Meaning of the name URISHITA உர ஷ த TANJU

Meaning of Tanju

Is the name Tanju a girl's or a boy's name and what group of people name their babies Tanju ?

The name Tanju has origin as Australian, German, Hindu, Indian, Marathi, Turkish and Tanju is a Boy/Male gender name

Meaning of Tanju : Younger

Meaning of Urishita

Is the name Urishita a girl's or a boy's name and what group of people name their babies Urishita ?

The name Urishita has origin as Bengali, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu and Urishita is a Girl/Female gender name

Meaning of Urishita : Firm

Meaning of Urishita | உரிஷிதா

Is the name Urishita | உரிஷிதா a girl's or a boy's name and what group of people name their babies Urishita | உரிஷிதா ?

The name Urishita | உரிஷிதா has origin as Tamil and Urishita | உரிஷிதா is a Girl/Female gender name

Meaning of Urishita | உரிஷிதா : Firm

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What is the meaning of the name URISHITA உர ஷ த TANJU?

Like to add more meanings of the name URISHITA உர ஷ த TANJU?

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Tamil script

Grantha consonants in Tamil Consonant ISO 15919 IPA ஜ் j [d͡ʒ] ஶ் ś [ɕ], [ʃ] ஷ் ṣ [ʂ] ஸ் s [s] ஹ் h [h] க்ஷ் kṣ [kʂ]

Brahmic scripts

ബ ഭ മ യ ര റ ല ള ഴ വ ശ ഷ സ ഹ Tamil க ங ச ஜ ஞ ட ண த ந ன ப ம ய ர ற ல ள ழ வ ஶ ஸ ஹ Burmese က ခ ဂ ဃ င စ ဆ ဇ ဈ ဉ / ည ဋ ဌ ဍ ဎ ဏ တ ထ ဒ ဓ န ပ ဖ ဗ ဘ မ ယ ရ လ ဠ

ISO 15919

𑘪 வ వ ವ വ ව 13 ś ;s श ش 𑂮 শ ਸ਼ શ ଶ 𑘫 ஶ శ ಶ ശ ශ 13 ṣ .s ष ښ 𑂬 ষ ષ ଷ 𑘬 ష ಷ ഷ ෂ 12 s s स س 𑂭 স ਸ સ ସ 𑘭 ஸ స ಸ സ ස 13 h h ह ہ 𑂯 হ ਹ હ ହ 𑘮 ஹ హ ಹ

Tamil Script Code for Information Interchange

௦ 0BE6 ௧ 0BE7 ஸ்ரீ 0BB8 0BCD 0BB0 0BC0 ஜ 0B9C 0BB7 ஸ 0BB8 ஹ 0BB9 க்ஷ 0B95 0BCD 0BB7 ஜ் 0B9C 0BCD ஷ் 0BB7 0BCD ஸ் 0BB8 0BCD ஹ் 0BB9 0BCD க்ஷ் 0B95 0BCD


Arwi letters arranged according to the Arabic hijā’ī order ள் ஷ் ஸ் ஃஜ் ர் ற் ட்ட் ட் த் ச்ச் ஜ் த்த் ஆ ض صٜ ص ش س ز ڔ ر ذ ڍ ڊ د خ ح چ ج ث ت ب ا ḍ L ṣ

Tamil phonology

ங் Stop p ப் t̪ த் ʈ ட் k க் Affricate t͡ɕ ச் Fricative f2 s1 ஸ் (z)2 ʂ2 ஷ் ɕ1 ஶ் x3 ɦ3 ஹ் Tap ɽ ற் Trill r ர் Approximant ʋ வ் ɻ ழ் j ய் Lateral approximant

GSM 03.38

) 8 ழ ◌ெ h x 0x09   ங ( 9 வ ◌ே i y 0x0A LF ச   : ஶ ◌ை j z 0x0B   ESC   ;   k ◌ௗ 0x0C     , ன ஸ ◌ொ l ௰ 0x0D CR ஜ   ப ஹ ◌ோ m ௱ 0x0E எ   .     ◌ௌ n ௲

Tamil All Character Encoding

த் ந் ப் ம் ய் ர் ல் வ் ழ் ள் ற் ன் ஜ் ஶ் ஷ் ஸ் ஹ் க்ஷ் 1 ௴ ௧ கால் அ க ங ச ஞ ட ண த ந ப ம ய ர ல வ ழ ள ற ன ஜ ஶ ஸ ஹ க்ஷ 2 ௵ ௨ அரை ா ஆ கா ஙா சா ஞா டா ணா தா

Tamil Braille

Print ய ர ல ள வ ஶ ஸ ஹ க்ஷ ற ழ ன ISO y r l ḷ v ś ṣ s h kṣ ṟ ḻ ṉ Braille

Tamil (Unicode block)

எ ஏ U+0B9x ஐ ஒ ஓ ஔ க ங ச ஜ ஞ ட U+0BAx ண த ந ன ப ம ய U+0BBx ர ற ல ள ழ வ ஶ ஸ ஹ ா ி U+0BCx ீ ு ூ ெ ே ை ொ ோ ௌ ் U+0BDx ௐ ௗ U+0BEx ௦ ௧ ௨ ௩ ௪ ௫ ௬ ௭ ௮ ௯ U+0BFx

