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  • Slavic
  • Slavic peoples, eastern group of Slavic peoples South Slavic peoples, southern group of Slavic peoples West Slavic peoples, western group of Slavic peoples

  • Slavs
  • or Slavic peoples are the most populous European ethnolinguistic group. They speak the various Slavic languages, belonging to the larger Balto-Slavic branch

  • Slavic languages
  • The Slavic languages, also known as the Slavonic languages, are Indo-European languages spoken primarily by the Slavic peoples and their descendants. They

  • Slavic paganism
  • Slavic mythology or Slavic paganism is the religious beliefs, myths, and ritual practices of the Slavs before Christianisation, which occurred at various

  • Early Slavs
  • Southeast Europe and established the foundations for the Slavic nations through the Slavic states of the Early and High Middle Ages. The Slavs' original

  • Balto-Slavic languages
  • Balto-Slavic languages form a branch of the Indo-European family of languages, traditionally comprising the Baltic and Slavic languages. Baltic and Slavic languages

  • East Slavic
  • Look up East Slavic in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. East Slavic may refer to: East Slavic languages, one of three branches of the Slavic languages East

  • South Slavic
  • up South Slavic in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. South Slavic may refer to: South Slavic languages, one of three branches of the Slavic languages

  • Slavic dragon
  • A Slavic dragon is any dragon in Slavic mythology, including the Russian zmei (or zmey; змей), Ukrainian zmiy (змій), and its counterparts in other Slavic

  • South Slavic languages
  • The South Slavic languages are one of three branches of the Slavic languages. There are approximately 30 million speakers, mainly in the Balkans. These

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  • Home Renovations That Make the Biggest Visual Impact
  • Investing in home renovations is a wonderful way to enhance your living space. However, not all renovations are created equally; some have a significantly more noticeable visual impact than others. Here are three renovation ideas to consider if you want to make the biggest impact:

    Replace Windows

    Windows can brighten up any space and make it seem more spacious. Aside from being more energy-efficient, they can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

    If you plan to replace the windows in your home, here are a few things to consider. Decide what type of window you want. There are many materials to choose from, such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Every option has its pros and cons, so you'll need to carefully weigh your choices.

    Selecting a style is the next step after choosing a material. Would you like casement windows that open outward? Do you prefer double-hung windows? There are many styles to choose from, so take your time and choose the one that best suits your needs. You'll also need to decide on a price range. Window prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so keep your budget in mind.

    Finally, make sure that your windows are installed correctly. The best way to do this is to have them installed by a professional. This way you won’t have to worry about window damage due to poor installation. 

    Replace the Roof

    Your home will look brand new with a new roof. A roof replacement can completely transform the appearance of your home, making it appear more modern and updated, especially if your current one is worn or damaged. A new roof can also increase the curb appeal and value of your home.

    There are many material options for roof replacement. Some of the most common roof shingles options are asphalt, metal, concrete, and wood. Consider replacing your roof with something new if it fits your style. Make sure to find out which materials are the most long-lasting, especially in your climate. You want your roof to look its best for as long as possible. 

    A new roof can make your home stand out from the rest in the competition if you're thinking about selling. Even if you don't plan to sell anytime soon, a new roof will still add value to your home and give you peace of mind.

    Replace the Siding

    Installing new siding to your home is a terrific way to add curb appeal. You'll add to the value of your home and give it a fresh look. Siding can also improve the energy efficiency of your home, depending on the material you choose.

    After deciding on the type of siding you want, the next step is picking a color. If you're not sure what color you want, you can ask the manufacturer or paint store for samples. If you can, try some of the samples on the side of your house and see which siding looks best during different parts of the day. You don’t want to redo all of the siding on your house only to find out that the color looks drastically different in the evening. After you've chosen a color, it's time to purchase siding.

    When you buy siding in the off-season or from a big-box store, you can usually find discounts. Follow the instructions that come with your siding. You can always hire a professional contractor to install siding if you're not confident in your abilities.

    Replacing your windows, roof, and sidings will make the biggest impact on the appearance of your home. You can have the dream home you've always wanted in no time with some careful planning!


  • Discover your latent data talents in Delhi A Comprehensive Overview
  • By enabling businesses to base decisions on data analysis, data science has fundamentally changed how businesses approach decision-making. Having a thorough grasp of data science has become crucial for anyone looking to progress their career in this fast-paced world. With a variety of courses available, Delhi, the vibrant city of India, has emerged as a hub for data science education. This blog attempts to summarize the data science courses offered in Delhi and help you locate the best course that meets your requirements and objectives. We'll offer advice so you can make a wise choice, whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started.

    Advantages of studying in a data scientist course in Delhi

    Delhi is a center for data science education and provides several benefits to students who enroll in programs there. The following are a few of the most notable advantages:

    • Career Enhancement: Individuals have the chance to improve their skills and knowledge through data science courses in Delhi, which will improve their employment chances and possibilities for career advancement. Considering the growing need for data science professionals, enrolling in a course might provide you an advantage over other job candidates.
    • Access to the Latest Tools: Some of the best data science universities with cutting-edge tools and technology are located in Delhi. This keeps students ahead in their area by giving them practical experience with the same tools they'll need in the future.
    • Network Building: You can network with other experts in the area, including teachers and classmates when you enroll in a data science course in Delhi. These contacts can help you network professionally, find employment possibilities, and keep up with changes in your field. Through coursework and field trips, students can build relationships that can last a lifetime.
    • Exposure to Industry Experts: Delhi has a large number of data science courses taught by seasoned industry professionals, giving students a unique chance to learn from professionals in the area. This not only gives students a practical perspective on the material but also exposes them to case studies and real-world events.

    In conclusion, enrolling in a data science course in Delhi has several benefits, like advancing one's profession, getting access to cutting-edge technologies, networking opportunities, and meeting industry leaders. For individuals wishing to grow in the data science industry, it is a good investment.

    Skills required for becoming an adept data scientist

    Success as a data scientist demands a specialized set of abilities and knowledge. The following are some of the critical skills needed for success in this field:

    • Technical Proficiency: Data scientists need to have a good foundation in SQL as well as a comprehensive comprehension of programming languages like Python and R. Additionally, they must be conversant with programs like TensorFlow, Spark, and Hadoop.
    • Analytical Mindset: A data scientist must be able to gather, examine, and comprehend vast volumes of data. This necessitates having a keen analytical viewpoint as well as the ability to think critically and creatively.
    • Machine Learning Knowledge: For data scientists, having a thorough grasp of machine learning techniques is essential. This covers the understanding of deep learning, reinforcement learning, and supervised and unsupervised learning.
    • Communication and Teamwork: A data scientist must be able to effectively convey their results and ideas to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Working in cross-functional teams requires strong cooperation abilities. Furthermore, a data scientist needs to be able to understand their data and how it can be used within a larger organization.
    • Business Savvy: Data scientists need to be aware of the business environment in which they work and can translate data-driven ideas into workable solutions.
    • Flexibility: A good data scientist must be able to consistently learn about and adapt to new technologies and methodologies since the area of data science is always changing.

    Technical expertise, an analytical approach, proficiency in understanding, an aptitude for learning, collaboration and communication skills, business savvy, and adaptability are all needed to become a skilled data scientist. In this constantly changing sector, these abilities are crucial for success.

    Who should look for an online data science course in Delhi?

    A wide range of people, including those aspiring to enter this sector, working professionals, company owners, and data aficionados, are served by the online data science courses provided in Delhi. Some of the best prospects for these courses are listed below:

    Future Data Scientists: Online data science courses in Delhi can provide you with the skills and information you need to start a career in data science. With these courses, you can manage employment and study at your own pace in a flexible learning environment.

    Current Professionals: Online data science courses in Delhi offer a practical alternative for people currently employed in the area who want to advance their abilities. Without having to take time off from work, these courses provide you the opportunity to stay on top of your industry by improving your expertise.

    Entrepreneurs: Online data science courses in Delhi might help business owners who want to use data-driven insights to expand their companies. These classes provide the necessary information for making wise judgments and fostering growth through data analysis.

    Data Lovers: Online data scientist course in Delhi is a terrific choice if you're passionate about data and want to expand your expertise. These programs offer a thorough comprehension of data science and its uses.

    In conclusion, prospective data scientists, working professionals, business owners, and data lovers who want to advance their knowledge and abilities in this area may consider taking online data science courses in Delhi. These courses provide a convenient and adaptable learning environment, making them available to people from many walks of life.

    Preparing for the challenges of working as a data scientist

    Students who take data science courses graduate with the knowledge and abilities needed to deal with any challenges they may encounter as data scientists. These programs offer several advantages, such as:

    • Knowledge of Data: As the foundation of their job as data scientists, the courses teach students a thorough grasp of data, including its gathering, cleaning, and analysis. With this information, students may use data-driven problem-solving techniques and make better judgments.
    • Technical Proficiency: Along with studying programming languages, data visualization tools, and machine learning methods, students also become proficient in a variety of data science tools and technologies.
    • Problem-Solving Abilities: The classes aid students in honing their problem-solving skills, which are essential in the data science industry. Using data analysis, they get the ability to recognize issues and come up with creative solutions.
    • Communication Expertise: Effective communication with many stakeholders, including managers, customers, and technical teams, is crucial in data science. To successfully communicate their discoveries and ideas, students taking data science courses are encouraged to strengthen their communication skills.
    • Hands-on Experience: Additionally, through working on real-world projects, students in data science courses gain practical experience. They can apply what they've learned to actual situations thanks to this experience, which also helps them get ready for any difficulties they could encounter as a data scientist.

