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  • Romani people
  • Iran). In the English language, the Romani are widely known by the exonym Gypsies (or Gipsies), which is considered a pejorative by some Romani due to its

  • Murder of Dee Dee Blanchard
  • and that Gypsy Rose, whose wheelchair and medications were still in the house, might have been abducted. The following day, police found Gypsy Rose in

  • Gypsy (disambiguation)
  • Look up Gypsy, gypsy, cigan, gyp, or Çingene in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Gypsy is an English name for the Romani people. Gypsy or gypsies may also

  • Gypsy (musical)
  • Gypsy: A Musical Fable is a musical with music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and a book by Arthur Laurents. It is loosely based on the 1957

  • Gypsy (Gypsy album)
  • Gypsy is the debut double album by the progressive rock band Gypsy. It was recorded at Devonshire Studios, North Hollywood, California, and released in

  • Gypsy Girl
  • Gypsy Girl or The Gypsy Girl may refer to: The Gypsy Girl (Hals), also known as Gypsy Girl, a painting by Frans Hals Gypsy Girl (mosaic), a mosaic uncovered

  • Gypsy horse
  • The Gypsy Cob, also known as the Traditional Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, Romani Cob, Gypsy Horse or Gypsy Vanner, is a type or breed of domestic horse from

  • Sea Gypsies
  • Sea Gypsies, Sea Gypsy, Sea Nomads and Sea Nomad may refer to: Sama-Bajau peoples, a collective name for several ethnic groups in the Philippines, Sabah

  • Gypsy Queen
  • Gypsy Queen may refer to: "Gypsy Queen", a 1970s song written by Australian musicians Greg Quill and Kerryn Tolhurst, and recorded by Australian band Country

  • Mia Goth
  • Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth (born 25 October 1993) is a British actress. Following a brief stint in modelling as a teenager, Goth made her feature film

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  • Shellfish New Zealand
  • Shellfish New Zealand is a type of seafood that includes oysters, clams, and mussels. It is a popular food choice because it is low in fat and high in protein. There are many ways to cook shellfish, but the best way to ensure that your dish is delicious and healthy is to follow these five tips.There are many different types of shellfish that can be cooked and enjoyed. It is important to choose the right type of shellfish for your dish, as not all shellfish are alike. For example, mussels are a type of shellfish that can be eaten raw or cooked. However, oysters can only be eaten cooked and should not be eaten raw because they may contain harmful bacteria.When choosing which shellfish to cook, it is important to consider the recipe you are making. For instance, if you are making a seafood dish, it is best to choose seafood that will complement the other ingredients in the dish. For example, shrimp will go well with garlic and parsley while clams will go well with butter.


    New Zealand Mussels are a type of shellfish that can be eaten fresh or cooked. They are high in protein and low in calories, making them a healthy option for those looking to eat more seafood. Mussels are also rich in minerals and vitamins, including vitamin B12. In addition to their health benefits, mussels are also popular for their taste.Mussels are a type of shellfish that can be eaten raw or cooked. They are high in protein and low in calories, making them a healthy option for those looking to lose weight. Mussels also contain selenium, which is an important mineral for overall health. Selenium helps to protect the body against cancer and heart disease, among other diseases.Mussels can be used in a variety of ways when cooking. They can be cooked raw, boiled, or steamed. Boiled mussels are the most popular type, as they are easy to prepare and taste great. Mussels can also be used in soups or stews, as they add a delicious and nutritious layer to the dish.

  • 3 Types of Insurance You Didn’t Know You Needed
  • Most of us are familiar with obtaining health insurance and car insurance. However, these are not the only types of insurance that you should have as part of protecting your life and assets. In fact, we’re going to share with you three different types of insurance that you should have that you probably don’t.

    Life Insurance

    It’s very likely that you know what life insurance is. Unfortunately, many people don’t get life insurance as they look at it as something they need to get later on in life. The reality is that having life insurance can help to give you peace of mind that your family will be financially okay in the event of your untimely death. There are two main types of life insurance policies that you can invest in. These include term life insurance and whole life insurance. It’s best to talk with your insurance agent about which type of policy fits your needs and your budget.

    Scooter Insurance

    Whenever you purchase a car, it’s fairly obvious that you need to have insurance to drive it. However, when you purchase a small scooter like a Vespa, you may not think twice about getting insurance for it. Since you’re going to be riding it just around town, it’s easy to overlook this type of insurance. You should look to for specialty insurance through companies such as Insure My Vespa as anything could happen to your scooter and render it useless. In addition, any damage that you cause while you’re on your scooter could be a liability that you’re responsible for paying for.

    Renter’s Insurance

    It’s a fairly common belief that a landlord is responsible for any damage that happens to your property while you’re renting the place. The truth is that your landlord is responsible for the structural damages that happen. However, any damages that happened due to fire, flood, or another peril are typically not covered by your landlord’s insurance policy. Rather, you’ll need to get renters insurance to cover these damages. Renter’s insurance can help to protect your own valuables like electronics and jewelry.

    Pet Insurance

    Many pet owners will take their pet in for vaccinations and regular checkups, never thinking they would need pet insurance. But when your family dog gets a fever or a mysterious limp, there’s nothing most owners wouldn’t do to keep them healthy. Situations like these can put a serious financial strain on families who don’t have an emergency fund in their savings account that can accommodate steep vet bills. Even exams and scans can costs hundreds, and potential surgeries will be in the thousands. Tough situations like these can be avoid through pet insurance.

    Travel Insurance

    There are a few reasons you would want to consider travel insurance. If you’ve never heard of it before, the idea is to cover costs that could happen when traveling, particularly when traveling internationally. One thing covered is medical costs. Your everyday health insurance might not be as full-coverage in other countries, so this ensures your health needs will be paid for in an emergency. Cancelled trips are another cost often covered by travel insurance. And, if your baggage is lost or stolen, the cost of the items may be reimbursed. As with all insurance plans, make sure you read up to know what the specific plan you choose will cover.

    We all know that insurance helps to protect us from financial instability due to certain events. However, it can be a bit confusing to determine the types of insurance that you need in your life, as there are so many different kinds out there. Three types of insurance that you should have but you probably don’t include life insurance, scooter insurance, and renter’s insurance.

  • Best online MLM business investment Multi level Marketing Investment Plan Earning builder

  • We believe that everybody ought to have access to the financial markets, so we have constructed earning conglomerate starting from the earliest stage to make contributing receptive and reasonable for newcomers and specialists alike. We believe that our services are some of the safest and most sustainable in the market. We take pride in our commitment to safety and sustainability, and we are constantly striving to improve our technology safety and trading practices. We are proud to be a leader in the crypto and forex trading sector. At Earningbuilder, we are passionate about giving our clients the best returns possible. Our team is dedicated to providing quality financial products and services that help our clients achieve their financial goals. At our firm, we take pride in offering our clients the best possible customer support. Whether you need help with account issue, a question about your dashboard, or just want to chat about any issue, our team is here to help. We're always available via phone, email, or chat. You will get best experience at earning builders. We are always available to answer any questions or help with any concerns that our clients may have. We believe that our clients deserve the best possible returns, and we are committed to providing them with the best possible service. Thank you for choosing Earning Builders as your go-to financial institution. 


  • Important Considerations to make Before Launching into Another Phase of Business
  • Every serious entrepreneur desires to grow from their present level to the next. No matter how large the business may have become, there is always potential for growth, either in the market where it is now serving or in some other market that is yet to be exploited. Sometimes, businesses are forced to grow, not out of a desire to make more profits or help more people through their goods and services but because of the pressure from competitors. Amidst it all, we can be sure of one thing, taking a business to another level of its development is not a light matter at all. There are some vital aspects that must be considered before you grow your business to the next level. If certain factors are not properly looked into within your strategic growth plan and prepared for, the cost and responsibilities of growth may end up destroying the business. So here are some vital tips every serious business person and entrepreneur who want to expand his/her business must bear in mind and carefully consider along side their growth strategy.

    Considerations on a personal level

    As an entrepreneur, the greater burden of responsibilities for each successive stage of a business falls upon your shoulders. The entrepreneur or business man who first considers the cost of expansion from a personal standpoint will be better prepared to soar through the challenges that are definitely going to show up through out the next phase. On a personal level, here are some important issues to consider before taking the step of business expansion.


    Before you grow your business to the next level, the time factor is something that should be considered. At the present business level, how much time are you willing to spare? If your schedule is already too crowded to allow for any more commitment, there are two considerations you will have to make. You could either choose to forget about your plans of expansion for the moment or make arrangements to get managers and assistants who can keep some of the burden off your shoulders. There is not enough time in a day to do all the things one will love to do, so figure out how much you can handle and make arrangements to delegate responsibility.

    Family Pressures

    Family is the base of every successful business man’s endeavors, so never grow your business to the next level at the expense of family. This is one aspect of business that too many people ignore or take lightly. Every successful business man who has a family knows that success in business is closely tied to success in the family. And that means one has to be able to handle family pressures effectively. You need to spend time with your family. It is from a good relationship with family that a person is able to face the pressures and responsibilities of work.

