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  • Dutch
  • Dutch, dutch, or Dit is Dutch in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Dutch commonly refers to: Something of, from, or related to the Netherlands Dutch people

  • Dutch language
  • Dutch (Nederlands [ˈneːdərlɑnts] ), also known as Netherlandic or Netherlandish, is a West Germanic language spoken by about 25 million people as a first

  • Holland
  • independent Dutch Republic. The area of the former County of Holland roughly coincides with the two current Dutch provinces of North Holland and South Holland into

  • Holland & Holland
  • company holds two royal warrants. Holland & Holland was founded by Harris Holland (1806–1896) in 1835. Harris Holland was born in 1806 in London. Although

  • Dutch Republic
  • Seven United Netherlands (Dutch: Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden), and commonly referred to in historiography as the Dutch Republic, was a confederation

  • Dutch people
  • The Dutch (Dutch: Nederlanders) are an ethnic group native to the Netherlands. They share a common ancestry and culture and speak the Dutch language.

  • Dutch East Indies
  • 118.0 The Dutch East Indies, also known as the Netherlands East Indies (Dutch: Nederlands(ch)-Indië; Indonesian: Hindia Belanda), was a Dutch colony that

  • Dutch Guiana
  • Look up Dutch Guiana in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Dutch Guiana may refer to: Dutch colonisation of the Guianas, the coastal region between the

  • Hollander
  • Hollander is a surname. "Hollander" is a Dutch term for people from the Netherlands, or specifically Holland proper. Variants of Germanic origin include

  • Pennsylvania Dutch
  • The Pennsylvania Dutch (Pennsylvania Dutch: Pennsilfaanisch Deitsche), also known as Pennsylvania Germans, are an ethnic group in Pennsylvania and other

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  • Garner Selenium Skills to Advance Your Career
  • Selenium is a popular open-source automation tool used for web browser testing. It has become an essential tool for software testing, and the demand for Selenium skills is increasing day by day. If you want to advance your career in software testing or quality assurance, it is essential to acquire Selenium skills. In this article, we will discuss how you can acquire Selenium skills to advance your career.

    Learn Java Programming

    Java is the most widely used programming language for Selenium automation. If you are new to Java, start by learning the basics of Java programming, such as syntax, data types, control structures, and object-oriented programming. You can find many online resources such as tutorials, videos, and books to learn Java programming.

    Learn Selenium WebDriver

    Selenium WebDriver is the core of Selenium, and it allows us to interact with web browsers. To learn Selenium WebDriver, start by understanding the basics of WebDriver, such as locating web elements, interacting with web elements, and navigating between web pages. You can find many online resources such as tutorials, videos, and books to learn Selenium WebDriver.

    Practice Automation Testing

    The best way to acquire Selenium skills is to practice automation testing. Start by selecting a website or web application to test, and then create a test plan and test cases. Use Selenium WebDriver to automate the test cases, and then run the test cases and analyze the results. You can use popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge to run your tests.

    Use Selenium Frameworks

    Selenium Frameworks are a collection of pre-written code and tools that can help you automate your test cases efficiently. There are several Selenium Frameworks available, such as TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber, and Robot Framework. You can choose the framework that best suits your needs and learn how to use it.

    Participate in Selenium Communities

    Selenium has a vast online community, where you can find many resources, such as forums, blogs, and discussion groups. Participate in these communities and learn from experts in the field. You can also share your knowledge and experiences with other community members.

    Attend Selenium Training and Certification Courses

    Attending Selenium training and certification courses can be an effective way to acquire Selenium skills. There are many training and certification courses available, both online and offline. These courses cover various topics such as Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Frameworks, and automation testing. After completing the course, you can take a certification exam to validate your skills.

    Keep Up-to-date with Selenium Updates

    Selenium is an ever-evolving technology, and new updates and features are added frequently. It is essential to keep up-to-date with the latest updates and features to stay relevant in the industry. Follow the Selenium official website and other Selenium communities to learn about the latest updates and features.

    Selenium Training in Chennai is a leading provider of Selenium training. They offer up-to-date and practical training programs so that you can get certified. If you are looking for a job, or if you want to move up the ranks, then this course will be perfect for you. With Selenium Training in Chennai‘s certification program, your skillset will be top notch and you will be able to land the position you deserve in your career field.


    Selenium is a valuable tool for software testing, and acquiring Selenium skills can help you advance your career in software testing or quality assurance. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can learn Selenium skills and become an expert in Selenium automation. Keep practicing and learning, and you will be on your way to a successful career in software testing.

  • How to Make Your Investment on Bonds Risk-free
  • Risk in investments is an everyday problem to both investors and non investors. About three quarters of the people in the world are afraid to invest due to the different levels of risk and uncertainties attached to it while the remaining quarter actually takes the risk inspite of their fears. Whether rich or poor, “Lily livered” or strong minded; people are always looking for a means to lower risk but still make high profit by finding and making low risk high yield investments. Some have described the concept of totally risk-free investments as “The Greater fool” theory which implies that an investor can purchase a bond, stock, real estate or any security without regard for their value; this is done with the notion that there is always someone else out there who will buy it higher from them and thus they will make profit no matter what. Therefore the concept of “risk free” is not as plausible as it may seem as many who go into investments with such ideas end up purchasing junk or worthless securities and end up at a loss but in as much as it is not totally risk free; low risk investment options exist; some lower than others. Bonds are one of such low risk investments.

    Bonds are widely viewed as low-risk investments that can fortify overall portfolios against the higher ups and downs of stocks. Like any asset class, bonds have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, the disadvantages are increasing, as interest rates are getting higher. This climb in interest rates and the fact that, after historically long years of low interest rates, they have nowhere to go but up and this suggests that further increases are not an impossible future outcome. The rise in interest rates punishes existing bonds holders; so many investors are understandably skittish about bonds these days. An Example of low risk bonds are Government bonds which are also known as “Risk free” bonds such as Treasury Bonds (T Bonds) and Inflation bonds ( I Bonds).

    These Government Bonds offer many benefits:

    –They’re risk-free and safe. Meaning they are backed by the U.S. Treasury and US Government.

    –They’re tax-deferred. Even though bonds such as I Bonds are purchased with after-tax money for your taxable account, they offer tax deferral for up to 30 years. One may choose to report the interest annually, but most investors choose the default tax deferral option and thus only pay tax on the accumulated interest when they eventually redeem the Bonds.

    –They’re flexible and have ease of liquidation. They can be redeemed anytime between one and 30 years. That offers lots of flexibility. Just like stocks and corporate bonds, government bonds can be bought and sold. For example, if for another period of five years the bond won't mature but physical cash is needed at the time; the bond can be sold to another investor and get your money out. However, because of the fluctuating nature of market conditions, you could find yourself taking a loss to when selling the bond. On the other hand, a gain could be made depending on circumstances.

    –They’re free from state and local taxation. Unlike an IRA or 401k, there are no state or local taxes on the interest that you earn when you cash-in a savings bond.

    -They have Fixed Rates. Having a fixed rate on government bond allows for budgeting on how much income will be spent on receiving payments. Moreover, if interest rates fall, your rate is unchanging so you earn a higher rate than the market is paying. There is always the chance that the interest rates could increase and in such circumstances, having a fixed rate hurts you because you will end up with lower rates.

     Considerations to be Made when Choosing Investment Options 

    Inorder to acquire low risk bonds, the following must be considered:

    1. 1.     Interest rate risk

    Bonds with high interest rate risk tend to perform well when rates are down, but they will not perform well when interest rates are rising. It is an important fact to consider that bond prices and yields move inversely, that is in opposite directions. Due to this, rate-sensitive bonds will most likely perform best when the economy is going down, since slower growth tends to lead to falling rates.

    As the interest rates of new bonds reflect the economy's existing rates, new bonds issued at such periods pay higher rates than those issued when at lower rates. So, if you own a bond that pays 5 percent when new bonds are being sold at 7 percent, this means you would be operating at a loss should you choose to sell. If you choose to hold on to a bond of good credit quality until maturity, there is a probability you’ll get your money back plus the interest. But if the bond has a long period before maturity say, 25-30 years and prevailing interest rates go up satisfactorily, you could lose because of inflation. Inflation tends to rise with interest rates. If you have a 10-year, $1,000 bond that pays 5 percent annually. Every year, you'll receive $50 in interest, and at the end of the 10 years, you'll get your $1,000 back. In a similar manner to other bonds, corporate bonds tend to rise in value when interest rates drop, and they fall in value when interest rates are up. The longer the maturity of your bonds the greater the degree of price volatility. Therefore if one holds a bond until maturity, the bond holder may be less concerned about these price fluctuations, because you will receive the value of your bond at maturity.

    Some investors are confused by the inverse relationship between bonds and interest rates, that is, the fact that the value of bonds reduce or are worthless when interest rates rise. There exist straightforward explanations for it:

    When interest rates rise, new issues come to market with higher yields than older issues, making those older ones worth less than they originally were. Hence, their prices go down. When interest rates drops, new bond securities come to market with lower yields than older securities, making those older securities higher-yielding and worth more. Hence, their prices go up. As a result, selling ones bonds before maturity may make the bonds worth more or less than you paid for it originally. There exist various economic forces that affect the level and direction of interest rates in the economy.  When the economy is growing, interest rates typically climbs and vice versa. Similarly, a rise in inflation leads to a rise in interest rate (At some point, higher rates may contribute to higher inflation), and moderating inflation leads to a decrease in interest rates. Note that Inflation is one of the most influential forces on interest rates.