    In brief, a data scientist course in Delhi assists students in preparing for the difficulties of employment in this sector by equipping them with vital information and skills, including data understanding, technical competence, problem-solving skills, communication ability, and hands-on experience. Anyone wishing to begin or advance in the field of data science should take one of these courses.

  • Child Visitation and Child Custody Rights for Unmarried Parents
  • Regardless of the marital status of the parents, the court gives child visitation and child custody rights to the biological parents. The willingness of the child is also taken into consideration while making a decision; the first preference of the court is that the child spends time with both parents. In some cases, when it is proven through evidence that it is not suitable for a child to be with one of the parents, the court issues a restriction. The parents agree on a parenting plan before the legal process initiates. It is decided whether both parents will get primary custody, visitation periods and decision-making for the child’s schooling, religion and other important aspects of his/her early childhood.

    If a child is born to unmarried parents, a paternity acknowledgement is signed by both parents to claim parenthood. Once the paternity is established, the biological father can claim the right to child visitation and child custody. In case of disputed fatherhood, the court takes the decision after DNA tests. Each State has its own legal process of filing for paternity; mostly, the paternity suit is filed by the mother to opt for child support from the biological father. This informal negotiation is rather important and an easy way to deal with the problem of child custody and other responsibilities related to the child. In case of a divorce, child custody can be an emotional matter and it is ideal to work it out before getting the court’s approval.

    If both parents do not agree upon the same parenting plan, they take the matters to the court by petitioning the court for child custody and / or child visitation rights. Parents with an agreed parenting plan also go to the court for approval of the arrangement. If either one of the parents do not agree on the arrangement, the matter is solved by the court through a series of hearings. The court prefers that both parents should get the opportunity to see the child but if it is proven that either one of the parents can cause harm to the child, the court orders a restriction. Many cases of domestic violence and drug problems restrict the person involved from meeting their child. This is necessary to ensure the child’s safety. If none of the parents are fit for primary parenthood or visitation, the child is taken away by protective services.

    Apart from taking the matter to the court, the parents can also use an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method which requires both parties to be willing to negotiate. It is a method of arbitration and mediation devoid of the heat and competitiveness of the courtroom. ADR is also called Mediation of Collaborative Family Law. In this method, both parties propose their ideal solutions to the problem and agree upon a plan in presence of their attorneys. If the parents have chosen collaborative family law and the decisions made are at a clash with the decision of the court, the attorney is automatically disqualified.

    A primary caregiver of a child is important for his/her mental growth as psychologists have stressed on the fact that the emotional bond of a child with the caregiver is important to a child’s successful passage through development – both mental and physical.

    Sometimes, parents get shared custody of a child which allows them to equally take part in a child’s growth after separation by becoming the primary caregivers. But mostly, a mother is the primary caregiver; the unmarried father can take away the rights of custody from the mother by proving in court that she is unfit to become a primary caregiver. This way, the father can win sole-custody of the child. In most of these cases, unmarried fathers do not get sole custody but they can still be involved in their children’s lives due to right of visitation or shared custody. While determining a primary caretaker, the court takes into consideration how the parents have divided responsibilities to take care of the child. Such responsibilities include bathing, cleaning, meal preparation and planning, healthcare, laundry, parent-teacher meetings, co-curricular activities and leisure activities with the child.

    The custody order can be modified by the court upon the request of both parents or if one parent files a petition. In case of a divorce, the parent who has been taking care of the child during the marriage is preferred to be the primary custodian. The court usually considers the child’s best interests when it comes to allocating the responsibilities. Apart from the child’s wishes, parents’ mental and physical health is also taken into consideration. Age of the child, adjustment to school, and relationship with the extended family members of both parents, gender of the child and their relation with family members other than the parents are also considered while providing primary custody. Child custody hearings are mostly informal. Both parties are asked several question related to the case and the agreement. If the parties fail to come to a mutual agreement, the judge decides which party should get custody.

    If the parents are unmarried, a mother has sole legal custody till the court issues an order. She can also opt for child support but if the father has paid any money during informal agreements, it would not be counted in the court and he may have to pay more than he had to.

    Child support and child custody are delicate matters where money and emotions, both are involved. Mothers are given preference as a primary custodian but sometimes, they do not provide suitable environment to the child. If one of the parents has issues such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse or any mental disorder due to which he/she might end up hurting the child in any way, it should be proven in the court. Since it is a matter of the safety of a child and the right of custody or visitation, the parents of the child should contact legal family attorneys before taking any action. Even before making any informal agreements, one should discuss the matter with an attorney to know the legal rights as a parent and the consequences of any action inside or outside of court.

  • Payday Loan Debt Relief
  • Payday Loan Debt Relief 

    A payday loan is a type of short-term borrowing where a lender will extend high interest credit based on your income. Its principal is typically a portion of your next paycheck. Payday loans charge high-interest rates for short-term immediate credit. They are also called cash advance loans or check advance loans. Payday loans are normally based on how much you earn, and normally you have to provide a pay stub when looking for one. You can also hire a consultant or consulting firm to help you and suggest the best ways to relieve payday loan debt. Payday advance loan suppliers will typically need you to show evidence of your revenue. They will then lend you a portion of the money that you will be paid. You will certainly have to pay the car loan back within a brief time, usually 30 days or less.

    A payday loan is safe or not? 

    This indicates that you do not have to give the lending institution any collateral or obtain a useful product as you perform in a pawn store. Rather, the Payday loan provider will generally ask you for authorization to online take cash from your financial institution, lending institution, or pre-paid card account. Additionally, the loan provider might ask you to compose a look for the payment quantity, which the lender will certainly cash when the car loan is due. Under government legislation, lenders can not issue a payday loan on getting permission from the customer for "preauthorized" (repeating) digital fund transfers.

    Can you get a payday loan without a bank account? 

    Having a checking account isn't widely needed to borrow money, yet lenders that do not need it generally bill high rates of interest. This includes many cash advance loan providers. Payday lending institutions might request a checking account, yet sometimes a prepaid card account might suffice to certify. Because these finances cost so much and might be tough to settle, it's usually best to prevent them. If you can not pay back the financing promptly, fees can add up, leading to a financial obligation trap that's tough to get out of. Because of this, you ought to only obtain a cash advance if you are definitely certain that you can pay it back.

    Tips to Get Payday Loan Debt Relief:

    To get a cash advance you commonly need an active checking account, an ID as well as proof of earnings such as a pay stub. You have to be at least 18 years of age. Some loan providers additionally need a Social Security number. You still can be declined for a payday advance, despite having earnings and also a bank account:

    • You need to choose and use a low-interest-rate debt plan to pay off your payday loan to get relief.
    • You must ensure that it will be your last relief in this case.
    • You need to pay some extra amount to get payday loan debt relief.
    • Look for debt settlement when trying to get payday loan debt relief.

    Benefits of Payday Loan Debt Relief:

    Payday loan consolidation is helpful for you to get low-interest loans such as personal loans etc. The following are the benefits of Payday Loan Debt:

    • Payday loan debt offers you consolidation to provide relief and save money.
    • It will help you to increase the time frame for the repayments.
    • It also helps you to avoid facing finance courts if you are using the best way for repayments to get relief with the help of consultants.
    • You will be able to get benefits if you have done it already by providing the end date or time for repayments. If yes, you can get debt relief in case of emergency.



    Looking at the above discussion, you will find that most of the tips are helpful. Here is a great option of Debt Relief that can help you. You will also find the pros of Payday loan debt relief. You will be eligible to repay according to the given plan and the debt relief on payday loans.

  • Tips to Make Your Dental Visit a Smooth One
  • It is possible that you have had the experience of visiting a dentist in Bahrain with a bad experience. Or maybe you have had a good experience. It all comes down to the individual who you are visiting and the experience you are expecting to have. That is why it is important to know ten important things to be prepared for while visiting dental clinic in Bahrain. This blog will offer some tips to conduct an excellent dental visit.

    • Prepare yourself mentally and physically: Be comfortable, relaxed and alert.

    When you go to the dentist, it’s important to be mentally and physically prepared. Here are a few tips to make your visit as smooth as possible: Make sure you understand what the dentist is going to do and why. If there are any concerns about the dental work being done, be sure to discuss them with the doctor beforehand. In addition to being mentally prepared, be physically comfortable too. Avoid tensing up or biting your lip – these will only make things more difficult for you. You should also try to relax your jaw and avoid clenching your teeth – both of which can cause pain in the teeth and gums. 

    • Communicate with your dentist: Let them know what you need and why.

    This will help your dentist better understand your needs, and planning for the visit will go much smoother. Also, let them know if you have any questions or concerns about anything that has been discussed during the visit. Dentists want their patients to be happy and feel confident about their dental care.

    • Follow their instructions explicitly: Do not be afraid to ask questions if something doesn't make sense.

    Be aware of any warnings or instructions your dentist may give you before the visit starts. If there is anything you don't understand, ask them to clarify it before the procedure begins. Take a comfortable position during the examination. You'll likely be asked to remove some clothing, so make sure you're prepared for this by wearing clothes that will not constrict your movements or disturb the dental team's work. Keep silent unless asked to speak up by your dentist or doctor. They may need to ask questions in order to properly diagnose and treat your problem, so avoid verbalizing any concerns until they're ready for you to do so.

    • Be a good patient: Smile, be positive, and do not stress out

    It can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude during a dental visit, but it is important to do so in order to make the experience as smooth and pain-free as possible. Here are some tips to help you out: 

    1. Smile! This may seem like an obvious tip, but a genuine smile will put patients at ease and help to promote a positive environment.