    A businessman or entrepreneur who already has problems because of their schedule with the family will find it difficult taking on a more tedious or demanding commitment to his or her job because the pressure will further strain the family relationship, making it difficult for him to succeed in business. One may feel the need to grow a business in order to provide better opportunities and make life more affordable for their family and loved ones, but what these people need more than money or material things is your time and affection. You may not be able to give as much time and attention to family as you would if the business stays at its present stage of growth. If you cannot figure out yet just how you can be committed to an expanded business and still have time for your family, it is better you give it a thought and be clear on that aspect before going on. Considering family should always be part of your strategic growth plan.

    Benefits vs sacrifice

    One motivating factor to business growth is the benefits that it will bring. But it is going to be a fatal error for one to look only upon those benefits when considering whether or not to expand a business. The benefits should be weighed and considered alongside the sacrifices that have to be made. Sacrifices come in different shapes and forms. There would have to be financial sacrifices, sacrifice of time, leisure and even some relationships. Sacrifice is a big word and it is seldom pleasurable. It entails a great deal of self discipline.

    There is no way to grow your business to the next level without making sacrifices, but those sacrifices must bring a greater return. You are not always going to feel like making the sacrifices you may decide to make. For example, sometimes, business growth may require spending some days away from family and friends or spending longer hours than usual working. All these are things that growing a business will necessitate from time to time. There will be times when you would not feel like doing it, but you will have to do it out of commitment. You should be able to ask yourself, is what I am looking forward to gaining from this worth the sacrifices I will have to make? Is it worth the extra work, the potential strain in some of my relationships? If you can sincerely answer yes to that question, then you can move on, but if the answer is negative or you still have some doubts, then it may be better to just hold on and reconsider.


    Risk taking is an integral part of any business, and especially for those that are moving towards expansion. But one cannot simply take risks and expect to succeed in business. Risk has to be calculated in order to properly decide whether or not it should be taken. There are several advantages of taking calculated risk. One of them is, you know what to expect if things work out and what to expect if something goes wrong. That knowledge of how things could turn out prepares you for the result.

    Secondly, calculated risk means being able to assess at each level where things are going and to know what changes to make along the way. Going into another phase of a business without carefully considering the risk you are taking may cripple the whole thing altogether.

    Skills and abilities

    Usually a new phase of business means new skills and abilities have to be used. This has to be part of the business growth strategy. Do you have the skill necessary to grow your business to the next level and sustain it? It is not enough to be motivated. If you don’t have them, you will definitely have to hire them. An entrepreneur who has just one location for his business may need to learn what it means to manage a branch and what skills will be required for it to function properly. Sometimes, business expansion means going into a whole new sector. One cannot assume knowledge based on past experiences or studies. If it is a different phase of business, it will require better skill sets. For those you can learn and apply, you should take some time to learn them. You may have the right motivation, the capital and every other thing necessary for expansion but without the technical knowhow, the whole thing is bound to fail.

    On the other hand, hiring skills and abilities means increased costs. So if you have to hire instead of learning those skills, then that should be included in your projected cost of expansion. The last option on the list of choices that have to be made as far as considering skills and abilities is concerned is training those who are already working for the business to give them the required knowledge and skills. Besides the financial cost of this kind of training, it is going to take time before the staff is prepared. That time frame should be included in the business expansion plans in order to see that things go on just fine.

    Does it fit into your objectives

    Every business has definite objectives and a strategic growth plan that are assessable using a time frame. However, it may happen that an entrepreneur sees some opportunity or possibility for growth and decides to take it without carefully considering whether or not that intended expansion phase is part of the original plan. If it was not part of the original plan, whether long term or short term, then you have take a step back consider how it all fits into your objectives. The objectives for starting a business is in other words the purpose of starting the business. Nothing great exists or works without a purpose. The purpose or objectives must guide every major decision that is made from time to time. Consequently, unless you intend to add to your objectives or change them, you should avoid business expansion plans that are not in line with them. The main reason for this is that plans which do not tie with business objectives become a serious distraction that could keep you from fulfilling your goals and seeing the business grow to the level it was originally intended to.

    Is it a well planned move

    The expectations may be great, the possibilities outstanding and everything just seems to fit in place, but if there is no definite business expansion plan to drive it all into realization, it is just going into be a waste of time and money. Every successful business move has to be guided by a definite business expansion plan or strategic growth plan. Some business moves are so huge that the entire team will have to plan a great deal before trying to implement them. You may not always have a guarantee that your plans will turn out right but having a plan sure increases your chances of succeeding by about 50%.

    I know that sometimes a business could stumble upon opportunities that are difficult to let go of and at the same time demand immediate action, that is, without adequate time for necessary considerations and planning to be done. The more time you have to look at things from different angles and make plans, the more possibilities the whole thing has of succeeding. So before you launch into another major phase of business, make sure it is carefully planned out.

    Have you met your goals for the previous level?

    You see, one thing aspiring great businesses and those that have succeeded locally and internationally know is the importance of setting goals for a company or business. And those goals could be long term or short term. But goals are not set just for their own sake. They are not an end in themselves but a means to an end. Until that end is met successfully, it is not time to set a whole new set of goals to drive a new phase of the business. Lets look at it in this way, one reason why schooling is divided into classes and grades is to meet certain goal of learning that are attainable and testable at each level. Not just that, but entering into a new phase of pursuit (or in this case, class) is only allowed if there is sufficient proof that the goals of the previous level have been attained.

    Supposing a student decides to skip one or two grades and goes into a class ahead, what would you expect to happen? Failure! Not because he or she does not have the potential to grow into that level but because previous levels and their goals have not been met, the student is not prepared for the next. Now back to business. Goals at each level of a business are supposed to prepare the team for the next level. Summarily, if those goals are not met, it is an indication that the business is not ready for the next phase. A business team which does not have what it takes to succeed at phase two would definitely not succeed at phase three. It is not even wise to try. The whole endeavor will be a waste of time, effort and other resources. So make real time assessments, based on the business strategic growth plan on how well your goals for the previous level have been attained and use that to decide whether or not to go ahead.

    Be sure it is not emotional

    I am sure you must have figured this out already, but let us consider the matter more closely. Business decisions should never be made from an emotional level. Whatever decisions are included in the business growth strategy out of emotions may not last very long. Your heart will usually be involved in what you are doing but you cannot let your heart take business decisions, especially if your head is not actively involved. By the way, I am sure you know that emotions rise and fade, sometimes they are so strong, other times they seem to fade so much so that there is nothing you can lean on. However the thing that will not fade is a decision made after careful considerations and conviction. So when you begin thinking about the next level of business, you should take some time to figure out what’s motivating that decision.

    Is the right team available?

    Nothing is going to replace a great team. As a matter of fact great entrepreneurs are only as good and successful as their team. So before moving to the next level, you must go beyond considering just your own level of readiness. The team too has to be looked into. It is important to assess how prepared everyone is. Sometimes though, the next business venture or level may require a whole new team altogether or at least a good number of new employees. It is great to keep those you have been working with, but that is not always possible. Other times, some other people will have to come in and others may have to leave. But the bottom line is, the business must have the right team in order to move to the next level successfully, without that team, things are going to be difficult. So the team that made it happen for the previous level may not necessarily be qualifies for the next level. Look into your team, make upgrades where necessary.

    Are there better investment options

    Jumping at a business opportunity is great but at the same you must consider other (probably better options). This is important for every business man because most times, taking one opportunity means others have to be forgotten. But what are you letting go of and what are you holding on to. Which of your options could be better maximized? Obviously holding on to something good keeps you from seeing something better, much less reaching out for it. Could you invest somewhere else at less cost? Is there a possibility of getting more profits if the business expands in another direction than the one you have originally intended? Making this assessment also opens you up to opportunities you may not take at the moment but include in your plans for the future.

    Transition challenges

    There are certain challenges associated with transitions from one phase of business to the next. No matter what growth strategy you choose to use, there are going to be some challenges that must be dealt with. Those challenges have to be prepared for in order to make a successful transition. They include some of those things we have mentioned here amongst others. Longer work time, more challenging demands, day to day pressures and financial issues. Sometimes, and especially if care is not taken, these transition challenges may pose so much problems that the entire team may just cave in under the pressure. Remember it is not just about you. The pressures of transitions will weigh on every single team member. Everyone would have to consider the sacrifices they will have to make and how it is going to affect their lives and families.

    Market Capacity and demand

    When drafting a business growth strategy, one of the most important things to consider is the market capacity of the business. Usually, business expansion means supplying more goods and services. But if the market where you intend to sell these goods and services does not have the necessary level of demand, then taking the business to the next level will not be profitable at all. There must be a certain level of market demand or capacity to match the intended expansion. Remember, the fact that a business is successful at meeting the needs of its customers profitably does not mean that business is ready to expand.

     Can you face competition in the expansion market?

    At each level of business, there are others to compete with. You may be the leading business at your present level but it does not guarantee success at the next level. For example a business that operates in a city may intend to go national. Though it may not have problems facing its competitors at that level, there may be serious challenges facing competitors at the national level.

    This should be part of the planning face, to carefully consider the level of competition at your next level and how to beat that competition. The business needs a plan that can guide it through facing its competition successfully.

    Financial capacity

    One last thing you have to consider is the financial capacity of the business to handle the next level. Going to the next level of business should not weigh on the business financially. Truth is, engaging in the next level of a business is best done when it is considered as a separate business that is about to start.

    Every genuine business has potential for expansion and the business expansion plan should be able to guide you through it. However, those points mentioned here are specific areas that mean a lot to every business and should be taken seriously.