    1. 2.     Longevity risk

    For individuals, longevity risk would apply to the risk of a person outliving their assets, resulting in a lower standard of living, reduced care, or need for employment. For institutions providing covered individuals with guaranteed retirement income, longevity risk applies to the risk of underestimating survival rates (mortality rates of a person) thus resulting in increased liabilities to sufficiently cover debts. Institutions facing this risk include defined benefit pension plan providers, (re)insurance companies, and certain financial institutions.

    An increase in the life expectancy of pension fund or annuity beneficiaries can therefore result in pay-out levels that are higher than originally anticipated and accounted for by companies and their pension fund administrators. The fundamental problem for pension funds and life assurance companies has been the unpredictability of medical advances and their effect on life expectancy in general. The adverse effects to longevity from factors ranging from alcohol consumption to obesity are equally difficult to predict and it is not clear whether there is a natural limit to life expectancy making it difficult to rely on historical data when determining the future life expectancy of pension plan or policy holders.

    In order to manage this risk, bond investors should avoid having too much money in long-term bonds (that is, limit the years of maturity to your bonds). While U.S. Treasury bonds have the best credit quality, people who over-invest in long-term Treasuries during retirement set themselves up for severe losses in buying power and increase the risk that they will outlive their money. Various ways in managing longevity risk include:

    Diversify the risk. The longevity risk exposure can be diversified across investment options, geographic regions or socio-economic groups. But, most market participants tend to be exposed to longevity risk in the same way, which makes it difficult to diversify this risk across different life insurance portfolios or pension schemes.

    Maximize natural hedges. A portfolio can be balanced by trying to maximize natural hedges.

    Take care of pension liabilities. Corporate pension funds, in theory, can pay to have their pension liabilities assumed by another corporate pension fund. However, companies that would simply like to close their pension fund schemes are legally obliged to buy them out in full which often renders it too expensive. It is considered virtually impossible to buy insurance covering longevity risk.

    Share the risk with Annuity beneficiaries. Annuity providers may decide to pass on the exposure to longevity risk in part to policy holders. Rather than calculate the mortality rates at the beginning of the contract period, providers can link the pay-out to actual mortality rates. But note that this would make the product less transparent at the outset and as such, less attractive.

    Securitize Assets and liabilities. The company might securitize the assets and liabilities that are exposed to longevity risk and thereby pass on the risk exposure to investors.

    Share the risk with capital market participants. The company can decide to manage the risk through securities such as mortality and longevity bonds, or other mortality-linked financial instruments.

    3.     Credit risk (or default)

    Individual bonds with high credit risk do well when their underlying financial strength is improving, but weaken when their financial strength deteriorates. Entire asset classes can also have high credit risk; these tend to do well when the economy is strengthening and underperform when it is slowing.

    A Government bond in a country's own currency is strictly speaking a "risk-free" bond. This is so because the government can if necessary create additional currency in order to redeem the bond at maturity. Credit quality is critical. When it comes to stocks, most people recognize the risk that their value will go down but they are unaware that bonds also hold that same risk. It is a good idea to avoid junk and instead invest in investment-grade corporate bonds, and U.S. agency bonds, whereby even though they pay low rates, they have the lowest credit risk of any bond.

    1. 4.     Currency risk (Foreign Currency risk)

    Currency risk refers to the risk that the value of the currency a bond pays out will decline compared to the holder's reference currency. That is buying bonds across different countries with different currencies and exchange rates may result in an increase or decrease in the value of the bond. That is a United States investor would consider German bonds to have more currency risk than United States bonds (since the euro may go down relative to the dollar) and vice versa. Equally, a bond paying in a currency that does not have a history of keeping its value may not be a good deal even if a high interest rate is offered. These are four ways by which foreign currency risk can be managed:

    Invest in countries with strong, rising currencies. High debt usually precedes high inflation. When inflation kicks in, currencies usually fall as confidence in them falls. However, countries with a low debt to GDP have rising currencies, which can be profitable for investors.

    Foreign Bonds are very susceptible to Currency fluctuations. Bonds are especially vulnerable to currency variations, since they have lower profit to offset currency losses. When investing in a foreign bond index, currency fluctuations can be more or less 10 percent; these changes are double what a bond may return. Currency fluctuations have a much greater impact on foreign bonds than changes in the bonds’ prices. Historically, most foreign-country bonds were issued in dollar valuations. Today, many are issued in local currencies. Investors can still find bonds issued in dollars, and this is more stable investment.

    Invest in currency-hedged funds. The best way to protect your foreign returns is to invest in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds that are hedged. These funds usually use sophisticated investments like futures and options to hedge the currency risk of an equity or bond, and thus reduce losses.

    Diversify bond investments globally. If you have lots of investments in foreign securities, be sure to have investments in a basket of regions, rather than in just one region. Diversify across different geographic regions.Another option is to invest in regions where the currency is attached to the dollar. For example, in Middle East countries, such as Lebanon and Saudi Arabia; their pounds and riyals are pegged to the dollar. Alternatively, several African countries, like Senegal and Cameroon peg their currencies to Euros. Generally, it can be said that currency volatility is at an all-time low for developed countries, despite rising geopolitical risks, the dollar is still the world’s safe-haven currency. Therefore, if there happens to be trouble overseas, the dollar will appreciate.Lastly, don’t put all your assets in foreign markets. At most 25 percent of portfolio assets should be involved in the foreign market. It is very important for investors to understand the currency risk involved in the foreign market.

    1. 5.     Inflation risk

    Inflation risk refers to the risk that the value of the currency a bond pays out will decline over time. It is normal for investors to expect some amount of inflation; therefore the risk is that the inflation rate will be higher than they expect. Many governments issue inflation-indexed bonds. These bonds protect investors against inflation risk by linking both interest payments and maturity payments to consumer prices index. Although related to interest rates, inflation risk is slightly different. For example, if inflation run at 7 percent, consistent with the rise in interest rates during a period, one will have less buying power and be unable to sustain the same cost of living that you had 10 years ago when you purchased the bond. As such, your standard of living can be cut because your return on the bond didn't keep up with inflation. Interest rate risk is inherent in bond funds, where investors buy shares in collective investments (like mutual funds) that own many bonds. Owning a government agency bond, that is backed by the full faith of the government, or by an investment-grade corporate bond, makes it possible to hold it until maturity and thus get all the interest, plus your initial investment.

    If the duration isn't too long and you bought wisely (mindful of the economic forecasts at that period), you probably won't suffer much from inflation risk because inflation will be offset by the interest you collect at maturity. However, with mutual fund bonds, which can hold dozens or even hundreds of bonds, it is not possible to get to this point because fund managers sell their funds' bonds before maturity to create liquidity for investors redeeming shares and to justify their existence as active managers. Thus bond funds are valued at the end of each day, and reflect the value of the underlying instruments they hold as such you can't wait until maturity to collect your full investment. Moreover, bond funds have a tendency to be volatile. For these reasons, bond funds are not recommended no matter what interest rates are doing.

    Achieving Low Risk High Yield Investments (Bond Investments)

    Reducing Risk in Investment Bonds

    In order to obtain low risk investments for Bonds, the following should be taken into consideration;

    Generally, the market value of the bonds owned will decline if interest rates rise. As such this suggests several risk-reducing steps you can take as a bond investor, which are;

    -Purchase Bonds at Stable Interest rates

    Bonds should not be bought when interest rates are rising. Cash should be put in a money-market fund or in certificates of deposit which may mature in three to nine months. The best time to buy bonds is when interest rates have stabilized at a relatively high level or when they seem about to head down. This is a very important step to ensure the purchase of low risk bonds.

    -Stick to Short and Intermediate-term Investment Bonds

    Sticking to short- and intermediate-term issues is another way to go in achieving low risk investments. Bonds with maturities of three to five years reduce the potential volatility of your bond holdings. This type of bonds fluctuate less in price than longer-term securities, and they do not require you to tie up your money for ten or more years in exchange for a relatively small additional yield.

    -Diversify Bond holdings

    To possess low risk bonds, bonds with different maturity dates should be acquired as such there is diversification of your bond holdings. Mixing securities that will mature in one, three, and five years will protect you from getting hurt by uncontrollable interest rate movements. Mutual funds are an excellent way to achieve diversity in your bond investments. Concerning Junk bonds, you could purchase shares in a junk bond mutual fund, this would ease the risk a bit through diversification. Even then, junk bonds should occupy a very small portion of your portfolio.

    -Check the rating of any bond that you are considering purchasing or already own. Information such as the rating can be given to you by a broker or you can check online sources, such as In the case of a mutual fund, the prospectus will show the lowest rating acceptable to the managers; the annual reports should list the bonds in the fund's portfolio, along with the bonds’ ratings. Generally, the lower the rating, the greater the yield a bond must offer to compensate for the risk.

    Reducing Risk in High-Yield Bonds

    Techniques in achieving low risk High yield investment bonds include:

    -Diversification across issuers and industry segments. Avoid putting all your assets in one high-yield bond. Money spread among several issuers and industries can help reduce the risk of price declines or defaults caused by industry-specific situations/circumstances. Thus attaining low risk high yield investments.

    - Understand the different economic and market periods. One of the best times to own high-yield bonds is during the expansion phase of an economic cycle, that is, when financial measures are increasing along with consumer confidence. The worst time to obtain high yield bonds is at recession periods, which is, when financial measures deteriorate and investors become increasingly anxious about holding higher risk securities.

    -Rating agencies should be monitored. Follow the publications of the rating agencies, as this may indicate advance warnings of difficulties of the market. Before downgrading the rating of an issuer, these agencies often place the company on a “credit-watch” list.