    2. Be positive! The last thing you want is for your dentist to start worrying about how you're feeling, especially if there's something wrong with your teeth. Try not to dwell on any potential fears or anxieties before the appointment and instead focus on the upcoming treatment.

    3. Don't stress! Dentists often work with very delicate equipment, so even the slightest amount of stress can lead to accidents.


    Do you need a dental visit? If so, we hope this article on how to make your dental visit a smooth one will help you out. Here are some tips to make your visit to the best dental clinic in Bahrain much less stressful.

  • The Challenge in the Workplace
  • In present days, managing different generations in the workplace provokes many challenges especially in 21st century organisations that are characterised by innovation and modern implications. The main gaps between different generations concern location, age, birth years, developmental stages and significant life events. Generational differences in the workplace are regarded as HRM issues that do not allow creating favourable atmosphere for work. One can distinguish two approaches regarding generational differences in the workplace. The first one insists that each generation should be influenced and defined by shared events. The second one presumes that sharing certain values, behaviours, and thoughts can be explained by the diversity of generations. In this essay, the challenge of managing different generations in the workplace and the implications for the 21st century organisation are described.

    The Challenges of Managing Different Generations in the Workplace

    One can divide American workers into four generations: the traditional generation, baby boom generation, generation X, and generation Y. All these generation differs from each other with their attitude to the work, balancing work and family life and attitude to innovation. This division proves about different challenges that can appear when there are gaps between the old generation and the young one. The traditional generation is supposed to be the oldest including those who are retired at the present time. They also have other names like the greatest generation, the matures, the Silent generation and the Silents. Workers of traditional generation are disciplined, conservative and have a sense of obligation. They benefit 21st century organisations because they do everything in time. The disadvantage of the traditional generation is that it adapts to the changes and innovation process provokes difficulties.

    The baby boom generation consists of workers that were born between 1943 and 1965. This period is supposed to be the baby boom because of the high birth rate. The baby boom generation differs from the traditional generation by their revolutionary and radical thinking. They are ready to protest against injustice and inequality at the working place that is why in 21st century organisations they occupy leading positions. Boomers respect authority. They grew up in optimism and prosperity that is why they believe that it is possible to change the world. The main challenge provoked by baby boomers is that they do not trust traditional generation that is over 30 years old.

    Generation X consists of individuals born between 1968 and 1979. Moreover, another name of this generation is the baby bust because the birth rate at that time was relatively small. Comparing with the baby boom generation, generation X grew up in a period of societal, familial and financial insecurity. Generation X was the witness of the decline of the American power, high divorce rate and unemployment. Generation X differs from the baby boom generation and traditional generation as baby boom generation devotes too much time to their family life. As to the traditional generation, they devote too much time to career and work. Generation X is more self-reliant, autonomous and independent that is why they want to balance between a career and family life.

    Generation Y includes individuals who were born between 1978 and 2003. They have such names as Nexters, Millenials, the Net Generation, N-Gens, Echo Boomers, Generation E, Generation www, and the Digital generation. Even these names prove about the influence of dramatic technological advances and computers. Generation Y feels comfortable with the innovative technologies comparing with the previous generations. They are characterised by collective actions, embracing diversity and team work. They are optimistic and ready to any changes.

    It is evident that the collaboration of all four generations can bring positive aspects to any 21st century organisation. However, one should find the ways of overcoming the gap between them that concerns generational differences and making similarities the driving forces for the organisation. Generational conflicts in the workplace can be solved with the help of the work ethics. Another challenge between generations concerns their attitude to work.

    Generation X is always sceptical about generation Y and supposes them irresponsible and uncommitted. The baby boom generation may be workaholics and that is why they should control younger generations. The most hard-working generation is the traditional generation that is why they should occupy leading positions in the organisation. However, the main issue is a stereotypic thinking that generation G is lazy and uncommitted. It is evident that one should destroy all existing stereotypes about any generation, and this will benefit the organisation and help to avoid the challenges. Employees of all generations should be provided with the work ethics especially the employees with low income level, lower level of education, ethical and racial differences. Attitude to work of any generation depends on the attitude to themselves.

    It is necessary to mention that the challenges between generations can be explained by lack of open communication, dialogue and loyalty to each other. Without a doubt, open communication and dialogue between employees of different generations are necessary for an effective functioning of the organisation. Open communication will help employees to adjust to the organisation's environment and differences between generations. This process concerns an employee’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and requirements of a job. Open communication gives an opportunity to share the values of an organisation and an employee’s personal values. Open communication makes use of talent dialogue and helps in finding a solution to problems and reaching common compromises. Loyalty is also a way to compromises and collaboration between generations.

    The work relationships between different generations should be friendly and positive. Employers have a legal responsibility of creating favourable environments for employees. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from practicing employment discrimination on the basis of colour, sex, race, social background, or religion. Employers should respect and protect the rights and interests of all employees irrespective of their social or cultural backgrounds. However, there are cases that force employees to pursue constructive dismissal especially to the traditional generation. The traditional generation and boomers are characterised with high loyalty that is why they try to avoid conflicts. As to the young generation they do not have much loyalty, they are more expressive and emotional.

    Many organisations around the world have made headlines in a bad way. This commonly occurs because of the organisational misconduct by either the organisation itself or the management. This problem is associated with poor ethical decision making. In order to achieve proper ethical decision making at all levels of an organisation, it is critical for the company to adopt appropriate strategies. One of these strategies is promoting ethical leadership. Ethical leaders promote ethical considerations in their company’s decisions. Ethical leadership fosters positive relationships between all stakeholders of the organisation thus providing a wide range of benefits at all levels of the organisation. Poor relationships often have a far-reaching negative effect on the decision-making process in an organisation and lead to the conflicts among employees of different generations.

    Respect and authority are not less important factors for managing different generations in the workplace. Both older and younger generations complain about the lack of respect that is why the main task of the authority is to encourage both generations and create equal and favourable work conditions for them.

    It is extremely important to achieve respect in the workplace as this is also a step to the development of good relationships between the different generations and avoid challenges within the organisation. All employees should be provided with training styles and training needs. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the employees of the traditional generation might be weak in the innovative technologies as they always can get the additional training.

    Respect is one of the most important notions of ethics that defines wrongness and rightness of a person’s behaviour and deeds. Ethics is the following of moral rules; it criticises deception, lying, information suppression, violation of rules, and abuse of power; it requires the healthcare workers to make the right decisions. Ethics and professional behaviour are the basis of workplace. When employees from a different generation respect each other, then there will be no serious challenges between them. Without a doubt, every employee wants to get a good salary. However, the problem is that not every employee works in the same way; that is why, it would be unfair to pay equally. Equal pay can provoke conflicts and misunderstanding. The most important thing is to find and employ proper conflict resolution techniques to solve the issues. All employees are people with different needs and goals; one should give them time to adjust to each other and then show their skills and abilities. Company’s management should propose flexible system of promotions and merits for those who work better than others.

    In conclusion, it is necessary to say that there are challenges of managing different generations in the workplace and in most cases they concern differences between generations. The similarities between the traditional generation, baby boom generation, generation X and generation Y concern attitudes to changes, reasons for working, attitudes regarding flexibility and teamwork. The differences between the traditional generation, baby boom generation, generation X and generation Y concern authority, respect, skills, supervision, loyalty, work and life balance.

    About the author

    Kate Fox is an entrepreneur, blogger, and speechwriter at exclusive papers net. She is passionate about socializing and dealing with people. She adores participating in webinars and enhancing my knowledge about sociology and psychology.

  • Do not Fall for these Investment Scams
  • The introduction of the internet into the business world was surely a great innovation for investors as they can now easily research different types of investment opportunities around the world and trade securities. As a result of the internet not having regulations, fraudsters have found a place where they easily deceive people who intend to make their money work for them by investing. Usually it begins by a phone call or an email presenting you a business opportunity one can only dream of, as you begin to accept the investment opportunity which you believe is going to turn your life around. You start pouring in dollar upon dollar and might even find yourself in debt only to later notice the investment was just a mirage.

    The point is that the investment scam is so well planned that differentiating it not to be a real investment opportunity is impossible. An investment scam can as well be presented to you by someone who you have known for a while and who have gained your trust, and can take one of the following three forms; the presented investment opportunity is fictitious and is non-existent; the presented investment do exist but the money you will give to the fraudster does not go into the investment rather to his bank account; the scam could as well be a group of individuals falsely presenting themselves as an investment company.

    Types of investment opportunities that turn to scam

    A scam usually turns to work well as those involved in the scam are well prepared and organized. A huge scam like an investment opportunity always involves a team of individuals who come up with a makeshift office, known as a “boiler room”. They pull the package by directing the victim to the company’s website given the conviction to the victim that he is handing his money to people who can multiply it in a good way. In order to play big and make the company look legitimate, they will set-up a number which is accessed toll free and even give the victim the address of the company to make him not to panic and have any thought in the event of making investment decisions. Not to forget that the information given by the scam team all along about the existence of this nice looking investment opportunity in their company is fake and if later the victim is to trace the office he might end up meeting a tree at the exact location that was for the company. Below are some of the most common investment opportunity scams

    • Advance fee scheme

    The idea behind an advanced fee scheme is that the scammer puts in effort to encourage to pay money up front against an investment opportunity making the investor believe he is going to have a large return on his investment. Once the money gets into the possession of the scammer the investor doesn’t hear from him again.

    Another scenario of an advanced fee scheme occurs when the scammers target an investor that just lost money in a risky investment and propose to him the opportunity of them trying to recover some of the money he lost. The idea they will bring to this investor is to buy or exchange the risky investment and make more profit from it than it is worth. The investor becomes a victim of an investment fraud once more as he is asked to first pay a fee or tax on the service which is refundable in case of failure.