Tamil script

க₃ [ga] க₄ [gha] ச [ca] ச₂ [cha] ஜ [ja] ஜ [jha][1] ட [ṭa] ட₂ [ṭha] ட₃ [ḍa] ட₄ [ḍha] [ta] ₂ [tha] ₃ [da] ₄ [dha] ப [pa] ப₂ [pha] ப₃ [ba] ப₄ [bha]


my fathers cave) தழும்புகள் சிவந்த அணங்கு நிலம். பாழி – 2000 பிதிரா – 2004 – 2013 Pidhira was released in 2004 and is largely a novel that was less denser

Ananda Krishnan

Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan (Tamil: . ஆனந்தகிருஷ்ணன்) (born 1 April 1938) is a Malaysian businessman and philanthropist, the Chairman of Usaha Tegas

Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church

Arulnathar Church, Kinathukadavu (.சு.லு.தி. அருள்நாதர் ஆலயம், கிணத்துக்கடவு) TELC Karunainathar Church Kinathukadavu (.சு.லு.தி. கருணைநாதர் ஆலயம், கிணத்துக்கடவு)

Musical note

in Telugu Sa–Ri–Ga–Ma–Pa–Da–Ni (స–రి–గ–మ–ప–ద–ని), and in Tamil (ச–ரி–க–ம–ப––நி). Byzantium used the names Pa–Vu–Ga–Di–Ke–Zo–Ni (πΑ—Βου—Γα—Δι—κΕ—Ζω—νΗ)

Shiva Sahasranama

The Shiva sahasranama is a "list of a thousand names" of Shiva, one of the most important deities in Hinduism. In Hindu tradition a sahasranama is a type

T. Udhayachandran

T. Udhayachandran (Tamil: . உதயச்சந்திரன்) is an Indian Administrative Service officer and Commissioner of Archaeology, Government of TamilNadu. Thiru

Tamil language

Labial Dental Alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Plosives p t̪ ṟ ʈ t͡ɕ k ப ற ட ச க Nasals m n̪ n ɳ ɲ ŋ ம ந ன ண ஞ ங Tap ɽ ர Central approximants ʋ ɻ j

Tamil grammar

ஒ(o), ஓ(ō), ஔ(au) The Consonants (மெய்யெழுத்துகள்): க், ங், ச், ஞ், ட், ண், த், ந், ப், ம், ய், ர், ல், வ், ழ், ள், ற்,ன் The Vowels are called uyir, meaning


between a single short vowel(அ, இ, உ, எ, ஒ) and a hard consonant (க், ச், ட், த், ப், ற்) for example அஃது (ahthu), எஃகு (ehgu). In the Telugu alphabet, the


Subsidized Tanju is the art of pistol defense often learned in the martial art of jujutsu. Collectively they are an unarmed response to a close range

Palace Skateboards

established in 2009. The brand was primarily heavily worn by founder Levent Tanju and his skate team, Palace Wayward Boys Choir. Palace focuses on skate wear

Tanju Çolak

Tanju Çolak (born 10 November 1963 in Samsun) is a retired Turkish footballer, who played as a striker. He made his debut for Samsun Yolspor. From there

Tanju (name)

khans.[citation needed] It may refer to: Tanju Çolak, retired Turkish footballer Tanju Gürsu, Turkish actor Tanju, the art of pistol defense often learned

Tanju Okan

Tanju Okan (August 27, 1938 – May 23, 1996) was a Turkish singer. He was born in İzmir on 27 August 1938. He received his primary and secondary education

Tanju Öztürk

Tanju Öztürk (born 22 July 1989) is a German-Turkish footballer who plays as a midfielder for Hansa Rostock. Öztürk played his first Bundesliga match

Galatasaray S.K. (football)

Galatasaray; Tanju Çolak, an extraordinary goalscorer and the 1988 European Golden Boot winner with Galatasaray; Cevad Prekazi, an Albanian teammate of Tanju Çolak

Tanju Miah

Tanju Miah (Bengali: তানজু মিয়া) is a 2006 British short documentary film directed and written by Sadik Ahmed. The film is about the eponymous Tanju

Experimental Model 2 submachine gun

The Experimental Model 2 Submachine Gun (試製二型機関短銃, Shisei-ni-gata kikan-tanjū) was a pre-World War II experimental submachine gun of Japanese origin chambered

Tanju Kayhan

Tanju Kayhan (born 22 July 1989 in Vienna, Austria) is an Austrian footballer who currently plays for Adana Demirspor. Kayhan began his career 1999 with

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What is the meaning/definition of the letters in URISHITA உர ஷ த TANJU?

Meaning of URISHITA உர ஷ த TANJU by its letters

URISHITA உர ஷ த TANJU name means:

Female, Male and Baby Names, meanings and phrases similar to URISHITA உர ஷ த TANJU

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ARNALDO means: Spanish form of Latin Arnoldus, ARNALDO means "eagle power."

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