    -Equally monitor company and industry news. Follow an industry or an issuer closely; just as you would follow equities. This helps to anticipate factors that may impact the credit rating or the price of a bond.  

  • 17 Common Mistakes when Buying a Home
  • Buying a home is exciting. There are some common mistakes made by home buyers that prevent them from achieving this dream. The following 17 points can be dream killers. The process of getting a home is usually stressful. Being aware of these mistakes ahead of time you may not experience the much stress associated with the process.

    Affordability power

    Most dream home owners do not know how much they can afford for a home. Most people dream of very good homes but with very low purchase ability. This finally makes some of them unable to realize their dreams. Write down all your monthly expenses.

    Mortgage qualification

    Let the bank assess your finances and get you pre-approved before you place an offer for a home. This would avoid time wasting when placement is done while you to while you do not qualify for a loan. You should not have been unemployed in the six months to applying for mortgage.

    Getting emotional

    First time home buyers always make the mistake of getting emotional. If you proof desperate, you may end up paying too much money or buying a home with problems. No matter how ideal you find a home, do not let your home seller or his agent be aware of that. If you are unable to purchase a home, move on and keep negotiating. Instead of buying a home in desperation stop looking for a while.

    Failing to consider additional expenses

    Once you are in your home, you will have additional expenses. This includes monthly finance for the maintenance of your home and insurance. Engage a competent and independent professional to check your potential new home.

    Choosing the wrong mortgage

    Carefully choose your finance package. Choose an independent finance broker that has access to a variety of lenders.


    Always be flexible in your choice of a home. If not, you may end up paying rents for longer that you think. You may need to forgo that extra room, live for sometime in an undecorated home. You must learn to accept certain aspects such as location and size of the home which cannot be changed. It’s not all about price but the quality of the home. Go for a quality home and not a cheap home.

    Fancy homes

    Avoid fancy homes because they are more expensive. Do not dual on stylish furniture. Choose undecorated or less decorated homes and pay for the decoration yourself. You will end up paying far less than buying an extremely decorated home. Pay more attention to the quality of the building, renovations and unchangeable features.

    Going beyond your budget

    Buying a home far more than we can afford may derail our future finances. Although you may want a little more than you can afford the bank will always offer limitations as per our borrowing capacity.

    Type of home

    Buying a home is a lifetime time investment. It is the biggest purchase a person will make. In doing so certain facts must be admitted such as your intended family size; which will be a major guide in the number of rooms. You may in future decide to resell and get a bigger and more comfortable one. Stop waiting for a perfect property.

    Rush at first site

    Every buyer wants a perfect home which in reality does not exist.

    Some people end up unable to achieve the dream of owning a home because of failure to inspect. This may end up requiring huge amount of money for repairs. If possible you may get some experts to evaluate the state of the home before you run into the headache of paying for a home not worth the amount levied on it.

    Future development plan

    What many do not take into consideration is the future development plans of the location of their proposed homes. If there is a lot of undeveloped land at the site then you should think of what plans the state have for the site. May be a major highway will be constructed there, and then your neighborhood could be a traffic site during rush hour.

    Overpaying for a home

    Buyers get into the trap of buying a short sale thinking they have bought below the market price. When shopping for a home compares its historic price and current conditions, the homes features and buyers need.

    Bargaining instead of negotiating

    Home buyers always want to get the lowest price possible for a home. In doing so, they do not consider the real value of it and at times are being dismissed early. When you find an appreciable property make the right offer. Propose values very close to what you will ultimately like to end up.  Dismissal also discourages you from making a second attempt.

    Shopping without an agent

    Buyers only seek for the services of a real estate agent when they encounter difficulties. Real estate agents understand the market value and will assist you to get an affordable home of your dream.

    Choosing the wrong mortgage

    Mortgage values vary depending on the state of the economy. There are times when the seller’s market is booming and times when the market suits the buyer. Waiting for a period favorable to you is gambling. Put your records together, decide the amount to spend on a home and go for it. Your current and future needs should be the determining factors.

    Not understanding your contract clauses

    Buyers often rush in to sign the purchase contract. Do not rush. Request for enough time to read, understand and seek for advice regarding your purchase contract. Make sure your interest is protected by the clauses of the contract. Make adjustments where appropriate. Do not be deceived you can make adjustments after signing your contract. After signing your contract, the seller has no obligation to accept a new negotiation.

    Misunderstanding real estate agent role

    You must understand that real estate agents work for their clients, the seller. They are legally obliged to work in their interests. It is recommended to seek the service of a professional buyer’s agent who will work in your interest.

  • How Power Leads to Corruption
  • Throughout the history of humanity, there are influential personalities who, unfortunately, have been in a position of entangling themselves in myriad conflicts of interests. For instance, the President of the US wields incredible power. The position can lead to significant rewards and perks. However, the position of the President fades away the moment he leaves office. On the other hand, the personal interest of an individual in such a powerful position is likely to hearten him to hold on to his old stature during his term in office. As a result, he is likely to use his former influence and take advantage of his past accomplishments.

    In the same way, business leaders behave in a similar manner as high public officials. In some cases, they put at risk their positions by misusing power. Consequently, they are likely to choose to take their leave from their companies in nobility or leave their positions in ignominy. By and large, the lust for money has been in existence since the beginning of humanity. This is part of human nature, due to the fact that man often slides to the easy way to get things done.

    Keys to Livelihood

    In all aspects of life, powerful individuals hold the keys to the livelihood of many people in the world. It is also worth noting that the reality of what such individuals utter bears great significance. In fact, the fate of survival of humanity depends on the actions undertaken by powerful personalities. Research has indicated that powerful people are likely to be corrupt. In most cases, powerful personalities perceive those without power as objects that can be manipulated. Consequently, they treat them poorly, devoid of any respect. It has also been noted that they deceive the less powerful and communicate very poorly with them.

    The Mechanism

    The main reason why the power is found to lead people to corruption is because the powerful exalt themselves to the point of overrating themselves. Additionally, they tend to expressively and physically distance themselves from people who are devoid of power. As a result, they perceive those devoid of power as objects that can be controlled, detested, and discounted. Power also ends up corrupting the powerful because it weakens them of a sense of integrity. Power makes people more indulgent when it comes to correcting, restraining and keeping an eye on their conduct.

    It is worth noting that the powerful people are usually paying more attention to remuneration than common people. In this regard, they are more likely to engage in dealings that only advance their selfish interests. Power also leads to more dishonesty as well as fraudulent conduct, and more pro-social accumulation of resources for themselves.

    In many ways, power acts as a shield against psychosomatic as well as physiological stress that is connected with dishonesty, hoax and theft. This is because of the fact that it is stressful to tell lies. For an individual to tell lies, a number of things have to be suppressed. This includes the fear of consequence. The moment one successfully suppresses these feelings, negative emotions embark. This becomes very stressing because according to human nature, people tend to follow paths that are less challenging and more worthwhile.

    Power is Elementary

    It is a known fact that power is elemental. This is because it determines access to resources. In this regard, power corrupts by depicting corrupt acts like insincerity that is nerve-racking. Additionally, power cushions the cognitive, emotional, and physiological stress connected to the dishonest act of double-dealing.

    Power is Seductive and Addictive

    One of the ways in which power corrupts an individual is because it is seductive. By and large, power is the means by which an individual is in a position of getting what he wants. It plays a significant role since it is one of the basic things that human beings need. It boosts a sense of identity; therefore, losing it is something akin to an identity crisis. Since it actually plays to satisfy unfathomable needs, it becomes seductive, thus drawing people in the process.

    When it comes to the aspect of addiction, an individual wants something just for the sake of it. People take alcohol, not just for the sake of making them happy, but because it becomes profoundly ingrained in them to extent that the thought of living without it makes them scared. The same thing happens with those in power.

    In as much as being without power is not fearsome, as such, a powerful person seeks more and more power, even though he may not necessarily require it. Once addicted to power, powerful people just desire more and more of this privilege. It is this addiction that leads to corrupt actions that may not be healthy. Eventually, a power addict loses a sense of social norms and turns inwards, with the desire of only satisfying the craving for power. In this way, it is remarkably easy for an individual to fall into corruption.

    The Absurdity of Power

    The paradox of power stems from the fact that mankind needs and uses societal dexterity in order to acquire positions of power. However, the moment they acquire power, powerful people fail to remember how to be social to other individuals. The reason why this happens is that powerful people get together with others who desire favors from them. Such people may desire the powerful individual to utilize their powerful positions for meticulous reasons. In many ways, they may perhaps desire to relax in the replicated glory. As a result, the powerful individual experiences isolation.

    Another reason why the powerful individual becomes dishonest is the fact that he/she may naturally be that way, though such a person may be skilled at appearing to be honest. Thus, the moment they make it to the top, they eventually fall back to their true self.

    Exchange and Compulsion

    Another way in which power corrupts individuals is because, in one way or the other, they may have been assisted by others on their way to the positions of power. However, the understanding is that this might have taken place with an expectation of returning the favor at a future date. As a result, they may be called upon to carry out an action that they are not in support of, though they feel indebted to do. In most parts of the world, this is how power corrupts people, with the back-scratching ritual being the order of the day.

    Power, being part and parcel of humanity, is bound to corrupt those who have it. This is because the powerful tend to feel special and separated from the powerless and eventually abuse their power. This happens especially in cases when power “gets into their heads” and cushions them against the fear of the consequences of their actions.