    • Scam On Exempt Securities

    In Canada for example when a company is to sell securities, the company has to file to the with security regulators a document that describes its various ventures (prospectus). Looking at exempt securities, this condition is not necessary. Knowing this, some scammers will present their fraudulent investment opportunity as an “exempt” security. This will begin with an urgent call telling you about a promising investment opportunity which will soon go public, you will be normally told that the investment opportunity is at the reach of only rich people but for you there be an exemption.

    • Forex scam

    The forex scam is mostly an online scam and forex stands for the foreign exchange market and is the largest world market for liquid finance. The Forex ads is the way to access the foreign exchange market, this market is characterized by well-resourced, large international banks with a well trained staff that knows how to use the latest technology in accounting. Scammers take advantage that their  Forex services is an online business based in another country, some firms market their services not following the rules and their money get lost.

    Internet business scams

    The expansion and flourishing of business thanks to the internet through online businesses have only found an increasing trend. Growing parallel to the online business is the online business scams which continuously spread like wild fire, which are known to have taken advantage of several people. Opportunities in online business like investing for beginners and starting your own online business are some of the ways the scammers use to give impression to this beginner they have the perfect plan to make them get rich as quick as possible. Two emotional triggers greed and fear are played on by the scammers. Greed in the sense that most investment beginners seek to get rich fast and fear is to describe the search of financial security such that the more you make money fast the less you will worry about it in future. Some of the most popular online business scams or work-at home scams are cited below;

    • Chain letters or chain emails

    This scheme is used by scammers to target any person with and it is shown to be a very simple task online business. This requires you to forward an email you received to a list of email addresses and some cash to the names at the top of the list. The chain email will as well instruct you to add your name at the bottom of the list as you pass it on and that with time you will start receiving money without actually doing anything. This is an example of a pyramid scheme seeking to take advantage of individuals who do not have any suspicion.

    • Craft assembly

    Craft assembly business involves the assemblage of toys among which we can cite crafts, dolls and any other type of assemblage project. In this scam you will receive instructions from a company through email that tells you about the craft assemblage business and promises a large profit at the end of the day and you think you have found a good online business. The only thing left for you to do is to pay an upfront fee (the scam) which is for the starter kit in which you will find the parts and instructions on how to move on with the assemblage. Thereafter when you are done with the craft assembly and sent it back to the company expecting your payment you are then told that the work you did was not up to standard and cannot be paid for. This is how the scam is designed so that no one will ever meet their required specification of design.

    • Email processing tech

    The email processing scam is the type of scheme which the scammer makes you think you are doing a very profitable online business just by processing emails. You are asked by the scammer to pay an upfront fee to be able to have access to the services of getting the emails at your disposal at your home for processing. This work is nothing more than luring the web to process and spamming the same massage the scammer sent to you to other persons through email.

    • Home typist

    There are many companies that come up online through your mail or through publicities on certain websites and make you believe you can make a lot of money just by typing. This is mostly set to target those who are good at typing fast, stay at home moms and those who are always online. There is a condition to start the typist work which is to pay an upfront fee (the scam) that will permit you to have the computer disk with the steps that are going to help you place ads for other typing positions online. They will persuade you that doing this will enable  you create an online business where other typist who want to join the online typing business have to obtain the disk from you. This practice turns you to bring more people into the network, this is an example of a pyramid scheme and it is illegal.

    Investing for beginners

    There are a number of practices that should ring a bell to someone who is to get involved into investing for the first time most especially overseas because most investment opportunities that turn to scams in investing for beginners is that they should finance a business overseas that has a greater return there and they are going to make quick and large profit returns on the cash invested.

    Other common types of scam

    Cold calls encouraging you to invest

    Investment opportunities here are announced to you by an individual who will tell you that he is a stock broker or a portfolio manager. The investing for beginner’s opportunity they will tell you they have is a low risk one and as a consequence of your investment you will have high returns. The scammer will do everything such that his deal seems legitimate and in case you do not respond he will keep calling you. They usually claim they do not need the a License to operate and are approved by the governments where they operate. The areas proposed for investment for beginners in this scheme by the scammer are into mortgage, real-estate, option trading and currency trading which all will have a high return over a short run.

    Share portion and hot tips

    In such a scam a good investment opportunity is presented to an individual who want to make more money without him actually making much efforts. You will be informed that there is a company whose share are being expected to raise in the nearest future. The means by which you can be reached for such an investment opportunity is through email or the information will be posted in a forum. The scammer in this case initially purchased this share and on realizing it is not a fruitful venture targets those he knows are beginners in investment and promotes the company image and even sells the none-fruitful shares he purchased at an even higher price to his victim. The share may loss its value and hence might worth much less than the amount the investor purchased.

    Investment seminars

    These are seminars which are destined to motivate the investing for beginners into the business world. It is held by investment experts, speakers who can motivate the investment of beginners. They will encourage these beginners to go on and follow high risk businesses and will give them tips on doing by advising them to borrow money in large amounts to purchase property. The way in which money is extracted from the beginner in investment is through the seminar promoter who will first of all ask them to pay charges in order to attain these seminars and there after sell them business books at very expensive prices and at the end the person gets no one to one advise on investing for beginners.

    Investment scam from investment companies

    Explaining the concept of investment companies scam, the scam here is the inappropriate achievement of foreign technology by the investment companies from countries like USA, Canada, Europe or Australia. This begins with an innovative technological idea being developed from one of these countries and in order to make this technology a business opportunity this inventor contacts a manufacturer so that it will function as an investment company for the production of the item invented. The normal trend is that the innovator enters into a predevelopment relationship with the company. As this contract goes on, the company convinces you to hand over the complete technology to them since you guys are now in a partnership and that immediate interest is not their objective but the interest at the end of the IPO. So they take on them all the cost of production as you give them the full technology.

    After the production is complete and you to enter the manufacturer agreement you then discover the investment company has scammed you by putting both the invention and production of the technology in their name which is all legal to their local authority hence they cannot be sued.

  • Corian Acrylic Temple For Home
  • Mandir Interiors Offers a Unique Collection of Customized & Designer Corian Mandir For Home, Office. Exclusively Manufactured by Mandir Interiors At Affordable Prices Because We Have Our Own Manufacturing Unit With Latest Technology CNC Machines That Puts Accurate Design With 100% Accuracy. Also We Are the Biggest Brand in Terms of Corian Temple Manufacturer in Delhi, Gurgaon & All over in India. We have Unique and Customized Corian Mandir Design to choose from and you can also select from our various latest & excellent Corian Acrylic Temple design. Most importantly we can personalize as per your requirement.

    We have Unique and Customized Corian Temple Design to choose from and you can also select from our various latest & excellent Corian Temple design for home. Most importantly we can personalize & customize the Temple design as per your  requirement.

    Acrylic temple for home are splendid and enhance the spiritual environment to feel inner peace Likewise Designer Corian Wall Mounted Temple makes your Worship Place architecture into a beautiful eye catchy by placing Acrylic Temple Design of Mandir Interiors. 

    No one can offer the Cheapest Corian temple price/ cost as Mandir Interiors can the provide also no one can beat us in Corian temple price in India because we are leading Corian temple manufacturer in near New Delhi NCR . Also our Corian temple shop in Delhi Near You can Customized Corian Temple for our clients. 

    We have various Corian Temple Designs for your Home made with Corian Acrylic Solid Surface Like Acrylic Temple, Corian Photo Frame or Corian Frame, Corian Sheet/Korean Sheet (Any Size), Corian Furniture or any type of Corian Acrylic Work .

    Mandir Interiors is the Leading Brand of Corian Temple Dealers in Delhi NCR, Kirti Nagar, Rohini, Gurgaon and all over in India. Please give us a Chance to serve your desired Customized Corian Temple.

    Desired Corian Customized Temple For Your Home, Flat, Office, Shop etc.

    Fire Resistant Corian Acrylic Solid Surface Material To be Used

    Non- Porous Material



    Easy To Clean

    Required Minimum Maintenance

  • 14 Things You are Doing or Not Doing to Sabotage Your Own Health
  • It’s a free world. There are so many things which are not clearly stated out in any Do’s and Don’ts book. They are not backed by any nation’s laws. But make no mistakes about it, most of these things you are doing or failing to do really have an effect on your health. You may not notice the difference they are making, but in time you will and believe me, you will not like it when the time comes. Prevention they say is better than cure. There is a very close relationship between lifestyle and health and this implies there are certain healthy lifestyle habits with the potential of either building or destroying your health. Lets look at some ways you have ignorantly been causing damage to your own health and body, possibly without knowing it.

    Getting minimum sleep and rest time

    Its a very busy century we live in. technology seems to have made things a lot easier, yet people still have to work harder. Much harder than is good for their health. The amount of sleep you get is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are going to succeed in any field in life, it is important that you work hard. At the same time, wisdom demands that you know the limits. There is time for everything, and that includes a time to work and a time to rest. When work begins to take the time of rest, it is a signal that you have things out of perspective and a step further into hurting yourself. Some people do not consider getting adequate rest and sleep amongst lifestyle choices they must make, but it is still a critical issue.

    While rest is not necessarily sleep, it is important to point out that sleep is one of the best forms of rest. Otherwise rest could simply mean taking some time away from work and any other activity that adds to the stress your body has to deal with. Averagely, everyone is supposed to sleep at least eight hours a day. For children, that time may go up to about ten hours.