  • No License Car Dealerships Near Me Your Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Cars Without a Lot
  • Are you passionate about cars and interested in buying or selling them, but don't have a dealer's license? You're in luck! There are car dealerships near you that don't require a license to buy and sell cars without the need for a physical lot. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how you can engage in car trading without a dealer's license and find car dealerships near you that offer this opportunity. We will also discuss the advantages of buying and selling cars without a lot or license. So, let's dive in and unlock the secrets of buying and selling cars without a lot.

    The Changing Landscape of Car Dealerships

    The traditional concept of car dealerships has evolved over the years, and the automotive industry is experiencing a shift in the way cars are bought and sold. In the past, car dealerships were known to require a dealer's license to buy and sell cars. However, with the advancement of technology and the rise of online marketplaces, there are now car dealerships that operate without a physical lot and do not require a dealer's license, providing new opportunities for car enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and consumers alike.

    Buying Cars Without a Dealer's License

    If you're interested in buying cars without a dealer's license, there are several options available to you. Here are a few ways you can purchase cars without the need for a physical lot or a dealer's license:

    Private Party Sales: Private party sales are transactions between individual car owners. You can find cars for sale by private sellers through online marketplaces, classified ads, or word of mouth. Private party sales do not require a dealer's license, and you can negotiate directly with the owner to purchase the vehicle. This allows you to buy cars without the need for a dealer's license and without the overhead costs associated with operating a physical lot.

    Online Auctions: Online auctions have gained popularity in recent years, providing a convenient and accessible way to buy cars without a dealer's license. There are various online auction platforms that allow you to bid on cars from the comfort of your own home. Some online auctions even offer inspection services and financing options, making the buying process more seamless. This can be a great way to find unique and affordable cars without the need for a dealer's license or a physical lot.

    Wholesale Auctions: Wholesale auctions are dealer-only auctions where you can find vehicles at wholesale prices. Some wholesale auctions may require a dealer's license to participate, but there are also auctions that are open to the public, allowing you to buy cars without a license. It's important to research and verify the requirements of each auction before participating. Wholesale auctions can be a great way to buy cars in bulk and save on costs, especially if you're interested in starting a car trading business without a lot or a dealer's license.

    Selling Cars Without a Dealer's License

    If you're interested in selling cars without a dealer's license, there are also options available to you. Here are a few ways you can sell cars without the need for a physical lot or a dealer's license:

    Consignment Sales: Consignment sales allow you to sell cars on behalf of private owners. You can establish agreements with car owners to sell their vehicles on consignment, where you take a percentage of the sale price as your commission. Consignment sales can be done through online marketplaces, social media, or other platforms, and do not require a dealer's license. This can be a great option if you have limited resources but want to engage in car trading without a lot or a dealer's license.

    Online Marketplaces: Online marketplaces have become popular platforms for selling cars without a dealer's license. 

  • Avoiding Groupthink and Increasing Collaboration
  • Many men and women think the adage "teamwork makes the dream work." Nearly three out of four companies rate teamwork and collaboration since "very important," based on a recent survey from the Queen's University of Charlotte. In fact, building teams was important to Google that the company spent two years. But companies don't have to be giants that are international or spend years on research to crack the teamwork code. These 3 single strategies are key to building teams that are strong and can help businesses to attain greater success. 1. Encourage Debate When people work together, be wary of "groupthink," that can cause groups to get rid of sight of the bigger picture. Groupthink involves making decisions as a group. A famous case of groupthink is the Chernobyl disaster. The head scientist with conducting the atomic project involved threatened team members together with termination when they enforced conformity and flagged worries. His team then pushed their reactor too far over the brink, into disaster.

    Employers should encourage each employee to voice their view to fight groupthink. Teams should be motivated to debate with problems out. Whenever is the larger team must always question things to find out if there's a way to do something or to address a problem. At the exact same time, businesses should make it clear to workers that if they disagree with a team member, they should bring information to the table. When team members disagree and discussion, they should be receptive to the point of view of the hand and guide, yet respectful and vocal. And then make a decision together with the greatest goal in your mind. 2. Emphasize Empathy Empathy is a quality which promoted and should be appreciated within a business. Employees must be encouraged to try bring that perspective as part of how they make decisions and to find the world in the angle of others. Team members should be encouraged to try when conflict arises, and put themselves in the shoes of the coworkers.

    Creating a culture can actually have an impact on the bottom line of a business. Harvard Business School established the "Empathy Index," by looking for the companies that retained the best people and created environments where diverse groups flourish. HBS discovered that the top 10 empathetic companiescreated earnings to 50 percent and -- that included Alphabet Airlines and Whole Foods -- increased as the lowest 10. 3. Encourage Laughter Achieving great things in the office if that is achieved at the cost of happiness, for a team is meaningless. Stupendous expansion , great work and happiness can co-exist if companies encourage teams to stay positive, and laugh. There are various activities companies can plan to promote teamwork and laughter. One fun group activity would be to have company teams reproduce a specific painting (like the Mona Lisa). A facilitator should split the painting and assign each member of a team, who will have to go reproduce it them. Last, the job is delivered together like a mosaic, so everybody is able to see the enlarged version.

    Much laughter provokes. Another exercise which can get groups is hosting a comedy improve event. A business can appoint someone to be the facilitator--this person will write down random words onto a few pieces of paper ask a team leader select 1 piece of paper and to come ahead. Their team will have to work out a story built around that sentence within ten minutes. Will have to do the same, however, they will need to be certain their story is a continuation of the prior one. These tales are usually ridiculous and can prompt a lot of laughter. Another idea is to play a fun group game like Castlesquares that will encourage group activity.

  • Why Set Up A Company In A Tax Haven?
  • A tax haven is a country that offers foreign people and companies next to zero tax liability in a politically, monetarily, and economically static environment. Tax havens additionally share no monetary data with foreign tax assessment authorities. Tax havens don’t require residency or business presence for people and companies to profit by their tax policies and strategies. Because of the globalization of business activities, an increasing number of U.S. companies, including Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet are keeping money in offshore tax assessment havens to limit corporate taxes.

    Is it Lawful to Register Companies in Tax Havens?

    Setting up an offshore company in any tax haven doesn’t establish tax laundering or tax evasion. Setting up an offshore company is:

    • Totally Legal.
    • The normal practice among most of the big companies you know.
    • A lot less expensive than you may think.
    • Simpler and faster than you can imagine.

    Who Ought to Consider Transferring their Organisation to a Tax Haven?

    Anybody can enlist their company in a tax haven, yet a few people will think that it’s simpler and more proper than others. Specifically, it’s more straight and progressively favorable for digital nomads and business visionaries who aren’t secured to any one place. On the chance that your business, task, project or circumstance is one of the following, you have it easy and simple:

    • E-commerce and web-based companies
    • International companies
    • Succession and inheritance inside companies
    • Investors and traders
    • Proprietors of mobile assets (like yachts)
    • Beneficiaries of intellectual property
    • Consultants

    What Factors Lead Entrepreneurs to Transfer their Companies to Tax Haven?

    • They need to protect their assets from possible lawsuits and lawful issues.
    • They need to protect their companies from political, financial, and economic instability.
    • They need to keep away from their pointless and costly liability to educate the government about the state regarding their companies’ finances (audits, forms, balance sheet, etc).
    • They need to get away from the overwhelming tax burden that endangers their survival.

    As should be obvious, it is anything but an issue of money laundering or tax evasion, the main thing they need is to expand their capital and save money on taxes. Exploiting the advantages of the offshore world is a straight choice for any insightful business people who have chosen to quit working for other people, need to protect their shareholders, and are hoping to amplify their benefits. It’s a 100% lawful technique that gives them a chance to pursue the principle rules imposed by their citizen country to the letter.

    1. E-commerce and Web-Based Companies

    For some individuals, this is the easiest gateway; indeed, it’s the most widely recognized sort of business for digital nomads. These are globalized companies that don’t require in excess of a PC with access to the web. In the event that your clients are spread out in the world and your company works in various countries, it makes a worldwide business. Together with an offshore record, you can protect your company from the ever-present risk of inflation in your company, avoid capital controls like in Greece, and sidestep profoundly potential laws against keeping huge cash.

    2. Beneficiaries of Intellectual Property

    In the event that you have licenses, patent, or branding rights, an offshore company will let you effectively sell your rights and gain new ones. It’s additionally simpler to surrender your rights to foreigners in this way.

    3. Succession and Inheritance Inside Companies

    You can combine your company with different other companies in tax havens to optimize your taxes in succession cases by avoiding substantial-high taxation burden on inheritance of property.  Many medium-sized companies need to confront the genuine burden of inheritance tax when the founder of a company dies and leaves everything to the successor. This tax can make a hypothetically productive company rapidly cease to be so.

    Going offshore in these cases is a particularly alluring choice when the inheritance is transferred starting with one country then onto the next. As an effective entrepreneur who has fabricated your company starting from the earliest stage, without a doubt you’d preferably support your family over leaving a vast portion of your property in the hands of the current heads of state, wouldn’t you?

    Today, you’ve effectively given the State enough money through the span of your career.

    4. Proprietors of Mobile Assets (like Yachts)

    It’s conceivable to legitimately transfer anything up to houses one nation then onto the next. The conditions to do such transfer is significantly from nation to nation, without a doubt, it’s a genuinely a complex procedure that requires an extremely specialist.