     About the author: Jessica Sanders is a bachelor in English philology and sociology at California University. Jessica is currently working as one of the best writers at the premier essay writers She also studies feminine psychology.


  • Do you want to improve Business Revenue
  • What’s a Crypto-Based Sports Betting Platform?

    In general, sports betting is the online fantasy sports platform where wagerers, sports suckers, or other individuals would place bets on their asked sports match. The druggies will share in the league/ contest/ event by paying a specific quantum of the mandate to the plutocrat. Also, they would draft a fantasy sports platoon by opting for dependable sports players grounded on the credit points. After preparing the platoon, they can change or modify the players only before the match. However, the stoner can’t change the platoon If the game begins on the ground. However, the points will automatically be added to their account If the prognosticate fantasy sports platoon plays well in the background. So grounded on the performance, the points will be distributed. However, they might also have a chance of winning huge cash prizes if their platoon scored high points.


    List of Top Crypto- grounded Sports Betting Platform

    Then we list some of the stylish cryptocurrency integrated sports betting platforms that are prevailing in the business.

    1. Stake



    5.Case net



    These are the popular crypto- supported sports betting websites in the global business. Now, let us see.

    What’s Crypto Sports Betting Software?

    Crypto-grounded sports betting software is nothing but a pre-designed sports betting software. It has crypto integration as an introductory point. One can fluently launch a cryptocurrency integrated sports betting platform snappily at an affordable cost.

    The crypto- grounded software comes with all the player modules for making bets and advanced features. Players can make bets using prominent cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, EOS, litecoin, gusto, dogecoin, and more. The software is designed,multi-tested, and ready to be emplaced.

    Still, this software is apt to start our business, If you’re incipient. You need to buy the software and emplace it. Fluently you can launch an utterly functional cryptocurrency integrated sports betting platform. One can fluently customize the features, themes, designs, plug-sways, and more according to your business generalities in a trouble-free manner.


    Blockchain will store records of all games and bets, their results, and the amounts that were won and paid out. Players can always access the transaction history to confirm that the system paid out all that was due and that the odds were not rigged”. So, Blockchain is the solution to the trust issue.

    To enhance the success of your decentralized Sports betting business, elect a largely professed cryptocurrency betting software development company. The company has the coffers and grit to deliver a world-class betting experience to your druggies.

  • Technology And Productivity: Are You Making The Best Use Of Your Investments?
  • Technology across the board, be it the wheel or the light bulb, has had one universal benefit to business: the increase of productivity. This is why economists track Total Factor Productivity (abbreviated TFP is the portion of output not explained by the amount of inputs used in production. As such, its level is determined by how efficiently and intensely the inputs are utilized in production) to get a better understanding of what technology enables. We do, however, often make the mistake of fixating on a specific technology itself rather than what it enables us to do. A simple example: Google is a search engine that has made it easier for us to find information; it has improved productivity beyond what is obvious – it’s easier to find a research paper, a directory listing, or a book review. Gone are the yellow pages of yore; one can now find that data on her finger tips. We are now free to use the time we would have used looking for the book/restaurant on more productive ventures such as reading the book/eating the food. This is what technology does; it frees us up to be able to better pursue our passions.

    I’ll expound on the previous paragraph by giving a few real world use cases.

    Let’s take the example of a restaurant, which is in the business of serving food. Depending on what the owner wants to achieve, technology may or may not add value to the operations of the restaurant. Let’s imagine that the restaurant is a lifestyle business, whose owner’s objective is to not only offer good food but also to converse with the clients and to offer them a way to pass time. Such a business has it’s niche in the fact that it doesn’t heavily adopt technology but rather that it is relationship based and hangs on to the traditional ways of interacting with people, provides a unique ambiance with no wifi, etc. The owner gets real feedback from regular clients during their visits. Custom meals for diners are possible as there’s no fixed menu per se. “Adopting” artificial intelligence (AI) offers them no value. This is very different from a restaurant that aims to be a global food chain; for them, usage patterns allow them to use tools such as AI to better model stock control (what’s the order quantity of milk that allows it to be fresh but at the same time ensuring that there is little waste), model customer satisfaction, model the impact of menu changes, etc. In the latter restaurant’s case, technology is key to the survival of the business. Technology is not a “one-size-fits-all.” This is what technologists should always keep in mind – the utility of the technology is more important than the quality of the technology.

    Technology, ultimately, should help businesses rethink their workflows and operating models, allowing them to generate more revenue or save on cost. It should act as one of the oldest pieces of technology continues to -the lever – which provides a way to get more work done with less effort. A professional services firm can re-think its communication setup; if phone extensions can be virtual and workspaces can be virtual, why have fixed desks for the users? Why have fixed working locations? We only get the benefiits of the technology not when we adopt it but when we use it to re-think your business processes.

    In the early 1900s, when electricity became pervasive many companies realized that there was an immediate competitive advantage in replacing their dirty coal-fired steam engines with the cleaner electric motors. However, it took them a much longer time, about twenty years or so, to figure out that this also allowed them to have more machines per square foot and that the generated light could lead to longer working hours.

    The same phenomenon is playing out today: services that could be automated are not yet being automated. Call center staff, for instance, are still forced to have long commutes to sweatshop-like operations yet we have digital phone systems. While a company may have incurred the cost of new phone technologies, it still may have virtually none of its true benefits, much like the earlier mentioned factories from the 1900s with electricity. In this current instance, digital phone systems are used exactly as we did old copper lines; there’s absolutely no benefit derived from the phones other than a reduction in the use of copper. However, digital phone systems allow us to re-think our operations entirely. Many call center workers today can work from home with a smartphone and a computer, and with very flexible hours getting rid of, for example, the dreaded lack of a social life that’s currently caused by long commutes to the call center facility (while a number of companies have already adopted this, adoption is not as high as it ought to be).

    Another example is the credit rating systems used by banks in Kenya. They are outmoded. Banks use credit scoring technology to assess high interest loans issued via mobile phones, but the same technology isn’t applied to personal loans not requested via mobile, or corporate loans. The same technology can be used to figure out limits and rates for credit card, mortgages, and corporate loans, etc.; this doesn’t mean that the relationship manager should be supplanted but rather that they should be used for exceptional circumstances not yet catered for by the technology, and to build relationships. This would allow banks to both cut costs, improve revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. The lack of loan scoring in certain categories also explains the increase in non-performing loans issued to struggling but larger companies; the relationship managers don’t using scoring technology that may be able to detect changing fortunes in the operations of a company but rather they depend on traditional, less reliable means of lending. This is a huge gap that needs to be addressed and that would lead to better allocation of debt in the market.

    There are so many cases like this, across the board, where technology is adopted and not put to its best use. This disconnect has been instructive to us at Node Africa; we realized we will never make a difference if we simply peddle our technology; our focus should not and can never be the technology itself. We have had to change focus and learn to figure out how to ensure that the technology works for your business, be it in terms of customer satisfaction, revenue growth, or cost savings. This alignment with our customers’ requirements ensures that we always add value to the organizations we work with. We recognize that technology isn’t an end in itself if it doesn’t lead to that magical word: productivity. We don’t use our technology as a catchall cure for all tech-disease, but we try to see how best we can help businesses be more competitive in this rapidly changing era.

  • Looking for the best instant messaging software for small business
  • If you’re a small business owner looking for the best instant messaging software to use, you’ve come to the right place. Instant messaging software, often referred to as a “super app”, provides a convenient and cost-effective way for your business to stay in touch with clients, customers, employees, and other stakeholders. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top instant messaging software options for small businesses and discuss what features you should be looking for in an IM solution. Let’s get started!

    Google Hangouts

    Google Hangouts is an instant messaging app that is widely used by small businesses. It allows up to 150 users to chat simultaneously and is a great way for employees to stay connected. With Google Hangouts, users can easily communicate with each other through text, audio, and video calls, as well as share documents and collaborate in real time. It also integrates with Gmail, allowing users to send messages directly from their inboxes. Additionally, Hangouts can be used to broadcast live events, and it even offers employee recognition software. For those looking for a super app that combines messaging, video conferencing, and project collaboration tools, Google Hangouts is an excellent option. However, it does not have some of the more advanced features of other instant messaging apps such as Troop Messenger.


    Skype is one of the most popular instant messaging apps and has become synonymous with video conferencing. Skype was initially developed as a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service in 2003 but has since been integrated with numerous other features. It can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.
    Skype offers basic text, voice, and video chat options, as well as group chat options. It also allows users to share documents, images, and other types of media. One of the most useful features of Skype is its ability to integrate with other services, such as employee recognition software or super apps like Troop Messenger. This makes it easier for businesses to communicate with customers and employees. Skype also has a robust security protocol, making it a secure platform for data exchange.
    Overall, Skype is a great option for small businesses that need an instant messaging app. Its user-friendly interface and rich features make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to stay connected with their customers and employees.


    Slack is a powerful instant messaging app designed for small businesses that allow teams to communicate and collaborate quickly and efficiently. It can also be used as employee recognition software, allowing team members to give each other props for work well done. Slack offers a variety of features that make it great for small business owners, including custom channels, file sharing, voice and video conferencing, and integration with hundreds of third-party applications. Additionally, Slack is built with team collaboration in mind, making it perfect for businesses that have multiple teams or departments.
    When compared to other instant messaging apps like Troop Messenger or HipChat, Slack offers more features for its users. This is why many small business owners refer to Slack as a "super app". It’s easy to set up and use, has an intuitive interface, and allows businesses to stay connected even when their teams are working remotely. In addition, Slack is constantly rolling out new features to keep users engaged and productive.
    Overall, Slack is a great option for small businesses that need a powerful instant messaging app with plenty of features. With its user-friendly design, robust feature set, and ability to integrate with a variety of third-party applications, it’s no wonder Slack is one of the most popular instant messaging apps for small businesses.