    Sometimes, adults are drawn to the deception that sleep and rest should be kept at minimum. But that is contrary to the healthy lifestyle habits you ought to be practicing. Don’t resort resting as little as you should and put the rest of your time into something more important. Something like more work, so you can earn more money and live better. For most people, thats what more work is all about. Getting more money. However, more money cannot be interpreted to mean better living. More money could be used for hospital bills. It is common sense, but its not as common as the word sounds. Your health is clearly more important than all the money you can get in the world. Don’t give up rest and sleep as a sacrifice for more money.

    The less rest you get, the weaker your immune systems becomes and of course, the more vulnerable you are to sicknesses and diseases. Getting adequate rest and sleep must be considered as one of the most important healthy living habits.

    Ignoring Exercise

    Surely you are guilty of this crime, but do you know the penalties of ignoring exercise? There are several reasons why people engage in physical exercises. Some for the pleasure of it, others to keep fit and maintain shape and for some it is just a routine they have learned to respect over the years. Whatever the reason for which people get engaged in physical exercises, the benefits are clear and should never be ignored.

    Talk about things like diabetes, heart attack and other very common but deadly diseases, most are related to the fact that people do not get engaged in physical exercises. If they do, often its not as well enough as they should. Exercises regulate blood pressure, breakdown fat and reduce blood sugar levels. It reduces stress and helps your entire body function properly. Even your brain is positively affected by exercise. Those who regularly engage in meaningful exercises perform better mentally than those who do not. Break out from the circle that limits you to working sleeping and eating. The exercises you engage in do not even need to be rigorous. They should be enough to keep your body functioning properly.

    Embracing stress

    Don’t allow stress become a routine in your life. Avoiding stress is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, avoid anything that stresses you out. And if you do get stressed up once in a while, don’t yield to it or simply go through the motions, hoping that it will wear off. Some people get so stressed that every other thing ceases to make meaning or give pleasure to them. We could talk about the fact that stress reduces your productivity and makes life seem unbearable, but the health effects of stress must be dealt with too. Stress has a multipliers effect on your lifestyle and health and it makes it difficult to keep up with certain healthy living habits. It is the leading cause of depression which causes complications like sleep disorder and distress.

    Not drinking enough water

    You must have heard of water therapy. The powerful process which proves the importance of water to the body is in itself a reason why you should take the issue more seriously. Habitually drinking water is one of the most healthy lifestyle habits to practice. Yes I know you do drink water during and after meals. Maybe once or twice during the day when you are really thirsty and that’s about how far you go. Lets just get things straight by clearly stating that water is far more important than just a liquid you gulp down every now and then when you feel thirsty during the day.

    For one thing, thirst in itself is a pointer to a deficiency of water in your body. That means you are not even suppose to get to the point where you are thirsty. But you always do. Its time to make some changes that will really influence how your body functions and keep you healthier. It may be important to remind you that every single cell in your body is dependent on water to properly carry out its functions. Digestion, excretion, temperature regulation and several other important processes that keep the body functioning properly are dependent on water. Oh the number of people who would have avoided diseases like kidney stones if only they took drinking water seriously. Don’t drink water because you should. Drink water as a habit and because it is vital to your lifestyle and health. Do it because you must.

    Putting up with bad eating habits

    Every now and then, people eat for the pleasure of it. Not for hunger or for strength but for the pleasure derived from eating. There may not be problem with eating for pleasure or for any other reason if you are actually eating right and in accordance with healthy living habits. That said, there are two aspects related to eating right. Eating the right thing and eating at the right time. Even when you are famished, you still need to be conscious of the fact that whatever you eat is what your body will process and it will definitely affect your health, positively or negatively.

    There is so much confusion when it comes to nutritional advice. It seems that for everything one person tells you not to eat, there is some other person who thinks that is exactly what you should be eating to have a healthy lifestyle. The truth is, unless something is simply not food, you can eat whatever you want. What matters is the quantity you eat, the time you eat it and how it is prepared for consumption. Don’t let people confuse you with their opinions on what is good and what is not good for eating. Sometimes, even those who are under very strict nutritional routines face serious heath issues which are related to what they eat.

    For some other people, the problem is not with regards to what they eat or even the quantity they eat but when they eat. You must understand that the body’s digestive system especially is not a machine that should work at any time you need it to. There are different meals during the day and there is a right time to eat every meal. To maintain good health, meals should be taken at their proper time. Breakfast for example should be taken by 7:30am and latest by 8:30am, lunch by 1pm or 2pm and supposed by 7pm or at most 8pm. This gives enough time between the meals for proper digestion and helps prevent certain digestive disorders and health complications. If you have the habit of eating between meals or late at night, you are actually posing a danger to your health. You should stop doing so now before things become complicated and more serious.

    Working too long and too hard

    There is a time to work and a time to rest. As a matter of fact, there is time for everything. Understanding and accepting this is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You certainly have to work and make money to take care of certain expenses, but work should not be taken to the extreme or placed above healthy lifestyle habits. People who live healthy understand how important it is to be hard working and how much they need to rest. Working too hard, especially when that work is not balanced with adequate rest is a health risk that should be avoided. You need your health more than you need money or a successful career. If you are not sound in health, nothing will really work out. Some people work through out the day, with very little rest and struggle to work throughout the night. The effect of such a routine may not be clear for a while but with time, you will come to realize how much damage you have been doing as you start aging faster that you are supposed to. Stress and hard work affects the entire body and its functionality.

    Ignoring your relationships

    Every kind of relationship you get into has the power to affect you to the level of intimacy you have in the relationship. You need to put in effort to build your relationships at every level. Relationships have to do with our emotions and you need to be emotionally healthy to keep the right relationship. When a person is stressed up emotionally or emotionally sick, it weighs on his immune system and make the person vulnerable to sicknesses. This is another proof of the strong relationship that exist between lifestyle and health.

    Going on with addictions

    Very few things can bring about health deterioration like addictions, especially to drugs and harmful substances. Every addictive substance has an adverse effect on the health of the person who takes it though the intensity of damage done is relative to the drug and the level of addiction in question. Smokers are fun of scoffing anyone that tries to talk them away from it. Governments and health regulatory bodies even force cigarette producing companies to issue a warning alert to smokers but that has not accomplished much. Its more important for people to know why they ought to uphold certain healthy living habits or make the right lifestyle choices. However, there are more diseases and health complications related to smoking than some smokers would like to believe. Almost every substance with a strong addictive tendency is harmful to the body, especially when taken in excess. If you have been addicted to any substance for some time, it is time to let it go and take charge of your health.

    Apart from direct health hazards, addictions have long term impacts that affect certain vital organs of the body and make one’s days of old age a nightmare.

    Not visiting the doctor on time

    Most people who have private doctors go through routine health checks. It could be as frequent as weekly for some people. Well, others cannot afford a private doctor, but you don’t need one in order to visit the doctor often. When someone leaves the hospital with a bad report, most times, it is not the result of a sudden issue, but something that had simply gone unnoticed for a while. Severe health complications that have become life threatening could have been avoided if only the victim took the issue of visiting a doctor as a routine seriously.

    Those who never go for any medical check up until things are critical have to go through much more pain, and spend more money. Visit the doctor as a routine and you will save yourself from unnecessary pain while increasing your life span.

    Exposing yourself to bad weather

    Even if you are use to extreme weather conditions, you need take precautions to avoid the adverse health effects that come with exposure to bad weather. Why buy weather appropriate dresses and not wear them in the right season or under the weather they were made for? Fashion makes people do unreasonable things, including dressing absurdly. It is important to wear weather appropriate clothes at all times. While you enjoy different fashion trend, bear in mind that the desire to be fashionable is not as important a your health. Staying appropriately clothed in every weather condition is one of the most important lifestyle choices to make.

    Spending too much time on your butt

    Most people who have jobs that require them to be stationary work at a desk or table. This means sitting for more than five hours for the average daily work time span which is a hindrance to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are chairs designed to reduce the stress caused by extended sitting but they are hardly effective. It is better to stay conscious of healthy living habits and cultivate the right lifestyle and health habits. For one thing, even with the most comfortable office chairs, most people hardly take the right sitting posture. If it is a matter of your Job, you definitely have to sit while you are at work. However, start by sitting right if you cant sit for less longer. No matter the kind of chair you use, when your sit, make sure your back and spine are upright and as relaxed as possible.

    Besides spinal issues which is serious enough, there are a number of health issues related to sitting for too long. Amongst other health problems, people who sit for too long are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, obesity, excessive waist fat accumulation and waist or back pain. You should deal with this by taking short breaks from sitting. You could walk from your desk after every two hours or so, or simply stand up and stretch. It helps to release the tension on your back and nerves.

    Bitting Your nails

    Bitting nails seems to be something for children but as some of us can testify, its hardly so. It is actually one of the most unhealthy lifestyle habits you can think of. There are a number of reasons why people bite their nails. Some people do it when they are bored, others when they are under some kind of pressure or tension. For others, its just a habit they picked up from childhood and have not been disciplined enough to stop it though they are now adults. Biting your nails, especially in public may seem weired and childish to some people but that’s not all you should be concerned about. The health complications that could arise from bitting your nails are serious enough to secure an admission at the hospital for a few days or over a week.

    At any specific time, there are more than 10 different bacteria on your hands but for most of them, the little space beneath your fingernails is a sweet spot for a hideout. This means when you bite your nails, you also take in some dangerous bacteria, some of which are the cause of serious stomach aches. Even if you always wash your hands, bitting your nails is still something you should do away with.