    5. Investors and Traders

    Likewise with different cases, in case you’re an investor or a trader, you’ll have no issue dealing with your profits with your company in a tax haven, you simply need to follow the law.

    6. International Companies

    There is a wide range of international companies. Everybody knows Google, Amazon, and Facebook, and we frequently found out about their financial and fiscal practices in the news. Ireland is a spot known for taking into account the numerous innovation companies that have set up their European subsidiaries there. The enormous multinationals will continue searching approaches to legitimately avoid taxes (and for their company and investors, it’s their duty to do as such).

    Numerous individuals believe it’s unfair for these companies to pay so minimal tax when in all actuality, the injustice is that the smaller companies don’t have the cash for specialist services to enable them to manufacture the essential structures. Anybody can do what their lawyers, consultants, and experts do regardless of how little your company. Giving your company a worldwide business gives you a chance to make purchases and sales as per the laws of the offshore jurisdiction, regularly reflected in lower taxes.

    7. Consultants

    For expert consultants, the benefits of having a company in a tax haven are genuinely clear. From one perspective, you spare a ton on taxes, and on the other, you can deal with your company in the least difficult manner possible, without stressing over piles of paperwork and useless rules.

    Why? Since in offshore jurisdiction, the requirements to keep company records, accounts, and update the experts are little to non-existent.

    For more information contact

  • Facing Drug Charges In North Carolina
  • North Carolina classifies and assigns penalties to drug charges in a highly confusing manner. To illustrate this point, it’s a fact that there are 10 different felony classifications in North Carolina. There is a variety of felony criminal offenses that a person may be charged with which arises out of alleged drug activity. These offenses run the gamut from low level felonies such as possession to high level felonies like drug trafficking. Being charged with a felony drug offense in North Carolina entails serious potential consequences. Depending on the specific type of offense charged the potential punishment could range from probation to a mandatory jail sentence of more than 20 years even for first time offenders.

    North Carolina classifies controlled dangerous substances (CDS) into 6 different categories. Drug/CDS charges are dependent on the type of drug and the quantity of the drug involved in the crime. A controlled dangerous substance is a drug. Every drug is classified according to a Schedule I, II, III, IV, V, or VI controlled substance. Schedule I controlled substances are considered to be the most dangerous, while Schedule VI controlled substances are considered to be the least dangerous. Similarly, in the case of a felony drug conviction the potential punishment is dependent on the classification of the drug, with Schedule I entailing the most severe penalties and Schedule VI having the least severe penalties.

    A list providing the detail of each schedule of controlled substances is provided below

    Schedule I: Drugs having the highest potential for abuse, having no accepted medical use, and a lack of accepted safety. Examples include heroine, ecstasy, GHB, methaqualone, peyote, and opiates.

    Schedule II: Drugs with a high potential for abuse along with some accepted medical use. Abuse leads to physical or psychological dependence. Examples include cocaine, opium, codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, methadone, methamphetamine, and Ritalin.

    Schedule III: Drugs having the potential for abuse less than Schedule I and II drugs, having an accepted medical use. Abuse leads to low physical and high psychological dependence. Examples include ketamine, anabolic steroids, and barbiturates.

    Schedule IV: Drugs having low potential for abuse, having an accepted medical use. Abuse leads to limited physical or psychological dependence. Examples include valium, Xanax, Rohypnol, Darvon, clonazepam, and barbital.

    Schedule V: Drugs having lower potential for abuse than Schedule IV drugs along with an accepted medical use. Abuse may lead to limited physical or psychological dependence. An example may be cough medicine with codeine.

    Schedule VI: Drugs have relatively low potential for abuse, having no accepted medical use. Abuse leads to limited physical or psychological dependence. Examples include marijuana, hashish, and hashish oil.

    Misdemeanor Drug Crimes.

    Possessing a small amount of most of the controlled substances listed above and not having a prior conviction for drug charges will typically result in a misdemeanor charge. If however, you are found to be in possession of a Schedule I or some Schedule II drugs then that possession can be charged as a felony. Misdemeanor drug crimes in North Carolina can potentially carry a sentence of up to 45 days in prison.

    Felony Drug Charges.

    In North Carolina, the list of potential felony drug crimes is a long one from possession to promoting drug sales by a minor that a person engaged in illegal drug activity could face. However, most felony offenses have been categorized within five major felony drug offense categories, including

    Possession:  Getting caught in possession of a Schedule I drug (as well as some Schedule II drugs, including methamphetamine precursors), is considered a felony.

    Sale or Delivery: Additionally, if you are caught with enough of any drug for law enforcement to reasonably suspect that you are making or selling that drug, your charge might be bumped up to a felony.

    Manufacturing: Manufacturing and distribution (sale) of drugs are felonies as well. Depending on the schedule of drug involved, you could face a number of different charges

    Possession with Intent to Manufacture, Sell, or Deliver

    Trafficking: Drug trafficking refers to the manufacturing, distribution, or movement of a certain weight of drugs.

    The punishment for drug possession in North Carolina is generally as follows:

    Schedule I Drugs: Class I felony, punishable by up to 24 months in jail

    Schedule II, III, IV Drugs: Class I felony, punishable by up to 24 months in jail, if the amount possessed is

    More than 100 tablets, capsules, dosage units, or equivalent quantity;

    More than four tablets, capsules, dosage units of hydromorphone; or

    Any amount of amphetamine, methamphetamine, phencyclidine, cocaine, or coca leaves

    Schedule V Drugs: Class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by up to 60 days in jail

    Schedule VI Drugs: Class I felony, punishable by up to 24 months in jail, if the amount possessed is

    More than 1 ½ ounces of marijuana;

    More than 21 grams of synthetic cannabinoid; or

    More than 3/20 of an ounce of hashish

    The punishment for Sale or Delivery of Drugs in North Carolina is generally as follows

    Sale of Drugs

    Schedule I or II Drugs: Class G felony, punishable by up to 47 months in jail

    Schedule III, IV, V, or VI Drugs: Class H felony, punishable by up to 39 months in jail

    Delivery of Drugs

    Schedule I, II, III, IV, V, or VI Drugs: Class H felony, punishable by up to 39 months in jail

    The punishment for drug manufacturing in North Carolina is generally as follows

    Schedule I or II Drugs: Class H felony, punishable by up to 39 months in jail. (With the exception of manufacture of methamphetamine which is a Class C felony carrying up to 231 months in jail.

    Schedule III, IV, V or VI Drugs: Class I felony, punishable by up to 24 months in jail

    The punishment for possession of a drug with the intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver in North Carolina is generally as follows:

    Schedule I or II Drugs: Class H felony, punishable by up to 39 months in jail

    Schedule III, IV, V, or VI Drugs: Class I felony, punishable by up to 24 months in jail

    The punishment for drug trafficking unlike the punishment for other felony drug crimes is not punished under the North Carolina Structured Sentencing Guidelines, which accounts for the person’s prior criminal history.  Drug trafficking refers to the manufacturing, distribution, or movement of a certain weight of drugs. It is often charged at the federal level, however If the drugs do not cross state or national borders you may face state felony drug trafficking charges instead. Under North Carolina law, trafficking charges could result in prison time for anywhere from 25-279 months. That’s just over two years on the low side to more than 23 years maximum.

    The federal court may take over a drug crime at any point if it is at interest to them, and federal charges follow their own unique rules. A federal drug trafficking conviction comes with mandatory minimum sentences, which include 5 years in prison for a first offense to life in prison for your second or third conviction, depending on the circumstances. If you are faced with any sort of drug related charge in North Carolina, it is highly advisable to contact an experienced criminal defense firm such as Parry Tyndall White Attorneys At Law to safeguard your rights.

    Author Bio:

    Los Angeles Theft Crimes Lawyer Stealing something that does not belong to you is considered a theft crime. In recent years theft crimes have almost doubled due to a poor economy and staggering unemployment rates.

  • Four Fundamental Benefits Of Litigation Funding In Personal Injury Lawsuits
  • Litigation funding typically occurs in two general areas:

    • Lawsuits involving businesses, and
    • Lawsuits involving individuals.

    It should never be confused with that of a loan. It’s a non-recourse funding where any money you receive is yours to keep irrespective of the outcomes of your case.

    Below, we have come up with a few fundamental benefits of third-party funding in personal injury lawsuits. If you are struggling to make ends meet in your current legal budget, go through the points without any further ado.

    1.       Promoting an approach to justice

    Third party funding in personal injury claims helps the disadvantaged gain an easy access to the civil justice system.

    Personal injury lawsuits cost a lot of money. Most individuals cannot afford to outweigh their defendants and other insurance companies.

    It is for this very reason, most of them cannot receive or secure justice without financial help even when they’ve suffered injuries as a result of negligence on somebody else’s part.

    Third party funding gives them a welcome assistance in this aspect especially, the ones without jobs and no health insurance. Without this type of funding, many plaintiffs would not be able to secure a just result as they would not be able to see through their claims till the end. 

    2.       Proper management of financial risks

    Third-party litigation funding provides the society with a systematic way of managing and diversifying the risks and costs of lawsuits in the same way an insurance helps in managing and diversifying risks and costs of property damage or healthcare.