    HipChat is an instant messaging app designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between teams of any size. It is an employee recognition software that provides an easy way for employees to communicate with each other, and share documents, files and messages.
    HipChat allows you to create and manage private chat rooms, where you can discuss work-related topics in a secure environment. You can also set up group chat rooms, where people can collaborate on projects in real-time. The app also includes file sharing, video conferencing and the ability to share code and other documents.
    HipChat also comes with a mobile app, so you can stay connected while on the go. The app also includes an activity feed, so you can keep up with what’s going on within the team and know who’s doing what.
    Unlike some of the other super apps like Troop Messenger or Slack, HipChat is a very focused product that focuses solely on the instant messaging aspect of communication. This makes it ideal for smaller businesses that don’t need the extra features of a larger messaging platform.

    Troop Messenger

    Troop Messenger is an instant messaging app designed to provide secure, organized and productive communication within a business. This feature-rich super app not only provides text messaging and file-sharing options but also video and audio calling services. It offers encryption of messages with end-to-end security and also includes features like employee recognition software, task management, shared calendars and more.
    Troop Messenger is one of the best options for small businesses looking for a secure, efficient and organized instant messaging app. It is easy to use, secure and customizable for different organizations. With features like encrypted messages, audio and video calls, file sharing, task management, and employee recognition software, Troop Messenger can help small businesses stay organized and productive.


    When it comes to choosing the best instant messaging software for small businesses, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It depends on your specific business needs and goals. However, the five options discussed in this blog post are some of the most popular and widely used instant messaging apps that can help you meet your needs.
    Google Hangouts offers free video chat, audio conferencing, file sharing and messaging. Skype is a powerful and user-friendly app that offers voice, video, and instant messaging capabilities. Slack provides an easy way to organize team communication and collaborate on projects in real-time. HipChat allows teams to stay connected with group chat, video chat, and file-sharing capabilities. Lastly, Troop Messenger is a modern super app that integrates employee recognition software and various features such as video calling, screen sharing, etc., to boost team productivity.
    The right choice of instant messaging software for small businesses should depend on the specific requirements and goals of the business. Hopefully, this blog post has helped you decide which instant messaging app will be the best fit for your organization.

  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Did you know that nearly 1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to small businesses on Facebook?

    With this in mind, consider how many target audiences you can reach with your advertising and marketing on Facebook.

    The possibilities are endless.

    So how do you effectively reach your business prospects on Facebook? Here’s the answer.

    Lead advertising. Before we dive into lead ads, let’s first cover some important background information.

    What are Facebook Ads?

    A marketer’s job is to meet prospects where they spend their time, not the other way around. As mentioned on Facebook, 1.6 billion people are connected to small businesses worldwide. Additionally, on Facebook, he has 2.9 billion monthly active users. This means that many of your current and potential customers are using this platform, making it a place to reach them with your ads.

    Facebook ads help you reach your target audience, buyer personas, and current customers on the platform. Customize your ads on social media sites to reach qualified leads.

    What are Facebook Lead Ads?

    In the traditional lead generation conversion path, users go to a landing page where they fill out a form. For example, they may have originally interacted with your information through her Facebook ads or posts. Then I had to leave Facebook completely and go to the website’s landing page to enter the information.

    This method is great for finding quality leads as it attracts people willing to go out of business to fill out a form to receive an offer. But what if someone is only partially interested in your offer? This may be the 1st time they heardheard from or about you. You may not want to leave Facebook just to fill out your form.

    Lead ads allow the users or customers to stay on the platform while the lead fills out and submits her form. You can create a form that takes a prospect’s name, email address, and phone number (among other things) and shows them where the prospect came across your ad (on the Facebook news feed, articles, Messenger, stories, etc.). Users are never directed to an external landing page. H. They are not transferred anywhere. Content Writing

    This is key to increasing conversions, providing a seamless user experience (UX), avoiding the friction of longer lead click paths, and leaving a positive impression on your leads on your side for a reason.

    How do lead ads work?

    Lead ads work like all other paid ads. First, set up your ads in Ads Manager. You can adjust targeting features, creative assets, and budgets to ensure your ads reach the right audience.

    Meta uses the information you enter to show ads to potential customers. Ads appear in users’ news feeds — similar to organic posts on Facebook and Instagram, but called “sponsored posts.”

    Facebook Lead Ads Sponsored Ads

    Lead ads work by promoting your lead generation offers. Let’s say your business wants to increase signups for your product – your offer could be a discount coupon code.

    The user must submit personal data via the lead form to access the code, as with other offers. The exception is lead ads. You can find this form on our Facebook and Instagram apps.

    Users must submit personal data via a lead form to access the code, as with other offers. The exception is lead ads. You can find this form on our Facebook and Instagram apps. When a user finds your ad and clicks your CTA, Facebook displays a form that auto-fills your information.

    This is an excellent way to reduce friction during the signup, as there are fewer form fields to fill. Depending on your lead flow, Facebook Ads will deliver the code via a “thank you” message in your app or via email. This is known as Facebook’s lead form.

    You now have a new lead with a discount code and a new lead to nurture and qualify.

    Facebook lead ads are the perfect option for gaining popularity and more clients. Facebook leads help you reach more people and gain popularity, easily connecting you to several people through your lead ads when people click on them.


    Read More: Digital Marketing

  • How Much Do You Know about Wholesale Jewelry
  • You might not believe what I'm saying, how could such a good thing happen? But this is the fact that wholesale jewelry by the kilo has gradually become a popular means of jewelry sales, and is adopted by small enterprises.

    What is driving this new sales model?
    The wide spread of the Internet and the gradual expansion of cross-border e-commerce are undoubtedly factors contributing to this new sales model. Secondly, jewelry products are often updated.

     Advantages:
    Sticking to one style of jewelry for too long will only annoy customers. And this form of wholesale jewelry sold by the kilo often can attract customers. Also, retail prices are low, more able to get the support of the majority of the masses
     Disadvantages:
    This kind of marketing model is difficult to get off the ground and is more likely to cost the companies money. At the same time, under the low profit, and affected by the severe international transportation mode, many online stores are difficult to maintain.

    How to find high-quality wholesale jewelry online stores?
    In general, these wholesalers will choose big platforms like Amazon to publish their products. But wholesale jewelry on larger platforms can sometimes be more repetitive. Therefore, many people choose niche wholesale jewelry online stores.
    Sometimes it's most convenient to Google, and you can browse the pages and visit the stores. Sometimes, a good design page, inside the wholesale jewelry also has its unique charm.
    Browse more online stores with buyer shows, so that you have a more intuitive visual experience, will also avoid some minor problems.

    My real experience and my choice
    In the past, I often bought jewelry from large wholesale online stores with a large number of buyers, but sometimes the monotonous style made me bored. Later, on the recommendation of a friend, I chose wholesale jewelry kg. It is exactly what the title says, we can easily buy a kilo of jewelry here at the lowest price of 23USD.

    Why did I choose it?
     The quality of the product is good, these products from the jewelry factory are sold at a low price, and each product has integrity.
     There is also no defect handling goods, shipped in independent packaging.
     The most surprising and pleasing thing is that we can often get the jewelry we want by making a wish.

    Here I can offer the website the coupon code logo: UZNSAKXK

  • Is hair transplant the only solution to hair loss?
  •  When testosterone converts to DHT, it contributes to breakage and thinning of hair.
    Baldness can frequently have a substantial negative effect on your life. Several elements play a part, such as diminished self-image, diminished self-esteem, and a reduction of self-identity. In a recent survey, researchers found that 84 percent of those guys were preoccupied with their baldness. These guys complained of being stuffed with helplessness self-consciousness, and an envy of men .
    In a different study, 69% of men with a high amount of baldness spent a big part of time studying their hair in the mirror; 78 percent were self-conscious in their baldness; 56 percent were concerned that others may detect; and 51% felt less appealing due to male baldness.

    Hair Follicles and Standard Hair Loss
    A typical human body contains approximately five million hairs, using 100,000-150,000 being around your own entire scalp. Hair follicles are generated before arrival, and stay constant throughout life. Not many follicles become active, and some shed their own hair manufacturing capability. Active follicles undergo a life cycle that comprises a growth stage, accompanied by a stage, and then a resting stage. These cycles come to a conclusion once the hairs are drop and may be as long as five decades. Regrettably a number of the hairs don't grow as thick as long as did in prior cycles. Hair is lost by an estimated 40 percent of men from age 35 to some degree.
    From the great majority of instances, the reason for hair loss may be credited to our genes and our hormones, and contrary to popular belief, it isn't traced simply to the mother's side. It's the kind of hair loss, or alopecia, to directly impact both women and men.

    Other widely used names for genetic hair loss include common baldness and female or male pattern hair loss. While male pattern baldness (MPB) is frequently characterized by a receding hairline and medium to extensive loss of hair thinning on the crown, female pattern baldness (FPB) is generally characterized by a modest thinning of hair throughout the head. This hair doesn't grow so long as it did and becomes finer. Then, the hair on the top of their mind starts to thin out and the very best points of this"M" match the thin place on the crown. The hairs at the areas become nicer and develop at a pace that is lesser. By analyzing family portraits As this kind of baldness is hereditary, a person can predict the area of his hair loss.
    Roughly 50 percent of children with a balding parent of either gender will inherit the dominant hair loss gene and finally exhibit similar traits.
    FPB generally becomes evident around age 40, and baldness in women may advance quickly after menopause. Hair loss is a thinning that is generalized, rather than contained into an isolated place in addition to your head. Studies reveal approximately 20 million women have such a hair loss. Hair follicles shut down, with hormones playing with any part in the procedure.