    Staring at the Screen for too long

    Need we get into how important your eyes are? I think not. Many people work with a computer and for most of them, this means staring at the screen continuously for hours. This affects eyesight. Theres what scientists and eye specialist now call Computer Vision Syndrome. Though this is an umbrella term referring to several visual complications resulting from staring at the computer screen for too long, the problems may be the result of staring at phones and TV screens too. Since we now have LCD screens and HD screens, television screens are not as much a problem as they were some years back when they were very harsh. However, modern TV screens will still pose a danger to the health of your eyes if you don’t take the right precautions. For those who have giant screens, it will be dangerous and health threatening to sit too close to the television. Besides the light or brightness of the screen, you may have to move your head and neck more in order to get a better view. That means more strain on your neck which may lead to nerve aches and faulty vision.If you frequently use your computer at night, don’t work in darkness. Make sure the room where you work is well lit.

    Holding Urine

    If you are at a meeting, or in a situation where you just can’t leave to take a piss, you may have to hold back urine for sometime even though your bladder hurts. However, holding back urine should never become something you just do habitually. Don’t even consider it unless you really, really have to. The bladder operates in an elastic manner and if you consistently hold in urine, its going to get weak. That means at a certain time in life, holding urine is not even going to be possible. Apart from that, you stand the risk of having cancer of the bladder when you consistently hold in urine.

    Seeing that there is a very close relationship between lifestyle and health, you have to be very careful how you live. It is important to always make the right lifestyle choices. Your wellness is more important than anything that poses a threat to it.

  • What Are The Requirements For Data Science
  • Due to the rising demand for data science, the term is creating a lot of buzz in the industry. Having only the technical skills is insufficient to pursue a career that is so in demand. This blog will walk you through every prerequisite for data science that you need to be aware of to succeed in the field.


    What is Data Science?


    In order to solve challenging problems, the field of data science combines the various fields of machine learning, algorithms, data inference, programming, mathematics, and statistics.


    90% of the data currently available worldwide was created in the two years before 2013, according to a 2013 study. We gathered nine times as much data in only two years as humankind's collective data-gathering efforts over thousands of years.


    According to Forbes' 6 Predictions regarding data in 2022, there will be a staggering 45 zettabytes after the year. We need data science to add value to this information, make it applicable to real-world situations and be helpful.


    Data scientists, who resemble superhumans, interpret unstructured, disorderly, raw data from sources like emails, social media feeds, and smart gadgets that don't neatly fit into databases. They gather, purge, and arrange data. If you are considering a career in this exciting field, register in the best Data science course in Delhi, and get certified by IBM.


    What makes Data Science so special?


    Data science is a Field that is constantly evolving

    Due to the enormous and constantly expanding amount of data around the globe and the rising demand for data scientists, the evolving field of science is rapidly developing.


    If you choose a career in data science, you will have fascinating possibilities to work on cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as those that are fast developing, such as edge computing, blockchain, and serverless computing.

    High Paying Jobs

    The average salary for a data scientist in India is $9,16,500 per year, according to Comparing this to the average software developer salary in India, which is roughly $5,000,000, it is clear that this is substantially greater.


    According to, the average annual pay for a data scientist in the United States is $119,353, whereas it is, correspondingly, £52,137, C$79,313, €44,730, and AU$92,157 in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Australia.


    Growing Demand

    Since data-driven decision-making has gained popularity over time, every business, huge or small, looks for experts who can evaluate and comprehend raw data and assist the business in effectively using it.


    The average demand for data scientists has increased by 29%, and demand has increased by 344% since 2013.


    According to a McKinsey & Company assessment, the United States of America had between 140 and 180 thousand fewer data scientists and managers by 2018 than it required.

    Requirements for Data Science

    As the name implies, data is at the center of data science. So, having a passion for, a comprehension of, and the capacity to work with data is the first and most crucial requirement for learning data science.


    It is possible to think of big data wranglers as data scientists. They examine substantial amounts of structured and unstructured data. The process, analysis, and model of data using computer science, mathematics, and statistics to interpret relevant results.


    They need to be knowledgeable in various fields to accomplish this. These requirements for data science can largely be divided into two categories.


    1. Technical requirements for data science
    2. Requirements for Non-Technical Data Science

    Educational Requirements 

    You already have the necessary credentials to pursue a career in data science if you have a degree in computer science, information technology, mathematics, statistics, engineering, or any other relevant profession. A passion for programming and statistical analysis will also help you develop the abilities required to become a data scientist.


    Technical Skills

    These are the basic technical skills required to be a data scientist:


    • SQL Databases
    • Python Programming
    • Hadoop Platform 
    • R Programming
    • Data Visualization
    • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 


    If you want to be an expert in all these technical skills, there are many courses available online you can take advantage of. Good luck! 


AI search for Acronyms & meanings containing slavic


AI searches, Indeed job searches and job offers containing slavic

  • WB Solicitor (Environment & RM), 3-6 years' PQE - AKL Auckland
  • About the role

    Our client is a highly respected resource management and environmental boutique practice led by highly regarded partners with a depth of industry experience.

    The firm is looking to expand their legal team and employ an experienced RM/Environmental lawyer.

    You will be providing legal advice and working directly with blue chip clients, from large corporations to councils, developers and individuals in respect of plan preparation, designations, resource consents, large infrastructure developments and other resource management and planning related issues both contentious and non-contentious. You will receive high quality and interesting work with variety from the outset, as well as plenty of client contact. The boutique size of this practice means every lawyer has the opportunity to tackle contentious cases at the coal face.

    The Ideal You
    • A NZ qualified solicitor, with ideally 3-6 years' experience (more or less).
    • Prior experience in resource management... environmental, public and/or local government law from a private practice or in-house role would be advantageous but is not essential.
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
    • A team player with a 'can do' attitude.

    It could be that you are:
    • in a top tier firm looking to make the move into a smaller boutique; or
    • in a smaller suburban or regional firm and looking to move into a more specialised resource management practice to develop your experience; or
    • maybe you have returned, or are looking to return from overseas and are looking to secure your next resource management solicitor role?

    Our client is very open-minded about where you might be currently be and flexible too around start date if for example you are currently travelling and/or looking to head home later this year.

    About the firm

    This is an opportunity to work with one of the leading and well-respected resource management teams in New Zealand. If you're seeking outstanding work and want to gain experience in complex RMA issues, then look no further. The firm culture is one of high performance and excellence but with a very down-to-earth and pragmatic attitude to the work they they do. They enjoy each other's company and also, value a collaborative, team approach. Flexible working and working from home is also possible. You won't be disappointed in what you find here!

    How do I apply?

    To apply for the role click the 'Apply' or 'I'm interested' button, or for more information and a confidential discussion about whether this role might , please contact Lee Scott (LLB.BA) on 021 224 9847 or at [email protected], quoting Job Ref: 41393
    Auckland New Zealand

  • Senior Consultant - SAP PM - ID Jakarta
  • Senior Consultant - SAP PM - ID

    At Deloitte, we offer a unique and exceptional career experience to inspire and empower talents like you to make an impact that matters for our clients, people and society. Whatever your aspirations, Deloitte offers you unrivalled opportunities to realize your full potential. We are always looking for people with the relentless energy to push themselves further, and to find new avenues and unique ways to reach our shared goals.

    Work you will do

    This role sits within the SAP team of Deloitte Southeast Asia, which encompasses the SAP Module solutions respectively. As a leader of this group, you will drive the growth of our SAP business in the region and be responsible for the creation, sale and delivery of SAP solutions: Functional and Technical Design, SAP Application & Systems Development, SAP Business Transformation, etc.
    • Engage clients in workshops and interviews to analyze process and reporting requirements
    • Advise clients on industry... cross-industry leading practices. Advise clients on SAP recommended processes and functions
    • Design target state SAP solutions for clients. Influence clients’ thinking in adopting leading/ standard practices while developing target state
    • Analyze application landscape to design interfaces to SAP solution
    • Perform SAP configuration and tests. Develop specifications for development of forms/ reports/ interfaces.
    • Lead the consultant and client teams through the implementation cycle including planning and execution of testing, migration and cutover.
    • Support change management execution by developing training material, delivering training and supporting users post cutover.
    • Develop relationships with internal and external stakeholders

    Enough about us, let's talk about you

    If you are someone with:
    • A good honors Degree, preferably at postgraduate level, in Information Technology, Business Information Systems, Business, Engineering, Mathematics or related disciplines.
    • Senior Consultant will require a minimum of 6 years of experience in SAP PM Module, completed at least an end to end full life cycle of SAP PM Module implementations. Also have some team leading experiences would be a plus
    • Has experience in SAP S/4 HANA would be a plus
    • Demonstrated success in multi-cultural work environment.
    • Sound understanding of business process, industry nuances and leading practices in area of focus
    • Ability to facilitate effective workshops to lead target state design.
    • Ability to lead teams
    • Demonstrated excellence in conceiving and executing SAP solution
    • Broad understanding of SAP design. Appreciation of digital enterprise and emerging technologies
    • Sound business acumen, teamwork and leadership qualities.
    • Willingness to work outside of office base and most of all…
    • An appreciation of the consulting lifestyle and ability to travel (both locally and abroad) is a pre-requisite to fit to our short-term and long-term project assignment.

    Next Steps

    So what are you waiting for? Join the winning team now.

    Due to volume of applications, we regret only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

    Jakarta Indonesia

  • Qualified Social Worker - Disabilities Team - Derby Derbyshire
  • Liquid Personnel is currently recruiting for registered and experienced Qualified Adult’s Social Workers to join a busy Disabilities Team based in Derby.

    To be successful in this role you must have Social Work England registration, be eligible to work in the UK, hold a qualification in Social Work at degree level, and have post-qualified experience.