    In other words, litigation funding transfers the risks and costs from those harmed or injured by better-funded opponents, onto the funder who can help to manage the risks and costs of the lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiff. That is because if you win, the funder receives a certain percentage of your claim. But if you lose, s/he receives nothing.

    3.       Protecting the general public

    Personal injury litigation funding helps a common man or woman secure justice from financially powerful insurance companies fighting against an average individual’s case.

    In contrast to commercial lawsuit funding, personal injury lawsuit finances focus strongly on securing justice or righting the wrong. Commercial litigation, on the other hand, is purely about money and the marketplace.

    Thus, personal injury finances help a lot in changing the status quo of individuals living from paycheck to paycheck (or the ones living without a paycheck) who must go to the court against mammoth insurance companies, particularly the ones who are proficient defendants in this regard.

    4.       Increased efficiency

    Litigation funding can help to reduce delays, time, and costs of lawsuits.

    When defendants come to know of the fact that the plaintiff has secured himself/herself litigation funding, most of them become more inclined to settle. They become aware that they won’t be able to win by delaying the process.  

    Final word

    If you are looking for the best litigation funding in the UK market, don’t forget to pursue options. Just because your application’s acknowledged by a company doesn’t mean there are no better options out there. 


    Litigation can be a risky and expensive process. The demand for third-party funding is therefore on the rise.

    While going for alternative funding, it’s important that you choose the right option in the market before embarking on the process. The below tips can help.

    1.       Consult with your lawyer

    This may seem a bit too obvious and simple on the hindsight, but a little bit of investment of money and time with a legal professional at the start can do you a whole lot of good in the long run.

    Litigation funders in the market vary according to their size and aptitude on the basis of risks and expenses. Your lawyer, being a legal expert, should have an in-depth knowledge of these things and can easily direct you on to the right path. 

    2.       Know your wants

    Prepare yourself thoroughly before submitting your application.

    Most funders like to see a detailed breakdown of fees. An application coming with a total cost figure would not be as successful as the one coming with a detailed breakdown.

    Therefore, prepare yourself for knowing exactly how much you need at every stage of the litigation.

    3.       Look for options

    The UK litigation funding market is always on the rise. Your options are definitely not limited as a result of it. In fact, today we have funders specializing in certain types of claims in particular sectors of the market.

    Remember, you’re the customer. Just because you’ve had one application successful doesn’t mean there’s no better option out there. Do some research, explore the market and then only take the leap of faith. 

    4.       Cooperate

    Litigation may turn out to be a time-pressured exercise. Third party funding may even add to that pressure.

    So make sure you respond, answer, advise, and deal with all enquires on time and in a helpful manner.

    Yes, it’s true that you are the customer here, but at the same time, you must also realize that they’re providing you with a service or investment that can help you nullify all your financial problems in the dire time of your need. 

    5.       In case of unsuccessful applications, request feedback

    If your application’s unsuccessful, ask for the reason.

    Just because it’s denied by a funder, doesn’t mean another will follow suit. Any feedback you gain in this regard will only help in strengthening your future applications in case you wish to make.

    6.       Limit your exposure

    The better your odds of success, the better chances you have of getting good funding offers.

    Be creative in coming up with ways that can contribute to increasing your prospects of success. Analyze your risks and try to deal with them head-on. Highlight all of these problems to the funder and detail ways as to how you can address them.

    These steps can help you secure funding offer at the best rates.


  • Start an NFT Collection like Azuki and Goblin Town
  • NFTs are slowly but surely entering the mainstream. The most popular NFTs are often the most valuable, with buyers spending millions of dollars to purchase them. Azuki and Goblintown are two recent NFT collections that captured millions in sales. But what does it take to create a successful NFT collection? Before we delve deeper, let us start from what an NFT collection is all about.

    What Are NFT Collections?

    A digital asset known as an NFT (non-fungible tokens) is a representation of a real-world item, such as artwork, music, in-game items or videos. They are typically encoded using the same underlying software as cryptos, and they are regularly purchased and traded online with digital coins.

    What Is Azuki? 

    Azuki is a collection of 10,000 NFT art avatars with anime themes that was released on the Ethereum blockchain in January 2022. These avatars are rare because of a particular set of traits, weaponry and backgrounds. Azuki is currently exclusively offered on the OpenSea and LooksRare marketplaces.

    Chiru Labs, a Los Angeles-based business committed to creating a decentralized metaverse, published Azuki NFT. Chiru Labs was founded by four unnamed co-founders with a variety of backgrounds in gaming, technology and cryptocurrencies. Zagabond is one of the co-founders and is in charge of the Azuki NFT, which is sponsored by Steamboy, specifically Arnold Tsang, a conceptual artist for the well-known shooting e-sport game, Overwatch.

    What Is Goblintown NFT?

    Goblintown NFTs managed to completely take over the world of digital art in less than two weeks after their release. If the buying pressure keeps up, it is believed that Goblins NFT may even surpass the fame and financial standing of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). After the May 19, 2022 inauguration, Goblintown included a collection of 10,000 NFTs and saw extraordinary success. Since the Goblin NFT founders are unknown, no one is aware of their background or record of achievements or failures. Rumours abound that the BAYC and Mutant Apes developers Yuga Labs may be secretly collaborating on the Goblins NFT project.

    Who Can Create NFT collections?

    Experience: Users should be knowledgeable about NFT.

    Design: Be able to use your own artwork and ideas to make a unique NFT collection.

    Technical know-how: Understand the technical ideas in real-world situations, such as running a program.

    How To Create NFT Collections?


    Setting up a crypto wallet (like Metamask Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, Trezor Wallet, StakedWallet and so on) is the first step towards creating your own NFT. You can store your NFTs in the crypto wallet, and later pay the blockchain gas fees. Gas fees are the transaction costs a user on a blockchain network pays to miners to get their transaction added to the block. Miners determine whether a transaction is genuine or not to engage in the blockchain mining process. The gas prices are not constant and it changes for a variety of reasons.

    Wallets only store private keys, which is required to allow transactions, not cryptocurrency or NFTs. All cryptocurrencies and NFTs are stored on the blockchain, with the wallet ID confirming ownership.


    After setting up a crypto wallet, you can generate your own NFTs.

    Access a marketplace (like Opensea, Rarible etc) and select the ‘Create’ option from the menu. Now your wallet is linked to the marketplace and you may start.

    Art must have unique and attractive set of attributes, like :

    • Accessories
    • Headgear
    • Clothes
    • Eyes
    • Expression
    • Skin
    • Background

    Select the ‘Add New Item’ button after giving the NFT collection a name. Upload the file you wish to tokenize, and set a selling price for each item.


    You must allow the marketplace to sell products from your account. Next you must pay a gas fee because this needs a blockchain transaction. Example: sending some Ether (cryptocoin) to your MetaMask (marketplace). Choose antibot protection to secure the platform. This charge is only applicable the first time you create an NFT collection. After giving permission anyone can find and purchase them from the marketplace. Finally promote your NFT art and  start earning money.

    Why Choose Brugu For NFT Collections?

    We have the most experienced NFT artists and happy customers from across the world. We offer fantastic design at an affordable price. We are experts in designing NFT Collectibles like Azuki and Goblintown. We offer a highly personalized service.Our priority is a face-to-face interaction with the client, If it is not possible, we provide video or voice call and completely understand your requirements. We offer two-day delivery with complete revision and provide a high-definition file for image, GIF and video. We build long-term relationships with our clients and assist them in promoting NFTs.

    Although each NFT collection has a unique value proposition, ultimately its value is determined by the price that someone is prepared to pay. Given enough time, a majority of NFTs produced will become useless. On the other hand, some will rise in worth and popularity. To find out how to create NFT collections like Azuki and Goblintown that are a roaring success,  please contact us today.


AI search for Acronyms & meanings containing gypsy


AI searches, Indeed job searches and job offers containing gypsy

  • Press & PR Manager - Remote Work Guanajuato
  • Who We are

    BairesDev is proud to be the fastest-growing company in America.

    With people in five continents and world-class clients, we are only as strong as the multicultural teams at the heart of our business.

    To consistently deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients, we only hire the Top 1% of the best talents and nurture their professional growth on exciting projects.
    We are looking for a Press and PR Manager to join our Marketing Team.

    We are looking for proactive, dynamic people and team players, with great organizational capacity, accustomed to handle multiple tasks and with marked attention to details.
    It is an excellent opportunity for those professionals looking to develop in one of the fastest growing companies in the industry

    Main Activities:
    • Develop media relations strategy, seeking highlevel placements in print, broadcast and online media.
    • Coordinate all public relations activities.
    • Leverage existing media relationships and cultivate new contacts... within business and industry media.
    • Manage media inquiries and interview requests.
    • Develop, create content and produce highquality, informative, and interesting press releases, press kits, byline articles, keynote presentations and related materials.
    • Design and review the online content in media announcements and media kits.
    • Monitor, analyze and communicate PR results on a regular basis.
    • Maintain a keen understanding of industry trends affecting clients and make appropriate recommendations regarding communication strategy surrounding them.
    • Plan, implement and manage public relations programs.
    • Plan and budget for PR events, programs and initiatives.
    • Help in designing and reviewing a variety of promotional and marketing materials.
    • Develop and implement PR policies and procedures.
    • Determine KPIs for PR department.
    • Measure and provide reports on each PR campaign.
    • Produce content for various speeches and events.
    • Develop and implement crisis communications advice and media strategy, as needed.
    • Maintain good relationships with media.
    • Organize promotional events, press conferences, tours, visits, and exhibitions.
    • Analyze media coverage; develop responses when needed.
    • Create presentations, articles, reports, and information for web sites, blogs, and social media account.
    • Keep annual calendars of events, targets, and activities organized.
    • Consistently brainstorm and collaborate with team for new ideas and strategies.