    Reasons For Hair loss
    Baldness happens when the rate of shedding is much higher than the speed of regrowth. In pattern hair loss, the rate of shedding is raised due to an inherited predisposition of these hair follicles on top of the mind to be effected from the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Playing a significant part DHT is an activated form of the hormone testosterone along with the two hormones are occurring. The action of DHT causes the hair follicle to degrade and shortens the life cycle's development stage. In a procedure, the pores shrink as time goes on. Using a growth stage that is shortening, more hairs are shed, as the scalp becomes more observable through the hair, and balding becomes evident follicles.
    Finally, whilst pattern hair loss is far and away the leading cause of thinning hair, there are additional conditions which cause baldness in women and men. Can cause circular regions of hair loss. Hair loss on the scalp and body, characterizes types of Alopecia Areata known as Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis .

    Traction Alopecia is baldness because of constant tension of their hair and can be observed with prolonged use of hair weaving, corn pops, etc.. This may result in hair loss. On the flip side, psychological and physical stressors, occasionally cause Telogen Effluvium, a sort of hair loss that's normally temporary. Thinning hair can be regarded as a complication of and prescription medications, in addition to hormonal imbalance in women and men.


    Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that eliminates hair follicles from 1 portion of the human body, known as the'donor site', to a bald or balding region of the human body called the'recipient website'. The technique is utilized in the treatment of male pattern hair loss. Hair transplantation may be employed to fill scars brought on by surgery or accidents like hair plantation in pune and face-lifts and also to revive pubic hair, lashes, eyebrows, hair thinning hair, chest hair. Hair transplantation and skin grafting because grafts contain virtually all the skin and dermis surrounding the hair follicle differ, and lots of grafts are transplanted instead of a strip of skin. By mimicking hair orientation So a natural look can be achieved by hair transplantation. This hair transplant process is known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

    It's been known for centuries that lots of guys lose the hair around the very top of the minds and usually keep the hair on the sides and at the trunk. It's been a comparatively recent discovery which DHT receptors would be the origin of the issue in male pattern hair loss. We know that balding guys have plenty of DHT receptors but a few, if any, DHT receptors onto the follicles onto rear and both sides of the mind. These follicles may be obtained in their places and also the hair transplants may be emptied to replenish the hairs in such areas. This method of hair restoration surgery can be known as hair transplantation, also at the USA is preferred by approximately 250,000 men each year. The transplanted follicles usually continue to increase hair permanently since they keep the traits from their initial place (i.e. they're untouched by DHT even when they're transferred to the new regions ). Of moving hair from 1 place to 10, the idea isn't new. Hair transplants, since the 1950's, have existed in a variety of forms. First hair transplant involved harvesting 20-30 big 4mm"plugs" from regions from the back and sides of the head and placing them on the very top. Regrettably, these"plugs" were only that. During the upcoming few decades, these"plugs" gained smaller in proportion, but were "plugs" and were noticeable. From the late 1980s and early 1990s, grafting and micro grafting started to replace the grafting methods that were bigger. These hair recovery surgery methods produce a vastly enhanced look over the procedures. Since they are denser than the surrounding regions, these grafts continue to be evident upon close inspection. The only way to recreate the hairline in an fashion would be to transplant follicles that are individual, since they develop. Thus was follicular unit grafting, or the arrival of follicular unit hair transplant. From the 1990s, the follicular unit hair transplant process emerged to be the method of hair restoration surgery. The donor hair in the back and sides of your mind is dissected to its form- follicles. This permits individual follicles (each comprising 1-5 hairs) to be transplanted into the balding areas with a far more natural look compared to old methods of operation. Follicular unit grafting's merits are evident by evaluation of their improved results. There are still doctors who are still relying on miniature threading hair loss restoration methods and grafting.

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  • SALES MANAGER (AFRICA- Nigeria ) - R35 000 ( NETT ) + BENEFITS + COMM South Africa
  • Introduction

    Large INTERNATIONAL Sales and Marketing Company is looking for a DYNAMIC SALES MANAGER to join their team in AFRICA – NIGERIA

    Growth Potential !!!

    Company needs Ambitious, motivated individuals to whom they can provide top-notch training and support. The position requires to live outside the country for 3 MONTHS at a time. The role is suited to a confident and organized sales professional

    Duties & Responsibilities
    • Set, monitor and manage sales growth and targets
    • Prepare action plans by individuals as well as team for effective sales growth
    • · Saes Reporting and Monitoring
    • · Customer Care
    • · Grow revenue from existing customers
    • · Grow revenue form New Business
    • · Monitor market trends
    • · Meet targets and deadlines
    • · Adhere to all Company policies, procedures and business ethics codes
    • · Training
    • · Closing Sales
    • · Manage, motivate and lead a team of between 50 – 70 staff

    Desired Experience & Qualification
    • ( Business,Marketing or Sales Certificate/Diploma or relevant Qualification)
    • · Energetic, effective, strong verbal and written communication skills
    • · Good Computer skills
    • · Self motivated, reliable with good habits
    • · Organized and customer oriented
    • · Willing to live in Africa 3 Months at a time
    • · Extensive/Excellent training will be given

    Package & Remuneration

    Package & Remuneration

    R35 000 Nett + Accommodation + Cell + Commission

    Growth Potential !

    Apply Now


    E MAIL: [email protected]
    South Africa

  • Systems and Applications Manager Sandton
  • Overview



    Job Location
    - South Africa - Johannesburg Metro - Sandton

    Job Type

    Wednesday, August 16, 2023

    Closing date
    30 Sep 2023 23:59


    Planet Fitness continues its exciting growth trajectory, and this growth unlocks the need to place within the Digital Transformation and Technology Team a Systems and Applications Manager. This role will focus on the leadership and management of Planet Fitness’s systems, creating systems and architecture specifications, and managing day-to-day system operations. Planet Fitness has procured leading systems within the ambit of Customer Relationship Management; Procurement; Finance; HR; Member Management and Intranets. This role will focus on automating the various business processes through these systems.

    Seniority and Reporting Structure

    This role is Mid-Management role and will report into the Chief/Head of Digital Transformation. It will be responsible for leading a team.

    Work... Break Down Responsibilities

    The incumbent will be responsible for the following job functions:
    • Systems and Applications Architecture

    Designing (where applicable), maintaining, and updating of all system and application architectures

    Designing, maintaining and proposing integration architectures and strategies

    Ideating and designing future/to-be business states, processes and system requirements

    Ensuring system architectures complement and support POPI and associated personal information legislation.

    Designing and documenting Planet Fitness’s business processes
    • Member and Systems Management

    Identify, design and implement solutions on the member management system that unlocks Planet Fitness’s “Lead to Member” journey

    Identify, design and implement enhancements across all of Planet Fitness’s systems (Procurement, Finance, HR, Member and Debt)

    Partner with the Big Data and BI Manager to integrate data, information and systems

    Partner with the CX & Design Manager to ensure seamless integration of the Planet App, Website and Digital Marketing systems with the Member Management System and/or other systems

    Drive the automation of manual business processes through application integration

    Assess and evaluate “system to business fit” and identify gaps which inform “keep-as-is”, “enhance”, or “junk-it” decisions
    • Systems Operations and Reporting

    Ensure all systems and server infrastructure are patched, secured and protected against any and all vulnerabilities

    Manage day-to-day tickets and priorities with systems partners to ensure a 99.5% system uptime is delivered

    Create and report on system uptime, tickets and development change requests, to the ManCo team

    Partner and continuously evolve the Standard Operating Procedure for Systems delivered via IT Support team

    Undertake system and user access audits quarterly to ensure user rights and user access is managed

    Identify, design and execute system training needs and content

    Identify, design and execute system change, “how-to” release packs

    Implement and manage Planet Fitness’s change management processes
    • Project Management

    Plan, scope and execute small, medium and large transformational projects

    Budget and cost transformational projects

    Deliver projects on time and in scope

    Partner cross functionally to deliver successful projects
    • Vendor and Team Management

    Manage and drive accountability with software, database and implementation partners/vendors

    Deliver a “Gold Standard” account partnership with all vendors and systems partners

    Lead the team to ensure delivery of all KPI’s and planned results

    Grow, nurture and develop talent by sharing knowledge, technical skill and expertise

    Experience and Exposure

    The following minimum experience and exposure is needed for this role:
    • Ten (10) years in a Business Analyst or Solutions Architect role
    • Ten (10) years experience working with ERP systems like SAP, JD Edwards, Sage PeopleSoft, etc.
    • Five (5) years experience designing and implementing business processes
    • Experience with business process automation and machine learning
    • Experience and exposure with any of the following or all of the following products QContact, SalesForce, Dynamics CRM, Oxalys, Business Central, Sage, SharePoint, Itensity, Club Centric, MotionSoft
    • Experience with middleware/integration frameworks, models and architectures
    • Management and/or team leadership experience

    • Degree in Computer Science or Business Information Systems
    • Grade 12

    Contact information

    Yvette Swanepoel
    Sandton South Africa

  • Junior Buyer Alicante
  • Junior Buyer x- Spain

    Based at our Head Office in Alicante Airport

    €competitive plus benefits

    WH Smith is one of the World's most popular bookseller, newsagent and convenience retailer and is loved by millions of customers who shop in our Stores situated in Airports, Rail stations, Hospitals and High Streets across the world.
    We have been present internationally for over 100 years, operating in Spain for a number of years in locations such as Madrid Airport, Alicante Airport, Tenerife Airport & more

    We are very excited to be extending our Spanish store estate into a number of other airports across Spain this Summer, including Mallorca, Seville, Ibiza, Bilbao and many more.

