquiring, importing, keeping, possessing, using, releasing, storage, packaging, repackaging, supplying or selling of any medicine or scheduled substance, or supervision thereof
    • Keep abreast of changes in medical aid procedures and requirements for claims and dispensing
    • Follow up with patients regarding script tacking reports as requested by the Dispensary Manager, and follow up appointments
    • Explain all medical aid costs to patients
    • Process all paperwork for accurate submission of claims to medical aids
    • Ensure authorisation of chronic, HIV and AIDS, and oncology medication
    • Maintain customer profiles on the system
    • Merge profiles locally, and UCS should be notified to merge profiles centrally
    • Take note of any messages on the customer profile, and take suitable action
    • Report on low / out of stock levels, and stock errors to the Dispensary Manager
    • Facilitate biannual stock takes
    • Exercise stock, cash and asset control


    • English and second language Read, write and speak
    • English and second language Read, write and speak
    • Good communication skills, listening
    • Basic dosing and important drug interaction
    • Customer service/focus
    • Supervisor experience, and able to lead by example
    • Ability to train other staff members
    • Conflict management
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Sound numerical skills
    • Problemsolving
    • Team player
    • Trustworthy and honest
    • Time management
    • Able to deal with pressure
    • Computer literate MS Office
    • Computer literate MS Office

    • Knowledge of Retail/ FMCG operations
    • 3rd Additional Language
    • Knowledge of or experience in Unisolv, SAP and E-Scripting
    • Drug and family planning, and complementary medicine

    Special conditions of employment:
    • Registered with the South African Pharmacy Council
    • Willing and able to work retail hours
    • Controlled room temperature, security, limited space, health and safety, risk stock
    • Physically fit and able to stand for long periods
    • Valid driver's license and own reliable transport
    • South African citizen
    • Clear credit and criminal records

    Remuneration and benefits:
    • Marketrelated salary
    • Monthly and annual performance pay
    • Medical aid
    • Provident fund
    • Staff account

    • *Dis-Chem Pharmacies is an equal opportunity employer. Dis-Chem's approved Employment Equity Plan and Targets will be considered as part of the recruitment process aligned to Dis-Chem's Employment Equity & Transformation Strategy. Dis-Chem actively supports the recruitment of People with Disabilities
    Chatsworth South Africa

  • AutoCAD Designer Biñan
  • KKnowledgeable of preparation of Bill of Materials

    With competencies In using AutoCAD

    With NCII CERTIFICATE or undergraduate of Engineering discipline. With minimum of one year experience and exposure in B.O.M and AutoCAD.

    Willing to start immediately.

    Proactive and with high sense of integrity. Enthusiastic to work.

    Job Type: Full-time

    • Additional leave
    • Company Christmas gift
    • Company events
    • Health insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Opportunities for promotion
    • Paid training
    • Pay raise
    • Transportation service provided

    • 8 hour shift
    • Monday to Friday
    • Overtime

    Expected Start Date: 04/24/2023
    Biñan Laguna Philippines

  • Facility Officer Lagos
  • Responsibilities:

    Ensure that the facility is fully operational with all utilities functioning properlySchedule and supervise maintenance repair work and assist with checking installation and servicing building equipmentMaintain stock levels and parts within budgetEnsure compliance with state and federal regulations, and assist with energy managementOversee security of buildings and groundsMaintain ongoing communication with contractors, clients, and teamManage the upkeep of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standardsInspect buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovationsReview utility consumption and strive to minimize costsSupervise all staff facilities staff (custodians, technicians, groundskeepers, security, cleaners, etc.) and external contractorsAllocate office space according to needsKeep financial and non-financial recordsPerform analysis and forecasting.


    Minimum academic qualification of Bachelor's Degree in facility... management, engineering, business administration, or relevant fieldMinimum of 2 years experience as a facility officer.Well-versed in technical/engineering operations and facilities management best practices.Knowledge of basic accounting and finance principles.Excellent verbal and written communication skills.Excellent organizational and leadership skills.Good analytical/critical thinking
    Lagos Nigeria

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