    What are we looking for:
    • University Graduate in Advertising, Journalism, Communication, Public Relations or similar areas.
    • 8+ years verifiable experience in similar positions.
    • Proactivity, business vision, ability to manage high performance teams, dynamism, planning, organizational capacity and autonomy, creativity, excellent interpersonal relationships, results and customer orientation and have a lot of flexibility.
    • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills; strong copywriting and content creation skills.
    • Strong project management skills with ability to supervise multiple projects.
    • Knowledge of Office, HTML and Google Analytics and social platforms.
    • Advanced English level.
    How we do make your work (and your life) easier:
    • 100% remote work.
    • Hardware setup for you to work from home.
    • Flexible hours make your schedule.
    • Paid parental leave, vacation & holidays.
    • Diverse and multicultural work environment.
    • An innovative environment with the structure and resources of a leading multinational.
    • Excellent compensation — well above the market average.
    • Here you can grow at the speed of your learning curve.
    Our people work remotely but with a consistent and robust culture that promotes diversity and teamwork.

    To continue being the leading software development company in Latin America, we want to ensure that every BairesDev member gets the best growth and professional development opportunities in a diverse, welcoming, and innovative environment.
    Every BairesDev team member brings something unique to our company
    Guanajuato Mexico

  • Senior Risk Officer Saint-Avold
  • A leading provider of independent governance solutions to the financial sector, is seeking a highly skilled Senior Risk Officer to join a dynamic team.

    With a focus on investment funds, including private equity and real estate, this company offers compliance support and innovative solutions to their clients.

    Responsibilities : Provide expert support in risk management for tradable and alternative assets, specifically private equity, real estate, and fund of funds.

    Collaborate with key stakeholders to identify, measure, monitor, and report on various risks, such as market, liquidity, operational, credit, and counterparty risks.

    Act as a subject matter expert, working closely with internal control functions and other stakeholders. Participate in transaction assessments and liaise with board members, investment advisors, managers, and consultants.

    Drive projects focused on enhancing risk measurement tools and modeling. Assist in risk modeling, regulatory changes, and counterparty... due diligence processes.

    Stay updated on regulatory developments and adapt policies and processes accordingly. Assess investment compliance and adherence to established risk profiles.

    Collaborate with internal and external parties on risk management matters. Conduct ad hoc research on risk management practices and economic subjects.

    Prepare risk management input for reports submitted to regulators. Qualifications : Master's degree in accounting / finance, business administration, mathematics, or economics.

    Minimum of 5 years of experience in risk management within the Financial Sector or investment fund industry. Self-motivated and proactive with the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

    Excellent analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Ability to work independently, take ownership of responsibilities, and be proactive.

    Strong interest in asset management and quantitative finance concepts. Excellent communication skills in English and French (other European languages a plus).

    Proficient in Excel and database management. IT coding skills are desirable. Good knowledge and practice of risk management systems.

    Strong team spirit, availability, and flexibility. Proficient in the Office package. Opportunity : Join an international, highly motivated, and results-driven team.

    Work in a collaborative and innovative environment. Enjoy unparalleled training opportunities. If you are a skilled Senior Risk Officer seeking a challenging and fulfilling opp
    Saint-Avold France

  • Applications Sales Executive United Kingdom
  • • *Job Description**
    • *Supply Chain Management Applications Sales Executive**

    The primary responsibility of the role is to sell Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software-as-a-Service Solutions including PLM, Supply Chan Planning, Order Management, Transportation Management and Warehouse Management to prospective customers. You will manage a sales process through forecasting, account resource allocation, account strategy, and planning. Develop solution proposals encompassing all aspects of the application. Participate in the development, presentation, and sales of a value proposition. Negotiate pricing and contractual agreement to close the sale. Identify and develop strategic alignment with key third party influencers.

    The successful candidate should be a leading contributor individually and as a team member, providing direction and mentoring to others. Work is non-routine and very complex, involving the application of advanced technical/business skills in area of... specialization.

    We are looking for an entrepreneurial-style Application Sales Rep for Oracle’s SCM Sales team...someone with drive, who will walk through brick walls without having to be asked to achieve whatever goal is in front of them. This role is perfect for someone inherently curious. A person who loves what they do and devours information related to their field, their profession and their craft. They read about it, study it, talk to other people about it... immerse themselves in it, continuously. And work proactively to stay current in it. We are seeking a passionate and talented Application Sales Rep to join our team.

    Having Supply Chain domain experience is essential for the role as is commercial acumen be that directly from software/SaaS sales experience or from a consulting sales role.
    • *Skills & Experience Required**

    + You have experience of selling PLM, Supply Chain Planning and Logistics (Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and Global Trade Management) software

    + Ability to offer unique perspective by reframing and challenging the way customers view their business; know how to structure a sales pitch to highlight customer benefits before supplier strengths

    + Adept at driving two way communication by clearly articulating value proposition and speaking to customer’s pain points

    + Can quickly develop a deep knowledge of a customer’s business and discuss issues from multiple angles

    + You know how to develop customer advocates who sell and build consensus

    + You understand the decision making process and have the ability to influence key decision makers

    + Experience selling high end Software as a Service solutions or consulting services to large enterprises

    + Experience leveraging social media to drive contacts

    + 10+ years proven sales experience in Supply Chain Management

    + Experience selling to senior level business owners (head of business unit) or IT Directors is a strong asset.

    + Fluency in English is mandatory.

    As part of Oracle’s employment process candidates will be required to complete a pre-employment screening process, prior to an offer being made. This will involve identity and employment verification, salary verification, professional references, education verification and professional qualifications and memberships (if applicable).
    • *Responsibilities**
    • *Supply Chain Management Applications Sales Executive**

    The primary responsibility of the role is to sell Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software-as-a-Service Solutions including PLM, Supply Chan Planning, Order Management, Transportation Management and Warehouse Management to prospective customers. You will manage a sales process through forecasting, account resource allocation, account strategy, and planning. Develop solution proposals encompassing all aspects of the application. Participate in the development, presentation, and sales of a value proposition. Negotiate pricing and contractual agreement to close the sale. Identify and develop strategic alignment with key third party influencers.

    The successful candidate should be a leading contributor individually and as a team member, providing direction and mentoring to others. Work is non-routine and very complex, involving the application of advanced technical/business skills in area of specialization.

    We are looking for an entrepreneurial-style Application Sales Rep for Oracle’s SCM Sales team...someone with drive, who will walk through brick walls without having to be asked to achieve whatever goal is in front of them. This role is perfect for someone inherently curious. A person who loves what they do and devours information related to their field, their profession and their craft. They read about it, study it, talk to other people about it... immerse themselves in it, continuously. And work proactively to stay current in it. We are seeking a passionate and talented Application Sales Rep to join our team.

    Having Supply Chain domain experience is essential for the role as is commercial acumen be that directly from software/SaaS sales experience or from a consulting sales role.
    • *Skills & Experience Required**

    + You have experience of selling PLM, Supply Chain Planning and Logistics (Warehouse Management, Transportation Management and Global Trade Management) software

    + Ability to offer unique perspective by reframing and challenging the way customers view their business; know how to structure a sales pitch to highlight customer benefits before supplier strengths

    + Adept at driving two way communication by clearly articulating value proposition and speaking to customer’s pain points

    + Can quickly develop a deep knowledge of a customer’s business and discuss issues from multiple angles

    + You know how to develop customer advocates who sell and build consensus

    + You understand the decision making process and have the ability to influence key decision makers

    + Experience selling high end Software as a Service solutions or consulting services to large enterprises

    + Experience leveraging social media to drive contacts

    + 10+ years proven sales experience in Supply Chain Management

    + Experience selling to senior level business owners (head of business unit) or IT Directors is a strong asset.

    + Fluency in English is mandatory.

    As part of Oracle’s employment process candidates will be required to complete a pre-employment screening process, prior to an offer being made. This will involve identity and employment verification, salary verification, professional references, education verification and professional qualifications and memberships (if applicable).
    • *About Us**

    An Oracle career can span industries, roles, Countries and cultures, giving you the opportunity to flourish in new roles and innovate, while blending work life in. Oracle has thrived through 40+ years of change by innovating and operating with integrity while delivering for the top companies in almost every industry.

    In order to nurture the talent that makes this happen, we are committed to an inclusive culture that celebrates and values diverse insights and perspectives, a workforce that inspires thought leadership and innovation.

    Oracle offers a highly competitive suite of Employee Benefits designed on the principles of parity, consistency, and affordability. The overall package includes certain core elements such as Medical, Life Insurance, access to Retirement Planning, and much more. We also encourage our employees to engage in the culture of giving back to the communities where we live and do business.

    At Oracle, we believe that innovation starts with diversity and inclusion and to create the future we need talent from various backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities. We ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodation to successfully participate in the job application, interview process, and in potential roles. to perform crucial job functions.