    To support our expansion in Spain we are looking for an experienced Junior Buyer to join our talented team who would be based out of office in Alicante Airport.

    The Accountabilities of the Role:

    Buying role for our Spanish business across several categories including: Books, Journey Solutions, Snacking, Food... & Drinks
    • Select and develop profitable new ranges
    • Generating new ideas on how to grow YOY Sales, margin and supplier income
    • Building up strong relationships with suppliers to deliver effective and profitable plans
    • Working closely with the supply base to ensure in store availability is maintained.
    • Able to deliver meaningful reports and cut through the information / detail in order to get to the real issue and make a solution plan
    • Keeping updated of market trends and competitor activity in a fast paced environment, to help identify new opportunities as well as changes to our existing offering
    • Work closely with our UK based International Buyers
    • Working closely with other areas of the business including Operations, Business Development, Marketing and Finance team

    The Requirements for the Role:
    • Previous experience within a Retail/FMCG background is an essential requirement
    • Confident and approachable
    • Enthusiastic and excited about the product and travel retail sector
    • Ability to work cross functionally: Flexible, multitasking and adaptable person with transversal skills
    • Net understanding of business (i.e. buying and stock)
    • Strong presentation skills
    • Uses creative thought process on product, promotions, displays, deals etc
    • Excellent numerical and analysis capability
    • Strong Microsoft Excel skills
    • Proven track record of delivering strong levels of supplier income
    • Remains calm under pressure
    • Fluent in English and Spanish
    • Able to travel overseas

    What's in it for you:

    You'll be at of the hub of establishing our customer offer for our Spanish business, whilst operating in a fast-paced environment.
    You'll be trusted to make decisions quickly, ensuring at all times you deliver maximum sales and profitability. It's a serious responsibility - which will seriously motivate you.

    You'll thrive on the freedom and the chance to use your skills and will be supported by our UK International team.
    • 30 Days holiday (excluding bank holidays), plus your Birthday off
    • Parking Allowance in the Airport
    • Annual bonus based on company & personal performance

    About us

    WH Smith is one of the World's most popular bookseller, newsagent and convenience retailers and is loved by millions of customers who shop in our Stores situated in airports, rail stations, hospitals and high streets across the world.

    But did you know we've been around since 1792 and have over 14,000 employees across the globe and have consistently outperformed other major retailers over the past ten years? We continue to grow by putting our customers first and have a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism.

    Job Types:
    Full-time, Permanent
    Alicante Spain

  • RPA Support Analyst/Developer Kuala Lumpur
  • Job description

    Find your place at Amaris Consulting as a RPA Support Analyst / Developer, based in Malaysia . A great opportunity for experienced profiles and IT Support / Application Support profiles who are willing to develop your career in RPA.

    Join our team and start a new adventure in an international and agile Environment, where you will be able to fulfill your careers expectations in an fast-growing company with a dynamic environment .

    Job summary :

    To comprehend robotic process analysis on RPA platforms like UiPath or / and Blue Prism, and to provide support for it. To manage all technical matters covered by RPA.

    Technically sound professionals should be able to analyze, evaluate, and deliver an effective solution by bringing together teams from different domains

    Responsibilities : 30% Coding

    30% Coding

    70% Support
    • Handling technical problems with the RPA platform
    • Troubleshooting basic network, application, and access issues
    • Determining the incident's underlying... cause (defect vs. configuration)
    • Liaison with relevant stakeholders to create corrective measures or practical workarounds to address incidents
    • Ensures that the services and processes used to enable RPA are improved for the benefit of the team
    • Bridging between separate teams, accepting responsibility for any issue reported on the RPA platform
    • Documenting procedure of the RPA support process, accountable for completing each task assigned and providing the appropriate support
    • Promotes initiatives within the RPA team for increased productivity. Preparing technical advice and tricks for all key applications to assist peers in troubleshooting problems more quickly

    Requriements :
    • At least 1 years of experience as a RPA Analyst, RPA Developer, IT Support , or Application Support
    • RPA knowledge is a must
    • Hands on experience or good knowledge in RPA platforms including UiPath and / or Blue Prism, Robotic station design, and Robotic integration
    • Working knowledge of Agile methodologies
    • Strong interpersonal skills for interacting with multiple stakeholders
    • Fluency in English and Malay would be required
    Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  • Temporary Accountant [4-Month Contract] Hong Kong
  • Our client is a well-known financial company in Asia market. They are currently looking for a senior accountant to join their team for a maternity leave cover.

    Key Contributions:
    • Perform full accounting functions, including but not limited to month-end book closing procedures, journal voucher preparation, fee invoices, balance sheet, P/L, reconciliation, payment procedures, management report, etc
    • Liaise with internal party on fee related inquiry
    • Prepare Account Analysis.
    • Perform any other ad-hoc duties as assigned

    Core Expectations:
    • Degree holder with a major in accounting/finance
    • 3 years or above of relevant experiences
    • Strong accounting technical and advanced Excel skills
    • Able to meet demanding periodic reporting deadlines and close the book timely
    • Good communication skills in dealing with internal and external stakeholders

    How to Apply:

    Interested parties, please contact and send your CV (in WORD Format) to Cass Tse on [email protected] for more... details. For other available opportunities, please visit
    Hong Kong

  • Sustaining Engineer Alajuela Province
  • Sustaining Engineering is responsible for the identification, review, assessment, and resolution of deficiencies throughout a system's life cycle. They are responsible for returning a system to its baselined configuration and capability as well as identifying opportunities for performance, capability, and profit improvement.

    What you will be doing:

    • Interact with customers, marketing, and sales as required to capture customer needs and look for opportunities to improve product fabrication and quality.
    • Responsible for organizing, planning, monitoring, controlling and scheduling the necessary activities of varying size and complexity sustaining projects to achieve goals.
    • Coordinate resources between competencies (quality, engineering, research & development, manufacturing, global supply) - take the re-design of a product into production.
    • Coordinate with and consult other Engineers to design, or detail components and systems and to resolve design or manufacturing... issues.
    • Manage and implement change orders and implementation.
    • Produces and reviews product documentation including proposals, test protocols, and technical reports.
    • Oversee and/or undertake prototype sample creation.
    • Review existing product design, identify weaknesses, propose, implement and monitor effectiveness of improvements.
    • Capture, review, and maintain ROI/cost improvement projects.
    • Support supplier qualification activities.
    • Provide hands on support on production lines and the equipment therein for the prevention and renewal of downed production lines.
    • As project lead, responsible for the coordination of Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification (IQ, OQ & PQ) activities for various equipment and manufacturing processes as part of a product re-design or revalidation.
    • Verify that designs meet functional requirements.

    New Product Introduction
    • Support the introduction of new product lines during the transition state of pre-production to mass production by supporting the new product through trainings and other activities that may be triggered by the new process, design evaluations, drawings, and fabrication to company, industry, and customer standards.
    • Work with Manufacturing and other Product Development engineers to ensure that products are optimally designed for manufacturing.
    • Prepare for and conduct various design reviews as required, especially during process validation.

    Customer change request
    • Supports customer Engineering teams on reviewing, designing, prototyping, and testing.
    • Work with customers to support electrical, mechanical and design elements for product.
    • Responsible for reviewing scope and content of the projects quoted.
    • Manage Support Engineering projects implementation that are customer driven with the ability to manage multiple priorities from different customers.
    • Translate user needs and other customer inputs into clear, concise design requirements and design concepts.

    Issues /RCA/Complains
    • Lead and performs RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and resolves design or manufacturing issues.
    • Conduct performance qualification test planning, execution, creation of test reports.
    • Support and Lead Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA), Nonconforming Materials. Reports (NCMR), and Supplier Corrective Action Report (SCAR) activities.
    • Responsible to create Root cause analysis. Familiarity with process control techniques, such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), Dsign of Experiments (DOE), and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

    Engineering in General:
    • Understand detailed engineering drawings and specifications for product, equipment, dies, tools, and controls, as well knowledge using computer-assisted drafting CAD software.
    • Compute mathematical formulas to develop and design detailed specifications for components or machinery.
    • Responsible for product and equipment re validation activities in coordination with process engineers.
    • Lead/support cross-functional projects with China and UK
    • Perform all duties in compliance with the quality management system and actively contribute to the continuous improvement of the QMS.
    • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
    • Manage Sustaining Engineering projects of varying size and complexity. (ej line transfer)
    • Maintains and creates documentation including test plans, test reports, PFMEA, VMP, validation documents, technical proposals and more.
    • Lay out and draw schematic, orthographic, or angle views to depict functional relationships of components, assemblies, systems, and machines.
    • Travel both domestically and internationally as needed.

    • Occasionally Process development and Mapping.
    • Provide training to team members to increase individual procedural knowledge and proficiency in executing a task, individual procedural knowledge and proficiency in functioning as part of a team, and overall team performance.

    What we expect from you.
    • Bachelors in mechanical or industrial Engineering or a combination of a degree and experience deemed sufficient by ATL Technology.
    • Minimum 2 years of experience or combination of education and experience equal to 4 years.
    • Experience in design of components for plastics injection molding, metal forming/stamping, and electro-mechanical devices preferred.
    • SolidWorks certification preferred.
    • Technical writing skills preferred.
    • B2+ English language skills required.
    • Great communication skills.