    The ideal candidate will have experience of working with adults with disabilities, have good assessments knowledge and have a confident and thorough understanding of all legislation.

    What’s in it for you as a Social Worker?
    • Hybrid options
    • Manageable caseload
    • Excellent flexible work opportunities
    • Excellent rate of up to £32 per hour
    What we are looking for in a Social Worker:
    • Social Work England registration
    • Eligible to work in the UK
    • Hold a full UK license
    • Post-qualified experience
    • Degree level or equivalent in Social Work
    Why Liquid Personnel?
    • New ‘Faster Pay’ service getting you paid more quickly
    • Twice weekly... payroll
    • Free DBS and compliance service
    • Access to exclusive roles that aren’t available from other agencies
    • Free access to Liquid’s exclusive social work training and CPD portal
    • Your own dedicated consultant with extensive social work knowledge
    • Access to a wide selection of social work positions across the UK
    “Refer a Friend” bonus – get £250 for each social worker you refer who we successfully place*

    “Find your own job” bonus – get £250 for bringing your own position to us *

    Liquid Personnel is an equal opportunities employer. Liquid Personnel Ltd is acting as an Employment Business in relation to this vacancy.
    • Terms and conditions apply to our bonus schemes.

    MIDA -173380-26
    Derbyshire UK

  • Medical Scientist – Biochemistry Kildare
  • Position Type: Medical Scientist – Biochemistry

    Location: Naas General Hospital, Co. Kildare

    Deadline: Thursday 13th July at 12 Noon

    Informal Enquiries: Mary Duggan, Laboratory Manager, 045 843046 [email protected]
    Kildare County Kildare Ireland

  • Guest Experience Supervisor Warsaw
  • Job Description For Guest Experience Supervisor(HOZ74484) in Warsaw,Poland. Job Number 23132284Job Category Rooms & Guest Services OperationsLocation The Westin Warsaw, Al Jana Pawla II 21, Warsaw, Poland, Poland VIEW ON MAPSchedule Full-TimeLocated Remotely? NRelocation? NPosition Type Non-ManagementPOSITION SUMMARYProcess all guest check-ins, verifying guest identity, form of payment, assigning room, and activating/issuing room key. Set up accurate accounts for each guest according to their requirements. Enter Marriott Rewards information. Ensure rates match market codes, document exceptions. Secure payment prior to issuing room key, verify/adjust billing. Compile and review daily reports/logs/contingency lists. Complete cashier and closing reports. Supply guests with directions and property information. Accommodate guest requests, contacting appropriate staff if necessary. Follow up to ensure requests have been met. Process all payment types, vouchers, paid-outs, and charges... Balance and drop receipts. Count and secure bank at beginning and end of shift. Obtain manual authorizations and follow all Accounting procedures. Notify Loss Prevention/Security of any guest reports of theft.Assist management in training, evaluating, counseling, motivating and coaching employees; serve as a role model and first point of contact of the Guarantee of Fair Treatment/Open Door Policy process. Develop/maintain positive working relationships; support team to reach common goals; listen and respond appropriately to employee concerns. Follow company policies and procedures; report accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to manager; complete safety training and certifications; ensure personal appearance is clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company assets. Welcome and acknowledge guests; anticipate and address guests service needs; assist individuals with disabilities; thank guests with genuine appreciation. Speak using clear and professional language; prepare and review written documents accurately and completely; answer telephones using appropriate etiquette. Ensure adherence to quality standards. Enter and locate information using computers/POS systems. Stand, sit, or walk for an extended period of time. Move, lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 10 pounds without assistance. Perform other reasonable job duties as requested by Supervisors.Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer. We believe in hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive, people-first culture. We are committed to non-discrimination on any protected basis, such as disability and veteran status, or any other basis covered under applicable law. At Westin, we are committed to empowering guests to regain control and enhance their well-being when they need it most while traveling, ensuring they can be the best version of themselves. To achieve the brand mission of becoming the preeminent wellness brand in hospitality, we need passionate and engaged associates to bring the brands unique programming to life. We want our associates to embrace their own well-being practices both on and off property. You are the ideal Westin candidate if you are passionate; you are active and take pride in how you maintain your well-being; you are optimistic; you are adventurous. Be where you can do your best work, begin your purpose, belong to an amazing globalteam, and become the best version of you
    Warsaw Poland

  • Associate Banker (part-time 20 hours) - Belleville, IL
  • Application Deadline:


    2 Carlyle Plaza Drive

    Job Family Group:
    Retail Banking Sales & Service

    Our Ambition:

    We want to build a digitally-enabled, future-ready bank with leading efficiency, profitability and loyalty – all powered by a Winning Culture and driven by our Purpose to Boldly Grow the Good, in business and life. We’ve been recognized for our retail banking support, as a great place to work, digital innovation, and for our focus on diversity & inclusion.

    Competitive pay for performance, 401(k) matching & incentive opportunities for all employees. Free employee banking and discounted stock purchase program.

    Paid time off for vacation, illness & parental leave. Holiday pay and back-up childcare & eldercare for emergencies.

    Check out all of the additional great benefits BMO has to offer: bmo life | benefits

    The ideal candidate will have flexible availability to be assigned various shifts each week as needed to meet business requirements. Business hours are Mon-Fri and Sat morning.

    Job Description:

    Delivers exceptional service to BMO customers and prospects. Identifies customer needs and provides advice and guidance regarding financial solutions that are in the best interests of customers. Works collaboratively within the branch and with BMO partners to deliver the desired customer experience and achieve overall business objectives.
    • Collaborates with BMO partners to identify referral opportunities that further grow the customer’s relationship with BMO beyond personal banking.
    • Welcomes and guides customers as they walk into the branch lobby, and offers advice and guidance on available digital and self-serve options with the goal of making it easy, simple, and fast to bank with BMO.
    • As a lobby leader, assists in conducting client conversations about banking services to recommend alternative banking channels and provide personal banking and investment advice.
    • Meets customer transaction-based needs with seamless execution.
    • Reviews customer profiles and engages customers in a needs-based conversation to identify potential opportunities and address everyday banking plans and credit card needs.
    • Contributes to meeting branch business results and the customer experience.
    • Supports operational activities (e.g. inventory management, escalated service requests, following up on customer applications, filing, opening and closing activities).
    • Acts as a key member of a collaborative and versatile branch and market team.
    • Probes to understand customer personal banking and credit card needs and integrates marketing promotions and programs into customer conversations to provide strategic advice.
    • Organizes work information to ensure accuracy and completeness.
    • Takes the initiative to find creative approaches that make each customer’s experience feel personal.
    • Looks for ways to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the overall branch customer experience.
    • Contributes to business results and the overall experience delivered in the branch.
    • May work at multiple branches based on market needs; work schedule may differ from week to week in terms of days worked, hours, and shifts.
    • Follows through on risk and compliance processes and policies to ensure we safeguard our customers’ assets, maintain their privacy, and act in their best interest.
    • Keeps current with the wider financial services marketplace, the legal and regulatory environment, and our commitment to uphold the highest ethical requirements of our industry.
    • Maintains current knowledge of personal banking products, practices, and trends and integrates into customer conversations.
    • Identifies and reports suspicious patterns of activity that are suspected to be related to money laundering.
    • Complies with legal and regulatory requirements for the jurisdiction.
    • Protects the Bank's assets in compliance with all regulatory, legal, and ethical requirements.
    • Completes complex & diverse tasks within given rules/limits.
    • Analyzes issues and determines next steps; escalates as required.
    • Broader work or accountabilities may be assigned as needed.

    • Typically between 1 – 2 years of relevant experience and/or certification in related field of study desirable or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
    • Confident and experienced in the use of social media, tablets, Smart phones, online tools, and applications.
    • Some experience in a consultative customer service or sales roles, with a drive to deliver a personal customer experience.
    • Basic knowledge of specialized sales and business banking solutions to refer to specialists.
    • Passionate commitment to helping customers.
    • Drive to deliver a personal customer experience.
    • A focus on results and the ability to thrive in a consultative sales and team-based environment.
    • Resourceful self-starter with courage and confidence to approach customers.
    • Readiness to collaborate and work in different capacities as part of a team.
    • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to build rapport and connections with customers.
    • An aptitude for listening, solving problems, and responding flexibly and creatively to new challenges.
    • Basic specialized knowledge.
    • Verbal & written communication skills - Good.
    • Organization skills - Good.
    • Collaboration & team skills - Good.
    • Analytical and problem solving skills - Good.

    Please note the target base salary for this part-time 20 hour Associate Banker position is $20,857 ($20 per hour).

    Compensation and Benefits:

    $31,300.00 - $38,150.00

    The base salary represents BMO Financial Group’s hiring range for this position. Actual salaries will vary and will be based on various factors, such as location, skills, experience, and qualification for the role. Salaries for part-time roles will be pro-rated based on number of hours regularly worked.

    Base salary is one component of BMO Financial Group’s total compensation package for employees, which may include performance-based incentives, commissions or discretionary bonuses, as well as other perks and rewards. BMO also offers health insurance, tuition reimbursement, accident and life insurance, and retirement savings plans. To view more details of our benefits, please visit:

    We’re here to help

    At BMO we are driven by a shared Purpose: Boldly Grow the Good in business and life. It calls on us to create lasting, positive change for our customers, our communities and our people. By working together, innovating and pushing boundaries, we transform lives and businesses, and power economic growth around the world.

    As a member of the BMO team you are valued, respected and heard, and you have more ways to grow and make an impact. We strive to help you make an impact from day one – for yourself and our customers. We’ll support you with the tools and resources you need to reach new milestones, as you help our customers reach theirs. From in-depth training and coaching, to manager support and network-building opportunities, we’ll help you gain valuable experience, and broaden your skillset.