    That’s why we’re committed to creating a workforce where all individuals can do their best work. It’s when everyone’s voice is heard and valued that we’re inspired to go beyond what’s been done before.

    Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer ***** . All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans’ status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Oracle will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records pursuant to applicable law.
    • ** Which includes being a United States Affirmative Action Employer
    United Kingdom

  • Financial Advisor, UBS Wealth Advice Center Atlanta
  • Job Reference #


    Job Type

    Full Time

    Your role

    Do you take pride in helping others with their financial goals and delivering an exceptional client experience? Do you have experience as a licensed financial advisor with a track record of success? We’re looking for someone like you, who can provide advice and counsel to our existing Wealth Advice Center clients via our digital hybrid advice model.
    • build and deepen relationships in our existing client base by providing exceptional wealth management services and solutions
    • continue a successful career in a growing wealth management business with strong earning potential and career advancement
    • accept referrals from other lines of business, owning all appointments and outreaches assigned in an effort to deliver financial advice, guidance and a white glove experience
    • use our financial planning tools to gain a full understanding of our clients’ situations and present all appropriate solutions
    • understand and adhere to compliance, operational procedures and requirements to protect our clients
    • develop professionally through ongoing wealth management training led by a team of experienced professionals, internal business partners across UBS, and external partnerships
    • have the opportunity to obtain your CFP designation, as part of our tuition reimbursement program

    Your team

    The UBS Wealth Advice Center (WAC) is a team of wealth management professionals dedicated to providing financial solutions and quality advice and guidance to affluent clients. At the WAC, we combine our digital tools with highly trained FAs to offer an industry-leading hybrid digital advice model. Founded in 2007, the WAC has developed into a national platform that delivers advice to 300k+ clients, with over :$17B in AUM. The WAC is committed to building a culture centered on equity and inclusion by deliberately cultivating a diverse team. By creating an inclusive and diverse environment, we more effectively represent, understand, and provide for our clients. At the WAC, we emphasize education and expertise, this is why many of our FAs hold or are pursuing the CFP ® designation. We are a dedicated team of over :400 professionals determined to help investors face the future with confidence.

    Your expertise
    • ideally, 2+ years of related work experience
    • Bachelor’s degree required
    • SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 (required)
    • CFP or completion of coursework on financial planning through a CFP Board Registered Program (preferred)
    • experienced in delivering advice and guidance to retail clients or prospective clients
    • client-focused, always putting the interests of the client ahead of your own
    • excellent listener with strong communication skills, both verbal and written
    • driven and consistently challenges the status quo
    • able to work in a fast-paced environment while being able to think clearly in complex situations
    • highly detail oriented and resourceful in leveraging resources to accomplish the task at hand
    • proficient with Microsoft Suite Applications, including Outlook, Word & Excel

    About Us

    UBS is the world’s largest and only truly global wealth manager. We operate through four business divisions: Global Wealth Management, Personal & Corporate Banking, Asset Management and the Investment Bank. Our global reach and the breadth of our expertise set us apart from our competitors.

    With more than 70,000 employees, we have a presence in all major financial centers in more than 50 countries. Do you want to be one of us?

    How We Hire

    This role requires an assessment on application. Learn more about how we hire:

    Join us

    At UBS, we embrace flexible ways of working when the role permits. We offer different working arrangements like part-time, job-sharing and hybrid (office and home) working. Our purpose-led culture and global infrastructure help us connect, collaborate, and work together in agile ways to meet all our business needs.

    From gaining new experiences in different roles to acquiring fresh knowledge and skills, we know that great work is never done alone. We know that it's our people, with their unique backgrounds, skills, experience levels and interests, who drive our ongoing success. Together we’re more than ourselves. Ready to be part of #teamUBS and make an impact?

    Disclaimer / Policy Statements

    UBS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We respect and seek to empower each individual and support the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our workforce
    Atlanta GA USA

  • Project Manager Taipei
  • Job Description Summary
    As related customer equipment, faciliaties or infrastructure projects: responsible for project delivery, profit & loss accountability, and customer satisfaction through management of project related activities and resources. Impacts the team's ability to achieve service, quality and timeliness of objectives. The role is subject to operating policy objectives. There is moderate autonomy within the role. High levels of operational judgment are required to achieve outcomes required.

    Job Description

    Roles and Responsibilities
    • Review all proposals relating to site activities developed once the project was turned over to Order To Remittance (OTR);
    • Develop implementation plan with OTR project team;
    • Application of the project execution strategy, for the scope of work allocated, to deliver the project within the contract specification, schedule, budget and cash targets;
    • Ensure project compliance to GE Spirit & Letter, GPS Golden Rules, local regulations and...
    Taipei Taiwan

  • Project Manager Setúbal
  • Hello!

    Are you a Project Manager looking to grow in a team of highly-skilled, top-talent innovators while working on multiple products in a range of industries?

    If so, Altar may be the right place for you.

    With us, you’ll help entrepreneurs and business leaders build innovative products that transform their industries, from early-stage MVPs to disruptive satellite products.

    You’ll have the opportunity to work with a host of entrepreneurs and business leaders, like an ex-Product Owner of YouTube and a former Managing Director of HSBC.

    Not to mention, exciting companies like the multi-award-winning regtech startup, Apiax or Coca Cola.

    As a Project Manager , you’ll help us grow by managing projects in an agile environment. You’ll be responsible for mentoring and motivating the team members to improve processes, facilitating meetings, and decision-making processes, and eliminating team impediments.

    You’ll report directly to the management team and also provide status reports to... customers following up on escalations in demanding web projects.

    With us, you’ll not be alone working on these cutting-edge products. You’ll be among a cross-functional team of seasoned Altarions with expertise in a multitude of sectors, from fintech and marketplace to AI and IoT.

    What You’ll Be Doing :

    As a Project Manager, you’ll be :
    • Tracking project processes, deliverables, and financials;
    • Preparing and presenting status reports to stakeholders on a regular agreed-upon basis;
    • Managing the relationship with the client;
    • Ensuring that all projects are delivered on time, within the scope, within budget, and within quality;
    • Developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility;
    • Ensuring resource availability and allocation;
    • Developing a detailed project plan to track progress;
    • Performing risk management to minimize project risks;
    • Creating and maintaining comprehensive project documentation.

    The Hands-On Experience We Need You to Bring to the Table :
    • 3+ years of experience as a Project Manager;
    • 5+ years of hands-on work experience in the Software Development Industry
    • PMP certification or training is highly valued (other similar certifications are also great);
    • Fluency in both written and spoken English.

    The Extra Experience We’d Love to See :
    • Working knowledge and experience in using agile methodologies, techniques, and frameworks to deliver solutions;
    • Proven experience in managing several teams running in parallel in more than one project.

    Here’s The Cutting Edge Tech Stack We Use :
    • Figma for Design, Prototyping and Design Systems;
    • Angular, React, Vue, Next.js, Gatsby, Typescript / Javascript / Ecmascript, RxJS, HTML, CSS, and SASS for Front-End development;
    • Redux, Akita, Elf, Observable Store, NgRx, Jotai and Zustain - for State Management;
    • REST, GraphQL - for APIs;
    • Flutter, ReactNative, Ionic, and Nativescript for Mobile development;
    • Node.js, Express.js for Back-End development;
    • Python, TensorFlowJS - for Machine Learning;
    • Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Azure for Managed APIs;
    • MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, and InfluxDB (TimeSeries) for DBA Admin;
    • CircleCI and GitHub Actions - for CI / CD;
    • Docker and Kubernetes - for Containerization Orchestration;
    • Cypress, Jest, and Karma for Testing;
    • Slack, Jira, Notion, and Confluence for collaboration and organization.

    What You Can Expect from our Recruitment Process :

    Our process starts with us screening your CV. Once we’ve done that you can expect :
    • A one-hour interview with our Recruitment team, so we can get to know you better;
    • A one-and-a-half-hour technical interview to talk about your skills and experience;
    • A final one-hour interview to make sure we’re the right fit for you, and you’re the right fit for us.

    Once you’ve completed the process we’ll be in touch to let you know whether or not you were successful. If you’re the right fit, we’ll also give you more details on the next steps to becoming an Altarion.

    What You Can Expect from Working with Us :

    Full focus on helping you make the most out of life :
    • A competitive salary that aligns with your experience;
    • Health Insurance for you and your household;
    • We need you to be eligible to work in Portugal and live in either Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro or Braga (or be happy to relocate).
    • That being said, we have a remote-first policy with the option to join us in an informal, pet-friendly, office environment in the heart of Lisbon;
    • Flexible working hours;
    • 25 days of paid vacation;
    • Team events like weekly Yoga classes, Summer Surf Days, Christmas Dinners and much more.

    Full focus on helping you make the most out of your Career
    • Detailed career plan with strong growth potential;
    • Training budget to help you achieve your goals more effectively;
    • Global projects with industry-leading clients;
    • A team of top talent innovators and researchers at your side.