    What's in it for you:
    • Competitive compensation package.
    • Asociación Solidarista
    • Doctor's Office
    • Personal days

    What you should know about us:

    We believe there is a better way to bring medical devices to market. We use an engineer-to-engineer approach to develop custom interconnect solutions for medical devices that improve the quality of one's life'. Join us in our mission to be the leading provider of custom engineered solutions for top medical device manufacturers. ATL has operations in China, Costa Rica, Taiwan, UT-USA, plus remote staff in strategic global locations ... and we're growing!

    Our Values:

    Customer Centric: We create a positive customer experience by utilizing our expertise through development and throughout the product lifecycle.

    Humility: We seek to gain further knowledge to promote mutual growth and understanding

    Accountability: We commit to the success and well-being of our customers and employees by being accountable for our words and actions

    Transparency: We build trusting relationships with our customers and employees by being open and honest

    Solutions Driven: We work as a team with our customers to achieve results.

    EEO Statement

    ATL Technology provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local laws. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation
    Alajuela Province Alajuela Costa Rica

  • Senior Software Developer Porto District
  • At Software House (Permanent), in Portugal

    Salary : €50.000 - €80.000

    Expires at : 2027-06-18

    Remote policy : Full remote

    We are dynamic software house that excels in delivering cutting-edge applications and mobile solutions. With a passion for innovation, our expert team crafts robust software applications, responsive websites, and customized solutions that cater to your unique business needs.

    We thrive on transforming ideas into reality, empowering companies’ digital presence and driving their success forward. We have a dynamic and collaborative work environment that fosters creativity and offers ample opportunities for professional development.

    A Senior Software Developer you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the server-side logic of our applications.

    You will collaborate closely with our product, design, and front-end development teams to create robust and scalable solutions.

    The ideal candidate should have at least 5 years of experience as a... Senior Software Developer, with a passion for building efficient and reliable systems.

    Responsibilities :

    Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements and translate them into technical specifications.

    Develop high-quality web applications using modern technologies and frameworks.

    Implement database solutions using both SQL and NoSQL databases to optimize data storage and retrieval.

    Conduct thorough testing and debugging of applications to ensure optimal performance and user experience.

    Optimize applications for performance, scalability, and security.

    Participate in code reviews to maintain code quality and adherence to best practices.

    Design and develop scalable and efficient server-side applications using a variety of programming languages and frameworks.

    Stay updated with the latest developments in technologies and apply them to enhance our systems.

    Main requirements

    Minimum of 5 years of experience as a Software Developer.

    Proficiency in at least one programming language such as JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Node.js, Ruby, etc.

    Experience with RESTful APIs and web services.

    Experience with database design and management using SQL and NoSQL databases.

    Knowledge of version control systems (e.g., Git) and collaborative development workflows.

    Familiarity with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and experience with cloud deployment.

    Solid understanding of object-oriented programming principles and design patterns.

    Understanding of agile development methodologies and tools.

    Ability to work independently and as part of a team, managing priorities and meeting deadlines.

    Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.

    Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

    A passion for learning new technologies a

    Benefits & Perks

    Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.

    Opportunity to work in a fast-growing startup environment with a talented and passionate team.

    Professional growth and learning opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge.

    Flexibility in working hours and location.

    A supportive and inclusive work environment that values creativity and innovation.

    Join our team of dedicated professionals and contribute to the success of our innovative applications and mobile solutions
    Porto District Portugal

  • Chiropractor Fort Wayne
  • Chiropractor Fort Wayne, IN

    We are looking for a motivated Chiropractor to join our practice full time in Fort Wayne, IN. Our state-of-the-art office is in Fort Wayne, in beautiful northeastern Indiana. We are looking for an experienced Chiropractor to join our integrated environment...

    Our ideal candidate is a fantastic adjuster, great communicator, team player who can also be a leader- as the Associate will be considered the Clinic Director of Chiropractic within our office. Do you love working with a knowledgeable and respected team, leading our patients on their journey to health and wellness? Are you passionate about helping others and educating them on the benefits of chiropractic? Then we need you and your unique skills to assist in leading our team in Fort Wayne! We take care of the marketing and business aspects, while you provide top quality patient care.

    About Us

    We are an integrated multidisciplinary clinic, that has been providing high quality care to the community of Fort Wayne for over 4 years. Due to our fantastic reputation, our patient base and team has been quickly expanding. We have a wonderful team of healthcare professionals and administrative staff, that collaborate to provide individualized comprehensive care, that our patients need and deserve! Our multidisciplinary approach leads to improved patient satisfaction and effective and efficient care.


    Clinic Direct of Chiropractic duties

    Patient Exam/Consultation-review health and medical histories, exam patients, review pertinent records/imaging

    Evaluate patients neuromusculoskeletal systems and the spine

    Take and interpret X-rays

    Diagnosis and Treatment plan formulation

    Chiropractic patient care- Manual Adjustments, diversified, flexion/distraction, activator, drop technique, all major chiro techniques, evidence-based treatments, modalities, rehab exercises, and therapy

    Patient education on the benefits of routine chiropractic care, lifestyle modifications, nutrition, supplementation, and home exercises

    Documentation/progress notes- accurate and timely records

    Re-exams for progress checks, adjustments, and ensure youve met patient and treatment goals

    Collaborating and communicating with medical colleagues and administrators for comprehensive patient care


    Graduation from an accredited Doctor of Chiropractic Program (DC)

    Chiropractic license in IN

    Chiropractic Experience Preferred

    Willingness to work with an integrated team



    Mon -Thurs 8:30-5

    Salary (range)

    $60k-$150k per year

    Why join us?

    4-day work week

    NO marketing

    Potential student loan forgiveness

    Great support system in an integrated practice

    Are you ready to join a dynamic team of well-respected and knowledgeable professionals? Do you enjoy helping countless people reach their optimal health? Then come join us! We offer a competitive salary and a welcoming, supportive team that works hard to help you reach your career goals, as well as helping our patients reach their goals of health and wellness. If this sounds like the opportunity for you, then contact us.

    Please send your resume to Brian Torchin.

    Brian Torchin / CEO

    HCRC Staffing

    Office 800-472-9060

    Employment Type: Full-Time
    Fort Wayne IN USA

  • Mobile Developer Tokyo
  • About Our Client

    As one of the leading e-commerce companies in the industry, their vision is to empower society and their employee. They aims to become the global innovation leaders in the industry. This specific division strives to provide content delivery based platform services for the entire company system.This opportunity provides and encourage English working environment, opportunity to gain industry's valuable, insight and experience.

    Job Description
    • As a Mobile developer, you'll be collaborating with internal teams to develop and test functional mobile applications, while working in a International environment. (European Market)
    • Ultimately, you should gain the skills and experience to be able to design and build the next generation of our mobile applications.

    The Successful Applicant

    • Good experience in mobile(Android, iOS) development
    • Kotlin or Java development experience
    • Demonstrate good analytic experience in the past (Critical thinking and problem solving... attitude)

    Good to have
    • Scrum experience

    What's on Offer
    • Flexible work from home options
    • Multi-cultural working environment
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ALL PROVIDED in the office
    • 10 days Annual Leaves
    • Health, pension, working insurance provided
    Tokyo Japan

  • Home Healthcare Nurse - Makkah (202538) Makkah Province Saudi Arabia
  • Responsible for providing comprehensive nursing care utilizing the nursing process and meeting the established standard of nursing practice and performance. Responsible for providing comprehensive nursing care in the clinics or the emergency department. Provides patient care as assigned according to the established policies and evidence-based practice. Documents all relevant information correctly, appropriately, and in a timely manner. Ensuring the clinic is ready for effective use by the physician (from consumable material stock level and medical equipment standpoint)

    • Comply with all policies, procedures, clinical protocols, standards, and guidelines based on legislation, evidence-based nursing practice.
    • Reports equipment failures, safety, and security issues, and/or reduction of supply inventory to nurse supervisor.
    • Acts as an advocate for patients and families.
    • To co-operate and work effectively with other professionals in the multi-disciplinary team to... ensure continuity of care.
    • Complies with policies for personal and patient safety and for the prevention of healthcare associated infections.
    • Promotes a safe environment and safe patient care by embracing a safety culture.
    • Contributes to the achievement of clinical quality outcome indicators and patient satisfaction.
    • Participates in self education, training and development, as applicable.
    • Contributes to the achievement of cost efficiency savings on unit.
    • Maintains an awareness of resource utilization, exercising care in the ordering and use of staff, equipment, and materials.
    • Completes the nursing assessment and documents medical history from patient.
    • Adhere to the Medicines Management for the safe keeping and administration of medication.

    The employee’s duties are not limited to the above-mentioned accountabilities. The manager can assign other duties based on the business need.

    Work Environment
    • Indoors : 100%
    • Outdoors : 0%
    • Working Days : 6 Working Days
    • Days off : 1 Day Off
    • Working Hours : 8 net working hours according to shift schedule approved by head of department.

    Job Requirement

    • Bachelor’s or Associate Degree/Diploma in Nursing is required
    • SCHS license is required

    • 2 years of clinical experience following the degree.
    • No experience is required for Saudis with Bachelor’s Degree.

    Computer Skills
    • Healthcare Information System

    • English and Arabic (fluent speaking)

    Other Requirements(Certificates)
    • Current Registered Nurse Licensure from country of origin and Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Licensure is required
    Makkah Province Saudi Arabia

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