    To find out more visit us at

    BMO is committed to an inclusive, equitable and accessible workplace. By learning from each other’s differences, we gain strength through our people and our perspectives. BMO is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected Veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. To request accommodation, please contact your recruiter.

    Note to Recruiters: BMO does not accept unsolicited resumes from any source other than directly from a candidate. Any unsolicited resumes sent to BMO, directly or indirectly, will be considered BMO property. BMO will not pay a fee for any placement resulting from the receipt of an unsolicited resume. A recruiting agency must first have a valid, written and fully executed agency agreement contract for service to submit resumes
    Belleville IL USA

  • (Senior) User Experience Researcher Finland
  • We’re looking for a Senior UX Researcher to join our research team to support our games in the Puzzle studio in Espoo, Finland.

    As a UX Researcher at Rovio you will leverage your passion for mobile puzzle games and user research skills to help game teams understand their audience and create the most intuitive, accessible, user friendly and engaging games in the mobile industry.

    In this role you will have the opportunity to work on our live games by helping product teams answer the most challenging questions they face around design and target audience. This includes working closely with many parts of the organisation including game leads, UX and game design, BI, marketing, art, community, studio management, as well as external research companies and platforms.

    Through player insight you will influence and inspire positive change at all stages of the feature and live-ops development by conducting qualitative and quantitative research and delivering findings to stakeholders through... workshops, collaboration, presentations, and reports.

    The players’ experience comes first at Rovio, so in this critical role your job as a UX researcher is to drive a players first mindset by championing the user and being the voice of the player. Ultimately your role will enable studios to acknowledge both business and player needs and define their target audience through understanding player experience, expectations and motivations. This will enable teams to make informed user-centred decisions and solutions through research and insights to deliver world class mobile games.
    • Hands-on Mixed-method Research: Plan, coordinate, manage and carry out studies using various research methodologies, including qualitative, quantitative or any mixed approach that you consider the best-fit based on your expertise, the teams’ needs, and the product life phase.
    • Full Lifecycle Support: Work closely with the development and marketing teams throughout the life cycle of games, from concept and prototype to post-launch and live-ops. Understand their design intentions, define the research goals and carry out research projects on a continuous iterative basis.
    • User-centric Mindset in Games: Be a strong voice advocating for the players and drive player-focused decisions throughout game development and marketing with actionable insights in player experience, needs and motivations, usability, competitor benchmarking, game economy, etc.
    • Cross-team Communication & Collaboration: Be the key point of contact and resident expert on all user research matters for your partner development teams. Collaborate across different function teams when needed, including but not limited to marketing, BI, art, UX/UI design, game design, community, player support, etc.
    We think you'll do great in this role if you have
    • A couple of years experience working in a research role in a mobile app environment
    • Proficiency in qualitative methods (e.g. one-on-one interviews, focus groups, digital diaries, etc.) and quantitative methods (e.g. survey design and implementation, benchmarking, behavioural analytics, and statistical analysis such as regression, cluster analysis, etc.)
    • Deep knowledge or passion for mobile gaming; background in puzzle games is a huge plus!
    • A proactive attitude to push forward product insights to key stakeholders and a proven ability to translate findings into actionable product improvements
    • Excellent interpersonal communication, both written and verbal
    • Excellent organisational, project management and analytical skills
    • Experience in collaborating with cross-functional teams including partnering with business intelligence and data scientists for data exchange
    Icing on the cake
    • Bachelor or Masters degree in human computer interaction (HCI), psychology, interaction design, or product design
    • Data analysis skills with SPSS or R

    Please submit your CV and a test might be provided during the interview process. If you have any portfolio showcasing strong examples of research work, please kindly send along when you apply.
    First meeting: A Talent Acquisition Partner will reach out for a quick chat to understand who you are and what your experience has been. This is also an opportunity for you to learn about Rovio and this role.
    Second round: You will meet the hiring manager, UXR team lead. The aim is for us to understand you as a potential game UX researcher, what your experience has been and what motivates you. After this interview, you might do an exercise to complete in your own time.
    Third round: You will be invited to meet some of the team members. Our aim is to get a clear overview of your skills, how you would fit with our working culture or what you would add to it, your ambitions and where we can help each other develop.
    Last round: You will meet the studio lead from our Puzzle studio and/or game team lead(s). Our aim is to create an opportunity for you and the studios to learn more about each other.

    We welcome applicants to use the name they want to be addressed by in the application form, regardless of whether it is their legal name.
    What to expect when you join us
    Meet the Rovians
    About Rovio

  • Deputy Hotel Manager (48 hours) Faversham
  • We are looking for a Deputy Hotel Manager (Faversham) to join our Premier Inn team!

    Deputy Hotel Manager (48 hours) - Faversham - Premier Inn

    Salary: £29,250 - £32,250

    Offering more than just an attractive career opportunity, as a market leading company there’s a salary up to £32,250 Competitive benefits, great perks and discounts as well as stand out bonus potential of up to 50% of annual salary.

    As Deputy Hotel Manager you’ll play a pivotal part of the management team, taking the business to the next level. Reporting directly to the Hotel Manager you’ll lead from the front ensuring the successful daily running of the site. You’ll display a clear passion for leading, motivating and developing High performing, competent and motivated teams ensuring exceptional guest experiences making us the most loved hotel brand. As Deputy Hotel Manager we’re looking to develop your skills to be the next generation Hotel Managers in Premier Inn.

    With a visible Passion To Set a High Standard And...
    Faversham UK

  • Key Accounts Manager Kano
  • FairMoney is a credit-led mobile bank for emerging markets. The company was launched in 2017, operates in Nigeria & India, and raised close to €50m from global investors like Tiger Global, DST & Flourish Ventures. The company has offices in France, Nigeria, Germany, Latvia, the UK, Türkiye, and India.

    Watch the way FairMoney is building Africa's money story here

    About The Role

    Payforce by FairMoney empowers businesses to drive mass adoption of digital and financial services to the underserved populations in their communities.

    We are looking to hire a Key Account Manager to join our Sales team. To do well in this role, the successful hire will need to have a very fine eye for sales, and Customer relationship. Below are the roles and responsibilities but not limited to:

    Roles and Responsibilities:
    • He/She will be responsible for driving the business of Merchant acquiring in the different merchant sectors (Supermarket, Pharmacies, Filling Stations, Eateries & Restaurants, Lounge... and Bar and Hotels) and developing & deploring strategies to increase sales revenue.
    • Engaging with portfolio of merchants to introduce them to our products.
    • Onboard and retain the merchants and nurture those key relationships over time.
    • Being able to help the merchant resolve issues / complaints on the spot or escalate to customer support when necessary.
    • Coordinating pre-sales and post-sales follow up
    • Hit target quotas for set KPIs (Transaction value, volume, and revenue).
    • To achieve their daily, weekly, and monthly target of transactions
    • To reactivate the inactive accounts by calling, and visiting them
    • Monitoring market trends and providing regular competitor feedback
    • Have a good understanding of the business's products or services and be able to advise others about them
    • Follow up with Merchants and ensure active and inactive merchants are visited and if need be, mobilize retrieval of POS from inactive business partners.

    • A minimum of 4 to 6 years of experience in the Merchant business
    • Must have an android phone.
    • Ability to self-motivate and manage self.
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different characters.

    • Performance Bonus
    • Training & Development
    • Work From Home
    • Paid Time Off
    • Pension Plan
    • Private Health Insurance

    Recruitment Process
    • A screening interview with one of the members of the Talent Acquisition team for 30 minutes.
    • Technical Interview with the Hiring Manager for 45-60 minutes
    Kano Nigeria

  • Engineer / Project Engineer / Senior Engineer (Structural... Kowloon
  • Arup’s Energy Infrastructure business in East Asia is experiencing rapid growth. With Hong Kong as our base, we provide detailed planning, design and engineering services for a wide spectrum of energy development projects. The work of our Energy Infrastructure Team is focused around some significant infrastructure projects including combined cycle power plants, offshore LNG receiving terminal, gas receiving stations and offshore wind farms. In addition to multidisciplinary design and construction management, we also provide project management service to our clients for execution of their projects from inception through to commercial operation. We are seeking to recruit capable and independent individuals for the following position to join our energetic team.

    • Develop design concepts and construction methodologies and provide leadership in project execution
    • Undertake detailed design in Energy Infrastructure projects in HK and overseas
    • Liaise with Client... Client’s Consultants, Contractor, and Authorities for project development from concept to construction
    • Assist business line leaders in maintaining high quality standards of design and construction
    • Assist business line leaders in the management of division employees

    Qualifications and Experiences required:
    • Degree in civil engineering, post-graduate degree in relevant discipline is an advantage
    • Corporate Member of HKIE or equivalent, such as MIStructE, MHKIE (Structural)
    • At least 3 years of post graduation experience for the position of Engineer; at least 1 year of post chartered experience for the position of Project Engineer; at least 2 years of post chartered experience for the position of Senior Engineer
    • Experience in steelwork design would be an advantage
    • Proficiency in the use of structural engineering design related computing software and BIM tools including Staad Pro, GSA, SAP2000 and SAFE
    • Strong interest in digital engineering design with demonstrable proficiency in Python scripting or visual programming in Grasshopper will be an advantage
    • Able to prioritize and handle multi-tasks with strong organizational and time management skills
    • Strong sense of responsibility and organization
    • Strong communication, presentation and project management skill
    • Fluent in written and spoken English and Chinese
    Kowloon Hong Kong

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