    If you got increasingly excited about Altar while reading this, then we’re just as excited about you! now and let’s see if we can make you the next Altarion
    Setúbal Portugal

  • Associate Director CMC Regulatory Affairs United Kingdom
  • Associate Director CMC Regulatory Affairs – Global Location Marlow, UK Requisition ID 2168 # of openings 1

    Associate Director CMC Regulatory Affairs – Global

    Amicus Therapeutics is a global, patient-dedicated biotechnology company focused on discovering, developing, and delivering high-quality medicines for people living with rare metabolic diseases.
    Position Summary

    The Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) Regulatory team at Amicus is looking for a seasoned CMC candidate responsible for leading Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) regulatory activities for late phase large molecule project.The candidate will work closely with cross-functional subject matter experts in Tech Ops, Science, Quality and Global Regulatory Affairs to ensure timely delivery of regulatory deliverables.

    The candidate will be the liaison between Amicus and any 3 rd party involved in managing deliverables and ensuring seamless communication. The incumbent will participate, prepare & execute the... CMC regulatory strategy for technology transfer of a large molecule .

    The candidate will ensure all CMC regulatory submissions (such as pre-submission consultation package, review of reports and protocols & preparation of variations) are of the highest quality and delivered on time keeping patients in the forefront of how we work.This position requires strong written and verbal communication skills, knowledge and experience in regulatory writing and preparation of CMC sections in regulatory submission with an ability to work collaboratively across cross-functional teams across geographies. This position also requires taking on accountability to manage agency expectations whilst managing other submission activities. This position requires managing direct reports.

    Roles and Responsibilities:


    Drive the preparation and submission of high-quality CMC submission packages for large molecules (Briefing documents, scientific advice, variations etc)


    Deliver CMC regulatory content for submissions by engaging with CMC Tech Ops and Quality teams


    Review of relevant tech transfer protocols and reports


    Liaison between Manufacturing sites, Global Regulatory Affairs, Technical Operations, Science and Quality Assurance


    Ensure CMC development strategies are aligned with global regulatory expectations


    Reports to Director, CMC Regulatory


    Prepare submission package for Emerging Markets (One CTD for all markets)


    Support in building best practices and developing work instructions where required


    Support in developing work packages when gaps identified


    Managing Marketing Specific Requirements for Emerging Markets


    Life-cycle maintenance of biologic product in EU, UK, Canada and US


    Educational Requirements

    · Minimum Bachelor's degree (M.S. or Ph.D. preferred) in a biopharma discipline.

    · Regulatory Certification (e.g. RAC)

    Professional Work Experience Requirements

    · 10+ years' experience in CMC product development, regulatory

    · Experience in managing complex large molecule submissions

    · Experience working with Health Authorities such as EMA, MHRA, FDA, SwissMedic, PMDA, Health Canada etc

    · Experience managing biological product for all regulatory activities

    Experience and Skills

    · Experience with CMC regulatory submissions with strong knowledge of Phase III and commercial licensure for large molecules

    · Knowledge of FDA, EMA and global regulations including ICH guidelines with a strong knowledge of eCTD elements and structure

    · Excellent verbal/written communication and listening skills

    · Proven planning and organizational skills and regulatory writing skills

    · Thrives in a fast-paced team environment

    · Experience in IND, IMPDs and supporting documentation (i.e Briefing documents)

    Other skills/Attributes

    · Demonstrated alignment with Amicus Mission Focus Behaviours

    · Passion for rare disease and patient focused


    · Some travel might be required

    We respect and celebrate the diversity of our people, their backgrounds and experiences and provide equal opportunity for all. Our unique experiences, backgrounds and range of cultural perspectives enrich how we approach opportunities, pushing ideas as far and as fast as possible with patients always our top priority. Employee expertise, intelligence, and creativity drives our innovation, and our passion and commitment to excellence. Our "Three Pillars of DEI" are interwoven into our Amicus culture and expands one person, one word, and one act at a time. For our employees, these three pillars are a touchstone for inspiration, guidance, and encouragement.

    Amicus is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will judge all applicants based on their qualifications for the job, without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran, disability status or any other characteristics protected by applicable federal, state or local law
    United Kingdom

  • Health and Safety Advisor Cork
  • We are seeking Professionals to join our team over the period of a few months. We look for diverse individuals with inquisitive minds, who are flexible to work internationally and have a desire to challenge.

    In this role, you will work alongside skilled professionals and contribute to the success of real projects.

    You will also enjoy learning sessions with technical experts within your team, working on local projects and all kinds of social events.

    Responsibilities include and are not limited to the following:
    • Review, communicate and enforce Safety and Health Management Program
    • Demonstrate commitment to an Injury-Free Environment through own actions and mentoring others
    • Coordinate the preparation and revision of work procedures consistent with construction requirements
    • Coordinate completion of construction activities in assigned systems and prepares punch lists to ensure the readiness of systems for release
    • Review and communicate work packages and other... construction-related information in a timely manner as required to support the work schedule
    • Establish and maintain effective communication between Client and site execution to ensure the timely flow of information
    • Assist in the resolution of both technical and execution issues that may impede progress
    • Monitor and inspect construction operations to ensure compliance with design documents
    • Interpret the intent and requirements of the design documents and information.
    • Review design drawings for completeness and constructability
    • Input to technical interpretation of documents and provides specific expertise for problem-solving activities
    • Contribute to marked-up drawings and information required for the preparation of as-built drawings
    • Manage the interfaces with other contractor parties, as required
    • Create, coordinate and receive responses to Requests for Information (RFIs) as required.
    • Monitor and ensure RFIs are resolved in a timely manner


    The successful candidate is required to possess the following skills/qualifications:
    • Ability to work as an interactive member of a multi-cultural team
    • Ability to read, understand and communicate Project documents, including drawings, specifications and contract documents
    • Extensive track record of engineering work experience on Oil and Gas projects.
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills in English language.
    • A degree in a relevant technical discipline (Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical) is required.
    • Excellent communication skills with the ability to supervise multi-disciplined project teams
    • Read, understand and communicate projects codes and standards, drawings, specifications and contract documents.
    • Highly motivated individual who is capable of working independently and participating with high performance team
    Share Apply now

    If you are interested in the position, please use the form below to submit your application
    Cork Ireland

  • Principal Salesforce Consultant India
  • We are looking for highly skilled Lead/Sr./Principal Salesforce Developers who love to stay on the technical side of the curve and look to groom themselves as a Salesforce Architect going forward. At Concretio, we believe that work can happen from anywhere. We believe people should be able to work and learn together whether they're across the table or across the world from each other. We are open for the Remote / Work from Home option as well, so location is not a constraint any more.


    ●Developing applications for the platform.

    ● Developing Javascript frontend/apps and integrations using REST/SOAP JSON/XML.

    ● Coding APEX and custom applications for Salesforce instances.

    ● Design, code, configure, document, deliver and support solutions to meet business needs in Salesforce, including configurations, customisations, and integrations.

    ● Work with Application Architects and Tech Leads to design integrations between and other systems... across the enterprise.

    ● Code, configure, unit test and create supporting documentation for application development tasks.

    ● Demonstrated experience building integrations with (REST/SOAP - XML/JSON)

    Tech Skills

    ● Strong Salesforce basics i.e. Configuration/Clicks concepts.

    ● Apex, Visualforce, Lightning (Aura/LWC).

    ● Excellent programming skills with a good understanding of OOPS.

    ● Knowledge of any DBMS (Tables, Joins, Relationships, SQL, Normalisation).

    ● Knowledge of core HTML, CSS and Javascript concepts.

    ● Experience of Chrome Extensions/Apps, Electronjs or NativeScript (nice to have).

    Location: Gurgaon/ Jaipur/ Remote

    If interested, send your resume to [email protected]

  • Casual Service Assistant - Trade Department Whangārei
  • Mitre 10 MEGA Whangarei is a dynamic and growing company, with a vision to provide outstanding customer service, great quality products and the best value and expertise to enable our customers to have a great experience.
    This is your chance to grow your career within our ‘big box’ format store and be part of a passionate and committed team.

    Your days will be high impact moving quickly from one task to the next. We’ll be depending on you, as the face of Mitre 10, to put our customers at the heart of everything you do. You will have a strong and good knowledge of timber, building products, hardware and power tools. You will be helping customers solve DIY projects one minute and building relationships and looking after the needs of our very busy large builders and commercial clients the next. Duties will include providing excellent customer service, picking and loading orders for delivery, stock maintenance, yard housekeeping and operating POS tills.

    To be considered you must be... available to work Saturdays, public holidays and varied hours

    You will need to:

    Have exceptional sales experience and interpersonal skills
    Familiarity with power tools and general hardware is preferred
    Consistently interact with customers in a friendly manner
    Have the ability to meet deadlines and show initiative
    Have outstanding problem-solving skills
    Be a high energy individual who is reliable, responsible and dependable
    A full drivers license

    A forklift license is preferred but full training will be provided to the right candidate
    Have a willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges
    Have a strong sense of urgency and ability to prioritize multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
    Have the energy and drive to be your best – and exceed expectations
    Physical stamina and strength will benefit those interested as the role includes lifting heavy equipment, as well as helping customers load materials into their vehicles.

    It’s a committed role, full of everyday challenges, but that’s one of the things that makes it so rewarding. If the above position sounds like you and you would like the opportunity to become part of a dynamic team who have a commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers and you are available now, then please forward your CV and a covering letter via this website.

    Apply now


    Apply now

    Job no: x55CASTRA23
    Location: Mitre 10 MEGA Whangarei
    Closing Date: Thursday, 7 September 2023
    Whangārei New Zealand

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